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New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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4 years and 14 births attended

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Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1

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I have attended births at NYU Langone Medical Center, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York Methodist Hospital, and New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital.

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I have attended births at the Brooklyn Birthing Center.

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I have attended home births.

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  • Acupressure

New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

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Jennifer Werther


Jenn was our doula during the birth of our first son in January, 2017. 

When it comes to labor and birth, I don't think there is really much you can do to prepare yourself for the wild ride. In hind sight, the best thing we ever could have done was chosing to have Jenn by our side. She was a great resource in the months leading up to labor. She answered our many questions via text, emails and phone and was always available to us. Our in person meetings were filled with information, compassion, and laughs. She is very knowledeable, was receptive to all of our questions, and really worked hard to put us at ease.

For labor, Jenn was there for the whole process, guiding us every step of the way and providing much needed emotional and physical support. Helping me through 7 hours pre-epidural, she was on top of everything, from breathing, to positions, to massaging me to (try and) alleviate the pain. After I made the decision to get the epidural, Jenn was supportive and made sure that I made the decision on my own terms, not on the pain's terms.

She was there for almost 24 hrs, providing support for both me and my husband - that I think was priceless. Jenn was comfortable and helpful with interacting with the hospital staff and with our families. She helped us keep the people in the waiting room informed and still part of the process.  At the time of my son's birth, Jenn even made sure to take our phone to capture the amazing first moments when we became parents. 

Post birth, Jenn went well above and beyond. I had complications that led to significant blood loss. Though it was not her job, Jenn helped me through this as well. She stayed by our sides into the wee hours of the night to make sure that I was ok and as comfortable as possible. 

I cannot recommend Jenn highly enough! She will be at the birth of our next child and I cannot imagine (nor do I want to) going through this without her by our side.

Ronnie Lin


Jenn was the doula for our daughter who was born in October 2016. She is a wonderful doula and we were lucky to have her support during the labor and birth process.

This was our first child and Jenn was great with answering any questions we had, but also in supplementing and adding to the information we had or needed from our obstetrician. Jenn is a organized and an excellent planner. From our initial interview meeting to the post-birth follow up, Jenn was always came prepared and fully engaged with us. Because she was so thoughtful and present, we quickly grew to be open and trusting with her.  Jenn knew the right questions to ask soon-to-be parents and guided us thorugh the process.

During the actual night, day and night of labor and delivery, Jenn stayed with us for over 24 hours. It was truly a marathon and she remained positive and supportive the entire time.  Jenn has a good sense of humor, a warm spirit and the emotional strength needed to support us every step of the way.   It's something we will truly never forget and remember.  

We can't recommend Jenn enough and are so lucky to have her support.

Rex Chen


Jenn was the doula for our son, Jaxon born July 22, 2016.  She was absolutely fantastic!

For my wife, Emily and I this was our first child and we are two people that love to have information and ask questions.  Given all the information out there on the internet and the various "opinions" friends and family had given we definitely wanted someone that could help educate and guide us while letting us make the ultimate decisions.  I think Jenn excels in the fact that she provides the information and guidance and understands that every couple has different items that are important to them.

Posting this from the "husband's" point of view, I'll say that having Jenn was definitely a huge help not only for my wife but for my own understanding of what I needed to do in order to support my partner.  Jenn was just as accessible and open to answering questions from me and put much of the "uncertainity from the unknown" at ease.  

Throughout the process when we first talked to her, all the way up to the birth and hospital process Jenn was tremendous and the amount of support made the process just so much easier.

Most notably, I would point out that we had some unexpected "fun" during the entire labor process and Jenn in all honestly felt like a family member who was an expert in everything "baby".

Was a great experience having a doula, and specifically with Jenn!


Lauren Margulies


Jennifer Lee was our doula for the birth of our first child in November 2015. Jenn is a WONDERFUL doula -- she was our partner, our support, our friend, throughout the birth process and today. When my husband and I think about our daughter's delivery, we always walk about how much we adore Jenn and how helpful she was to us. I recommend her doula services wholeheartedly! 

Jennifer has a few characteristics that we found invaluable: compassion, focus, and communication. In terms of communication, prior to labor, Jennifer would regularly check in with us via email and phone and share useful information. She helped us to organize and share a unique birthplan. She was available when questions came up and was 100% accessible when the big day came (10 days after due date!). She laid out clear plans and ALWAYS followed up. We really appreciated that reliability and clarity. 

Jennifer has incredible focus. In our meetings prior to birth, she showed up with good cheer and walked us through everything that we should be thinking about. When labor started, she arrives at our door 100% focused on us and our needs; she held our hands emotionally (and sometimes physically!) and focused on what we needed as individuals. I should note as well that she worked very well with our OB and medical staff - she focused on listening to them and enabling us to make good decisions during delivery.

Perhaps most important, Jennifer is compassionate. She cares deeply about her role as doula and the people she serves. When I went into labor, I wondered how another person would fit into this deeply personal and vulnerable moment in our life. Jenn arrived and immediately put us at ease, adding levity and clarity to the intensity of the moment, and intuiting how she could help each of us. 

I cannot thank Jenn enough for being our doula and giving so much to us during the birth of our child. It would not have been the same without her! 

Dawn Z


Jennifer was professional in every way. When she arrived, she had a name tag on identifying her as a doula, which I thought was a nice touch. Jennifer was focused on me and my husband's needs during labor and delivery and was wiling to do whatever it took to make us feel comfortable.  Jennifer knew when to intervene and when to step back throughout the process.  For example, she shared encouraging words and reminded me about the goals I had for my birth plan.  When I decided to have an epidural, she gently reminde me that I did not want one.  She did it in a way that did not make me feel bad about changing my mind.  Also, she massaged me, fed me ice chips and found additional ways to provide me with comfort.  She stayed with me until my husband and I were settled in to our mother/baby suite, which was over 12 hours.  if I decide to have another baby, i would definitely consider using her again!

Stephanie Lan


Jenn was the doula for our second daughter.  With our first daughter, my husband and I took a birthing class but didn't have a doula.  I delivered naturally but had to be induced and receive an epidural.  With the second, due to the challenge of already having a child and trying to find a care situation, my husband suggested we have Jenn be our doula so that I would have dedicated support and attention regardless of the situation.

Jenn is a friend of the family and when we found out that she had finished her doula certification we asked that she be our doula, about three weeks before my due date.  We scheduled to meet with Jenn the following week to go over birth plans and such.  However, the day that we were to meet (two weeks before due date), I started to have contractions.  Jenn rushed to the hospital to meet us with daughter in tow and stayed with me the whole time (about 6 hours from when we were admitted to when our second daughter was born).  We were able to squeeze our "get to know each other" session in 20 minutes while I was admitted!  Luckily we had known each other a while before so she was already aware of what my preferences.  

 I can say by comparison, the second birth was exponentially easier than the first.  I was able to endure labor without induction or epidural.  Jenn was amazing at sharing information regarding breathing, positions, performing acupressure, etc.  She was extremely in tune with my needs.  There were so many things that she took care of, or thought to ask the nurses that my husband and I would never have thought of or been aware to inquire about.  Recovery was amazingly easy compared to the first time.  I had very little soreness, swelling or mobility issues.  All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Jenn to anyone looking for a doula!

Christine Chen


I was not planning on having a doula. It was kind of a last-minute decision, but I am so glad I did. Having someone you trust by your side in addition to your partner is something I highly recommend. As much as I loved the nurses at the hospital, they were strangers. By the time I delivered, my husband and I had established a strong relationship with Jenn. There were times my husband needed to step out of the room, and it was comforting to have Jenn by my side to look out for baby and me.

Jenn provided the support that I needed mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had extremely painful back labor--Jenn always knew exactly what to say to help me get through each contraction. She also encouraged me to vocalize my pain, which surprisingly enabled me to cope with the pain better. I had always imagined that I would internalize the pain and not be a screamer. When I was not progressing fast enough, Jenn encouraged me to walk up and down the hallway to speed things up. And when the back labor got really bad, Jenn performed these amazing hip squeezes that relieved a lot of the pain. She did this for hours!

I was in labor for over 36 hours. Jenn was right there with me every step of the way. She helped me stay positive and focused, and ultimately helped me achieve my goal of a natural birth. I could not have gotten through the delivery without her words of encouragement, her tireless support, her positive energy, her incredible warmth, and her genuine kindness. Thank you, Jenn, for helping me bring my daughter into this world. I am forever grateful.

Ilana Kavadlo


Jennifer was doula for the birth of our beautiful, baby boy in August, 2014. My husband and I were unconvinced as to whether or not we should use a doula, but after hearing enough people reccommend it, we decided they must be on to something.

We were very happy with our birth experience, and Jennifer certainly deserves a great deal of the credit. She and my husband worked tirelessly to help me through 6 or 7 hours of back labor before I opted to receive an epidural. After a few hours of much needed rest for everyone, my labor hadn't progressed very much. Jennifer then spent the next couple of hourse employing pressure point massage, and at next check I had gone from maybe 5cm dilated (at most) to it nearly being time to push! Which was fantastic, since I may of otherwise been facing a c-section on account of how long it had been since my water broke.

Once I was in the pushing phase, there was a sense of urgency from the doctor and midwife about getting the little guy out. Jenn was a wonderful presence, and part of a great team that kept everything very positive.

Overall, our experience with Jenn was fantastic, and we were so, so, so glad we decided to use a doula!

Heather Savatta


I gave birth to a baby girl in September 2014, and had a wonderful experience with our doula, Jenn. Her support and guidance were a huge help and comfort! Leading up to my birth she answered all my questions and gave great advice on what I could expect. Coming up on 41 weeks I knew I was headed towards an induction, not the natural birth I had wanted. While in the hospital everything went the exact opposite way I had written out in my detailed birth plan and she helped me over each hurdle mentally. The doctors were pushing me faster than I wanted on next steps and she was there by my side. Every time something went wrong off my birth plan, Jenn really made me feel like I did everything I could to keep it on track. I ended up with a c-section after 24 hours of awful labor and was really really upset about it, but Jenn made me confident I really had no other option and fought as hard as I could for the options I wanted. She was amazing during my active labor in massage and accupressure techniques as well. I don't think I would have progressed as far as I did without her support. Afterwards in the recovery room she was also an immense help in getting my baby to latch for the first time, ensuring we had a good hold. She also helped correct some outdated techniques from the ob nurses. If you are looking for a doula you can fully trust and relax with, Jenn is the way to go. 


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