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Heather Atkinson

Philadelphia, PA Service range 30 miles

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 28 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Infant massage education
  • Mother blessing celebrations

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

As a member of Doulaville we offer discounted services through our CARES program to those families who qualify.

Fee Details

My birth fee includes the free consultation, two prenatal visits, the birth and one postpartum visit. I am on call for you from weeks 38-42. The fee also includes unlimited phone and email communication.

Service Area

Philadelphia, PA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Heather Atkinson

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Candace Ahern


Heather was an amazing doula. We were so happy to have been connected with her. My birth ended up being extremely complicated and Heather was there to help guide and provide a calming presence. Even though we did not get to use many of the birthing techniques we practiced and discussed. We both felt having her there to advocate for us after many sleepless stressful hours was assuredly the best decision. You can not predict your birth story or control any outcome but you can choose to empower yourself by advocating and hiring a doula like Heather to do that when you can not. We are so grateful we did. 



Heather was an incredible support during our pregnancy journey. She was communicative, knowledgeable, and prepared us as well as possible for the birthing process. Her pain management techniques are top-notch, and I think she is the sole reason I got through 36 hours of prodromal labor! Having her by our side was such a relief. Highly, highly recommend Heather! 

Elizabeth Lynch


Heather was exactly what my husband and I were looking for in a doula and we would highly recommend hiring her. Heather provided the support we needed before, during and after my daughter’s birth. She helped us prepare for her birth, guiding us through the development of our birth plan and instilling in us the confidence we would need to make informed decisions during my labor and delivery at the hospital. I am so thankful that we had Heather as a part of our team for various reasons. When my labor started much differently than I was hoping for and I was stressed and upset, Heather was a calming and reassuring presence. She helped break down in a calm way what was happening and what it potentially meant for our birth plan. She helped me relax and trust that everything was going to be fine. During my labor Heather was so helpful in suggesting different positions for me to try with the support of my husband. Heather knew exactly the right amount of support to provide without being too overbearing or taking over my husband’s role. I couldn’t imagine my birth without Heather as she was a crucial part of our team!



Hiring Heather as our post partum doula was such a blessing. She brought a really positive and uplifting energy whenever she came over and really helped my husband and I feel confident those first few weeks with our new baby. She helped us get things done at home, encouraged self care, had great suggestions, and supported our decisions. We highly recommend hiring Heather! We all miss seeing her on a regular basis!

Julie Berger


Heather is THE BEST. She embodied everything we hoped for when we decided we wanted the support of a doula. She was an incredible support system, emotionally and, even more so, physically. She pushed and pulled my body during every contraction, counterbalancing my pain and enabling me to forego pain medication. She explained everything to us patiently and with deep knowledge. She was an incredibly advocate, knowing my concerns and making sure I was able to make informed decisions. She went above and beyond, bringing us food in the hospital and continuing to check in with us in the first weeks of my son's life. We are incredibly grateful to her and recommend her highly.

Hayley Curtin & John Curtin


We had a wonderful experience with Heather as our doula and we would highly recommend her for labor/delivery and postpartum support.  She struck a perfect balance for us between a knowledgable professional and a warm, supportive, experienced mother. She offered us a wealth of information and resources, from reading material and web links/videos, to local consultants that specialized in the services we needed every step of the way- she even went the extra mile to call and get us appointments when we had trouble getting through. She prepared us exceptionally well for the labor/delivery process at the hospital and helped us navigate our options while being completely supportive of our final decisions. She was the perfect blend of experience and comfort and we absolutely loved having her as part of our birth experience. We would hire her again in a heart beat. 

Adrian Sam


From the moment we met Heather, we knew she would be the right choice for us. Besides coming highly recommended by a more than trustworthty source, she engaged us and made us feel comfortable right away. Heather offered us invaluable information not only before and during, but also in the weeks after birth when we were home and breastfeeding and sleep schedule becomes challenging.

Besides being qualified Heather has a thoughtful personality, a caring spirit and has a strong but respectful presence to help faciclitate communication with hospital staff. She went above and beyond with us in terms of timing, brought snacks and acted as an exceptional guide through the whole process. Delivering at Pennsylvania Hospital would have been a completely different and less pleasant experience without her.

Thanks Heather!


Marisa, Adrian Sr., Adrian Jr.

Katherine Harrigan


Heather is amazing! We hired Heather late in my pregnancy after deciding that a doula was the right choice for us, and boy were we grateful! Heather exceeded all expectations for what I expected from a doula. She was extremely helpful, intuitive and caring during the final weeks of my pregnancy leading up to (and past!) my due date and I am so thankful for that. And then when labor finally did start, she was there with us every step of the way. Heather had a way of being present, without being overbearing. After arriving to the hospital at 5-6cm, I thought we would be meeting our baby shortly. Little did I know, my body still had a lot of work to do to get into active labor. Heather helped SO much with the pain of each contraction, and I still don't know how she had the stamina and strength to do that for me!! She was also such a big support for my husband, and was able to help guide him in all the best ways to help me cope with contractions.  As the hours (and hours and hours) went by, and not much progress was happening in my labor, I began getting worried. When I ultimately chose to use a little pitocin to augment my labor and also receive an epidural (which I had a huge fear of), I was upset and felt like I couldn't do it anymore. I will never forget that Heather looked me directly in the eyes, my surroundings disappeared, and she said YOU ARE GOING TO DO THIS. And she was certinaly right. Within a few hours, I was complete and had a strong urge to push and 8 minutes labor our almost 9 lb little love was born into the hands of my midwife! While it certainly wasn't the labor I was expecting, I 100% believe that Heather played a huge role in having the positive birth experience that I did. Oh, and she took great pics for us! Something I otherwise would not have had documented :)

Jill Guggenheim


Heather came highly recommended and she was fantastic! As a new mom of two, she made me feel comfortable and took charge in a very helpful and reassuring way. Heather was very supportive and never made me feel silly. Without asking, she knew what to do to and was also terrific with my 4 year old. It was hard for me to stop using Heather and I was sad to say goodbye. I would recommend her highly to anyone.

Brooke Myers


I had such a great experience with Heather Atkinson. After interviewing two other Doulas, I chose Heather because she was so confident, positive, and excited about the birthing process. She was always prepared at each appointment and came with tons of experience and knowledge. My husband and I learned several new techniques for natural pain relief which we used during my labor. She went above and beyond in every interaction and was always available when I had any questions or concerns via phone or email. Her energy alone is amazing and I can’t imagine laboring without her help.

Emilia Apostolova


I had Heather as a postpartum doula after the birth of our second child. She was truly amazing! In these early very tiring weeks after the birth, Heather was exactly what I needed. Calm, knowledgeable, warm and caring, she was very helpful in my recovery. She had good suggestions and provided a lot of support in my straggle with breastfeeding. Heather even came to few of the initial doctors appointments for the baby to brainstorm with the lactation consultant and come up with different solutions. She is reliable, very positive and easygoing. I feel like she “put me back together” and gave me the support I needed to take care of myself postpartum and get adjusted to the new family routine with the baby. I highly recommend her, my experience with Heather was great.

Steve Murphy


Heather was the perfect match for my wife, Lindsay, and I.  When we first met, Heather explained that this will be a very personal relationship, so it's important that we all feel that our personalities mesh.  She encourages us to meet with other doulas, but after spending an hour or so with Heather, we knew she was the right person for us: calm, positive, and the perfect balance of down-to-earth and spiritual.

We're planners, and we didn't love that our doctor probably wouldn't be the one to deliver our baby.  So when we learned that Heather only takes on one delivery per month, to guarantee she'll be at your birth, it was music to our ears.

The process with Heather was great.  She was as available as we needed in the months leading up to the due date, and was always massively supportive & helpful.

Our first child, Chase, was born two weeks ago, and I simply don't know how we could have gotten through it without Heather.  I was not prepared for how difficult decision-making becomes when your partner is in so much pain every 30 seconds; it makes focusing on pros/cons almost impossible.  But Heather was able to help us navigate these uncharted waters thanks to the relationship we'd developed, while telling us what at the hospital is normal vs unusual.

Most importantly, Heather provided a constant stream of confidence-boosting positivity to Lindsay, guiding her through hours of labor, always ready with a new position to try, even diving under Lindsay (repeatedly) to provide shoulders to lean on when a contraction came before we were in a good position.  Heather was armed with relaxing scents, snacks, massage tools, and *always* had a new idea for how Lindsay could get through that next contraction.  Her moral support, the hope she provided, was invaluable.

Heather was the right doula for my family. We couldn't be happier with her involvement in our birth and our lives!

Erica Delaney


My experience with Heather from start to finish was simply amazing. It is difficult to convey just what an incredible support she was to me during my pregnancy and throughout my birth. Heather was all of the things I wanted in a doula and so much more. She was energetic, positive, thoughtful, and collaborative during my pregnancy, helping me to think through my options and plan of care at the end of my pregnancy when several important decisions came up around monitoring and testing. She was always available by phone, text, and email; she was emotionally present and thoughtful each time we spoke, but also managed to make our interactions light-hearted and fun which was very helpful. She never once made me feel bad about the multiple false starts we had to my labor, one of which kept her up all night. She made sure I was always aware of her plans if she thought it might impact how I should reach her if I went into labor.

Heather brought incredibly positive energy to our meetings and to my birth and was so respectful of my need for space during my early labor. Throughout my labor, she was completely unobtrusive while simultaneously totally available to me and my husband, always knowing when to step in and suggest my husband offer a cool washcloth or a change in positions; she even knew the right time to spray an essential oil room spray!! She stood back to let my husband be my primary labor support which was what we communicated to her was our goal, while continuously being sure his needs were tended to as well (and being sure the midwifery team honored my birth wishes). Heather has truly mastered the art of being with women during labor in the many forms that can take. She was such a joy to spend time with during my pregnancy and was the perfect presence during my labor. As a midwife, I have worked with and observed a lot of doulas during the labors of my patients. I can honestly say Heather is one of the best doulas I've ever encountered!

Julie Berger


Heather is THE BEST. She is warm, loving, supportive, and incredibly knowledgeable, and she infused our time with her with both calm and joy. We hired her to guide us through labor and delivery, loving her approach to empowering both me and my partner and to serving as our advocate. When we learned our tiny roommate was breech and we would likely not need a birth coach for the actual day of delivery, Heather gathered resources for us on family-centered c-sections so that we could still think purposefully about the birth experience. She checked in frequently and sent us helpful resources throughout the end of my pregnancy.

Heather continually found new ways to support us. When our daughter's weight became a concern in the days after her birth and we struggled to get consistent information from the hospital staff, Heather returned to the hospital and spent hours with us, helping us navigate the issue. When I struggled with breastfeeding and low milk supply, Heather again found valuable resources and made calls for us. She has a strong network of those working in birthing and childcare, and she never hesitated to reach out on our behalf.

We have been so grateful to work with her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Stacey Carlough


I enthusiasticlaly recommend Heather as a birth doula! While we had a doula for our first birth, my hopes for an intervention-free vaginal birth did not come to pass, and after 46 hours of labor, I ended up with a c-section. Hoping to VBAC with my second child, I did everything I could to help baby position himself better for birth and to approach my labor with a positive mindset - and on June 28, 2016 (his due date!) we brought our second son into the world after a "short" 15-hour labor and successful VBAC! I know we could NOT have done it without Heather's help!

From our first prenatal meeting (with her doula partner, Heather Keeney), Heather was calm but pasionate, thoughtful but assertive - exactly what we wanted and needed. She was super responsive to all of our questions and needs and always immediately available via phone and text. I felt so cared for, as a client and as a human, in the days leading up to my delivery. She had great recommendations for chiros and acupuncurists, too!

On the night I went into labor, Heather was right by our side. She helped us labor for as long as possible before heading to the hospital. I had told Heather that I wanted someone to "take charge" by offering coping suggestons, but that I still wanted the labor and birth to be a special and healing experience for me and my husband. She struck the perfect balance, jumping in with positions to labor in, aromatherapy, hugs, and energy drinks! She was literally by our side through every contraction as we walked the halls at the PETU and labored in L+D. She was so inspiring and effective in her techniques that we were able to labor as naturally as possible in a hospital setting. She was relentless in her energy and positive support, physically and emotionally. The next day, and at our postpartum meeting, she was there with food to help us process and celebrate a truly empowering and unforgettable experience. You will NOT regret having her by your side!

Daira Nocera


Heather was wonderful! She took great care of me and my baby son and helped me dealing with the difficult time that is being a new single mom. She was the first person that I entrusted with my son and I was able to do so easily thanks to her very trustworthy and sweet personality. She allowed me to catch up on sleep and take care of myself. I learned to be more relaxed and just enjoy being a mom thanks to Heather's calming vibe. I am so grateful I got to meet her!

Edyta Zielinska


From the outset, Heather made us feel comfortable that she would support our birth choices no matter how we decided to deliver, and would be there to advocate for our needs during the birth process. She was very knowledgeable about options and birth interventions and equipped us with a strategy for talking to our care team at the hospital and asking for what we needed. She stuck with us on a particularly long and drawn out labor and provided support in many ways, from holding my hand and cooling my forehead to bringing us food when I was unwilling to have my husband leave my side. We would recommend highly Heather as part of your birth team.

Miriam Manon


Heather is an amazing doula-and human being!

As first time parents, Heather's warmth, positive energy and deep knowledge of the birthing process helped us work through our nerves and prep for the big day. Heather is a great listener and communicator. We really felt she cared as much about our impending arrival as we did!

When the day finally came, Heather was up, giving council to my wife and ready to come as soon as we made the call. At 4am, Heather arrived and brought just the energy and relief we needed. First thing she did was give me a big hug! We were both exhausted at that point and Heather knew just what to do to boost my confidence and stamina. She suggested positions to alleviate my intense back pain and worked closely with my wife to support me through my contractions. I couldn't have gotten through it without her hip squeezes. She may be small, but she is strong!

Labor sped up quickly. We were ready to go to the birth center in Bryn Mawr when we found out they were full and we would have to go to the hospital. A big change in plan is not what you want to hear during contractions. Heather was calm and positive and kept us focused on the ultimate prize-getting to finally meet our baby girl! She rode with us out to Del. Co. though it meant she would have to take a taxi home. I don't know how we could've gotten through that car ride without her support. Heather worked closely with our midwife and nurse to create a great team for the final push. When our daughter finally arrived, Heather made sure we were comfortable (and fed! Her dark chocolate was just the pick me up I needed) before departing to give us space as a family of 3.

Heather checked in frequently those early days. When she came for our postpartum visit (with more snacks!) she helped me with breastfeeding techniques, saving my aching wrists. We can't recommend Heather enough. We're so happy we made the decision to have her as our doula-and now our friend!

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