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Natasha did my placenta encapsulation and did a wonderful job! She made the whole process so easy and delivered the product beautifully. Thanks Natasha!

Posted 9/8/2019

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Kathryn Rollinson

I had such a great experience with Natasha! I wasn’t sure if I wanted my placenta encapsulated prior to giving birth and when I made the snap decision, Natasha was ready to make it happen. I called her right after giving birth and she met me at the hospital a few hours later. I’m so glad she was able to make my request happen with such short notice. 

Posted 9/4/2019

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Julia Williams

Natasha really helped my husband and I have the birth experience we wanted. She was a wonderful support person for my labor and delivery, we could not have done it without her! 

Posted 7/1/2019

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I worked with Natasha to encapsulate my placenta post delivery. She was quick to respond and made herself readily available. I was able to get my placenta to her quickly after delivery and she had it back to me within 24 hours of being home! She also resourced me with helpful information regarding this service, and connected me to many other postpartum support services in the area to help me recover. She was professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend her and her and her services.

Posted 6/14/2019

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Samantha Bredenkamp

Natasha was very professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. She worked with me for the birth of my first child and I am so glad I had her by my side. My birth went nothing like I had imagined or planned but she was very supportive of my husband and me through all of the obstacles and decisions. My labor was much longer than anticipated with a very slow start, Natasha was easy to reach by phone and was readily available when we needed her at bedside and gave us the attention and care we needed. She was very encouraging, positive, and supportive and my birth experience was significantly better having her with us. Natasha also checked in on us after the birth which meant so much more than I could’ve imagined. The very first week home was very challenging for my husband and I and her supportive words and wisdom were encouraging. Natasha also provided me with resources during my pregnancy to prepare for birth and recovery which were also very helpful. Overall, I highly recommend Natasha and her services!

Posted 3/25/2019

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Ronna Waddell

Booking Natasha was one of the best labor decisions my spouse and I made. Even though we booked Earthbound Doulas prior to meeting in person, since we lived out of state at the time, Natasha was so easy to talk to and is knowledgeable.  As my birth approached she would check-in and see how I was doing and if I even had any questions about the area. Prior to birth, Natasha met with us to discuss our birth plan and also birth options.  This allowed us to feel even more comfortable with our wishes prior to labor. When my baby’s due date approached and passed, Natasha was there for last minute questions/concerns while reinforcing my personal research into natural birth induction plans. When my water broke and my labor began at 230am, she quickly responded to texts and met us at the hospital within a timely manner. She was such a wonderful support throughout the laboring process for both myself and my spouse. Even though my birth did not go according to plan, without a doubt, both my spouse and I are so happy we booked with Natasha. 

Posted 12/2/2018

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Whitney Byrd

My experience with Natasha was AMAZING! She communicated frequently and answered all of my 1 million and crazy questions! She made me feel comfortable and normal despite all of my crazy questions and concerns! She is very knowledgeable and has much to offer a new mom! Very supportive and I would recommend her services! 

Posted 8/15/2018

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Laura Lewis

With a deployed husband, having a doula by my side through my pregnancy and childbirth was not just a luxury, but a necessity. Natasha was exactly the support I needed during labor and helped me reach all of my childbirth goals. Knowing that I had someone in my corner made this experience as stress free as possible and I'm not sure what I would have done without her!

Posted 5/18/2018

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Lucy Basov

My husband and I met Natasha at one of the local "welcome baby" events at MRH. I knew that I am going to have a scheduled c-section when the time comes and was looking for a placenta encapsulation services. 

We've met quite a few local doulas and decided to go with Natasha, sometimes you just feel when it's right, the time, the place, the energy...Natasha answered all my questions and there is a lot of information with directions on Earthbound doulas web page already.

Natasha was available on a very short notice when I've got my c-section surgery day and time scheduled (two weeks ahead of our anticipated date) and was very prompt at showing up at the hospital within an hour after my surgery picking up my placenta and delivering ready to use capsules on the day of our hospital release a day after (you would want to have these capsules right away!).

I am very happy that Natasha made it an efficient and worry-free experience for us, one less thing for new parents to think about, thank you for making it easy, for your encouragement, and your kindness! 

Posted 2/12/2018

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Kristen Jokinen

Natasha was great during my birth. She was very calm and reassuring and knew just how to touch me to help me relax during my contractions. I was a little nervous because this was my first birth having my husband, my mom and a birth doula that there would be "too many cooks ruining the soup" so to speak, but Natasha was very mindful and was able to step in and out of my birth dance perfectly. She was able to show my husband how to squeeze my hips and where to rub on my lower back to help take some of the discomfort away. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to friends and family! 

Posted 2/9/2018

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Brittany Cameron

Natasha is excellent! I hired her to do the placenta encapsulation for my fourth pregnancy, she was knowledgeable, courteous and quick. Her timeliness and professionalism can’t be beat, but moreso than that her kindness and willingness to go above and beyond are qualities someone seeking out a doula should look for. 

Posted 12/28/2017

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Brittany Squires

I highly recommend hiring Natasha Baker as your doula! She not only has so much birth experience but she has the nurturing qualities and emotional support needed for the birthing mom. Natasha was so supportive throughout my pregnancy and always had great advice. She is a very genuine and caring person. She came to the birth center right away when I needed her, and was by my side, giving me the strength and encouragement I needed to have the natural birth I desired. My husband and I are so thankful for Natasha! It truly would not have been the same without her. Thank you Natasha!

Posted 6/30/2017

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Katy Goers

I highly recommend Natasha baker! She was very patient and answered all my questions regarding placenta encapsulation and helped me choose a method I was comfortable with. She picked up my placenta in a timely manner and delivered the capsuls a few days later! I appreciate that she followed up with me leading up to the delivery and after. She really made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to hire her for placenta encapsulation! 

Posted 10/18/2016

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Madalyn Ziongas

From the very beginning Natasha and I hit it off. I knew that I could not have another doula and was not interested in interviewing anyone else. What I loved about her the most at first, was her strong spirit. I needed someone that was going to advocate for me and help me to feel secure and taken care of. Natasha was just that. I knew that my wishes would be upheld and she would remind me of what I had wanted for so long. We shared many similar beliefs so we conneted really well. Once I signed the contract with her she sent me information on pegnancy and birth, breastfeeding, comfort techniques for birth and so on. She kept in contact with me frequently, always checking on me and how I was doing. We met for lunch a few times and she came to my house for a prenatal to discuss birth and any questions I had. I felt safe with her. I knew that I was in good hands. When I started having contractions she offered to come as soon as I needed her. She was without a doubt a must have during my birth. I looked to her for strength on multiple occasions and she was right there.S he offers other services as well such as prental yoga and photography. Natasha was also a major part of executing my blessingway! Another thing that she did not have to do but did! I would highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for a doula! She is awesome!! And puts her whole heart into caring for you! 

Posted 7/10/2016

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Rebecca Keller

There are simply not enough words to express the joy and absolute blessing it was to have Natasha by my side for my pregnancy and birth.  She went above and beyond to help me reach my labor goals and birth plan.  Things did not go as expected with my birth and she helped me and my husband roll with the punches and understand everything thrown at us.  I can truly say Natasha made my birth something I can look back on and feel empowered about.   She stayed with us the entire time (over 15 hours) and never lost her compassion or attentiveness.  She is the rock and person in your coner EVERY laboring momma should have! 

Posted 5/7/2016

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Amanda Fraser

I hired Natasha Baker around week 30 of my pregnancy. This was my first pregnancy and I had alot of anxiety surrounding the labor and birth.  She was very personable during our initial meeting, she brought lots of information for my husband and I to review.  She explained all options and services available.  We decided to hire her during the pregnancy and one post partum visit along with newborn photos.  Natasha met with me a few times prior to the delivery.  We discussed many items to include the child birth plan, lactation and we even did some prenatal yoga during the visit.  She was available any time by text, phone or email.  She checked on me almost daily leading up to my delivery.  When my water broke, I was able to contact her and she was available during my very long labor.  She offered all sorts of ways to assist with the labor, my husband was comforted to have her present during the labor.  My birth did not go as plan and I ended up with a C-section.  However, Natasha was present during my labor and returned the following day for the post partum care. She also followed up by text and phone the week after delivery.  I loved her personality.  SHe made my husband and I feel very comfortable which decreased some of my anxiety.  I would definitely hire Natasha again and would recommed her to anyone considering a doula.  

Posted 3/26/2016

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Shanica Bell

Natasha was very helpful in the process as soon as i hired her to be my doula. She was very resourceful and patient. She was very knowledgeable. When I went into labor, I called her and she actually beat us to the hospital! She jumped right in and started soothing me with massages, also she used essential oils as well which I Loved!! Unfortunately, I had to have an c-section but she stayed until my hubby came out the operating room..i was in labor for about 20 hours and she was very supportive never leaving myside.  When I was released from the hospital she came by the house to check on me and the baby she even made me some muffins because I was having trouble with breastfeeding and she helped with that as well. My experience was fantastic and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Posted 11/23/2015

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Nikki Raedel

I have had only a few experiences with Natasha so far as I have not delivered yet.  However she has been in constant contact with preparing for my first birth. Natasha worked with our birth plan, provided an overview of techniques she will use to help keep me calm and comfortable during labour and has been available to answer any questions I have had. She has a quirky personality that makes me feel relaxed and trusting that she will help my husband and I have a positive experience. 

Posted 10/19/2015

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Laura Fearnow

Natasha was everything I could have asked for in a doula! I would recommend her to any expectant mother I run across. She was prompt when answering all questions and concerns during my pregnancy and the weeks postpartum. When I went into labor she met us right away at my birthing center and stayed with me throughout the day and night until the baby was born. She was supportive and comforting and when I went home to rest in the evening she even drove us back to the birthing center so my husband could focus on me and my contractions. Her recommendations for stretching and yoga, as well as essential oil massages and rebozo work, made my labor efficient and enjoyable! She made my labor and delivery a wonderful experience and I know it wouldnt have been the same without her. 

Posted 9/24/2015

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Johanna Pillitiere

Natasha was a fantastic doula! She was there for me every step of the way no matter what the outcome was.  She was there for Penelope and an advocate for the two of us! It was a great experience! 

Posted 8/29/2015

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Jennylle Zanzi

Natasha Baker was exactly what I needed in a birth coach! My water broke early in the morning and my doula came to my home to help me labor initially in my own comfortable surroundings to attempt to kick-start my contractions naturally. Later, she accompanied me to the hospital when I was ready. In the hospital, Natasha helped me turn my labor room into a birthing suite by dimming lights, playing relaxing, hypnobirthing music and meditation, releasing essential oil in the air via aromatherapy machine, and provided many options for a relaxed and natural labor using her birthing ball, the hospital's squatting bar on the bed, her massage rollers for my back, and her hands for massage, accupressure, and Reiki where I needed it the most. She stayed by my side the entire time I was in labor and guided and supported my husband and mother who were also at my side to allow them to participate in easing my discomforts during surges or contractions.

I would highly recommend Natasha Baker as a doula based on my own experience, her professionalism as a doula, and her background as a past L&D nurse and mother of two.

Posted 6/3/2015

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Megan Kramer Jaunich

Natasha was very organized and caring. When I went into labor 3.5 weeks early (surprise!(, she was there for me within 30 minutes. Our prenatal appointments were very informative and really helped me get through contractions. She helped me reach my goal of having a drug-free, natural birth in a hospital setting, and it was less than 6 hours from check-in to baby's arrival! Overall, I had a very positive birth experience, and Natasha helped make that happen!

Posted 3/26/2015

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