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Spokane, WA Service range 20 miles

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Birth Fee


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5 years

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Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


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Services include: -2 Prenatal Meetings -2 Birth Preparation Class Sessions for Doula Clients -Online Breastfeeding/Postpartum Class Session -Help Crafting Your Birth Plan -Access to My Book and Video Lending Library -Unlimited Phone/Email Consultation -24/7 Continuous Labor Support, with back-up if necessary -1 Postpartum Home Visit -Birth Notes -Pictures, if requested

Spokane, WA Service range 20 miles

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Tiffany Johnson


Kristen is truly top notch! She made me feel so comfortable right away and was very supportive when I shared my fears and struggles and my goal for birthing my baby. I never felt judged or like she thought that what I wanted was not "the right way". She never pushed natural birth on me, and didn't seem to be biased about natural vs medicated. I was attempting a VBAC and wanted very badly to have success. Her childbirth class was very good and gave me many tools to reach my goal for a natural birth, and good pain coping skills. When we met, I felt like I was meeting with a friend. She knows her stuff, and nothing seems to surprise her. I had a succesful, natural VBAC and I credit Kristen for giving me the resources, confidence and support that I needed to do so. She remained very calm during my labor and never seemed uneasy or stressed out (even though I was very loud and animated) I highly recommend her! 

Helen Mooney


My expereince with Kristen was wonderful!! During the birth of my first child I did not feel as supported as I truly needed. With our second child I really wanted to have that and Kristen truly helped make that happen. Although things did not go as I had hoped with our birthing plan, Kristen helped my husband and I work through the choices we needed to make, while being supportive and helping me to see it was ok "my plan" didn't play out as I had hoped. Overall the birth of our second child is a memory I am most grareful for and her wonderful services helped make that happen! I do not think that would have been the case without her valuable role in our babies birth!

Thank You Kristen!

Nick and Helen Mooney 

Adrienne Glasheen


I have raced an 11 hour Ironman and a sub 3 hour Marathon, but the pain of those two races combined does not hold a flame to the pain I experienced during labor and childbirth. I underestimated how challenging my experience was going to be and I am so glad I had the support of a doula... and not just any doula, but Kristen Carter. Having moved to the area just a few weeks before my daughter's birth, I had the opportunity to meet with Kristen just twice prior, but her knowledge and calming presence was immediately apparent. The purpose of a doula for me was to aide in pain management during natural childbirth and to take the pressure off of my husband. Kristen had so many tricks up her sleeve to get me through each contraction. When the pain soared to levels beyond what I thought I could handle, she kept me focused and provided gentle reminders of why natural childbirth was so important to me. Kristen helped me to not only achieve my goal of a natural childbirth, but to do so with grace. Between contractions (and there was not much time in bewteen), I was actually complimenting my husband for how well he was doing! A far cry from the vision of myself yelling at him like you see in the movies. Hiring Kristen as my doula was the best decision I made for my childbirth experience and I, hands down, recommend her to anyone and everyone. I know I will be seeking her assistance if and when we decide to have a second child. 

Rebecca O'Bryan


I highly recommend the services that Kristen offers.  She is an extremely kind, knowledgeable, and competent Doula.  My husband and I were grateful to have her by our side during the birth of our second child.  She has so much experience and has seen/done it all.  She also has a wide network for the things she may not know or if you need a recommendation for other services.

Kristen was very available throughout my pregnancy for questions and support and I couldn't have done without her during my labor.  She knew just what I needed and was calm and reassuring during the difficult parts.  She was great with the Doctor and Nurses and knows how to form a great team with them. 

A doula is an absolute must if you are hoping for a natural labor without interventions and Kristen is as good as they come.             

Leslie Vancil


Kristen was amazing before and during our birth experience. My husband and I took her Birth Ready class and she helped us feel confident and prepared leading up to the delivery. She communicated everything so clearly and really helped us decide what was best for us. She helped us feel empowered to make our own decisions! She also informed us without convincing us to make certain decisions - she wanted us to choose what was best for our needs and desires. The Birth Ready class really did make us ready! And she took a lot of anxiety away from us as we got closer to the due date. At the first signs of labor Kristen was the first person we called and wanted her calming presence by our side. During the birth she was extremely helpful and supportive - and was a great conduit between us and the nurses. We knew that as long as Kristen was there we would be fully informed and encouraged.

Looking back we are so grateful for the guidance she gave to make our experience what it was. Without her, we would have missed out on knowing how truly amazing labor and delivery can be! We would recommend her class to any expectant mother and highly recommend choosing her to be your doula for your birth, whether it is your first child or your twelfth!

Julian Thueringer


My wife and I so enjoyed having Kristen walk the journey of pregnancy with us and our first baby. My wife was (at the time) a medical student, and to have someone who was so professional, caring, knowlegeable, and experienced was more than we could have hoped for! Kristen's birthing class was especially helpful to me as I knew very little about the whole process, and I felt much less anxious during the actual birth. During the birth of our little girl, Kristen was without a doubt, key in our labor being so smooth and natural. She was extremely helpful with my wife in helping coach her through the contractions and cheering her on (and helping me to do the same!) The gratitude I feel for this lady doesn't quite fit into words. She made what could have been an extremely difficult, anxiety causing, stressful time to be one of the most beautiful days of my wife's and my life. Her soothing and calming reassurance, as well as her intimate knowledge of the labor and delivery process more than allayed any uneasiness we felt about our birth. Her care went beyond just pregnancy, labor, and delivery, but went on into postpartum and she was sure to check up on us after our birth to see how the three of us were doing. Furthermore, Kristen helped us outline a detailed birth plan for our doctor and the hospital staff to follow during the birth of our child in order that any preferences on our part were followed to the letter. All of this to say that it would be hard for me to not over recommend Kristin Carter's Doula service to anyone in the Spokane area. She was an incredibly professional pleasure for my wife and I to work with, and we truly felt that we were in excellent hands throughout our journey. We are looking forward to Kristen referring future clients of hers to us for more details of our birth story and our experience with her incredible dedication to mama, papa, and baby. 

Qui Moede


I was terrified of pregnancy, giving birth, and recovery. Having a doula was always going to happen, I just needed to find the right partner. Within seconds of meeting Kristen (and her then-business partner Ruth), I knew I was safe. At the time, Kristen taught a 6 week birthing class that my husband and I attended toward the end of our pregnancy. It was method-agnostic, focusing on coping with pain, understanding choices that will be made during labor, post partum recovery and breastfeeding (and so much more).

It was clear Kristen would be a trustworthy sherpa for us, and through that class she gave us the tools and techniques to prepare for the scary main event. Our "blueprint" would get us all out alive, even if it didn't end up being a fast and natural process. Thanks to her, I entered into labor ready and confident. 

....Two days later, Kristen was there for the birth of our son. It didn't go as smoothly as I'd hoped - so long, so much pain, and so little progress. Her partner Ruth was with us for the first mindblowing 24 hours, and Kristen tagged in around the time I received my epidural (herself having just attended another overnight birth and very little rest in between - what a champ). So there we were, interventions snowballing as they do, me and my husband at the end of our ropes. And Kristen professionally and lovingly powered through the next 7 or 8 hours keeping me sane and helping communicate my needs. We had a great team at Holy Family working with Dr. Brasch, and I felt (from my tunnel vision) that everyone was on the same page and working well together. And just like that, we had a healthy baby.

Kristen came to visit us at home a week or two later, and helped me piece the story together - one of my most healing post partum experiences. We still check in occassionally and I just sent her an invitation to my son's first birthday. If we have another baby in Spokane, we'll time conception around her schedule ;)

Shelby Culp


When we found out we were pregnant, my husband wanted our daughter to be born in a hospital, but I hoped to give birth without the aid of any outside medical intervention (c-section, forceps, induction, epidural, etc.). We hoped by hiring a doula that we would get the support we needed to navigate the birthing process while keeping those desires in mind, but we had no idea how far above and beyond Kristen would go in providing that support. 

We had several meetings with Kristen prior to delivery where she got to know our hopes and dreams for the delivery, as well as our fears and concerns. I was immediately put at ease by her calm demeanor, her kindness, and her in-depth knowledge of the birthing process. She never pressured us to do anything any certain way but listened and helped us comprehend and plan for what was to come.

By the time I was two weeks out, she encouraged me to stay in contact with her and coached me through the long waiting process, helping me to stay relaxed and discern between braxton-hicks and real contractions. And when my water broke at 1:30am, we texted and she headed straight to the hospital. She arrived shortly after we did and was by our side through the whole process. 

My husband tells every pregnant couple that Kristen is "worth her weight in gold." When he was overwhelmed, she helped give him direction so he could stay with me through every contraction. She had oils for me to smell to keep me from nausea, worked with the nurses to help me stay comfortable, and encouraged me every step of the way. She took pictures on our phone when my husband first held our daughter and took notes and provided us with a detailed birth story so we wouldn't forget a single moment. Even months after my daughter's birth, she continued to check in on us and encourage us, as we had expressed fear at becoming new parents in our sessions with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough! 


Emily Soucinek


I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Kristen. Kristen taught a childbirth course (though Birth Ready) that my husband and I attended.  It was very informative & empowering.  Kristen is passionate about parents having the information they need to prepare for, and advocate for, the type of birth experience they hope for.  She doesn't have an agenda about what is the best kind of birth; instead it really is about what you most want.  She also includes practical instruction for managing pain, making decisions during birth, etc.  Her class gave us a great deal of confidence!

As a doula, Kristen was also incredibly supportive and empowering.  She met with us beforehand so that she could understand what we were hoping for during our birth.  She really listened and I felt like she really understood us and what we wanted. My husband was initially nervous that having a doula with us would mean his role in labor would decrease, but the opposite was true.  Part of Kristen's role was helping my husband support me.  When I think about my birth, the focus really was on me and my husband laboring together - he was my rock.  Kristen stepped in throughout labor with practical help (trying different positions, offering essential oils, intuitively reading my needs and responding, helping me understand the interventions nurses and doctors offered, reminding my husband to eat and drink, helping answer his questions or concerns, etc).  Kristen also was very emotionally connected and encouraging.  My birth ended up in a C-section and afterwards I had a lot of emotions and questions about what had happened.  The most meaningful conversation about my birth was with Kristen as she helped me debrief from the experience.  She talked about details with me and helped me to recall what exactly happened and why.  I am absolutely having her be our doula again in a couple months!

Ali Beth Marshall


Kristen was absolutely a gift from God during our pregnancy, labor, and post-labor.  She was always available for questions leading up to delivery and even after delivery... and always quick to respond!  I had a long labor (36 hours) and she was right there with us, every step of the way.  She advocated for our desires/needs in the delivery room, but wasn't too overbearing/pushy about it.  She reminded us when we had "options" during the delivery, and not to just go with whatever the nurses suggested... and was happy to oblige with whatever direction we wanted to go.  She understood MY needs during labor, and that my needs/desires were different from any other client of hers... and she ebbed and flowed with those needs.  I have such a distinct memory during labor when I was about ready to throw in the towel.. I was holding her hand and leaning on her chest, absolutely exhausted, and I looked in her eyes and said "I can't do this anymore"... and she just squeezed me tight and said "I know".  Simple words, but just enough to tell me she understood, and wasn't urging me one way or the other.  I just love her to pieces and am SO grateful for her presence at the birth of our sweet daughter.  She really is one in a million.

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