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Mali Hawthorne


Seattle, WA Service range 60 miles I am happy to drive as far as you want, as long as you have a clear understanding of how long it could take me to get to you.

(206) 617-3671

Birth Fee

$600 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Availability Remarks: I have tested NEGATIVE for coronavirus and am still attending births in 2020.

Birth Fee

$600 to $2600

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

22 years and 311 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

23 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 0 to 4 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No Indoor Tobacco Smokers. Yes, I do overnights. In fact, I prefer them! I charge on a sliding scale $25-40 for days and $30-45 for nights, shifts longer than 8 hours or places I have to drive more than 1/2 hour to get to.. I have special experience and knowledge with postpartum work for twins and preemies.

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I am comfortable working in most hospitals in the Greater Puget Sound area. The only few I do not work at the the ones that are truly hostile to doulas or simply do not allow doulas.While I am listed as a "solo practice" I have a pool of backups that I have worked with for several years. You are welcome to meet or talk to any of them.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have no issues with home births that are considered "high risk" such as multiples or VBAC.I am often available on short-notice, so don't let the fact that you're almost at your due-date stop you from getting a doula!I block off different amounts of time depending on the care and the client, so please email for my availability rather than looking at my dm calendar.I will travel up to 3 hours.While both are available to non-clients (for a small fee) and some people chose to pay extra for them, birth tub and placenta encapsulation are free to birth clients.And for all you winter due-dates, I drive a Subaru and am not scared of driving in the snow!I look forward to working with you!

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • Henna belly designs
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have a lot of things ticked off below, but I also have extensive experience with clients (either birthing mother or partner) with anxiety, panic attacks and/or OCD. I also frequently work with "plus size" clients. About 25% of the births I have attended were twins or multiples. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Volunteer Doula for teens and those giving up babies for adoption. Volunteer cloth diapering and baby-wearing education. Volunteer Coordinator for "Human Milk for Human Babies" I currently also have an apprentice doula working and learning with me who is available to attend your pre-natal meetings and birth, free of charge, if you are interested. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apologies for any broken links of my page. It was attacked by Chinese hackers and is being rebuilt.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Gaelic
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Tok Pisin

Fee Details

If you're looking for the business formerly known as "Belly and Bunting," you found it! I charge on a sliding scale for both doula and postpartum work. Most birth clients pay in the $1200-$2400 range, but I take one client a month who can pay in the $500-$1100 range. I am happy to work out payment plans or in some cases trades for other goods or services. I would rather get paid less than have someone go without a doula simply because of money. I also have an NPI number, which means your insurance may pay for part or all of your care. Teen clients I will take for free. Please DO NOT let money be the one reason you don't contact me!

Seattle, WA Service range 60 miles I am happy to drive as far as you want, as long as you have a clear understanding of how long it could take me to get to you.

Client Testimonials for Mali Hawthorne

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Andrew Phillippi


Mali helped us through one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. My wife and I experienced a very difficult birth and Mali was there for us at every turn. Whether it was explaining the various procedures that we had to go through, advocating for us when we were too tired to do so ourselves, or even just explaining that she'd seen all of this before and it turned out ok she guided us through a very traumatic time in our lives with humor and a steady hand. I cannot recommend her enough. Not only is she an amazing Doula but an overall great person. She will support you and make you feel safe throughout your entire birth.

Nicole H


Saved our lives.   Ended up being even more important to my husband in the end. So dedicated and never left us for 36 hours AND an emergency c-section afterward.  Then she didn't leave until we said we were ready to be alone without her.  It was incredibly traumatic for my husband and I.  We planned a natural home birth but I got preeclampsia.  Mali rolled with the punches and turned on a dime to alter her techniques and advice to match my new reality.  She never pushed an agenda, just went with what was happening and followed my lead.  You don't have to worry about her being too hippy-dippy OR too "sciencey".  I can tell you from experience that she can fully accommodate both styles and meet your needs just as well if you want a natural home birth or a hospital experience with all the bells and whistles.  No judgment or agenda pushing.  She'll just be a rock-solid support source who is as involved or uninvolved as you want.  I'm telling you, your search stops here.  

Ronnie and Lia


TL;DR Go with Mali, you won't be disappointed.

I wasn't completely sure that I wanted a doula to attend my birth as I was planning a medicated hospital birth. However as the due date grew near I started getting stressed and tried to find a doula, and I'm so happy I picked Mali  

She was there for me and my wife as we built a birth plan, pointing out parts we didn't even think of, and was just as helpful when we had to change more or less everything when I was induced instead of a natural  birth. She calmed both of us down during the birth itself and was great in helping us deal with the medical staff.

She also came over for a postpartum visit and gave us awesome tips and advice.


Maria Coryell-Martin


We highly recommend Mali! Her good humor, organization, and moral support helped give us an amazing birth experience. From the beginning she guided us through a birth plan that suited our values while accounting for emergencies, and shared tools for laboring. Once contractions started, Mali was with me and my husband at home and at the birth center, helping me stay focused and calm through every contraction. She also took some wonderful photos! Post-partum, Mali was available 24/7 to help us navigate everything from questions about rashes to coming over to demonstrate baby wearing and give tips on diapering and dressing our little girl. Mali helped build our confidence as new parents.

Madison Young


Mali was an AMAZING doula. Hire her and you absolutely will not regret it. She was the perfect support person for our family. We interviewed several other candidates and Mali was the hands-down favorite of both my partner and I. Her familiarity with anxiety disorders and panic attacks helped set me at ease, and her geeky sense of humor made her fun to be around. She helped us make our birth plan, and also took beautiful birth photos. I love Mali and am really excited to hire her again if we ever have a second baby. Thank you Mali!

Liz Calandrino


I was so lucky to have Mali at my birth.  My husband and I had decided on a birth center birth for our second baby after feeling like our first was too medicalized, then we found out we were having twins, so that was not an option.  Mali helped us both cope with the reality of the twin pregnancy and hospital birth, giving us the confidence to advocate for our wishes.  When the twins were breech and a C-section was necessary, she helped us overcome our biggest fear, supporting us equally.  I literally held her hand throughout the entire surgery, and would not have been able to get through it without her support.  My husband was very worried about making it through the sugery also, and since he knew that Mali was supporting me, the pressure was off him and he could focus on our babies, and did great.  While it wasn't the birth I would have choosen, she really helped us make the best of the situation.  I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, she is fabulous!

Tara Horn-Coffin


And review from Husband!!


Our doula Mali was amazing to have. While we were a touch skeptical as we started interviewing doulas, Mali stood out immediately with her up front, genuine, slightly geeky persona. She was very reassuring in supporting my role, helping me to assist my wife wherever I could. In the lead up to the birth she came over a couple of times and was a delight to spend time with, walked us through a lot of the birthing process more then even the baby class was able to do. As labor began in the middle of the night, she was up and over to our place in no time, helped us walk and converse through labor until it was time to go to the hospital. Once there she was able to take charge and help us get our slightly panicky, sleep addled selves into labor and delivery. Facilitating the process of getting us from the initial exam room to the labor room we spent the next 36 hours in. From there Mali gave us lots of good tips and tricks, as well as being right there for whatever we needed. The delivery help, getting my wife into positions, and being able to answer needed questions when our daughter was born, all of it was amazing. Follow up visits helped us in the finer details of newborn care and reassured us that yes, this is how it is supposed to be, and nothing is wrong. I feel we forged a friendship out of the whole experience, and I am so happy that we managed to find her.

I recommend Mali as a doula wholeheartedly, and hope you enjoy her as much as we did.

~Jessup S. Coffin

Tara Horn-Coffin


Part three!!


4. Post-partum support: Nursing did not come naturally for me and the kiddo. We had worked with two different lactation specialists, to no avail. Three days after the little one made her debut, we had yet to enjoy that triumphant moment of, “She latched!”, and had been communicating with Mali via text and phone up until that point. She helped me get through that inevitable late night moment of, “OHMYGODS I’M STARVING MY CHILD, WE MUST GO BUY FORMULA!”, and on day three of “starving-my-child,” she came by for her postpartum visit, with tricks and advice that went beyond that of the lactation specialists—with her help, we were not only feeding, but feasting within a matter of moments.

In the end, Mali provided us with the greatest gift a doula could offer—a successful and supportive birth, for all parties involved, and a milk drunk baby on the other side.

Tara Horn-Coffin


Part two! 

1. Proponent of personal care: She took a very practical approach to personal care—both for me in leading up to the big day, but also for my husband. She encouraged both of us to eat and drink water through the process (things I truly do slip your mind when you are gradually squeezing a watermelon out of your hoohaa), to get sleep whenever we could, and gave my hubby opportunities to use the bathroom throughout the process, without feeling like he was leaving me unsupported.

2. Early laboring tips: My labor started up quick, and didn’t let up, with ~45 second contractions every 4-7 minutes. They were intense and painful, and all I wanted to do was to find the position that reduced pain to the greatest degree, while we labored at home. Mali encouraged me to change positions and not go away from the pain, in the interest of not slowing down labor. Her tips and tricks at this point were crucial, as if it was left to me, I would have “ran” as far away as possible from the pain, an act that would have inevitably slowed down labor an insane amount, and left me wallowing in pain for longer no doubt. While my birthing class prepared me for some of this, having someone in the moment with the knowledge and know how of a true expert, assisted in the progression of labor.

3. Pushing: She knew what to say. Simple as that—her words were encouraging, cut through the madness of the delivery room, and she could tell by my body positioning and language when I was “hiding” from the pain, and encouraged me to push through instead of run from it. Incredibly helpful.

(To be continued in part 3!) :)

Tara Horn-Coffin


I was slightly hesitant about the whole “doula” thing when I first heard about it. This was largely because I was not planning on the midwife route, and I had associated doulas with that "model." I wanted to give birth in a hospital,with access to medical interventions if needed, and I had no firm aspirations of trying for a pain-med free birth. That said, with a background in public health, I also knew the statistics of all the positive outcomes when a doula comes into the childbirth equation, in any setting—lower incidence of C-sections, more likely to go longer with out pain meds, and overall improved experience for the whole family.

Even knowing this, when I imagined a doula, they didn’t really fit in the setting of my “imagined childbirth,” which was generally more analytical and perhaps void all together of that “granola edge.” I felt like I would have a hard time finding a doula that wasn’t pushing me towards a water birth paired with placenta encapsulation (I realize that this is a very stereotypical perspective on what a doula “is,” but it’s where my brain was at the time.) While that may be the vision some mama’s have on birth, it wasn’t mine.

But then we met Mali. She was flexible to our needs and she listened with great care. I truly believe she would have been incredibly supportive to whatever birth we imagined. If I was shooting for an au natural birth from the comfort of my own home, she would have been there with her doula bag-o-tricks. If my hubby and I wanted to venture into the territory of a scheduled induction, I believe she would have listened to our reasoning, and been supportive all the same.

She was there to help us, and while there are many, many reasons why Mali was great, I have narrowed it down to the top four. (to be continued in "Part 2")

Mali Munch Hawthorne


Well, my first bad review in over 15 years, so I feel I should respond to it.

Normally (although it's only happened twice in 15 years, including this instance) when I don't make it to a birth, I send a backup. The client pays me their full fee and I pay the back up for their services. This is all clearly stated in my contract that every client signs.

Yes, my husband and child and I were all sick to the point where we thought our child was going to have to be hospitalized. I talked to Lauren and gave her my list of backups and one of my backups attended her birth. She was *never* without a doula. A week or so after she gave birth I got a message from her stating that she wanted her money back. I said I'd be happy to talk to her about it, but reminded her that she hadn't paid in full yet, she had in fact, only paid the non-refundable deposit for services. I offered to send her an extra copy of her signed contract so she could review it. I never heard back.

Now, almost a year later, she has not only written the bad review, she has been stalking me on facebook and has been sending family members of mine messages as well. She has also been having multiple friends of hers do the same thing. It's threatening and it is scaring my family. I've had to report multiple accounts of hers for harassment. I'm not sure why she chose to do this now or why she chose facebook as her main venue. She had my professional email, my business phone number and my home phone number the whole time and chose not to use them.

The one "bright spot" is that at least this is only about money and not about my skills as a doula. It's a very unfortunate situation and I wish it hadn't happened. I'm sorry that someone was disappointed in my work, but I hope that potential clients will weigh the one bad review against the years of good work and the 30+ good reviews I have.

Thank you,

~Mali Hawthorne
Belly and Bunting

Lauren Ferrari


I considered Mali a friend, and said I'd have her as my doula before I even conceived my third child.  Well, then I did get pregnant.  No prenatal visits except for the one when she came by to sign the contract.  I paid her $300, planning to give at least $200 more after the birth.  We were paying for my birth out of pocket, so this was all we could afford.  Anyway, she got sick, well over a week before my birth.  Really sick.  I don't blame her one bit for that, to be clear.  But I was having an induction of sorts, for a health condition, and didn't hear from her that she was not  attending until the day before, even though I'd been giving her updates on my condition and she had been sick a while.  I never have gotten my money back, not a cent.  Nor was any sort of barter offered. She occasionally messaged me saying she knew she owed me money but was too broke to pay me back. She left for an overseas trip at the beginning of this month, and when I messaged her to ask what the trip was for, she deleted me from her Facebook instead and refused to reply.  I'm stunned by this behavior.  It's unprofessional, incredibly rude, and not how anyone should treat a friend.  I will no longer recommend her to my friends.



Working with Mali was probably one of the best choices I made regarding my birth. 

First, Mali helped me prepare for the unmedicated birth that I wanted - she helped me and my husband create a birth plan, we worked on coping techniques, etc. I really liked how she guided my husband and me, but at the same time was clear that he and I were empowered and that her role was to support us however she could.

When I learned that my baby was breech at 38 weeks and a version did not turn her, we scheduled a section to take place at 39.5 weeks. Mali made sure that I had information about my options, and when I decided that I wanted to go forward with the scheduled cesarean, Mali was incredibly supportive and switched gears to help me develop a c-section birth plan that would preserve my sense of empowerment and help me to attain a VBAC in the future. At no point did she imply or act like my choice was less valid. 

Then, when my water broke unexpectedly and all of my plans went awry, she was able to keep us all calm and remind everyone of our preferences, and I can honestly say I even enjoyed my surprise midnight cesarean two days before schedule! Frankly, I've even phrased it as "best c-section ever." 

I can't recommend her enough. She goes above and beyond. 

Asta Gunnlaugsdottir


 Even though I hadn't met Mali in person yet (but talked to her SEVERAL times online and through phone) as soon as she came over the day I had to be induced she slid perfectly in to her role. I felt nothing but comforted and reassured under her services and I cannot find a better way to describe her than the rock in my storm. Except my rock knew how to feed me melons and manage people I found  less than helpful to my labor.

Mali made my birth wonderful!

Indira Smith


Mali was a wonderful doula and helpmate at our birth!  She was kind and very knowledgeful.  I particularly liked the prenatal meetings she did with us to talk about birth options and how to make our experience the best possible.  She was also very respectful of our Muslim beliefs and gave us unbiased knowledge.  We didn't feel pressure from her to make any decisions the way we did from our care provider and nurses.  She is truly a wonderful person and a great presense to have around you during labor.  My husband felt included as well.  We had the best birth for us!

Andrew Otto


Mali was professional, fun, knowledgable, and experienced. We had such a good time with her, before and during my wifes home birth.

She is so laid back, and creates a calm and reassuring atmosphere when you need it most. Hire this girl.

Amber Cornell


first off, let me say that i am 16 now but i was 15 when i got pregnant.  i found mali by doing a search for help with teen pregnancy and saw that she had volunteered with teens.  my parents were ok with me getting help but it was nice to have someone who for one, wasn't related to me and for two, who wasn't always going "well, when i was pregnent with you i.."  also she liked antml, which i know isn't about birth, but it's my favorite show and she knew about other current stuff, unlike my parents who don't know ANYTHING.

mali came to my house once when i thought i was in labor and then again when i really was. she walked with me and got in the shower with me to push on my back. when we were getting ready to go to the hospital i remember hearing her on the phone saying "YOU HAVE TO GIVE US SOMEONE WHO IS NICE TO TEEN MOMS."  it's one of the only things i remember super clearly. anyways, the nurse we got at the hospital was also super nice and i had my baby girl really fast after getting there so i only had one nurse.  one thing i had been super scared about was that i might have lots of people telling me what to do all at once and mali i htink kept that from happening to me.  my birth wasn't like anything you see on tv, IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!  

mali kept everyone quiet and even brought me some snacks and fake candles because you couldn't have candles in group health.  also when my ex's mom showed up mali talked to her and basically just wouldn't let her in the room until i said it was okay.  the nurse said that she had never had a teen mom not have any drugs at birth before. mali said she was proud of me.  NOBODY EVER SAID THAT TO ME BEFORE.

anyways, im out of space, but if you are a teen mom or anybody really, you should pick mali because she is the best.

Helen & Patrick Garrett


We took a Childbirth Education class to equip us with the knowledge we needed to attempt a VBAC for our second daughter. We felt quite confident that we could successfully have a hospital VBAC, however, in the class the subject of having a doula came up and the positive experiences other mothers shared with having one were discussed. I felt that having a doula would help keep me focused towards my goal of not having to repeat a C-section.

We knew that Mali was the right doula for us, well, pretty much immediately. Mali's relaxed and compassionate attitude put me at ease right away. She's also pretty darn funny, too, which helps when you are bored out of your mind waiting for your labor to do something 24 hours after your water breaks. Our daughter was born during the summer of PROM, when there seemed to be a trend across many doula's clients having their waters break prematurely (a change in the barometric pressure?  Who knows! I was not pleased to be part of that trend.)  Anyway, there was a lot of waiting but Mali came when I needed her, she helped soothe me when I went into hard labor with no pain meds, she had the knowledge and foresight to realize that my body might relax by getting an epidural - which ended up being true as I went from a 3 to complete in 3 hours.  And, oh yeah, she almost caught my baby when after 32 hours of waiting this little girl came out in two fast heaving pushes that no one was quite prepared for. How's that for service?

With Mali's help I was able to acheive my VBAC.  She also does placenta encapsulation which helped immensely with a bout of Postpartum Depression I experienced.

Mali Munch Hawthorne: highly recommended....terrific, knowledgeable doula....wonderful human being.

Mandy March


My husband and I were quickly comfortable with Mali because she was very reassuring and listened with care to everything we were saying.  We waiting until just a few weeks before our due date and had not had any classes so Mali made a mini childbirth class for us. She also went through the birth plan we had made and she helped with suggestions to make it more what the nurses would read it and do what we wanted.  She was very good at explaining when the nurse or doctor didn't take the time to say everything how we could understand them.  It was good that my husband got to take naps without leaving me alone!  Mali helped me keep my freedom for my birth.  We are very thankful for finding her!!!!!!

Jon Barone


Mali is utterly incredible!


The birth of our first child was very rough on everyone involved.  My wife had an extremely painful, protracted labor.  Mali was with us for almost the entire 23 hours (and I'm sure would have come over at 2 AM when it started if we had called her!) and was a wonderful presence throughout.  She gave us sound advice, helped soothe my alternately exhausted and frustrated wife, and got some great photos of the process, to boot!


When our daughter needed some post-birth care for jaundice, Mali came over to help with things and was a great asset during a trying time for new parents.


I can honestly give Mali the highest recommendation I have ever given for a service provider of any sort.

Maggie And Jessie


Our care provider said that she didn't think we needed a doula so finding one was a last minute decision.  We're so glad we found Mali!! She was our rock during our labour and birth; she was always calm and layed everything our clearly and calmly.  Mali was there for all 38 and a half hours of labour and even when we were tired and I was ready to give up, she made us feel secure in the decisions we were making. She told us not to say that she knows everything about birth, but we think she does! We'd hire her again in a split second!

Aileen Sandridge


Deciding to hire a doula in general, and Mali in particular, is the best decision I've made in a very long time.  Thanks in no small part to Mali, our childbirth experience was simply incredible, and I will treasure it forever.  She helped us feel comfortable laboring at home for as long as possible which I really wanted to do (I got to the hospital at 8pm and delivered at 11:20pm), and I really don't think I would have had the natural unmedicated childbirth I wanted without her.

After considering a home birth for our first child, we decided to go with the Group Health midwives at Cap HIll since they get such great reviews.  I wavered back and forth on whether to hire a doula, both b/c of the cost and b/c I wanted my husband to be my primary support person and worried that a doula would get in the way of that.  Turns out that by making us so much more at ease about childbirth in general, Mali helped my husband to be the most amazing support person I could have imagined.  Mali was completely present and supportive, while taking nothing away from my husband's role.  He raves about her!  And her sense of humor and easy-going, down-to-earth personality fit so well with ours.  Worth every penny.

One more note: My water ended up breaking three weeks early, when Mali was not on call for us, and she was still there within an hour and stayed w/ us until we were going to bed with our litle one post-partum.


Rachel Tompa


 Mali was an extraordinary doula!  I was half thinking that since we took a childbirth preparation class, maybe a doula would be overkill, but I'm so glad we hired Mali as they really are 2 separate pieces and both helped us immensely.  Mali was calming, encouraging, knowledgeable, strong, warm, cheery, and funny for the entire 23 hour span she spent with us during my labor and post-partum.  I delivered at Swedish First Hill, and was really glad to have Mali there as an outside party who was incredibly well-informed about everything that was going on during labor and delivery and was able to help explain things to me, helped me figure out what choices I really wanted to make through my panic and fatigue, supported my choices, but never made me feel pressured in any particular direction.  She also did a great job letting my husband take center stage as my coach when that was helpful to me, and helping my parents get involved too.  

And she also makes kick-ass baby clothes and mei tai carriers!

Victoria Cherniak


Mali was an incredible presence at the birth of my son. We were planning a home birth and because our midwife liked also being in the doula role, we decided not to have a doula. But nothing went as planned and at 42 1/2 weeks without labor having started, we knew we were headed for the hospital without our midwife. So that Wednesday we found Mali and spoke over the phone. Both my partner and I knew she was the one to help us through this unexpected process. Her humor, humility, and spirit came through over the phone.

On Friday morning we met Mali at the hospital where it took 3 days to induce labor. She offered support, guidance, conversation, and a quiet presence throughout much of those 3 days (we sent her home for much needed breaks when nothing was happening, and after many reassurances, we learned how to call even at 2am when we needed her). The biggest gift Mali provided me was helping me to accept our new circumstances. She was completely supportive of my wish to go drug free and advocated for me in that regard. But due to a painful complication that was preventing labor from starting, she helped guide me to the heart-wrenching decision to have an epidural. It was her experience and support of my wish for a natural childbirth that helped me to finally see the light that nothing was going to work without the epidural.

Even after the birth, Mali was available to us as lactation consultant, and doula processor extraordinaire. Mali was the support that I needed, that my partner needed, and that my little baby boy needed. We are forever indebted.

Andrea Morley-Moran & Rich Moran


Mali is a great person and a great doula!  She was our birth doula and helped us out a great deal with postpartum care and "parenting stuff" as well.  Niether one of us had ever changed a diaper before so before we even had a baby she did a mini-parenting "how it all works" class for us.   During our birth she was rock-steady and remained calm even when I threw up all over her!  Rich didn't really know what a doula did and was worried that a doula might take over, but she put him at ease right away and showed him lots fo comfort things to do during the birth.  Afterwards he said that he thought we were more of a team than we could have been if Mali hadn't been there. We had originally planned a hospital birth, even though I didn't like the hospital setting and Mali helped us educate ourselves and figure out what we'd need for a homebirth.  Our son was born very peacefully at home and with NONE of the fear and anxiety I was having before when we had been planning on a hospital.  I felt like I just KNEW what to do and when my husband or I needed a hand to squeeze (or someone to puke on) Mali was right there the whole time. Aside from being knowlegable about everything birth and baby related, Mali is down right funny.  She kept me laughing even when I was having horrible contractions.  I would recommend her to anyone no matter where you're birthing or what your situation is - you will LOVE having her be part of your birth!

Sara Sherman


Mali was such a great doula - supportive, helpful, well-prepared... she's also funny, nice and open-minded. My homebirth did not go as planned and Mali stuck it out with me all the way through 24 hours of labor that ended with an emergency trip to the hospital. She was my hero through it all. I highly recommend her as a doula and a human-being.

Elizabeth (Beth) Rancina


When I first met Mali I knew instantly that she had the kind of energy I wanted at my birth.  She is a calm and gentle soul with a sturdy inner strength.  I had a wonderful home birth plan and wanted to use her birth pool and she brought it over a few days before my due date and set everything up.  (She cleaned everything up afterwards too!)  She was very encouraging and helped me trust my own body and I felt I KNEW what I was doing naturally, in large part to her help both before and during the birth.   She was at my house for much longer than the midwife (I am told this is normal) and it was great to have her energy with me from start to finish.  She also put up with about 500 late-night nervous calls during my third trimester!

My son was born gentley into the birth pool surrounded by laughter (yes, I really laughed!) and even though the idea of being a single mom is still scary now, Mali truly helped my birth and babymoon be FANTASTIC and full of warm energy and love. I can't reccommend her highly enough!!!

Paul Shattuck


Though my wife and I had taken both parenting and birthing classes prior to the delivery of our son, I never found myself lacking in questions and often felt a lot of uncertainty.  Mali was an amazing asset to us as she helped us to establish our birth plan, gave us helpful advice, and most especially provided us with gentle encouragement.  She was able to anticipate my wifes needs and offered such exemplary support that I was able to focus all of my attention on the birth and my growing family. 

We had known all along that we wanted a doula, but never found the right one until we met Mali, and she imidiately made us feel comfortable.  Everyone talks about how much help a doula can be for a mom to be, but as the dad I wasn't expecting that I too would be provided with such confidence and support from her before, during, and after the birth!

Beth Hawkins


MALI IS AN AMAZING DOULA!!   I have so many good things to say, I don't really know where to start.


My partner was very worried that she (my partner) would feel in the way at the actual birth and I think Mali's pre-natal appt. where she brought all her stuff over really helped Cyndi get over that fear.  Rather than doing everything herself, Mali helped Cyndi be my doula. Mali has a wonderfully kind and calm demeanor that calms down everyone around her. We hired her while we were only 16 weeks pregnant and pretty much used her as a birth-encyclopedia the entire time.  She also helped us with language to explain to Cyndi's parents why a homebirth wouldn't "kill our baby."  She had an answer for nearly every question we asked but I really appreciated that sometimes she would say "you know, I don't know - let me find out for you" instead of guessing.  She really took the fear out of everything related to my brith and replaced it with excitement! Mali also took some great birth pictures of Cyndi and me in the birthing pool and made a little website for us with the pictures after the birth.


tristen warner


I took a really long time to start  the doula search, and I was pretty nervous that I wouldnt find a doula in time.

  Mali was recommended to me by our birth class instructor, and it was a perfect fit.

She instantly put both my sweetheart and myself at ease, and she bent over backwards to help us out both before and during the birth. She has been available for every silly or not so silly question, been kind, capable and reliable. As well as having a great sense of humor.

I opted for a natural childbirth at the puget sound birthcenter, and most of what I remember from the birth is Malis calm soothing voice, and how everything I needed was right there for me. Her encouragement, kindness and strength, as well as her humor was an anchor for me.

My husband really loved her sense of humor and found her to be absolutely amazing. "As a soon to be dad, there were so many questions  no ammount of classes could help as much as having her there with me to remind me at critical moments what I could do. but even more valuable than her advice was her encouragement and affirmation."

I now cant imagine not having Mali in my life and hope to have her at the birth of all my children. I would reccomend whole heartedly for both birth and postpartum.



Alison Mercer


Mali was a great doula and I would recommend her services to anyone. I am very nervous around new people but Mali put me at ease right away. Mali was very understanding and had an abundance of information about all aspects of birth and postpartum care, she was totally non judmental and was helpful in discussing all the worries that I had.

I had a great natural birth and am not sure that I would have had such a good experience without Mali there to support me. I would use her services again in a heartbeat.

Whitney Null


Wow, where to begin.

I found Mali (pronounced Molly, I didn't know until she left a voicemail on my phone. Thank goodness, or else I wouldve sounded silly calling her "Mally") on DoulaMatch not really knowing what to expect. I had never known anyone that used a doula. After finding her & shooting a few emails back & forth we set up a meeting day. From the moment I met her I was instantly comfortable. We chatted about my husband who was underway on his boat at the time; my annoying dog, Frankie, who wouldn't stop sniffing her because she has cats; & what exactly a doula was there for. We made a birth plan & talked about my wishes during my journey.


When I went into labor Mali made the 90 minute trip to my house and IMMEDIATELY started giving counter-pressure on my back where my little monster was pressing into my spine. When we were in the hospital she gave me the confidence to assert myself to the doctors & nurses & not be shy. I felt more confident in her abilities to deliver my child than the "professionals". She was really there for me AND the health of the baby whereas, the doc & nurses were only concerned about getting that baby out of me as fast as they could. My husband & I are young (21) & have recently moved here. We didnt know anybody & were kind of freaking out about doing this alone. I honestly believe my hospital birth wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without Mali. I can't say enough good things about her. She has so much knowledge about ALL things baby. Pre and post natal. She's the first person I go to with a question about my little one. My next birth will be at home and only attended by my husband, a midwife, & Mali. I highly recommend her and hope that you will choose her to be a part of your birth!

Kellianne Benson


I met Mali for the first time as I moved into transition during my incredibly speedy, 4 hour long labor.  She had been sent by the doula we had been working with, who was attending another (much slower) birth.

I do not remember meeting Mali, to be honest.  This is what I do remember:  Mali threw herself into my son's birth.  She became immediately indespensible as part of my support team.  i trusted her instantly, and she literally became my right hand woman.  I wouldn't let her leave my side for anything.

She was totally in our experience, heart and soul.  She watched me hemmorage all over my ankles before we were ever facebook friends and she didn't cringe for a moment.  She helped me get my first good latch with a brand new baby.  She stayed for hours after the birth and answered all of our million questions. 

She rocks.  Highly recommended.

shannon bryant


I am so glad Mali was available to be my doula and help at my birth! She held my hand while I crushed it and knew just what to do to help calm me down and keep me focused. Her ante partum work was really helpful too in getting me into the right space and just having someone to talk to. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Laura Snow


Mali was my main post-partum doula for about 6 weeks after the birth of my twins.  She was a wonderful caregiver to my kids--really adored them and was so gentle and responsive--and a great resource for me.  Mali is very knowledgeable about infant development and care and helped me find many solutions to caring for my babies.  She is also a very kind, generous, and funny person with a breadth of knowledge and variety of interests and experiences that made it enjoyable to have her as part of my family for the time she was with us.  I would highly recommend her!

Jackie & Robert Masonville


What a great and wonderful experience! Mali is a wonderful doula - we  used her for both our birth and postpartum care afterwards.  We had a homebirth and we truely think Mali was a big factor in everything going so smoothly.  At one point Jackie kept saying she wanted to give up and I would have paniced and wanted to go to the hospital if Mali hadn't walked us through a "birth" during a pre-natal appointment.  Our son is big and healthy, but didn't want to sleep morethan an hour at a time.  We didn't need help with breastfeeding (also due to Mali's pre-birth help, we think) but we sure did need that extra sleep that we got when she did postpartum work. 


Additionally she set up payments with us so we could work her into our budget.  When we have another child Mali will be a part of our birth plan!


-Robert & Jackie Masonville

Reiko Imamura


Mali is a great doula for my first birth in the US!  She was very helpfull and explained everything well. My daughter was very early and Mali helped me not be scared. Also I had no drugs which I think was due to her help. Thank you Mali! 

Kristin Hendrickson


Mali was the doula for the birth of my son, and she was wonderful. In addition to being there for the actual labor, she did several pre-labor visits to discuss my preferences for birth, and post-birth visits to give advice on baby care, breastfeeding, or whatever questions I had.

I had a very long pre-labor, and she came over early, before I could go into the birth center.   My "actual" labor was very short, and Mali could tell before the midwife that I was ready to push.  It was SO helpful to have her there during the most intense part of labor.  (And I had no medication of any sort.)  It also really took the pressure off my husband to have someone knowledgeable there to support me during the process.   And in addition, she served as our doula for a price that fit our budget.  I would be happy to discuss Mali with anyone considering her services!

Leah Hoskinson


I truly believe my dream birth experience could not have been possible without Mali. She understood how important it was for me to have an all natural child birth. Her encouragement through my pregnancy and calm and assuring attitude gave me confidence in my body's capabilities. She had an informed answer for all my endless questions and worries. She helped us achieve the perfect and beautiful birth of our daughter, and will be a part of any more births that may come in our future.

Serai Batolein


Mali is an amazing dula! She is kind, thoughtful, generous, and truly is there 100%. Although due to complications during my pregnancy which caused me to have a c-section and thus Mali was unable to whitness the birth, she was present with all my questions and concerns before and after the birth of my son. When my son didn't latch on to my breast, Mali helped me try different positions that made easier for both my son and me.  Mali's total dedication to me, my son and my husband made me feel safe and secure. I will definately have her around when I have my second child. Thank you Mali!

Shelley Andersen


Mali was my doula for both my children.

My son was my first baby and I had planned a homebirth with a midwife. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I really had to go poo. When I went into the bathroom and sat down, I reach down and felt his HEAD!!!! My husband was out of town - horrible timing for him! I called Mali and the Midwife and Mali showed up about ten minutes later - just in time to calm me down and catch Aidan as he made his appearance! By the time the midwife got there, there was not really anything for her to do.

My daughter's birth wasn't as dramatic. I knew I was in labor and Mali came over first with a birthball, some hotpacks and just hung out, helped me breath, helped me change positions. Once labor got going the midwife really didn't do that much. Mali really helped my husband be the "doula" for my second birth. For about two weeks after the birth, she stopped by nearly every day. Sometimes she helped me with some breastfeeding issues I was having, other times she just did dishes and cleaned my house so my husband and I could take naps.

One thing I really love about Mali is that it was clear she was there for ME. I have had other friends with other doulas say the doula seemed more interested in taking pictures of the birth or were really more interested in the baby after it was born, but Mali really stuck by ME and made sure I was doing okay.

If I ever have another kid, Mali will be the person I hire.

If you hire her you won't be disappointed!

Feel free to email me if you want a reference!

Melissa Enger


Mali is an INCREDIBLE doula!  She helped keep my experience calm and cool (as much as possible during labor).  My birth was on Christmas, and she went out of her way to find me the lime popsicles on my birth plan list, when nothing was open.  She knew how to read my signals - when to stay quiet, when I wanted a washcloth on my forehead, everything.  I cannot recommend a doula more highly than Mali!

Nicole Gulmi


Mali is so wonderful!!  She is well-versed and completely understands all stages of pregnancy and the birthing process.  Mali is a kind-hearted, compassionate, empathic, very knowledgeable and talented doula.  The only disappointment on my end is the fact that I didn't know her for my first child's birth.  If I ever have another child, Mali would be among the very first I called to notify.  If it weren't for her I would have had a very difficult time making it through natural childbirth with such ease!!  Mali comes with the absolute highest recommendation from me!

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