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Tatyana Stronks

NW Pregnancy & Birth Coaching

Spokane, WA Service range 40 miles



Birth Fee

$600 to $750

Postpartum Rate

$20 to $35

Birth Fee

$600 to $750

Postpartum Rate

$20 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

2 years and 13 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

2 years and 3 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Fee Details

$150 for placenta encapsulation Birth doula services starting at $600-$750 Sliding scale available along with payments Postpartum care packages starting at $60 for 3 hours

Spokane, WA Service range 40 miles

Client Testimonials for Tatyana Stronks

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Caileigh Baker


Tatyanna is AMAZING!

I am a single mom and went through my pregnancy alone, with the exception of family, until I found Tatyanna.

She is so caring and she really works with yours and your family needs.

During my pregnancy, she was available whenever I had questions and was more than happy to answer basically at any time of day.

When I went into labor she came right to the hospital and was so present and there for me.

She is so knowledgeable! She had just learned a couple of new positions so I could get comfortable during my contractions, and I was more than willing to try them out. They helped immensely!

She never left my side from the time my contractions started to get really bad, to my epidural, all the way to the birth.

During the birth, she was AMAZING and photo-documented the whole birth. I am very grateful to have the memory since I was so in the moment!

After birth, she came to my home and checked on us.
She brought me lactation cookies, that is DELICIOUS.

She also offers placenta capsulation and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in that.

I love Tatyanna and if and when I ever decide to continue having more children she will be my FIRST contact! <3 <3

Mandy Isabell


Tatyana was such an amazing addition to our pregnancy! We entered the doula game late and were lucky enough to find her a few weeks before we delivered. Tatyana came to the hospital when the morning after we were induced and ready for some extra support. She was there our entire birth and really made sure we were informed of what was going on making decisions that we wanted. My labor had many ups and downs and she was such a great support to my husband and I. Would definitely recommend her services to others!

Kayla Baker


I had my baby in spring of 2017 and Tatyana was my doula. Being a single mom, I had a lot of fear surrounding my pregnancy and birth of my baby. Tatyana was there every step of the way and helped me feel safe and confident in all the decisions I made about my little girls birth. I had to be induced and was at the hospital for two days before I had my baby. Having someone to walk me through every step and still help me have the birth I mostly  envisioned was priceless. In our prenanal appointments, we went over my birth plan but Tatyana also helped me think aboout what I would want in case of induction of other interventions. So even though I had to be induced at 41 weeks and 5 days, I felt prepared and empowered. 

Eileen Murphy


Tatyana was great! This was my third birth, but my doula from my first two wasn't available. I looked for a new doula and after several interviews hired Tatyana. She was in contact throughout my pregnancy, checking in to make sure I was doing OK and to help me process the curve balls. She also provided recommendations for other birth workers as I was looking for them. During the birth she was just what I needed: a rock, completely available to do anything, but silent and out of the way so I could labor as I wanted. As soon as I held out a hand hers was there to support me, or asked for a sip of water she had it at my mouth. Most of my support came from my husband, but sometime a second person was needed and Tatyana was always there and ready to go. My husband also told me after that it was worth the price of hiring Tatyana purley for several moments of eye contact and reassurance when he was having a hard time (this labor was HARD on me, and thus HARD on him to watch). Tatyana also brought her camera and, with prior permission, took many photos of my birth. They are GORGEOUS. I especially appreciate them since I got no real photos of my previous births and very much wanted some this time, but my birth photographer was held up in traffic during my very fast birth and walked in right as baby gave his first cry. Without Tatyana I would have no pictures of any of my births, and instead I have beautiful memories captured. Tatyana also came for a postpartum visit and not only helped me process everything, she brought me dinner and lactation cookies! Such a nice bonus! On all fronts I'm glad we hired Tatyana!

Amber Longsine


I met with Tatyana in early September as I was due in mid November and was in search of a Doula and Placenta Encapsulator. We sat down for coffee and there was an instant light when I met her. The connection we shared was unbreakable and I knew that she was the one for my birth. She came to my house in October for the prenatal meeting and we went over my birth bag, birth plan, and what my goals were for my birth. She helped weed out a lot of useless stuff that was in my bag. I planned to have a natural water birth at the PSBC in Kirkland. Everything was perfect, until my water broke at 38w3d and my body would absolutley not go into active labor. I was in prodromal labor with contractions the week before and Tatyana would check in with me daily to make sure I was doing well. I was trasferred to Evergreen and was completely devastated by the lack of progress my body made. Tatyana met us at the hospital a few minutes after we had arrived. We started the induction process (Foley Bulb and Pitocin). Tatyana held my hand through each and every moment of my labor and birth. I couldnt have done it without her. My labor was a very intense 13.75 hours and my baby was posterior with a cord wrapped and premature placental detachment. Tatyana never left my side, never fell asleep, never made me feel like I couldnt do it. She reminded every single person what my birth plan was and when it came time to throw the plan out in regards to medications so I could get the epidural (which saved my birth, I dilated from a 4.5 to a 9 in about 10 minutes. had I not gotten the epidural, I would have ended up in a csection) she did not question my decisions. Instead, she only responded with support. After the birth, she stayed for a few hours longer to make sure I was stable and okay. She met me a week later at our home with my placenta encapsulated, a beautiful cord art she made from my sons cord, and lactation cookies. I can not stress enough how vital Tatyana was in my birth story.

Sasha Trainer


I received postpartum care and placenta encapsulation from Tatyana and she helped my husband and I immensely with newborn education, breast-feeding and help with my slight postpartum depression. We had a scheduled c-section for a breech so we didn't feel we needed a birth doula but the postpartum care was a must and we are so happy we chose Tatyana to be our pp Doula. Our boy instantly bonded with her and she was able to assist us with breastfeeding, and general help around the home. When she came to our home when we were released from the hospital, she had the placenta encapsulated. We trusted her 100% with safely handling and encapsulating the placenta. She also provided lactation cookies and a meal plus made several more for us that we put in the freezer for easy meals during the week during recovery. We couldn't have been more happy with Tatyana's service and will use her again for our next pregnancy! She will forever be apart of our family With all the help she gave to us! 

Becky Campos


My husband and I hired Tatyana for the birth of our second child. This was our first time going the natural birth route so we didn't really know anything about doulas. Our initial visit with Tatyana was at a local Starbucks where we interviewed her and got a sense of who she was. Immediately afterwards we knew we wanted to have her as our doula. As my due date drew near, she came to my home for a prenatal visit where we discussed our birth plan. I had never written one before so it was incredibly helpful that she knew exactly what questions to ask. Plus, she wrote it up and emailed it to me which was awesome since I was already busy chasing around a toddler. When I got to 38 weeks, Tatyana was oncall. She texted me everyday to encourage me and ask me how things were going. I also kept her informed after each OB visit. I was induced at 40 weeks and 6 days and was a little scared since I was told induction increases the intesity/pain of contractions, but Tatyana kept reminding me that it was very possible to still have a natural birth. She arrived at the hospital at the perfect time when my contractions began to hurt. She and my husband were a great support team. She constantly encouraged me through the pain as everything became more and more intense, reminded me/coached me to breathe, helped me change laboring positions, massaged my back - everything I needed. My baby girl arrived so fast - only 3 hours after my OB broke my water. I went from 6cm to 9cm in about 30 minutes, and I don't think I could have had a natural birth without her. Tatyana even took pictures of the moments right after she was born. Tatyana followed up with a post partum visit by bringing me beef stew and lactation cookies while we sat and chatted for a bit. She is an awesome doula who is passionate, kind and supportive. She was instrumental to making my labor and delivery how I wanted it and I would recommend her to anyone! 

Jazzmine Parker


Tatyana was the best doula I could ever imagined to have.

My husband and I met with Tatyana for the first time when I was seven months pregnant. When we met, she was friendly and kind from the begining. She asked us questions to get to know us and she was open to qustions herself. She seemed so knowledgabe and full of suggestions of things that may help us in our birthing journey. We left there knowing that we wanted her to be our doula. 

She worked with us on making a birth plan. She was really helpful in making it for me. I had felt over whelmed by it and she knew just what to say for what I wanted. 

I went into labor two days early on Sunday July 12th. She arrived at our house at 6:30pm. I was having steady contractions. She went on walks with me and helped me through my contractions. She timed all of my contractions for me. She massaged my back and did the things that I had said I wanted in my plan. Having her present allowed my husband to rest. It also took the stress off for both of us.

We went to the hospital at 1am. Tatyana was wonderful to have around when they made me walk for several hours. I cannot imagine it without her. She reminded me to breathe and kept me calm. She also coached my husband on things to help. They really worked togeather as a team. At the hospital she reminded me of how I planned to manage my pain, she also encourged me the entire time. She rubbed lavander oil on me, which was amazing. 

My son was born at 8:32am on Monday July 13th. I pushed for one hour. I honestly feel having her there shortend my labor.

Tatyana took photos of our birth that turned out beautifully. I also had her encapsulate my placenta. She brought us a meal at our post partum checkup too. Yummmy food!

She did a wonderful job. I would reccomend her to absolutely everyone as their doula. She is so passionate in what she does it is beautiful. Having her as my doula was a blessing. 

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