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Cheryl Murfin, MA/IAEd, CD

Nesting Instincts Perinatal Services

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles Additional fees for clients more than 12 miles

Birth Fee

$3000 to $5000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$3000 to $5000

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

24 years and 1000 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

20 years and 200 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, January 2003

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Due to severe allergy to tobacco, I am unable to work in a household with smokers.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
As your doula, I trust that you know what is best for you, your body and your baby. You are the expert here.I also understand that every woman comes to her birth with a unique life story and unique needs and therefore no one else can or should tell you what is best for you. Some women are more comfortable in a hospital setting for their birth and I fully support that choice. My own birthing experience includes hospital and home labors, each exactly where it should have been. For numerous reasons, some personal and some medical, a birthing woman may require one or many interventions. Whether in a hospital, birth center or at home, it is your body, your baby, your birth. I will listen to your story and be a resource for evidence-based information as you decide when, where and how to have your baby. Research shows clearly that for mothers and babies in low risk pregnancies, little or no intervention during birth yields the best outcomes in terms of material and infant health, successful breastfeeding and other indicators of well being. But for all its simple, incredible and precision mechanics, birth can sometimes be unpredictable and complicated. The best choices come from having information and strong support. Toward that end, I will seek to provide you with the most accurate, unbiased information possible as your transition into parenthood and I will strive to be strength for your journey. If you are expecting a loss, disability, adoption or other circumstance that requires special time and attention or expertise, please give me a call. These are areas in which I have ample experience and a particular desire to assist mothers and families.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
If you have chosen a birth center for your family you have made a strong commitment to an unmedicated birth and I applaud you for that your choice. You have chosen a setting that will help you meet your goals. But whether you birth at a center, at home or in the hospital, you can expect the same focused, compassionate, information-based care from me. Every labor has its highs and lows and it is my goal to provide steady, centered support for you through it all. As a midwifey consumer myself, I am thrilled you have chosen to entrust your care and your baby into the hands of providers who fully trust birth, believe in your personal power and in your body and are pledged to protect this sacred moment for your baby.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
If you are having your baby at home you have made a commitment to an unmedicated, truly family-centered birth and I am very excited for you and your family! But again, whether you birth at a center, at home or in the hospital, you can expect the same focused, compassionate, information-based care from me. Even in the more comforting and quiet setting of home, your experience of birth will be heightened by steady, centered support and it is my goal to be just that for you and your family through it all. Research shows that home birth is as safe or safer than hospital delivery for healthy low risk mothers and babies. I am thrilled you have chosen to entrust your care and your baby into the hands of profession midwives--providers who fully trust birth, believe in your personal power and in your body and are pledged to protect this sacred moment for your baby.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

* Managing Editor A New Arrival Magazine (current) * Contributing Editor Seattle's Child Magazine (current) * Seattle Midwifery School Board of Directors (2009) * Former Executive Director: Seattle Midwifery School (2005-2008) * Former Board Member Association for Midwifery Educators * Former Board Member A Matter of Spirit * University of Washington Certificate in Nonprofit Management * Communications Director Children's Home Society of Washington

Fee Details

I offer my services exclusively to one family during their birth month (1-2 weeks before and two weeks after their due date). This means I take no other birth clients during that window. My Only You Babic Birth Care package is $3,000 and includes 2 prenatal meetings, 2 postpartum, full birth care and more. The Only You Birth & Postpartum Care package is $5,000 and includes a Childbirth Basics Class, a baby gear consultation, regular walk & talks in the months/weeks leading up to your baby's birth, 25 hours of postpartum care and a lot more, including but not limited to: * WEEKLY PRENATAL and POSTPARTUM YOGA * 2 PRENATAL MASSAGES by an experienced prenatal LMT * LABOR TUB FOR HOME OR HOSPITAL * LABOR TENS UNIT, REBOZO, BIRTH BALL, PEANUT BALL, SLING AND OTHER TOOLS * MEETING WITH (RARELY NEEDED) BACK-UP DOULA BEFORE DUE DATE * PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION IF YOU SO CHOOSE For a full description of all that this fee includes, please visit NESTINGINSTINCTSSEATTLE.COM.

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles Additional fees for clients more than 12 miles

Client Testimonials for Cheryl Murfin, MA/IAEd, CD

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Diana O


I learned about Cheryl from a friend of a friend who, at a birthday party, shared her birth story with me while I was 3 months pregnant. This friend gave birth maybe 7-9 years ago (can't remember how old her daughter is exactly) but she only had wonderful things to say about Cheryl. She's a person of color, as am I, and the fact that she had such a great experience stood out to me since women of color face a lot of challenges and discrimination in medical settings (etc.). Anyways, I decided to reach out to Cheryl and I'm so glad I did! With Cheryl as my Doula I felt confortable and safe at home during early labor. Cheryl guided me and my husband to help my body move to help the baby along (going up stairs, using the rebozo). I had a fairly fast labor as Cheryl was able to recognize when I/my body wanted to start pushing and she helped ensure we made it to the birth center in time for active labor. She was calm, reasuring, knowledgable. Finally, her visits to my home after giving birth were incredibly helpful. I felt very vulnerable the first few weeks after giving birth and it was so very helpful to have Cheryl to reach out to. I'm so grateful Cheryl does what she does and I'm so glad she was part of our birth experience. Thank you Cheryl! (she was so great she later supported my sister-in-law during her birth to my neice). 



I cannot say enough good things about Cheryl. She is incredible and I hope she'll be my doula for all my future births.

BACKGROUND on me/us. We decided when the pandemic hit that we wouldn't let it stop us from starting a family. I got pregnant in April of 2020, and in September, we moved from San Francisco to Seattle. Since this was my first, I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I visited Swedish First Hill thinking I might want a hospital birth, and interviewed three midwives and several (six, to be exact) doulas. When I met Cheryl, I knew I had found "the one." She was also the only person I spoke w/ that made me genuinely feel EXCITED about giving birth.

PRE. Not only did Cheryl offer to meet me throughout my third trimester to do the stairs or go for walks, but she also hosts weekly prenatal yoga classes (over Zoom), which I'll be honest, were the *only* times I did yoga during my pregnancy.

BIRTH. On the birth day, Cheryl was phenomenal. She comforted me not only w/ her words, but also her hands when I was laboring. She rubbed my back or my leg, which I later found out is not the standard for birth doulas, and suggested different positions for me as things progressed. She was so good about feeding me and making sure I was staying hydrated, too. (As an endurance athlete, I know for a fact I would have bonked had she not force fed me a banana, honey, and electrolytes.) She made me feel strong and safe throughout my entire labor. 

POST. After baby was born, Cheryl took such good care of my partner and me. She fed us, taught us how to swaddle baby, helped me through mastitis, and became someone we consider to be family. She encapsulated my placenta after making placenta art, too. Her intuition about what we needed was so spot on, it truly is a gift.

I birthed a 9lb1oz baby w/o drugs or stitches at home, and I thank Cheryl (and my midwives) for that. We adore Cheryl and anyone would be lucky to have her. 



I remember the birth of my child as an empowering and positive experience due to the guidance and support from Cheryl. She has a strong, calming, reassuring presence that I trusted throughout the labor and birth of my baby.

In early labor she coached me in activities and positions to help labor progress.  She provided comfort measures to alleviate pain and helped me labor at home comfortably.

While at the hospital, she continued to guide me by suggesting laboring positions and provided emotional support. Her knowledge of birth was instrumental in helping my labor progress. She quickly earned the respect of the hospital staff. Cheryl guided and supported me through the birth of my baby, and I look forward to her being part of the birth of my next.

Liya K


I wanted to have an unmediated natural birth, and as a first time mother I knew I would need help. Right from our first conversation I knew Cheryl was the right team mate for my journey into motherhood. During the pregnancy Cheryl would check in with me about how I was doing - the labor exercises she sent for me to practice with my husband ahead of labor were very helpful to get us ready to work as a team.

During our first in-person meeting, Cheryl brought some of the labor pain management tools and talked about what to expect from labor and how to approach various situations should they arise. She showed us the TENS unit and how it worked, which we were then able to use to great success during labor.

Being pregnant in the year of COVID made me want to labor at home for as long as possible before getting to the hospital, and I knew that with Cheryl’s experience we could do that confidently. Cheryl’s calm and supporting presence during the labor gave me permission to trust my body to do the work that needed to be done. She constantly switched up the positions and movements I was doing to keep the labor progressing and the pain more manageable, she also reminded me and my husband to eat (during my 20hr labor).

When the time came, we rushed to the hospital. At this point Cheryl coached me on how to breath to keep myself from pushing as the urge to push began to grow strong. Once we reached the hospital, the Midwife on duty said I was fully dilated and gave the green light to start pushing - 15min later I got to meet my baby boy! At the hospital, Cheryl helped me stay focused, to not be afraid - she coached me all through the pushing stage as well as the baby latching phase.

Several days after the delivery she came to our home and helped with answering many of the questions and concerns a first time parent has, from breastfeeding positions to tips on swaddling. Having Cheryl in our lives has truly been a blessing!

Jesse Reynolds


We had an amazing experience with Cheryl.  As the father she I found her to be very personable, intuitive and professional.  She was able to pick up on my wife's faster-than-normal labor for a first time mother which allowed us to adjust properly while at home.  During the birth she was a great help to the midwives and my wife.  We'd love to use her again for our #2, whenever thay may happen.

Brian Stevens


We were so fortunate to have Cheryl's calm guidance and wealth of knowledge for our pregnancy and birth. It isn't always easy to find someone who is a professional and with whom you are comfortable being your most vulnerable and intimate but Cheryl's years of experience help to create a relationship filled with trust and confidence. Cheryl felt like more than a doula. She is now a family friend. You will be blessed to have her guidance!

Kiran Kaytee


As a first time mom, I was clueless about the labor and delivery process. As I was exposed to various kinds of births, I came across the idea of having a birth doula to help both my husband and I through the process. Cheryl was everything we had hoped for and more. We connected with her immediately. I would reach out to her regularly during my pregnancy with questions and concerns, and she was very quick to respond and ease my nerves. We took a few prenatal classes with her which helped us understand labor and delivery better. I wanted to make sure my husband and I were also well versed with the possible interventions that could take place at a hospital birth. Cheryl did a great job of teaching us what the alternative options were in case things didn't go as planned. On the day of, Cheryl helped me labor at home and the hospital, which is exactly what I had hoped for. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible before heading to the hospital, and I felt very secure knowing that Cheryl would know when is the best time. The majority of my labor was pretty intense back labor and Cheryl knew exactly what to do to help me get through the contractions.

Our experience with the labor and delivery would never have been the same without Cheryl. I had an amazing experience thanks to her faith and support. After the birth, Cheryl came to our home a few times to check on us and help me breastfeed as well. Being with Cheryl on this journey felt like being with our family! It's been almost a year and a half since our daughters birth and we still keep in touch with her and enjoy speaking to her about parenthood! Cheryl was a Godsend, and we could not have imagined our daughters birth without her!

Kori Tippett


Cheryl is just the best. Birth is truly one of the most private, beautiful, painful, awesome experinces and my two births are tied to closely with my memories of Cheryl. Cheryl helped me have two successful unmedicated vbacs with a doctor who was notorious for not fully supporting unmedicated births and doulas. She exudes a quiet confidence that I was drawn to. I knew I didnt want or need a bubbly cheerleader. I needed a super experienced badass that could meet my need for tons of factual information while also knowing when I needed to be told to just be quiet and push. I think most people who are reluctant to hire a doula are under the impression that they will somehow take away from the experience with your spouse. This could not be further from the truth. Cheryls presense allowed my husband to be fully present in just supporting me vs having to figure out what the heck to do in a brand new situation. My mom and sister were also present for both births and Cheryl fully included them in the process. My husband used a wrap on my hips during each contraction while my sister operated the tens machine and Cheryl applied a warm compress. My births things would have been MUCH different without Cheryl. My son came early at 34 weeks and was mal positioned so my pushing stage was long. They had the c section room ready but Cheryl worked together to move me around and get him to come down. Cheryl is very quiet during most of the birth process. She quietly cues you to move around and change postions and keeps everyone in the room calm. After the birth Cheryl stayed with me to help with breastfeeding and did anyting else myself or family needed. Her after care visits were something I always looked forward to. Both my boys were in the NICU and Cheryl was on of the only people who made sure we talked about my mental state and how I was really doing. I am getting emotional just writing this because she is such a big part of my life in a weird way. 

Lisa Stevens


I cannot speak highly enough of Cheryl Murfin! She was the doula for our first child and we could not have gone through the birthing experience without her. Even my husband, who was not convinced that we needed a doula, agreed that we would not have had the positive experience that we did without her. Not only was Cheryl compassionate and knowledgeable, but she put us at ease and made it feel like we could take on whatever scenario labor and delivery had in store for us. Leading up to the birth, she gave us labor classs that provided the tools to feel confident about what we going to be walking into. She was quick to answer all my calls and texts whenever I had a question. Once it came time to have our baby, she was with us at the hospital and advocating on our behalf from start to finish. From whispering to my husband questions he should ask the hospital staff to kicking out administrators that wanted my signature on paperwork in the delivery room, we felt like we had an angel guiding us through the process, easing both of our fears. I had two hours to push the baby out, or they were going to give me a C-section. Cheryl was there holding my arms, coaching me and making sure that after an exhausting labor, I gave it everything I had. Five minutes away from the deadline, we were able to deliver my daughter naturally and avoid the C-section. When I have a second child, I will definitely have Cheryl as my doula again.

monica mercado


My partner and I initially chose Cheryl as our Doula because she was knowledgeable, personable and experienced. It was our first time pregnant, so we had nothing to base our decision off of when meeting with doulas. It was the connection we had with Cheryl, the feeling of being in good hands, that set her apart from the rest. During my pregnancy, Cheryl was there to guide me and motivate me. She encouraged me to keep active and healthy, not to stress, and to enjoy the process. Now looking back Cheryl was a godsend. She was with me through the whole process, from pregnancy all the way through to postpartum and showed amazing support to my partner and birth team. She went above and beyond our expectations, my partner was so grateful to have her. Cheryl was absolutely worth it. What can I say, she is amazing at what she does.

Sara Rehnmark


I am SO thankful that we found Cheryl. We interviewed 4 different doulas and decided that Cheryl was “the one” for us. She has a wonderfully calm demeanor that made us feel at ease. I was nervous, but much less so because of her. I loved all of her different techniques to deal with the pain (labor tub, TENS unit, rebozo shawl, counter pressure). I also loved that she has LOADS of experience and knowledge!!
Day of…
Baby was out within 6 hours of labor starting, so it happened very quickly.
Contractions came fast and hard, and Cheryl rushed over as soon as possible. It was very, very tough, but all of her pain management techniques really made things much more bearable. I can not imagine laboring without them. I had coupling/tripling contractions (2 or 3 contractions in a row with no break), and Cheryl knew immediately that the baby was probably in a wonky position and what to do to get her in the right position. Most of the laboring was done at home, which was exactly what I wanted. Once we got to the hospital, I was quickly getting overwhelmed (no epidural!) and wasn’t sure I could do it anymore, and my husband was looking like he was going to faint. Cheryl noticed and told my husband to go sit down, and gave me the encouragement and directness that was crucial right at that moment. I really don’t know what I would have done without her!!!
After the birth, Cheryl stayed until the baby latched. Then she went back to our place to tidy things up for when we got home (so great). After we got home from the hospital, she came within the hour to help us settle in, offer some tips/advice and her support. She came over the following week with bagels and took some beautiful pictures of our little one. She's checked in with us every now and then, and it's very comforting to be able to text/call her with any questions or concerns. 
Cheryl is a gem and anyone would be lucky to have her as their doula!!

olivia heeren


Cheryl was and is an absolute life saver during the prepartum, labor and so far our post partum time.  Here's all the ways she gave us peace of mind:

She met with us to see if we would be a good fit, but didn't pressure us. She suggested that we also meet with other doulas to ensure that we were a good match.

She came over pre-partum, twice, with the intent of answering any questions that we had. There was no time pressure for her to leave or move to the next client. We felt like when she was with us, we were her priority.

She was open and honest about herself and her experiences - knowing her background more fully helped us to feel closer to her and more comfortable around her.

She completely made herself available for any questions that came up via txt and phone. And believe me, we have a lot of questions.

She knew tricks about how to alleviate pain!  I can't stress this one enough of course.  But in the end, I opted for an epidural, and she supported my decision.

She was tireless!!!  She came straight from one birth to ours, and then I labored for 38+ hours.  She must have been exhausted, but she never seemed distracted and never showed signs of fatigue.

My husband commented that he wasn't sure how folks go through the labor process without a doula. He was also very thankful for her presence as he was able to rely on her to help him help me.

Overall, Cheryl is an amazing care taker and we'd highly recommend her to anyone.

Susie Fritzky


Meeting Cheryl was a "love at first sight" situation for my husband and I. We had interviewed 5 doulas before meeting Cheryl and were feeling as though no one was the right fit for us. Then in walked Cheryl, and it wasn't long before we knew that she was THE ONE. She immediately put us at ease with her kind smile and warm demeanor. Her knowledge and experience is second to none. I explained to her my hopes (unmedicated, vaginal delivery) and fears (cesarean, being induced) and she addressed every single one with specific examples of how we would work together to achieve my ideal birth.

Cheryl's expertise came into play the second she walked into our home the day I went into labor. I was having severe back pain, which signaled that the baby's head was rubbing against my spine. My contractions started out 2 minutes apart with waves of throbbing pain pulsating through my lower back. She knew we had to get the baby's head turned to take relief off my back and ensure I had the energy and willpower to follow-through with the natural birth I had been dreaming of. Between lunging up stairs to widen my pelvis and doing a semi-inversion to get my hips and pelvis higher than my belly, we got the baby's head turned. The back labor stopped, the pressure moved to the front of my body, and contractions slowed to a normal rate. Right out of the gate, she proved how invaluable she was.

At the hospital, she was the perfect partner to me, my husband, and the nurses and physician. She even made multiple trips out to the waiting room to update four eager grandparents as to how the baby and I were doing. After our son was born, she was right there to help with breastfeeding and early bonding. She visited us in the hospital the next morning, and then twice once we got home. She helped us perfect the ever-important swaddle and showed me various positions for nursing.

She is one in a million.

Jess Vitale


We weren't sure if we were going to have a doula or not, so we talked to a few who just didn't seem to be the right fit, but once we met Cheryl, we knew immediately that we wanted her there to support us through the birth. It was the best decision we could have made! She met with us twice before I went into labor and explained everything in detail including how labor would progress and how she would help both of us through the process. She really put our minds at ease and reduced our anxiety about labor. Once I started having contractions, she came over and helped me labor at home for as long as I could - this support was invaluable. At the hospital, not only did she continue to help me manage through the contractions, but we really felt like we had an advocate who was looking out for me - there was so much going on, it was great to know she was there and had my best interests in mind. She has so much experience, we felt like she would know how to handle anything that happened, and that really let me relax (as much as you can in childbirth :-) She has such a wonderful calm and caring energy while being a total professional. She checked in on us a couple of times once we were home, and was available via phone/text for all my questions in those first few crazy days. I can't express how wonderful it was to have her there through everything - I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Erin MacDougall


We feel so incredibly fortunate that Cheryl was our doula for the birth of our first child. She was a great listener, communicator, and support leading up to the birth. She was incredibly compassionate and supportive as we entered the birthing process and helped us get through it with sanity and humor. And she continued to be an amazing resource for breastfeeding initiation soon after our child's birth. We could not recommend Cheryl more highly as well as her back-up doula partners.

Krista A


Cheryl was and continues to be a blessing in me and my family's life.

Although using the Midwives at UCLA, who were exceptional, I wanted a Doula to be an advocate for me and my husband if our minds weren't in the most rational places.  Cheryl not only did that but so much more than I could've imagined.

Cheryl directed my husband for his health, telling him when he should go eat -- regardless of his lack of appetite, when I should switch positions, regardless of the fact I didn't want to move at all, and providing us both calm explanation for the different things we were experiencing both physically and in regards to hospital procedure.

Cheryl was the first one to see that my contractions were coupling and the nutruring enegy I needed when, after no other way was possible, I had to let go of my natural birth hopes for a necessary emergency c-section.

After all was done, because of Cheryl's words and knowlege, I didn't leave the operating room feeling taken advantage of, or forced to do something I didn't want to do.

In the most vulnerable of positions I felt powerful and womanly and Cheryl helped fascilitate that experience for me.

Now she continues to check in on me and my husband, and daughter.  I can call her or text her with questions and concerns whenever and she is always prompt and kind.

Simply put, my husband and I couldn't imagine how we could've navigated that day without her.

Jen Jerabek


Hiring Cheryl was one of the best decisions I made for the birth of my baby.  Her sense of humor, caring nature, knowledge, experience and ability to help in exactly the way I needed when I needed it were extremely helpful.  From the times we met during my pregnancy, to the experience at the hospital and afterwards, she shines as a doula.  Not only did she help me, but she also helped my husband help me.  She has a great bag of tricks and techniques to use to help keep you calm, relaxed and moving through the labor and birth process with ease.

She also is great at advocating on your behalf during the decision making process at the hospital.  I was two weeks late and had to be induced and she not only pointed me to resources to try to help me go into labor naturally (which unfortunately didn't work for me) but she walked me through the choices I had for the induction once I was at the hospital.  She worked well with the nurses and doctors and helped me navigate through each decision I was faced with during induction, providing information on the pros and cons of each choice.  

She helped me successfully achieve my goals of a having a positive, natural child birth experience.

Bottom line, Cheryl is an amazing doula.  I would recommend her and in fact, already have several times.

Jennifer and Eduardo Ponce


I found Cheryl through a friend's recommendation and knew right away that she would be a great fit for my husband and I. She clearly had tons of experience as a doula, but it was her warm, encouraging, and personal demeanor that sold us. From the beginning I was impressed with how much she listened and seemed to really understand what kind of birth experience we were after. She also did a great job of coaching my husband and including him in the process. Like many women, my experience was completely the opposite of what I'd planned. I had a very hard labor lasting over 40 hours and Cheryl was by my side through all of it. After the birth, my daughter needed an extended hospital stay because of an infection, and Cheryl followed up constantly to make sure that we were all okay. Once we were home she celebrated with us and even made us soup! Her support through a rocky lactation period was also invaluable. I can't imagine hiring anyone else if we ever take this journey again. Cheryl is fantastic and loving and extremely knowledgable. I was honored for her to be a part of my daughter's birth.

Joseph Butler


Cheryl was amazing, above and beyond my expectations. She was referred by a good friend who was assisted by Cheryl in the births of her two daughters. My wife and I had a wonderful experience thanks to her. The birth of our son was a first for both of us. I don't have the words to express the gratitude I have for Cheryl's guidance and presence at the big event. I would not hesitate to recommend Cheryl Murfin's services to anyone in need of a doula.

Annika Sgambelluri


My husband and I decided we wanted to work with a doula since this was our first child and neither of us had much experience with child birth. We interviewed five different doulas and their partners. We were blown away by Cheryl's knowledge and experience. We wanted someone who had seen everything and who we felt we could trust no matter what happened. We definitely got that and more in Cheryl. She was there for most of the 27 hours I was in labor (we labored at home for a couple of hours until she got there) and provided constant support for both my husband and I. She worked great with the nurses and midwife at the hospital. She was a constant presence while the nurses changed shifts and the midwife went between me and another laboring mom. If we needed anything, she was there. I didn't want the birth filmed, but she captured some amazing moments (on video and in photos) right after with me, my husband, and the baby that I will treasure forever. But I was the most grateful that we worked with Cheryl because of what she did for us after the birth. She did two follow-up visits. During the first one, she noticed the baby looked jaundiced, which we didn't realize, and recommended we go back to the hospital that day. Thank goodness we did as he had to be under the bilirubin lights for 2 days. I also had a lot of issues with breastfeeding and during Cheryl's second visit she encouraged me to keep at it for at least 3 months. It was the motivation I needed and now, 9 months later I am still breastfeeding even with a low milk supply. I would've missed out on this valuable, nurturing experience if it wasn't for Cheryl. My husband and I both agree, she is truly amazing!

Anthea Colossio


I love Cheryl to pieces! I can't express my praise enough. I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy but my OB made me worry about everything and had talked about cesarean early on in my care with her. After meeting with Cheryl I finally felt calm and optimistic about everything, it was a huge turning point. And that was just after the interview with her.

Her knowledge about births, babies, hospital politics, and human nature is vast. Out of all the pregnancy and birth professionals I worked/talked with she was the most respectful, informative, always the one that made the most sense, and the most fun to be around. And I trusted her completely. Shortly after birth she recogniized when my son needed medical care when even his pediatrician said it wasn't necessary (it was necessary and he's fine now).

Both my husband and I are so grateful we found her. She played an integral part in making the birth of my son an absolutely amazing experience that I will cherish for life. She was also an invaluable help postpartum. In my book she is an angel and a super hero.

Addi Daisley


Cheryl was a fantastic doula.  I knew ahead of time I wanted an epidural, and I felt that many in the doula community judged me.  Cheryl was the first doula who I felt truly supported me having my birth experience my way.  I attempted a VBAC and ended up with another c-section, but I felt at peace with the way things turned out because I knew we tried everything we could.  Cheryl's encouraging words lifted my spirits so much, and I have nothing but good memories from my birth experience, which I cannot say about my first labor.  During my first time giving birth in a hospital (without a doula), I felt very pushed around by the doctors and nurses, and ultimately pressured into having a c-section.  The second time around with Cheryl I felt like I had a true advocate, and I was in control.  I can't recommend her highly enough.

Blythe Sather


I can't say enough great things about Cheryl! We had our first baby on Dec 26th, 2010 and she was with us every step of the way! She took the time to do several visits with us before hand and made me feel really comfortable getting ready for the birth. She really helped boost my confidence that I was going to be able to have the natural birth I wanted. I was due on the 22nd of December, but somehow we just knew that he would come around Christmas. Cheryl went above and beyond the call of doula duty with us. She came to my house at 11pm on CHRISTMAS EVE (I had already been in pre labor for a day) and stood out in the rain to support me while I labored in my hot tub. She then stayed over until Christmas and went to the hosptial with us on Christmas day at 11am. I continued to have active labor all day on Christmas and she was there with us every step of the way, always knowing just when my husband needed a break and just when to change up what we were doing to make me comfortable. She was so supportive when my confidence was wavering because I was so tired an stayed with us until I gave birth naturally, which did not happen until 2am the day AFTER Christmas! So she missed Christmas eve and Christmas day with her family to be our support system - never wavering in her commitment to see our birth happen the way we wanted it to. I would recommend her 1000 times over - she is an angel. I don't know if I could have done it without her and my husbands support.


Suzanne Welch


 I don't even know where to begin!  Cheryl was recommended by Rainy City Midwifery, and even though she told us when we interviewed her that we should interview several more doulas, we didn't, rebels that we are!  We both just knew immediately because we felt so incredibly at ease in her presence.  Our prenatal visits helped both of us feel prepared for the wild adventure to come, and by the time she showed up at our home for our birth, she felt like a member of the family!  We planned a midwife attended home birth, and it was so important to me to be able to manage my labor pain naturally.  Cheryl's amazing coping techniques and comfort measures made this possible.  One of the most amazing things she did during the birth was put my partner at ease and coach him in what to do for me.  It made my labor and birth hands down the best night of my life.  She helped maintain a calm, pleasant atmosphere throughout the night, and the support and encouragement I got as things got intense were such a gift to me.  Somehow, she always knew exactly what to say and do.  Our birth was perfect, and it wouldn't have been the same without Cheryl on our team.  

Nicole Jackson


From the very first meeting we trusted Cheryl completely as a member of our birth team - by the end of the labor and birth experience she felt like a trusted friend, too.
Her calm, reassuring, knowledgeable presence helped us feel calm and confident about the choices we had to make. Things did not go as planned (posterior baby, stalled labor) – and our planned home birth ended in the hospital. What could have been a very scary and negative experience ended up being a beautiful one in large part thanks to Cheryl. From driving ahead of us to the hospital, to helping us ask appropriate questions, to coaching me through the pushing, to just being there next to me, her presence made me feel confident and safe.
Cheryl also helped my husband and I share the birth experience in a more intimate and meaningful way. Her coaching helped Andrew feel like he was doing everything he could to help me. She also took care of countless little things (getting me food and water, heating up rocks, etc) that allowed him to stay by my side where I needed him. And when (after about 18 hours of active labor) he needed a break, she sent him to take a nap so he could be ready for the birth and all everything that follows.
I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Cheryl Murfin. She played such a large part in making our birth story a beautiful one. If we have another child I will call her again without hesitation. I would recommend her to anyone.

Telle Zeiler


My partner and I were preparing for a planned c-section. We had originally interviewed doulas thinking we would be having a natural birth, but when we found out she had placenta previa (which requires a planned c-section), we were prepared to go into the experience without a doula. We are SO GLAD we changed our minds and worked with Cheryl! She helped us tremendously in the weeks leading up to the birth to advocate for what we wanted in the operating room. Because of Cheryl, we were able to make what might have felt like a medical "procedure" feel more like a special occasion where we were in control. She had a quiet, comforting presence that empowered us to create the experience that we wanted and worked really well with the hospital staff in order to make it a successful birth for us. We knew through Cheryl to specifically request certain things in our birth plan, like: being able to touch the baby right when she came out, rather than allowing the doctors to do numerous unnecessary checks on her and clean her up before bringing her to us; Cheryl was able to be in the OR with me and my partner because we made a special request of the doctors (at Cheryl's suggestion) and that was truly special - she talked us through each and every step of what was happening (while the docs were busy) and helped us get breastfeeding going within moments of our daughter's birth. Overall, we were extremely happy with Cheryl's doula services and are so glad we worked with her for the c-section birth of our beautiful daughter! We recommend her highly to anyone considering a doula's services in their birth plan.

Jennifer Zwick


Cheryl is truly a superhero - she was strong and loving and sweet through 20+ hours of extensive back labor, through hospital transfer, through 3 hrs of attempted vaginal delivery, and through the necessary cesarian.  She was by my side the entire time, even in the operating room.  Then, when my 2-day old baby had to quickly go to the NICU for high bilirubin levels (jaundice), she VOLUNTEERED to accompany us there!  She was reassuring and informed during the NICU treatment, and for the transfer from NICU to the floor, she became a fierce advocate.  We were treated pretty terribly on the floor - I was very post-op but not given anywhere to lie down, the nurse didn't even begin treatment of our baby - and Cheryl, through a brilliant combination of brains, willpower, and not-taking-any-shit, ensured we were moved to a better room.  SHE turned on the treatment lights when the nurse was neglectful!  She called everyone at the hospital she could find until we were treated appropriately and humanely.  I love her so much for being protective and smart and caring when we were at our most vulnerable. 

Christine Goldewski Wadden


My husband I interviewed 3 doulas, Cheryl was the first. After the interview we looked and each other and said, "Do we need to interview the others"... she felt like a GREAT fit for us. We did, and it became clearer after each interview, Cheryl was our number one choice. As many births go, mine was not how I dreamed it would go. I planned for a hospital birth, hoping to do most of my laboring at home and unmedicated. I ended up at the hospital sooner than expected because my water broke and labor was stalled. As the Doctors started planning interventions, Cheryl was there every step of the way to suggest alternatives. To my surprise, the doctors seemed very open to all of her suggestions and we tried them. We got out for a power walk after being checking into the hospital, she brought in a great birthing tub that replaced the sad jacuzzi tubs in the hospital rooms and she kept me moving and distracted but still present. Because of her background, knowledge and time in the doula world, she was able to make my experience one that I could not have imagined any other way. She was also an amazing support for my husband as well. She guided him in a way that gave him the confidence to be an active part of my labor. Together, the 3 of us were an amazing "team" that brought my baby girl into this world! If you are looking for a no nonsense, forward thinking, reliable, passionate and genuine doula, Cheryl Murphin is just that. And she'll make you great soup too!

Lisa Odegard


Cheryl was an amazing wealth of knowledge and support. I truly belive I would not have had the natural birth experience that I wanted without Cheryl by my side and my husband holding my hand and doing what he could to help me. We made an awesome team but I made it through because Cheryl fully supported my decision to have a natural birth and did everything in her power to keep me focused on attaining that goal. Her pain managment skills are incredible; she truly does have an endless bag of tricks which kept my contractions as comfortable as they could be. Her demeanor is calm, cool and collected. When I started to lose focus and panic she would remind that I could do it and it would be over shortly and soon I would be holding my beautiful baby boy. I also appreciated the way she coached my husband to help me. My husband and I both whole heartedly agree that hiring Cheryl was money well spent. Our birth went so smoothly and we will definitetly be calling her when we deliver our second child!!!!!!!!



Cheryl was one of the best decisions we made throughout the pregnancy.  When we found out that we were expecting, I knew that I wanted to have the baby as naturally as possible but was worried about whether I could handle the pain.  I also knew that there were a lot of unknowns about the whole process and wanted my husband to have as much support as possible.  Once we found Cheryl and she agreed to be our doula, apprehension about the labor process decreased - I knew that we would be in good hands with her calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge.  She met with us to practice some of the techniques we would be using during labor.  When my labor finally started (two weeks late!), she helped me through eight hours of intense contractions without any medication.  With her there, I knew I could just focus on giving birth and follow her directions.  She also made sure that I stayed well-hydrated and energized, which was so important.  The hospital staff commented repeatedly about how amazing my support team was, and they were right. Thanks, Cheryl, for helping us bring home our 8lb baby girl!



To think that I almost didn't even hire a birth doula!  I am a very independent SMC (Single Mother by Choice), who hates to be coddled and didn't really want anyone at the birth of my twins except for necessary medical staff.  But I decided to find a birth doula to be a liason between me and the medical staff, and I am so happy that I found Cheryl!  I can't imagine having gone through labor and delivery without her!!  She was a calm and  extremely knowledgeable presence thoughout the process, and helped me to remain calm and make informed decisions about my care.  She had many amazing tricks in her bag for managing the pain, and without her, I might have called for an epidural much earlier than I did!  I was worried that a doula might be a little too touchy-feely and "out there" for my taste, but Cheryl is extremely grounded and practical, as well as supportive.  She did not judge any of my decisions, but helped me weigh the pros and cons of each step in my labor care.  When I ended up being encouraged by the medical team to have a c-section after a day of labor and nearly 3 hours of unproductive pushing, Cheryl helped me get past the worry that I was "giving up" on a vaginal delivery and feel confident about my decision to go ahead with the c-section (which ended up being an extremely lucky decision for both me and the babies, due to complications that might have arisen had we postponed birth any longer).  She was there throughout my 3-hour, intense and complicated c-section, and supported me in the hours after giving birth, when I experienced a plethora of complications.  Again, she was calm and knowledgeable through every step in the process, and gave me a much needed support that I hadn't anticipated fully needing!

Celia Russo


Our experience with the amazing Cheryl was unique, but it demonstrates her amazing capacity to flow with a family's needs as they happen! We met Cheryl for the first time, loved her, and then a couple of hours later that same night (and a month early) I went into labor! Cheryl didn't miss a step, and even without having a detailed plan with us, came right away to assist. She was able to anticipate and fulfill both my and my husband's needs throughout my fast and surprising birth experience. In fact, neither of us can imagine the experience without her! I felt her presence like a peaceful island in the stormy sea of labor. Her physical work with me in the tub was an enormous relief when I didn't think I could make it another moment. Cheryl knew exactly when to step in and when to let my husband take the lead, and he sings her praises every time we tell our birth story. As he says, "At the end, during pushing, there was a woman to woman connection you had with Cheryl that was so powerful to see." And all of that was improvised after meeting that very day! At one point late in labor, as I was draped over Cheryl, I thought, "I can't believe I just met this woman, and yet I trust her so much." Cheryl inspires that trust. I'm so thankful that she was a part of our daughter's birth!



We are so thankful that we had Charyl with us throughout our labor and into our post partum days. From the time we were interviewing doulas, Cheryl made us feel extremely comfortable with her experience and ability to care for both of us. Our labor was extremely long and arduous, had Cheryl not been there to support us at home through varioius relaxation techniques and especially through effective use of the tub, it's likely that we would've been at the hospital much sooner than we needed to. As our labor progressed and then stalled, Cheryl's presence supported us by providing us with someone to confer with and understand what was going on and what our options were. Primarily my husband benefited from this which in turn helped me to feel secure in the decisions that were made. Without Cheryl, we're convinced that we would've had a c-section.  If we had to do this again, we would definitely be sure to have Cheryl by our sides.


Kathy Beck


Within minutes of meeting Cheryl at our initial interview I knew she would be the perfect person to guide my husband and I through our first birth experience. As a first time mom, I was very anxious about giving birth and had no idea what to expect. I was very intent on the idea of going naturally and had many fears that I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. Cheryl spent a lot of time with us before my labor began, which helped to reduce my anxiety.  By the time I had my first real contraction I felt very comfortable and safe with Cheryl.  My labor ended up being a very quick one (about 10 hours from start to finish!), and I was able to do it without medication as planned. I have no doubt it would have been much harder, and probably longer, without her support. I would rate our experience with Cheryl a 10+! We look forward to inviting her to attend our next birth. 



I had Cheryl twice, first with my now 5 year old. That was a hospital birth with an OB, she was amazing! The minute I called she came to my house, took me to the hospital and never left me untill my baby was latched on and I was ok with her leaving, that was about 21 hours of labor and I delivered a healthy 10lb 4oz baby boy with no epidural and no stitches. So naturally when I was pregnant again I called her, not only for her service but for a recomendation for a birthing center, I wanted a midwife this time. She recommended one and I went there and they were just as amazing as her, plus they knew her well. When my second birth occured it was much harder than the first, I was like an extra appendage, attached to Cheryl the whole time. She had to briefly leave to check on another mom in labor and my labor stalled untill the minute she walked back in. She talked me through the rough spots when I gave up, she kept going and truly was a part of me at that birth. When I was in the tub she sat in a horrible position on the ledge behind me, when I would push I would grab her poor arms sooo tight and pull. I almost pulled her in on top of me, and through it all she stayed positive helpfull and supportive. I would not have acheived my water birth with my second son without her. Thank You Cheryl. I am so inspired by her that I am now apprenticing with her and applying to Midwifery school. =)

Joy Borchardt


Cheryl was recommended to me by a friend, and upon our first meeting, I knew she was our doula.  She is professional, caring, supportive, honest, and goes way above and beyond the call of duty to care for women and their partners before, during, and after their birth.  Cheryl met with us several times while I was pregnant and we talked extensively about our wishes for our birth experience.  She was very perceptive about our needs, and one time just took me on a nice walk around the block and talked to me as a friend would.  She took the time to get to know us long before I was in labor.  Words cannot express how much we needed her when it came time for my daughter's birth.  I had to be induced, and cheryl was with us every step of the way.  All 50 hours of my labor Cheryl hardly left my side.  I remember, at one point during the experience, grabbing her hand and telling her, "I don't know what i would do if you weren't here".  She gave support to my husband, helped mediate between my midwife's information and suggstions and our  birth plan, and she even took pictures, capturing the moment our daughter finally arrived.  One of her most important gifts was as a lactation consultant.  She helped me a lot with breastfeeding, and I am still nursing my daughter over a year later.  I am in awe of Cheryl's service to women and their families.  I would highly recommend her as a doula and lactation consultant, and postpartum doula.

Lilium Pierson


Cheryl was our doula for the birth of our first daughter, June, in 2006. We were not planning on having a doula at first, and my husband was reluctant at first to share what he perceived as his role in the birth. After realizing that he has no experience from which to draw upon in supporting me, we decided to go for it and work with Cheryl. She did an excellent job helping us with ideas to prepare for the birth, and she was readily available in the weeks leading up to delivery. When my due date came and went, Cheryl offered to come with me to my next appointment with my midwife, and her support was great. Less than 24 hours later she was helping with my labor. I had pretty intense back labor, and Cheryl's suggestions had everything to do with my making it through that time without any medical assistance. My husband never felt pushed aside, and Cheryl was always mindful of making room for him to be my primary emotional support. With her help, I delivered my daughter and had the natural birth experience I had wanted. Had she not been there, I probably would have let the intensity of the situation push me toward more interventions than I had wanted. Her confidence also gave my husband a great deal of comfort, and he, a generally squeamish man, was able to be a strong and fearless support person.

Everything I learned from her I used in the birth of my second daughter this year, with all of the confidence that I could do it again.

Mary Kachel


Cheryl's role in the weeks leading up to, the birth, and months after our daughter was born was the rock we so steadily held onto.  She guided us through not only physical preparation but also emotional every step of the way.  Our birth plan was to have a natural/unmedicated birth.  Due to complications in the final weeks of my pregnancy we ended up needing to be induced.  That process lasted four days before more complications lead us into the OR for a c-section.  Cheryl was present for every moment, guiding my birth team to aid in pain relief all those days, including a great deal of emotional pain.  She kept a strong spirit and hopes for us as we attempted so strongly for the birth we desired.  In the end, that is so important for me to honestly believe that I did everything I could to have a vaginal birth.  Without Cheryl's experience and expertise I don't know that I would have been able to exhaust every possibility for that to be true.  Our support from Cheryl continued even after coming home and she was again so very helpful in getting us settled, lactation support, and processing our birth story.  She has been a true blessing in our lives and I will forever be grateful for the gifts that she has given me.  Her calming words, incredible knowledge, and strong spirit pull together a woman I truly admire.    



Cheryl was instrumental in making the birth of our first child the amazing, wonderful and natural experience we hoped for. Every step of the way, from the prenatal visits through the birth, to the followup visits, I had all the support, care and encouragement I needed.

Early in my pregnancy I wasn’t planning on having a doula – I thought our childbirth class would be enough. Boy, am I glad I changed my mind! I honestly don’t know if I could have done it without Cheryl. During labor she was always one step ahead, ready with tricks to make me more comfortable, and giving my husband tips on how he could help. She was a calming, strong presence for all of us and helped me stay confident. I can’t say enough good things about her. If we have another baby, we will definitely want Cheryl there!




I found Cheryl when I we pregnant with my second child.  At the birth of my first child I really wanted to do it naturally, but ended up having an epidural after a few hours.  It was just not the experience I wanted to have.  When I first met Cheryl she understood what I wanted to change with the next birth and with her help I was able to give birth to my second child without any intervention.  It also ended up being a water birth which was such a wonderful experience. Cheryl is very knowledgeable about birthing and was able to answer the questions I had. She was also a great help when I cam to breastfeeding.  When I became pregnant with my third child there was no question that I wanted her at that birth, too.  Through each birth she was dedicated and supported me fully.  I recommend her without reservation.

Robyn Bradbury


Four years ago when I was going through my first pregnancy and very new to the idea of doula's I did an online search. I came across Cheryl's information and just had to meet her. She sounded so knowledgable and friendly, and those were two things I needed very much. My boyfriend and I had just moved out to Seattle from New York when we became pregnant. Both fresh out of college and a little nervous about the new person we were about to bring into this world. We set up a meeting with Cheryl and immediately felt so much more at ease with the process that is child birth. We were already taking classes and getting ready but until Cheryl came into our lives I was feeling quite afraid of actually giving birth. I was concearned that my plan and my wishes would not be respected. I wanted as much as possible to have a medication free birth. It just so happens I had to be induced. We ended up being able to go home and sleep in our own bed instead of being induced at 10:30pm because Cheryl stepped in and spoke up for me when my wishes weren't being tended to. The next morning back at the hospital as soon as I had an IV they were ready to give anything that would help speed up the process and take away any discomfort, but this isn't what I wanted and Cheryl was there to help advocate for me. She spoke to the nurses when I felt I wasn't being listened to. She helped my partner and I through my labor to make it as joyous and celebrated as possible. Having her in our corner really made me feel as though nothing could have gone better. Well here I am again, 9 months pregnant and proud to say that she is my doula again! I am so excited to go through the process of child birth with her by our sides. We are greatful to have found the right fit for us 4 years ago and to again be able to share in our experiences with her. If you're looking for a great doula that is knowledgable and has a great personality you might want to look no further.



I really can't imagine what my birth experience would have been like without having had Cheryl there!  She provided invaluable information about what to expect before my delivery (a scheduled c-section).  She was there during prep and throughout the delivery--with perfect intuition about what kind of support (information, hand holding, bucket, silence) I needed at every step of the way.  My husband also felt very supported, and not in any way undermined by her participation.  After the birth, Cheryl provided tons of help and information about my own recovery, nursing (including a seemingly incurable bout with thrush), baby care (how on earth do you get the kid in that Moby wrap??), and general mental health.  She asks you the right questions to get you thinking about your what you want for your experience, truly listens to your answers, and provides pitch-perfect support the whole way!  

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