Sylva Yeghiayan, Ph.D., CD/PCD(DONA) Photo

Sylva Yeghiayan, Ph.D., CD/PCD(DONA)

Phone: 781.771.1843

Birth Fee: $1400 to $1600

Postpartum Rate: $35 to $45

Birth Doula Experience: 4 years and 23 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 3 years and 13 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • working on childbirth educator certification

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Ph.D. in Neuroscience

College Education

  • PhD

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • High risk
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Women and Families of Color

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work


Languages spoken: English, some Spanish, Armenian

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Client Testimonials for Sylva Yeghiayan, Ph.D., CD/PCD(DONA)

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Katie Rudnick

For the birth of my first child, I did not have a Doula. I loved the doctors at my practice and was giving birth at Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston. My OBGYN practice and this hospital both have an excellent reputation. I was confident that my doctor and the nurse would deliver my baby wirh best in class care.

Unfortunately I was not so happy with my first birth. I was in agonizing pain for 17+ hours and ended up with a C-section. All in all, my son was healthy and me too so that's what matters most. However, I didn't enjoy the experience and felt it could have been better. 

With my second child, I decided I would hire Sylva to help. Throughout the pregnancy we would text, chat in person and talk via phone. She provided me books to read, excercises to do and guidance along the way. She was a wealth of information and I knew she would help me make good decisions when delivery day was upon me.  

My second labor was much quicker. I called Sylva right away and she met me at the hospital. When I arrived at Brigham I was already 8cm dialated and it was time to push. Sylva was there with me, coaching me, guiding me and  helping to deliver this baby. With 3.5 hours, my daughter was born. She was 8lbs, 4oz and 20.5". I used no pain meds. The nurses and doctors were impressed as I am a small, 5' tall lady.  When the doctor handed me my baby girl, I was all smiles.  The second labor was exactly how I imagined labor to be and I very much attribute that to Sylva's help. I recommend her to all my friends! May everyone have as pleasant experience as I did with my second child. 

Posted 1/8/2020

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Lana Daniels

Sylva was a God send!  During my pregnancy, she provided me and my husband with all the information and support I needed to plan for my delivery.  She gave me advice, knowledge and resources on everything from prenatal exercises to breastfeediing.  I ended up being induced, which led to more medical interventions than I had hoped for.  Without Sylva there, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all.  She helped me utilize what movement I could manage throughout the labor, and her constant presence and support made the process much better than it would have been otherwise.  I pushed for hours, but my very large baby could not move past the pubic bone.  She helped me move and adjust in every way possible, which made me feel content with the inevitable c-section because by then I knew it was actually necessary.  After the baby was born, she held my precious daughter for the entire hour that they sewed me back up, as my husband was very rattled and concerned about my wellbeing doing surgery.  There aren’t words to describe how grateful I am that she gave my daughter a first hour of cuddles and love.  Hiring Sylva was the best decision I made throughout the pregnancy and I would invite her back in a heartbeat if I am ever blessed with another baby.

Posted 3/17/2019

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I loved working with Sylva as a post partum doula, and will truly miss her now that our sessions have ended! She was wonderful. She brought delicious food, a calming presence, and a wealth of experience with babies to my husband and I, who just had our first. She had great advice, but was not at all demanding or judgmental in dispensing it. I was very nervous about having this baby due to various health problems, and she made our family feel much more comfortable both before and after the birth. She helped us feel that we were not alone in this exciting, yet nerve wracking, journey into parenthood! While I had a planned c-section (for individual health reasons) and opted not to work with a brith doula, I would highly recommend Sylva as a post-partum doula and believe she would be an excellent resource for anyone looking for support during the birth process, as well. Of course, if you only have her there during the birth you'll miss out on the cooking... but she would be an excellent choice either way! I cannot say enough great things about the support she gave our family after our baby was born.  

Posted 3/8/2019

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Melina Georgantas

Sylva was a God send! We felt very lucky to have gotten to work with her. From our first meeting with her we felt very comfortable and also admired the wealth of information and knowledge that she holds. She was able to prep us for labor and birth from an array of areas to include exercises, expectations, attitude and most importantly, to be ready for anything. Our birth did not go to plan and having her there to guide us through the unexpected was invaluable. I highly recommend her!

Posted 7/27/2018

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Julia Konivetska

I had such a wonderful experience with Sylva!!!! It's coming from a person who was terrified of giving birth and had nightmares about it. My delivery went extremely well, Sylva stayed with me every second of it. We focused on walking during contractions, did squats and positions from spinning baby to help with opening my cervix. My delivery was awesome, I will go for it again. Only one regret was that we didn't hire Sylva for postpartum. She is extremely knowledgeable and calming, my family would definitely benefit from having her around.

Posted 5/3/2018

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Julia Konivetska

I had such a wonderful experience with Sylva!!!! It's coming from a person who was terrified of giving birth and had nightmares about it. My delivery went extremely well, Sylva stayed with me every second of it. We focused on walking during contractions, did squats and positions from spinning baby to help with opening my cervix. My delivery was awesome, I will go for it again. Only one regret was that we didn't hire Sylva for postpartum. She is extremely knowledgeable and calming, my family would definitely benefit from having her around.

Posted 5/2/2018

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Adrienne DiMarco

My partner and I loved working with Sylva. She assisted us with our first pregnancy and birth. I truly believe that her pre-natal support and care is part of the reason why we had such an easy and quick delivery. Sylva introduced us to Spinning Babies which became a big focus in our pre-natal daily routine. Not only do I believe Spinning Babies is what led to a wonderful delivery, but it also gave my partner and I a reason to come together and spend time everyday focusing on our daughter and the upcoming delivery. It became a great way to share 30 minutes of quite, intimate time together and we really appreciate Sylva teaching us this technique.

Sylva is so calm and caring - her support helped us enter into labor with confidence and embrace the whole experience. I was able to have a natural birth, which is what I wanted, and we look back on our labor and delivery with such joy. Sylva was always available to answer questions, pre and post delivery, and has been so helpful in our transition to parenthood. We could tell Sylva truly cared about us and our daughter. I can't say enough good things about our experience and what a wonderful addition Sylva was to our birth plan. We feel so lucky and grateful for her support and care.

Posted 4/27/2018

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Nina Fish

My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Sylva. We initially hired her as a postpartum doula so that we would have non-family support (in addition to family support) in the adjustment to parenthood. As my pregnancy progressed, we decided to also hire Sylva for my labor. While my labor went much more quickly than anyone expected and our plan of taking full advantage of Sylva's skills was thrown out the window, I wouldn't change a thing. Leading up to labor, Sylva was a huge support both mentally and emotionally. She checked in frequently and was always available, offering words of wisdom and encouragement and even showed me some positions that could help position baby for labor. She contributed to me staying level-headed and as prepared as one can be (which is not prepared!). In her postpartum role with our family, she was lovely. She anticipated how she could be helpful without me having to say a word and she created a space for many open conversations about how I was adjusting physically and emotionally. What sets Sylva apart is her empathetic nature but also her depth of understanding of childbirth. Highly recommend!

Posted 2/1/2018

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Cat Hall

If you are looking for an amazing Doula to work with, I highly whole heartedly recommend Sylva! I worked with Sylva during my 3rd pregnancy/birth with the hopes of having an unmedicated child birth. Let me tell you that I 100% would NOT have been able to accomplish that without her! She was absolutely amazing. She was also super helpful throughout my pregnancy with books, articles etc to help prepare me for natural child birth and always checked in on me on a regular basis! When the day came when I was finally in labor, she used a variety of techniques/movements to help get my labor more consistent, and with in a few hours my baby was here born with no pain meds!! I believe I would have caved in & gotten an epidural if Sylva had not been there to help me and talk me through everything. She was a rock! Sylva is highly educated in child birth and such a sweet woman you will not be disappointed hiring her as your doula!! Xo

Posted 10/24/2017

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Emily Pinney

My Husband and I can't thank Sylva enough for all of her help and support. She was with us for the last 36 hours of my 50 hour labor. Since I was being insuced I wasn't sure when to call her in and all the nurses kept saying 'not yet'. After 14 hours Sylva knew it was time to come and showed up before I thought I really needed her but it was at just the right time becuase and hour later things got real. I was so happy that she knew when to come and how to support me. 

Becuase my labor was so long I went thought 5 nursing shifts and I didn't care for two of those nurses so having Sylva there to be with me made all the differance. 

In the end I needed to have a c-section, which I really didn't want but we ran out of options. I asked the Doctor if Syva could join my husband and I in the OR but she said no. Then the next thing I saw was Sylva all dressed in scrubs. Turns out that the team of nurses I had loved her so much and saw what a good suport she was for me and my husband that they persuaded the Doctor to let her in! This made what was a scary event for me so much better. And since I asked my Husband to stay by my side for the whole operation Sylva was one of the first people to see my son and welcome him to the world. Which is so amazing as she worked almost as hard as I did those last hours. 

She was there for me through all my contractions and walked the halls with me in the early morning hours so my husband could get some rest. And when I was (somehow) sleeping through contractions she was there for my husband to help him stay awake and be there for me. 

I'm late to writing this review. it's almost been 4 months, but I remember it like yesterday. I can't help but think of Sylva when I think about April 13th. I would without a doubt hire her again and recomend her to all my friends and family. She is the best you'll get. We love her. 

Posted 8/2/2017

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Alexandria Fujisaki

My husband and I moved to Boston from Los Angeles when I was 20 weeks pregnant. We had no family or friends here so we knew we wanted a doula as a support person for the birth of our first child. Sylva became so much more than just a support person, she really became a great friend and invaluable resource to us. Whenever I had a question she was extremely responsive and very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of the numerous options one can take. She was never pushing a set agenda and repeatedly reminded me of her goal for us: a happy, positive birth experience. This was such a helpful reminder to me as I approached the end of my pregnancy and started to become increasingly anxious and excited about the birth. Now being almost 3 weeks postpartum, I can tell you that one can never plan their birth experience out (even if Type A people like me would love to!), and mine definitely had lots of twists and turns, but having Sylva with us kept it all together. From the first text about my water breaking to 32 hours later encouraging me when it was (finally!) time to push, Sylva was present and focused. Our nursing staff was amazing and it was awesome to have a doula who was so well received by them. She was also able to take some great pictures of those first few moments after our baby was out and on my chest, which we are so thankful we have! When I look back on my pregnancy and delivery, I'm just so happy that she was a part of our story.

In short, we loved having her as our doula and you will too. Hire her, you won't regret it. :)

Posted 6/6/2017

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Ganzi-Sagiv ????? ?????

Thank you Sylva so much for everything you did to help and suort us with the arrival of our first baby!you were amazing!!! we couldn’t have done it without you. You are very good at what you do and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone! 


Refael Sagiv



Posted 5/3/2017

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Mike Ritter

During the birth of our first daughter, we felt out of the decision making process last time and railroaded into having a c-section. We wanted to be more involved and knowledgeable this time around which is why we wanted a doula.  When we interviewed with Sylva we got a feeling of confidence and competence. We felt she could help us make our second child's birth more how we hoped it would be.

We got to the hospital with Mere not actually in labor. All of a sudden what was going to be a sonogram to check up on the baby turned to an inducement. We felt like we were getting pushed pretty strongly towards a c-section all over again. Mere was hooked up to a machine and the group fretting began over each turn the needle took. Sylva was en-route at this point.

Sylva arrived and helped us ask intelligent questions and in general slow down the decision making which was pointing us towards a c-section. It came down to a stress test to see if the baby could tolerate labor and she passed.

A long labor lay ahead. Sylva stayed up all night with my wife which is more than I can say for myself as I have bleary memories of them swaying together through contractions from midnight to 6AM. Through the day, Sylva helped Mere and myself know what was going on from the epidural and on as the labor progressed. Despite my pleas for her to take a nap, Sylva worked on crossword puzzles instead during down times to rest. And, Sylva was there when the pushing started once again helping us be informed and involved.

Our daughter Abigail was born a little after 8PM and Sylva took our picture all together. Sylva was lovely. Smart, kind, knowledgeable, sympathetic, and tireless. She supported Mere and myself in more ways than we could have imagined during Abigail's birth.

Sylva came by for a check up and visit. She had a kind note and gift for us. She was wonderful throughout the whole process.

Posted 2/25/2017

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Meredith Mulcahy


We love Sylva! She was a important part of the process from the start to the end. My first birth was a c section I wanted a dolua so I would be able to have a succussful vbac labor. She was there for everything and gave great support. She answered questions, and prepared us to know our options when I was in labor. During labor she was a calming and driving support that made labor manageable ( all 30 hours). This time around my husband felt more engaged in the process and enjoyed the support that Sylva gave.

Posted 2/25/2017

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Christine Perfetti

Sylva was my doula for delivery of my son in February, 2016. I had a wonderful birth experience thanks to her help and support.

Sylva is down to earth, flexible, non judgmental and armed with a wealth of knowledge. I was hoping for a natural birth, but was not against having an epidural, if necessary. It helped to know Sylva was my advocate and not pushing any specific agenda except to support me.

Sylva met with me for two pre-natal and four post-natal visits. Before the birth, she was extremely helpful providing tips and reading materials to help me prepare for the delivery day. When I experienced some minor complications during the delivery, Sylva was a calm, reassuring presence who helped me to stay focused and positive, resulting in the birth of my healthy baby boy. I was so grateful to have Sylva's coaching during the experience.

For the visits after my delivery, Sylva provided me with wonderful guidance as I transitioned into my role as a new mother. She offered helpful advice on breastfeeding, methods for playing with and soothing my baby, and basic care. She also taught me how to give my son his first bath, which was an amazing milestone for my son and me!

I am so happy I chose to work with Sylva. I have her to thank for helping to make my birth experience so positive. Sylva is a wonderful doula and I would not hesitate to hire her again in the future.

Posted 4/21/2016

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Divya J Muthukumaran (Divya)

Sylva worked with us as a postpartum doula , helping to care for my newborn.Even though I had my mom staying with us and helping us out, Sylva provided great additional support for us . She's so amazing and a wonderful warm positive person .

We loved having her around helping us.

I'm really looking forward to having her to support me next time for birth and post partum. I would definitely recommend Sylva to anyone looking for a doula.




Posted 4/12/2016

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Chelsea Cole-Kelly

Sylva was an amazing resource both during my pregnancy and birth.  She always made herself available to answer my crazy questions via text, on the phone, and in person.  Our in home meeting with Sylva to discuss the desires for our birth plan and plans for postpartum was incredibly comforting.  

Sylva arrived at the hospital less than an hour after my husband and I, and stayed with us through the very long labor process.  I was in labor at the hospital for 24 hours, and ultimately decided to stray from my birth plan and accept pain medication.  Sylva was incredible through the process, reminding me of my commitment to my birth plan but supporting my husband and I when we decided to change course and preparing us for potential side effects. Both my husband and I appreciated her insight and recommendations for ways to speed the labor up.

After the birth of our son, we continued to lean on Sylva when breastfeeding became incredibly difficult.  She made herself available to give advice, listen when I needed someone to talk to, and be a souding board for feedback from the doctors and lactation consultants.

I would recommend Sylva to any of my close friends and family, I was so glad to have her support for my first pregnancy and birth!  She is an amazing, gentle soul and was such a centering and calming presence. I can't thank her enough!

Posted 4/5/2016

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Michelle Rosinski

Sylva was a great doula for my husband and I in the birth of our first child. My labor was quick and intense. By 7 hours in I was 9 cm dialated but ready to give up on my lifelong dream of a natural childbirth. Sylva helped distract me for the next hour until I could finally push. My husband and I both agree that I would not have been able to have a natural birth if not for her. It was also a huge reassurance to have her in the room with my husband and I while I was laboring. Labor can be an intense, scary time and having someone who has seen it before and knows what to expect was a big load off our shoulders. It allowed me to concentrate my energy on moving through the contractions rather than being afraid. Thanks so much to Sylva!

Posted 1/21/2016

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Stellannon Wright

Sylva is absolutely wonderful!  I used her for both birth and postpartum and couldn't have asked for a better doula. She is very organized, flexible, calming, patient, and personal. She took all our worries and concerns away and "conformed" to exactly the kind of coach/care provider we needed. She is considered family to us and we feel blessed to have had her knowledge and kindness with us. Anyone looking for someone to make them feel confident, someone to do the "dirty work" or someone to be their greatest support, Sylva is the one! 

Posted 11/27/2015

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Beth Lesch

Sylva was helpful to me as a doula. The physical comfort that she was able to provide was important to me during my laboring process. She was calm, non-judgmental and caring, and gave me helpful advice.

Posted 10/21/2015

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Catherine Bail

Sylva was such a tremendous help to my family and me with the birth of our second child.  It was incredibly helpful to have two sets of hands while my husband was at work and I was at home with the two children.  Her knowledge on newborns is extensive, and it was such a plus having her assist with cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry.  I highly recommend her to any pregnant women out there or if you just had a baby.  After having been up with the baby at night, it was so nice to have Sylva around to hold the baby so I could get a little bit of shut-eye as well.  Just put a baby in her arms and she will rock her to problem!  Having her help was tremendous.

Posted 7/11/2015

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Maryam Muhammad

I met Sylva prior to the birth of my son, we discussed my needs and how I will benefit to have her after the delivery.    She's very professional and caring person. Communication with Sylva was very prompt.  She responsed to all my messages right away and very flexible with scheduling. She listened to my concerns and provided resources that were helpful.  As a first time mom, breastfeeding was a challenge.  I was exclusively breastfeeding, no formula.  Sylva helped me with positioning and to sit comfortably while breastfeeding.  She always told me " You can do it"   I didn't have family or friends for support.  It was a pleasure everytime to have sylva at home.  I was able to have time for myself, for example able to take shower, make tea or something to eat while she held and played with my son.  I was planning to go back to work soon after the birth of my son.  Sylva helped me order items that I needed to use at work for pumping.  Overall I was pleased with the service I received from Sylva.  I would highly recommend to anyone to have Sylva as their Postpartum Doula. 

maryam abdulkadir

Posted 4/9/2015

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Nancy Figueroa

I am so happy to have had Sylva as a doula. It was my first baby and so the first time I ever had a doula and I couldn't have asked for anyone better! She was amazing. Sylva provided me with so much support and encouragement. I wanted to have a natural birth, but was being induced. I had talked to Sylva about my decision to be induced and what that might mean for my goal of having an unmedicated birth. She listened to me and reasurred me that either way (unmedicated or medicated) it would be an amazing experience.

Prior to my induction date, Sylva helped me create a birth plan to help me feel more in control of my birth experience. It was just what I needed in those days before the birth. It calmed me down and made me feel more prepared for what was to come.

At the hospital, Sylva coached me through my contractions and provided me with the reassurance that I could do this and that everything was okay. She helped me cope with the contractions as they grew stronger and stayed with me the whole time. I felt cared for and it allowed my family to take some breaks in between.

When I could no longer hold off on the epidural, Sylva was there to remind me that it was okay to have the epidural and that it did not make me any weaker for chosing to do so. I was upset about it, but with her reassurance I made the decision to have the epidural and I felt great about it.

Sylva was there with me when I had to start pushing and I'm so glad she was! Her calm presence and encouragement during the pushing kept me going. She helped me stay relaxed (as relaxed as I could be!) so that my pushing would be more effective.

Sylva was an amazing doula and I think she is the best of the best. I would not have wanted anyone else. It was the best experience and I'm so glad she was a part of it, she helped me from start to finish. She was exactly what I needed for such an important moment in my life.

Posted 4/3/2015

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