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Victoria Wilson CD(DONA)

Mother Well Doula Service

Berea, KY Service range 40 miles


Birth Fee

$900 to $1200

Birth Fee

$900 to $1200

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 18 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am not comfortable attending free births (with no care provider present) but I am happy to refer you to a doula who is able to support free homebirthing!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Kentucky Home Birth Coalition, volunteer and advocate Kentucky Birth Center Supporters, organizer and advocate Mother May I Film, Kickstarter backer

Fee Details

It is my belief that every woman who desires a doula should have one. If cost is a prohibitor, please let me know and let's find a great solution.

Berea, KY Service range 40 miles

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Client Testimonials for Victoria Wilson CD(DONA)

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Pam B.


Words can only begin to express how integral Victoria was to our birth experience. Our shared faith in Christ drew us to her, and after one meeting, there was no question she was the perfect doula for us. Victoria is professional, loving, and fully committed to providing the personal, individualized care you seek to carry our your chosen birth plan. We loved how Victoria prayed for us, with us, and shared the Word of God as I labored and delivered our daughter. She was such a blessing as she cared for both myself and my husband. Birth is very intense and can be stressful, but Victoria is calm, steady, and soothing. I can't imagine our birth experience without her, and I will absolutely utilize her doula services again. I confidently and completely recommend Victoria as a doula to every expectant mother out there. Even if you think you don't need a doula (as I ignorantly did), hire Victoria. You will not regret it.

Dana Kendrick


Hiring Victoria as our doula and our birthing class instructor (through Evidence  Based Birth) was the best decision of our pregnancy. My husband and I learned so much from Victoria about comfort measures, informed consent, advocacy, and just the nutty gritty of making labor and delivery decisions based on the best evidence. 

Victoria was with me at every step of the way, including the most  difficult parts of the labor. I had my own personal cheerleader, advocate, and masseuse all wrapped up in one. She got along so well with the nurses and midwife that she truly brightened everyone’s day and created a calm sense of comraderie in the birthing room, And she stayed with me long after delivery to make sure that I was never alone when my husband had to step out and communicate with family.

Victoria also checked in with us frequently after the birth to see how parenting was going, and she still checks on us to make sure we’re all thriving. Victoria truly cares about our family and our well being, and she has the compassion and skills to make our birth a positive, beautiful experience. 



Adding Victoria to our birth team was the best decision my husband and I made during this pregnancy. She supported not only me, but also my entire family with such compassion. She helped shape my labor into a healing experience by providing education, advocacy and empowerment. I am so thankful for her and the role she played. 

Brittany Arthur


Last year, Victoria wasn't available on our due date, but we took her Childbirth Education Course and it was a game changer in what was an absolutely beautiful medication free labor, delivery, and recovery!

If she's not available for doula services on your due date, check out her other services! She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in birth!!

ChadAbigail Eades


If anyone is looking for a doula I can’t say enough wonderful things about Victoria Wilson! She saw me and my family through a very trying a difficult birth, loss, and postpartum period. She served with knowledge, compassion, tenderness, and respect ??. We love Victoria and my only regret is that I won’t have the chance to use her again!

Alisa Gebauer


Victoria was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was my doula during my second pregnancy, an attempted VBAC.  Instantly upon our first meeting I felt comfortable with her and had the up most confidence in her as my support during pregnancy and labor. During my pregnancy she provided me with evidence based information, comfort and confidence in sticking with and pursuing my VBAC, especially when I ended up switching my provider at the end of my 39th week due to "bait and switch". Had it not be for Victoria during that especially trying time, I most likely would have either given in to my current provider or tried free birthing at home, which very likely would have had a devastating results. 

During my labor Victoria was caring, helpful, and a total rock for not only myself, but my husband and 2 year old daughter, who also attended my birth, as well. Without Victoria's support and knowledge I truly believe that I would not have had the successful, healing, VBAC that I got! 

That support is still there, even now that my VBAC baby is 15 months old. I couldn't recommend her more highly, and will forever be grateful.

Lindsey Frantz


While my husband and I have decided not to have a doula in the delivery room (primarily for money reasons, but also becuase he's a very private person), we did want to seek out the expertise of a doula before going into labor with our second baby. Victoria offered a childbirth education skillshop during which we got to sit down with her and another couple and learn so very much! During the skillshop, my husband was able to learn some counter pressure techniques for my contractions and got to practice some language that will, I hope, help him hold the space we're in while I'm in labor as well as help him encourage me (especially during transition). It was a calm, loving, wonderful experience (and I got some practice back massage out of it, too) and I would highly recommend it to any couple preparing for the birth of a child!

Lydia Kitts


Preparing for a baby can be intimidating, especially if it is your second baby and your first birth experience was a little traumatic. After our first child, I assumed that a second pregnancy and birth would be almost routine. Boy was I wrong. I had questions upon questions. Upon questions. Victoria was there to answer them. She calmed our fears and met our concerns head on, developing a plan with us to make THIS birth exactly how I dreamed.

Funny thing about birth and babies, they do NOT follow plans.

Our baby came two days past her Estimated Due Date, Victoria supported my resolve to not accept an induction. She texted me day and night, checking in to see how I was holding up. We went to the doctors’ office and were told to get on over to the hospital as quickly as possible, because this baby was FINALLY coming!!! Victoria hopped in her car after a moments notice and arrived within 45 minutes (our hospital was 40 minutes away from her so--- she practically flew!).

Seeing her come through the door with coffee in one hand and a birth ball in the other instantly calmed me down and settled my spirit. She was prepared. She was in for the long haul. Which made me feel prepared. She stuck with me throughout my natural labor, calmed me when I thought I couldn't go on, supporting my decision to opt for an epidural. Turns out, there wasn't time for one!

Victoria stayed by my side, helping our doctor and nurses; working as a team. At post-natal visits our doctors kept bragging about her kind and calming nature.

I can't imagine working with anyone else to bring another life into this world. Victoria helped me bring our daughter into the world and welcomed her with a bright and sincere smile. I can't recommend Victoria enough.

From childbirth education classes through to the birth itself- she was knowledgeable, calm, kind and reassuring. Plus, she gives a bangin' massage.

Kim Perrin


My husband and I had a fantastic doula with our first daughter, so we knew that we wanted to hire one for our second. We crossed paths with Victoria pretty late in my pregnancy, but she was a tremendous help to us still. We had time for an interview, where we quickly learned we had much in common, and one prenatal visit before the baby came. During that time, she refreshed our memories about labor, birth, comfort measures, etc. She also answered any questions that I had and provided resources to help me to be equipped with the knowledge that I needed.

When I went into labor, Victoria promptly met us at the hospital. She helped provide comfort measures during contractions and encouraged me (and my husband) as I worked through each one. As contractions got more intense, she helped me to stay focused mentally so that I remained under control emotionally. This was extremely valuable to me, because I felt very out of control mentally, emotionally, and physically during the birth of my first daughter. 

Victoria was a huge asset during the last part of pregnancy and the birth of my second daughter! I couldn't imagine what it would have been like if she weren't there! She helped me mentally, emotionally, and physically, and it helps that she has a genuine personality and made me feel comfortable and cared for. I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a doula!

Shelby Brooks


Victoria was a wonderful doula for me and my husband, not only while I was in labor, but in the months leading up and preparing for the arrival of our son! Being our first child we were in need of childbirth educaiton classes that would fit our hectic schedule, a hospital provided class was not for us! Victoria provided us with two-mini crash courses in Childbirth 101 based out of our home that were so very helpful and FUN! After these two courses we felt more knowledgable and prepared for our upcoming labor and birth! She was also a constant beacon of support and positivity throughout my pregnancy.

My labor began, as many do, in the middle of the night and Victoria was there for us through every step of our 25 hour labor. She talked me through contractions at home and met us at the hosptial when we arrived. Her focus was not only on offering different exercises to help us manage each contraction but being a supportive shoulder to lean on when my labor took much longer than expected. She provided listening ears and unbiased support when the time came to make decsions regarding next steps once my labor stalled. 

Her abilty to balance all of the demands that a birth requires is truly a gift.  After my birth I thought a lot about the support that Victoria provided to my little family and I realized that I could have birthed my son without her help (babies do have a funny way of working out that way) but I absolutely wouldn't have wanted to!

I look forward to working with Victoria again!

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