Robin Fuehrer, CD(DONA), CLC Photo

Robin Fuehrer, CD(DONA), CLC

Robn's Nest Birth Support

Mandan, ND Service range 100 miles I am happy to travel to out of the area births.


Birth Fee

$650 to $900

Birth Fee

$650 to $900

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 80 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend any homebirth with a qualified midwife in attendance.

Special Services Offered

  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a member of the Bismarck Doula Community, this year serving as vice president.

Fee Details

I am a Spinning Babies Parent Educator and include the parent class with my Doula services. I also offer birth packages that include baby's first year photography.

Mandan, ND Service range 100 miles I am happy to travel to out of the area births.

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Client Testimonials for Robin Fuehrer, CD(DONA), CLC

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Nicole Buehner


Picking Robin for a doula was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My first birthing experience was just short of a disaster and I knew I HAD to get a doula this time around. I am so happy I did! Robin is a kind soul who genuinely cares about your well being and such relief overcame me once I saw her face during my laboring. My husband was also by my side but Robin was hands down who I looked to for comfort and guidance. I had a very fast, drug free four hour labor. I felt prepared and felt like my body was ready to birth my baby. I contribute that to Robin's spinning babies class, all of her additional information she gave me, her support, and my prenatal chiropractic care. Robin made me confident and I had no hesitations, second guessing, nor regret. She helped me advocate for myself and the birth I wanted. (Also my newborn pictures I received are miraculous.) I will definitely be calling Robin to doula with any additional children we may be having! Thank you so much Robin, I am eternally grateful!! 

Jessica Hardin


After hearing about doula services, I was intrigued. I took my time reading about what services doula's offer and after meeting Robin in person, I knew this would be a good option for me as it was my first pregnancy and I had a lot of questions. I liked being educated and reassured by Robin throughout my journey of pregnancy and birth. She offered unconditional support and sacrificed her time to be with me and my family during the most precious moments of my child's birth. I would recommend Robin as a truly helpful and supportive doula to guide you through the birth process.

Mike Renner


It has been almost a year since my wife and I welcomed our daughter to our family.  That being our first pregnancy, we wanted to enlist the services of a doula and found Robin through a recommendation by trusted friends. Looking back now, I can say Robin greatly benefited the entire experience.  Through her services (including curated reading materials, meetings, and mini-classes), we became more informed, more prepared, and more confident throughout the process.  Feeling informed and at-ease really enriched our experience and allowed us to focus on the important things.  In that way, investing in a doula is sort of like investing in peace of mind.  When it came time for the big day, Robin proved to be an important person in our close support team, helping immensely during the delivery.  For those looking for a doula, I would highly recommend Robin.



Working with Robin was amazing! She is well informed on many different birth practices and is incredible at offering information with zero judgement or bias. She completely respects your decisions and wants to offer neutral information so you can be confident in your choices. Every prenatal meeting was filled with great information and she responded quickly to questions in between sessions. 

Sadly my birth story didn’t go as planned and I had an emergency c-section due to a breech baby, but having her there post-surgery to help with breastfeeding and providing emotional support after a crazy night was so so worth it! Having follow up in the first few weeks after birth was such a great experience as well. It was comforting to have someone to ask questions and reassure you about what is normal and what is not for both you and baby. 

I highly recommend having a doula for your birth experience and Robin is the person you want with you!! 

Willow Hall


I have known Robin for a long time, and she  has attended 2 of my births, 1 in 2013 and 1 in 2017. 

Robin is amazing because of the subtle ways she reframes situations and reminds you about all the good that is happening. She is very calm, and patient, and a wealth of knowledge on a host of topics including breastfeeding, birth, hospitals, (my second birth was a homebirth transport), post Partum worries and lots of newborn concerns. Nearly 18 months later she still my first message about anything related to breastfeeding. :)

I never thought I needed a doula, and had orginally asked her to be there as a friend, but I was wrong-I needed the support, and it took a lot of pressure of my husband to do everything at the birth alone. I am so thankful Robin was there at both of my births.  :) 

Sarah Rosenquist


I met Robin at the Bismarck Baby Expo and after an initial discussion, we decided we were a good fit for my baby's birth. I knew that my husband and I would benefit from the services Robin could offer, (our families live at least five hours away) but it took a little convincing to get my husband to agree. After getting together a few times before the delivery to talk about what to expect with the pregnancy and how to prepare for delivery, my husband was totally on board with the idea of a doula! Robin had lots of helpful information and handouts for us and through our discussions was able to understand the kind of delivery experience we were hoping for. She was easy to get ahold of (phone, text, email) when we had questions and we could tell that she genuinely cared about us having the best experience possible. Robin met us at the hospital shortly after we arrived and started right away with support including accupressure and keeping me moving and swaying. She also set up a strand of lights in the bathroom so we could keep the overhead lights dim, for a more peaceful vibe in the room. I appreciated having someone that knew my wishes for delivery with us the whole process. She recognized when I needed to change positions and when my nurse mentioned the posibility of drugs to speed up the process, we were able to try a few more things to keep the progress moving forward. She helped all through delivery and the "magic hour" and was able to provide us with some memorable photographs of immediately after our daughter's birth. We were happy to have her visit the next day to assist with breastfeeding and check on the parents and to our house a few days later to see how we were adjusting. We were able to acheive our goal of an unmedicated birth and highly recommend Robin as a doula.

Stephanie Hager


Robin was absolutely amazing. She has a wealth of knowledge and if she wasn't able to answer a question she would find out the answer and get back to us. My husband was extremely happy we hired her and can't imagine going through it without a doula. Highly, highly recommend a doula- especially Robin! We look forward to her being in our lives! 

Alexandria Petersen


My husband and I are so glad we decided to ask Robin to be our doula. This was our first pregnancy and our heads were spinning with all the information out there. Part of Robin’s service was to meet with us several times so she could educate us and go through all our options (such as going natural vs medicated, how labor progresses, things my husband can do to support me, etc). With these meetings there were things we didn’t even realize were options (such as delayed cord clamping) and we were able to get all our questions answered.

I believe if we didn’t have Robin there before and during labor and delivery, it would’ve been much more difficult. She was able to guide my husband into ways to support me, get my attention when I was lost in the pain, and have me try different positions to encourage baby to get into position faster. My baby ended up in the NICU for a week and Robin was also able to give great advice as I was struggling with establishing breastfeeding. She would check on us and even visited us at the hospital to make sure we were okay. She went above and beyond our expectations.

Labor and delivery was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I couldn’t have done it without Robin. We are so thankful for her and would never be able to show her how much we appreciate her. I would recommend her to all parents.

Carissa Cornell


Both my husband and I are SO GLAD that we decided to choose a doula for our first pregnancy. After interviewing a couple in our community, we felt Robin would be a great fit. She's very nurturing and was supportive throughout my pregnancy and delivery. I had wanted a natural, unmedicated delivery, but not sure I would be able to do it. Through Robin's guidance and calming support, I went through an unmedicated 30 hour delivery and only pushed for 15 minutes! My husband was very supportive as well, but we both agree that the delivery wouldn't have went as smooth if she wouldn't have been there to guide us. We initially thought we would only have a doula for our first baby, but we will definitely have Robin for subsequent pregnancies!! I HIGHLY recommend her and her expertise.

Justina Van Fleet


My name is Justina I'm 27 and just had my fourth child using a Doula. What can I say about Robin? WHAT can I not say about her she is AMAZING being myour fourth baby I had went in with mindset like every other birth miserable scared no rights on what going to.happen to my baby just push bear the pain and this will be my last time giving birth that's it I'm done. But boy was I WRONG after sitting miserable and with unaware  excitement here comes in Robin my savior she from.the moment in the room calmed it all down including my boyfriend who was in a smiling panic it was like here is out fresh of air again I didn't know what to expect that she would do to make it so.much better but in the end i.will say it was everything just her presence alone good but her teqnique and suggestions with breathing replacing walking me through a process I thought I had already known Jeeze  I've done this 3 other time right?! WRONG whole new process of enjoyment excitement awesome instruction and calmness I didt just lay in the bed and bare the pain I was coached, relaxed, calmed, excited it was a beautiful birth taking place and all because of Robin she was amazing I could and can not thank her enoughshe helped so much and making i5 such a amazing beautiful happy experience like every birth needles to.say if I went in thinking this is it my last baby but no I would.gladly do it all over again also I had never breastfeed before and she was not pushy like some are and thats why I'd give up she was well let's just try and opitions.were endless she made it so.comfortable.and I should be ashashmed formula or breastfeed but because of her etiquette  and amazing personality  im.still.breastfeeding!! Thank you Robin you are amazing!!!!

Alyssa Eduardo


My husband and I first met Robin at the baby expo, and we could just tell by her energy she was someone who we wanted to be our doula. Robins personality is real/down to earth, it is honest, it is experienced, it is kind, strong, calm,....we knew we would be happy to invite her in our life for such a special moment in our life.

I wanted a doula since the day I met them at the baby expo (I was a few months pregnant at the time). My husband was unsure about the whole thing, however he trusted my judgment on needing a doula.

We enjoyed the classes and information presented by Robin. She makes everything easy to understand for visual learners which is what I am. My husband thought the classes to be beneficial, however at this point he didn't see the need for a doula.

During the labor and birth process both me and my husband were EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to have her!! She helped me fulfill my wishes of a natural non-medicated birth and guided me on how to breastfeed my baby...without her I probably would not have done labor and birth as gracefully. She made me feel calm, and I knew with her by my side things were going to go like I wished.

My husband was so Grateful to have her during the labor and delivery...he was able to rest and eat and go to the bathroom (sounds funny but you don't understand until you go through labor and delivery how the basic life things become vital). After that day my husband said,"we need to pay her more" ... So, for all you dads out there who don't understand why your baby momma wants a doula I hope this convinces you that it's a good thing.

After the labor and birth she thankfully took some AMAZING pictures that will be treasured forever. Robin is still someone we are in continued contact with for when we have questions and/or pictures we would like for her to take. She is apart of our family and for all our births she will be there and to all our friends and family we recommend her.

Tammy Kersten


My birth experience with Robin was truly amazing. After having a hospital birth with my first baby, (with a doula that no longer serves my area) I really wanted to have a home birth for my second. My husband actually gave me the nudge to make finding a doula a priority. He was so thankful to have that support during our first birth and really feels it's a crucial part of the experience.
I found Robin in our local doula community group which had formed since my last birth. My husband & I met with Robin and really felt comforted by her knowledge & maturity. We sensed her willingness to come alongside us in whatever type of birth experience we desired. She calmed my concerns about hospital vs. home birth so that I was able to relax and allow whatever was meant to be.
She also helped me prepare mentally & physically in the weeks leading up to my birth. Robin has this perfect balance of kindness/compassion and assertiveness that is necessary if the going gets tough.
I was able to have the most wonderful home birth and I couldn't be more thankful for Robin and how she assisted my husband & I through the whole experience. My first birth was extremely long so for this birth/labor to happen in 6 hours start to finish was amazing. I labored so well with Robin's guidance that by the time my midwife first checked my progress, to my surprise, I was already at 9 cm with relative ease.
She was also very helpful with latching & nursing questions that I had.
I highly recommend having a doula for any type of birth experience and Robin was perfect for us. It's been a joy to get to know her and her family over the course of the last year as she has also photographed our baby girl's 1st year!

Britni Schwartz


Robin was an amazing doula. When I found out I was pregnant with twins I considered having a doula but was unsure if it would be helpful. After meeting Robin I talked with my husband about it. He wasn't sure but left the decision up to me. In the end both my husband and I agreed that having Robin there was the best decision we made. Robin was exremely supportive throughout my pregnancy. Twin pregancy is a roller-coaster because every five minutes you're finding out new news that you didn't anticipate. The biggest outcome of having a doula during the birthing process was that I felt like I was able to make infomned decisions. Although my birth went exceptionally well there were a few unanticipated decisions to make but I was able to walk away happy with my birth experience. Becaue I had twins the hospital required me to deliver in a surgical room. My doctor told me throughout my pregnancy that I could only have one person in the room with me. I really wanted to have both my husband and Robin there. In the end she actually let both come with me! I think this is because Robin worked so well with me and so well with all of the hospital staff. After we brought the twins home Robin was there for support during their newborn stage. As new parents this was a HUGE help. It was great to have her there to help with breastfeeding and just general support and assurance. She was a calming and happy visitor. My mom once said, "everyone should have a Robin." I agree! I think having a doula is a very personal relationship. The biggest thing I can say about Robin is that she was supportive of my decisions. She didn't come with an agenda of what I should do but instead listened and supported me in my decisions and wishes. On top of that she photographed some beautiful images of my littles ones and continues to visit us every month. I love all the memories she has helped us to capture. 

Roseanne Wright


I had Robin as my doula for my first VBAC just recently and I really can't say enough about her...she was absolutely wonderful!!! I had never given having a doula much thought but after having met her a few months previously and she told me she was getting her doula certification I knew I wanted her there at my birth! She is one of the kindest people I've ever had the pleasure to meet, and her calm and gentle presence in the delivery room was wonderful. She really goes above and beyond to make everything just how you like it and she was so encouraging and helpful during what turned out to be long pregnancy and a long night and day of labor! If we are blessed with more children I will definitely be having her there at my next birth and would recommend her to anyone, even if you don't think you want or need a doula!

Brittnie Freeman


To start off Robin is an amazingly loving and caring woman. I had my very first bundle of joy Friday the 12th 2015 10 days after her due date and Robin helped me stay so positive. She shared so much knowledge with me about pregnancy and not rushing things. My Dr set a date for me to be induced and knowing I really didn't want that she came to my house and we worked day and night doing exercises stretches and relaxation techniques to help my little girl come naturally, and guess what she did. Abigail was born one day before our induction date and I know that this happened because of the help of Robin she is an amazingly doula. Then when labor kicked in she was right there encouraging me every second. She also knew I wanted no drugs while in labor and even when I thought I was breaking she new I could keep going because of all the talks we had and prep before go day. I know 100% my pregnancy birth and labor went PERFECTLY because of the help of Robin and because of her I have ZERO regrets. I highly recommend this awsome patient knowledgeable loving woman. She will definitely be my first choice for a  doula again in the future. 

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