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Victoria Wilson CD(DONA)

Mother Well Doula

Berea, KY Service range 40 miles

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 100 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2015

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
Note that Kentucky currently has no freestanding birth center. I am part of the legislative movement to bring birth centers to the bluegrass.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am not comfortable attending homebirths with no licensed care provider present, as I believe licensure ensures proper accountability and safety for my clients. I also do not attend a homebirth without a planned birth assistant, as that also is an evidence-based safety measure for community birth. I am happy to refer you to a doula who is able to support you in either of those cases.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Kentucky Home Birth Coalition volunteer and advocate, Kentucky Birth Center Supporters organizer and advocate, Mother May I Film Kickstarter backer, Doulas of Kentucky member, Frequently Advocate with Providers and Hospital Staff

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My rate is set based on my years of experience and education. It is my belief that every person who desires a doula should have one. If cost is a prohibitor, please let me know, and let's find a great doula for you!

Service Area

Berea, KY Service range 40 miles

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Client Testimonials for Victoria Wilson CD(DONA)

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Katrina Horrocks


Victoria was just what we needed for our first pregnancy. We met with her several times throughout the pregnancy and developed a relationship. She has a very calming presence. She was very informative and helped us create a birth plan keeping in mind that the plan would most likely not be followed step by step. :) The night I went into labor things progressed very quickly. She took our frequent phone calls in stride and when we arrived at the hospital she was the first one at the door of the vehicle. I was not the calm in control individual I planned to be. She stayed at my side and helped my husband and I remember things we had talked about and wanted to try. When baby was born and had to be evaluated by the NICU team she stayed with me while my husband went with the baby. Then she not only asked if we wanted breakfast but went and got it for us. Would definitely reccomend her!!

Ashley Lindon


I’m very late getting to this recommendation since I used Victoria when I had my 2nd baby in late 2020, but better late than never!

With my first, I had a C-section (with no doula present) & I knew that I wanted to pursue a VBAC as soon as I got home for the next pregnancy. When I got pregnant again, I did a lot more research about birth & knew the benefits of having a doula present. I asked around and heard a lot of people recommend Victoria, and when I say I am SO grateful for her, I mean it.

She was phenomenal support for me & my husband during my prenatal period, the birth process, and postpartum. One of the many things she did for me that I will never get over was she had JUST been with a laboring client the whole day when I came in for my induction. But she still offered to be with me or said I could use a back-up doula if I wanted. We agreed that since my induction just started, it would take a while before anything happened so she slept next to me on the couch while I rested too. I was SO appreciative that she still provided me support when I knew she was tired. She never let the tiredness show.

With her help, I was able to get my VBAC. My husband even agreed that he LOVED having her there so he didn’t feel alone with all the pressure of support. I plan to use her for any more babies we may have. If you are considering a doula, SHE IS THE ONE!



We are so thankful we chose Victoria  to be our doula! She provided helpful information as we made our birth plan and was so supportive when we needed to make changes to that plan. When she arrived at the hospital during labor, the environment in the room totally changed. She brings a sense of peace and calm, and her presence was so reassuring. She was an amazing support throughout labor and delivery and used a variety of tools to help me through the process. She continues to support us during the postpartum weeks. She has answered any and all of my questions and connected us to other amazing providers when we had breastfeeding issues. I would highly recommend her to any mommas, regardless of birth plan or preferences. She was absolutely amazing, and we have zero complaints!

Allysyne Grubb


I can’t recommend Victoria enough! She was extremely helpful in every aspect of my pregnancy and birth, even though it didn’t go how we wanted. She was there to comfort me and my husband when we decided to do a repeat Caesarian instead of the vbac we wanted, she was with us in the OR and she stayed with us in recovery and was just a very calming and comforting presence through it all. She helped my anxiety so much and I will forever recommend her to anyone I know who is looking into hiring a doula.

Lindsay Kenny


Working with Victoria was such a wonderful experience! She took the time to get to know me and also provided me with resources specific to my needs so I felt as prepared as possible before the birth. I had a really long home birth, and she was with me every step of the way. She was my cheerleader and coach. I was amazed at how present and intuitive she was during my labor. I highly recommend Victoria to any momma out there searching for a doula who has a kind heart, listens well, and makes you feel supported and comfortable. She has such a love and passion for supporting mommas! Thank you, Victoria, for making my first birthing experience a joyous one!

Jennifer Fowler


Highly Recommend! Victoria was amazing before birth, during birth and during postpartum care!

Being my first preganancy, my husband and I were nervous about the entire process. The unknown can be really scary! Victoria walked us through every step of the way to prepare us for the entire experience. She was highly knowledgeable of our hospital policies including what equipment/materials the hospital had available so we could request them when we arrived.

I had a high risk preganancy that quickly moved to an induction due to a fetal growth restriction. My induction was verrryyy slow (72 hours!). Victoria checked in along the way and gave suggestions with positioning and comfort. When she arrived at the hospital, she quickly jumped into gear and began collborating with the L&D nurses. She was a great asset to the team and took the lead on positioning (after 3 days in the hospital, I was ready to get up and moving). During birth, she provided suggestions to my midwife and made sure I remained comfortable. The one thing I kept talking about was how I wanted a Jimmy Johns turkey sandwhich. As soon as I gave birth, she had my order waiting! It's the small things that make such an impact!

Not only is Victoria a great doula, but she's also a wonderful person that does so much for our community!




Isabella Milne


Victoria made my prenatal, birth, and post partum experience amazing!  I had opted for a home birth and my husband was a bit nervous about it, but Victoria was able to guide us through questions and educate him on what happens so he felt so much more comfortable, which made me a lot more comfortable too!  When it came time for birth, I had been laboring for about 12 hours and was super tired because I couldn't lay down or get enough relief from contractions to rest.  Victoria had me try one position laying down that I would have never known or thought of that brought me much needed relief to rest, and I also credit the position for progressing my labor and breaking my water!  I felt very well cared for and encouraged through my birthing process, Victoria was key in helping me manage my pain and staying calm!  Post partum has been amazing too, she checks in often and has always answered questions and given great suggestions!  Overall, I can't say enough good things and make sure to tell my pregnant friends about her!  If you need someone that provides excellent care, is very supportive and caring, and goes the extra mile ALWAYS, Victoria is the doula for you!  

Jenny Payne


Victoria was an integral part of our birthing experience. Looking back, I couldn’t imagine going through such a long and intense labor without her. This was my second time giving birth, I was already a mother, but in that 28-hour time span, I needed to be mothered and that is exactly what Victoria did. She was so encouraging; she repeated mantras that circled through my mind like a soundtrack — you are safe, you are strong, you can do this. She made sure that I was hydrated and nourished — a simple gesture, but something that is often neglected while working through labor. Victoria had so many great ideas and positions to try as my labor ebbed and flowed. She also came with a bag of tricks and tools and had various pain relieving techniques at the ready. My husband was a bit hesitant at the idea of a doula. However, he had a complete change of heart throughout the labor; he was cared for and encouraged just as much as I was.

When our baby finally entered the world, she had to be taken to be monitored due to low blood sugar...Victoria stepped right up and went with her...and sent me videos of her, while singing lullabies to soothe her. It meant so much.

Not only was Victoria an amazing attribute to my birthing experience, she met with us twice prior to birth and once after. In our postpartum meeting, my husband, Victoria, and I got to talk and debrief the whole amazing and difficult experience. That in itself was a special gift.

We didn’t know Victoria prior to hiring her, but she will forever be imprinted on the memories of our baby’s birth. 100% recommend adding her to your birth team and we pray that we can work with her again in the future.

Shannon Egan


Words falls short in expressing how much Victoria meant to our family during my pregnancy and for the duration of my birth experience. As first time parents, my husband and I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully, Victoria was there to support and guide us through the entire journey. I'm particularly grateful for Victoria as I developed unforeseen complications at the end of my pregnancy, which likely would led to a c-section if not for Victoria's steady guidance and advocacy. I chose the UK Midwife Clinic as my primary provider; it's clear that Victoria and the midwives share a level of familiarity and trust from working closely together, making for the dream team of healthcare providers during birth. Overall, Victoria's ability to hold space, provide an evidence-based foundation of information, and her wealth of experience and knowledge make her a wonderful choice for anyone looking to hire a doula. We now consider Victoria to be part of our little family and we're forever grateful!


Lauren Brown


Working with Victoria as my doula created a much less stressful birth experience for me.  As someone with high anxiety I felt like I could just focus on me and my baby and really tune out all of the other unnecessary details because I knew Victoria was on it.  Because I was attempting a vaginal birth after a c-section I did my research and found that having a doula was going to really help me achieve my goal. Victoria also had a high success rate with VBACS. My husband was hesitant in investing in what I already knew to be a needed service for me.  Victoria was kind enough to do an extra free consultation to focus on answering all of my husband's questions.  I never felt like I was bothering her before, during or after my birth and I really did text her a lot!  Victoria cares deeply about her clients and it's easy for me to recommend her to others.  I can say with deep confidence that she will be a strong advocate for you no matter what your birth plan is.  After our birth experience, my husband said several times how much of a good team we had put together to achieve our goals.  I'm excited to still be a part of the mother well community as a postpartum client.  I still feel cared for by Victoria and consider her to be a friend.  

Lauren Brown

Amanda Borden


200/10 recommend Victoria! She’s educated, prepared, understanding and will help you achieve a birthing experience that is so special, even if it doesn’t go as planned! I knew we were going to be a good match when her introduction included something along the lines of “giving birth is a wonderful experience, not a medical procedure.” She was exactly what I was looking for to ease my anxiety and to help my husband and I bring our baby boy into this world. Had I not had Victoria, along with her knowledge and support, I would have ended up having a c-section due to “my hips not being able to spread enough for the baby”. She gave me the confidence to ask for a second opinion & knew the ways to push to open my hips enough for my baby to be birthed without a c-section! If you’re looking to add a member to your birthing team, Mother Well Doula is your girl!

Nichole McCarty


Her presence was felt through my whole pregnancy, she sends you education, she checks in, even when you are just overwhelmed and need to vent she’s there. Her support goes far beyond the delivery room. Fast forward to when my labor began she was an invaluable asset. Not only did my provider and all my nurses already know her because she had supported so many fellow momma’s at that hospital before me, it created a space where I truly felt like we were all on the same team. During my labor some complications arose and Victoria was there with all of her knowledge to guide us and help us make every decision with the most information so nothing was decided out of fear or pressure. She not only is there for momma during labor she is there for dad too. Her presence allowed my husband to truly focus on me but also not feel like he was alone and overwhelmed. If he needed a break, or food, or something to drink Victoria took care of him just the same. She also could read us so well. She truly knew how to insert herself into our birth in the most beneficial way for us even if it was inconvenient or cumbersome to her. When my daughter was born she had to be taken to the nursery and my husband of course went along with her. She packed up our whole room, made sure I was ok, helped move me to postpartum and get settled. But even then her love and support doesn’t end. SWhen the world forgets about the mom who just gave birth and shifts focus to the baby she doesn’t forget about you. She validates your feelings and offers wisdom that is invaluable. She gives you the space to vent if you are ready but also stays at arms length if you aren’t. She even has amazing resources to help you find a lactation consultant, postpartum groups, or donor milk. Hiring Victoria was the greatest investment I could have ever made and I wish every woman had access to her care and attention. 

K. Margarita


I am forever grateful for my birth doula, Victoria Wilson! She showed me compassion and genuine care for my well being, from start to finish. She is a woman of her word; arriving at the hospital early and meeting me at the time discussed. She listened to my concerns, respected my birth plan, and has an excellent memory so I did not have to repeat myself. I appreciated her knowledge of different stretches and positions, to help me progress labor. Massaging my lower back, to cope was the best medicine. I trusted her expertise. Having a friend in the midst of medical terms, monitors, and so many unknowns-- was a gift in itself. When my baby came in an unexpected rush, she quickly jumped into action with the medical team and encouraged me through birth and delivery. I will never forget how she moved with grace under pressure and the genuine kindness she showed me and my child. Her confidence as a doula is reassuring, her choice to do the right thing when the world dismisses Mothers of Color, is rare. She supported me speaking out, for what was specifically best for me. Victoria stands tall for women empowerment, she exemplifies integrity,she celebrates your individual beauty,she is incredibly thoughtful, and she exudes positivity! 

Tze-Ying Wu


Victoria Wilson is very thoughtful and her sessions were always as prepared and informative as one could ask for. She made herself available day and night and I felt that she was not only always there for me, but wanted to be as well. She considered my questions and concerns carefully and always provided clear and helpful solutions. During labor she was attentive to my needs and her methods of relieving pain and discomfort were excellent. I feel as though I couldn't have gone through it without her comfort measures. During post-partem, she provided helpful tips in looking for a balance between raising my family and taking care of myself. Victoria was such an important part of my experience having my child and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Liz Terry


Victoria was my doula for my third and most recent birth. My first birth was a blissful home birth and our second was a natural birth in a hospital. I left our second birth feeling not quite satisfied with our experience and to be totally honest a little afraid of doing it again. My hope for this most recent birth was to bridge the gap between home and hospital. To have a natural, peaceful birth where I felt supported and with a full toolbox of pain coping strategies. Hiring a doula felt like a perfect way to make that bridge happen.

What I didn't know when I hired Victoria was that she would be THE KEY in making the above happen- but SO much more. Having her support during my pregnancy was something I didn't know that I needed, but I really needed it. I struggled a bit more emotionally this time around. Victoria was a constant source of encouragement and knowledge that kept me afloat during a Covid-19 era pregnancy. She prayed for me and my family on many occasions. Her care is from a place of love and we felt that so much.

She made sure that I was informed, advocating for myself, and asking all the right questions. She helped me communicate my desires for my birth thoroughly with my care provider and attended a zoom meeting with us doing one of our last visits- which was so helpful! She had some wonderful suggestions that made my transition to the hospital nearly seamless. Having her at my birth gave me so much peace and a complete sense of safety. I knew that no one was going to interrupt my birth space. Because of her thorough communication beforehand- she knew exactly what kind of support I needed at my birth. She provided gentle reassurance throughout, was there to get anything I needed, and even took care of my husband making sure he was snacking and doing well. 

This birth was a healing experience far exceeding all my hopes. I am forever grateful to Victoria and her critical role in making that happen. 

Pam B.


Words can only begin to express how integral Victoria was to our birth experience. Our shared faith in Christ drew us to her, and after one meeting, there was no question she was the perfect doula for us. Victoria is professional, loving, and fully committed to providing the personal, individualized care you seek to carry our your chosen birth plan. We loved how Victoria prayed for us, with us, and shared the Word of God as I labored and delivered our daughter. She was such a blessing as she cared for both myself and my husband. Birth is very intense and can be stressful, but Victoria is calm, steady, and soothing. I can't imagine our birth experience without her, and I will absolutely utilize her doula services again. I confidently and completely recommend Victoria as a doula to every expectant mother out there. Even if you think you don't need a doula (as I ignorantly did), hire Victoria. You will not regret it.

Dana Kendrick


Hiring Victoria as our doula and our birthing class instructor (through Evidence  Based Birth) was the best decision of our pregnancy. My husband and I learned so much from Victoria about comfort measures, informed consent, advocacy, and just the nutty gritty of making labor and delivery decisions based on the best evidence. 

Victoria was with me at every step of the way, including the most  difficult parts of the labor. I had my own personal cheerleader, advocate, and masseuse all wrapped up in one. She got along so well with the nurses and midwife that she truly brightened everyone’s day and created a calm sense of comraderie in the birthing room, And she stayed with me long after delivery to make sure that I was never alone when my husband had to step out and communicate with family.

Victoria also checked in with us frequently after the birth to see how parenting was going, and she still checks on us to make sure we’re all thriving. Victoria truly cares about our family and our well being, and she has the compassion and skills to make our birth a positive, beautiful experience. 



Adding Victoria to our birth team was the best decision my husband and I made during this pregnancy. She supported not only me, but also my entire family with such compassion. She helped shape my labor into a healing experience by providing education, advocacy and empowerment. I am so thankful for her and the role she played. 

Brittany Arthur


Last year, Victoria wasn't available on our due date, but we took her Childbirth Education Course and it was a game changer in what was an absolutely beautiful medication free labor, delivery, and recovery!

If she's not available for doula services on your due date, check out her other services! She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in birth!!

ChadAbigail Eades


If anyone is looking for a doula I can’t say enough wonderful things about Victoria Wilson! She saw me and my family through a very trying a difficult birth, loss, and postpartum period. She served with knowledge, compassion, tenderness, and respect ??. We love Victoria and my only regret is that I won’t have the chance to use her again!

Alisa Gebauer


Victoria was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was my doula during my second pregnancy, an attempted VBAC.  Instantly upon our first meeting I felt comfortable with her and had the up most confidence in her as my support during pregnancy and labor. During my pregnancy she provided me with evidence based information, comfort and confidence in sticking with and pursuing my VBAC, especially when I ended up switching my provider at the end of my 39th week due to "bait and switch". Had it not be for Victoria during that especially trying time, I most likely would have either given in to my current provider or tried free birthing at home, which very likely would have had a devastating results.

During my labor Victoria was caring, helpful, and a total rock for not only myself, but my husband and 2 year old daughter, who also attended my birth, as well. Without Victoria's support and knowledge I truly believe that I would not have had the successful, healing, VBAC that I got!

That support is still there, even now that my VBAC baby is 15 months old. I couldn't recommend her more highly, and will forever be grateful.

Lindsey Frantz


While my husband and I have decided not to have a doula in the delivery room (primarily for money reasons, but also becuase he's a very private person), we did want to seek out the expertise of a doula before going into labor with our second baby. Victoria offered a childbirth education skillshop during which we got to sit down with her and another couple and learn so very much! During the skillshop, my husband was able to learn some counter pressure techniques for my contractions and got to practice some language that will, I hope, help him hold the space we're in while I'm in labor as well as help him encourage me (especially during transition). It was a calm, loving, wonderful experience (and I got some practice back massage out of it, too) and I would highly recommend it to any couple preparing for the birth of a child!

Lydia Kitts


Preparing for a baby can be intimidating, especially if it is your second baby and your first birth experience was a little traumatic. After our first child, I assumed that a second pregnancy and birth would be almost routine. Boy was I wrong. I had questions upon questions. Upon questions. Victoria was there to answer them. She calmed our fears and met our concerns head on, developing a plan with us to make THIS birth exactly how I dreamed.

Funny thing about birth and babies, they do NOT follow plans.

Our baby came two days past her Estimated Due Date, Victoria supported my resolve to not accept an induction. She texted me day and night, checking in to see how I was holding up. We went to the doctors’ office and were told to get on over to the hospital as quickly as possible, because this baby was FINALLY coming!!! Victoria hopped in her car after a moments notice and arrived within 45 minutes (our hospital was 40 minutes away from her so--- she practically flew!).

Seeing her come through the door with coffee in one hand and a birth ball in the other instantly calmed me down and settled my spirit. She was prepared. She was in for the long haul. Which made me feel prepared. She stuck with me throughout my natural labor, calmed me when I thought I couldn't go on, supporting my decision to opt for an epidural. Turns out, there wasn't time for one!

Victoria stayed by my side, helping our doctor and nurses; working as a team. At post-natal visits our doctors kept bragging about her kind and calming nature.

I can't imagine working with anyone else to bring another life into this world. Victoria helped me bring our daughter into the world and welcomed her with a bright and sincere smile. I can't recommend Victoria enough.

From childbirth education classes through to the birth itself- she was knowledgeable, calm, kind and reassuring. Plus, she gives a bangin' massage.

Kim Perrin


My husband and I had a fantastic doula with our first daughter, so we knew that we wanted to hire one for our second. We crossed paths with Victoria pretty late in my pregnancy, but she was a tremendous help to us still. We had time for an interview, where we quickly learned we had much in common, and one prenatal visit before the baby came. During that time, she refreshed our memories about labor, birth, comfort measures, etc. She also answered any questions that I had and provided resources to help me to be equipped with the knowledge that I needed.

When I went into labor, Victoria promptly met us at the hospital. She helped provide comfort measures during contractions and encouraged me (and my husband) as I worked through each one. As contractions got more intense, she helped me to stay focused mentally so that I remained under control emotionally. This was extremely valuable to me, because I felt very out of control mentally, emotionally, and physically during the birth of my first daughter.

Victoria was a huge asset during the last part of pregnancy and the birth of my second daughter! I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if she weren't there! She helped me mentally, emotionally, and physically, and it helps that she has a genuine personality and made me feel comfortable and cared for. I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a doula!

Shelby Brooks


Victoria was a wonderful doula for me and my husband, not only while I was in labor, but in the months leading up and preparing for the arrival of our son! Being our first child we were in need of childbirth educaiton classes that would fit our hectic schedule, a hospital provided class was not for us! Victoria provided us with two-mini crash courses in Childbirth 101 based out of our home that were so very helpful and FUN! After these two courses we felt more knowledgable and prepared for our upcoming labor and birth! She was also a constant beacon of support and positivity throughout my pregnancy.

My labor began, as many do, in the middle of the night and Victoria was there for us through every step of our 25 hour labor. She talked me through contractions at home and met us at the hosptial when we arrived. Her focus was not only on offering different exercises to help us manage each contraction but being a supportive shoulder to lean on when my labor took much longer than expected. She provided listening ears and unbiased support when the time came to make decsions regarding next steps once my labor stalled.

Her abilty to balance all of the demands that a birth requires is truly a gift.  After my birth I thought a lot about the support that Victoria provided to my little family and I realized that I could have birthed my son without her help (babies do have a funny way of working out that way) but I absolutely wouldn't have wanted to!

I look forward to working with Victoria again!

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