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Lynn Converse

Springfield, VA Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 590 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 3 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
The first births I attended were with midwives delivering in the hospital setting. It is what feels right to me. Since then I have attended births at most of the hospitals in the DMV area and am able to help couples and single moms navigate the medical expectations of said hospitals. I support a mother's choice for an all natural labor as well as a medicated labor. I have witnessed birth scenarios that have changed quickly and have been grateful for the quick reactions of the medical staff. The mainstream of births are in a hospital setting, as a doula I feel I can help moms plan and advocate for themselves for the birth they envision.

Attends birth center births? Some Birth Centers
I have attended one birth at a birth center.

Attends home births? No Home Births
Yes, as a friend.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English

Springfield, VA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Lynn Converse

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Stuart F


??My first child was born recently, and my wife and I are so happy we had Lynn as our doula to help us in this most important period in our life. She was highly recommended to us by a friend who just had her first baby, and now we can see why!

?Speaking as the husband/father, I am so happy we had Lynn as our doula. Like most men, I had no experience with pregnancy, labor, delivery, or post-partum care. I tried to be diligent by reading and taking courses, but I knew nothing I did would come close to the wisdom Lynn brings from having supported so many women through childbirth. 

I loved that Lynn was there entirely to support my wife. Nurses, doctors, and midwives are all wonderful, but they have other patients and other obligations than just my wife. And providing emotional support is not necessarily part of their jobs. That's why having Lynn was special and important - she was there to support my wife 100%. Lynn also helped me better assist my wife - giving helpful suggestions throughout the process that I really appreciated.

Our baby came very quickly in the middle of the night, and Lynn was there at the drop of the hat to be there for us, doing things both big and small to help that we will never forget, and we even had her cut the umbilical cord which was also a special moment. Lynn worked seamlessly with the midwives and nurse, who I think really appreciated having her and her expertise there as well. My wife and I are so grateful for Lynn, her extensive knowledge and experience, her warmth and thoughtfulness, and that she played such a special role in the birth of our baby. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Lynn as your doula!

Erin Eckles


Hiring Lynn was the best decision my husband and I made to help us have the most positive birth experience. From the moment I spoke with Lynn she was calm, knowledgeable, and positive about making sure that I had the birth experience that I wanted. This was my first pregnancy and Lynn was incredibly helpful in answering all of my questions about labor, pregnancy discomfort, etc. Lynn eased any fears I had about labor and delivery. I knew before I went into labor that having Lynn in the room would ensure that we would have the most positive birth experience.

My labor was incredibly fast and intense for a first-time mom and Lynn coached me through every stage of labor. With Lynn, my husband, and the labor and delivery nurse, I felt so supported during the entire labor and delivery. I had planned on having an unmedicated birth and I was able to achieve my goal, even with pushing out a 9 lb baby. Lynn acted as a calming presence during the entire labor and even when the pain was so intense, Lynn calmed me and cheered me on. Any time I looked worried, Lynn assured me that I was handling each contraction and that I could do this naturally. Because of Lynn I have only the most positive things to say about delivering naturally.

We feel so blessed to have had Lynn with us during the birth of our son. Lynn will forever be part of our lives as she helped welcome our son into this world. I highly, highly, recommend Lynn. She is professional, kind, caring, and lighthearted. I look forward to having her be part of our lives for years to come.

Joy Cato


Lynn far exceeded my expectations as my doula.  I was preparing for a VBAC and had some of the doubts and lingering issues one might expect.  Lynn was such an encouragement and an unwavering support to me.  She is a wealth of information, she helped me with preparation aspects that I would not have thought of and also helped me through some of my birth-adjacent worries.

From our first meeting, she listened and gave advice and was available for answers when I needed them.  When it came time to go to our hospital Lynn met us there and was an advocate and comfort to me from the beginning.  In the end, Lynn called in her back up doula as another client was progressing right along at the same time as me (Lynn is in high demand!), but it was a smooth transition and it turned out to be in the same hospital as me!  Lynn's care combined with our back up helped me to have an unmedicated VBAC and I cannot be any more grateful.

I highly recommend Lynn and her caring, professional service without reservation.

Shelley Megquier


Hiring Lynn as our doula was one of the best decisions my partner and I made related to our daughter's birth. She'll forever hold a special place in our hearts due to the comfort and support provided to us during our pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

I loved working with Lynn every step of the way and fully believe that her skills allowed me to avoid a c-section. Lynn was a supportive and affirmative presence during the lead-up to my due date. She was reliable and offered helpful information during our prenatal visits. She took our birth preferences seriously and nothing we said or shared was ever met with judgement. Each time I met with her, I finished the meeting with a renewed sense of confidence and ease.

During labor, Lynn's role became even more vital, especially during a long early labor and after, in the hospital, it became clear that our little girl was in a bad position for vaginal delivery. Lynn sensed that there was a likelihood of a c-section and asked for time to try to manuever the baby into a more optimal position.  She then worked me through a series of inversions and belly lifts to move the baby into a different position. Her efforts paid off and I'm so grateful! Throughout the long labor, Lynn helped us talk through and understand difficult decisions and offered effective, soothing comfort measures including massage, TENS unit, and aromatherapy. She patiently spent over 24 hours with us before our girl was born. Lynn was an incredible source of strength and encouragement at some low points when I needed her the most.  She worked smoothly side-by-side with my partner: letting him take the lead in supporting me, giving us space when we needed it, and providing him with tools to best comfort me.

Lynn is kind, supportive, knowledgeable, judgment-free and endlessly patient. I recommend Lynn highly to whoever is considering her services, regardless of the type of birth they plan on.

Emily Singer Hurvitz


My husband and I agree that hiring a doula, and specifically hiring Lynn, was the best decision we made in our efforts to have a natural birth without interventions. Lynn has a very warm and positive personality and she made us feel much more relaxed leading up to the labor and birth. My husband travels a lot for work and I was comforted knowing that Lynn would be there for me if he were out of town when I went into labor.

My water broke in the morning but I did not go to the hospital until the following morning because my contractions were not strong enough. I communicated with Lynn while I was home and she provided support and suggestions. When I arrived to the hospital, I was given an oral prostaglandin to help get labor started. I communicated with Lynn by text until my contractions got stronger and I was ready for her to meet me at the hospital. Once my labor was in full swing, Lynn was absolutely critical in enabling me to deliver my baby without any additional interventions. Lynn provided us with suggestions for positions to use during the contractions including using her tens unit at one point and then recommending that I labor in the shower (which I did for several hours), she kept the environment in the room calming by using her essential oils and salt lamp, she was very hands-on in helping to relieve my pain when it got very intense, and she supported both my husband and I throughout the labor. I was in active labor for 18 hours and I am certain that Lynn’s presence and her amazing abilities as a doula played a major role in enabling me to have the natural birth that I wanted. My husband and I will always be thankful for our positive birth experience, which we certainly could not have had without Lynn.

Mila Liachenko


Lynn was recommended to us by our friends who had a wonderful experience with her as their doula. After the initial conversation with Lynn, we knew that we found our doula and were reassured of our decision during the two meetings prior to me going into labor. Lynn came over to our house twice before labor to meet with us to discuss our birth plan, suggest activities to ensure that the final weeks of my pregnancy were as healthy and happy as possible, and to go over our plan of action once labor did begin.

Unfortunately, our original plan for an un-medicated birth went out the window when I had to be induced 5 days post due date due to low amniotic fluid. We stayed in constant communication with Lynn after we were admitted to the hospital until she arrived on day two of induction. Through the ups and downs of labor, Lynn was a calm and reassuring voice of reason that helped my husband and I navigate through the many interventions that we were not originally planning on. Lynn was there to talk us through all the options and ensure that I voiced my questions and concerns. Lynn worked with me to help me get into different positions, coached me through breathing, and even used some essential oils to help with relaxation. Her constant presence and support also allowed my husband an opportunity to rest and take a break during an almost 60 hour labor.

We are beyond thankful to Lynn for all her guidance and support and see her as an integral part of the birth of our baby girl. Thank you, Lynn!

Heidi Lambert


Lynn was such an important part of our birth experience and hiring her was one of the best decisions we made. Her knowledge, support and compassion were integral to creating the precious and positive memories we’ll always have of our son’s birth. She made us feel strong and confident—always listening and providing great suggestions, advice and ideas. She’s one of the most genuine and caring people I’ve ever met—with a true love and enthusiasm for her work. I was sent to the hospital unexpectedly at 37 weeks (with preeclampsia), which resulted in a three-day induction process. Lynn was with us the entire time, going WAY beyond what was expected, providing continuous encouragement and support during a confusing time. Her knowledge and experience helped us navigate the constant flow of doctors and all of the options they provided. She helped us stay optimistic and kept working us towards the birth we had been planning for. I truly believe that the work she did with us in the delivery room helped me avoid having a C-section. Lynn was so many things to us: a support system, an advocate, a teacher, and, ultimately, a friend. She was with us day and night, reassuring us when things got tough, explaining things when we were delirious and helping us enjoy every minute of an experience that could’ve become overwhelming. When the active labor began, she transformed into a motivating coach—helping us summon strength and energy while giving clear instructions and enthusiastic encouragement. By the time we got to the delivery, I was prepared, confident and feeling strong, supported and excited. We will always be incredibly grateful for her generosity, compassion and for making what could’ve been a scary and chaotic hospital experience into a very positive, empowering and fulfilling memory. We’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts for Lynn and all she did for us during this life-changing time in our lives.

Andrew Kehr


I really can't put into words just how helpful Lynn was during our pregnancy and birth, but I will try.

From our first meeting, Lynn was always professional, but exceptionally warm and friendly.  In our meetings, we discussed the various fears my wife and I had for the pregnancy and birth, and Lynn proceeded to work with us in our future meetings to give practical advice on how to overcome those fears.

In the end, my wife was in early labor for about 36 hours and active labor for another 14.  During that time, Lynn was constantly available for support by phone/text and gave lots of advice for foods to eat to keep up our energy and when it got to the point that we felt we couldn't handle things by ourselves any longer, Lynn came to our support.  She came in the evening and immediately began helping my wife with different positions to help move the baby around, and told me to go take a nap because I was exhausted.  An hour later, when I woke up, I came out to the living room to see a completely different scene than the one I had left... Lynn was coaching my wife to conserve her energy by keeping her breathing slow and steady and to use low noises to moan instead of high.  When we eventually arrived at the hospital, Lynn regularly transitioned my wife into a new position to get the baby to move down and reposition.  Her touch in the L&D suite was obvious, from the salt lamp in the bathroom to keep the light low and soothing while laboring in the shower, to bringing cake pops to celebrate our daughter's birth.

To sum up our expereince, Lynn gave excellent advice and support throughout our time together and provided me (the father) with additional support for my wife so that I could rest and be prepared to help later in the night.  Lynn gave me advice to help manage my wife's pain during labor and made our experience especially meaningful.  I highly recommend Lynn.

Whitney Martz


Lynn was a godsend for my husband and I, her calming demeanor and genuine love for her job was apparent in everything she did. We met with her twice before I ended up getting a pretty nasty case of food poisoning at 37 weeks sending me to labor and delivery. We had a nurse that told me (without warrant) that I would most likely be going back for an emergency c-section. Lynn rushed up to the hospital, and even when we found out that I was not going to be delivering that day, she stayed with us until I was discharged and distracted both of us with cute stories and photos of her family’s dogs. When labor did come she was there each step of the way- providing guidance over the phone and making arrangements to meet us at our house. Labor ended up starting out intense and fast moving, so she met us at the hospital and provided my husband and I both with techniques and strategies to make it through the quickly coming contractions. My baby ended up being OP and things stalled out. Lynn was there with music, snacks, a Himalayan Salt Rock lamp, fresh tube of Burt’s Bees for my lips and all the moral support she could provide. She advocated for me in a way that did not make anyone on my birthing team uncomfortable and encouraged me to speak up for myself when I was unhappy with the direction things were going. Ultimately, I had to choose between a c-section or a forcep delivery and by that point I was emotionally and physically exhausted. She calmly guided me in what she thought was the right direction for us and helped my husband feel at ease. I learned after the fact that they were texting one another, Lynn assuring him that the baby and I were fine. Her postpartum visit was a treat as well, because both my husband and I genuinely enjoyed her company through the entire process. In short, this review does no justice to how amazing Lynn truly is. If you want someone who is knowledgeable, calm, and a great advocate make sure to have Lynn on your team.

Anne Clark Baker


Lynn was an incredible presence throughout our pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and she was an absolutely critical force in making our birth experience a positive one.

Lynn's calm, compassionate demeanor, depth of knowledge and experience, and clear love of her job made her an invaluable guide. She put a great deal of time and effort into getting to know us well ahead of our due date, and made us feel like we were her sole focus in the days leading up to our birth. She was always readily available by phone and email, and met us at the hospital in the middle of the night to guide us through labor. Her ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with the other professionals in the delivery room made us feel immediately at home, and like we were part of a team.

She was by our side every step of the way, and had an uncanny ability to help us focus on comfort, relaxation and joy at the moments when we needed this the most. As first-time parents, we are so deeply thankful for her presence and contribution to bringing our son into the world. We came away from the experience with a great deal of trust and respect for Lynn, and would highly recommend her services to others. Thank you, Lynn - for the lasting gift you have given us!

-Anne & Rob Baker

Hannah Northey


Lynn was fantastic and really put my husband and I at ease leading up to and throughout the delivery. She's easy to work with and put in extra time (and provided good advice) when we found out the baby was sunny side up. She worked well with the hospital staff and provided good information -  ultimately, I believe, helping me to avoid a C-section.  highly recommend Lynn and am very grateful she was present at the birth of our son.



Lynn is fabulous. She is incredibly calming and soothing, both before labor starts with any types of anxiety or concerns, and especially during labor. My labor with my son progressed quickly, and she helped me relax during contractions, both with her demeanor and her touch. At our request, Lynn drove us to the hospital, so I could concentrate on contractions and my wife could sit in the back with me. Once we got there, we had a few complications and she was very helpful in getting us through them as calmly as possible. Our son was born at 730 am, and once we were settled, she picked up breakfast for us, which was greatly appreciated. Then she stuck around to make sure that we were doing alright and that nursing appeared off to a good start.

Lynn has a whole bag of tricks to help with labor, among them massage, visualization, aroma therapy and the tens unit. Before becoming a doula, Lynn was a medical assistant at GWU-MFA's OB/midwives' office, which is a bonus if you are delivering at GWU: she already has good relationships with many of the OBs and midwives there.

Lynn is also very helpful with nervous partners. She was a calm, unflappable support for my wife, who was nervous about my giving birth.

I should have written this review sooner (my son is now 2 months old) because details have faded from my memory--but I can tell you this for sure: she was a phenomenally helpful presence and provided a lot of help and comfort during my labor and delivery.

Natalia Strukova


It is so hard to put into words the thanks I want to give to Lynn. We were so incredibly blessed to have her as our doula. Lynn has very nice personality, great sense of humor and super calming voice which I would listen for hours! She is very knowledgeable, positive and generous with her time.

Lynn came highly recommended by our birth classes teacher and happened to be available around our due date. After meeting with her once, I knew she would be the perfect personality for our birthing experience. During labor she was calming to me and my husband. My husband was sort of lost without her guidance and he found her extremely helpful. She was able to help me to go through the pain during contractions and was absolutely amazing during the pushing part so I can honestly say that I don't think I would have made it without her. I ended up getting an epidural at 10 Cm due to exhaustion and pain and I like the fact that Lynn never made me feel guilty for choosing this path on my journey. Lynn is non-judgmental in any choices you want to make. She wants the birth to be what you want it to be.  She stayed with us for quite a while helping all along the way as needed. She made me feel comfort in having someone there after the birth that I could ask questions to.

Lynn was definitely a major part in our happy labor and was there to witness bringing our son into this world. For that, I will always be grateful to her! Thank you so much, Lynn!

Ann Kvasnicka


I don't imagine many women describe childbirth as pleasant but having Lynn at the birth of my son made the experience just that.  Lynn made me feel confident that I could indeed handle childbirth and she helped me navigate the dizzying medical jargon.  Lynn had the perfect amount of interaction with myself, my husband and the medical staff and her soothing demeanor took away the fear that I had previously associated with childbirth. I would absoutely call on Lynn for the birth of my next child and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Rebecca Stewart


Lynn was fantastic and I wholeheartedly recommend her for any expecting mother. Lynn is very knowledgeable, and has a wonderfully radiant and positive presence that was helpful before, during, and after birth. She gave great guidance during my final weeks of pregnancy that helped prepare my body to be in optimal shape heading into labor. During labor she was full of helpful techniques, postures, and tools to manage the pain of childbirth. At the hospital Lynn was an outstanding advocate for me, and her solid rapport with the nurses and doctors was vital in getting me what I needed to have the best birth possible for me. I had a great experience with Lynn and am so happy that I was lucky enough to have her as my doula. Again, I recommend Lynn for anyone looking a calming, positive, helpful, knowledgeable, and effective doula.

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