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Dhanya John

I went to Cheryl for prenatal yoga and loved it!  I went ahead and booked her for my postpartum treatments and those were the best moments after baby was born. She was very understanding and friendly to my son and husband. I would literally snore during the massages and I believe these treatments helped me to get back to normal house chores without any kind of postpartum depression. Cheryl has a very soothing voice and has a positive vibe. She is just awesome!

Posted 1/1/2016

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Jennifer Cabrera

Cheryl was amazing! She helped me have the natural birth I wanted. She was wonderful offering gentle suggestions and reminding my husband and I to stay focused. She was supportive of the birth I wanted and I'm so glad she was there with us on such a special day!

Posted 8/9/2015

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Brianna Silvio

My husband and I took hypnobirthing with Cheryl and decided to hire her as our doula a few days before my due date. my wishes were to have a natural birth; however, nature intended different and I went in for an emergency induction. I workEd every hypnobirthing technique Cheryl taught but I was struggling, bad. My husband called her and said its time she wants to get the epidural. Cheryl showed up in minutes and immediately began putting me in positions, using oils, breathing techniques, etc. She was the light I needed. Every time I wanted to break she was there to remind  me I was strong enough. Although, my birth did not go according to plan; I was proud of myself by the time Freya entered the world. I wouldn't have been able to do what I did without Cheryl, I truly believe that. She was there until the very end; helping me push, helping me breathe her down, helping my husband cope watching me in pain, advocating for me when I couldn't speak , taking fantastic pictures, and being there for me when I thought I was going to loose my mind. Cheryl is priceless. 

Posted 7/3/2015

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Stephanie Woody

I didn't officially have Cheryl as a doula, but I still wanted to praise her for all the support she gave me leading up to my little ones birth. From the day I met her at my first prenatal yoga class, Cheryl was very welcoming! She always greets everyone with a smile and was why I kept going back. She always had great advice for pregnancy and she carries such a positive attitude! When I found out my little girl had become breech at 36 weeks, she went above and beyond in helping me try everything she knew to get that baby to flip. Even when my baby wouldn't flip and I had to schedule a c-section, she was still so positive and helped keep me calm. I never once felt defeated! I could go on and on about her, but the biggest blessing Cheryl brings besides all her wonderful advice is her love for mamas and her JOY - it radiates from her!! I highly recommend her, she will greatly impact your birth story no matter how it turns out! 

Posted 8/23/2014

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Christina Vargas

Cheryl is amazing! Cheryl was my doula for my 2nd baby. My first baby was breech and I had a c-section.

I went from OBGYN to OBGYN trying to find a Dr. who would support me in having a VBAC. A friend recommended I call Cheryl for support. I am SO glad I did because she is a reference guru! She referred an OBGYN at Baylor who fully supported my decision to try for a VBAC and with Chery's help, I was successful! During my pregnancy Cheryl's guidance and hypnobirthing techniques helped me to release many fears that were grained into me by many Dallas OBGYN's about having a VBAC. She also gave me references to a Chiro who helped prepare me physically. I also practiced yoga with Cheryl where I felt nutured and cared for throughout my pregnancy! Througout labor Cheryl was a huge help, not only for me but for my husband too. I labored for 14 hours and during that time she physically and mentally took over so that my husband could have a break. I could keep writing and writing but mama duties are calling...If you're looking for a doula - call her! Don't wait, just do it!

Posted 12/29/2013

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Colleen Mayerhoff

Cheryl was my prenatal yoga instructor during my first pregnancy. I never missed a single class - my time with Cheryl restored both my physical and emotional self each week. At some point, my wise husband pointed out how happy and relaxed I was after yoga and suggested that perhaps we look into hiring Cheryl as our doula. We knew we wanted an all-natural birth and also knew that we'd need all the help we could get. Cheryl just had a way about her that made everything seem easier and somehow made me both relax and find my inner strength all at the same time. I must say, it was the best decision we made for our family! She gave us confidence in ourselves, provided us with so many tips & tricks, supported us both through labor & delivery, and ultimately helped us have the birth story we always wanted! 


However, I believe the best testimony to how much we valued Cheryl as a doula was when we learned we were pregnant with our second: when I told my husband, the very first thing out of his mouth was "We need to book Cheryl!"! It still makes me laugh to think that was his first response! But, of course, we did ask Cheryl to be our doula a second time and, once again, she helped us have yet another fantastic birth story. We truly couldn't have done it without her support and love. She is such a fantastic doula and a wonderful person and we feel very lucky that she has come into our lives!

Posted 11/23/2013

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becky buckner

I met Cheryl through another friend who had gone to her for yoga and also hired her for her doula services.   I did not hire a doula for my first pregnancy and after my delivery I felt that I had not had the experience i wanted.   I discovered that nurses in the hospital are there to monitor the pregnancy but not to support me emotionally or physically throughout the entire process.   My husband ia amazing,  but isn't comfortable and doesn't know how to support a laboring woman.   So I  called cheryl the second time around.   

When I met Cheryl I was thrilled.   She is so positive and so excited about her babies!   She did not have any agenda of her own,  her main priority was supporting me and helping me have the birth experience that I wanted.   She met with us a couple of times before the big day and she helped me make a birth plan and also showed us pain relieving techniques for early labor.   On the big day Cheryl was there the whole day.   Texting with me to begin with and then meeting us at the hospital.   She was amazing in action!   She had lots of ideas throughout labor for ways to make me more comfortable,  also she was an invaluable asset when we had to make decisions and needed information.   At the end of the day i truly felt that Cheryl was our super hero,  she kept us going and brought my husband into the process by showing him ways he could help too.  If you're thinking about hiring a doula,  DO!  And I would highly  recommend Cheryl,  she is really blessed with a gift to help women on the hardest and best days of their lives. 

Posted 10/22/2013

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Le BrumleyWolovits

I can honestly say that I do not know what I would have done without Cheryl. She has such a calming and positive presence that really made her the ideal doula for me. My husband called her at 1 in the morning when I was having 5 min apart contractions. She came to our house within the hour and helped me through EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTION. She would calmy and quietly tell me helpful things like "You are going to meet your baby today, you have been waiting for this day!". She used the hand held shower on my back as I transitioned while my husband was trying to get our toddler back to sleep. The rest of the time she helped my husband support me- getting him cool rags, drinks of water to provide me with. I do not recall her leaving my side for one minute until the baby was born. Cheryl was such a valuable and wonderful person and I will always be in debt to her for helping me through the hardest thing I have ever done in my life!

Posted 10/13/2013

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Laura Earman Galbreath

Our family was infinitely blessed to cross paths with Cheryl during our pregnancy. We wanted the birth of our daughter to be the most positive experience possible and also an expression of our family values. For us, that meant a desire to have a natural birth with as few medical interventions as possible, but still in a hospital environment. Cheryl ensured that we felt comfortable and confident in the months and weeks leading up to the arrival of our daughter, complete with the most amazing abhyanga massage at 38 weeks that left me so relaxed I almost forgot I was hugely pregnant.

Cheryl helpd us navigate our options when faced with an induction and helped us be at peace with each decision by keeping us focused on our ultimate goal - the healthy arrival of our baby girl. We had a fantastic L&D nurse who was very supportive of natural birth but I still could not imagine our experience being as positive without Cheryl's presence. Being our only birth experience, I have nothing to compare Pitocin contractions with, but I can only describe it as hitting a brick wall physically and mentally. I was overwhelmed until the moment Cheryl breezed into the L&D room and immediately changed the entire atmosphere. The noisy monitor beeping and graphs all dissapeared from my consciousness as she helped me focus on breathing the baby down and really being aware and in tune with what exactly what my body was accomplishing. I had my eyes closed for so much of the hard labor so Cheryl's voice and calming words are such an integral part of my memories.

At points during labor when either my husband or I lost focus or became overly emotional, she knew exactly what to say or do to keep us encouraged. That alone was invaluable and was the absolute key to our birth experience being the positive environment with which we wanted our daughter to arrive.

Posted 10/1/2013

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Nadiezhda Duron

My life long dream had always been to be a mother of five.  As a child I did not have the support or parental figure of a woman and worried that when it was time for me to have children I would be alone.  The feeling of not knowing what to do, how to feel, who to feel it with was always a worry of mine.  I knew that I needed a Doula when I got pregnant, I needed someone to support me through the adventure, but I needed a very "special" kind of person.  I not only needed a person that was willing to understand my feelings, thoughts, emotions, and anxieties, but one that would sooth genuinely and go out of the professional "contract" if needed to make it all better.  Cheryl Johnson was not just a "doula"- even though our "contract" or terms were related to child birth, she made sure I felt her support with ANYTHING.  I was terrified and anxious about being alone during pregnancy and delivery.  Cheryl always made me feel that she was there and comforted me like someone I had known for years.  Her soft, sweet, GENUINE nature always brought me to a safe place.  I could of never delivered my sweet baby without her touch, voice, and positive energy.  For that I am SOOOOOOO thankful and blessed.  My wish is that all women could have a Cheryl Johnson in their birthing experience.


Posted 2/1/2011

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Karla Contreras

I met Cheryl Pre-natal Yoga practice and she helped me modifying and empower me to continue my Yoga practice under her supervision as many Yoga teachers do not specialize on Pregnancy and prefer not to let you do certain poses. She can evaluate your level and would recommend accordingly. 

Working with Cheryl as our Doula was the best decision we could've ever taken during our pregnancy. She is compassionate, friendly and truly cares about her mamas'. Always available to help with questions doubts , concerns.   My ob&g commented on how well i was managing my "labor"  using hypnobirthing techniques with Chery's assistance.   

She has a true vocation and passion for her profession, for us she went above and beyond her doula duties, and we will be always thankful of that. 


Posted 1/3/2011

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Jara Hill

Cheryl was just amazing! She fit our personalities perfectly and really helped make my birthing experience even better. I first met her when I was around 14 weeks pregnant. I began taking pre-natal yoga classes from her, which I continued throughout my pregnancy - up until 39 weeks. Since I already had a relationship with her through her wonderful yoga classes, I decided she was our match for being our doula. Her voice is so calming and soothing (and that's exactly what I needed during the tough hours of labor). She was always there when I had questions or concerns, even a few weeks before I went into labor. The day I finally did go into labor, I had been very nausious and couldn't eat, she went out of her way and brought me a smoothie and some snacks to my house. She and my husband made the perfect team for me and she really helped my husband feel more comfortable and confident before, during and after my labor. We both are so glad we hired Cheryl to be our doula and wouldn't trade our birth experience for anything in the world. She will forever be in our lives. Thanks Cheryl!!

Posted 12/30/2010

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