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Heidi Blanton-Pohl, CPD & Birth Photographer

Heart of Virginia Birth Services, MyBirth RVA LLC

Richmond, VA Service range 40 miles With adequate notice when hired, I am willing to travel further.



Birth Fee

$1500 to $1800

Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee

$1500 to $1800

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

7 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • toLabor, June 2015
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, April 2019

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Prefer no indoor smoking. Pets must be friendly.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended multiple births (vaginal & cesarean) in a traditional hospital setting. With good support I feel that non-medicated and low intervention births are possible in this setting if thats your goal. I am here for you during your birth as you need me. No judgment, just complete support for your wants and needs.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have attended multiple births in a free standing birth center & one in a hospital birth center. All of these births were as unique as each client. I am here for you during your birth as you need me. No judgment, just complete support for your wants and needs.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Absolutely! I will however only attend a homebirth with a licensed CPM or CNM present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have completed the Doula Internship (for a time I coordinated this) at Embrace Midwifery Care and Birth Center here in RVA. Volunteered and served as Event Coordinator for Richmond Doulas.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Congratulations! I am always honored to be a small part of this world changing with your child's birth. I have a passion for teamwork, supporting families, and helping make your experience the best we can. I am open to all kinds of births. As each parent/baby are different, each birth is different. I am hired to help support you in what you want your birth to be like.

Service Area

Richmond, VA Service range 40 miles With adequate notice when hired, I am willing to travel further.

Client Testimonials for Heidi Blanton-Pohl, CPD & Birth Photographer

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Caytie Heflin


When I found out I was expecting our first,  I started to look into a doula. My husband needed some convincing on the idea, throughout my pregnancy it was a constant conversation of "do we really need this". When we met Heidi the first time she was so easy to connect with and I felt immediately comfortable with her being part of our journey. As our due date approached we ended up requiring an induction at 37 weeks. Heidi was technically not on call for us just yet, but she quickly made time for us to help prepare. We went in on Saturday afternoon for my induction. Heidi was with us while everything was started and helped talk us through what to expect. She left us to try and get some rest that night and was back early Sunday morning and with us until our baby was born Monday morning. Having her constant support and knowledge throughout was invaluable. One area Heidi excelled in was support for my husband. I had great care with the VCU midwife team so Heidi was able to focus on giving my husband tips and support on how best to help me. Being first-time parents he was not sure exactly how to help and having her guide him was great. Our little one ended up struggling and we had some scary moments pushing and right at delivery. Heidi was amazing and calm and continued to help guide us in the moment. Afterward, she let us talk about our birth story as many times as we wanted and joined in with passion with us. When all was said and done even my skeptical husband tells people how Heidi was worth her weight in gold. Bottom line: if you are looking for someone you can easily connect with, is knowledgeable and in the end become family, then Heidi should be at the top of your list. 

Kim and Bryan


We hired Heidi as a birth doula and photographer for the birth of our first child in 2021. After considering our values and priorities around birth, we decided to deliver at the River City Midwifery birth center with their midwives. Planning for an out-of-hospital birth motivated us to find "the best of the best" doula in Richmond. We wanted someone who could help us proceed confidently and in an evidence-based manner through an unmedicated childbirth or alternative scenarios if needed. Heidi IS the best of the best. She helped us achieve the most transformative, serene out-of-hospital birth experience we could have imagined. We feel that we are better people and better parents because of what we learned from her. 

During labor, Heidi helped everyone do their best work. She helped Kim progress through labor by helping her move and align her body to maximize each contraction. She gave Bryan confidence to support by suggesting ways to help in each moment. Bryan felt he was much MORE involved in the labor with the presence of a doula than he would have been otherwise. Heidi helped our midwives by taking over responsibilities that she could handle. And she somehow managed to capture much of this on camera, giving us photographs that we will cherish forever.

Heidi checked in throughout pregnancy and visited our home before the birth. She consulted on everything from breastfeeding books, to what baby clothes to buy, to how to alleviate Kim's back pain, to how to psychologically manage the end of a long pregnancy (our baby was born at 42 weeks + 1 day, yes, that's 15 days past due date). We appreciated her postpartum visits too. For new parents with little baby experience, even watching how she briefly held or burped our baby was helpful. She shared in our excitement by talking about the birth and helping us remember details.

We are grateful for Heidi's expertise. We wish Doulamatch gave us more characters to sing her praises! Hire her!

Becca and Brock


We were on the fence about getting a doula for the birth of our first baby. I wasn't sure it was going to be helpful and I also felt like there was a bit of a stigma in the doula community in regards to hospital births/epidurals/etc. We picked Heidi because we really felt like she would support whatever kind of birth I wanted to have and didn't have her own agenda. 

In the end, I decided to have an unmedicated hospital birth with the midwifes at VCU. Heida was an invaluable resource. She helped in so many ways, but I actually found that the support while I was pregnant and postpartum was particularly invaluable (and was something I hadn't even considered when deciding if we wanted to work with a doula). She made me feel confident and assured me that there wasn't one right way to prepare for birth. She checked in regularly after the baby was born and helped me feel more grounded during the first couple of weeks. 

I underestimated how panicked and unsure I was going to feel in early labor. If we had gone by the contraction timer app we were using, we would have headed to the hospital at least 8 hours earlier than we did. Instead, Heidi encouraged us to labor at home for as long as possible. I was only in labor at the hospital for 6 hours! 

I really loved how well she worked with my husband as well. I was worried he might get pushed to the back seat, but that wasn't the case at all. 

I could not have asked for a better experience and I am so grateful for Heidi's support!

Jenny Schaffner


Heidi is an incredible doula! We worked together for the birth of our first child, Sarah. My husband and I felt comfortable from the first time we met in person at our house. Heidi spent time answering all of our questions, helping us think through our birth plan, and showed us her goodie bag of supplies for the birth. Her level of preparation helped to relieve us of some of the butterflies ahead of birth. She was authentic, down to earth, and experienced.


During our stay at the hospital, Heidi was there by my and my husband’s side throughout the induction process. Heidi’s presence and advocacy for the safe delivery of our baby made all the difference. There was a defining moment when a difficult decision had to be made. Heidi stepped in and called a time out for us to process. She talked through options with my husband and I, and then instinctively knew we needed a moment to discuss next steps together while she waited in the hall. It was in that moment when I knew we had made the best decision to work with Heidi. Heidi then spent hours partnering with our clinical care team to get me to the finish line to dilating to 10cm. She encouraged me and kept me going, even through the tough moments leading up to birth.

If you are considering a doula, Heidi is amazing. She was the best part of our birthing experience and my husband and I both admitted to each other that we were sad when she left the hospital after delivery. She is an advocate and wore so many hats as a coach/mentor, photographer, and friend. We cannot say enough kind things about Heidi and her role in the biggest moment of our lives!!

Meaghan W.


I cannot say enough about how amazing Heidi was, I don't think I could have made it through my labor without her. I was in prodromal labor for two days before early labor kicked in and she was right there with us the whole time, never more than a phone call away. We lunged up and down my driveway, curb walked on the deck, she was there for every contraction and reminded me (a billion times without getting annoyed) to relax my brows and breathe. Not only was she there to support me, she also made sure my husband took care of himself and coached him through how he could help take care of me. I would recommend her over and over again; Heidi made my birth a truly incredible experience and I'm so glad she was there! Even after birth she was available for any questions we had and I know if I ever have a question or need support I can call on her! We fully intend on calling Heidi again if/when we have another child, I can't imagine labor without her!

Lou A.


We hired Heidi as a Postpartum Doula for our first born! For first time parents not knowing what we were doing or yet recognizing baby cues, having a pro like Heidi was a life saver. She gave us peace of mind and much needed rest, helped with laundry and dishes, made sure Mommy ate and took care of baby while Mommy napped or showered. She even came for an overnight which helped in the early days when we had a lack of nighttime sleep.  Heidi has the knowledge of the latest techniques, protocols, and methods of how to care for infants. She has years of experience and fabulous confidence. She feels like a family member…without the criticisms that family may provide about “how they did it”. If we wanted something done a specific way, she did exactly what was preferred and helped us to better understand what we didn’t know about infants.  She even took to our dogs and l loved/appreciated them. We highly recommend Heidi!!!

Allison Satterfield


Heidi was invaluable during our pregnancy & birth experience. Having her with us during labor to answer questions and explain things we didn't understand gave us peace of mind. Her calming demeanor & extensive knowledge put us at ease. She was non-judgmental and supportive when our birth plan changed and we are forever grateful she was with us to welcome our daughter into the world. 

Laura Lee Miller


About 5 minutes after my son was born, my quiet, stoic husband turned to me and said, "Thank god we had Heidi."  

The longer story is that we hired Heidi for our third child (second pregnancy - had twins first).  With my twins, I had a traumatic c section, so I wanted to do everything I could to avoid a repeat this time.  Due to a variety of factors (c section history, had to be induced, had to use an interuterine pressure monitor), my dream of an epidural-free birth went out the window pretty quick.  Heidi helped me process this change in plans as it was happening and was a great sounding board.  Once I was stuck in bed, she gave us some subtle position changes so that I felt like I was still doing something to help this process happen. Thanks to her help, I felt like I was still the one actually doing the birthing, and that it was ok that it was so medicalized. 

She was attentive to both my needs and my husband's needs.  Even though I was getting IV fluids, she made sure I drank water so that I wouldn't have a dry mouth.   I couldn't eat real food- she prepped me some broth and grabbed popsicles.  I had a really hard time with pushing (almost 2 and a half hours!).  But Heidi worked HARD that whole time too.  She was right there helping with holding a leg, talking to my husband telling him to relax his shoulders or drink some water when we had a break, coming up with new ideas to try to get the pushing to be more effective, and making sure that I had some comfort too like a cool cloth.

But the biggest thing she did was pull me out of my doom spiral.  At one point around 2 hours into pushing, a variety of things brought me right to the brink.  Heidi gave me the exact pep talk I needed.  I couldn't even tell you what she said at this point.  But I'm 100% sure that without that, I would have given up and I would have had to endure another c section.

Meredith Sisson


It was a great blessing to have Heidi as part of my birth team for my second pregnancy. After having delivered my first via an unplanned cesarean, I wanted to hire a doula to optimize my chances for a VBAC. Heidi was one of six doulas my husband and I interviewed, and it was immediately obvious we would choose her. She was easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and willing to support her clients in their choices. She was also clearly passionate about the work she does.

After we signed our contract, Heidi made herself incredibly available to us, always answering emails and responding to text messages quickly. I checked in with her regularly throughout my pregnancy and she was the first call I made after my husband when I found out our baby had turned breech at 36 weeks. Heidi met with us at our home to talk about the external version I was scheduled for the following week and worked with her back ups to ensure she could be at the hospital with us for the procedure. It was a great preview of what having her at our birth would be like--she helped my husband support me in the ways I needed and came prepared with snacks and wipes and lavender spray (and more!) in her bag. After a successful version, she checked in on me regularly until I finally went into labor at 41 weeks and then was the glue that made my birth team an all-star team: she effortlessly managed to be hands on, take photos, help my husband support me, and communicate with my care team all throughout. She and my husband were there to hold my hand, apply counterpressure, and remind me that I could do it (and that I was doing it!) through the whole labor and delivery. She then remained an important support in the weeks after birth, as I healed physically and adjusted mentally and emotionally to becoming a mom of two. And she delivered wonderful photos that documented the whole birth experience.

I couldn't recommend Heidi more highly--she is an amazing doula and person to have in your corner!



I don't know if I can adequately put into words how amazing Heidi was as our doula! Before, during, and after our birth experience Heidi was invaluable. As a FTM and woman of color it was important to me to have an advocate during our birth. Heidi not only made me feel supported and genuinely cared for, but she was also a big support to my husband. This was so important to us as we don’t have family in the area and we birthed during COVID. Heidi was knowledgeable about all things birth and she was very familiar with our hospital and the staff there - she is actually very familiar with all of the hospitals in our area. This was also really important as we were not allowed to tour the hospital due to COVID. 

I also want to mention that our birth photos were beautiful! I look at them often and am so glad that we have them to help us remember that sweet time. I can’t explain how Heidi was able to get such beautiful photos while not missing a beat with birth support (and managing my family who were on FaceTime)! She was awesome! 



I was so nervous about having my first baby during a pandemic and far away from any family (out of state). Knowing that Heidi was going to be there as our post-birth doula put my husband and I at great ease. She was wonderful! She came by the house before the birth to get familiar with us, the set up, and our little dog. It was incredibly helpful to have someone to call on days that I felt stretch a little thin and just needed someone to take care of my little one while I cleaned or did some batch meals. Heidi was very professional, responsive, and left us with a ton of tips and tricks. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for some extra support during these crazy first few months!

Jaclyn McCormick


Heidi was a fantastic night doula when I had my first baby this past summer. I had a rough delivery and her support during those first few weeks got me through it. She not only took great care of my newborn but she took great care of me. She made sure I got as much sleep as I could, was a shoulder to cry on when my emotions got the better of me, and she was willing to go with the flow as I was trying out different feeding schedules with my new baby. She brought years of experience and a smiling face to my house, which was just what I needed. I would recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a great doula experience. 



Heidi is amazing! I was very overwhelmed during the fourth trimester, especially during the first few weeks. Heidi did so much to calm my nerves and build my confidence as a mom. She showed me simple things like how to give my little one a bath, best practices for changing his diaper, and how to baby wear him. She also helped me navigate dynamics with my mom while she was visiting. I can't recommend Heidi enough - not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she is also very caring and focused on building confidence and empowerment. Thank you, Heidi!!  



We were on the fence about hiring a doula for the birth of our second daughter and then we found Heidi and we were so incredibly glad we did! She was an amazing resource for my husband and I throughout our pregnancy and still is as we continue in our postpartum journey. Heidi helped ease a lot the anxieties we had regarding labor and delivery since it was going to look a lot differently during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It was also helpful that she had worked with all of the midwives at the practice I was going to and was very familiar with the hospital where we delivered. 

Her prenatal appointments made me feel very prepared for labor as she helped us make a clear plan that honored my birth wishes as well as gave me tools to use when I went into labor. She checked in weekly as we neared my due date (and more frequently the closer we got) and was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. When my water broke and labor didn’t start progressing as expected, Heidi helped keep my anxiety at ease and made sure I was comfortable throughout my labor despite it not going exactly as planned. Not only is she an amazing doula but she is an amazing birth photographer! She was able to capture the precious moments when our daughter was born, leaving us with some incredible pictures of her birth. 

Heidi helped make this birth a truly amazing and beautiful experience. If we go for number three we will definitely be using her again!

Michelle Ricketts


Heidi is AHmazing! We found Heidi through Doula Match, met her, and just LOVED her. She is a calm presence that was much needed! We had such a great experience with using her as our doula in 2017, that I convinced my best friend to pick Heidi as her doula, and then we had Heidi with us AGAIN in Jan. 2020 with our second. She would check in on us, apply accupressure, positions to get baby down and ready, and helped provide calm vibes while ensuring my voice was heard. She knew I wanted a stress free birth and she did so much to make it happen. When I was laboring on the toilet in my house (long story....but SUPER fast birth) it was Heidi that focused me and provided just the right words to get me to the hospital. She helped my husband have the confidence to be an awesome birth partner. It was so special to have Heidi for both births. Heidi provided our birth photography as well. She captured those raw moments beautifully. My husband Nyron and I will forever cherish the pictures and forever grateful of her and her super doula abilities. Pick Heidi! She will be your birth advocate.

Lauren C


Heidi was amazing. I had no clue what to expect and very little family support here so Heidi was there for me and helped keep me and my husband on track with my needs. She helped me determine when to check in at hospital and was a constant helper during the labor process. She made me feel like a winner even when my labor didn't know the way I had planned. She was a smile, encourager, kept me calm, supported my physical and emotional needs and was a constant help when I needed it most. She was a better coach than any of the labor nurses at the hospital for me. 5 stars. ??

Holly Dunn


Following the birth of my first child, I knew that if I had another, I’d have a doula. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I started my search and I’m so glad we found Heidi. From our first meeting, I knew that Heidi was the best choice for us. During our prenatal conversations and appointments, she truly listened to my delivery wishes. The meetings were very informative and I felt confident to implement what she had taught us.  Heidi was always available by text, call or email. The night I went into labor, she was able to discern by my text messages that things were progressing and called my husband to help her assess the situation. Labor progressed quicker than we could have imagined and Heidi helped us make the quick decision to transport via ambulance which I truly believe kept my baby from being born in my bathroom or the car. Her calm demeanor was a huge factor in how smoothly the evening went despite the chaos. Postpartum, Heidi checked in on us several times and even my toddler looked forward to her visits. If I have another child, Heidi will be one of the first people I contact to make sure I’m on her calendar.


Liz P


We met Heidi at a doula speed dating event. After talking with her for a couple minutes I knew immediately she was the right fit. She is warm, kind, calm, and funny. Most importantly, both my partner and I immediately felt at ease with her. My labor was long (36 hours!). Heidi was there for us from the moment we called her in the middle of the night through the entire labor and delivery. I could list out the million things she did for me in those 36 hours, but I don't have space. What's important is she  intuitively knew exactly what I needed at any given moment. She knew when to encourage me to change position or eat/drink despite discomfort and when to let me rest. She knew how to help my nausea, when to coach my husband and when to give him a break, and how to work in harmony with the nurses/midwives while remaining "on my side." My midwife even commented to me that she wishes Heidi could be at all of her births, as she was suggesting positions and strategies even before the midwives had a chance! My labor was long and eventually I had an unplanned epidural then an unplanned c-section due to circumstances beyond anyone's control. I can say it is one of the most difficult things I've done but Heidi knew what to say when and also when to just be with me quietly as I made decisions about my care. Her support ensured a difficult experience was something I look back on with happiness and pride rather than fear and trauma. Through all of this Heidi also managed somehow to get a ton of beautiful photos that I was super thankful for because they allowed me to look back and reclaim my birth story. Her postnatal support was also essential. She helped me talk through and process the birth, helped me access supports I needed for breastfeeding and PPD, and provided us with excellent overnight care so we could catch up on sleep and feel confident about going back to work. 

Bethany Z


As a first time mom, I was very nervous about childbirth and knew I wanted a doula's help. My husband and I decided to hire Heidi because she was so friendly and personable and we both felt comfortable with her right away. Her prenatal sessions and the items she provided, like birthing balls, were very helpful ahead of time, and I truly think my husband would have been lost and overwhelmed on the day my water broke if Heidi hadn't been there to guide him. It was great to have someone to answer all my questions without reservation, and she has continued to do so even after my little girl was born. I would definitely recommend her to any other moms who want some extra support before, during, and after their baby's birth. 

Lauren Coers


Heidi was fantastic. I could not have done this without her knowledge and expertise. She kept me and my husband calm and provided solid support through the entire birth process. She helped me voice my concerns to the hospital team and was a real player in my successful birth. Highly recommend if you want to have a great experience. 

Lee Mitchell


Heidi was amazing. She was super informative for my wife and I with our pre-delivery visits and had great resources for us. The day my wife starting going into labor she was here quickly and with us for the entire experience. She was great comfort for my wife and I and really helped us have a less stressful birth. She did a wonderful job as well capturing all the moments of the delivery and our new baby girl with her newborn photography. Even after the birth once we were back home, she visited us a couple of times just to check on us and make sure we were doing okay. She is a true professional and very talented at what she does. We would highly recommend her to any family who is going through pregnancy. :) 



We are very thankful to have hired Heidi because of her experience, upbeat personality and her ability to help us determine when to call the on-call provider at the hospital.  I had a precipitous birth, so Heidi was not at our house very long before going into the hospital but just in that short time that she was at our house she was very calm and jumped right in helping me manage a labor that went from 0 to 60 in an expedited time frame.  At the hospital, she captured precious and scary moments with her photography which have helped me understand my baby's birth more since I was so in the moment and trying to avoid a c-section.  In addition, Heidi is very fast to respond to calls and text messages.  She is very positive, understanding, joyful and easy to connect with.  I would highly recommend hiring Heidi and would hire her again for my next birth.

Rachel K


Heidi was amazing! She was supportive of our birth plan from the beginning. I experienced toe very king days of early labor and she was at our house for both. At the hospital she continued to make sure we had what we needed and were comfortable. She made several visits postpartum and it was great to be able to talk through the process and have her visit the baby! 

Courtney Coleman


We met Heidi at a meet the doulas speed dating event and instantly met a connection. Although I was looking for an African American doula, I felt extremely comfortable with Heidi so we decided to hire her. She knows her stuff and is a true people person. My partner was also concerned that he would be left out of the process but she made sure he was involved and comfortable. We hired heidi pretty early in my pregnancy but she was constantly sending me helpful material to get my mind and body ready for my labor and birth and was always a phone call or text away. Whenever I felt down or anxious, Heidi did not try to downplay how I felt or sugarcoat anything. She was very empathetic and caring. I had to be induced at 37 weeks and Heidi quickly went on call for us. She was so helpful in prepraring us with labor and pain techniques. When it was time for my scheduled induction she was there bright and early waiting for us and did not leave until early the next morning after our sunshine arrived. She was sooo helpful and made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. Heidi became like family to us and we miss her already!! We would recommend her services to anyone. 

Stephanie Engstrand


We use daily Heidi for our first birth and cannot say enough good things about working with her. We could not have done it without her. Heidi’s nursing background and acupressure training were invaluable, and she is constantly adding to her repertoire with additional training. More than anything, she is a genuinely good person who cares about her clients. We went more than a week overdue, and had to have an emergency c-section after 15+hours of labor, and she was so supportive, going above and beyond.

I know a big part of choosing a doula is personality match. If you are a type A personality that likes direct communication (gently given) Heidi is a perfect match. She is prepared and informed, and listens to her clients needs without pushing you on her own agenda.

Jessica Capozzola


When my husband and I met Heidi we immediately felt comfortable in her presence. She is warm, knowledgable, and so obviously cares about the birth experience and helping her mamas and families to feel comfortable and safe throughout their birth journey. We had two pre-consultations with Heidi during which she provided us with different laboring techniques, positions, and massage techniques. She spoke with us about the post-pardum time and continuously provided us opportunities for additional support. Heidi also provided us with useful resources such as information on local mom groups, lactation support, pediatrician referrals, websites, you name it. While I ended up having a c-section due to my little man being breech, Heidi was with us every step of the way (arriving at the hospital well before myself and my hubby!) and providing every possible comfort she could until I went into the OR.

We had a wonderful experience with Heidi and would absolutely recommend her!

Jake Reynolds


Note: This message is written by a husband that had no idea what a doula was before my wife talked about getting one... in short, I’m so happy she did.

Our son, Jay, was born on 10/3/17. He is our first child. As a typical soon-to-be dad , I was nervous about his birth. My wife, Renee, had so many question; all of which I was uncertain or did not know the answer. As her pregnancy progressed, it was clear that we needed to find someone that could help us with the day-to-day questions we had regarding pregnancy and delivery. Many of our questions had simple answers, others did not. In the 20th week of Renee’s pregnancy, our list of questions and anxiety about becoming first-time parents grew tremendously. It was around that time that we decided to hire a doula. Renee and I showed up to a meet-and-greet with other expecting parents and doulas. Here we met Heidi. Heidi instantly connected with us. She was very understanding and never treated us like we had a dumb questions. She was easily available and provided us with a sense of ease when anixcously awaiting Jay’s arrival. During the delivery, Heidi was very helpful. Most importantly, she stayed by my wife’s side. Nurses and doctors frequently checked on Renee. However, their visits were short. Heidi was able to provide more reassurance and explain their practice. Heidi made the world of a difference. Renee’s stress level was significantly decreased just by having Heidi in the room. Heidi provided many tools for making the delivery experience as comfortable as possible. We could not have been happier.

Joy DuVal


Heidi is the absolute answer to every prayer I had. God led her to me because He knew my delivery was going to be rough. Heidi before labor was always available if I had any questions. Her gift is service. We both connected because our love language is acts of service. The day of my delivery she met me at the birth center. My water broke but I wasn't contracting. She knew everything my midwife perscribed me to do to try to get them to start. She went home with me and helped me walk around. She stayed with me until Lily was born which was a total of about 35 hours. Since I had to transfer to the hospital from the birth center because my contractions weren't starting. When I was finally contracting she encouraged me and kept me going even when I wanted to quit. She was there for my husband and helped him get his bearings. She let me squeeze her hand as much as I could. She was so prepared and I couldn't have asked for a better doula.

Michelle Climo


My husband and I chose Heidi as our birth doula when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. This was the best decision we could have ever made! She helped us throughout our entire pregnancy. Heidi came over to meet with us a few times before Summer was born. She helped us figure out what we wanted in our birth and the best way to make it happen. Heidi was there for every question,  curious text, and was full of encouragement. She kept my husband and I calm and focused through out the birth.  She made sure we had a voice in all medical decions made. Heidi helped empower me and give me the courage to give birth they way I wanted to.  Not only that, she truly has a passion for this.  You can tell how much she enjoys helping families bring babies into the world.  She cares so much and my words can't even express how appreciative we are and how blessed we are to have had her as our birth doula.

Gretchen Garber


Heidi was one of our best decisions in having the birth of our son.  She was always professional, prepared, communicative, but more importantly was warm, calm, caring, open and alleviated our anxiety about having this experience for the first time.  She not only provided soothing to me when needed, but also helped my husband in his role as well.  She thought of things we hadn't, particularly on the day of the birth, and was consistently calm and supportive.  We felt so much more at ease knowing she knew more than us and I credit having an easy, non-stressful and well-planned birth to her services.  I couldn't have asked for a better doula for our birth experience.  We highly recommend Heidi and can't thank her enough for her services!

Lauren Greene


We were second time parents trying for a VBAC. Heidi is so easy to work with and has such a great, positive energy. Our preschooler loves her too. We ended up with a repeat cesarian for a footling breech. Heidi was such a great support through the pregnancy as we tried a version to flip baby and looked for information about allowing spontaneous labor with a breech. When my labor started in the middle of the night she was so responsive and came to the house as we tried to decide if it was time to head into the hospital. Being in active labor in the triage room was made so much easier by her support and interventions. If another baby is in our future we would definitely use her again!

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Postpartum Availability for Heidi Blanton-Pohl, CPD & Birth Photographer

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