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Anita E


Having Ayana as my doula was key to making my labor and delivery experience positive. She was phenomenal at supporting me through the contractions, as well as helping my husband know how to help me better.

My labor was complicated by a placenta abnormality that was not known about beforehand. Ayana provided key emotional support I needed when faced with making decisions that were different than what I had wanted in my birth plan. She was so calm and kind, and really helped me keep things in perspective. My husband says that Ayana's presence was reassuring for him as well, and helped him to stay calm and be the strength that I needed him to be.

Ultimately, despite the complications, I was still able to deliver vaginally. I was so blessed to have both an excellent midwife and an excellent doula, and I would recommend Ayana without reservation.

Pat Barrett


Ayana brings a sense of humor and a relaxed, informal energy to the birth experience. She is knowledgeable and flexible, and comes ready to work hard. Ours was a particularly trying delivery. My wife labored for 48 hours, and Ayana was there for 24 of them, including 4 hours spent pushing. She was always present, direct, and helpful. My wife kept saying she couldn't have done it without her, and she meant it. We really couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Zeesha Grossbaum Brownstein


Working with Ayana was truly amazing. She has a great personality calm, positive and encouraging, and both me and my husband were 100% comfortable working with her. She came prepared with all of the items we spoke about during our initial meeting, and was also spontaneous and quick to try new things when I needed a change. She also gave clear guidance to my husband so he was able to help when she needed to step out for a few moments. She reinforced my wishes to the team, and it was truly with her help and encouragement that I was able to stick to my birth plan.

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