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Cheryl Steiner, CD(DONA)

Powerfully Precious Birth

Wooster, OH Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 57 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2006

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
-have experience at 12 different hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
-a great option if you have one available. St John Medical Center and Fairview Hospital both have in-house birthing centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
-love home births!

Fee Details

Willing to work out various arrangements. Discounts given for birth class attendance.

Wooster, OH Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Cheryl Steiner, CD(DONA)

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Kristin Yezza


I interviewed a handful of doulas for the birth of my first child before meeting Cheryl. I knew within a couple of minutes into our conversation that she was the right match for me. She has such a calming presence and demeanor and believes very genuinely in the transformative experience of birth in a way that makes you feel fully supported with whatever it is your birth vision may be. She is truly a guide for this experience, listens intently, and offers up information but never pushes anything. During the labor and delivery she worked quietly and intuitively, helping my husband support me through the whole thing.  She was a strong and calm pillar of support for me and my husband throughout the whole experience and I feel strongly that my L&D (no pain meds!) would not have been so smooth if she had not been there. I whole-heartedly recommend Cheryl and feel grateful that I found someone who helped to give me the positive birth experience that I had been hoping for and working toward. 

Cindy Kay Watterson


Cheryl is so wonderful! My first birthing experience was a traumatizing one and when I got pregnant with my second child I was very afraid to go through the process again. I had heard of a doula before but wasnt sure on how the process worked. I did a lot of research and did a lot of searching through doula profiles. When I came across Cheryl profile and her picture I just knew that she was the one I wanted to help me through my second birthing process. Cheryl was so sweet and so kind and compassionate. She took the time to answer all of my questions and even met me at my parents house one time for a meeting which was a far drive for her. when It came time for me to deliver my son cheryl stood by me, made me feel calm and relaxed. She helped me with breathing techniques and did everything she could to make me comfortable. She was truly amazing! I had no complications during delivery and I believe it was because of her willingness to make me feel at ease. Cheryl stayed after my son was born and helped us get settled. I would recommend Cheryl to any woman who needs a support system , who has had a traumatic birth before, or who just wants someone to stand by them and hold their hand. She was an answer to my prayers. Thank you Cheryl for everything! You are and were a blessing to our family. When we decide to have another baby you will be receiving a call! We love you! 


Natalie I


I am so grateful to have had Cheryl's support during my pregnancy and birth. I had wanted to have an unmedicated birth at a birth center for my first birth (I was not in Cleveland at the time), but ended up having a difficult birth at a hospital. Even though my husband was an incredible birth partner, my experience with the birth center midwives during that labor shattered my confidence. Cheryl played such an important role in overcoming that and having the birth I really wanted. I spoke with several doulas when I was looking, but when I met with Cheryl I immediately felt heard and believed. She was so nonjudgemental, supportive, calm, and kind. Before the birth she met with me to go over positions that might help me in labor and spent a lot of time listening to my concerns. When I got to the hospital I was very discouraged by my progress, and I felt a huge sense of relief when Cheryl walked into the room. I immediately began telling her my doubts and she was invaluable in helping me to feel calm and confident again and maintain my course. She was never intrusive but gave suggestions, encouragement, massages, a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on in all the moments I needed them. I am forever grateful for her simple reassurance that I didn't need to have my water broken or take nubain to get through--and I ended up giving birth three hours after I got to the hospital! In the end, I am pretty sure we would have had an "unattended" birth without her, because neither my husband nor I realized the baby was coming out...Cheryl called for the nurse and the midwife came just in time! Of course there is always a big difference between a first and second birth, but I know a lot of the difference for me was having Cheryl. If I were to give birth ever again, I would want Cheryl to be there.

Cheryl Cochran


I was very happy with the experience of having Cheryl as my doula. I immediately felt comfortable around her and she kept me confident and at ease throughout the whole process of child birth. During the most intense part of my labor, it was wonderful to have someone who was 100% focused on helping me, as well as helping my husband to support me. She was very through in finding out what I wanted my birth to be like, and aiding me in having that ideal birth. I also appreciated her checking up on the health of my baby weeks after the birth. I would absolutely use Cheryl again if the circumstance would arrive.  

Brooke Harris


Cheryl was amazing! I had a very specific birth plan. I wanted to birth at home for most of the labor, and I wanted to use Hypnobabies. Even though this was my first pregnancy, Cheryl was completely respectful of my wishes for the birth, while other doulas were almost overbearing with their level of “advice”. On the day of the birth, my husband was sick with the stomach flu and completely useless as a support person. Cheryl stepped in and was there for me every step of the way. Even though most of my time was spent in silence, Cheryl noticed every time I progressed through the birthing process. She made me lunch, tidied up our kitchen, and told my husband very subtly when it was time to go. When we arrived at the hospital, administration was taking a little too long, and Cheryl took charge. Even though she is a quiet personality, she knows exactly when and how to take charge. She had the staff moving quickly and efficiently to get me to the birthing room. She made sure everyone knew what was happening. She even made sure to politely tell my husband to stop talking when I was in the middle of a contraction, as he was unaware. That’s how closely she was watching me. She was way more in tune with the process than anyone else. She was knowledgeable, and she was able to answer all my questions. She even knew exactly how to walk me through those first few days after the birth, and she told me what emotions to expect. She was a great support, and if we were to have another child, I would most definitely call on Cheryl!

Goran Kozjak


We are so thankful to have had Cheryl at our last two home births.  She is such a great calming influence and peaceful gentle presence during labor.  Her servant heart is immeasurable!  She seems to be intuitive about touch or quietness needed and perfect timing about voicing ideas.  Not everyone has these gifts!  She comes with our highest recommendation. (Goran and Carrie Kozjak)


Diana Malagón


I only can say good things about Cheryl's work.

She knows perfectly what she's doing and she loves it. She's kind, smart and patient but above all she's a person full of peace and good vibes that makes you feel very comfortable and safe all the time.

She definitely made the difference during my no meds delivery!

My bad English doesn't allow me to express my nice experience with her, but trust me when I say that without her, I would've got the epidural.

Meredith Hellmer


Cheryl is an excellent doula!  She helped me through a very long labor (baby was posterior), which, of course, started in the middle of the night.  She is knowledgeable about mind-body pain management and aromatherapy.  She stayed calm no matter how angry and tired I became.  She seemed to know what I needed before I even had to ask for it.  

Jenn W


My son Henry was born in May, 2014. We hired Cheryl as our birth doula. We labored and delivered our son at home, and Cheryl was part of the team who cared for me during the birth. Attending my birth was my husband, our midwife, an RN, and Cheryl. I labored for well over 24 hours and the only person I never wanted to kick out of my room was Cheryl.  (Including my husband)! She has an amazing way of knowing when to be hands on verses quietly in the distence. There were many times I didn't even know she was in the room but when I looked for her she was sitting nearbye. Cheryl was proactive when needed. She was always calm and helpful. She taught me basics like how to breathe in labor and manage the pain of the contractions. She brought me food and drinks as needed, helped me get up to sit on the birth ball, and helped fill my bath tub many times so I could labor in the water. Cheryl has a very calming presence. She was imeasurably valuable to our birth team. 

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