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Phone: 773-599-2040

Birth Fee: $1000 to $1500

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $35

Birth Doula Experience: 10 years

Postpartum Doula Experience: 10 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Group practice with shared call schedule
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
We do not attend home births without a midwife or doctor.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association)

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Breastfeeding USA Counselor
  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (Lactation Education Resources)
  • Certified Lactation Counselor (The Center for Breastfeeding)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • 4. Biologix Solutions Bloodborne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulation Specialists Trained
  • American Academy of CPR and First Aid, Inc Certified
  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • Certified Tranquil Transition Placenta Specialist
  • LMT/LMP (Licensed Massage Therapist/Practitioner)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • RN (Registered Nurse)

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • Hearthside perinatal bereavement care training
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Client Testimonials for Windy City Doulas

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Morgan Stewart

We had a great experience with Windy City Doulas and the birth of our twins. This was my husband and my first (and second!) and I was really nervous going through a high risk pregnancy. Our doula was attentive and full of so much helpful information throughout the entire pregnancy, and beyond! On the day of, our doula was there by my side during labor and so so helpful. Navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming and having an advocate like WCD is truly invaluable. My only wish is that I would have taken advantage of some of the classes offered by WCD, so I can’t speak to any of this. I would use them again in a heartbeat (if I have any more kids!) and would recommend them to friends and family. 

Posted 11/13/2019

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Elizabeth Cole

We had a wonderful experience with Windy City Doulas!

We worked with Jessica Keirns for our birth, and we could not have had a better experience. She helped prepare us for our delivery, an experience that was foreign to us both, and she helped us achieve the birth experience we desired. She was a great source of support for both of us.

We worked with Desiree Young postpartum, and she was fabulous. I struggled with recurring mastitis, and I needed Desiree desperately, and I contacted Samantha last minute. Before I knew it, she was taking care of our sweet Lily while I recuperated. She helped me catch my breath so that I could be the mother that I wanted to be to our little girl.

Samantha has an incredible team, and she coordinated everything beautifully!

Posted 10/29/2019

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Megan B

I had an excellent experience with Windy City Doulas- both for birth support and postpartum support. We worked with Samantha for the birth of our daughter (our first). We answered all of our questions during our pre-birth consultations and was the support we needed during birth! It's so hard to know what to expect and she walked me through my early signs of labor and got to the hospital right away when we needed her. While the level of care at our hospital was amazing, Samantha really supported me through the whole process and was so knowledgeable and calm. There were complications that landed our baby in the NICU for a short stint and Samantha talked us through everything (while our healthcare providers were understandbly too busy to explain what was going on and reassure us). Samantha also supported me with nursing by helping me pump right away (as I didn't get to see my baby to nurse her for several hours after birth).

We've also worked with Ida for postpartum support and she's a true professional and so knowledgeable and caring.

Going with Windy City was a really smart investment on our part and we highly recommend! 

Posted 10/10/2019

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Marisa Portera

Samantha from Windy City Doulas is amazing! She has been absolutely fantastic throughout our pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding. If she's available, HIRE HER!

This was our first pregnancy. While I knew a doula would be an important advocate and coach throughout our experience, it was my husband that found her advice the most valuable. Samantha was on-call via text and phone the entire weekend I was in labor (including throughout the night). We had prepared for labor and felt we were coping well with contractions. My husband coached me in person and Samantha was HIS coach behind the scenes. He continues to rave about how responsive she was to his questions and how helpful and her advice was to him. Samantha guided him on how to best support me at home and the hospital. And when the time for pushing came she was there guiding me on breathing and focus. As soon as my son was born, Samantha captured the first moments on video for us to remember. And most importantly, Samantha also helped me to breastfeed our son within minutes of birth so that I could learn and he could learn very early on. I'm so thankful!

The same attention, care and concern was brought to the postpartum services she offered. The first few days were tough as we navigated my milk coming in, recovery and taking care of a newborn. Samantha allowed us to take some much needed naps and cared for us and our newborn. Enough cannot be said about Samantha's professionalism. This will be the best investment you can make in your pregnancy. Highly recommend!

Posted 10/4/2019

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Samantha and her team of doulas (Desiree, Jessica, Lynn, Hannah, Debbie, Melissa) helped make the transition to motherhood so much easier than I could have hoped.

Before my son arrived, early I might add, I met with Samantha to discuss all of the possible outcomes we could have expected from induction, to the epidural, the hospital and NICU stays, as well as practical guidance like eating a meal before going to the hospital and what I'll want to wear and have after delivery. She was so helpful before and during the delivery that I could not have imagined a more enjoyable experience (I mean it!).

Her team helped me to care for my new son overnight for a few months. Because I trusted her and her doulas, I was able to get sleep and be a happier mother. My son benefitted from the fact that I was well rested. I also had Samantha come by for a few hours every couple days to help me learn how best to care for my new child. She has so much experience that she was a patient but knowledgeable teacher.

Samantha also helped me avoid a very close brush with mastitis, for which I am super thankful.

I highly recommend having a doula by your side during delivery and postpartum care, especially a doula from Windy City Doulas!

Posted 9/19/2019

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Lisa Higgins

Samantha was an invaluable resource for me and my husband throughout pregnancy, the day of delivery, and in the first few postpartum months. Even though my twin pregnancy was free of complication, it was still very difficult physically and at times emotionally. Sam helped me take care of myself, understand when it was time to slow down (even more than I might have anticipated), and patiently talked me through concerns about birth and my medical team. I am very grateful for the medical team and establishment that helped me to safely deliver twins - but Sam was my greatest resource for information, for understanding my choices, and for helping my family transition from 3 to 5 overnight! My husband and I both appreciated her presence during labor and delivery, and it was clear the doctors highly respected her. In follow-up visits, Sam supported me through my breast-feeding and pumping and formula-feeding decisions. She and her team of post partum doulas (a support I highly recommend) were consistently full of information and support with zero judgment. From pregnancy to birth to recovery to feeding to family logistics, Sam and her team helped us figure out what was right for us. We are so grateful! 

Posted 4/26/2019

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Rosemarie Farhat

Windy City Doulas was wonderful for a new mom in need of help and guidance.  The doulas that were provided were friendly, knowledgable, supportive and open-minded.  Scheduling was flexible and I would recomend them to anyone looking for extra help!  

Posted 3/29/2019

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Brittany Billingslea

My Doula experience was wonderful from start to finish! I felt so cared for and attended to. They are professional, warm, and so knowledgeable about everything your pregnancy and labor/delivery journey might entail! 

Posted 3/25/2019

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Jordan Stellakis

Sam was the doula for all three of my kids. From pregnancy to labor and delivery, she was an excellent source of information and calm energy.  She helped provide additional information to what my OB and midwives gave me in between appointments, she was able to refer to me to additional resources when requested (chiropractor, acupuncture, etc), and helped educate me on possible outcomes and situations.  Because of her overwhelming knowledge and experience, neither I - nor my husband - would want to have a baby without Sam!

I went into my first birth not wondering if I wanted to or could deliver naturally, but with an intense needle and hospital phobia, I knew I had to try. She was supportive of my decision to learn about Hypnobirthing, even educating herself on the method so she could make sure she knew what my process was. I felt completely confident staying at home with Sam until the last possible minute, knowing she would get us to the hospital safely, and was monitoring my health and the baby's safety the entire time. She did, my first was born just 45 min after getting to apprentice, my third just 11 minutes (although I don't recommend that! :)). 

When we found our my second needed to be induced immediately at my 38 week appointment, Sam was there to help me manage the process, allowing for as little intervention as possible while still keeping my son and I safe. On pitocin, I was still able to deliver my son without an epidural - because Sam physically held me for two hours while I labored in the shower at the hospital. She was soaking wet and the only words out of her mouth were support and encouragement. 

You don't hire Sam because you know exactly how/when/why/where you want to have your baby. You hire Sam because when you realize your baby has an agenda of their own, Sam is the best possible person to have at your side to navigate where life takes you.

Posted 3/23/2019

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I wanted to hire a doula because I was a first time mom and had heard so many hospital horror stories from other FTMs. My husband and I met with Samantha during my first trimester and she answered our questions and put us at ease about the whole process. I had a pretty smooth pregnancy up until late in my third trimester. Samantha was there every step of the way including a scheduled (and subsequently cancelled c-section) at 39 weeks. She helped me through 20 hours of unmedicated labor/failed induction that ended in an unscheduled c-section at 41 weeks. My labor didn’t go according to plan, but my baby boy and I are both healthy and I am happy with my experience. Samantha was informative and supportive throughout and we are all thankful she was there to advocate and advise.

Posted 8/7/2018

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Erin Carlman Weber

Ida and Windy CIty Doulas were incredible support during my pregnancy and birth. Ida was warm, laidback, and easy to communicate with. As my pregnancy dragged on (and on and on to 42 weeks) Ida provided invaluable input and emotional support. My husband and I cannot imagine having gone through my long labor without her support. When we get to baby #2 we'll definitely be back. 

Posted 12/19/2017

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Melissa Root

We worked with Samantha and Windy City Doulas for the preparation and birth of both of our children. Samantha provided invaluable advice leading up to our deliveries, helped us advocate for ourselves during the delivery, and assisted us post partum with sleeping and placenta encapsulation. What I appreciated most about Samantha is that she clearly explained our options and various approaches, and then supported the (then informed) decision we made. I think some women think if they are planning a birth that is not 100 percent "natural" (whatever that means!) a doula is not for them. In our case, both births involved pitocin and an elected epidural, and Samantha was right by my side and encouraged me to have the birth that was right for me. When we found out we were expecting our second child, my husband almost immediately asked, "We're calling Samantha, right?" Thanks Windy City Doulas for being such an important part of our child's lives!

Posted 5/11/2017

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Sara Green

I can’t imagine my deliveries without Sam! She was there for both of my deliveries and provided the utmost support to me and my husband throughout the entire pregnancy and labor process. For my first born, she provided such helpful tips leading up to the deliver. When I went into labor, she came to my home in the middle of the night to provide care and help progress my labor. She sat with me until it was time to go the hospital, and when we got there, coached me through the labor and delivery process every step of the way (over 12 hours of dedicated time). As a new mom, she also provided a lot of support afterward with breastfeeding and wellness checks at my home. For my 2nd born, I had a grueling 34-hour labor. I labored at home until she recommended we leave. We all thought that since it was my 2nd baby, the progression would be very quick once I reached 7 cm. However, when we got to the hospital at 3:30pm and it wasn’t until 5am, the baby came. Sam was with me EVERY step of the way providing endless energy, ideas to get labor to progress and encouragement to help me thru it. And in the end, I was able to have the natural delivery I wanted despite wanting to give up many times. In addition to the 2nd labor and delivery, I also had found out my baby was breech at 32 weeks and Sam was chalk full of knowledge in ways to get my baby to turn on its own and provided names of doctors who would deliver a breech baby. In the end, the baby turned using version technique and I was able to delivery normally. In addition, Sam encapsulated my placenta both times. There is no question I would recommend her and the wonderful services she provides as a doula. I wish all women could have this option for their deliveries!

Posted 2/17/2016

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Meghan Hansen

Samantha is an absolutely amazing doula, resource and night nurse. I was immediately comfortable with her and she was very helpful in preparing me for what to expect during the birthing process. I was extremely grateful to have Samantha when things did not go exactly as planned - at 38W my doctors found that the baby was breech. It was wonderful to have Samantha as a resource to help talk me through the various methods to try to flip him around so that we could do a natural birth, as I had wanted. When all of that did not work, Samantha was very flexible in transferring credit for her doula fee (which we did not need as I had a C-section, although she offered to be there for the surgery if I wanted) to night nursing credit. While I was in the hospital and my baby was having some weight loss issues, Samantha was incredibly responsive - texting with me and offering suggestions to speak with the hospital staff about that I would have never known to ask. I felt so happy to have someone who I trusted to ask questions to and who knew what I wanted and gave me the knowledge to advocate for me and my baby in an informed and productive way.
Samantha did night nursing for us for the first four nights back from the hospital and every few nights for the next few weeks. Those first few nights back from the hospital, having Samantha there to help me was invaluable. From a pure physical recovery perspective, having her there to change the baby and rock him back to sleep let me get precious hours of extra sleep and helped me recover more quickly.  Probably the most valuable part was in setting my baby and me up for success in nursing. Samantha was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable as a lactation expert.  She taught me how to use and clean my pump, and wrote out a schedule for me for nursing and pumping.  I credit her setting us up as the reason I have been able to make it 10 months now nursing, with plenty of stock stashed away.


Posted 11/25/2015

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Andrea Cox

Words will never be able to express how WONDERFUL Samantha was before, during, and after the birth of my first son. We had an unmedicated vaginal delivery planned. Sam met with us before about my expectations and fears and how to prepare. When I went into labor- she was in constant contact with my husband and met at our house to help me labor at home. She was calm, professional, helpful, patient, and understanding. She helped us decide when it was time to go to the hospital. She stayed with us until my son latched after delivery. Even though my labor and delivery was fast and furious, she remained cool and collected and offered much help to my husband and I. She was an even bigger help after delivery with checking in afterwards to help with breastfeeding issues. She is a wealth of knowledge. She helped me plan to pump and continue nursing as I went back to work. I could actually just go on and on about all the wonderful things Sam did for us. She blew our expectations for a doula out of the water. We knew she would help but had no idea how much! We love Sam and already talk about hiring her for our next child. Hiring Sam is a no brainer! She is awesome! 

Posted 10/22/2015

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Leslie Stiles

We hired Samantha to be our doula for the birth of our son. She was amazing! Without her support and guidance through my very long labor (42 hours!!), we truly believe we would not have been able to have the birth experience we wanted. She was in close contact or right by our side the entire time. I was able to labor at home for 36 hours and was completely at ease with her coaching and extensive knowledge. She knew when it was the right time to go to the hospital and I was able to deliver my son without any medication. Without her I definitely do not think this would have been possible. We delivered at Prentice and she has a lot experience with that hospital and worked very well with our midwife and the hospital staff. She has a knowledge and passion for childbirth and infants that is beyond her years. She also has a warm personality and is very easy to talk to. We loved talking to her during her before and after visits! She was also very responsive and always happy to help. Her service was invaluable to us. We hope to work with her her again in the future. Samantha is the very best, do yourself a favor and hire her!!

Posted 10/20/2015

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Kris Swanberg

I had a great experience with Samatha as my doula.  This was my second birth and my first induction.  When I found out I was going to get induced I honestly thought I wouldn't even need a doula, but I was very wrong!  I was so glad that Samantha was there - she was invaluable.  She was a great support for my husband and I.  The hospital was busy and we hardly got to see our midwife before we gave birth - it was so great having Samantha there to give us updates on how things were progressing. And since I didn't recieve the epidural until my contractions were 2 to 3 minutes apart, I needed her there for pain management as well.   We loved having her and would recommend her again in an instant.

Posted 10/19/2015

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Anna Krogh

Samantha was instrumental in the birth of my first child in March 2015. From our very first meeting with her, my husband and I felt comfortable and knew that we would benefit from her vast experience. As a RN, she is very knowledgeable and we learned so much from her before, during and after the birth. She helped me prepare a realistic birth plan and her familiarity with Prentice Women's Hospital and their operations was very helpful for the birthing experience. My baby was posterior for the majority of my long labor, and I could not have survived it without Samantha’s help! She was at my side for HOURS, providing counter-pressure to my lower back with each contraction (which is a very physically demanding task!). Her calm demeanor and encouraging words throughout the birth were so helpful for my husband, my mother and myself. I appreciated her follow up after the birth and I even took advantage of her placenta encapsulation services. I highly recommend Samantha and her doula practice.

Posted 10/16/2015

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Wendy Drake

Samantha helped me in many aspects of the preparation for and delivery of my little girl in May 2015. She helped me find a midwife toward the end of my pregnancy. She also helped me through a difficult labor. She is very knowledgeable about the whole birth process, and it was comforting to know that she was just a phone call or e-mail away. I credit her with helping to establish my milk supply for my daughter. My milk didn't come in for more than a week as a result of the medication I had taken during labor, and she recommended that I begin pumping right away--soon after delivery, even before I knew definitively that the milk wasn't coming in, because she was aware of the effect the medication would have on milk production. I'm so glad I listened to her! I now am able to feed my baby breast milk exclusively. She also put me in touch with another lactation consultant who continues to be extremely helpful to me. I'm very grateful for the support that Samantha provided to me and my husband and plan to reach out to her again if I'm able to have another little one!

Posted 9/16/2015

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Liz Stevison

With our families far away and most of our friends childless, my husband and I were hoping to find a guide to help us navigate our first birth. I knew that even if I selected my doctor or midwife there was a very small chance I would actually get to deliver with them so we were also looking for a constant. Samantha was exactly that. She was always a quick text, email, or phone call away with great advice during the pregnancy with a huge network of professionals she could connect me with. I was impressed that my midwives knew her and thought very highly of her too. Of course nothing about my birth went as expected but even with preeclampsia and an early delivery, I am so overwhelmingly grateful that I found her. She was that constant we needed, the calming voice, and knowledgable professional. Her care continued well after the birth and three months later, she is still a resource I feel lucky to be able to reach out too.

Side note: although skeptical ,I tried the placenta encapsulation and I have to say, I am convinced!

Posted 9/14/2015

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Emily Malinowski

As a first time mom, the prenatal counseling (F2F meeting, texts, calls, emails) was huge. It helped me understand what to expect and equipped me with the information and confidence I needed to labor at home for as long as I did (9.5 cm). Simply put, Samantha is someone you want in the delivery room with you. She brings a palpable sense of calm and assurance and is willing to do anything to help you. I had such an enjoyable birth experience and highly highly recommend Samantha and Windy City Doulas.

Posted 9/14/2015

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Cassie Fox

I can't recommend Samantha highly enough. Our birth did not go as planned (emergency C section), but she kept me calm through it all. She also helped my daughter latch right after delivery, to aid in our breastfeeding relationship. I can honestly say I wouldn't have handled the delivery nearly as well, and may not have breastfed as long as I have (with no end in sight!) without Samantha's help!

Posted 9/3/2015

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Lauren Pietrocarlo

I cannot say enough about Samantha and her doula services. I am a first time mother and started off with a very rocky pregnancy. I was sick for the duration of my pregnancy so was unable to make it to the hospital for labor and delivery classes. We decided to contact Samantha to do a series of classes. We were so impressed by her during our classes that we actually ended up contracting her for full doula services. This was the best decision I could have made! She made me feel completely comfortable and knowledgable going into my delivery. During the delivery, she served as my advocate and partner guiding me through labor with a gentle ease and comfort. My husband and I still talk about how integral Samantha was to my pregnancy and labor. I would highly and whole-heartedly recommend Samantha to anyone looking for a reliable, competent and amazing doula! 

Posted 9/2/2015

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