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Kim McCarthy LMT

Loving Hands Doula Service & Massage

Elmhurst, IL Service range 15 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 30 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology

Languages Spoken

  • English

Elmhurst, IL Service range 15 miles

Client Testimonials for Kim McCarthy LMT

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meredith fox


Kim was amazing and my husband (who was skeptical of having a doubla) and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her!  Kim assisted us through my somewhat difficult pregnant by fielding my continuous questions and concern with authoritative answers and humor.  Additionally, Kim even met me at a baby store to help me try on baby carrier gear because I wanted to find the right fit.  We had a blast through my pregnancy.  Uniquely, Kim supported my decision to want a natural birth, but she never pushed it and said that if I changed my mind or she thought an epidural would be most beneficial, she would recommend that.  I found many doulas tha I spoke with wanted to push their own agendas for a natural birth and with Kim I felt no judgment.

On the day of my delivery, I stayed at home as long as possible to prevent an epidural.  Kim was integral in helping me try to breathe through the contractions.  She knew when to step in and when to sit back and allow my husband and I to interact.  Honestly, my husband and I could not have had such a seamless (I don't know what else to really call it) birth and delivery of our daughter in large part due to Kim's involvement.  I have recommended Kim to all of my friends and cannot say more good things about her.  If you have any specific questions for me, feel free to contact me. 

LC Stilling


Kim was an extraordinary doula for me and my husband, assisting in the birth of our first child at home.

Initially, my husband had no idea what a doula was. Now he can’t imagine having a birth without Kim present!

As we began our pregnancy and creating a birth plan, we also began to form a bond with Kim. To us, she quickly felt like a member of our family. She was excellent at asking us questions, as well as telling us about herself and her own children’s births. Kim was open to any plan we had, but also asked probing questions to help us form and expand that plan.
Kim was great at staying in contact throughout the pregnancy, seeing how I was feeling and reassuring me of all the changes I was experiencing.

On the birth night, Kim was comforting and supportive, arriving at our home very quickly after my husband called her. While we were stressing over early labor, Kim instantly brought a sense of calm into our home. During labor, Kim provided gentle guidance about positions, and physical support including massage and aromatherapy. Her energy level never wavered, even as ours did. Kim was a reassuring presence for my husband, even bringing snacks and allowing him to take a couple of short breaks without him worrying about me. She also took some very, very special photos for us during the labor and first moments of our daughter’s life.

Kim stayed with us for a few hours after our daughter’s birth, making sure we had everything we needed before departing. A few days after the birth, Kim came over to check up on us and gave us many helpful tips as new parents, continuing to reassure us in our new journey.

Simply put, Kim was an indispensable part of our daughter’s birth. We feel so lucky to have had her by our sides for our first childbirth, and definitely plan for Kim to be a part of the births of our future children. We are just so happy that Kim was a part of our daughter’s birth!

Heather Edwards


The minute I met Kim, I felt very comfortable opening up to her and talking about my previous birth that ended in a C-section. It was a very traumatic time in my life, and I wanted the help of a doula for my second birth, where I would be attempting a VBAC. Kim was very positive and confident that I could have the birth I wanted, and was very supportive from the first meeting all the way to the birth and beyond.

Kim was there through my 2 weeks of prodromal labor, helping me try every trick in the book to get my body into true labor. She offered her knowledge of massage, aromatherapy, rebozo sifting, as well as other techniques, that finally helped my body prepare itself for the birth of my daughter.

My goal was to have an unmedicated birth, but after many hours of false labor over the course of two weeks, I just could not emotionally, or physically, handle the pain. Kim knew my wish was to have an unmedicated birth, but supported me when I decided to have an epidural. She made me feel great about my decision, and I did not feel any guilt, even though I did not follow my original birth plan.

I recommend Kim as a doula if you are looking for a very kind, and supportive person, who loves what she does, and would be a tremendous help to you in your birth experience. I am truly blessed to have found her, and have her assist in my successful VBAC birth.


Arlan Schattke


At 35 weeks into the pregnancy my wife developed hypertension and after previously deciding a doula was unneccessary, we realized that having a knowledgable person on our team would be very beneficial. We talked to a few different doulas but as soon as we met Kim we knew she was perfect for us. She is upbeat, has great energy, and beams with positivity. We were expecting to get induced because of the hyptertension so Kim provided some great tips and advice on how to start preparing for that experience. It turned out that my wifes water broke at 37 weeks  (just days before a likely induction) and went into labor naturally. Kim spent over 13 hours at the hospital with us comforting, advising, messaging, and just being there for us. She was amazing! She made my wife feel a lot more comfortable. As a bradley instructed coach, I was right there the whole time comforting as well. However, I realized that Kim provided something to my wife that I simply could not. There was a connection or a sort of trust between them that relaxed my wife and it was awesome. We proved doctors wrong that told us we would not be able to have a great birth experience and Kim was a huge part of that.

As a couple that first thought we did not need a doula, we realize now how much Kim contributed to having that amazing birth experience. She is worth every penny and you will not regret bringing her on board.

Jamie Block Kanter


I first met Kim when I was 31 weeks pregnant with my third child. I felt an immediate connection to her upon our meeting. She was warm, compassionate & genuinely sincere. I found out that I would need to be induced with our third child at 37 weeks due to a rare condition that threatened the baby. Although we'd had a successful V-BAC previously, I was concerned that the effects of the Pitocin & induction would be more than my body could tolerate. Through working with Kim leading up to the delivery, she helped ease my anxieties about the delivery & gave me the support & encouragement that my body would know what to do when the time came. She checked in with me regularly to see how my doctor's appointments were going & to keep up with any new developments as the delivery approached. She researched different methods to help ease the discomfort of labor for my specific medical conditions. When I was induced, we thought things were progressing quickly. Kim showed up at the hospital at 1 in the morning ready to go. We walked the halls for hours & she kept my husband & I going. After laboring all night there was little to no progression. I was exhausted & didn't know how much longer I could handle the pain without any progression. Kim worked closely with my husband to keep me calm & keep my spirits up as my labor waged on. Kim & my husband were a tag team that were able to help me manage the contractions as they intensified. She was an amazing support coach for both of us. We felt as if we had invited an old friend to the delivery that was able to queue in to what we needed before we even knew we needed it, Ater our son was born, she stayed & held my hand while the doctors worked to fix me up. This allowed my husband to focus on our baby and the baby & I both had the comfort & support we needed. With Kim by our side we were able to achieve the beautiful birth experience that we had hoped for. 

Jill Wiles


Kim was our doula for the very stressful birth of our first baby. I am so thankful she was with us throughout most of my grueling induction and the nail-biter delivery! My husband was a champ, but having Kim's experience, knowledge, and calming presence helped us both focus and feel empowered, rather than helpless, as we saw our hope for a natural, low-intervention birth go out the window. She helped my husband try pain management techniques on me, including acupressure and massage, and helped us navigate the emotions and questions that came with all the unexpected medical interventions. She stayed with us until baby had arrived safely and I was in recovery. She also followed up with post partum visits. Kim was a huge blessing, and made a very trying situation calmer and much more manageable. 

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