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Austin Johnson

Austin Noel Birth Doula Services, LLC

Cokato, MN Service range 25 miles Traveling fee for one-way distances over 30 miles for pre-natal meetings - No charge for travel to birth

Birth Fee

$750 to $800

Birth Fee

$750 to $800

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 56 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2015
  • Stillbirthday, May 2017

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
No unassisted births

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • End of life doula services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

- Previous maternity center tour guide at a Des Moines metro hospital under the Department for Advocacy and Outreach - Birth Ed, where I worked alongside the Birth Ed. department to always improve the experience and preparation for parents coming to Methodist to have their baby. - CIDA (Central Iowa Doula Association) Member. - For parents who are looking for a doula who holds Christian values, I would love to support you in this specific way. For my family, our Christian faith affects every area of our life and I come from a place of understanding if that is the same for you.

Fee Details

Success with HSA's for payment. - FEE COVERS: - 1 free informal meeting (at a local restaurant/coffee shop) - 2 prenatal meetings - Welcome gift - communication and contact via phone, email and text - convenient and educational resources provided to you throughout your preparation for birth - continuous support throughout labor and up to 2 hours after delivery - 1 postpartum visit

Service Area

Cokato, MN Service range 25 miles Traveling fee for one-way distances over 30 miles for pre-natal meetings - No charge for travel to birth

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Hannah R.


We could not be more happy for working with Austin during the birth of our first child in September. Her meetings before we had our daughter were so well informed, orderly, and friendly. We felt like we had known her forever! This was exactly what we wanted while looking for a doula. As you can imagine, having someone that feels like a stranger in the room while you're in one of the most intimate moments of your life would not be ideal. Austin made herself available for any questions or worries I had leading up to our birth. She linked me multiple helpful articles and tips for postpartum as well! When we called her that we had gone into labor, she came within about an hour to the hospital (and we were an hour away!) She brought multiple items to help us through our (hopefully) unmedicated labor, and helped me through contractions with encouraging mantras as well! She also helped my husband to know what to do to help me through the whole long birth as well. My husband and I both agree that she was absolutely priceless throughout our experience. We can't imagine going though the same experience without her. I would recommend Austin to anyone who has ever considered a doula for their birth! At the very least, meet with her for a consultation. I think you will not be disappointed! Austin will forever be a friend for her part in bringing our baby girl into this world.

Ashley S


when we found out we were pregnant for a second time there was no doubt in my mind that we would be using Austin again. We loved her so much the first time that we were repeat customers. Austin was an amazing support to me before and after the birth. I was beyond surprised at how foreign breastfeeding felt even though I had previously breastfeed my firstborn for 22 months. I was so thankful for Austin’s wisdom and patience during that first feed. Austin brings calming energy all while being super aware of her surroundings and your needs. Austin has advocated for me in both of births when my voice wasn’t heard and I will forever be grateful to her. We truly love her! 

Lauren Wilke


We knew we wanted to hire Austin again after an amazing first time experience with her. Our second birth went so much quicker, therefore it was a lot more nerve wrecking for me. Austin provided amazing emotional and physical support to us. She made sure I was comfortable, she prayed for us and she never left our side, unless it was to attend to us!  She’s amazing. I sit here in awe at what a saving grace she was to us!! Austin helped me stick with my birth plan and Was constantly helping us through the entire labor and delivery. Austin helped eliminate a lot of fear for me, which really helped for a smoother birth experienc. What an encouragement she was. She helped my husband a lot in assisting me and answered all of our questions and always made sure we had amazing care. Need a doula? She’s your girl. We developed a great friendship with Austin, and are so thankful we found her.

Rebekah Johnson


Austin is a great doula and we were so thankful and priviledged to have had her at our son's birth! She is very knowledgable and helped us make decisions before labor and during labor. It was so comforting to have her there and I can't wait for another delivery because we will be hiring her again!

Lindsay Leon Rains


Having Austin part of the birth of our daughter was everything we could have asked for and so much more!  Austin was very knowledgeable and patient.  Prior to the birth, she provided information and checked with us periodically.  She was not invansive and allowed us the space we desired, but the support we craved throught the entire process.  Since we were all Christians, we loved being able to share our common beliefs in God's design for us and scripture references.  My husband was blown away when she offered to pray for and with us on one pre-birth visit.  During THE day, she gave us the appropriate amount of support and reminded us of important information we had discussed prior.  I appreciated her calm voice during labor and her patience with the process.  I would absolutely ask her to attend another birth without a moment's hesitation.

Lena Raney


We are so glad we decided to have Austin support us for the birth of our second son. It was fun and helpful to meet with her leading up to the birth-sharing our excitements and concerns. When I went into labor, Austin was available and made sure I was doing okay while in early labor at home. As things picked up, she even emailed me some songs which were just what I needed to relax and to get into the “birth zone”. She also sent some position ideas to really get things moving- and it worked! I was so relieved to have her support even at home. Once we were at the hospital, Austin was very calm and kind, supporting me with hip squeezes and rubbing my back. One of my favorite things she did was to play music in the room. She truly helped to create the peaceful environment I was hoping for. Austin sensed our needs and was quick to take care of any little thing she could, from getting my husband coffee to calling the nurse when she noticed me starting to push! She was an amazing support and really helped our birth experience to be smooth and stress-free. We are so thankful!

Izzi Roy Buckles


Austin is overall such an incredible person. Her integrity and passion translates so well into her work as a doula. Austin is definitely meant to be a doula. She is kind, full of wisdom, incredibly caring and an immense source of encouragement.

Austin was an incredible source of strength and encouragement for my labor. Even though my husband was wonderful ;) she knew how to make me comfortable, she knew the right things to say to make me feel strong and capable, and she knew how to help him help me. Austin is very knowledgeable about labor positions and pain coping techniques.

To me, labor can be comparable to an athletic event. In any event requiring a great amount of endurance you'd want a coach/support system who believes in you, is knowledgeable and is cheering for you the whole way. Austin was that and more for the birth of both our daughters.

Ladies (and men too) do yourselves a favor and hire Austin. You will not regret it. I am beyond grateful that Austin got to be part of two of the most beautiful days of our lives.

Alexa Schulte


I found Austin when I was about 5 months pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy she answered every question, found countless resources and gave me lots of advice. My birth ended up completely different than what I had envisioned. But she helped me every step of the way, and when I ended up having a caesaerean she came into the operating room and took photos and videos so my husband could focus on me and our baby. I'm so grateful that she was there, especially for my husband. There were some scary moments, and some times when I was completely focused on myself so it was really nice for him to have someone to talk to help him stay calm when I didn't need their support. If we ever have another baby I will definitely be calling on her services again, even if I'm unable to have a vaginal birth.

Taylor Cahill


This is so late but definitely needed to be said... Austin was our doula for our daughter's birth in November of 2016. Austin was there for us every step of the way. She gave us LOADS of information before hadn that we actually felt prepared. Prepared for something we both had no experience with before! She was always readily available for anything we needed. The week of my daughter's due date I was so anxious and ready to have her OUT! Austin was there to calm my nerves and remind me that my body knows what it's doing and to just TRUST. The day labor started Austin was AMAZING with her continued support and communication. Though my husband tried and did very well wtih helping through the pain and processs, Austin was there and knew exactly what to do and how. Whatever kind of birth you want, choose Austin. She'll listen, understand, and help you every step of the way no matter what.

Ashley Stavig


Yes, yes, yes! I can't recommend Austin as a doula enough.  We welcomed our daughter into this world on October 18, 2016 and Austin helped me meet my goals of a natural birth that was extremely beautiful and empowering. Due to progressing quickly into active labor my husband and I met Austin at the hospital. The minute she walked into triage my body was able to relax moreso than before. Austin jumped into her role as doula right away offering techniques to support me. I vomited and   Austin immediately offered peppermint oil which made my nausea decrease. She also began using counter pressure to my contractions and offering positive mantras for me to focus on. Austin helped in many ways throughout my labor and delivery as well as included my husband. She also stuck around afterwards to help us get baby latched and settled. Austin was such an integral part of our birth story and I could never imagine it without her. We are so thankful for her!

Mik Stavig


From the husband perspective I would highly recommend Austin. She did a great job at supporting not only my wife but myself during the birth of our daughter.

Lauren Flaherty


Austin is absolutely amazing! I am so glad that she was our doula for the birth of our daughter. Before birth, Austin provided us with lots of education and support on our pregnancy and birth plan. She always answered my questions and never made us feel inadequate or dumb. She also provided tips for when labor would start and how to make delivering in the hospital easier. When labor started, Austin came over and helped me labor at home a little bit longer and was very creative in helping to ease my awful back labor and showed me positions that helped keep labor progressing. She helped my husband to stay calm and to help me during contractions. At the hospital, she seamlessly worked with the hospital staff and us to communicate so we were all working together. With her help, my husband and I felt in control and confident about the decisions we made enough though things were not going the way we hoped. She spent hours doing hip squeezes, massages, encouraging us, and providing the information about decisions we needed to make. On top of that, she did so many things that helped keep the environment calm and she provided the special touches that helped make the whole experience even better. I hope that she will be the doula for all of the kids my husband and I may have. She’s amazing!

Trinh Le-Coulter


I had a beautiful, positive, and empowering birth. I was fully informed and aware the entire time. I was calm, relaxed, and eager to welcome my daughter. When my husband and I reflect back on the birth of our daughter, we both agree that working with Austin was a big "game changer" in the words of my huband. Figuratively and literally, she was a shoulder for me to lean on, especially when I felt most vulnerable. Austin met with my husband several times leading up to the delivery and prepared us for the big moment. This was incredibly helpful for my husband and I because it was our first rodeo. A few things that Austin did that really stood out in my mind were: walking the hallways with me so my husband can rest, applying counter pressure during contractions so I could lean on my husband, played a beautiful playlist that created a soothing ambiance, became a liason between the nurse and I was afraid to speak up, and most importantly was my biggest cheerleader. The visual right before my daughter entered the world was the reflection of her head full of dark black hair next to my doctor, the delivery nurse, and Austin who at that point were jumping up and down with excitment. I am so lucky to cross paths with Austin because she made all the difference. She is soft spoken yet assuring and genuinely passionate about supporting women during our most vulnerable times. No doubt in my mind that she had a huge role in the warm feeling I have when I reflect on my daughter's birth.

Carmin Gallops


Austin is an amazing doula! She was always well prepared, professional, and organized for all the pre-birth visits. She provided so much valuable information to prepare me for the birth of my baby. During my labor and delivery, she provided so much encouragement and helped me to stay positive. I had a lot of lower back pain, and she would help with massage during every contraction. I am so glad I chose to have Austin be a part of my birth experience! You can tell she is a genuine person that truly cares about you and is she is so passionate about being a doula. She was truly a blessing.

Lauren Wilke


I didn't find out what a doula was until I was about 5 months pregnant. All the things I heard were exactly what I thought my husband and I needed! We started looking around and reading testimonials and found Austin. We had a few "back ups", but after meeting with Austin our decision was made that day. We just knew she would be a great fit for our family.

Austin kept in touch leading up to the birth through email and text. She sent so much helpful information and would provide support that I really needed, I have anxiety and she really put my mind at ease.

My labor started off pretty slow, and we called Austin to give her a heads up. She left and came straight up in the middle of the night... With a smile and a great attitude. I was such a nervous wreck! My husband and Austin were excellent supporters, I couldn't have asked for better help. She stayed by my side if my husband had to leave the room, made sure he ate, and constantly checked on both of us. She helped support my husband in supporting me.

There was a point in labor I honestly felt like I couldn't do it, but with Austin and my husbands constant support I was able to deliver a beautiful baby girl! An epidural provided support, but not in the way Austin did. She really, really helped me stay relaxed.  She stayed for awhile after delivery, and again, offered her help and support. Such a blessing.

Hiring Austin was such a wise decision we made. We don't regret it at all.. She is so caring, sweet, and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone. We will definitely be hiring her again.

Thank you, Austin, for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you.

Daniel Evans


The "A" in "Austin" stands for positive superlatives that start with the same letter: Awesome, Amazing, Accepting, Appropriate, All-Star, Attentive, Altruistic... and A+. These words describe Austin perfectly when speaking of her as a doula from the husband's perspective (I'm 100% confident my wife who labored and delivered would echo my sentiment about Austin).

Before this journey began, before my wife even became pregnant, my wife told me she wanted a doula. In the beginning, I had no clue what that meant. But as my wife explained to me what they were, and after I attended a doula "info session," I started to see the value in a doula -- for my wife. But when my wife chose to ask Austin to be her doula (now, OUR doula!), I immediately saw the value for me as the husband, too. It was evident right away that Austin was the perfect fit for my wife -- and me. Honestly, I cannot imagine going through the labor, delivery and post-delivery process without her. Austin had also provided so much education to us on numerous topics related to the entire process that we felt greatly prepared. That information she shared was not only universal for all moms, but also personalized to my wife's needs. That mattered a great deal, the honest attention to detail Austin showed.

My wife, our doula Austin and me were the perfect team to help bring our beautiful baby girl into the world. Austin can be trusted. And she'll be your best friend, perfectly naturally ready to support, guide and comfort mom, baby and dad before the hospital, at the hospital, and even afterward. Without a doubt. No way would I recommend another doula above Austin; I genuinely mean that. I remember helping my wife begin pushing our baby out into the world alongside Austin and the nurses/doctors and looking over at Austin as she whispered words of encouragement in my wife's ear with a caring smile for literally hours. And the thought came to my mind, "Austin is an angel."

Epawah Epah


Having Austin at the birth of our daughter was definitely one of the best decisions my husband and I made. Our experience with Austin both befor and after birth was wonderful. she made every effort to work with our schedule and provided us with pertinent information, texting back and forth.                                                          During Labour, Austin was very supportive and understanding, suggesting different positions and coaching my breathing. Not only was she a fantastic help to me but also a great support for my husband.

The birth of our daughter was beautiful. We honestly cannot thank Austin enough for all she did. we will forever be grateful for her support through out this important and unforgettable event in our lives. Thank You Austin.

Having a doula like Austin who is so passionate about what she does will definitely support you, answers questions and provide you with resources that will help you. when blessed to  have another child, we won't hesitate having her again.

Kelsey Kocher


Our experience with Austin was wonderful.  From the beginning she made every effort to work with our schedule (which is tricky with my husband traveling for work sometimes) and ensured that we at least got one meeting in prior to our baby's arrival.  We had the usual 2 pre-labor meetings scheduled; however, our little one decided to come early so we missed our second meeting... but that is no fault of Austin's!

During labor, Austin was very calm, supportive, and understanding.  She made sure that both my husband and I knew what was going on and frequently checked to see if we had any questions or needed anything.    Austin was mentally and physically with me when I needed her - rubbing my back, squeezing my hips, suggesting different positions, making sure I had water, coaching me through things.  She also encouraged my husband and kept him informed as to what I was going through - explaining that I might make different sounds than usual, need reminders to breath, and need encouragement and praise.  I felt like I could trust Austin and appreciate her persevering through 12+ hours with us.

If you are looking for a doula (or even if you are not seriously considering one) I highly recommend Austin.  I am confident in her ability to support you, answer questions, provide resources, etc.  We couldn't have been more pleased with her.

Dean Mather


Several months back, we were talking about hiring a doula. My wife Kelsey was strongly in favor of it. I was on the fence thinking we could do this on our own. Our neighbors knew Austin and recommended her. We met her at a coffee shop one day and hired her on the spot. We could tell immediately that she is a caring person who was geniuinely interested in helping us. Austin was there for us prior to the birth sending us pertinent information, texting back and forth with my wife, and making herself available. The day of our baby girl's birth, Austin was there with us from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. She was so supportive and helpful. She had Kelsey try different birthing positions and talked Kelsey through breathing. I felt pretty clueless most of the time, but she was there, she was confident, and she helped Kelsey deliver a baby girl without the use of any meds. This was very important to Kelsey. Austin came by our house last night to see how we are getting along and gave us more good advice and tidbits. In life, we run across people who are just doing their jobs because they have to and others who are doing what they love and who really do care. Austin is one of those people who truly loves what she does and is genuinely interested in helping. We would recommend her to anyone. We are very grateful to her for her constant help & support during our big event. This was a first for us, so we needed all of the help and support we could get!

Tyler Buckles


Austin was an amazing help with the entire birth process, and I honestly don't know how we would have fared without her.  From the meetings we had before the birth, to the meeting afterwards, she had a tremendous amount of insight and a wealth of knowledge.  Having her be a part of the process allowed us to really focus on the birth of our child without worrying about any outlying factors.  She really helped remediate any fear or anxiety.  She was with us for the long haul, through a long labor that lasted almost two days.  She helped in more ways than someone could put into words, and we will be forever grateful for her hand in guiding us through one of the important and unforgettable events in our lives.  Thank you Austin!!

Izzi Buckles


Having Austin at the birth of our daughter was definitely one of the best decisions my husband and I have made. We had a particularly long labor. I honestly don't think I would have been able to achieve the natural, unmedicated birth without her. She encouraged me when I started to doubt myself. She has a very uplifting spirit. She was an amazing support throughout the whole thing. It is very evident that Austin is truely a natural! She has a gift!

The birth of our daughter was beautiful. I honestly cannot thank Austin enough for all she did for us. She not only helped me but she helped my husband help me. I can promise you that if you hire Austin as your doula you will not be disappointed  :)

Caleb Pearson


I am very happy that we decided to use Austin as our doula. We had gone to a few child birth classes and realized there are a lot of things to know and remember.  It felt overwhelming, especially for me as my wife's support person.  Austin was there to provide physical, emotional and informational support and I could not imagine doing it without her.  She did a great job of allowing me to be very involved. I was nervous about seeing my wife in pain, so it was also nice to have Austin there because she could relate to her and knew what might help.

To any support people out there who may be worried about being "cut out" of the process, you won't be with Austin! Again, I can't imagine that day without her there helping.  She did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her.

Lauren Pearson


Hiring Austin to be my doula was the best decsion I made! She was so approachable and always available to answer any questions or concerns, both before and after delivery, that I really feel like I made a friend in Austin. There were so many times during my labor when Austin's knowledge and quick thinking helped keep me on track for a natural delivery; I know it would not have been the same without her. I am so grateful for all of the pain relieving massages she knew and techniques she taught me.

Not only was she a fantastic help to me, but she was also a great support for my husband. It was amazing to have two support people helping me through labor. One person could apply a counter-pressure to a contraction and the other could talk to me or breathe with me through the contraction.

Having a doula like Austin, who is passionate about helping moms through their delivery, and who has been through the experiece herself, really does make all the difference. Thank you Austin for all you did! I cannot thank you enough!

Molly Fiddelke


When my husband Tony and I decided we wanted to consider having a more natural birth experience, we quickly realized we needed support before, during and after birth, well beyond what we could provide for each other or were going to get from the hospital. We signed up for the Bradley Method class and decided after a few classes that hiring a Doula was a no brainer! We met Austin on our hospital tour and knew right away she would make an excellent addition to our birth team. She met with us several times before our due date and really took the time to get to know us. It became apparent around 37 weeks that it was going to be medically necessary to deliver our baby via cesarean section. I was crushed, but Austin came to our next meeting armed with information and quickly calmed my nerves. She helped remind us that even though our birth plan may have changed, we were soon going to meet our baby! The day of our daughter's birth, Austin spent the entire day with us at the hospital. She helped keep us calm before surgery and was there after our little Margaret was born to help me with breastfeeding. She came to our home a few days after and answered all of our questions about breastfeeding and newborns. Austin is one of the most sincere and genuine people I have ever met. We feel so fortunate to have met her! She more than exceeded our expectations as our Doula and I'm not sure we would have had the same positive experience without her. We stay in touch with her to this day! If we are blessed enough to have another child, we won't hesitate in adding her to our team again!

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