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Denise Franklin CD(DONA),

Denise's Doula Support

Wichita, KS Service range 30 miles None

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 99 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 15 families served

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, June 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: None

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will support you at the hospital of your choice. I have a great relationship with the Dr.'s and have had nurses compliment me on my work! I support your decision you make on the type of birth best suits you, whether it is a natural birth, medicated, birth with a epidural, or a birth ending in a C-section. Depending on the Hospital, I will accompany you should a C Section become necessary. You can count on me to be a asset to your birth!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love assisting at a Birth Center, which is a progressive and relaxing way to experience a Birth. If you are wanting a home birth but are a little uneasy, a Birth Center is a great choice. As a doula, I will be right by your side, helping you to labor in a natural setting, throughout your entire birth.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
My very first birth as a doula was a home water birth. It was the most amazing and beautiful experience I have had with the Mom! I love to assist in this type of setting, as I help you to labor in the comfort of your home. I will help keep you focused, calm, and relaxed, help with meals, childcare, and help with cleanup. You can totally relax after birth knowing your household is taken care of!

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Photography - Birth
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

-Volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center of Chandler -Speaker on Birth Services (Birth plans and Comfort Measures) at the Pregnancy Center -Have taught the Comfort Measures class at Mom Doc MidWives

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

*FREE Consult in person or by phone*. My fee includes continual support by email or phone after hiring. 2 meetings to develop your Birth Plan, go over Comfort Measures & ways to handle labor pain, and provide Professional Referrals. 1 Postpartum meeting with breastfeeding support as well as gift for Mom & Baby. :) I provide continuous labor support at onset of active labor at home or place of birth, and up to 2 hrs after birth to help establish breastfeeding and help with any of Mom's comfort needs. During labor, I provide pain coping techniques, TENS UNIT, rebozo, scripture affirmation, acupressure, heat/cold therapy, candles & music. Birth photos taken, if so desired. Services can be arranged for placenta encapsulating. Postpartum Services, $25 day, in hospital or at home. Hypnobirthing Trained as well. I accept Health Savings cards. *PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE*

Service Area

Wichita, KS Service range 30 miles None

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Client Testimonials for Denise Franklin CD(DONA),

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Holly Pyle


When my husband and I decided to go for a VBAC for our second pregnacy, I knew I wanted to hire a doula. Denise was everything I hoped a doula would be a more. She is so incredibly sweet and has the most comforting and warm presence. We were originally planning to deliver in a our midwife's birthing suite but decided to deliver in the hospital instead because our daughter was almost 2 weeks overdue and I was in labor for 2 nights without making much progress. Denise was right there supporting us through the change of plans and created a calming environment for us once admitted to the hospital. She helped me rest when possible and even encouraged my husband to rest before things started to escalate. And she coached me through contractions when my epidural stopped working all the way through transition and into pushing. Her being there was invaluable and helped me acheive the most healing VBAC possible. I highly recommend her for all types of birth plans and will definitely use her again for any future births we have. Wouldn't want to do it without her! 

Tiffany Baldwin


Denise was a blessing from day one as we planned our birth with our first baby. Denise was placed on our path for a purpose and we are so thankful she was! We enjoyed her support along the way as we went to appointments and helped encourage us along the way leading up to birth. We started our labor out at the birthing suite where we had some complications. Denise met us in our time of unknown with prayer and reassurance. She has incredible techniques in her pocket that assist with pain management and relaxation. She helped guide my husband in understanding how to help me too. We ended up as a transfer to a local hospital and Denise was right there beside us the whole way. She stayed after our baby was born to ensure we got a first good latch and help us process the emotions we felt from the labor process. We are forever grateful for Denise and her kind caring support she gave us! 

Chelsea Aichele


Denise was a God send for our birth. We met at Costco, of all places. I wasn't pregnant yet and she had just moved here. We started talking and she shared that she was a doula. I took her information and kept it. God knew what He was doing by our brief encounter over clearance sweatshirts at Costco. 
My birth was supposed to be a home birth, but changed due to needing our baby girl to get out. She calmed me and reassured that she would fight for me to get as close to the same birth that I I'd been praying for. She did exactly that. Denise helped my husband know how he could best assist me with positioning, hip squeezes, and relaxation techniques. She always made him feel needed and assured us she wasn't there to replace him. Denise used rebozo, numerous spinning babies techniques, massage, essential oils and prayer. One of my favorite memories of birth, was her praying over us during those intense contractions. We feel so blessed that we got to have Denise as our doula to help bring our precious baby girl into the world. 

Becca Carey


We LOVE Denise!! Before hiring her, I researched a number of doulas in the area and interviewed several—Denise stood out above everyone else! From the very first interview, we clicked, and I knew she was “the one.” Talking with Denise was like catching up with an old friend. She is super easy to get a hold of and always quick to respond. We met to discuss birth preferences and again later to go over hands-on techniques. She showed me the best daily exercises to incorporate and various tricks and tips for labor. With the desire for an unmedicated birth this go-around, she had all the tools to help make this possible---from essential oils to a TENS machine to a Rebozo and MORE---I left the meeting excited to give birth. Throughout pregnancy (and even beyond), she would check in on me and and asked how each doctor’s appointment went. My last week of pregnancy, she helped me navigate some issues that came up, and I have no doubt if it weren’t for Denise, I would have had an (unwanted and unnecessary) induction. Fast forward a couple days and Denise came over to help with some positioning---within a couple hours, it was “go time!” Denise even beat me to the hospital! Seeing her face at the hospital, especially in the midst of this global pandemic was so calming and reassuring. She kept reaffirming me that I could do it and helped me focus by providing physical support and even helped to navigate the hospital bureaucracy. I had no idea that by the time we got upstairs to the L&D floor, I would already be at a 10 and ready to push. Things happened so fast that my husband missed the birth, so I was beyond grateful she was there and able to capture photos we will always treasure. With Denise, I met my goal of a VBAC unmedicated hospital birth and feel so empowered. My only regret is not having her with my previous births—she makes all the difference and has so much education and experience!!

Erica Shaver


I always knew I wanted a doula for my birth and Denise was a perfect fit! For years I was traumatized by the thought of childbirth to the point that I didn't think I'd ever have children. Well that all changed when I met my husband and I was determined to go in to the experience prepared and supported. Denise listened to my concerns with an empathetic ear and was always checking in via email, calls and texts to address any concerns or questions I had. She made two home visits to educate my husband and I about birth plan options, comfort measures and other techniques to help make the day go as planned. The day I went into labor she came to my house to help my baby get into a better position as my contractions were not consistent. It was always my plan to get an epidural, which I felt was a little odd compared to other mothers seeking the assistance of a doula, and my goal was to get to at least 7 cm dilated before doing so. Well, with Denise's help (and my husband!) when we got to the hospital I was SO surprised to find out I was a 9! I did get the epidural as planned, mostly because I hadn't planned or prepared for the possibility of giving birth without. Denise was there encouraging me, feeding me (afterwards), taking pictures and generally being the positive uplifting person she is. I am so happy to have invited her into our journey and recommend her to anyone going into childbirth with a little bit of hesitance. You can do it! 

Brooke Bryan


Denise was crucial to the birth of my son. I honestly could not have had a natural un-medicated birth without her. I was impressed with her the day I met her and knew instantly that I wanted her to be my doula. I was even more impressed with her while I was in labor.

I planned on giving birth at a birth center but our baby came early so we had to go to the hospital since he was premature (yes, she has experience with premature babies). She made sure I was comfortable and encouraged me constantly while I was in labor. She prayed over me and spoke truths to me reminding me that God was my strength.

She knew exactly what to do at exactly the right time based on how I was feeling. The best thing I had going for me was her squeezing my hips together to take some of the pressure away. She is strong and did this for a long time. She also taught my husband how to do this.

Denise was organized and made sure the nurses stuck with my birth plan the whole time and they did! She did not replace my husband being there, she complemented my husband. Our midwives asked if Denise and my husband practiced together before the birth because they made such a great team (they had no prior practice). That is how well Denise works with husbands!

After the baby was born, she was so kind and made sure I was breastfeeding. A week after my sons birth, she came over to my house to check on me and the baby which was re-assuring especially for a first time mom. My birth experience was way better than I ever imagined because of Denise. I cannot wait to use her again for our next baby and I highly recommend her! Thank you Denise!



Where do we begin without incredible doula  Denise? First-time mother wanting a natural  birth and was seeking a caring doula to be by my husband and I throughout the process. While the baby threw the birth plan out the window, Denise was there through it all for not only me but for my husband. Her kindness and gentle manner was precisely what we both needed especially during those trying moments. I cannot put into words how grateful we are for Denise’s care of me and my family. Truly wonderful  person in the right profession. We look forward working with her again in the near future. 

Kellie Stanek


Denise was an amazing support to us during the birth of our second son. Both my husband and I have no family in Arizona and our two year old son would not have been comfortable being with a babysitter so it had been decided that he would stay with us for the birth but that would mean my husband would have to give him his full attention. Having Denise with us was fantastic as it allowed my husband to entertain our toddler, knowing that I was in great hands. Denise is a very lovely friendly lady, I felt instantly at ease the moment we met. Her experience and knowledge gave me so much confidence while I was in labor.    I did not have a doula at my first sons birth and I can truly say that having one at this birth made everything so much easier. She helped out with entertaining our toddler and he also loved her. After 13 hours of labor the doctor decided we would have to do a c section. If I had not had Denise with me, I know I would of been very scared to go into that alone. Denise reassured me throughout the whole thing. Both my husband and I have said that we could not have done it without her and that having  her as our doula was the best decision we could of ever made. She is absolutely amazing and if you hire her as your doula you will not be disappointed.



I had a wonderful birthing experience because of Denise. She was supportive through my early labor. She taught me how to breathe through contractions before I got my epidural. She spoke to the hospital staff when I couldn’t because I was having painful contractions. She taught me how to push so I was able to deliver in an hour. If she hadn’t been there for me, then I doubt I would have had a good birthing experience. She gave me encouragement, and it helped me behave confidently so I could deliver my child. If you go with Denise you are making a great choice.

Holly Mesnard


Denise was an amazing doula that I would highly recommend you use for an exceptional birth experience! She met us a few times before to go over our birth preference and also showed us different pain management techniques that really came in handy during labor. She has a back up doula in case she’s out of town if you go into labor early and she also just clearly genuinely cares about making sure your birth experience is what you want it to be. I wanted a natural birth without medication and was able to successfully complete that goal with her help. Without her positive affirmations and help I don’t think I could’ve done it. She beat me to the hospital and made sure everything went smoothly. I knew I could count on her when I was preoccupied. She even did a postpartum visit to spend time with our little one and checks in periodically to just see how I’m doing. That means a lot to me. ??



Our experience with Denise Franklin as our doula was truly wonderful beyond words. Denise is an absolutely amazing woman, so positive and encouraging, and her wisdom in pregnancy and the birth process is impressive. Her qualifications, certifications, and experience are evident in her comfort measures strategies as well as immense support during labor and delivery.  From our very first meeting I could tell that Denise would be just the support we were looking for. We met several times during my pregnancy to write our birth preference outline, practice comfort measures, and answer any and all questions my husband and I had. She was so patient and supportive, and always available via text when I had questions or updates (which she welcomed happily). Denise truly has a servant heart and that was evident when I was in labor. From her encouragement at my bedside to feeding me ice chips, fanning me, rubbing my feet, and explaining each step and what was coming next, I felt so comfortable and at ease. She cheered me on during the most difficult part of labor and it made such a positive impact. My husband felt supported by Denise, too, which was a very important factor for us in choosing a doula. She helped him help me; it was perfect. The pictures that Denise captured of our baby’s birth are such a wonderful keepsake of our special day. What an added bonus for us in hiring a doula! Denise was also incredibly encouraging post partum when she visited after we brought our baby home. She never stopped offering her help and support. What a Godsend it was to have Denise- an experienced, compassionate, and encouraging woman with a servant heart to be part of our first birth process. I can’t imagine having done it without her. 

Michelle Martin


We LOVED having Denise for our second and third babies! She was so supportive, and it was a blessing to have someone to not only walk with us on our journey of pregnancy and delivery but to also pray over us and with us. We would absolutely work with her again if we were to have any more kiddos!

Ramya Turaga


It is with sheer pleasure that I recommend Denise for her Doula services. We hired Denise for the birth of our second child. Her calming personality and motherly nature were key in hiring Denise as our Doula. When I was in prodromal labor during the last weeks of my pregnancy, Denise was kind enough to visit us a couple of times to lend her services even though these visits were not a part of her hiring contract with us, and was constantly in touch over the phone to check on me to make sure everything was okay. This speaks volumes of her committment towards her clients. During labor and delivery, she created a calm environment in the labor room by using relaxing music and spraying essential oils before she started her massage. In addition to these, her constant encouragement during labor and delivery was instrumental in the normal and healthy delivery of our baby girl. I can only go on and on writing positive things about her but hope that with this strong testimonial I have convinced you to hire her as your doula.

Kassie Lamp-Fortuno


I cannot say enough good things about Denise. I don’t think I would have made it through a natural delivery without her.

I used a different doula with my first baby and somehow still ended up being coerced into an episiotomy. I started looking for a new doula with baby #2. I had a good feeling about Denise after our first meeting. She looked me in the eye and said, I will not let anyone cut you. I believed her.

A few weeks before labor, I started having irregular contractions. Denise was always available. When I actually did go into labor my contractions never became regular. When Denise arrived, she quickly realized what I hadn’t, that it was time to go to the hospital. She did one sifting with the rebozo on the chance my irregular contractions were due to the baby being in an odd position. Unfortunately we got stuck in construction on the drive to the hospital. Denise followed us in her car the whole way, just in case.

We made it to the hospital just in time for me to push. This is where Denise was really invaluable. She knows all the little tricks to make a laboring mom more comfortable. She was also really great about telling me when a push had been effective so I could try and do it again and suggesting position changes to make sure I made progress. I appreciated that when I hit my limit and changed my mind about something we discussed in the birth plan, she reminded me I what I wanted but didn’t push.

I want to say my one reservation up front about Denise was that she is very someone who takes her faith seriously and I was worried I would offend her. I should not have been concerned, the one kind of horrible thing I said left us both laughing on my bedroom floor.

Money wasn’t the deciding factor for me, but Denise’s rates are much more reasonable than many other doulas with far less experience. If you’re on the fence like I was, look no further.

Sharon New


We were so glad to have had Denise as our doula for the birth of our son, Nathan. Denise was knowledgeable, patient, calm, empathetic and loving. Denise has a caring personality that allowed me to be able to completely trust her expertise and know that she would advocate for me. It was absolutely amazing to have her there as she helped me understand and ask questions that allowed me to feel empowered and in control over what was happening. I never felt like I made any decision because of pressure or fear and not 100% confident in my decision. She also always seemed to be able to anticipate my needs before I had to ask for something as simple as a sip of water. With her help during the birthing process I was able to relax and be in a good humor most of the time.
Denise was also there to guide my husband and helped him understand what my needs were. She was there to help my husband understand and meet my needs but not to replace him. Both of us felt rested and at ease with her there. Her presence was soothing and calming and her good sense of humor helped us have a good birthing experience together. I was never mad at my husband for not knowing what I needed since Denise helped him identify my needs and what he could do to help me feel more comfortable. I later joked that if Denise was not there, I would have definitely gotten into a fight with my husband for being insensitive. Instead we were both relaxed and happy to welcome the birth of our son. [Husband: I whole heartedly agree with what my wife has written above and believe that hiring Denise was the best decision we made when we had our son Nathan. The hospital staff was great but having Denise there made all the difference for us.]

Anitha Gaddam


Denise has been one immense help during my labour and delivery . I see that she has true passion for her work . She kept saying that doula means a woman’s servant but intact she was a savior for me and my husband during the delivery process . She offered great moral support and guided us all through however didn’t compel us to take any decisions . She is very caring and personally feel that she is a great human being . She is also very prompt and knowledgeable regarding her work . She was a great help to my husband as well during the delivery process . Although I didn’t have the delivery I wanted to , we would have still chose her . We recommend her to everyone that needs a doula . She is greatly helpful during the time ( labour )that is considered so stressful . I had a long labour and she was there with us all through . Also to mention that her price is very reasonable. We thank Denise from the bottom of our hearts for all the help she did and the support she provided that we needed during those stressful hours .
P.S - She is also a great photographer as she captured some pics after birth that were very touching moments .

Michael Cahill


Denise was committed to educating and supporting us through our first birth, which we could not imagine getting through without her guidance. It is rare to meet someone who listens just as well as they provide direction. Denise matches her passion for assisting in childbirth with knowledge and experience. We recommend Denise for anyone wanting a calming, strong, and skilled presence through the birthing process. And who wouldn't want that? Whether it's your first baby or if you've already been blessed with many, you can count on Denise.

With love,

The Cahills

Jeff & Kate Daily


From our very first meeting to the birth of our son, Denise was a consistent source of joy, trust, comfort and expertise! She was always available through text or phone calls, and answered all our questions with such patience. Denise provided lots of information but never pressured us when it came to birth choices. She armed us with knowledge rather than instilling fear. (Too many providers out there use fear to inflluence medical decisions!) We especially appreciate the support she gave to Dad through the process. This truly sets her apart from other doulas--while it IS about mom, it isn't ALL about mom. Dad plays a huge role throughout it all--Denise recognizes and honors this. Congrats to all those moms and dads reading this and please consider Denise to walk with you through this special season in life.

P.S. Denise is also Grandma-approved! She was willing to update Grandma with texts and photos when Grandma couldn't be in town for the birth!

Lana Bangiyev


Denise is so wonderful! This was our second time using her as our doula and we would again if that need was there?? She was so reassuring and positive with all of our conversations. When the time came, she was the one to tell me I was in labor ??and met me at the hospital while I was checking in! My labor progressed quickly and she kept me calm, reminded me to breath as well as keep hydrated. She also used many different techniques and tools to  help with contractions and help my baby move in the right direction. When baby finally did come she was there to help with things such as breastfeeding support and keep family “traffic” to where I was comfortable ?? Thank you again Denise!!!

Ryan Wheeler


Denise was AMAZING. Her ability to coach my wife through the our first birth and instruct me on ways I could be most helpful took a lot of pressue off of the situtation. She knew exactly how long we should labor at home and got us to our birth center with enough time to get set up for my wife's natural birth. When labor started and our minds raced, Denise's calm demeanor helped my wife get through the pain and focus on delivering our beautiful baby. She listened to what we wanted and made it happen!

When we started working with her 3 months into the pregnancy, I didnt quite understand how important having her by our side was going to be. The advice and contacts she gave leading up to the birth, coaching during labor, and multiple home visits after birth to help get baby Riley latched, have been invaluable. It's been 3 weeks since birth and Mom and baby are back home doing very well.

Thank you Denise!

Megan Sterkowitz


Denise was extremely supportive and helpful during my prenatal, labor, and postpartum stages. She was always a text and phone call away checking in on me and after delivery, my baby. This was our second child and we decided to use a doula and aim for a natural birth. We felt so confident and comfortable in Denise’s care! She explained how she would help using her toolbox and techniques to help with the labor process. She also encouraged my husband to be an active participant in labor, especially while laboring at home (a big plus was Denise keeping us at home for as long as possible!). My labor was difficult due to baby’s awkward position and when I felt like giving up, Denise was there to push me and encourage me, resulting in a baby in my arms shortly after. I was so happy with my natural labor experience and am so thankful for Denise’s support of me, my husband, and baby.

Michael Cahill


From the very begnning and even after the birth of first child, Denise was there to meet our needs. Encouraging, positive, and confident are just a few qualities of Denise, who gracefully guided us through all the worry and anxiousness that comes along with being first-time parents. My wife and I would recommend Denise in a heartbeat, to anyone who expects both experience and the upmost attention!

-The Cahills

Mandy Roberson


Denise was an incredible doula who helped me have the birth of my dreams. I cannot thank her enough for her support and encouragment throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This was my 2nd pregnancy and birth and I went into it hoping for a different experience than the first time around. I wanted a calm and empowering birth--this birth was every bit calm and empowering. Denise met us at the hospital as we were checking in and from that moment on she was my cheerleader and support through ever contraction. From helping me breath, to using all sorts of tools to ease the pain, to helping my husband be a part of the process--she was a godsend. I am so grateful for her support as we welcomed the sweetest baby girl into our lives. I credit Denise for helping me have the unmedicated birth I dreamed of. I cannot reccomend her highly enough!

Ashlee Nicole Yates


I was very lucky to work with Denise not only during my labor, but after as well. With my husbands job, he was back at work three days postpartum, and I was solo parenting a newborn after having an unexpected c-section. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and was so happy to have Denise by my side to get through those first few weeks. I couldn't imagine anyone who was so calm and loving to my baby and so thoughtful and caring to me. She was an absolute joy to have in my home and enabled me to be the best mom to my new daughter by allowing me to rest when she was there, hold her when I couldn't and encouraging me that I was doing it all right. Thank you Denise!

Ashlee Nicole Yates


My birth experience was very different that what I had planned. I wanted an all natural, unmedicated birth - Denise was very supportive of this and shared her knowledge on comfort measures that would enable me to accomplish this goal. Due to unforseen circumstances that arised during my labor, I ended up having a c-section, Denise was right there through it all. She was extremely supportive throughout the ups and downs of my VERY LONG labor process. She not only comforted me, but my husband and mom as well. She continually cheered me on and enabled me to stay strong when things got difficult. Denise was a God send during my labor, we are so grateful she was there! She did not leave my side for a second and supported me in all my decisions, showing me that I was capable of what I had set out to do. I feel so blessed to know Denise and will always be grateful to her for making my first labor experience (which could have been a very scary one) such an awesome memory of how strong I am as a woman/momma. I left that hospital with a beautiful baby girl, a new fond confidence and strength that was brought out by Denise during this process. I HIGHLY recommend Denise and her services!!

Tara Truman


Very thankful for Denise. As a new mother I was overwhelmed and looking for help. Denise came to my home and was so easy to talk to.  Appreciate her effort and the follow up after her visit. She gave my the support and encouragement I needed.

Michelle Koury


Working with Denise throughout my pregnancy was such a pleasure. Denise is very kind, knowledgeable, reassuring, helpful, and easy to communicate with. She is very organized and thorough in her meetings; which helped relieve the anxieties of this first time mom. Denise was readily available through text or phone call during my pregnancy when I had questions or needed help getting baby to turn or move off an uncomfortable spot. Her advice helped my breech baby turn head down, and other suggestions ensured my body was ready for labor. While in labor, Denise was very intuitive to my needs and made the environment very calm, comfortable, and reassuring. She was a great cheerleader while I was pushing and such a wonderful support for my husband through the whole process. It was so comforting having someone in the room with her level of expertise. I would highly recommend Denise for any family and for any type of labor.

House Of Clai


Denise was amazing and just what our family needed and wanted. She was very imformative,helpful, and encouraging. Our prep sessions made us feel at ease and the day of she was a "Rock Star"! If you're in the Phoenix Metro Area we definitely recommend Denise you will be supported throughout the entire process.

Karilee Schilling


We could not have had a more wonderful experience with Denise for the birth of our second child! We clicked from our very first meeting and she was always available whenever I had a question or concern throughout my pregnancy. My first labor was very long and slow to progress, which ended in an epidural, antibiotics, and the list goes on... I was hoping for a very different (natural birth) experience this time around, and Denise helped me achieve it! From the moment my contractions started, she was on the phone with me, helping to determine where things were at and when we needed to head to the hospital. When my contractions stalled, she had great tips to help them pick back up, reassuring me every step of the way. She even beat us to the hospital, and with her amazing help and support, our son was born less than 3 hours later! She was right there with me through every contraction, reminding me how to breathe and relax and just continuing to pour into me the belief that my body could do this. She has lots of helpful pain management techniques and her sweet nature and continuous positive encouragement were invaluable to me. During the times I doubted myself and didn't know if I could really do it, she gave me the confidence that I could. I cannot recommend her enough! If you are hoping for a natural birth and questioning whether hiring a doula is worth it, IT SO IS!!! Call Denise, you won't regret it!

Christine Gilb


Denise met with me and my husband ahead of time to help with a birth plan and teach us some things that would help during labor. She was always so nice and encouraging. She is a great listener and adressed all of our concerns.

Our plan was to have an all natural birth at the hospital. We had all the tools we needed going in thanks to Denise! She was there as soon as I needed her and she stayed by my side through the whole labor and delivery. She coached me through contractions and helped me to relax and get some rest. It was great having someone there to not only help me through labor but also to releive some of the pressure my husband was under.

About 24 hours after my water broke and some very irregular and long contractions (the longest was 13 minutes) my husband and I decided some pain medication was necessary. Several hours after that the doctor recomended petocin. Long story short, after 36 hours of labor I had an emergency C-section due to baby in distress. Denise was there through it all and supported our decisions and even prayed with us. She stayed in the operating room during the delivery and took a bunch of pictures for us.

It is so amazing to look back at the experience and not only have those pictures Denise took, but also to know that I did all I could to avoid intervention. I coun't have done it without Denise!

Anna DeLano


My birth experience overall was very different than what I had originally planned. First of all, I planned to do an all natural, no pain-killers type of birth and Denise was incredibly supportive of my wishes. She made it extremely clear that she was there to help me pursue my ideal birth, and support my husband and I through whatever may occur in-between. From the start, she made my family and I a priority. Denise was continually checking up on me, regarding how I was feeling and how my midwife appointments went, which made me build a trust with her that made me feel completely comfortable with her being with me during every step of my birth experience. When the day finally arrived, I alerted Denise when I thought I was in labor. She continued to call and text and check in on my progress, and how I was feeling physically and emotionally and whethor or not I needed her to come over yet. Because of her incredible judgement, just by her hearing my breathing during a contraction, she knew when it was time to head over to the hospital, and we made it there just in time. Within an hour of being there, my water broke. My birth continued to take turns that I had no idea were coming. Denise was there to help keep my head in the game, and keep me focused on what the bigger picture was here: I was going to meet my baby soon- this was all going to be worth it. When other things came up, and I was lost at what to do from exhaustion, Denise helped educate and walk me through my options and helped me keep me grounded in what we were doing. When it came time to push, Denise was there, supporting me through words of encouragement and even physically holding me up at one point. Not for a second did she leave my side. She was there even when everything was over, and kept up with my baby and I to make sure we were doing well. I highly recommend Denise to anyone having a baby. She is wonderful, and I would love to have her services again!

Camee Richardson


I had epidurals with my first two babies, and I knew I wanted to try to go intervention-free with my third. However, as I'm not a huge fan of pain, I knew I'd need some help. I had heard of doulas, but had never met one and didn't know exactly what they did; I just knew having a woman who was experienced and trained in helping women give birth would make my goal of having a natural birth more realisitic. My naturopath told me about Denise, and as soon as I met her I knew I wanted her to be my doula. She was so friendly and kind; I felt as if I was meeting an old friend! She wanted to hear my story, about my pregnancy, and what my desires were for my brith experience. When Denise met my husband she reassured him she would not be taking his place (a concern of his) but would do just what we hoped she would: answer any questions she could about my pregnancy and upcoming birth, teach me pain-coping skills, show my husband how to support me through contractions to help me deal with the pain and relax, remind me of truths to focus on to help my mind and spirit not give in to fear (my biggest pitfall), and support me throughout the pregnancy and birth of my child. She was such an encourager and constantly told me "You can do this," throughout my pregnancy and as I labored. Her sweet, calm, reassuring voice helped me through contractions and helped keep me steady and focused on getting through each one. My entire labor lasted only 3 1/2 hours - quick and intense - and I know the pain-coping techniques, both physical and mental, and how she taught me to believe I could have my baby naturally, contributed to me having the birth experience I desired and got! Now my beautiful, healthy baby boy is here, and I am so thankful I had Denise to help me!



I was impressed that Denise stayed by our side through such a long birthing ordeal. She was very knowledgeable in her techniques and up to date on her Doula certifications. She was also very accommodating with her schedule. Denise helped my wife deliver our baby and I felt relieved that she was there to support us. Thanks Denise!

Tricia Turnbull


I was pregnant with my first child when I hired Denise to be my Doula. My first impression of Denise was that she was a warm, happy, and patient person. After our first meeting I immediately knew I wanted her to be my Doula and I was done interviewing other candidates. Denise helped me prepare for my first birth and answered the zillions of questions I had with not even a hint of annoyance. I was very nervous about giving birth, but Denise’s guidance and support really helped me find confidence in myself. She was very knowledgeable and showed us several pain-coping techniques. My husband, just knowing that Denise was going to be there too, felt a ton more confident in his ability to support me as well. When my water spontaneously broke, I called Denise first and she helped me decide what I needed to do next. When I arrived at the hospital, she was already there and I was so glad to see her. I felt suddenly a bit less panicked seeing her warm smile! Denise was there through my long labor, 4-5hours of pushing, and ultimately my C-section. She never gave up on me and even fought to be by my side when the hospital tried to prevent her from being with me through surgery. After birth, Denise came back to visit me in the hospital just to check in on me. Overall, I feel most of my birth experience was positive and it is those positive aspects I attribute to having Denise by my side. My family really appreciated having her there and always tell me what a “nice woman” they thought she is. Even though my contract with Denise is complete, I feel that she would be there for me if I were ever to reach out to her. Having Denise on my birth team made all the difference in the world to me and I feel like I’ve gained a friend.

Rebecca Oates


I'm so happy I found Denise. She was so supportive with the kind of birth I wanted and steered me in the right direction to find healthcare providers that would also support those choices. When Denise didn't know an answer to my question, she would go above and beyond to find out- she seemed to have a large network of support herself.

Her prenatal visits were informative, and she had a lot of helpful handouts (labor position cheat sheets, etc) that we stuck in our hospital bag.

As this wasn't my first baby, the main reason I wanted a doula was for actual labor support. Denise had a huge bag of tricks (literally) to ease labor pain- but the biggest help for me was her. Somehow she was able to make me feel like I wasn't going through the contractions alone, and her gentle touch reminded me to relax when I couldn't on my own. Her TENS unit was also surprisingly helpful (I will never give birth without one again!). Denise was really assertive in the delivery room, asking for the things I wanted and needed.

My labor was really fast (under 3 hours) but even still, I couldn't have made it without her. Even though I had to be induced, I still had the birth I wanted and made it without an epidural. I would definitely recommend Denise!

Christina Torres


Denise is a labor and delivery genius! From the first meeting she was warm, knowledgeable and willing to guide us in any way towards a successful birth of our son. She opened our eyes to birth plans, comfort measures and other important items we didn't think of. Denise was perfect during our labor, coaching my husband, reading scripture and reminding me of how great I was doing every step of the way. I am confident that my unmedicated labor and delivery would not have gone as smoothly without Denise's God-given talents to serve and encourage! So proud to be one of her clients and now know her as a friend.

Miriam Gallifant


Denise was wonderful for us! We unexpectedly needed a post pardum Doula when my husband found out that his work does not give family medical leave and I was put on bed rest after post pardum hemmorhaging. She went above and beyond to provide bed care for mom as well as taking care of household duties, meals, and careing for our toddler.

Dezerrae Sanchez


Denise is a great addition to the healing process. She was kind, caring, calming, and anticipated all of my needs during recovery. She made me feel cared for, and I"m glad she was there for me.

Nate Shadle


Our experience with Denise was nothing short of amazing! We had interviewed a few other Doula's prior to meeting Denise, but knew she was the one as soon as we began talking to her. Her love for the birth process was very evident right away. Some people do a great job of selling themselves and their services but then fall short on the actual execution of those services. This was absoultely not the case with Denise. She went above and beyond with everything. Looking back as the father it is hard for me to imagine going through the birth process without her. She was an unbelievable support for both myself and Melissa and we would highly recommend her to anyone who is embarking on the journey of parenthood. If I were to grade her on a scale of 1-10, she would certainly be a 10!

Aubrey Glascock


Denise was a wonderful doula for us! We met a few times and she went over tons of helpful information that made us feel prepared and confident. The day I went into labor she was ready to help in any way my labor progressed really quickly so she met us at the hospital, I was already 9.5cm. Denise coached me through pushing so well and at the same time was giving me ice, wiping my neck, and encouraging me! She helped me immensely to feel in control and confident in my ability. I would recommend her care and expertise to any momma to be, she was wonderful!

Tatiana Hensley


Denise is a blessing. The birth of our second child was so peaceful. My husband said it was great to be able to just focus on me and have her help us with everything else. She was nurturing and helpful during labor. I had a successful VBAC and Denise is a big part of this success. We loved to have someone who could talk to the nurses and make sure I had the best experience possible. Denise was a backup for the Doula we originally hired, so we just met her during labor. That did not stop her from being very invested in a great birthday experience. After a couple minutes, we felt like we had known her for a long time. I don't have family in Arizona, so Denise was a mix of nurse, Doula, sister and family member. Samuel will be forever grateful to her and so will the rest of my family.

Tatiana Hensley


Denise is a blessing. The birth of our second child was so peaceful. My husband said it was great to be able to just focus on me and have her help us with everything else. She was nurturing and helpful during labor. I had a successful VBAC and Denise is a big part of this success. We loved to have someone who could talk to the nurses and make sure I had the best experience possible. Denise was a backup for the Doula we originally hired, so we just met her during labor. That did not stop her from being very invested in a great birthday experience. After a couple minutes, we felt like we had known her for a long time. I don't have family in Arizona, so Denise was a mix of nurse, Doula, sister and family member. Samuel will be forever grateful to her and so will the rest of my family.

Aaron n Ira Petersen


When we had our first child we didn't even know what/who a Doula was. However, when we met Denise she educated us on what she does and how she helps during the birthing process. Having child number two, it was a no brainer to hire Denise as my Doula. Denise supported my decision to attempt a V-Back and helped me with helpful techniques to increase my chances for a successful V-Back. On that special day, Denise came in a moments notice to help with the beginning stages of labor. She helped me relax and work through each contraction. At the hospital, Denise never left my side. She was present at all times and provided positive encouragement throughout my 17 hours of labor. She was also a great support to my husband and helped him support me. She worked wonderfully with the hospital staff and kept my wishes top priority. Ultimately, I ended up having a C-section and Denise was right there with me in the OR holding my hand and caring for me the entire time. She was and is amazing! I could not have done it without her. She was not only my rock but my husbands as well. Denise knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. We love her and she made the entire experience that much better!!

Lana Bangiyev


I just wanted to thank Denise again so much for being there for me. I am still amazed that I did do it all naturally. I don't think I could have done it without her because there were definitely times i was ready to give up. Im also so happy how I personally feel now and how i felt after the delivery compared to my first experience. Thank you once again, I'll definitely be telling my positive experience to other women and for them to keep you in mind for their pregnancies :)

Amanda Sanchez


Denise was amazing! Although my husband didn't understand why I wanted to hire her, I went with my gut and hired her anyways! All of my family, including my mom, is out of state and the husband isn't too fond of hospitals. With this being my first, I was very nervous! We were so glad we hired her! She kept me calm. Made me walk around, use my yoga ball, and stick to my birth plan! I opted for an epidural but wanted to wait until I was dilated to 5cm, to somewhat, ensure the baby was in position. Most woman that hire doulas have natural deliveries, so my need for her was a little different. Being in labor almost 24 hours, my husband was tired and didn't know what to do to help when I was in pain, so I was so thankful for her! She was so sweet and answered all of our questions. I'll hire again for my next delivery!

Irene Pastor


Your services greatly exceeded not only my expectations, but Clay's as well! I don't think he really understood how important having a doula was, especially for our first, and we're so glad you were there with us during my pregnancy and labor! Your house call to try and get Gia to drop was a life saver! The most beneficial part other than the obvious distraction/pain relief techniques you provided (which were great!), it was so nice having someone who we trusted with me, especially since Clay had been so sick. It felt like having family there with us, so for me, it was emotionally beneficial. I am so grateful to have had you as my doula!

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