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Malerie Brock

Equinox Birth Collective

Prescott, AZ Service range 75 miles

Birth Fee

$800 to $1400

Birth Fee

$800 to $1400

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 90 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2015

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend births at our local hospitals: YRMC, VVMC, and FMC

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I am currently an assistant Midwife for Beginnings Birth Center (Prescott Valley)

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am a student Midwife through Midwives College of Utah

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

ASPEN- Abuse Support and Education Prevention Now Volunteer

Fee Details

Our collective offers 3 birth + postpartum packages ranging from $800-$1400. Visit to learn more.

Prescott, AZ Service range 75 miles

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Client Testimonials for Malerie Brock

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Sarah Stewart


I hardly know where to begin with explaining how vital a role Malerie played in our first birth story. We knew we wanted to plan for a natural birth, but we had no idea what to expect. Malerie helped us discuss our desires and address our fears. She also taught us techniques and positions for labor. Little did we know that the day after our second appointment, we’d be calling her in for the real thing! Though my husband’s presence was unquestionably necessary throughout, having Malerie there to tag team my support gave him the chance for self-care as well. My labor turned out to be a difficult 35.5 hours, and even though we didn’t have coffee in our house, Malerie tirelessly boosted our morale. When the hospital staff offered me pain and sleep medications, Malerie amazingly helped me to sleep through several hours of difficult back labor at home. When I awoke, she was ready with an arsenal of effective exercises to progress labor and get baby into position. Malerie made it possible for me to labor at home, which was so much more peaceful and productive. With Malerie’s encouragement and help, we achieved our labor goals of staying home, avoiding medication, and lifting some of the burden of support off my husband. Malerie knew exactly how to support me, anticipating my needs when I was unable to communicate. Her soothing voice calmed me as she kept me focused on breathing and relaxing. She was a guide through uncharted territory, reminding us at each step that I was strong, that I was safe, labor was normal and good, and that our precious baby was at the end of it! Reflecting upon our experience, even with all of the difficulties, I would do it all natural again next time, but only with Malerie there to help! I can’t imagine trying to do it without her! Don’t even think about going it alone, just hire Malerie!

Leanna Woodley


I whole-heartedly recommend Malerie Brock!  We moved to the area mid-pregnancy and were referred to her through a friend. Choosing to hire Malerie was one of the best decisions we made throughout this pregnancy.  She met with us ahead of time and helped us feel comfortable with birthing decisions and how to create a birth plan.  She met with us again pre-birth and worked with my husband and I on comfort techniques, breathing methods, tools to help throughout labor and helped us gain a better idea of what we could expect.  When the time came, Malerie was responsive and kept in contact as we waited for the time when we needed her.  As soon as we called, she headed out and met us at the hospital soon after.  During such an enormously monumental moment in our lives, Malerie did an incredible job of comforting me, assisting my husband and helping guide him in how to help me.  She was never in the way, but instead was wonderfully sensitive and aware of my needs, stepping in exactly when and how we needed her.  She was reassuring, encouraging, patient and a calming presence in the midst of an emotional, difficult, painful, but beautiful experience.  We chose to keep the actual delivery portion just between my husband and I, with a waiting room full of family anxiously waiting outside.  We wanted this to be an intimate moment that just we could share.  Having Malerie there, in no way, lessened that intimacy.  She helped encourage me through pushing but knew exactly when to step back and let us enjoy our birth experience.  She helped lessen my fear of birth, manage my pain during labor, and helped my husband know how to help me throughout.  If we choose to have another child, I will definitely want Malerie to help bring our 2nd baby into the world.  I am a newborn photographer and have been and will continue to recommend Malerie to all of my clients!  

Rebecca Sumner


First: Hire Malerie. That was easily the best decision we made.
It's been five months of trying to sit down to write this. I write as a part of my professional life but I've struggled to find the words.
Malerie's support, knowledge, experience, and - really far and away more important - wisdom! took what could have been a really painful birth story and transformed it into a holy and safe time for our whole family. When I wanted to give up, she coached me on and provided sympathy, new ideas, and reminders of how much I love this little one. When my mom didn't understand parts of the birth plan, she was gentle and friendly in helping my mom support me. She was an excellent support to my husband.
She kept the space peaceful and holy. She took notes to remind me of things I will treasure forever. She took beautiful photos.

Before the birth, my mom thought a doula sounded intrusive and told me that, at some point, I'll want to ask Malerie to leave...just because she's not family and the midwives will be enough. After the birth my mom said: "I have no idea what you would have done without Malerie. She was a gift from God."

We don't yet know if we will have another - but we do know that if we do, we want Malerie to be there.

I simply can't recommend her enough.

Rebecca VG


Absolutely Fabulous! Even at our consulting appointment, Malerie was very generous with her time and support. I believe she sat for about two hours discussing my concerns and reassuring this angsty mom-to-be. She's good at listening and her questions helped me to think through issues throughout the entire experience.

The first pre-natal visit covered birth plan options, the second, pain management techniques. My husband and I hadn't taken a pain management class, but Malerie's crash course was more than enough to us through! I had a couple issues that increased the chance of needing intervention; we talked though my options and discussed the guilt I was tempted to feel.

I did end up needing an induction that included cervical ripening and pitocin. Though she had offered to come to the hospital upon my admittance, we opted to wait until active labor started. All the while, she stayed in contact and gave us activities and positions to help things along. When active labor did start, she arrived within an hour. She helped me manage without any pain medications by guiding us through each contraction and to different positions. I felt I could trust her and my medical staff, so I was able to fully focus on getting through the contractions. With her leading the way, my husband was happy not to have to figure out what was next. She made sure he was taking care of himself and even offered snacks and tylenol since his back got quite the workout. She snapped some wonderful pictures of our baby's delivery and helped us settle into our post-partdum room.

Her post-partdum meeting was a lovely visit that included a few more photos of our new little family!

What I loved about her approach was that she viewed birth as a natural process, one of which instilled a lot of confidence. She's also realistic and accepting, which helped bring me peace through the induction. I honestly can't thank her enough for her role in delivering our little girl!

Taylor Polus


I gave birth 2 weeks ago with Malerie as our doula and it was a magical experience made better with malerie by our side. It was our first birth and a natural water birth at that! the thing i first noticed about her is her warm energy &
calming effect.What i was nervous about in trying to find a doula was finding somebody with a personality, that i could relate and feel myself with, but who was also professional. Malerie is EXACTLY that. She is so sweet & also so professional and knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor, birth, pain coping, etc. We met 2 times prenatally to go over birth plans, fears, hopes, pain relief methods and to just really get ready for the big day. Me and Robert enjoyed our meetings with her and felt more confident afterwards. I was due the 5th of june and went very quickly into labor on the 3rd. My contractions went from nothing to very much something within a few hours and despite my almost disbelief of being in real labor, Robert called her and she was at our house within an hour. she was totally there energetically physically emotionally and mentally. She reminded me of all the pain relieving techniques that I couldn't remember in the intensity of the moment. She held me through a crazy car ride to the birth center, and then throughout the next 2 hours of intensely quick labor and birth. She helped my husband help me, she was intuitive and quick thinking, supportive and calm, smart with hydrating and cooling me. I would just look at something, unable to find the words to ask for it, and she would pick up on that and get it for me. She even took amazingly beautiful photos that we will treasure forever. Hire Malerie as your doula. She is so sweet, warm, knowledgeable, professional and I would recommend her to anybody preparing forbirth. We truly loved working with her and will again if we have another
baby in this area in the future!

Jenni Monahan


Malerie attended the surprise nearly-three-week-early birth of our second baby girl, and she did such a fantastic job. I emailed her the day of letting her know that the birth might be impending (although it was so early I was in denial), and she was more than willing to join us (even way off schedule) and even though we hadn't had our prenatal visit yet. It was all a bit fly by the seat of our pants, but she was calm, collected, and responded so well to my cues and requests during my labor.

She was already at the birthing center when we arrived, helped me out of the car and assisted me through a few surges as we entered the birthing center. Although we had no practice session together, Malerie was so flexible and responded very well to any of my requests or suggestions. She took her lead from my husband as well, and helped so much by gently touching areas of my body that were too tense as a reminder to help me relax into the surges and let go of the fear. Neither my mother nor my mother in law could get to the birthing center before baby was born as we were only there for about four hours, so Malerie was very integral as a support for both myself and my husband. She held bowls when I was sick, wiped my brow when hot, brought liquids when needed without being prompted, reminded me to breath when it got too intense, and more. She allowed my husband to take a much needed break half way through, and she snapped a few lovely photos for us as well that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

Malerie is very professional, caring, sensitive to your families needs, and has an overall calm demeanor that is hugely helpful to the laboring mother and her support. I highly recommend her, and although don't plan on any more children, if it did happen, I would absolutely hire her again as our doula.

Joseph N Jessica Balsom


HIRE THIS WOMAN! I will start off by saying I had an unexpected 64 hour labor. My labor was very unusual. I was the first in my family to want to/have a vaginal birth in three generations. I needed support. So I hired myself a doula! Malerie was the PERFECT match for us. She came to our home where she helped prepare my birth plan and coached us in relaxation techniques and positions. She was available to answer my questions at any time of day.

The big day! She came to my home where the real process began. She was very attentive to my needs and ready with suggestions for pain relief and positions. I labored at home for about 30 hours and had two failed hospital visits before I was admitted. She hit if off great with family and medical staff. Things started to take a turn in my birth plan as we rounded 48 hours without sleep. Malerie was great at getting me to refocus but it was getting to the point where I was unable to breathe through my contractions or cope with the pain any longer due to lack of energy. When I decided to get the epidural, she talked me through my decision to advert from my plan without any judgment. I felt that she was on my side. I thought I would feel guilty for giving up on natural birth, but she helped me feel confident in my choice. I want to mention how appreciative I was to have her as a constant presence in my entire labor. In the end, there was a shift change right before I began to push and the staff had a complete lack of interest in my plan to deliver vaginally and had an OB standing by. Staff wouldn't coach me on when to push or anything. Luckily I had Malerie! She could tell by the sounds I made when would be an effective time to push. If it weren’t for her desire to help me have the birth I desired, I am sure the doctors would have forced a C-section on me. Because of Malerie’s support and advocacy, I had the birth I wanted while feeling safe and deeply cared about! I will be hiring her again.

lacey ulinski


My experience with Malerie Brock was simply wonderful. She spent many hours going over my birth goals and plans, as well as discussing how things went with my first birth (I only had the OB for the first) and I found her to be completely supportive of everything I wanted to do. She is so friendly and fun to get to know! She shared her birth stories and the things she wished she had known or done and I learned a lot that I had never even considered in my planning. She was a fantastic resource whenever I had questions about labor, delivery, or even pregnancy problems and she was always able to come to my appointments when I wanted her to. She was a voice of reason in my labor process and it was so reassuring to me to know that even though the midwife and nursing staff there didn't know me personally I had Malerie on my side to make sure my voice was heard and my wishes were honored when I was in too much pain to comminucate effectively. She was a joy to have involved in my pregnancy, labor, and delivery! She brought humor and warmth as well as good distracting conversation into the delivery room and my husband was able to get a few hours of much-needed sleep while she paced the halls with me between contractions. She was by my side when I delivered my daughter and cheered me on the entire way while offering what little physical comfort can be had during delivery such as a fan or massage. After having Malerie as my doula I won't go through another pregnancy, labor, and delivery without her! I can't recommend her strongly enough. If you just want a doula choose anyone. If you want a friend, partner, and cheerleader to fight for you and stand by your side; choose Malerie Brock! 

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