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Julie Sullivan Fields CD(DONA) Cert.HypnoBirthing Childbirth Practioner

Jules The Doula - Placenta Encapsulation

Website: http://www.julesthedoula.com

Phone: 6025058559

Birth Fee: $900 to $1300

Fee Details: Fee Details: Standard fee is $900. If parents would like private HypnoBirthing taught to them at home, I charge an additional $400. This may be re-imbursed by insurance companies, and I provide a letter of verification to submit to your insurer. Upon hiring, I require a retainer fee of $450, balance is due at our 36 week appointment. My package includes our initial meeting, a pre-natal massage, monthly appointments up to delivery. I believe in ongoing connection throughout pregnancy. I like to meet regularly so we may establish a strong foundation for your delivery. I include resources for anything that you may need. Doula support during labor along with aromatherapy, photography, and massage. A postpartum visit, a written birth story, and copies of birth photos. I offer discounted rates on Prenatal Massage for clients that desire additional massages. I provide my CDs, Letting Go and Delivered Into Oneness which aide in relieving stress, aide in sleep and restore hormones.

Birth Doula Experience: 3 years and 112 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 4 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
All Hospitals....I attend births at all valley hospitals.Having an understanding of the hospital dynamics as well as knowing my mothers hopes for her ideal birth experience leads to the successful birth that you desire.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I welcome any births at our valleys birthing centers.
Attends home births? Some Home Births
Yes, I will attend home births with your Midwife.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Birthing From Within
  • HBCE (HypnoBirthing)
  • Certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Practioner

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Academy of CPR and First Aid, Inc Certified
  • CC (Certified Counselor)
  • LMT/LMP (Licensed Massage Therapist/Practitioner)
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • SERVSAFE® Food Safety Management Training
  • HypnoBirthing Education, Reflexologist, and Cranial Sacral Practitioner,Yoga Nidra Certified

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Clients on bed rest
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Birthing From Within Birth Art Services
  • Military families
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I currently volunteer every Wednesday at Babies R Us. I teach a free Introduction to HypnoBirthing as well as a birth art class that is for expectant parents to come and explore their emotions that occur during pregnancy, birth and parenting. The focus is on self-discovery related to the preparation for childbirth and becoming a parent. I teach at the Scottsdale, Mesa, and Ahwatukee locations. Parents are always amazed at what they discover. Feel free to call me anytime for locations, I would love to have you in class. 602.505.8559 Jules

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Julie Sullivan Fields CD(DONA) Cert.HypnoBirthing Childbirth Practioner

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Jules was my doula for my 1st birth. And I am so glad we chose Jules to be apart of the birth experience for our 2nd child. She was such a calming presence during our child’s birth. She was able to coach me through contractions in a way that was supportive but not distracting. 

Jules was also a huge asset to my husband and equally supportive and encouraging to him.  She was so informative and never pushy and really listened to how we wanted to stick to our birth plan. I would also commend her on her ability to work with hospital personnel.

My husband and I would highly recommend her! We are especially grateful for the fact that Jules worked with us on a payment plan. She does this work because she loves it and the people she gets to meet and partner with. 

We can't sing her praises enough.

Posted 4/29/2019

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Please consider another doula. Last year, I contracted with Julie Sullivan-Fields for her doula services. I wanted a difference birth experience the second time around. I also contracted for her in home one-on-one hypnobirthing classes. Like any other mother, I had some questions about what to expect from my doula. One of those concerns was what would be done in the event that myself and another mother/client went into labor at the same time. I asked Julie about this scenario. I was assured I need not worry---that she would immediately call a backup doula and cover all cost associated. 

I had a planned induction at 41 weeks. I went to the hospital that morning as planned. Julie knew two days in advance I would be in labor that day and needed her doula support. As luck has it, another mom went into labor shortly after I was admitted to the hospital. Instead of letting me labor in peace, she instead concerned me with the struggles of the other mothers labor and delivery throughout the day, leading me to believe she would be with me soon. Yet, I didn't even see her face (SHE WAS IN THE SAME HOSPITAL ALL DAY) until it was time to deliver. I went my entire labor without the doula support I paid for. I was put in a very uncomfortable position. Was I supposed to ask her to leave the other mother who was having a challenging labor? When things got really bad for me, and I was absolutely unable to manage on my own, my husband requested her support and the only support she offered was via text, suggesting he help me on my side. "Mom's like that," she said. 

When I brought her absence to her attention, she responded in confusion. She said I was "laboring fine" and that's why she wasn't there. I am still in shock at the lack of concern and professionalism. I wish I could do it again. But I can't. Please spare yourself this absolutely heart breaking experience. Money is more important that the commitments she makes or doing the right thing.

Posted 4/23/2019

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Lauren Valentino

I cannot express enough what an incredible experience I had with Jules the Doula. My first born was a traumatic birth and I was bound and determined to have a better experience the second time around. She trained me in Hypnobirth techniques and we met often before delivery day. I ended up having a medical induction and I honestly couldn’t have done it without Jules. She helped me maintain my breathing and Hypno techniques for as long as I possibly could. When problems arose she was there to discuss them with and to help me make educated decisions. She didn’t judge or try to push me past my limits when I wanted medication ( those Pitocin contractions are FIERCE!) She is the most patient, kind, loving woman I have ever met and I am so honored to have had her by myside to welcome our little man into the world. If you are on the fence about hiring Jules the doula… DO IT!

Posted 4/29/2018

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Kiva Lindaman

My best friend did hypnobirthing and had an incredible birth so I knew I wanted to try it as well for my own. I wasn't really sure what to expect and was so impressed by the class at Modern Milk. The format and schedule were just right and the materials were so informative -- it far surpassed my expectations. We really appreciated learning about the science behind the method in addition to the history of birth and watching the videos of hypnobirths from around the world. My husband and I were so impressed with Jules -- not just her knowledge, but her warmth and demeanor -- that we hired her to assist in my birth. Having Jules on board was a game changer. It gave my husband peace-of-mind to know I had professional support when he found himself out of town near my due date. And it gave me peace of mind to know that we had an advocate in the room with us who could represent our wishes when I knew I would be in the zone and my husband would be focused on me. Her tips for pre and post birth were so helpful -- from the "padcicles," to essential oil choices, to prenatal massages. Her commitment to us was wonderful. She came to our house to do custom visualizations and constantly checked in with me, which was so comforting. I felt so prepared when my time came and having her there with us every step of the way gave me so much reassurance while in labor. I can still hear her encouraging words while she held my hand when I was giving birth. Having a hypnobirth was such a beautiful experience and we are so thankful to Jules. We truly can't say enough fantastic things about her and her program!

Posted 4/29/2018

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Allie Johnson

"I did a lot of research when deciding to use a doula and took my decision on who to invite to my birth experience very seriously. I definitely made the right choice by hiring Jules to provide Hypnobirthing classes, prenatal massage, and doula services. I immediately felt at ease upon meeting her as she is very grounded and educated on pregnancy and childbirth. While she teaches techniques to aid in natural birth, she also made it clear that she understands that there is a time and place for medical intervention. This helped me to feel as if there would be no judgment if my birth process took any unexpected turns that required intervention. My husband was a skeptic when I began speaking to him about a doula and was against the idea. After meeting Jules, he tolerated my request because he said he felt comfortable with her. He made it known that he was not thrilled about having a doula, not seeing it as necessary...but, after the birth of our son, he spoke very highly of Jules and her involvement and said he was grateful that she had been a support to me and a part of our process. Jules answered questions throughout my pregnancy journey to help me feel prepared for the most unpredictable journey of my life. Although my son was over 10 pounds and I required a c-section birth, Jules was with me through the 18 hours of labor me and my baby endured prior to being sent for the C-section. At no point did she make me feel like a hypnobirthing failure, but quite the opposite. She honored my journey, talked about how much I utilized the techniques, and supported and encouraged me to make the right choice for me and my son which was consenting to medical intervention. I will forever be grateful for those moments with Jules which were some of the most intimate, vulnerable, and memorable of my life. She is a blessing in our lives and helped me to welcome our beautiful, healthy (and stubborn) baby boy into this world.”

Posted 4/29/2018

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Stephanie Evan

We hired Jules to support us with our birth, and the support she provided for us as our doula began far before the delivery!!! I couldn't believe that Jules was going to just give me a complimentary prenatal massage, but that was just the start of it. We met with Jules regularly, not just like one time and then a 36 week appointment before our baby would arrive. Having this ongoing support was helpful for me to stay calm and it was wonderful each time we met I would feel more and more comfortable and at ease with the process of where I was at in the moment, but also knew I was in great hands when the day would come. Jules doesn't just support you at your birth, it's something she gives you all the way through.

During my birth she massaged my back, and helped me to relax, focus, and empower myself during my contractions. My husband was so relieved to have her by his side as well as mine. She really helped him, help me. There is no way he would've been able to do any of that while being by himself! My husband needed her guidance and direction as well, and he considers her part of our family, actually we all do.

Jules was awesome with her massages for after baby as well. It has been so nice to have her come to me at the house and help my sore muscles and back which can be tender after birth and then all the breastfeeding.I still use Jules for questions and resources regarding breastfeeding and my placenta encapsulation, which she does as well. When our next baby is on the way we will be hiring Jules ASAP, because we will want her around you as soon as possible.

Posted 4/29/2018

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Malia Wycoff

Julie was our Hypnobirthing teacher and so we asked her to be our backup doula. On our daughter's birthday, our doula had two other births. She asked Julie to meet us at the hospital until she could get there. Julie came to the hospital and immediately took charge, which was incredible. She got towels and cold water, had the hospital staff fill the tub, and then gave me her full attention. She helped me breathe through some really tough contractions (it was an unmedicated birth and I was at 7cm when Julie arrived). Her ability to calm me down and help me breathe was invaluable. She has a wonderful presence that was a welcome relief at my birth

Julie gave me an induction massage at my home, which was convenient and much appreciated! I liked her technique and felt the massage helped my baby get ready to come out into the world. I didn't go into labor right away (it took several days) and I also did acupuncture, so I can't say for certain that the massage helped, but it definitely didn't hurt and it felt nice!

Julie gave me a massage after I delivered my daughter. She came to my home which was super convenient. I really liked her technique and felt like she did a good job of balancing relaxation with massaging sore muscles.

Posted 4/29/2018

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Malia Wycoff


Julie was our Hypnobirthing teacher and we loved her class at Modern Milk! I am not into meditation or yoga, so I was hesitant to take the Hypnobirthing class. My husband was also skeptical. I'm glad we did! The class was fun and informative. I liked how Julie not only taught the Hypnobirthing curriculum but gave us lots of tips and information on birth and hospitals from her career as a doula. I listened to the Hypnobirthing tracks (Letting Go at night before I went to bed and Rainbow Relaxation when I napped) for several months leading up to my birth. When I went into labor, I put Letting Go on and it played throughout my entire labor (24 hours). The first 16 hours or so we labored at home. I was able to use the Hypnobirthing tracks to calmly breathe through each contraction. Even dilated close to 5cm, I was calm and breathing in the tub at home. My husband was shocked how calm I was and honestly, I was too. I didn't imagine that the Hypnobirthing would work so well. When we got to the hospital, I got out of my Hypnobirthing zone and it was difficult to get back into it. If I would have done it again, I would have gotten to the hospital a little earlier so that I could have remained calm and in the zone before I got to the transition period of labor.

After I gave birth, I was full of adrenaline and had a difficult time sleeping (even though I was exhausted). I used the Letting Go track in the hospital to help me sleep and use it at home. Even now, after 8 weeks at home, I still listen to Lettin Go if I'm having a difficult time sleeping or napping. My brain and body are used to the track and I am able to relax within minutes of pushing play.

Posted 4/29/2018

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Kent Tuttle

From the moment we met Jules I knew we had found someone special. She has this aura about her that is hard to describe unless you experience it. She has a very warm and inviting personality. She is energetic and positive but not in your face about it. She is calm and confident. Everything you could ever want from a doula.

My wife had a less than ideal birth experience with our first child and we were really craving something different. She did a lot of research on natural birth and the whole idea of the doula service. I was apprehensive at first but I went along for the ride. I was pleasantly surprised.

Jules made a special visit to our home just to get to know us. We took her hypnobirthing class and that helped us build a base of knowledge on natural birth and ease some fears. Highly recommended! 

When it was go time at the hospital is when Jules really shined. She responded to our text immediately and came in the middle of the night to the hospital at the perfect time. She talked my wife through her meditation and breathing and calm her anxieties. I was amazed at her dedication to helping us have the birth experience we had imagined. She was genuine through the whole process and you could tell she really cared about us as human beings. She has a great way of exercising faith with the birth goals but at the same time maintaining realistic expectations with the complicated birth process.

Our baby girl was born all natural and it was a huge blessing in our lives. My wife says it would not have been possible without her there utilizing her vast professional experience yet feeling like her cool aunt she had known her whole life. She texted regularly the days following the birth and gave great healing suggestions. Jules came to our home a week or so after to check on Mom and Baby and recap the experience. One of our favorites was that she took the time to write notes in the hospital and then presented us with our birth story!

Posted 4/29/2018

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Cynthia Billotte

Jules is a positive ray of sunshine that helped me through my pregnancy and birth! From taking time to get to know me initially, to checking in on me throughout my pregnancy, Jules made sure we felt supported every step of the way. She encourages the use hypnobirthing and yoga nidra, which was a great fit for me. I practiced yoga nidra while pregnant and used it during my labor, sleeping through about half of it. In the end, Jules provided aromatherapy and went right into our birth plan, providing me with the peanut ball, pressure point touch, and encouragement as I birthed our second daughter into the world. I also received placenta encapsulation, which has been great. I highly recommend Jules! She helps you discover what you want for your birth and supports you all the way.

Posted 4/29/2018

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Nancy Chu

I heard about Jules hypnobirthing course through my Obgyn in June 2017. Going through the course was an amazing experience! The breathing techniques that i learned is something I still practice now 5 months after birth. I still go back to those techniques when I feel stressed out in my day-to-day activities. Going through this experience with Jules not only helped with birth but also made me more mindful on a daily basis.

After 3-4 sessions of the hynobirthing course, I asked Jules to be my Doula. OMG....now that I went through birth, I'm so glad I did not have to do it alone and had Jules coach me through my labor. My husband was there too, but he had no idea what to do. I was successfully able to give a natural birth without any epidural. It is an amazing feat! Just to give you an idea, I'm only 5' 1" and was just under 130 lbs when I pushed out my 7lbs 2oz baby! I have an office job and did not exercise regularly when I was pregnant. I was really excited but also really nervous going into labor. It wasn't easy nor painless of course but I definitely would have given in to the epidural if it wasn't for Jules. She coached me through the most important last minutes of pushing and got me to calm my nerves! It was NOT easy!! Any moms who's gone through birth knows how hard those last pushes are! The pain is real but breathing through it was the only thing that got me through. During the last pushes, I pretty much lost my mind but Jules coached me through it. Even an amazing athlete needs a coach; a pregnant woman definitely needs a good doula if she wants to give a natural birth. I delivered my baby in less than 30 minutes of pushing thanks to Jules. I am so thankful I had Jules there, and I am not giving birth again without her!

Posted 1/5/2018

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Sarah Ari

Placenta encapsulation really works! I'm amazed. I've given birth to 4 children. My first 3 births I did not encapsulate my placenta. I've struggled with depression all my life and severe postpartum with my first 3 children. Shortly before the birth of my 4th baby my husband changed jobs to a position that he travels Mon.-Fri. nationwide. That left me and my 4 kids, ages 6 and under, alone 5 days a week. For a wife and mother that struggles with depression that burden felt like too much to bear. I met Jules at an induction massage and she told me about Placenta Encapsulation. It was so well priced it seemed worth a shot. I am absolutely AMAZED by the results!! By using it faithfully I did not crash into postpartum depression!! Twice in the first couple months postpartum I recognized myself starting to dip down into depression. I then increased my dosage of placenta and it stopped the downward spiral. Within 3 days I was back in an upward spiral and completely out of the depression. When my baby was just over 8 months old I had a major crash into depression. No warning, no ease, just crash. I kept thinking about taking my placenta tincture, but fought the idea. About a week later I finally called Jules to walk me through making the tincture(which was crazy easy!) I started the doses and started feeling a bit better over the next few days. Then a few days later I started my monthly cycle for the first time since I conceived my baby. With the help of the placenta tincture the depression cleared up completely again! I haven't needed any since then so far. And now I know I have a real tool, that is good for my body, to help me stay uplifted and feeling awesome!!

Posted 9/14/2017

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Joshua & Lindsey Stoker

Where can I begin, Jules is an AMAZING DOULA. I had first heard about Doulas from a prenatal yoga class I was attending and it perked my interest in the benefits of getting a Doula. After discussion with my husband we decided to search and interview  for one that we felt fit our needs hence being first time parents it was crucial to have someone who could help make the birthing process easier on us first time parents. When we met Jules she was so knowledgable, she listened to our concerns and made us feel comfortable. A big point of hiring her was her openess to what we wanted in our birth without judgement and helped faciltate our desires for a birth of our preference. It was a done deal for us so we hired her on the spot. Best DESICION EVER..As we met the following weeks I decided to go ahead with Hypnobirthing (i recommend if your not sure what that is to read about it, it truly was a life saver from a C-section). As the weeks and months progressed Jules would make weekly visits and calls to ensure that I was progressing in my pregnancy. Given that we have no family in town it was great to have someone close by to help with all my pregnancy and delivery concerns. She is so understanding and SHE KNOWS HER STUFF..She was my pregnancy encylopedia. On top of that she would give visits for prenatal massages, which saved me. She just goes above and beyond and it made it that much better. Her hypnobirthng sessiosn were so delightful and I looked forward to each one of those visits. As birthing day arrived, I labored for a very long time and as soon as Jules got their she got me up and moving to help the little one come, all her postions and tricks as I call them worked wonders. It helped me progress and literally saved me from an emergency c section. I could write more and more, but she is REALLY the BEST! We plan on having more children and she will be my doula again. 

Posted 9/4/2017

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Guadalupe Hem

Jules assisted us with our second daughter's birth and she was a true blessing to us. We didn't use a doula the first time around but if we had a time machine we would correct that mistake and use Jules services.

Prior to labor, Jules met with us several times to show us techniques and go over our birth plan. She also offered insights and direction to further prepare us for the baby since it has been a while, our first child is 4.

When it turned out that I would need to get induced to get things going, she was very supportive and encouraging about trying to remain positive and stick with my birth plan in spite of my fears of needing additional unwanted interventions.

During labor, Jules came up with techniques to help ease the difficulty and encouraged me to keep going. Toward the end, I just could not continue with my plan due to the intensity of labor. She was supportive and nonjudgmental about the change in direction.

Jules' warm love and support allowed me to just focus on getting through many long hours of labor. Her presence brought such positivity and additional joy to our birthing experience. She truly showered us with much needed love and support. Now my husband and I could not imagine our birthing experience in any other way.

No matter what your birth plan, we strongly recommend you meet with Jules to see if she might be a good fit. We were blessed to have had her help.

Posted 8/13/2017

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Lisa Towne

I am so thankful that I decided to opt for placenta encapsulation. Before my little one was born I talked to my midwives, my doctor, my pediatrician, and my new-mom friends, all of whom had very positive feedback about the process. Now that I’ve done it I truly believe that it made all the difference in my post-partum mental state and energy level. Despite the normal lack of sleep and fluctuating hormones that come with having a newborn I was able to thoroughly enjoy this special once-in-a-lifetime period of bonding, feeding, and snuggles.
Interestingly, my body let me know when I was ready to reduce dosage. When I tried it before I was ready I ended up with a bit of blues and lacked the energy and motivation that I had previously. Similarly when I ran out of the capsules I stumbled a bit, unfortunately just as I was due back at work. Thanks to helpful instructions from Julie and strong encouragement from my doctor I started taking the placenta tincture. I now feel even more positive and have more drive than previously. I’m finally tackling my To Do list and it feels great!
Julie has been wonderful to work with. She was there for us even though we were late lining up all of the post-partum care and contacted her only a couple of weeks before my due date. What a lifesaver! She returned with the capsules and tincture kit less than 48 hrs after collecting the placenta from the hospital. She has shown infinite patience with my repeated questions and been so helpful walking me through the tincture finalization process. Julie is such a positive person with great energy. She was the first person, outside of hospital personnel, who we trusted to hold our new baby which is the best compliment we can give.
Thank you Jules the Doula!

<3 — Lisa Towne

Posted 7/13/2017

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Jessie-Carolyn Jones

My experience with Julie was amazing. To begin with she listened to all of my fears and expectations when it came to giving birth. She took those to heart and reassured me that my birth would be something that I would always treasure. On the day she was in constant contact with me and was ready to go when it was time to start the hospital experience. She worked tirelessly (and we were tired) throughout my entire birth. She had so many tricks and techniques that we used during the birth that helped me through the hours. When it came time to push she got the most incredible photos of that incredible moment when my daughter entered the world. I could have given birth without Julie but after the experience I would never want to! Thanks Julie and God bless.

— Jesse-Carolyn Jones, 3/2016

Posted 7/9/2017

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Christine Sa

I can’t say enough good things about Julie . The funny thing is that my husband couldn’t understand why I wanted to hire a doula. After our first meeting with Julie he was starting to see how this might be helpful. By the end of our birth, he was very emotional and said that he would never want to go through the labor and birth without Julie. Julie was always available to answer questions and made us both feel so comfortable. Our birth was so long and Julie was with us throughout it all, constantly keeping us going with different options and techniques. Julie was always engaged with my state of mind, physical well being and gave my husband tools to help me as well. Julie is also a massage therapist and worked so long and hard on my back, trying to relieve my back labor, for this I will be forever grateful. When you are considering a doula, you definitely want Julie by your side, for you and your husband.

– Christine 2016

Posted 7/9/2017

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Pam La

After interviewing a few doulas, I decided Jules was definitely who we wanted to work with. From the moment we met her, we could feel her warmth and sincerity. I felt an immediate connection with her and felt confident after she discussed so many things that we should be aware of and start thinking about. Jules was always available to me and met with us frequently before our birth. My labor was everything I wanted it to be and I felt that it would not have been as wonderful an experience without her. After our baby was born Jules continued to stay in contact with us and did an amazing job getting me the placenta encapsulation back to me right away. She also took some wonderful photos and sent us a beautiful birth story. I would highly recommend Jules and definitely will use her again at our next birth.- We feel so blessed she was there with us during such a special time!

– P. L 2016

Posted 7/9/2017

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Danielle Hazeltine

This class was wonderful. Julie really cares about helping you learn these techniques and she's truly passionate about hypnobirthing. She takes time to answer questions. She also takes time to answer questions. I was so glad to have found this course. I was able to have the birthing experience that I wanted. I felt empowered by this course. 

Posted 7/6/2017

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Sarah Schlabach

Julie was fantastic! During my pregnancy, she was there to answer all of my questions and prepare me for what to expect during labor. During the labor, she was the best support system when our delivery took a dangerous turn and I have no idea what my husband and I would have done without her by our side. Postpartum she has been the best resource for accessing the services my baby and I need. I would highly recommend Julie to any family looking for a doula!

Posted 7/2/2017

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Michelle Koller

Our experience with Julie was absolutely wonderful! If you are considering a doula, then look no more, she is it !!! I don’t think you will find a doula who will meet with you as frequently as Julie, and I loved the complimentary pre-natal massage, which was a wonderful gift during labor as well. ?? This was our first baby and we really didn’t know what to expect, but Julie made us feel so at ease. She answered all of our questions and gave us other things to consider. She was wonderful with supporting me and my husband before, during and after my labor. One thing that really stood out with Julie is the amount of one on one time she gave us before birth. I have never seen or heard of any other doulas meeting and coaching as much before delivery as Julie did, and we felt we were truly prepared. Julie made us feel like we were truly a team, and we were. We really felt like we knew her and she knew us before our delivery even came. Julie was awesome helping my husband help me, ,and it made him feel so much more confident every step of the way. My husband and I both agree that she really made our experience truly incredible and we could’nt have done it without her! We will definitely be asking Julie to be involved with all of our births!

Posted 6/29/2017

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Jen Sampson

I would highly recommend Jules for any woman who is getting ready to have a baby. This is a woman like no other, so wonderful to talk to and she is truly invested in you and where you are coming from. Jules was very knowledge and gave us great suggestions for us to consider before the birth. We really felt confident and prepared because of the time she put into us before we even got to the birth. While I was in labor, having a professional that knew what was going on the whole time and helped me and my husband make decisions was so worth it. Jules kept me calm and centered throughout my labor and was so in tune with me, she knew when we needed to switch things up and this just kept me going. She was a total asset to my husband because he was a first time dad and didn’t know how to help me through the labor like Jules did. She massaged me and showed my husband induction points that would help me along, a huge benefit having a doula who is a massage therapist. My husband has told everyone that they better hire Jules if they want a happy wife and mama.

– Jen and Dave 2016

Posted 6/29/2017

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Sharita Thompson

Julie Sullivan Fields (Jules the Doula), is amazing. I honestly can't imagine what my labor and birth would have been without her. I wanted a natural birth and believed HypnoBirthing would be the best way to achieve it, and I was right**. My husband and I really connected with Jules. We started our classes at 35 or 36 weeks. Thankfully I delivered at 41 weeks so I had the time to go through all the lessons and really feel prepared. 

And like Jules, my HypnoBirthing experience was amazing! My due date passed and I had to get induced. Although I told Jules not to come right away, she instinctivelyknew better and came right away and  2 hours later I started having surges. It was during this time my midwife was considering a c-section as my blood pressure was extremely high. It was being checked about every fifteen minutes. With the help of Jules, I was able to lower my blood pressure with the HypnoBirthing techniques I learned, and listened to her yoga nidras* and positive affirmations she provided. (*She is a yoga nidra facilitator.) We turned off the lights in the room ti make it peaceful. 

**When I learned about HypnoBirthing, it was really something I wanted to try. I wanted a natural birth, and didn't have the tools or knowledge to achieve that on my own. I already practiced visualization so wasn't very difficult for me to get into the assigned readings or try out the relaxation techniques. With Jules's encouragement my hubby would participate with me or we did it individually as well. We met with Jules on Saturdays for about 2 hours until I delivered. Towards the end, again with Jules's encouragement, my husband recorded himself reading the agreed upon affirmations. Although, I didn't listen to these at the hospital what we especially liked about HypnoBirthing is that we learned that our birthing journey was about our family - all 3 of us. We really connected during our sessions. It truly was a beautiful experience.

Posted 6/7/2017

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Stacey Weber

I would HIGHLY recommend Julie to any expecting mom interested in having a doula.  I'm a very health conscious individual leaning on the non western medicine side of the spectrum. It was so refreshing to have Julie present me with ALL the options and info and help me implement a birth plan....even if my plan was not to have a plan!  

I was pregnant with my first baby and feeling overwhelmed with the newness of everything related to pregnancy and birth.  Julie was a god send!  She educated me on all the birthing options including hypnobirthing.  She eased my mind and had my back (literally) through the entire pregnancy and birth.  Speaking of having my back, Julie's weekly prenatal massages were the absolute highlight of my pregnancy regimen.  

Julie started as my doula but quickly became a friend.  I trust and respect her and felt 100% comfortable sharing my most intimate and life changing moments with her.  

Baby Jack was born into a calm and loving environment and I am so grateful to Julie for all her love, kindness, massages, pictures, aromatherapy and most of all support! 


Posted 5/22/2017

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Alexis L

 My experience with hiring Jules the doula...  when I first met Julie we immediately hit it off and I knew she would be the right fit for me  Let me tell you she did not disappoint! Hiring Julie as my doula and private hypnobirthing coach was the best thing I could've done.  I hired her when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and she met with my husband and I at our house once a week and would also check in to see how I was doing a couple times a week. She taught me how to breathe and provided me with the best tools and resources to prepare for the natural birth of my first child. She also took care of having my placenta encapsulated, taking photos and writing our birth story.  I truly believe having a doula made my birth experience easier and more pleasant than it would've been had I not hired Jules the doula.  She is so reliable and always lifted my mood.

Posted 5/17/2017

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Jessica Downing Moreau

In preparation for our second daughter's birth we were excited to hire Julie to make this birth experience more intentional than our first. Julie was so hands on in the preparation process which really set her apart from how other doulas we interviewed work. In the weeks leading up to the birth we developed a very close trust and relationship that allowed for us to feel so comfortable having her in the birthing room. The hypnobirthing training that Julie introduced us to ended up being such a wonderful new tool that will enhance our lives outside of birthing prep. We feel that our goal to have an unmedicated birth was possible because of the hypnobirthing training Julie provided us. I was able to labor peacefully for a very long labor and when things got more intense at the end, I believe the tools we learned combined with Julie's amazing touch and guidance in the birthing room made it possible to accomplish our goal.
We also chose to do placenta encapsulation. Compared to postpartum days after our first born, I have felt so much more energy, less anxiety and a much quicker recovery. My milk also came in within hours of starting the pills which was days sooner than with my first.
Cannot say enough great things about Julie and any family that works with her will be blessed to have her in their birth story.

Posted 2/27/2017

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Erin Guzinski

My husband and I were so incredibly thankful that we had Julie's support throughout my pregnancy and delivery of our baby girl! This was my first pregnancy and was experiencing some anxiety with the changes occurring within my body and with the upcoming labor and delivery. Julie made herself available to help process my anxiety, educate me and my husband about the birth process and even facilitated a birth art class for us. Julie had such a positive and calming energy and that was incredibly helpful for me as I continued to prepare myself for the birth. On the morning my contractions began, I was able to text Julie and she helped coach me on what to do and after a few short hours of laboring at home, Julie met us at the hospital. Julie was instrumental in keeping the mood calm and coached my husband and mother on the best ways to support me during my painful contractions. Julie was very supportive of my birth plan and understood that my goal was to have a natural delivery. With Julie's help, I was able to have a natural birth...something I wasn't sure I could actually do! I sincerely attribute much of my success to Julie, as she helped build my confidence and provided the love and support I needed to get me through the labor! Julie also captured some truly beautiful moments as we welcomed our daughter into the world and I couldn't be more thankful for everything she did for us. I would highly recommend encapsulating your placenta with her as well. I was able to help my body recover quicker with the aid of these pills. Thank you Julie...we love you!!

Posted 2/6/2017

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Kleins Kreations


This was my third pregnancy and I finally decided to do placenta encapsulation after this birth. I used Julie for the placenta encapsulation service and she was wonderful. I spoke with her during my pregnancy and she was so sweet, positive and knowledgeable and was always a text or phone call away.  I had not previously done placenta encapsulation so I wasnt sure what to expect from the pills. I'm so glad I took them, I can completly tell a difference from my previous 2 births. They definitely helped my milk supply and lessened my bleeding. I feel they also helped with the after birth cramping, it was so minimal this time. I would reccomend them to everyone. Julie was very professional and did a great job with this service! Her pregnancy meditation is beautiful to listen to as well :)

Posted 2/6/2017

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Samantha Walker

My husband and I absolutely loved Julie as our Doula! She was fantastic; I have to go over our entire experience with her.
First of all, let me start by saying that I was skeptical about needing a Doula or help with the birthing process from the start. I figured I would read up and prepare on my own which is how I like to do things. But when we met Julie she was so down to earth, and not pushy in any way in how I wanted to do things. She was super informative and asked questions I hadn’t even thought about. During our sessions before the birth she helped us learn a method to birth and labor called Hypnobirthing. I really did not want an epidural during my labor so I loved learning ways to cope with labor pains such as certain breathing methods, music and other forms of natural relaxation. I cannot imagine the day of my son’s birth without Julie. I called her early on in my labor and she helped me decide when I should actually get to the hospital. We had perfect timing, as I wanted to labor mostly at home and only ended up laboring in the hospital for about 3 hours. The nurses all told me I was going to be laboring a long time because it was my first child, but Julie knew that wasn’t going to be the case. I’m so glad she was there to make sure the nurses kept checking on me! She knew I was ready to start pushing long before they thought I was ready and when they realized she was right they had to rush the doctor into the room! Without her there my husband and I wouldn’t have known the signs that it was coming on so quickly, Julie kept the peace and comfort throughout the labor for us! Not only was Julie incredibly helpful in preparing us for the birth, but the day of she went above and beyond. The birth itself went fast and easy, and she helped us communicate with the nurses through each step. She was so encouraging, peaceful and instructive; I would recommend her to anyone!

Posted 2/3/2017

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Liana Suhadolnik

I used Julie for my placenta encapsulation and have no regrets with this decision.  In fact, I think it was one of the smartest decisions I made with regards to my birth plan!  I notice the pills help even my mood; there have been many times where I get the postpartum blues, and when I take the placenta pills, I notice within an hour, that feeling has been lifted - they are incredible.  I feel like I sleep better when I take them as well, most likely because they seem to "balance" me out.  I still have my tincture that I will be saving for later.  

I highly recommend this service; I had my son at almost midnight on a Friday and my pills were ready for me by Monday.  Julie also made the umbilical cord into a heart, which was so special to me.  You only get one chance with this, so take advantage of her great services and choose encapsulation!  

Posted 10/30/2016

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Stephanie Skipper

Using Julie as a doula was a fantastic experience. When labor progressed it was so beneficial to have someone else in the room 100% concentrated on our experience and not on the medical aspect of labor. As a massage therapist Julie really contributed to my relaxation and helped save energy for when labor really picked up. Her calm prescence during active labor was amazing for both my husband and myself. I enjoyed that I could hold onto my husband and use him as my focal while Julie worked on my breathing and putting pressure on my hips. For me, movement helped with pain and Julie really facilitated the continued movement during each contraction. I specifically enjoyed that Julie kept me in tune with how I was feeling without concentrating on the pain aspect of labor. Having her present during intense contractions alongside my husband made each moment so meaningful. Lastly, Julie took some incredible pictures throughout labor and specifically during delivery. 

Posted 9/4/2015

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