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Meredith Markussen, CD(DONA)

North Dallas Doula Associates

Plano, TX Service range 50 miles


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Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

4 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
with the exception of unassisted home births

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Special Services Offered

  • Cloth diapering education
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

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I am a DONA certified Birth Doula and former Labor and Delivery RN. I fell in love with the world of birth while working in L&D and also through my own pregnancies. I was born and raised in the Dallas area, received my BSN from Baylor Univ., and currently live in Plano with my husband and 2 daughters. Through my first birth experience, which did not go as I had planned, I am able to connect with women who have fears of the "unplanned" and guide them through those feelings, throughout the pregnancy, during labor, and afterwards. I had a home birth for my second, so I have experience on both ends of the spectrum. I am passionate about empowering parents to view birth as an unforgettable, treasured event, no matter how it happens. I believe this experience begins with ensuring that they know all of their options and are fully informed throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. I am a firm believer in the fact that while birth is often unpredictable, it is always beautiful!

Plano, TX Service range 50 miles

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After having our baby my partner had one piece of advice to share with everyone we talked to about the experience "Get a doula, you need it." That sentiment was because of Meredith's amazing grace, care, and attentiveness to us and our birth space. 

I wanted an unmedicated birth, but when in the throes of labor (read: transition) I told Meredith "I can't do this, you can't convince me otherwise, I'm done." She knew exactly what to say and how to gently redirect me to hang on just a bit longer- to the moment we met our sweet baby. 

There are so many ways a doula, especially one like Meredith, supports the birth environment desired; from words, to physical support of the laborer, to giving birth partners a break-- we simply could not have had what we wanted from our birth experience without her.

Meredith cut our baby's cord and I'll never forget her looking me in the eye with our new little on my chest and saying "Can you believe you just did that?!" (I couldn't).



Meredith is GREAT to have by your side during pregnancy and delivery. She was super faithful about checking in after each of my OB appointments, and she was super patient to answer all of my crazy questions via text or email. The birth plan meeting my husband and I had with her was really well thought out and reassuring. And then on the day of my son's birth, she was absolutely perfect. Her calm, collected confidence really helped us through the whole labor and delivery process. I would HIGHLY recommend Meredith to ANYONE.

Jessie Doyle


It was a privilege to have Meredith, one of my closest friends, be my doula for my first home birth, as well as my first unmedicated birth. I was unsatisfied with my L&D experience from my previous two births, and Meredith showed me that there were not only other options, but I could also have the birth I always wanted! She was with me throughout my new birth journey and was extremely encouraging and confident that I could do it. She is warm, positive, and was always willing to help and advise me during my pregnancy. She dropped everything to be with me at my house during early labor (something that's challenging to do, as she had two, now three, littles!). Mer, my husband, and I went on walks, chatted, laughed, and watched movies during my early labor; she advised me on how get my labor going when it started to stall, but never pushed me into anything I didn't want to do. She was always ready with a towel, essential oil, pillow, water, or next position. She made me feel comfortable the entire time, as well as helped me trust my body while delivering my baby girl. I never thought I would be one of those moms who tell people I had the birth of my dreams, but I did! I know I wouldn't look back on my birth so fondly without her support during it. You can tell she truly loves her job and finds joy in helping her clients throughout their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. If we have more children, I will, without question, have Meredith again for my doula!

Hayley Robbins


I cannot sing the praises of Meredith enough! In a few words, she was deeply caring, a wealth of information, and such an encouragement throughout all of our interactions with her. From the very start we knew we wanted Meredith by our sides when we welcomed our first baby into the world. Her warmth and reassurance was just what we needed for our first time experiencing something so new and unknown. With her previous experience being an RN as well as a doula, we felt like we were getting the best of both worlds. She was incredibly knowledgeable and gave helpful information about all that we had questions and unknowns about, as well as an incredible liaison between us and the hospital staff. I actually went into labor ealier than expected and Meredith literally did all she could in her power to help me all along the way from the time contractions began to when we needed her at the hospital in active labor, even at such an unexpected time... To give you an idea of how much her patients mean to her... Her car broke down about half a mile from the hospital and she walked the rest of the way to be there with us (not to mention she was 5 months pregnant)!! When it came time to make decisions during active labor, Meredith would always talk us through our options, support our desires, and advocated for our needs with the hospital staff. I did not have any intervention during labor, and I can honestly attribute this to Meredith's powerful words of encouragement at times when I was ready to give up. She was an amazing cheerleader!! Even after our son arrived Meredith stuck around the hospital for quite a while to see that we were well, and she checked in on us often in the weeks following postpartum, which truly meant so much! I could not have hoped for a more positive birth experience, and I truly do believe this is much accredited to her. Anyone would be incredibly blessed to have this dear servant and friend by their side as their doula. 

Macy English


During the early stages of labor, my doula notified me that she was terribly sick and could not make it to the hospital for the birth of my baby girl (this was baby #2 for me). She told me she was sending the best doula in her practice and if she herself was having a baby, this is the woman she'd want by her side.

I was nervous that I'd be delivering with a doula I hadn't met before, but trust that God knew all the details of this day long before I ever would. A few hours later, we arrived at Baylor Hospital and I was in full active labor. Moments later, Meredith walked through the door and immediately my husband and I saw a woman who was calm, confident, and ready to serve, coach, and support me through ever minute of labor.

Within 2 hours I hit 9cm dilation and was sure I was going to be pushing soon. Nope. My cervix is stubborn and doesn't fully dilate in a complete circle. With the help of Meredith and my nurse, we came up with solutions that helped me walk the halls at 9cm, sit in squats, and breathe in ways to calm my body, relieve the pain, and focus on welcoming our baby girl into the world.

Through the entire birthing process, I kept thanking God that Meredith was the one who was there with us. She just "got" my husband and I and intuitively knew how to help serve, support, and coach us through it. I highly recommend you choose Meredith as your doula. She will enable you connect with your spouse/partner and baby in a way that other people cannot. She truly emobdies what the word doula means: servant. 

Now go ahead and hire her already! It's worth every penny and more.

Jonet Gonzalez


Meredith is a wonderful resource to any expeciting mother. She is readily available and very responsive to any questions or concerns you might have throughout the whole pregnancy and postpartum. I love that she has a nursing background as she is able to navigate you through the whole experience from all perspectives and she “speaks the language“ of the hospital. During labor, Meredith was with me every step either in person or over the phone (for my early labor at home). When it was time to get to work, she rolled up her sleeves and helped me and my husband get comfortable and in the right mindset to “push“ through. She’s extremely intuitive, personable and professional. I highly recommend Meredith to anyone seeking support for their labor experience.

Jennifer Durrett


Meredith Markussen is a wonderful doula and we are lucky to have had her with us at the birth of my son. After hiring her, she checked in via text message throughout my pregnancy and was always available if I had questions. I enjoyed all my interactions with her; she is warm and kind while still remaining professional. During my son's birth she was attentive and nurturing, but also firm. When I hired Meredith I was clear that I wanted a doula who would be assertive with me during labor (I tend to be really good at yelling and crying and not so good at focusing), and she did exactly that. She was present, calm, and gave me the confidence I needed to get my baby here (and he weighed 11 and a half pounds, so it was quite a feat). I am thankful for Meredith's role in the birth of my son and would recommend her to anyone. 

Jennifer McDermott


We contacted North Dallas Doula Associates about 4 months into our pregnany. We met with Meredith and knew it was an immediate fit. As a dominant and anxious personality, I wanted the opportunity to turn the reigns over to someone else during delivery and to focus on the experience. I wanted somone else to navigate the interpersonal dynamics betwene family and friends, and also wanted an advocate who could provide me with options and demystify healthcare terms. We do not have any cloase family in the area and my husband wanted someone who we could share the burden of taking care of me during the process with. With her generous and graceful, but no shit-taking nature, and background as an L&D nurse, Meredith was the perfect fit!

I was initially resistant to having someone so close in age- I thought it might feel like a friend watching me give birth-- and ultimately it did, but in the best way possible, not in a TMI way! About 6 months into our prgenancy we discovered our baby was breech and would be having a csection in stead of a natural birth. I was even more apprehenesive about that then a natural delivery which was what I wanted.

Meredith prepared my husband and I, negotatited the price change and ultimately was still exactly what we needed on the day off. Her assistance with nursing immediately after and the follow-up visits, in addition to the ability to call and ask questions anytime was so valuable. I would use Meredith again in a heartbeat and would highly encourage anyone interested in getting a doula to as well.

Karen Ann Robbins


I say with all seriousness that I could not have had a successful VBAC without Meredith. She encouraged me through five days of prodromal labor that helped prevent me from exhausting myself before going into true labor. Once labor finally started, she immediately identified that baby was probably not optimally positioned and causing "positional contractions." After going to the chiropractor and getting baby better situated and adjusted, my labor finally took off and started becoming effective! I can only imagine how many more hours of labor were prevented because of her identifying that. (my first baby was a 55hr labor with no doula before getting a c section) She advised my husband and I throughout early labor and helped us in making the decision about when to go to hospital (as a VBAC, we wanted to stay home as long as possible). At the hospital she knew just how to help labor progress through position changes etc and knew just how to encourage me (and without those hip squeezes, I'm not sure I could have gone unmedicated!). Her support allowed my husband to just be my husband which was what I wanted and needed. My husband is a surgeon and I am also an RN, so the fact that Meredith had experience in L&D as an RN was reassuring for us in navigating a VBAC in the hospital. She is knowledgable of the medical world and also the natural world which was very helpful for us. Having Meredith at our side helped ease anxiety and give us confidence. My husband was skeptical of the doula thing but after meeting Meredith for the first time, he was so relieved we would have her there! Now he is a huge advocate of having a doula. All of our doctors, midwives, and nurses loved her too! Since then, we moved a couple hours out of town, but if/when we have another baby, we are seriously considering coming to deliver in Dallas so Meredith could be our doula again! I recommend her to all my pregnant family and friends! 

William Rowland


It has taken me way too long to write this review, but I would be remiss to go without saying how helpful Meredith was to my wife and myself in the delivery room. She had such a calm, yet matter-of-fact, demeanor. She knew exactly when to suggest a new position for my wife to keep everything progressing. I had read Dr. Bradley's book, Husband-Coached Childbirth and had some instincts about how to help my wife, but being in that delivery room for the first time ever can be daunting. Meredith confirmed those instincts and helped me to be an active part of assisting/coaching my wife through the natural labor she wanted. Even before, Meredith was always available for questions, talking through the birth plan, and knowing when to move things to the hospital. She would check in regularly as we got closer to the due date. I was texting with her the day leading up to the night-time delivery. She kept us calm, which is so helpful with natural labor. My wife was such a rock star, and I would not hesitate to hire Meredith again. Her help was invaluable. 

Marva Morrow


If you're looking for the best doula that will assist you in the process of bringing your child into the world then Meredith is the one you should seek. She has a very calming spirit and ensures that the entire family is involved in the birth planning process. I can speak for my wife and I in saying that we highly recommend Meredith's Doula services.

Lauren Saunders


I don't know what we would have done without Meredith! This being our first child and not knowing what to expect, she calmed our nerves and prepared us for all the possibilities. She kept continuous communication throughout my pregnancy and answered all those little questions I had (aches, pains, labor or not labor?). When labor began she was right there coaching both my husband and I on how to relieve the pain and which positions might help. Meredith was so organized and prepared. She even brought honey sticks to give me energy for pushing! Since my husband is a first responder, I didn't want him going into "paramedic mode" when I went in to labor so I needed a doula to bring comfort and calmness when all was chaotic. Meredith was just that! She was a source of encouragement, guidance and support for both of us. A true advocate for what we wanted our little girl's birth story to look like. We love Meredith and couldn't imagine having a better doula!

Ashlee Rowland


Meredith was amazing, not just for me, but also for my husband. Before labor, she regularly checked on me via text or phone, and always answered any questions I had. Her tips to help sooth general aches were always appreciated. My due date came and went but Meredith was always positive and kept us focused on walking, stretching, and relaxing. When i went into labor, Meredith was right there with us all day checking in via text. If at any point we had wanted her to join us a home, she would have been there! At some point during the day, my husband began texting her and giving her updates on how I was doing. She met us at the hospital about 20 minutes after we got there. Her skill at reading a laboring mom is amazing. Before I wcould even say that I wanted to change positons, she knew and had already planned out the next move. She helped guide my husband through counter pressure and confirming his instincts when he was suppoting me physically. Meredith's expereince as a nurse puts her in a great position in a hospital setting and is able to talk to the staff with ease. If anything arose, she was able to explain what the hospital staff was asking for and was willing to help us weigh our options. Meredith is a huge part of our baby's birth story. I can't imagine giving birth without her. 

Lauren Rose


If we had to rate Meredith, she would get five stars. She is a proactive and organized communicator, she is easy to be around and is extremely patient, and she is very well versed in her field. It also helps that she has been a Labor and Delivery nurse in the past. Hospital staff know her! When I started to labor (in the middle of the night) she was very patient and available to answer our questions and multiple phone calls. She communicated her availability and communication preferences beforehand as well. I truly felt like she supported our goals of how we wanted to labor and deliver. She was a kind but firm advocate for our needs with hospital staff. She even brought a diffuser to the hospital and helped to provide a comfortable atmosphere with essential oils! She endured the switching turns with my husband to do hip squeezes on me and giving me water. She was very supportive throughout the whole labor and never once did I feel like she was ready for it to be over with. I highly recommend Meredith. Money well spent! And it’s a nice bonus that she does a post pardum check up at your house and is very available to answer follow up questions, advise on breast feeding, etc. She’s a great resource! 

Ashleigh Lankford


Meredith was available and attentive throughout my pregnancy. She was a listening ear, helpful resource, and friend. She was at my side quickly when I went into labor and held my hand, tended to my needs, and was a calming presence when I was laboring. I am so grateful! I would definitely use Meredith again! 

Whitney Wheeler Collins


We are so thankful for the steady support, encouragement, and wisdom that Meredith brought to our birth team. She is absolutely the most perfect doula! She is able to use both her medical experience and extensive knowledge of natural birthing practices to make pregnancy and labor a calm and empowering experience. My husband and i are so thankful for her guidance and friendship. 

Devon McCary


Meredith was invaluable during my labor and delivery. I really could not have achieved my goal of having a completely unmedicated birth without her by my side. Her experience as a nurse allowed her to help me make the medical decisions that one will face during her delivery. Meredith comes with a wealth of pain management techniques that are essential to anyone seeking an unmedicated birth. While she had many clients during my last trimester, Meredith made my husband and I feel like we were her only clients, answering millions of questions. I don’t have enough good things to say about this amazing doula. And her hips squeezes...wonderful! 

Stephanie Davila


Meredith was incredible. I struggled so much with prodromal labor. She came to my rescue and helped me with hydration and positioning. That lasted 4 days so when active labor came, she helped not only me but my tired husband. Then the baby was not doing well so I needed a cesarean and she helped calm my birth quakes and left me totally at peace with my birth story. She calmed my husband after our baby was taken to the NICU. She is such a loving and peaceful presence through the whole process. I'm not sure how our family would have survived this birth without her.

Allison Qin


When my husband and I were preparing for the birth of our little boy last year we realized, being first time parents, we had no idea what to expect and wanted someone who could help us through the process. We interviewed a few doulas and immediately connected with Meredith. We loved her sunny personality, her medical background, and her general approach to the birthing experience (which was to plan, but be flexible). Working with Meredith was the best decision we made and I could not imagine going through this experience without her. Meredith was there for us throughout the pregnancy, during the birth (obviously), and even after. I would reach out with questions, concerns, anything really, and she was always very responsive and did an excellent job of answering my questions and calming my fears. For example, she recommended a prenatal chiropractor who I fell in love with and still use today. My plan for the birth was to let the process occur naturally and avoid medication if possible. After my water broke, my body, and the little guy, had other plans. Meredith was completely supportive of our change of plans and remained by our side offering suggestions and alternatives, always deferring to our decisions. We ended up with a pretty long labor, over 4 hours of pushing, and in the end a C-section. Each time we faced a change of plans Meredith would discuss our options with us and prepare us for the next steps. Having her there to talk through all our options made making the decisions that were different from our original birth plan so much easier to make. She also ended up keeping my family (in the waiting room) informed through the process. My mom still talks about how helpful it was to have her there to explain where we were in the process and find out what was going on when things took longer than expected. She was a rock star and cannot imagine welcoming our child into this world without her.

Lindsey Scribner


Meredith was a blessing to find! When I found out I was pregnant after a c-section and a miscarriage I knew I wanted a doula to help me get my VBAC. My 1st birth was very traumatic and I felt like I was pressured into an unnecessary c-section. I wanted someone to advocate for me when I was in the middle of labor and to help me stay focused on what my ultimate goal was. Meredith was this and more! She helped calm my fears and doubts and helped me stay patient throughout my pregnancy. She was such a calming factor for me during labor but at the same time such a big motivatior! My labor went FAST. Water broke at 4:30 am and had my daughter at 7:18am. By the time she got there my head was spinning and I was in transition. I started doubting myself and worrying that I wouldn't be able to do it. When she walked in I instantly felt calm and focused. When other people were telling me what to do, or not to do really (don't have that baby in the floor! You need to get in the bed!), she was there to tell me I was doing just fine and asked me what I wanted and needed. She encouraged me through everything and did exactly what I needed. I highly recommend having her there and will not birth another baby without her! She also came to our house to check on us postpartum! We love our doula and can't wait to have her attend our next birth! 

Jullian Kersh


Meredith is an amazing Doula.  I decided to go with her because of her experience in Labor and Delivery as an RN and her wonderful personality. She is always positive and has an open mind when it comes to decisions you choose to make for birth plan.  She was readily available via phone calls, emails and text message anytime I had a quesiton or concern.  As a first time mom, it was just nice to have someone with experience to help me understand motherhood and how to prepare for labor and delivery. During Delivery, she helped me stay strong and positive and she gave me great massages to help relieve the pain. My husband was so grateful because she reminded us of some of the techniques to help get through the labor pains.  She was there as soon as I got to hospital and all the way until I delivered my beuatiful baby girl!  Having her by my side the whole time gave me the confidence I needed that I was doing the right things and I can be strong.  Once I got home with baby, she also checked in and came to my home to see how things were going and followed up to check how breastfeeding was going and assisted there as well. She is very hands on and with you every step of the way.  I highly recommend her! 

Jamie Koch


Meredith was an excellent doula! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in DFW. My husband and I were so pleased with the birth of our daughter and she was a huge part of this. (This was my first pregnancy and we had a home birth.)

Meredith was very accessible during my pregnancy, always willing to answer my questions and offer her advice. During the birth she was great at being involved and also giving my husband and I intimate time alone. I appreciated her suggestions and direction as I labored, but didn't feel pressured to do exactly what she said. I definitely wanted her input and advice, and told her so in advance. She was excellent at giving me this, but allowed me make the final call and supported me in whatever decision I made.

Labor is a bit of a blur, but I remember feeling comforted, supported, and confident with her by my side.

Madeline Hardy


I highly recommend Meredith as a doula. She was there for me during my pregnancy to answer any questions I had and provided reassurance to me. She has such a sweet, calm presence which is very welcome during labor and after delivery. Although I had a super fast labor and almost had the baby in the car, she still came to support me after birth and assist as needed with breastfeeding. She was always just a phone call or text away if I had any questions. She will respect your wishes and help you achieve your dream birth!

Joanna Canales


Meredith was a blessing to have present during my labor. She is a great source of calming energy.

My husband and I had moved to Dallas when I was 32 weeks pregnant. I had read several books, practiced yoga, and generally did all that I could to prepare for a natural childbirth. A friend recommended that I find a doula to help me through childbirth in order to avoid the medicines like I wanted. In the past, my body did not react well with drugs, and I did not want to start motherhood that way. Meredith was recommended to me through the North Dallas Doula Associates, and I am grateful that she came into my life. My labor progressed not as I expected. I was late, started labor the day of my scheduled induction, and then failed to progress, only to learn later that the baby was being straguled by the cord. My natural childbirth consisted of 36 hours of labor that ended in a c-sec. Throughout this time, Meredith provided me with what I needed. Casual conversation so I would stop staring at the baby's heart monitor, confidence that I was making good decisions, and techniques to manage the pain and progress the contractions. My labor was the opposite of what I wanted, but I have no regrets or ill thoughts about it. I do credit this to Meredith, as she kept my husband and me calm and confident during the whole process. I never felt judged for choosing to get the epidural or finally hours later, the c-section. I also know that if I did have a natural delivery, with or without pain medicine, that Meredith would have been an amazing support during it. 


please excuse any typos as I am the sleep deprived mother of a newborn. 

Stephanie Pollard


Meredith is the reason I had such an AMAZING childbirth and thanks to her, my birth story is a first time mama's dream. When I say her support was/is endless, I mean it. From the first initial meeting, to joining me at an OB appt, to our postpartum at-home visit...she is just a joy to have around. I can't recall how many calls and texts were exchanged at all hours of the day(s), whenever I needed her. From the moment I hired her, I knew it was the best decision I had made for both my husband and I. She was always the calming voice on the other side of the phone that encouraged me as we labored at home for as long as I could. She knew my birth plan and I had full trust that she would ensure all the nurses and doctors were on the same page during my labor/delivery process. The only thing I had to do was breathe!! Her L&D background is just the cherry on top. She helped make sure I was always comfortable, allowed me to rest when I could but checked on me every hour, and overall her presence gave me such confidence in myself. With her consistent support by my side, I felt like nothing could go wrong. I could've asked for the moon and she would have found a way to give it to me! She even took some invaluable photos in the moments right after birth as a bonus. Reflecting back, I KNOW that I would not have had the birth I did if it were not for her guiding me every step of the way. As a first time mom, you feel clueless and scared to death from all the stories and common stereotypes out there. Having Meredith as my doula felt like I had a mini handbook to childbirth. She not only supported me in every way that I needed her to; she was there for my husband, giving him tips on how he could help me get through every contraction. Her warm and inviting personality allowed me to ask any and all questions regarding my pregancy, delivery, and even breastfeeding. If we decide to have a 2nd kiddo, you best believe Meredith will be my doula!! She's the best!


Brooke Canning


Having a natural birth had never crossed my mind. My husband was the one who suggested it before we were even trying for our first and I thought he had lost his mind. Why would anyone do this with all the advancements in medicine these days was my thought. Then when we found out we were pregnant and had conversations with other moms who had gone the natural route, the idea began to grow on me. However, I knew if this was our decision we would never be able to do it alone. That's when we met with Meredith and immediately decided she was the perfect match for us. She was confident in her abilities and knowledge, yet completely open and supportive of our wants and needs. We loved that she had the L&D nursing background as well as it gave us comfort that she could explain everything that was going on in the delivery room. She helped us welcome our first little girl and we were right, there is no way we would have had a successful natural delivery without her. We are forever grateful for her and she will be our go to doula if the need arises again!

Amanda Abbey


I could not have asked for a better experience with our doula, Meredith. Things did not go as we had planned with the birth of our daughter (epidural then c-section) but she was so encouraging through out the whole process. She cared for us so well and is so knowledgeable about the whole process from her background as an L&D nurse. We were paired with her last minute and I just wish we could have had more time to spend together during my whole pregnancy. So thankful to have her there that day!!

Kristin Warren


Meredith was supportive before, during and after the birth. She was readily available by phone or text and was prompt to return messages. During the birth she had an extremely positive, supportive and uplifting attitude. She gave support to both mom and dad in helping with position changes, encouraging and directive words, and afterbirth support (pictures, water, breastfeeding). Meredith worked well as a team with the birth midwives.

Michael Canning


Having Meredith as our Doula was truly a God send. It was really hard at times to see my wife hurting, and Meredith was wonderful at not only helping my wife feel comforted, but me as well. She met us at the hospital at 10pm and stayed with us all through the birth at 1pm the following day. She even let me catch a nap! Her ability to interpret what the nurses and doctors were telling us was such a big relief. I felt that my wife and baby were safer with Meredith there. I'm glad we met with her several times beforehand to discuss our options and what the overall process would be like. Finally, I appreciated that she had me participate in the process instead of being an observer. I would have just sat back and watched but Meredith did a great job of giving me an active role in the birth of our daughter, and I'll never forget it!

Jessica Ruckheim


Yes, it's true, Meredith is a superhero!  After my original doula came down with a cold, Meredith and I met while I was being induced and she truly "saved the day."  Her warm demeanor and calm nature immediately put my husband and myself at ease.  The hospital staff also loved her.  Despite this being my second birth experence, we encountered several hurdles.  Meredith walked us through our options with poise and intelligence.  During active labor, I entered an unexpected stage of disorientation and a bit of shock (due to an extended induction period and no pain meds, upon my request).  She helped comfort me with affirming statements, coaching, and appropriate massage to release some of the pain.  Additionally, she supported my request to deliver in the labor position of my choice.  The midwife and hospital staff also accomodated my decisions.  While my support team consisted of very capable staff and a loving husband, I would not have fulfilled my desire to have a natural birth if Meredith had not been present.  She helped me maintain composure and persevere through challenging circumstances.  Meredith Markussen is undoubtedly an experienced medical profeffional who exhibits the sensitivity and confidence needed to ensure her client's needs are met.

Kelsey Jensen


For my first daughters birth, I got an epidural and didn't ever feel like I was really in control of my body or the whole process. With my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted to do something different. 

When I met Meredith, I felt so comfortable around her right away. She is so warm and personable. We met throughout my pregnancy and she would text me periodically to check in. She walked me through all of my options and helped me create my birth plan. I ended up losing my insurance at about 34 weeks pregnant, which resulted in me switching doctors. I luckily found a doctor who would take me so late in my pregnancy, but he didn't have the best bedside manner. I honestly wasn't worried about it because I knew I would have Meredith there with me, so I wouldnt feel pressured or bullied by the doctor to veer from my birth plan.

My birth did not go how I envisioned - I ended up having an almost painless labor. The baby also ended up coming really quickly and the doctor didn't make it in time. The nurses seemed panicked that they would be delivering the baby, but since Meredith used to be a labor and delivery nurse, she was cool as a cucumber. Not only did she help me stay calm, but also my husband and the nurses!

My husband still tells me getting a doula was one of the best experiences for him because he was able to relax so much more! Originally, I thought my Doula would only be there to help me manage the pain of labor. I was so wrong! Even though I wasn't in a lot of pain, my labor wasn't what I had planned. For example, I wanted to labor at home as long as possible but I ended up being admitted to the hospital unexpectedly when I went in for an appointment. Meredith made sure I felt in control the whole time and I ended up having the most beautiful and perfect birth experience. 

I cannot recommend Meredith highly enough! Even though my birth did not go as I had envisioned, it was absolutely perfect -thanks to Meredith!

Chelsea Migura


Upon discussion of my desired birthing experience, I was referred to Meredith directly by my OB, Dr. Jennifer Gulick. Dr. Gulick stated she had worked with Meredith through North Dallas Doula Associates. I felt comfortable contacting Meredith knowing she had a company affiliation and my doctors referral. 

When I contacted Meredith she was extremely warm and professional. She answered all of my questions ranging from her involvement in my pregnancy and birth, my husbands role as my support, cost, and insurance claims. I waivered on hiring her due to my husbands concerns of being my support. He was concerned with a doula present he would have no role in my support. Meredith spoke with me many times, even after I said I was not interested. She helped me to understand and explain to my husband that she was not there to replace anyone (my husband or the nurses on staff) but rather to empower and support us. 

And that is exactly what she did. I spoke with her a few times during pregnancy and provided updates after OB appointments. It was very helpful to follow up with her about my concerns and to talk about my appointment findings. 

Two weeks before my due date my water broke but I did not begin labor on my own. I was on the phone with Meredith off and on all morning checking my status. When I arrived at the hospital to ensure my water broke Meredith offered to come. I asked her to wait until I was in active labor and she obliged me. 

When I began contractions we called Meredith and she arrived. She was amazing. She coached me and also helped to guide my husband in how to help me. I labored on pitocin with no other drugs as my wish was to have a drug-free birth. I wavered at the end of my labor and asked for pain medication. Meredith helped me to stick to my birth plan and have no further interventions. 

With MerEdith's help I delivered a healthy baby boy. 

Emily Liddell


I've had two births and Meredith was present for both. Throughout pregnancy, she was available for emotional support and questions. She checked in to ask how I was feeling and how appointments went. She encouraged me when I started to have doubts or fears. During both labors, Meredith helped with positioning, breathing, pain management, emotional support, comfort, making sure the atmosphere was relaxing, and much more. She allowed my husband and I to have time together to work through contractions, but was close by when we needed her. She was supportive and absolutely necessary during both labors.

During hard labor she was there to give me encouragement, to hold my hand, brush back my hair, and remind me that “you CAN do this", “you ARE doing this!", “you're strong", “you're doing this for your baby." She knew exactly what to say. She held my hand during the pushing phase. She was there to tell me, “Good job, Em!!”, “you’re doing it!!”, “you’re going to be holding your baby soon!." These things were so incredibly helpful to hear. If I needed a cold towel on my head, she handled it. During postpartum, she was there for emotional support and questions about recovery, breastfeeding, newborn care, etc.

Meredith will put your needs first; she will listen to your requests and desires for your birth. She did not do anything that overstepped what my husband and I wanted. She is extremely encouraging of husband involvement. She has had experience with hundreds of births as a Labor & Delivery nurse, which only gave me more confidence in her ability to know what to do and how to help. She has medical expertise along with her doula training which sets her apart. She’s given birth and knows what you’re going through. She’s gentle, kind, and confident. I highly recommend Meredith as a birth doula. She was exactly what I needed!

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