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Lauren Akers CLD, CPD, CEIM, CLEC

Baby Bliss

Avon, CT Service range 20 miles

860 436 0662

Birth Fee

$1650 to $1850

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $45

Birth Fee

$1650 to $1850

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $45

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 155 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

12 years and 220 families served

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, May 2008

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Avon, CT Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Lauren Akers CLD, CPD, CEIM, CLEC

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 Working with Lauren was a breeze. She is far more laid-back than I am which brings a sense of balance in a stressful situation such as giving birth. From the first point I met her, early in my pregnancy, she instilled a sense of confidence in me with a sincere honesty and obvious wisdom from the experience of attending many births.  Lauren is supportive and nurturing but also direct. I am a strong woman who needs other strong women to rely on and Lauren was just this.  I felt like I was in good hands and also that she could calmly and correctly direct my husband on how best to support me during labor. She was in my face when she needed to be and practically invisible when the moment suited. After giving birth, she continued to encourage me and make me feel like a strong capable Mama bear, which every woman needs and deserves. She continued to check on me several weeks after delivery and answer any of my questions. I highly recommend her to any expecting mama.

Arielle Reich


Lauren is incredible! Not only did she provide care for our newborn, she took care of our whole family. From sleep to feeding to everything that comes with surviving the first few months, Lauren is a wealth of knowledge and has a huge network to seamlessly provide additional support if needed.  On top of all that, she’s a joy to be around. Lauren was there for us when we needed help and continued to support our family long after her hours ended. We are so grateful!

Elizabeth Drevits


Lauren is absolutely incredible. It would be impossible to find a doula more passionate, knowledgeable, and caring! I truly don’t know what my husband and I would have done without her. She was a supportive, very well educated (although not at all judgemental) guide to have during the overwhelming number of decisions we needed to make before, during, and after the birth of our son. From our initial meeting with her (before we even hired her) to when she visited us and our son postpartum, I was astounded with her patience and how generous she was with her time. During the labor/delivery, she was equally incredible. Determined to have a natural birth, my husband and I endured a 5 day long labor, calling Lauren in the middle of the night three consecutive nights. When we finally went to the hospital, she met us at the door and stayed with us until our son was born about 26 hours later, all along giving unbelievable support, encouragement, and gentle but frank advice when she felt we needed to, for safety reasons, deviate from our birth plan. I know without her, our anxiety would have been unbearable. She is truly an exceptionally gifted baby whisperer, and you willl not be disappointed if you have her join your family on your journey!!!

Zoe Dobson


Lauren was recommended to me by a friend, who had found her to be a great support during her pregnancy.  At this point i was probably 35 weeks pregnant and my gynae was pushing me to have a C section.  I felt removed from the process and powerless to make decisions, which was unknown for me - I am generally a very assertive person who operates in a challenging work environment, but as it was my first pregnancy I felt very confused.  Lauren met me and we talked through how I felt.  She was non-judgemental and found me another gynae who would be more supportive of my choices.  I transferred to my new gynae at about 37 weeks, which feels incredible now, but at the time I just felt hugely relieved that I had someone on my side, who could give me advice and advocate for me.  Thanks to Lauren's support I ended up having an induced vaginal delivery at 42 weeks.  Lauren was with me during that time and having somebody who knew the hospital and the people made all the difference.  She was able to ask for the best support for me and I felt safe knowing that she had my back.  During the actual delivery the hospital became very busy and the gynae was with another mother who was having difficulties.  A nurse came in to our delivery room and tried to hold the baby's head to slow down the delivery.  Lauren immediately stepped in and stopped this - she was forceful and assertive and the nurse left the room.  I dread to think what would have happened if she had not been with us as this could have been incredibly dangerous.  During the whole time I felt incredibly safe and supported by her presence and I am so grateful that we had her with us during that time.  Thank you!

Cornelia Guenzel-Dahinten


Lauren rocks! She could have not done anything better. 

She is supportive of your birthplan and vision and keeps that up throughout the birth.

She has a vast knowledge which she shares if that is what you want and need.

Lauren believed in me and made me stick to my vision of having a birth without intervention even when I was tempted to give up for that I am ever so thankful!

Lauren was my doula for my third child and I can truly say she was THE BEST.

A real star!


Jo Teo


Lauren was my doula in 2009 for the birth of my son in Singapore. It was a VBAC and I had opted to have a drug-free, active labour in the hospital. My original doula had taken ill in the beginning of my labour and she had to call a back-up so I had not actually met Lauren before the labour! 

To be honest,  I was taken aback and wondered about having a stranger attend the birth. The situation sounded like it could get really awkward but it did not, not at all! Lauren quickly put us at ease. She was warm, friendly, professional and reassuring.

When my labour started to get really intense, I was so glad she was there for us (my husband and I).  The midwife wanted me to lie down on my back in bed even though I did not want to. Lauren worked out a solution with the midwife and had me kneel on the bed with my arms holding the headboard. 

As my son was being born, she held my arms and encouraged me. I'd say, " I can't I can't I can't..." and she'd say, "Yes, you can, trust in the process..." He came really quickly, almost literally fell out....

Lauren's presence gave me the confidence and strength to go through with my plan of having a drug-free labour. She was really reassuring and calm. I deeply appreciated that I could communicate with her, that she had my back and that she was guarding my space for me to labour in peace. She also made sure that our birth plan was followed. I couldn't have asked for a better doula.

I am truly grateful to Lauren for the perfect VBAC I had. The VBAC was such a healing experience for both me and my husband especially as my first birth experience was fraught with complications and was completely medically managed. 

Even though Lauren and I were strangers before the birth, we couldn't possibly remain strangers after such a life-changing experience. We still keep in touch now, even after she has moved halfway across the world! 


Jess Tansutat


Having a doula was a new idea for me & my husband. We didn't quite know what to expect. At first I weren't quite sure if we really needed one. However, with a plan of having our first child for a hypnobirthing experience, we were very lucky to have Lauren Akers to be our doula. It was a very positive expereince and meomory that we still talked about it until today. Not only Lauren is skillful in this field, she has a characterisitic that is so supportive, soothing, warm, loving, caring and very passionate with what she does. She made my first birth expereince such a blissful, safe and calm jouney. Our son was born with 4.2 kg within 6.5 hrs after being in the labour. He was 5 days overdue, plus the doctor said he would be only 3.6 kg. I wouldn't have made it so possitively without her. Thank you Lauren for being there with me and gave us such a wonderful birth expereince. We love you. 

Jess Tansutat, from Singapore

David Krupa


Lauren was a great advocate for not only my wife but for me as well. She answered any questions I had even when I did not ask, but when she noticed that I needed someone to talk to at one point during labor. She is very observant and kind and what I like most was she tells it like it is. Her knowledge was evident every step of the way. She allowed my wife and I to have the birth we have always wanted, which made both of us very happy. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to have the best chance at having the best birth they possibly can.

Amy K


Lauren comes highly recommended after her assistance in my unmedicated VBAC this month.  She listened to my requests and made my dream come true.  Lauren's experience, knowledge, gentle demeanor and quick wit combination makes her the best doula in the area.  She has experience internationally bringing to the table a wealth of knowledge during pregnancy, labor and post labor.  Her gentle demeanor is comforting in the difficult hours of labor.  She knows exactly what to say and when to say it to coach and motivate you through any situation that arises.  Everyone needs to laugh especially during labor and she has a way of doing that.  She is a fantastic listener and available at any time.  She also supported my husband and treated my eldest child like her own.  Give you a call and meet her for yourself -- she is fantastic.  I am forever grateful our paths have crossed.  

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