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Emily Mickelson

Utah's Doula

Provo, UT Service range 50 miles I serve Utah and Salt Lake counties


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 63 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 75 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: On-call doula service

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: none

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at several hospitals including: Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, Mountain Point, LDS Hospital, American Fork, Orem Community, The University of Utah, Riverton and St. Marks. Having a doula in the hospital is of great benefit to the mother, father and hospital staff. In my experience as a nursing student, midwife assistant and doula, I have come to realize that hospital staff are stretched thin with multiple responsibilities, making them unable to provide comfort measures and pain management or to offer continuous support. I can provide this beneficial continuous support and involve your partner as much as desired, helping them to understand how they can best support the laboring mother. I can help explain any medical procedures and risks/benefits that are suggested or if they become necessary. I do not perform any medical procedures and do not interfere or override medical staff. My job is to support, comfort and help the mother feel empowered through any choice she makes with her medical provider.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have extensive experience assisting at births in birth centers. In fact, this is where my training as a doula began. I have worked in a birth center as a birth and postpartum doula, a midwifery student and midwife's assistant.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am happy to attend any assisted home birth. The home births I have attended as a doula and midwife's assistant have been peaceful, intimate, beautiful experiences.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • Henna belly designs
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details


Provo, UT Service range 50 miles I serve Utah and Salt Lake counties

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Brittany Pahl


We loved having Emily Mickelson as our doula! As first time parents we wanted to have extra support during the birth of our baby boy. When we interviewed Emily we knew immediately that her friendly personality, experience, and knowledge is exactly what we needed. Emily supported us before, during, and after our baby's birth. Emily was so helpful during my pregnancy by providing prenatal visits and resources. She helped us create a birth plan that was in line with our visions of a natural birth at the hospital. When our baby's birth day came Emily helped with the intense sensation of contractions by applying counter pressure. It was a LIFESAVER! She knew exactly what to do and her and my husband made the perfect team. She suggested different positions that helped keep our baby's heart rate up. I believe that she was the reason we were able to avoid an emergency C-section and I was able to birth without an epidural. I loved how Emily took birth photos. They are priceless moments that she was able to capture with her camera. She provided a postnatal visit to make sure postpartum life was going smoothly. Emily is so personable and skilled and made me feel at ease during our whole pregnancy/birth/post birth adventure. We HIGHLY recommend Emily and her team!

Tia Wray


After much research on doulas in the area, Emily was my top pick, and I was devastated to find that she would be out of town around my due date. But I ended up being late enough that I was in labor the night she returned. She literally got home from her trip and slept for a few hours then came over to help me through the rest of labor. She was kind and supportive and understanding through most of labor. It was so so wonderful to have someone who could talk with my husband about how I was progressing without me having to worry about it. I didn’t have to decide when to go to the hospital or anything. I loved not having to make the logistic decisions. Once we did get in the car to go to the hospital, she was seriously my lifeline! She stayed with me in the back of the car while my husband drove. She was great with all the nurses and especially my midwife. She had actually recently worked with my midwife on another birth and I could tell the midwife really respected her, which was incredible! She was knowledgeable about positions and counter pressure and even came up with things that I hadn’t heard of even with all of my research. She even had a new stick of chapstick in her bag when I asked for some in the hospital! When the room became a little crowded with nurses, she helped me focus on just her. I remember staring at her face thinking how pretty her eyelashes were in between contractions! She kept telling me over and over again that I was in control and that I could do this. She worked so well with my husband. He was comfortable around her and she helped him help me in the best ways. I am absolutely 100% positive that I could not have had the birth I wanted without her. I had a long labor with painful back labor and I threw up more times than I can count and was so so exhausted, but I felt like she had faith in me that I could do it, so I did!

Ashley Thomas


Emily was AMAZING!  She was quick to respond to my initial inquiry and our in-person consultation helped to put me at ease about the birth process (this was my first pregnancy and childbirth).  She was supportive of our birth choices and very knolwedgeable about all the various aspects of the process, even helping to shed light on some parts of the process I hadn't otherwise thought of or knew very little about.  The day I went into labor she was available for my 3am phonecall and came over to my house quickly and was well prepared.  She helped me labor at home until it was time to go to the hospital and was a very calming, reassuring presence which I was so grateful for.  Once we arrived at the hospital, she continued to keep the enviroment calm and soothing as I labored.  My labor was long and she worked TIRELESSLY alongside me, supplying counterpressure when I needed it and being present every step of the way.  When my baby finally arrived I had a complication with the placenta, and even though my husband and baby had to leave for a time Emily stayed by my side to make sure I had some support and that all was well.  Postpartum she was equally amazing, providing me with placenta encapsulation and tincture and a belly wrap to help my stomach muscles recover and heal properly.  I will be forever grateful for her tireless work and her help to bring my beautiful daughter into this world!  Emily, you're awesome and I can't thank you enough.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND! <3 

Audrey Withycombe


My husband and I knew we wanted to have the support of a doula after reading about the benefits of having one. After meeting with Emily we knew we wanted her to be part of our birth team. She is professional, warm, and has an incredibly calm presence. Emily also told me about Hypnobabies. After doing some research, I chose to do a Hypnobabies birth. Emily was very supportive throughout my pregnancy. She worked with us using the Hypnobabies language to help me prepare for my birhting experience. I called Emily when I thought I was in early labor and she encouraged me to get some sleep, relax and prepare for our son's birth. Emily arrived at my house when I felt ready for her to join (I had a very long early labor stage!). Since we were using Hypnobabies, our house was already quite calm and relaxed. Emily fit into the calm atmosphere perfectly. Emily worked as a team with my husband to support me, applying counter pressure to my very intense back labor. My labor was long and hard, but Emily continued to be a strong, encouraging presence. Overall, she stayed by my side for 30 hours! When I chose to get an epidural, Emily was very supportive of my decision, despite the change to my birth plan. I was exhausted from multiple nights without sleep and was ready for a rest. While I was pushing she continued to be a positive presence, especially after we had a scare with my son's heart rate. Despite the unexpected occurances in my son's birth, I still left feeling empowered, positive, and calm with the whole process. I know that Emily was a huge reason for my positive experience. Without her, I would have never used Hypnobabies. Without her, my husband has said he wouldn't have had as much positivity and courage in those intense moments. Emily definitely helped make my birthing experience a beautiful and empowering experience!

Tiffany Baker


At first I thought that maybe I didn't need a Doula, especially with my background in nursing and with all of my research that I had done. But I have to say during the labor and delivery it was the most helpful thing that we could've had. Emily was so sweet from day 1 and was always there to answer any questions or concerns that I had along the way. She was such a big support to my husband and I during the labor and delivery. I had originally wanted a natural labor but due to some complications I was induced. This was very upsetting to me and Emily always told me to not give up and that it was still possible for me to go natural without an epidural or other medications/interventions. My labor was long and hard. I can't even imagine what it would've been like without her. My husband was always skeptical of having a Doula but after the delivery was over he couldn’t stop saying how amazing she was and how glad he was that we had her there...not only for me, but to support him. The techniques such as counter pressure and massage were AMAZING relief to me during my contractions. However that was very exhausting for one person to do counter pressure and massage for hours on end, so it was great that they could take turns. My husband’s exact words, “It was such a comfort to not have to go through that experience alone.” And to top it all off she took pictures that captured the moment of little Isaac being born. She even warned me ahead of time that she isn’t a "experienced photographer”, but she did a really good job. The pictures are precious and captured special moments of Isaac's birth. I love all of them. If you are looking for a Doula I would definitely recommend Emily. Thank you again Emily!

Katie Bradshaw


I LOVED having Emily as my doula! Throughout pregnancy she was very supportive and offered endless resources concerning natural birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, placenta encapsulation, and anything else she could think of that might put me at ease about my upcoming birth. When I was faced with needing to have my water broken as a form of early induction, Emily gave me a ton of ideas on how to get labor starting on its own and how I could better prepare my body to be ready. I felt much better knowing that she was there for me even if anything unexpected came up. Once we got to the hospital, she immediately went to work setting the scene by dimming the lights and getting things ready for me so that I could just focus on relaxing. As soon as my water was broken, the contractions were very intense. She helped coach my husband on where to apply counter-pressure and together they helped me through every contraction. I could not have done it without her extra set of (very knowledgable) hands! Her constant reminders to breath slowly and deeply really helped me focus on work with my body rather than against it. Emily also acted as my voice while I was focused on laboring and notified the hospital staff of my needs. From the time my water was broken to the time I delivered was less than 2 hours and I know a large part of that was my ability to completely relax and let my baby move as she needed to, knowing we had the support we needed. Emily also captured some precious photos of our family that I will always cherish. I would recommend her to anyone :)

Rachel Whitlock


I found Emily online through DoulaMatch and reached out to schedule a consultation with her. From the moment she arrived at my house, I knew she was the right doula for us. She has such a fun yet calming demeanor, is incredibly knowledgeable and qualified, and perhaps most important of all, she is really on your side and supportive no matter your birth plan or whatever happens. She is someone who you just really love to spend time with!

Having Emily there for my labor/delivery was completely essential. I honestly don't know how I could have done it without her. In the pre-birth appointments, she taught us so much and gave us access to tons of resources. Emily helped coach me through natural induction techniques before my last-minute scheduled induction, and her guidance worked amazingly. It was so great to have her just a text away through the pregnancy. 

At the labor/delivery, she was such a critical element because having her there really helped my husband, mom, and dad feel at ease and enjoy the experience. Honestly, havinghere there helped me not get frustrated at my husband for not understanding what I needed, but she supported him to support me in the right ways so that we had a beautiful bonding experience through the birth. She knew exactly how to help me relax, breathe through it, and ultimately have an even better birth than I could have imagined. Having a professional who is an advocate for you and "on your team" was so amazing. My mom didn't understand why I wanted a doula until this experience, and she now recommends Emily to everyone too! 

A few days after the birth, I texted her with breastfeeding questions which she was SO helpful with and she brought over some amazing sitz bath bags for me which were great. I purchased her belly wrap & had her do my placenta encapsulation which were both wonderful.

As you can tell, I loved having Emily as my doula and can't recommend her enough! 

Kelie Escobar


Emily was the perfect doula for my vba4c! She has an extremely calming presence and stays super cool in stressful situations - exactly what I needed in the face of quite a bit of opposition to my birthing plans at the hospital. 

She immediately set the mood and environment for my birth when she arrived and because of this, I was able to have a quiet, peaceful labor without fear. She kept me from just laying in bed and suggested position changes often to keep my labor going strong, even though I was on continuous monitoring. 

I quite literally could not have achieved a vba4c without her. Though I had read a lot, researched a ton, and had a supportive partner, it all paled in comparison to having hands on, in-person support from a caring and intuitive doula. 

Rebecca Pohan


Emily was my doula for my fourth pregnancy. She was very helpful during my pregnancy with answering my questions and giving me different options to think about. She encapsulated my placenta and she did a great job with that. She also made me a wrap for my post partum tummy. I would highly recommend her to other expecting mamas.

Sam Brown


I asked Emily to be my doula for my 5th birth.  I had previously had 3 unmediated births and one with an epidural.  I had a doula for my first two births.  I had back surgery after my 3rd baby and did not want an epidural that might not have worked due to scar tissue.  My husband was my only support for my 4th birth and was great but he expressed that he wouldn't mind more help supporting me during this labor.  With each baby, my labors got a little shorter.  I was anticipating that things would move along pretty quickly.  It turned out that my baby was in a posterior position and my labor was longer and more difficult than all but my first delivery.  originally, I wanted a doula as much or more for my husband as for me but found I needed a lot more support this time and was so thankful to have Emily there.  She had listened to my preferences in our prenatal meetings and came prepared with several things to support me.  I knew that I would need strong counter pressure to get through contractions and she and my husband were able to take turns and help each other apply counter pressure.  Emily did some massage and read some relaxing scripts.  She was great to offer suggestions for position changes but let me determine what I needed and wanted to do. Once we knew that the baby was posterior she suggested positions that would be better for helping him turn.  She offered suggestions but ultimately once I made a decision she supported that choice.  I went into this birth as a seasoned mother pretty confident in how my body gave birth but was faced with a labor and delivery I was not emotionally prepared for where I required more help and support than I anticipated.  Emily was wonderful support to me and my husband and I am very grateful that she was able to be part of my birth.  

ParkerAlyssa Giles


Emily did my placenta encapsulation and she was awesome! She came to me for pickup which is a huge benefit for a new mom. She stayed and answered all of my questions and offered such great support. She finished my placenta and had it back to me within 24 hours. She really went above and beyond my expectations!

Elysa Johnson


Emily is astounding. She helped us prepare in the weeks leading up to the birth and we felt so empowered and calm. I would not have enjoyed my labor and delivery experience if I did not have her by my side the entire time. She came over very early in the morning and stayed with me almost 24 hours until our little boy was born the next day. She knows how to help clients relax and breathe and feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process. I will absolutely have Emily with me in the future when I'm expecting and delivering. Make sure to contact her as soon as possible if you're expecting! You can't afford to not have her by your side!

Lindsay Isaacson Jacobsen


I took a placenta encapsulation training from Emily and it was an amazing experience. She's extremely well-informed and makes the learning process easy and effortless. She gives you insight on what mistakes are made early on and the simplest way to perform the process so that you don't have to make the mistakes yourself. I would highly recommend Emily if you are interested in learning about placenta encapsulation. Thank you!

Cara Caldwell


Emily was such a great doula! She gave me great advice when I went into labor and came to my house to help me through the early stages of labor, and once we went to the hospital she stayed with me for 36 hours of pretty tough labor, encouraging me the whole time and coaching my husband and I through hundreds of contractions. She was really helpful in speaking up for me and my birth preferences to hospital staff, as well as talking me through the pros and cons of each situation that presented itself. Her knowledge and experience were so valuable in helping me to feel calm and confident in my own decisions, and she was so positive and calming. She even came back to my house after the baby was born to help me wrap my belly and to give me some tips for postpartum recovery. I'm so grateful that I had her by my side during the birth of my sweet, healthy baby girl!

Crest Simeon


We had a great experience with Emily. She was very open to our requests and wishes and communicated this well to the hospital staff. She did a wonderful job in making our time during active labor at the hospital enjoyable and promoted a positive progression of the contractions. After the birth she made house visits and provided us with helpful information and resources about caring for the baby and mom. Emily has a very thorough understanding about the birth process as well as physical and psychological needs of mom. In addition to her doula service, we took advantage of the placenta-encapsulation she offers and purchased a belly wrap she made to promote mom’s recovery after birthing.

Erin Guerrero


Having Emily as my doula was perfect! I was having my 4th baby without medication and I wanted someone to be there with my husband and I for support, but since this wasn't our first time doing this we wanted someone who could give that support while also letting us do our thing. She really wanted to know what I was hoping for during my labor and I felt she really cared about doing her best to make sure those things happened. She had lots of knowledge to share and gave me ideas to help with preparing for labor. When the time came she was there quick and ready for the event. I spent a lot of time in the tub and she stayed with me and was very attentive, making sure I was comfortable. She was very present yet knew when to let my husband take the lead, trusting his experience with me in this situation. I felt comfortable with her and very supported. I know she would have done whatever she needed to do to make sure I could get through the labor.

 I was worried about getting to the hospital too early so I was really trying to stay home until I was sure I would get there and not be disappointed. She knew when I needed to leave and was so kindly trying to get me to leave even though I was somewhat dragging my feet. Her knowledge was helpful and important, as I had my baby an hour after getting to the hospital! 

She took pictures just moments after my baby girl was born which are PRICELESS! They are sweet, beautiful pictures and I'm so glad she offered to do that. She checked on me days after the baby was born and then came to visit and brought me a belly wrap that was awesome! I am so grateful Emily was my doula and I know anyone else will be too!

Maribel Barker


Emily was amazing! I had some medical problems and got induced 6 weeks early. Emily was able to come and grab my placenta with only 24 hour notice! And she had it encapsilated and back to me before I was discharged even though there was a horrible snow storm happening. So happy we were able to work with her and definitely recommend anyone. 


Jessica Sears


Emily is the best!  I don't even know where to start, but she is easy to talk to and listens to what you want for your birth.  One of our favorite things about Emily was her desire to be with us in our home before we went to the hospital.  (We didn't even know this was an option.)  We are so glad that she was willing to and wanted to especially because my labor went much faster than anticipated and despite calling her after only 30 minutes of contractions she was willing to come over.   And, we are so glad she did.  Having her at our home kept us relaxed even as we realized the baby's head was starting to come out.  She was calm as we decided that we could make the trip to the hospital and taught me a breathing technique to focus on instead of the urge to push. She road in the car with us in case we didn't make it to the hospital.   Once at the hospital she continued to focus on my needs and my birthplan.  She even remembered my silly desire for the flavored ice chips at the hospital and made sure that I got them.   We love Emily and would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Rachel Simeon


Emily was an amazing doula. I would highly recommend her. She's very knowledgeable and was a fantastic support for my husband and I throughout the process. This was our first child and I chose to do a natural unmedicated birth. We were looking for a doula that supported our decision to go that route and also be an advocate for us in the hospital. Emily was great at facilitating our wishes.  Futhermore, her kind and calm demeanor was wonderful she was extremely intuitive in knowing what we needed. 

During labor she used counter pressure and repeated positive affirmations to help through the contractions. She also was very good at reconizing the different stages of labor and adjusted her approach based on where we were. She truly made our birth experience wonderful!

She also, provided amazing postpartum services such as placental encapsulation and postpartum wraps. Both of which I would recommend doing.

We are very grateful that we had Emily during such a beautiful and monumental expierence.


Char Dewey


We contacted Emily in my third trimester while pregnant with my second child. We talked it over and knew we wanted the extra support and help a doula would provide, since this was our second child and we lived out of state of any family. Upon meeting and getting to know Emily she was so kind, informative and willing to answer any questions we had. She was very helpful talking us through how the labor process would go when she arrived. I think for me, knowing she would be here through the labor process was a sigh of relief. My husband is a great coach, but having that second person present helped ease my tensions as much as can be while in labor! Emily used calming words and just jumped right in to help me labor at home. We wanted an unmedicated birth and as peaceful as possible, and we got that. She was such an advocate for us when we were at the hospital, helping to coach us and guide the nurses when I or my husband were unable to speak (during those intense contractions!). It felt like a family member was there for us; she truly made us feel at peace during the high adrenaline moments. My husband said, "Having someone else to look to for reassurance that we were doing the right thing (laboring at home before heading to the hospital) was helpful. I think we may have had the baby at home or in the car if we didn't have her guidance. It made me feel more relaxed knowing someone else was here to help, especially having another child at home. THANK YOU, Emily!". She also provided some post partum advice and help, which was a huge help to us. I'm so incredibly happy we found a doula and that we found Emily. She was a perfect match for us. She was so easy to work with, communicate with, very friendly and even snapped a few pictures for us when our baby arrived. I would recommend her to anyone I know that is having a baby.

Lavanya Raju


I had a planned induction and even though I suspected that I would likely get an epidural - I wanted to postpone it for as long as possible.  I was grateful to have Emily support me throughout the day and evening.  She kept me company through the many hours of early labor while we did as much as possible to ensure the baby was in the right position.   Later, as I struggled with back labor and was told that I had to wait at least 45 minutes for the anesthesiologist, that was the moment that I knew having a doula was the right decision for me!  I felt better knowing that Emily could help me get through that agonizing time while we waited for the epidural.  Emilly is patient and a calm presence to have around.

Emily was great with the nurses and my family members too.   She is positive and was flexible in adapting to my needs. I was more confident going into labor and delivery knowing that Emily would be there to support me and overall, I had a positive birth experience. And as a bonus - Emily makes the best lactation cookies!  Thanks Emily!



Kindell Pedersen


I had a wonderful natural birth experience because of Emily.  From before I was pregnant I knew I wanted to have an intervention free birth at the hospital.  I knew a Doula would help me with my goal.  I interviewed three Doulas, and while I liked them all, Emily had the experience, knowledge, and attitude that I was looking for.  My son's birth was exactly how I wanted it to be, smooth and with no fear, because of Emily.  She coached me through the night while I was in labor, and was such a neccessary help during transition.  She is so sweet and easy to talk to which is so helpful and makes her easy to work with.  Thank you so much Emily!!!

Tori Porter


Emily was very easy to work with and adapted to our specific needs. She came and picked up the placenta and brought it back to us encapsulated the next day. We were so grateful for the ease of the entire process. She kindly answered followup questions and concerns. We were grateful for her services!

Rachelle Alley


Emily was the perfect balance of support and knowledge that I needed during my birth, she gave me input, and advice when asked, but never pushed anything on me. During my labor she was a quiet and calm presence, and very encouraging supporter when I needed encouragement to push my son out. Nothing went as we had planned, and I felt very safe with her next to me. I appreciated her input, and trusted her advice, especially since she is training to become a midwife and has attended many births, as well as worked at a birthing center. The birth of my son was not the birth I expected. I was planning to go unmedicated, and had talked to both my husband and Emily about my birth plan. We were going to wait to go to the hospital for as long as possible, but after laboring for two nights, and one entire day with consistent contractions, I decided I needed to go and get checked for my own mental sanity, and to see if I was progressing at all. When I found out that I hadn’t progressed more than 1 centimeter, I became mentally discouraged and decided to get the epidural. I never once felt that Emily judged me for this decision, she was very supportive and made me feel validated in my choice, which I so appreciated. She also was a good team member with my husband, and helped me by providing a hand to hold during pushing, supporting my legs, and encouraging me. She also gives amazing foot massages! She wrote down a time line of all the big events that happened at our birth and sent them to me after wards, which I really appreciated and she also captured some beautiful pictures of my son right after he was born. She helped me stay calm after my son was born. He needed immediate attention and she explained to me what was happening, since I couldn’t see him. She then stayed with me until my family showed up.We loved having Emily as our doula, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Andrea Foley


Emily was absolutely amazing at my birth. She constantly made sure I was drinking water so I didn't have to get an IV, she helped relieve my husband during my long 23 hours of labor and she was there encouraging me through the hardest parts of it all. She calmed my fears when I was in pain by reassuring me that my body knew what it was doing. I actually got some rest between contractions with one of the positions she put me in, which I desperately needed in order to start pushing shortly after. Without her support I wouldn't have had the drug-free, absolutely amazing (although super challenging) birth that I had wanted with my first baby but didn't get. Having Emily as my doula made my second experience 10x more rewarding than my first medicated hosiptal birth.

Karlie Strauss


Emily is great, she has a ton of experience working at a birthing center, she knows pressure points and counter pressure techniques. She unfortunately had to miss my labor and birth. She had to leave town for a while before my due date, and so she offered to be my doula for free and would attend labor if she was able to.  I went into labor when she was gone and she gave me good advice to help keep me motivated. Lucky for me I was able to find other help. I know if she was there, she would of helped me and my husband a ton. I had only two counter pressure techniques used on me and it helped so much, I regret not asking her to teach my husband some more for our first meeting.

I did meet with her postpartum and she made me some really good lactation cookies and gave me the material to bind my belly and taught me how to use it.

She was easy to get a hold of and she never seemed over booked so finding a time to meet up was easy

I really recommend Emily, she is very experienced and calming.

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