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Donna Delaney

Orlando Doulas/Formerly Blessed Births & Babies

Altamonte Springs, FL Service range 75 miles


Birth Fee

$850 to $1250

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Fee

$850 to $1250

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 150 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 100 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2015
  • ProDoula, August 2017

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 6 births and 1 to 5 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
A Licensed Midwife must be present

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Fee Details

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Altamonte Springs, FL Service range 75 miles

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Client Testimonials for Donna Delaney

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Allison Kipfer


Donna was a wonderful doula! She attended the home birth of my first baby and it was a LONG, hard labor. She was there from beginning to end helping make sure I had everything I needed, tending to my nutty dogs and even capturing some photos for us by request! Highly recommend her. Professional and maternal, exactly what we needed! 

Christine M


Donna was a blessing to have, she answered so many questions and helped in so many ways that my husband didn’t and would not know how to help. Initially my husband was against a Doula and then after meeting her and during the labor and all she did to help, my husband was so glad that Donna was there for us. Donna was so kind, and so helpful and Being our first child she did so much then we would have even thought. I definitely recommend a Doula but first I will highly recommend Donna as your Doula. Thank you Donna, so glad to call you a new friend and an always friend!

Heather Miniello


Donna was there for me every step of the way. She went above and beyond and she lives 3hrs away from me! I was so impressed with her professionalism! She is warm and caring yet tough when needed. I would use and recommend her again and again! My husband even commented on grateful he was to have first he didn't see the need, but after 36 hours of labor and lots of back labor he was more than ready to admit she was worth every penny and more! He got to rest and take breaks while Donna was there for every contraction and coached me along the worst parts :) thank you for helping me have my natural birth and helping me bring my amazing little girl into this world!

Christy Eakins


Hiring Donna Delaney to be my doula was, hands down, the best money I have ever spent.
I hired Donna late in my pregnancy, when I suddenly realized that my husband (& his "walk it off" attitude) probably would NOT be the best coach through L&D afterall. From the moment I met Donna, I felt at ease in her presence. When interviewing her, I was relieved to discover that she would not judge me for wanting an epidural ASAP. She was there to support me and the birth plan that I chose, no matter what that meant. Hearing that she had been working with the folks at Winnie Palmer to develop best practices for doulas solidified for us that this was the doula for us. We knew she would be there for us, working WITH (not AGAINST) the medical professionals at the hospital.
Having Donna to text about symptoms as labor quickly approached was invaluable. I could ask her any crazy questions, rather than constantly bugging my friends who'd been through L&D. She was so gracious and positive. I never felt silly about my questions or anxieties.
When Donna arrived at our home once I was in labor, her calming presence gave me strength through the contractions. We became connected in a way I didn't expect. It wasn't until our connection was broken, & I had to experience contractions on my own (in the car on the way to the hospital, in triage when I was first taken back), that I realized how important it was that she be by my side. The contractions I experienced w/o Donna were excruciating, sending me into a PANIC. That's not to say that the contractions w/ her by my side were easy, but she was able to help me stay calm & focus through them. After experiencing labor w/o Donna, even for a few mins, I know I could never have pushed for 4+ hrs w/o her.
Donna was also my advocate, speaking up for me when the nursing staff forgot about my birth plan asking for minimal checks for dilation because it was triggering to me as a rape victim. 

Melissa Gambin


Donna has been one of the biggest blessings and truly a part of our family now. After finding out that I had to have a c-section, I wasn't sure how much we would get to use Donna's services but now we know we couldn't do it without her!!! Everything from night nanny-ing to being a resource on sleep training, eating, etc!! We love her

Indigo Cook


This woman is amazing. My home birth would not have been the same without her. She is a warrior. I was in Labor for almost over 28 hours. She was awake that entire time never taking her eyes off me. She was helpful in every aspect. She helped keep me calm and in a state of peace. She did everything I requested.  She is worth every dime and if I ever have another baby she will be the first person I call.

Ron Miller


Donna was UNBELIEVABLE!  Donna was everything you want in a doula.  She was there for us at any time, she was so helpful for my wife, and she was so supportive when we needed her the most.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Donna without any doubts!

Kelly Cozzi


Donna was an absolutely essential part of my birth team. I truly don't think my birth experience would have been the same without her there. She kept up with me through all of the crazy third trimester emotions and helped me get over some anxiety leading up to labor. After my mom, she was the first person I called when I went into labor because I immediately knew I wanted her there. She arrived quickly and I felt so much calmer having her there. She helped create the ambiance I had wanted for birth and helped me get into positions for labor that were essential in speeding up my labor. I really feel that my incredible labor and homebirth experience would have been much different if Donna had not been there for me. She is an incredible Doula and will certainly be there for any babies I have in the future! 

Danielle Rutherford


Donna began helping my family as our post-partum doula since about a month after my twins were born. We didn't have much help and as a first time mom, I was struggling. I had also lost my own mother about two months before my babies were born, adding to the stress and emotions. As soon as I spoke to Donna on the phone I could tell she was a very sweet and caring woman.

I actually can't put into words what a tremendous help she has been to us. Not only has she helped me with caring for the babies, keeping the house tidy, but she has taught me so many things about motherhood and baby care that are helping me to be the best mother I can be.

From day one, Donna never gave me the impression that caring for twins overwhelmed or stressed her out which was comforting. She has also watched them for us on her own a few times and I am never worried they aren't both getting the best care while we are away.

She never oversteps and always works with me to make sure we are caring for the girls in exactly the way I want to. I'm not sure what else to really say, we love Donna! I would highly recommend her to anyone expecting twins/multiples or even just a singleton.

They say a doulas job is to mother the mother and I think that is a perfect way to describe it. It's been priceless help to me, not having a mother figure, to help me navigate my new life as a mother.

Ebtisam Amjad


Donna was not only a wonderful doula, even more a great supporter and friend when needed. I had a long and difficult labor (32) hours that ended with a c-section and she was with me up until the OR. My husband and I are glad that we ran into her at the prego expo and hired her services. one of the best decisions we have made.

karlyn keating


As I am sitting here looking at my baby girl, and attempting to write this review, all I can think of is how much I wish Donna was here! I was fortunate enough to win a package for doula services when I attended the preggo expo about 7 months into my pregnancy. A doula was something I had only vaugley heard about, and when I stopped at her booth I was intrigued and so thrilled when I won! Donna and I quickly bonded, it was amazing how much all of a sudden I needed someone I didn't really know. Her knowledge and comfortable manner made it so easy and wonderful to have close by during this part of my life. She was always just a phone call or text away, even when I wasn't sure if my questions were silly. I can't imagine how anyone has a baby without someone like Donna to be there for support. She made me feel so strong and capable and special. And beyond that I feel like she is part of our family. If we ever decide to have another child we will enlist her services from start to finish! And I recommend anyone going through this magical journey to get Donna on board with you. 

Naddia Estelle


I had a wonderful experience with Donna, i was already a little ways into my labor when i had called her realizing so. Despite her distance from me she made sure to arrive as timely as possible. She is such a sweet in invitng woman who makes sure all your concerns are addressed. During my labor she used a variety of techniques that saved my sanity during my labor, like the labor hip squeeze. Breathing assistance, and just helping me relax and making sure i didnt have to worry about a thing. I reccomend donna because i believe she is more than capable of helping you have a smooth and relaxing labor. 

Julie Daube


Donna is an amazing doula! I hired her when my second baby was 3 weeks old. He was born at home, but spent 2 weeks in the NICU due to complications. After the difficult birth and the stressful stay in the NICU, I was quite literally a mess. On top of that, my husband works nights and had been back to work since week 2. I was struggling through the nights with a 2.5 year old and a newborn, both of them nursing. From the beginning, I felt at ease with Donna. She has a softness and kindness about her that makes her perfect as a postpartum doula. She was open, flexible, supportive, and extremely helpful. When I was too tired to think, she suggested solutions but always made sure I was making my own decisions. She was wonderful with both my toddler and my baby. Our usual routine went something like this...she arrived a little before my husband would leave for work and would play with my toddler while I nursed the baby to sleep, then she stayed with the baby while I nursed my toddler to sleep. I usually was so tired I would fall asleep with my toddler. In the beginning, I would wake up as soon as I heard the baby crying for milk. But I was not getting anywhere near enough sleep, so Donna suggested that she give the baby a bottle of my milk (I had a surplus from pumping while in the NICU) for his first night feeding so I could get 4 or 5 straight hours of sleep. That was really a lifesaver for me. I started to feel somewhat human after that! Donna is really great with babies. She would bounce him on the yoga ball to get him to sleep and would let him sleep on her chest. She is a pro a swaddling, too! On top of all that, she is really just a great person. I remember some nights when I would get up to feed the baby for his second night feeding and we would sit on the couch together and just talk. I always felt so comfortable talking with her and enjoyed our conversations. She is a very supportive, non-judgemental, and compassionate woman. I higly recommend Donna!

Ashley Gardiner


Ms. Donna Delaney was truly amazing during my birth. I knew from the moment we met that she was the right Doula for me. She always checked on me throughout my pregnancy, and I felt as though she genuinely cared for my well being and the health of my unborn baby - as well as the rest of my family.

This was my third child and pregnancy, and I was mourning the recent passing of my mother. Before I went into labor, I truly missed my mother and was somewhat worried about how my birth would be without her presence, and without her being with my other two children to care for them, as she was always there previously. However, Ms. Donna kept me cool, calm, and collected. 

From the moment I stepped into the birthing center, all the way to the crowning and my baby's first latch, Ms. Donna was right there, supporting me every step of the way. She held my hand, helped me with breathing exercises, and assisted my midwife and husband in every way possible. She was truly a Godsend, and I would highly recommend her to any woman giving birth! 

With her affordable packages, friendly demeanor, and dedication to mothers and their babies, I don't know why you would want to look anywhere else. 


Many blessings, 


Ashley Gardiner

Lauren Clark


Donna was fantastic from start to finish. We first met with her at our home and went over our needs from her and also our birth plan, which we were expecting not to be in line with what she would suggest as a doula (I wanted an epidural and was ok with a C-Section if neccessary). I was afraid she would try to change my plan or interfere with the doctors and nurses but after meeting her it was clear she was there for us and would do everything she could to work with our desires, regardless of whether that is what she would suggest. She was so patient and supportive and made us feel so comfortable. I can't imagine her not getting along with someone or meeting their needs. She came to my house at 5am when I went into labor (very easy to contact) and immediately started helping me labor as well as constantly treating me like a QUEEN- getting me water and offering food and things to smell to help me relax. I had not asked her to bring anything and she came with all kinds of great tools and things to help. She assisted in techniques to help east labor pain and came to the hospital with us to continue helping there. When the epidural took longer than I would have liked, she quietly moved away to help alert the staff to speed things up!! She worked WITH the nurses and doctor rather than against them and I ultimately had a very easy and successful VBAC!! She followed up after labor as well. I cannot say enough positive things about Donna and have already referred her to a friend!

Colleen Bethancourt


My experience with Donna Delany was nothing short of amazing. After feeling extremely unprepared for my first birth, I knew I needed to do things differently in order to be prepared both physically and mentally for my second. I sought out Donna and her doula services and explained to her my desires and my fears.  My main goals were to be better mentally prepared, in order to have a peaceful and drug-free birth. However, the option for epidural was never off the table and Donna remained respectful of my wishes and never once tried to sway my decisions.  She offered amazing emotional support from the moment she arrived for our first meeting. Because of Donna's guidance, in the weeks leading up to delivery and during labor, I was able to have a completely different experience this time! After my water broke, I labored at home for 6 hours, with Donna and my husband by my side, prior to going to the hospital. Once I arrived, I was able to deliver my daughter swiftly and naturally! I attribute this to Donna's guidance, her constant encouragement, gentle reminders, and her calm, yet strong and reassuring presence that pushed me to dig deep and find my true inner strength.  In addition, Donna provided my husband with the emotional support and reassurance that he needed throughout the entire process, which brought added peace to the situation once labor began.  Donna is a fierce woman who will stop at nothing to make sure her mamas are well cared for and have everything they need. She is a humble woman who, when I thank her for all she did for me, tells me over and over that I am the amazing one that did all of the work. Donna is willing to be whatever you need her to be, as you endure the most raw moments of your life.  She will be all of that you need and more. Having Donna as a part of this birthing process was the best decision I could have made and I highly recommend her services to new and experienced mothers alike!

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