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Christina Kolding CD(DONA)

CK Doula

Duluth, MN Service range 20 miles


Birth Fee

$600 to $800

Birth Fee

$600 to $800

Birth Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


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Christina has a deep passion for providing education and support that ultimately empowers moms and their partners through their journey into parenthood. She is a DONA certified doula and is continuously working to discover new ways, methods, and research that will benefit the birth experience of every new and growing family.

Duluth, MN Service range 20 miles

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Jenny Davis


My family had moved cross country not too long ago, so when we got pregnant with our second child, I had to start from scratch finding a doula. The doula for my first baby was a good friend of mine who did a stellar job working for us, so it was a tough act to follow, and it was tough to find someone as great as she was. I had interviewed several doulas, but I found Christina to be the most calming, sweet, yet professional, so I chose her. When the big day came, Christina was attentive and cheerful even though it was 2am! We had to do a lot of walking to speed the progress of my labor, so walking up and down the halls was like taking a walk with a trusted friend. I felt super comfortable with her, so it made the experience that much more smooth. She not only helped me through my contractions, she also partnered with my husband by switching duties and making sure he was fed and rested. She took care of both of us, which made the labor stress free. I always felt taken care of the whole time I labored. I was so glad I chose Christina as my doula for this unforgettable memory. She took tons of pictures and was very respectful of how they were to be taken. She even kept a log of the whole labor and delivery, chronicling the details of what happened and when. This was priceless to look back on, especially since the event was so hazy for me! I love her little touches in keeping this experience wonderful with the help of her presence. I would recommend Christina to any expecting mother! 

Stephanie Marshall


Deciding to hire Christina as my doula was the best decision I made during my entire pregnancy! Christina was an absolute joy to work with and from the very second we met her, my husband and I knew that she was going to be the perfect fit for us. Christina has a very calming presence about her, which was exactly what I was looking for in a doula. I wanted someone who would be there to calm my nerves throughout my pregnancy, encourage me, and get me through the hardest part of it all--labor. Christina was all of this for me, and then some! She went above and beyond anything that I could have expected in a doula. Christina was so organized after every meeting, emailing me detailed notes about what we talked about (which was SO needed for my major preggo brain!), suggested articles to read, etc. She even helped me with my baby registry! I ended up going 12 days past my due date and that was when I was especially SO incredibly grateful for her. It was through Christina's experience as a doula and words of encouragement that I was able to get through those 12 days. I ended up going through 13 hours of intense back labor on that 12th day and giving birth to a 10 pound baby girl. The only time that Christina left my side was to quickly eat dinner :) She helped keep me calm and focused, reminding me that I could do it--that I was doing it!! And not only did I love her support, but the nurses and doctors did too! The next day my labor and delivery nurse came in to check on me and said that she had been ranting and raving about Christina to the other nurses, and that she was by far the best doula she had ever worked with. I was reminded in that moment that we had been blessed with the best. Christina was absolutely irreplaceable and there is no one else I would rather have had by my side that day as my doula. Look no further--Christina is truly the BEST!

Julie Luker


Christina was an incredible support during both my pregnancy and labor. As a first time mom, I had a lot of anxiety going into the delivery, and she was such a calming force as well as an amazing resource. My husband works in the city and travels a lot for work, and I was worried that it might take him a while to get to me. Having Christina in my corner took away so many of my concerns, and when my son decided to make his appearance, I was pleased to have them both by my side. I highly recommend working with Christina, and I’m so grateful that she guided me through this journey!

Emory Ronevich


Christina is amazing! My husband and I knew from our very first meeting with her that we wanted her present at the birth of our son. Her sweet, joy-filled demeanor paired with her knowledge of all things pregnancy and birth related gave us a peace of mind that we had chosen the right doula for our family!

Our initial meetings with her were full of invaluable information about the birth process as well as different exercises and breathing techniques we could practice before the big day. As we went through our birth plan with her prior to the big day, she provided insight on details we never would have thought about on our own. We went into the birth of our son feeling educated and empowered.

Although my labor was long and didn’t go according to our initial plan of a completely natural birth, Christina was there as a constant calming and affirming presence, reassuring us that we were making the right decisions in that moment. My husband said he would not have been able to keep it together throughout my labor without her strength and support for both of us. Oh and the photos she took immediately after the birth perfectly captured the emotions of meeting our son!

We were so thankful to have her there as an encourager and coach. Her presence allowed us to look back on our birth experience with positivity and joy! I now firmly believe every woman deserves the support provided by a doula.

Thank you so much Christina!

Rebecca Matthias


Christina brings peace and calm to your birthing experience. She will go above and beyond the call of duty leading up to your birth, making sure you have everything you need in terms of supplies, support, etc. I had a particularly long labor (64 hours!) and she was there every step of the way. Birth can be a scary experience for a first time mom. She not only coached me through it but was an incredible rock and support for my husband as well. There were times my husband needed guidance as to how to best support me, and Christina was there to help guide him. Christina was made for this and her passion shines through. You will want her calming and encouraging spirit with you with every contraction and every push.

Sheena Wilton


It was incredible having Christina as an outside resource from the very beginning - her presence and support was more special, and necessary, than I could have imagined. During our first meeting, Christina walked me through a birth plan worksheet which made me think through details I never would have addressed on my own. Christina was always excited to reflect with me about the birth classes I took and delved deeper into different breathing techniques for when the time came. It eased my mind knowing someone experienced would be there to hold my hand through this - literally.

When the big day came, Christina began to take a leadership role as she helped guide my husband and I through what was about to happen: calling into work, fueling our bodies, walking, breathing, resting, showering, calling the hospital and then finally...heading to the hospital. The contractions started coming on fast and it was a blessing to have someone who brought experience and wisdom to our home. Throughout my labor Christina cheered me on when I said “I’m done!”, gently encouraged me in moments of quiet, held my hand, and even tag-teamed my husband on massaging me through the pain. When my son arrived she grabbed the camera and took pictures of everything happening in the room including when I held him for the first time, my husbands sweet tears of joy, and my mom gushing over who the baby looked like most. Christina knew exactly what to capture.

Christina also used her expertise to guide me through what she knew about my son being able to latch-on for his first feeding. What an experience. And since then when I need advice, Christina is the first person I go to.Christina partnered with my husband and I, assisting us as we took the lead during this incredible life event. Christina is passionate, joy-filled, gentle, supportive, knowledgeable, compassionate and much more. My husband and I would not trade having her by our side for anything!

Brittany Harris


Simply put, Christina is incredible. My experience with her was nothing but positive and enlightening. It made me feel so secure and prepared to have her as an ally during my pregnancy AND after. I was pleasantly surprised when I initially found her that her services included some helpful and informative meetings before the birth to talk about different scenarios and make sure everyone was on the same page. Going in to the birth of my son, I was armed with knowledge and strength that I wouldn't have had without Christina. That was invaluable to me!

Christina is extremely wise and passionate about pregnancy, birth, and babies. Not only did she educate and prepare me, she also assured me and supported me while I mentally prepared for giving birth and caring for a newborn. Needless to say, I was nervous! But Christina's calm, soothing energy made a huge difference for me. She was a pillar of strength for BOTH myself and my husband.

The connection didn't stop after my son was born. She checked in on me frequently and gave me lots of brilliant advice during my first months as a Mother. I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for her. And now I am preparing to celebrate my son's first birthday, and she's one of the first names on the invite list!


Thank you for everything, Christina!


Kristen McDevitt


Christina was fabulous during all parts of our labor. She took extensive time to meet with my husband and me prior to labor, kept in constant communication up to delivery, supported me overnight, and stayed to help photograph the huge events including weight checks. She kept my family informed and even has checked on me since delivery to support breast feeding and new baby life. I highly recommend Christina's services to all couples considering a doula. She supports without being pushy. She gave me confidence to ask the right questions and backed up my decisions once I made them. I'm so glad Christina was part of my labor and am happy to be a reference to any couples considering her!

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