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Christina Clark Okarmus

Sassafras Birth Services


Phone: 334-414-0007

Birth Fee: $950 to $1600

Postpartum Rate: $30

Birth Doula Experience: 4 years and 14 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 4 years and 4 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Doula Trainings International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

  • Doula Trainings International , March 2015
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
Home births must be attended by a midwife.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • GentleBirth - Certified Childbirth Educator

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Advanced Medical Certification; Spinning Babies trained

College Education

  • BA/BS
  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Plus size mothers
  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home
  • Single parents
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion Support
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Military families

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Previous Board member of the Alabama Birth Coalition

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Christina Clark Okarmus

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Allison Duarte

My husband and I chose a natural homebirth, and our specific birth plan was not something we were comfortable sharing with our circle. I needed support and someone who could provide encouragement and not judge our decisions. Christina is exactly that person. She’s also very flexible with scheduling and really easy to talk to. She’s the type of person who you meet for the first time, and you feel like you have known her for a while. She provides comfort and security, which was important to me, especially as a new mom.

Posted 9/20/2018

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Stefanie Christensen

Christina was invaluable for me and my husband during my pregnancy and delivery. This is our first child, and while I was committed to as few interventions as possible in my labor and delivery I knew I needed support beyond what i could expect from the hospital staff. Meeting with Christina during my pregnancy gave us the opportunity to think about the kind of birth we wanted to have and how we could maximize our chances of it being the birth we had. During my labor at the hospital, Christina's pain management techniques were a lifesaver! She helped my husband support me and I couldn't have done it without the two of them working together. Throughout our time together Christina was warm and thoughtful, and I have no doubt she would be the same for other mothers. With her help, my birth experience was as close to my ideal as possible, and it left me feeling strong and successful as I started motherhood.

Posted 4/13/2017

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Annie Campbell

I highly recommend Christina and would/will hire her again for my next birth. She is a warm, funny and caring human who is constantly expanding her knowledge of evidence based birth. While I was laboring at home (for 4 days!!) she visited periodically to asses and keep me company. I felt I could call on her whenever I needed or wanted to. For the "active" labor, she was with us for well over 24 hours but was steadfast in her physical and emotional support. I ended up having a very bad birth experience because of the hospital staff. But it would have been so much worse for my husband and I were it not for Christina. I was attempting a natural birth in a hospital and she would question or challenge the nurses any time they tried to divert from my birth plan, but was never rude to them. Post-partum, she made sure to give me every opportunity I needed to process my disappointing, borer-line traumatic experience. She’s a been a big part of my healing process. She is also actively involved in trying to turn things around in this backwards state of ours by actively supporting bills to legalize Certified Professional Midwives in Alabama. Unfortunately, we have so little choice here and many of us who would otherwise chose home birth or a birth center end up in a hospital. If that’s the case for you, your chances of having the birth you're hoping for will be increased by hiring Christina. And if things go poorly, she'll help you in whatever way she can. She truly cares about her clients, their wishes, and helping mother’s own their experience, whatever that my look like.

Posted 3/3/2017

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Lauren Cotto-Perez

It was 2 sunrises before we got to meet our son (my first child). That's 31 hours technically. And I couldnt have done it without Christina. I read everything, even took an online birth course, but nothing adequately prepares you for the experience of birth. Even though I wanted a natural birth, there were a number of times I was ready to throw in the towel, but Christina was able to keep me focused and committed my goal--without her help, assistance and distraction from the passing time I'm sure I wouldn't have made it without meds! She was professional, compassionate and a great asset to our birth experience. Even my husband who was skeptical of hiring a doula was grateful she was there! I definitely recommend Christina :)

Posted 12/14/2016

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Tiffany Turner

Christina was such an awesome doula for us! We were able to start getting to know each other late in my second trimester and she was great at helping me understand my options and think through the kind of birth I wanted. Not to mention, her open, friendly nature and calm demeanor really helped keep me sane during those final weeks.

I struggled with prodromal labor, which meant days of strong contractions that didn't progress into labor at all. Christina came to my home and helped us figure out ways to massage and work through that pain and pressure. When I really started to doubt my body, she helped me stay centered. And when my baby finally did decide to make her fast and furious entrance, Christina helped my husband work with the nursing staff to support me through our natural birth.

I cannot recommend Christina highly enough! And I would love her to be our doula next time around.

Posted 10/27/2016

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Juddie Lawson

My experience with Christina Clark was very good and informative.My labor lasted 18 hours and it took 30 minutes to push my son out.Christina Clark helped me from the first time we spoke by phone to set up the first initial visit all the way until time for delivery.Im a first time mom who had many questions anout what is a doula and their role in childbirth.Mrs Clark also had a good friend and colleague of hers Mrs Rebekah who is also a doula and a mother of three with her to share both of their experiences and Rebekah shared her birthing experiences and both were there for my birth.From the first night i met her all the way to my delivery Mrs Clark went over my birth plan in full detail and made copies for my midwife,myself,hospital staff to have so all would b aware of everything.She gave me her cell number sp i could reach her at anytime regarding questions or concerns i had.I was 41 weeks at my delivery and at the hospital she was there to talk to me regarding personal issues i had and talked me through every medical procedure i didnt understand that took place during the delivery.She and Rebekah made sure i stayed calm and was in the right positions at all times.I would highly recommend Mrs Clark as my doula if i have another child ot to any mother expecting a child that would like her services as a doula,she is trustworthy and honest and will b there every step of the way and will check on u after delivery when u get home if u need her to!

Posted 1/17/2016

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Tabitha Moore

Christina was everything I could have imagined in a great doula plus more. She provided me with so much information throughout my pregnancy. She educated me so I could then go back to my midwife and present to her reasons why I thought I should not be treated as a textbook high risk pregnancy. My midwife listened and I received the care that I wanted thanks to Christina. She was available any time I asked her questions. Once I was in labor Christina was with me about 15 hours. I was up walking around for the majority of my labor and she walked with me almost the entire time. She helped keep me comfortable during labor and also made sure I stayed relaxed. Christina went above and beyond and I could not have asked for a better doula. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Posted 1/16/2016

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'Auli'i Nathaniel

With the birth of my second child, I found myself on my own in a new city much earlier than anticipated. My husband was called back to work last minute. Without family or friends nearby, the thought of being alone with two small humans who needed me so much felt overwhelming. I scheduled a visit with a postpartum doula who warned me that there was a very small chance that one of her pregnant moms would go into labor. That small chance turned out to be just the right amount and so she found me another postpartum doula - Christina Clark - the night before she was to come out. Christina saved the day in more ways than one. I was so grateful to have someone there to provide the encouragement I needed to get through those lonely postpartum days. She played with my two year old daughter, allowed me time to shower, cooked me a meal, and gave me the space to regroup. She gave me the life line I needed to get out of my lonely funk and my confident grew. She provided the kind of support every mother deserves. 

Posted 11/15/2015

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Ashley Stanaland

I had the pleasure of Christina as my doula during my second birth. My first birth was filled with anxiety and stress, and I wanted my second birth to go as differently as possible. Christina took the time to learn what I wanted for my birth and educated me on my options. She knew I wanted more than a healthy baby- I wanted a happy, healthy mama as well. She was by my side before, during, and after labor and reduced so much of the anxiety that I had towards the postnatal period. With Christina's support and guidance, I felt confident and empowered, and I will be forever grateful for her and her role during my son's birth.

Posted 9/14/2015

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Rebekah Preston Hawkins

Christina attended the birth of my daughter in July of 2014.  She was calm and comforting in working as one of my doulas and I will always be grateful that she was able to attend my birth.  Christina was always professional and helped me to make informed decisions as we met a few complication in our birth.  She believed in me and assisted me in believing in myself and my body.   She helped to empower my husband and I and encircled us in safety and warmth.Communication between the hospital staff, my midwife, my other doula, my husband, and Christina was seamless- they all worked together as my team of support.  Christina helped me to ask further questions when there was something I didn't understand, and helped to make sure my birth plan was followed.  With Christina's help, I felt supported, empowered, safe, and calm.  I truly had a beautiful birth experience and I would ask her to attend my birth again in a heart beat!  -Rebekah Hawkins

Posted 9/14/2015

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