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Christina Libby CD(DONA)

Commonwealth Doula Services

Frankfort, KY Service range 50 miles I attend all births (home or hospital) between Lex and Lou.


Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Fee

$800 to $1000

Birth Doula Experience

3 years and 49 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2015
  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), October 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Including Tree of Life Birthing Center in Jeffersonville, IN. Would in KY...if KY had your legislator!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With a Certified Professional Midwife or Certified Nurse Midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Franklin County Women's Shelter Volunteer Frankfort Human Rights Commission- Commissioner

Fee Details

I believe every person who wants a doula should have one. Fee can be split into as many payments as needed between hire and post-partum visit with discussion. I am happy discuss payment options, bartering agreements, or reduced fee on a case by case basis along with the ability to provide contact for other high quality doulas at different price points. Please contact me to discuss. Commonwealth Doula Services does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), sex, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.

Frankfort, KY Service range 50 miles I attend all births (home or hospital) between Lex and Lou.

Client Testimonials for Christina Libby CD(DONA)

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Tori Dunn


I have started to write this review several times but each time I deleted it because my words were never enough. So here I go again, trying to put into words an experience that left me speechless. When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew I wanted a doula. I talked to my husband about it and he looked at me like I had ten heads. First of all, he had no clue what a doula was, what services they provide, or why I would want/need some stranger to support me through my birth when he would be there. After our first meeting with Christina, my husband was surprised by the amount of knowledge Christina possessed regarding pregnancy, labor & delivery, and post partum care. We decided Christina was the perfect match for us! Throughout my pregnancy, Christina would check up on me after appointments, I could ask her any questions I had and she would provide me with research based information. She helped me write my birth plan and the lines of communication were always open. During labor, Christina turned out all the lights, placing flickering candles in the room to help make me feel more calm and relaxed. She showed my husband how to properly administer hip squeezes which were a life saver! When my body kicked in and labor really began to progress, she was there talking me through each contraction and helping me keep a steady breathing rhythm. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been a panicked, stressed mess if she wasn’t there encouraging me and helping me remain calm. Everything went perfectly, although we did almost have a toilet baby; thank goodness I have a strong husband who carried me to the bed in time, and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl! At our post partum visit with Christina, my husband told her that she will be at all our children’s births because he is now a believer in the incredible work she does! We were so blessed to have Christina as our doula!

Julianna O'Brien


After my first pregnancy, my impression of a doula was largely someone who you signed a contract with and then they were present at your birth and that was it. We were presently surprised that hiring Christina as our doula meant we had her as a constant source of support through the remaining 30 weeks of pregnancy in addition to birth and postpartum. I so appreciated her weekly check-ins, even when I didn't have concerns to discuss. Whenever I did have a question she was quick to respond with encouragement and evidence-based resources. During our birth, Christina supported end encouraged us in all the ways we didn't even know we needed. She stayed with me in triage while my husband parked our car. She helped our midwife get the birth pool set up quickly. When we discussed breaking my water with my care provider she made sure I was aware of all the possible implications before making a decision. She provided wonderful counter pressure at the most intense point of labor. When it very suddenly became apparent it was go time and I involuntarily dropped to my knees pushing on the bathroom floor exclaiming there was no way I could make it out to the birth stool she simply picked me up and essentially carried me out to where I needed to be. When pushing (and catching! which she reminded my care provider I wanted to do) my daughter she stepped back to allow my husband and I space and captured a few precious moments on video. After delivery, she got warm blankets, all kinds of snacks, and cleaned up the birth tub. Our family is complete now but if I ever had another child I'd hire Christina a hundred times over. She is professional, warm, experienced, kind, funny, and incredibly knowledgable. Thanks in part to Christina's support I truly had the birth experience of my dreams. Side note, as a person with a parent in the LGBTQ+ community it meant a lot to me that Christina was thoughtful enough to include a nondiscrimination statement on her website.

Matt Page


When my wife and I found out we were expecting our first baby we started asking friends and family about their experience with pregnancy and birthing. A few of them suggested we look into having a doula. At first we really weren’t sure what the doula would do or if it would really be helpful for us. I can now say without hesitation, hiring Christina to be our doula was one of the best decisions we made. She was able to help us achieve the kind of birthing experience we had hoped for. Reflecting back on the birthing process I can now see how easy it would have been to get lost and overwhelmed along the way. Christina was the guide through the vast wilderness of birthing and at every turn, she was there to walk us through it. The intensity of the process makes it almost impossible to track all of what is happening moment to moment. Having a calm, experienced, compassionate, empathetic doula in the room allowed me to pay attention to the most important task at hand, being there for my wife. I thought having a doula was mostly for my wife but now I understand she was just as important for me.

L.A. Watson


When my husband and I first met Christina, we were struck by her down to earth demeanor and straightforward answers to all of the many questions we had. This was my first time being pregnant and we had no idea what to expect! It was awesome knowing we could run questions by her as they came to us throughout a significant portion of my pregnancy. She was always quick to answer us and compassionate and thoughtful in her responses. We contacted her as soon as my labor started and she was so helpful in easing all our concerns. She came over as soon as we wanted her to be there and was so helpful in giving us mini tasks/exercises to keep us busy and focused throughout labor. We wanted to stay home as long as possible and were able to do so with Christina’s help! When we finally showed up to the hospital I was already 8cm dilated!! Without Christina’s ever present support I know we would have traveled to the hospital much sooner. I credit Christina with giving us the support we needed to fulfill our desire to stay home through a majority of labor and being able to have the natural birth I had hoped to have.

Jacob Cecil


As a man, I can listen to my wife describe what she experiences and how she feels during pregnancy, but can never truly understand what she's going through. Christina, as a seasoned doula and mother herself, is able to relate to my wife's experience better than I ever could. Allowing her to participate in my wife's pregnancy and delivery was worth every penny. She was available to my wife night and day, eager to answer whatever questions my wife had about what she was experiencing as Owen grew in utero. Not only did she have good answers, she could back them with her own experience, as well as all the latest research.

If my wife had a concern or a problem during her pregnancy, Christina was often able to suggest an invaluable solution, be it a stretching exercise, good book, or what question to ask her midwife. My wife was trying for a VBAC which unfortunately in this area is a novelty, so Christina even attended a few appointments late in the pregnancy so she could develop a relationship with the midwife that would make cooperation during labor and delivery smoother. This extra effort was greatly appreciated, and was a factor in my wife's successful VBAC delivery of our 10 lb baby Owen!

She was an active participant and coach during labor, nearly beating us to the hospital, and staying with us during the entire 12 hour labor at the hospital. She transformed the cold, bright hospital room into a softly lit, comfortable, and relaxing birth suite, complete with relaxing music and aromas, helping my wife relax in a strange environment. She coached my wife through her contractions, and helped her with various movements and exercises that helped little Owen find his way out. If something wasn't working or not comfortable, she had three other exercises or things to try. She coached my wife right through the delivery and even for a time after, and remained available for questions after we went home. I highly recommend Christina as a doula!

Kelly McClinton


I was determined to have a natural birth and knew that my husband and I would benefit from the extra support of a doula. From the moment we interviewed Christina, I knew it was a match. In that first meeting I could see her passion for supporting women and their partners through the pregnancy journey and she was so easy to talk to. Once we hired her she became a wonderful resource and answered any questions we had.

She was a rockstar during my labor and delivery! We were admitted to the hospital around 11:30pm and I had our baby girl at 4:22pm the next day. She helped me stay focused and in control of my labor. She knew what I wanted out of my birth experience and I felt 100% supported. Our daughter did have to go to the nicu for a couple weeks due to meconium aspiration at birth, but Christina constantly checked on us and made sure we had everything we needed. Now we are home with our beautifu, healthy baby girl and I am so thankful that Christina was part of that process. I cannot emphasize enough what a blessing she has been and I would highly recommend her!

Jala Miller


We debated the need for a doula for some time. We could appreciate the value of a doula’s expertise but also wanted to have the most intimate birthing experience possible and hiring a stranger to be so closely involved seemed like it might be counterproductive to that goal.

Around 30 weeks we finished weighing all of the pros and cons and made the call that we would like to have a doula. We received a trusted recommendation followed by a fantastic interview that made it clear Christina was the perfect fit for us. We bonded quickly and found all of the information, resources, and support she provided during the remainder of the pregnancy to be extremely helpful.

From my perspective, as the father and birth partner, having Christina on our team enabled me to focus solely on physical and emotional support for my partner during labor while relying on Christina’s expertise as needed. We had a very long and difficult labor experience in which Christina provided multiple position suggestions; during many of the contractions counter pressure from four hands rather than only two was welcomed. She was also very helpful with family communication and assurance; our parents are still talking about how wonderful she was and how glad they were that she was there with us.

Christina was fully engaged and empathetic for the entire 20+ hours she was with us, which was an amazing feat immediately following another birth of about 12+ hours and with only a few hours of rest.

She’s truly found her calling as a doula with her emphatic personality and vast expertise. We highly recommend her services!

Cassie Cunningham


Christina was the ideal doula during my baby's birthing time and all throughout my pregnancy. She made sure I was taking care of and that I remained calm and confident. If I had any concerns or questions, she was immediately willing to discuss them and set my mind at ease. During my baby's birthing time, she was there every time I needed her and was especially good at anticipating my needs without me having to say it. The best thing about Christina, for me, was that she didn't feel like someone I had employed to help me. She felt like, and still feels like, a friend. During my labor, Christina not only took care of me, but also cared for my husband and nine year old step-daughter, as well. She protected my wishes with veracity and put my husband's mind at ease many times. I especially appreciate her willingness to continue and answer my questions even after the birth. I didn't realize how many questions I would have about newborn life or about processing my birth, but she has answered them all without hesitation. I would absolutely recommend her to my closest friends and I am so glad we chose her to be our doula. 

Lauren Cecil


I went into my first pregnancy with the idea that my son would come into the world with limited medical intervention and with no fear. What I got instead was a very impersonal delivery that was more about what the hospital wanted than what I wanted. My son ended up being born via c-section after what the hospital deemed as my son's "failure to descend." I was told so many things by the hospital staff: my baby was too big (he was 10 pounds), my pelvis was too small (he had gotten stuck in my pelvis coming out sideways), and that there was nothing I could have done to change the outcome. Despite this I always had the nagging feeling that there WAS something I could have done to have had my son the way I imagined. At that point I didn't realize it was a certain doula named Christina Libby! 

When I became pregnant with my second son I knew I was going to fight for the experience I felt my first labor and delivery should have been. I found Christina through a simple online search and I was immediately drawn to her desire to empower and educate women on birth. From the very beginning she was always there to answer my questions no matter how silly or in depth. She sent me materials to educate myself on VBAC deliveries. She helped me to eradicate my fear of the unknown by directing me to birth statistics and evidence based practices. She always put the power back into my hands when I started to doubt myself. When it came time to deliver my son it was like having a psychic in the room! She always knew what I needed without me having to utter a single word, she gave my husband the confidence to help me when he was in doubt, and she created such an enviroment of peace, safety and guidance. I ended up not only having a successful VBAC (with another 10 pound baby) but I had a truly healing and spiritual birth experience. Christina was without a doubt the key to having the birth I wanted and I am forever grateful for her support and care!

Justin Cunningham


It's difficult to describe how well something went, or how much it was needed, when you didn't know you needed it in the first place. 

Christina was wonderful from the start. Our meeting from the beginning was wonderful, and my wife was smitten from there. Christina wasn't intrusive, overbearing or arrogant. She informed us of her duties, of our responsibilities and how we can make the birth go as smoothly as possible. I never felt obligated, and my own internal desires to be there as a father weren't inturrupted by her presence. It was the most necessary invisible person I've ever not known I've needed. 

As a dad, there are certain expectations of us that we have at the birth. Of course, I could have performed those without Christina. But to see her trucking alongside me, 11 hours in and not skipping a was amazing. She kept us hydrated and caffinated (at least I was) throughout. She answered questions, fanned, cool rags, tubs of water...the list goes on. Added bonus that she treated my nine year old as an integral part of the birth, going so far as to automatically include her in duties that Christina would normally perform. It wasn't until after that I realized what kind of weight was lifted, and my daughter hasn't stopped talking about how she helped. That couldn't have happened without Christina.

There is no reason that you shouldn't hire a doula, and double for Christina. Couldn't have asked for a better one. Huge thank you, and I hope you're able to stop by some time to visit our daughter you so wonderfully helped bring into this world.

Shannon Henson


I have heard that pitocin = epidural. For me, that turned out not to be true, and I credit Christina’s advice and support for the fact that most of my birth plan remained intact, even though I had pitocin, and even though I was birthing in a hospital where over 95% of births involve an epidural.

Christina used her connections in the birth world when I expressed interest in switching care providers. Her trusted contacts pointed me toward a midwife who was a good fit for my desires for my pregnancy/birth.

Christina sent me evidence that my midwife didn’t even know about for baby position - information about exercises to help move/keep my baby in the best position for a smooth birth. My midwife even asked me for the link, because she was so pleased to hear about the steps I was taking.

As I passed my due date, Christina helped me to navigate the many options offered to me (cervical checks, membrane sweeps, expectant management, pitocin induction, artificial rupture of membranes) by educating me with the most up to date risks/benefits of each procedure at different points in pregnancy. It was empowering to know that I had the information, and that Christina would support me and affirm me in whatever choice I made.

When I finally consented to a formal hospital induction at 41+3, Christina helped me to choose to relax for as long as possible. Without her, I might have been wasting energy by bouncing/walking, etc. I needed my energy when contractions became more intense and I truly believe that I would have used my “safe word” for the epidural without Christina’s hip squeezes. Christina was the perfect mixture of gentleness when I needed to know that I was okay and firmness when I needed to give one final push. I birthed a 9.5 lb baby with pitocin, without pain medication, and only one small tear. I do not think I could have stuck with my plan had it not been for Christina’s support and presence.

Shannon Henson


CONTENT WARNING: pregnancy loss.

I knew I wanted Christina to be present for the birth of my second baby, and, when I found out that the heartbeat was gone toward the end of the first trimester, I felt kind of at sea with a birth plan. Weeks later, when I started having contractions, Christina offered to come to support me, and I (wrongfully) told her there was nothing for her to do. Hours later, after the birth, when I decided that I needed to go to the emergency room for blood loss, Christina left home to meet me in the emergency room.

Christina arrived as a familiar presence amidst the chaos of the ER. She put calming music on headphones and wrapped them around my shoulders. She massaged my temples with essential oils. She reminded me to breathe deeply and modeled that for me. She gently asked me questions to help me navigate the hospital system, and became friendly with my nurses. It was clear to me that they were appreciative that she was there. While my parents and my husband were there to support me, they didn’t feel comfortable or confident enough to do the things that Christina did. She knows how to build rapport with care providers.

After my D&C, a procedure I chose to have after discussing risks and benefits with Christina, she came to my home to help clean up from the birth. Christina gently asked if she could clean up the remains for me, and I said yes. Without her, I don’t think I would have ever seen my tiny baby’s body, floating perfectly and beautifully inside the amniotic sac. She went home and researched therapists for me. She used her many strong connections in the birth world to help me find a therapist who specifically had experience in working with families through fertility and loss issues.

My family and I are forever grateful for the grace, calm, support, courage, and affirmation that Christina brought to that experience.

Bob Henson


Christina was an immense relief to have assisting in the delivery room. She was well-prepared with exercises and equipment to help my wife give birth, and it's clear she cares deeply about her patients. As the husband and only male in the room, I appreciated her helpful instructions on how to handle a situation far from my comfort zone. She set up mood lighting, showed my wife which exercises to do, told me when to give ice chips and water, where to be and what to say, and was generally wonderful to have there to help us. Christina was instrumental in setting a soothing mood and helping make our birth a positive, loving experience. My wife gave unmedicated birth to a 9 lb 9 oz baby girl, and Christina made the whole process much easier. I can't recommend her enough! 

Phillip House


this was my first baby, and first id ever heard of a doula. my wife was insistent on having one, at first i was against it, and eventually gave in. This is when we met Christina. first impression of her was better than i could have expected. she was not some kind of crazy wispy haired hipster i was imagining. in fact she was very laid back, and gave off good vibes as we talked we found she was a very experienced and knew her stuff.  so much so that after interviewing her, we did not even consider another doula. regardless of her living so far away from us,we're based in lousiville. Christina and my wife texted and talked regularly. from small talk to gif sharing, and calming any insecurities that she had, and even guided me when my need to surf the web for information got out of hand. and informed me that she understood my need to know, but to not worry the pregnant woman in my life while doing so. i started noticing small things with my wife having issues, or me having concerns but not wanting to express them to my wife, i could confide in her and she reassure me, and make and effort to talk to my wife about these issues, without giving her the feeling that her checking up was not cause of me. During the last days in the pregnancy she was available at all times of the day or night. then the day of she was in constant contact with us via phone or text and once she felt that it was nearing go time, she redirected our conversations to a group chat with our entire delivery team. The day of the birth. she arrived and began to comfort my wife with massages and stretches for her, and gave me direction to keep calm and relax, during the labor itself she was always at our side ready to offer cooling cloths, towels, advice for us to keep hydrated or to eat. and would swap out if i got too tired to support my wife. afterwards she helped clean up our house and made sure we were ready before leaving. and is still incontact with us when we need her. 

Tara Steinbach


Christina is wonderful. I wanted to help my sister have a positive birth experience and a natural labor if possible so when she and her husband said they were open to it, I decided to try to find her a doula even though she was already close to 39 weeks. I asked a few friends for recommendations and amazingly, Christina was available and agreed to work with us. She was very prompt in replying to me, and from the first interaction I could tell that she had a great personality, was very intelligent and would help my sister feel at ease. It takes a special person to be able to jump in so late in the game and build rapport but Christina did it! My sister was scheduled to have an induction on a Wednesday and ended up going into natural labor that previous Monday night. Christina was right there with her the whole time. She helped her gracefully navigate the birthing process with no meds or medical interventions! This was a big turn-around after the worry and stress she had experienced toward the end of her pregnancy. We were all surprised and delighted by how it all worked out, and so inspired by the natural birth process. I could see that this was a tremendously empowering experience and it reinforced for me how valuable doulas are- where I believe she may have turned to or have been offered pain relief medicines or other practices pretty quickly if left to the standard hospital care, with Christina she found that the encouragement and mirroring of her own strength in this was enough to keep her moving along without needing anything at all. I know she feels a sense of pride in herself, and also gratitude to give this baby a wonderful entrance to the world.
I am so very grateful to Christina for the important role she played in my sister's birth experience and I will recommend her heartily to anyone seeking a doula. She is warm, knowledgeable, professional and grounded. She is someone who seems to have truly found her calling. Thank you Christina!

Esmee Mckee


Christina is the most amazing doula I have ever worked with.  She is knowledgable, kind, compassionate and extremely caring towards her clients.  Being a doula myself I knew exactly the kind of doula that I would want to help me bring my own baby into the world.  As soon as I met Christina I knew that she was the doula for me.  Her work is very professional yet she always treated me as if we were old friends.  During my labor and delivery (all 15 hours of it!) Christina never waivered.  She was there by my side the entire time.  She encouraged me to keep going, she rubbed me, kept me hydrated, worked wonderfully along side my husband, and always pushed me to changed positions and never give up!  Christina was right beside me when I pushed my baby out into the world, in my own home.  I would never birth without Christina as my doula.  Now just three weeks postpartum I already miss seeing her smiling face.  I highly recommend Christina as a doula. She is the best!

Joshua Kheradmand


Christina was our doula for both of our home birth deliveries. I know many men or partners might hesitate to hire a doula, but there are many reasons why I feel that they are invaluable. The biggest reason to me is that I'm not naturally comforting or intuitive. Christina was there to guide us along and coach us in the whole birthing process. Especially if the goal is a non-medicated birth. There are many different positions and pain management techniques that Christina helped remind us of in both births, and she kept the overall environment calm. As a husband, it was a huge help to have her tell me what my wife needed from me in different moments as well as have someone who could tag team with me. I feel that my wife and I were very prepared for each birth, but still would not want to labor without Christina there. She was always easy for us to reach with questions and very easy to talk to. I guess in summary, having Christina as our doula really filled in any gaps I would have left without her there.

Jennifer Lowery


What can I say about my experience having Christina as my birthing doula beyond fantastic, wonderful, a relief. With the birth of my first child I felt like I had no control over my labor, so many interventions took place that were not explained to me and I felt like I didn't have the strength or power to question the doctors. This is something that I didn't want to feel this time around. Christina gave me this through all the evidence based research she sent me, by repeatedly reminding of the questions and steps to go through regarding each new surprise that came up during my pregnancy. Such as finding out the baby was breach at 37 weeks. I was very worried about what avenue I should take, should I have the version or should I wait. I called her as I was leaving the doctors visit and she immediately dropped what she was doing and met with me so we could discuss what my thoughts and concerns were. With all my decisions, she never made feel pressured to do one option over another. Because of her, I had the strength to say no to a medical professional who wanted to "take the baby" at 38 weeks because of low fluid levels. I knew that the baby and I were fine so we waited and once we checked the levels a few days later the levels were right back up. She was there for my version and she was there for my marathon labor. Starting with my induction on a Tuesday night to the delivery Friday morning. Her presents during delivery was amazing. She was tough when she needed to be and very calm when the moment called for it. I don't know how she had any function in her hand after I was squeezing it so tightly for six hours. It is also very comforting to know I can still contact her after the birth if I have any issues. I could go on and on. I guess the big take away is that you will have a wonderful advocate by your side in Christina and there is nothing greater than that.

Alyse Treesh


We chose Christina as our doula for the birth of our daughter - it was our second birth, but first girl.  I had wanted to have a natural birth with our son, but did not feel I had the support I needed when the time came and I ended up getting an epidural.  I chose to hire a doula the second time around after hearing testimonials from other friends about how fulfilling their experience had been.  Christina was recommended to us by a friend and, after meeting her, it was clear she was who we wanted to have with us in the delivery room.  I feel like I could write pages singing Christina's praises.  She is very knowledgable and made sure we felt heard, supported, and informed before our daughter's birth.  She was always available by call, text, and email and was quick to respond if I had questions, concerns, or just wanted to give her updates.  When the time came and we got to the hospital, I was unsure whether I could do it, but as soon as Christina got there, she immediately starting massaging my back and reassured me that everything I was feeling was normal and was what we had prepared for.  Her presence was calming and reassuring and gave me the confidence I needed to deliver my baby.  During labor, she knew exactly what I needed, like she anticipated what I would need or want before I even knew to ask for it.  She even had the idea during one of our prenatal appointments to ask our friends to make encouraging signs for me to look at during labor to help keep me going.  While I was laboring, she hung the signs up on the wall and they were a nice, encouraging distraction when things got tough.  I don't think I could've had such an amazing experience without her - she was truly invaluable and I HIGHLY recommend her for your birth - just having her presence and support will make your birth experience that much more special!

Grace Rogers


Christina was an indispensable part of my pregnancy and birth.  She provided a kind and lighthearted, yet serious and realistic voice when my husband and I had questions and concerns about the whole process.  Having delivered her own son and several other babies at the same hospital we used, she was able to provide us with the more personal guidance and the reassurance we needed to feel comfortable in a relatively new place (we moved to the area exactly one year before our son's birthday, after visiting twice).  She is definitely an active member of the birth community in this area and makes good use of this network to inform her practice and foster connections between others.  During the labor process, Christina was the one with the magic hands and the best words.  She brought patience, physical strength, and intuition to our delivery room that set a positive and empowering tone for what was a relatively long and intense labor.  Trusting her completely was nearly as important to our son's natural, beautiful birth as trusting my own body.  To anyone considering a low-intervention birth, don't hesitate to take advantage of the extensive resources and services this doula brings to central KY! Thank you Christina for all you have done for our family!  

Joe Rogers


I'm not sure how we would have gotten through the labor delivery process without Christina. She helped create a seamless experience that left me thinking "I thought that was supposed to be a lot harder." Her expertise kept my wife comfortable and confident while delivering our new son. Having Christina around allowed me to be the birth partner I wanted to be and experience labor and delivery with my wife rather than worrying about what was happening and what else I could be doing. She was kind and helpful from the moment we hired her months before the day right through to her postpartum follow up with us at home. It felt like having a friend rather than another medical professional. I cannot recommend Christina's services enough. We will definitely use her again!

Suzy Burgess Hosley


When I had my son Quinn I thought I had everything planned and prepared - I went to all the classes and read lots of books but nothing prepared me for the challenge of breastfeeding. Quinn and I struggled like most moms in the first few weeks to get the latch down and it was absolutely exhausting but I was determined not to give up - I reached out to lactation nurses, my doctor and my other breastfeeding friends but I wasn't seeing a real improvement - it would take almost an hour eveytime to get him to latch and I feed him 8-10 times a day making it 8-10 hours I was spending everyday trying to feed my son - I was 4 weeks in and almost ready to give up when I contacted Christina Libby as my last hope and I am so thankful for her - she came right over to my house immediatley and watched me nurse and then gave me very helpful tips to make the breastfeeding sessions easier and more comfortable. She didnt leave until I felt more confident about feeding my son - it was amazing! She suggested that I get more comfortable before I start the feeding and showed me several positions that helped get me and Quinn more relaxed and it worked! After that visit Quinn was latching better and my breastfeeding struggles became easier. I am now 3 months in and plan to breastfeed another 3 months - Thank You Christina Libby your help was invaluable to my family. 

Heather s


My birth experience was a bit of an unusual one; I was attempting a VBAC after having one living child, and losing a subsequent child to preterm labor.  My pregnancy was stressful no matter how much I tried to avoid it, and I compensated by focusing on controlling the birth of my rainbow baby.  I had a midwife I adored, found a very experienced doula, surrounded myself with friends for the birth.  But things did not go how I thought, as both the midwife and doula were unable to attend what turned into an induction at almost 40 wks.  My doula set me up with Christina, and I met her the morning I was induced.  She was everything that was promised; intuitive, nurturing and kind.  My original doula told me she trusted her completely.  I felt comfortable with Christina from the first 5 minutes!  She is so easy-going, and made me feel like I was in good hands with a woman who had my back.  The doctors wanted to break the sac then start a bit of pitocin, which made me quite nervous.  With the support of Christina, I felt comfortable asking for an hour after breaking the water to start pitocin.  They agreed, and then we used a breast pump.  Labor kicked in, and 3 hours later I was holding my sweet little rainbow baby in my arms, without the need of pitocin.  Having a doula is so important for women; sometimes we can be pressured into labor decisions we later regret, and with Christina I felt that I was empowered to make my own decisions that were right for me and my baby.  Christina brought joy and positivity to the birth.  She jumped in and just knew instinctively what I needed physically and emotionally.  Her calmness helped me stay relaxed.  And while I had friends present to surround me in love, Christina was very much a link in that circle of love. Sometimes things do not happen how we plan, but how they need to happen.  I am so thankful Christina was there for my birth!

Sarah Kidder


I'll be honest, I was a bit hesitant to hire a doula for the birth of our first child. My husband and I wanted him to be my primary support person throughout the birth and, having taken the Bradley Method classes, we both felt comfortable and confident in his abilities. However, words cannot express how grateful I am that I second-guessed myself and asked Christina to be our doula. She provided expertise, comfort, support, wisdom, encouragement, reason, affirmation, knowledge, the list goes on and on. I felt heard, validated, respected, and genuinely cared for. And even though my birth did not go as planned due to factors outside my control, she counseled me through each curve ball, helped me process the torrent of emotions, and centered me again so I could focus on the only important thing - my precious baby. I simply can't thank her enough!

Rebecca Hughes


Having Christina there for the birth of my son was a great experience, and she was super helpful during my labor and delivery.  Having a non-medicated birth was not one of my top priorities, and I chose to have an epidural at the beginning of my 8 hour labor. I was concerned that a doula may not be supportive of this since most of my friends who used doulas were very focused on a natural birth, but Christina was fully supportive of my choices and they type of birth experience that I wanted. She and my husband teamed up to help me change positions every 30 minutes, which would have been much more difficult for my husband to do on his own.  Having a doula with us to advocate for us, make helpful suggestions, and provide support was wonderful, and allowed me and my husband to be more relaxed and comfortable during my labor.  I highly recommend working with Christina!

Esther Zunker


Christina was extremely professional, as well as nurturing and kind--everything you would want in a doula. She provided my husband and I with plenty of resources to answer our questions both before and after the birth of our baby, which we greatly appreciated. On the day of our baby's birth, she went above and beyond the call of duty by coming to our house when I was in early labor and suggesting positions, providing massage, etc. to make me more comfortable. At the hospital, she provided a calming atmosphere with essential oils and massage, as well as encouraging words to help me through the laboring process. Overall, I couldn't be happier with Christina's role in my birth experience. She was truly a vital part of our baby boy's entrance into the world, and we are grateful to have found such a great doula. 

Kat Coogan


I can’t imagine my birth without having Christina as my doula. She made me feel so at ease and I felt like I was just hanging out with an old friend instead of being nervous about labor. She encouraged me to relax and enjoy time with my fiancé as our last night as just the two of us. I will never forget her advice and her urgency for us to call her in the middle of the night if we needed her. When I started to feel contractions, Christina was by my side. She began helping me come up with movements to help get labor going. She walked the halls with me, helped me on and off birthing balls, put on retro Motown music and even danced with me. She had essential oils and gave me hand massages, foot massages, pressure point massages. She even had white Christmas lights that she set up in the hospital room bathroom. She brought me chapstick, a headband, a robe and was a calm and present force. She put my fiancé at ease and helped him step in to care for me, providing cool washcloths for him to hold on my head. In active labor I kept my eyes closed but I always had either my fiancé hands or Christina's hands supporting me. They were the birth dream team. Christina moaned with me through each contraction. She kept telling me I could do it, that I was strong and beautiful. She helped me keep my sense of humor and wonder the whole birth experience. When it was time to push she remembered the positions I wanted to push in and helped me get into them. She was patient and kind. She helped me not to push too fast and helped me with my breathing. When my baby was born she stayed with us and she shared in the true joy. It was the longest, hardest, most rewarding day of my life. I can't imagine having given birth without amazing Christina. If you want someone who will believe in you and truly labor with you Christina is your first choice. I am so blessed to have had a beautiful labor and in my memory Christina will always be a part of that!

Rhodes Thompson


Christina is a rockstar.  As a father, I believe she was as much of a help to me as she was to my wife during pregnancy, as well as during labor and delivery.  It is hard to watch someone you love go through such a physically demanding event.  There were several times when I didn't know how to help my wife, and Christina seemed to know just what to do every time.  She took the pressure off of me so I could try to be as emotionally attentive to my wife as possible.  Christina's presence at our daughter's birth was invaluable, and I can't imagine not having her there.  She will be loved and appreciated every time I think about the amazing birth experience that my family got to share.

Meagan Thompson


Having used a doula for the birth of our son, my husband and I weren’t sure that we needed a doula for our second birth. After meeting with Christina (and a couple other doulas), I was convinced that there was as much value the second time around. Christina was helpful during my pregnancy, but it was her presence and physical support during the labor and delivery of our daughter that absolutely blew my mind.

I’m not great at asking for help, but that wasn’t an issue during my labor as Christina sensed when she needed to jump in for extra support or step back and let my body guide me. I felt like she and my husband were exactly where they needed to be, doing what I needed them to do throughout my labor. I was able to focus on breathing and moving while Christina’s strong yet comforting touch eased my discomfort. Labor progressed at lightning speed after my water broke, and while the intensity of the contractions could have distracted me from using them to my advantage, Christina was able to keep me present and focused.

When the nurse was wheeling me to our room, she said, “You natural birthing mamas are stronger than I.” While I am proud of my strength and feel empowered and overjoyed thinking about my daughter’s birth, I know that I am not exceptional. What was exceptional was my prenatal care by two excellent midwives, the labor and delivery team at the hospital, and the support I received from my husband and Christina. I’m not stronger than the average woman, but I was smart in my choices for who cared for me before, during and after my daughter’s birth. I highly recommend choosing Christina at Commonwealth Doula Services as your doula and hope that your birth story will be enhanced by her presence the way mine was. Kentuckians are lucky to have her on the birth scene!

Kristen K


My husband and I chose Christina as our doula for our home birth. I wouldn't have changed a single thing about the while experience. Christina was such a natural- guiding us when we needed guidance and hanging back when we needed space. Down to the small details like offering chapstick when my lips were dry from deep breathing--even before I thought to ask. Or putting a headband on me when my hair was in my face. She was super helpful with my husband, helping him remember things we had learned in a separate birthing class. They sort of tag teamed at times which I think helped him so much. Our midwife even asked if she had a background in massage! She brought so much peace and calm to the whole thing and was a total encourager. She was always smiling or telling me I was doing great when I needed a little positivity. Always seemed to know what I needed and when. She also brought very useful supplies I would have never thought of. I don't know what I would have done without her there for my first birth, especially being a home birth! I truly believe that her presence helped me stay relaxed and refreshed enough to perservere through the whole thing. She wore many hats- massage therapist, cheerleader, coach, you name it. She stayed with us from the very beginning to the very end, and went above and beyond with cleanup, and I can't thank her enough for my dream birthing experience.

I would recommend Christina to absolutely anyone giving birth in any setting. Looking back now, I wouldn't want to birth without a doula! Will definitely be calling her if/when I am expecting again. 

Jenny Gerst Pfanenstiel


Christina was so amazing.  From the first day that we met her she was so kind and caring.  We knew we wanted a Doula but had no idea exactly how much we needed her until the day we went to the hospital.  She helped with staying focused and getting through each contraction.  She was encouraging and stuck to our birth plan.  Christina was so helpful with my husband and working as a team.  She stayed calm in stressful times and when we ended up having an emergency c-section after many hours of natural laboring, she was right there keeping me calm and not to worry.   

There is no doubt that we would contact Christina the next time we have a child.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a Doula. 

Thank you,


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