Shawna Schmidt Birth Doula CD(DONA), Placenta Encap. Photo

Shawna Schmidt Birth Doula CD(DONA), Placenta Encap.

Mid-Iowa Doulas

Kamrar, IA Service range 100 miles Will travel farther than 100 miles, but mileage costs will be added


Birth Fee

$650 to $850

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Fee

$650 to $850

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 114 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years and 14 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2015

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 0 to 4 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Henna belly designs
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of DONA International, CIDA (Central Iowa Doula Association), Professional member of ICAN of Central Iowa(International Cesarean Awareness Network), Iowa Birth Organization, Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition., ICEA Childbirth Educator

Fee Details

Payment plans accepted! 10% discount given if you purchase multiple services and for returning clients!

Kamrar, IA Service range 100 miles Will travel farther than 100 miles, but mileage costs will be added

Client Testimonials for Shawna Schmidt Birth Doula CD(DONA), Placenta Encap.

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Audra Thede


Shawna has been simply amazing through my last 2 pregnancies, labors, and births! My husband and I have 4 beautiful children. We've been fortunate enough to have had a doula with each of my labors and deliveries. Shawna attended our last 2. Her knowledge, kindness, support, and professionalism beyond exceeded our expectations. Shawna helped me to prepare physically and mentally for my upcoming labor and birth. She supported both me and my husband during labor. Shawna is so knowledgable regarding pain management and relaxation techniques. Thank God for her hip squeezes! I cannot say enough good things about this technique as it cut my contraction pain at least in half. That's huge!!

I consider myself a natural labor enthusiast. I love it! If you're looking into natural labor, having a doula ia so, so beneficial!! I'm also a labor and delivery nurse. I've seen babies brought into the world under many different circumstances. I can vouch that while your labor & delivery nurse is there to support you, they also have medical tasks to attend to. Having a doula for any birthing situation is an amazing experience! They are there to support you, your partner, and your family 100%. Shawna did that for us. If we're blessed with another child, we plan to utilize this amazing group of supportive women. I cannot recommend Mid-Iowa Doulas enough!

Sarah Beavers


Shawna really made our pregnancy/birth experience much less stressful and I'd say enjoyable. Shawna met with us several times during pregnancy armed with lots of helpful information to help break things into more manageable "chunks" of information. Even with little things such as showing us the high level of how our breast pump works during a home visit was much appreciated. There is so much information out there it can be overwhelming so whenever we had a list of questions she was very helpful in either clearing things up or resources on where to find more information. Whenever we had questions she was quick to respond to our emails and would even check in on us periodically.

When we started having pretty strong signs that labor was starting she came over to help relieve things during contractions and calm the situation. She followed us to the hospital and was invaluable the whole time. Every contraction she would help reduce the pain with various pressure techniques and was alert to help clarify questions we were asked. Since she helped us with the birth plan and is very experienced she could explain things very clearly so the medical jargon made more sense. She was alongside during the delivery and was taking pictures simultaneously to record the event.

Afterward Shawna did a home visit to help answer questions now a baby was there and helped with belly binding. She also dropped off the pictures she had taken during the birth and even though she is not a professional photographer, turned out amazing! We can't say enough good things about Shawna and the benefits we realized having a doula.

Bridget Solawetz


We had an excellent experience with Shawna.  I spoke to her on the phone prior to choosing her for our placenta encapsulation and she was very informative and easy to talk to.  She had a fair price and a good payment system.  Once my son was born, she came to the hospital within hours to collect my placenta.  My son was in the NICU for several days after birth.  She made sure I had access to my pills ASAP for my milk supply to increase faster for him.  She was attending a birth at the time they were ready, but sent her husband to deliver them so I could begin taking them.  I would recommend her services!


Courtney Ruge


Working with Shawna was such a great experience! Her knowledge, expertise and true passion for being a birth doula is evident from the minute you meet her. She always made herself available throughout the pregnancy and did everything she could to answer my (many, many) first-time-mom questions. She was always quick to respond, very understanding and had a solution for just about everything. 

Shawna was INCREDIBLE during labor and delivery. She knew exactly what to do to help me progress and exacty when to do it. She kept me calm and focused on the end result. Shawna also helped my husband coach me through the hardest parts of labor and kept him involved when she took over. There is no way we would've been able to carryout our natural birth plan without her.

After delivery, Shawna stayed in touch with us to see how we were doing. She offered guidance and advice on breastfeeding, bathing and sleeping. She also provided pictures from the delivery that I will cherish forever! 

You cannot go wrong working with Shawna. She will help make your pregnancy, labor and delivery exactly what you dreamed and more. We will be working with Shawna again for our next child! 

Alysia Olson


Having an all natural birth was my goal and with the help of Shawna and Carmelita I was able to achieve my goal with so much support. Shawna was always there to answer any of the questions I had to put my mind at ease. Placenta encapsulation was done with a very quick turn around and delivered right to my door. I am so thankful for mid-iowa doulas! I would recommend them to anyone!

Whitney Judkins


I am so happy we decided to hire a doula to help us get through labor and delivery.  We were lucky to get to work with both Shawna and Beth.  Beth met with us several times before the birth and helped us feel confident and prepared, and Shawna was there for the labor and delivery.  I knew I wanted my daughter to have an unmedicated birth and I honestly don't think that would have happened if Shawna had not been there.  She was an angel.  This was my first child, so having her there to help me know what was normal was very reassuring.  Shawna also took some awesome photos for us that we will cherish forever!  

Shawna encapsulated my placenta and the process for that was incredibly smooth.  

We met with Beth for the postpartum appointment and appreciated learning some massage and soothing techniques and having her there to answer questions and reassure us.

I can't say enough great things about Shawna and Beth and would recommend them to anyone looking for a Doula!  

Hillary Gimer


I chose Shawna for my placenta encapsulation. She answered all my questions and provided me all the information on her process. My placenta was picked up late Tuesday night and she delivered it Thursday afternoon. She took the time to see how I was doing and explained how to take my capsules. Shawna was great to work with.

Megan Fought


Working with Shawna was amazing! She answered all of our questions (and we had a lot, being first time parents) and was very good at explaining all aspects of the pregnancy and birth process. I would definitely reccomend her to my friends and colleagues. We don't have family in the state, so it was so helpful to have her there at the hospital to help me make my wife as comfortable as possible. It gave me such peace of mind knowing I could text/call her at any time. Thank you!!

Erin Brock


My doula, Shawna was amazing and I'm so glad we hired her to be our birthing doula. She gave us great support, and was very attentive, and offered tons of techniques throughout the birthing process. The care and time she gave me and my husband was outstanding! She would stay as long as I needed her and would answer any of my questions that I had, before and after the birth of our daughter. I felt very comfortable talking with her about what to expect before, during and after labor.

I also had Shawna make my placenta encapsulation pills and she also provided me with a belly binding wrap for postpartum care. She was able to do the process and have them ready the very next day before we left the hospital. When delivering the pills, she gave us detailed information on how and when to take the pills. The instructions were also labeled right on the jar as well.  She walked us through step by step on how to do the belly binding and also sent me a video on how to do it if I happened to forget. After starting the pills I noticed I had a postive mood and felt more balanced with my energy levels. After my milk started to come in, I had a good supply started after taking the pills. My figure quickly started to return back to normal. I also think the belly binding could have helped with this, along with helping me with my lower back pain, and I noticed when wearing the binding my uterine contractions didn't hurt as bad and noticed less clotting. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt after birth both physically and emotionally. 

My husband was sceptical at first but after the birth of our baby girl we are definitely without a doubt going to have her again if and when we have our next child. I wouldn't do it without her, she was awesome and is there for me at anytime I needed her both day and night. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me and my baby girl.



I contacted Shawna about placenta encapsulation because I had read it can help with many things post partum. One of those being post partum anxiety and I was nervous with this being my second baby how adjusting would affect my moods. I will say that it has seemed to help. I don't feel anxious and I will say it seems to have helped my milk supply as well. Shawna was very professional and I was shocked at how quickly she completed the process (less than 24 hours). Highly recommend!!

Laura Cook


I had ordered placenta encapsulation from another doula. She was out of town and Shawna was her back-up. So I emailed Shawna shortly after I had my baby, and she was so responsive! She was at the hospital the next morning to pick up my placenta, and was so sweet and friendly. The best part - she brought the pills and tincture back to me (in the hospital) the next morning! So wonderful that I had them so soon and could start taking them right away! 

Shawna was wonderful to work with, and is such a sweet person! I would highly recommend! 

Yolanda Pushetonequa


Wonderful experience with Shawna, I would go to her again!

As an older, first time, single mother, I was just as nervous as any other first time mom not knowing what to expect. Birth is an experience you can't know until you've done it. Knowing we all handle pain, stress, and anxiety differently there's no way to fully plan for the unknown.

I wanted a natural birth including a doula, midwife, no internventions, but with my budget I had to make a choice. I chose a hospital birth with doula. I trusted Shawna's background experience and testimonials and they were right!

She was committed to my well being from the beginning, answered all my questions, and I learned a lot from her during our prenatal visits, talks, n texts. Shawna made everything clear start to finish, established trust in a professional but friendly & caring way, and was knowledgable with the right experience for the job.

As it turns out I have a higher pain tolerance, but that has no bearing on whether a doula was needed or not. I absolutely need her partnership through it all. My birth experience seemed backwards. I labored at home due to not knowing for sure if I was in true labor, it was night, I wanted to sleep, and was fully dialated by the time I went to hosptial late morning. Shawna was ready to go in with me whenever I wanted her to head over, so we met when I felt ready to go. My pushing stage was ridiculously long perhaps due to baby being face up, and my own subconcious hesitations lol. I could not have survived pushing for 4 hours without Shawna. She used pain management techniques that no one else would have been able to do or attend to me with such focus on just me. It REALLY helped and took the pain back down for me.

I felt reassured with her by my side as a teammate from day 1, and physically she made natutral birth a positive experience for me that I wouldnt change. I thank her, consider her a friend now, and will hire her again!

Kate Krzystolik


The best doula in Ames. I really appreciate her advises and her attitude. I really love the idea to do heart form the ubilical cord. The cointainer for pills is beautiful and very informative I am really appreciated for her service.

Thank You

Heather Tjernagel


Shawna was very helpful with answering all our questions and preparing us with all the information we needed as first time parents. She was always available prior to our birth day to answer any questions we had. I had been very nervous to give birth in a hospital setting as I had been concerned that staff may not honor our wishes on what my preferences were. Shawna was very sensitive to this and helped with making me feel more comfortable about voicing what we wanted when the time came. I was so grateful for her presence at our birth--she was so helpful to the nurses in suggesting various positions during labor and helped my husband by guiding him on what to do to take an active part during that time. I had never heard of a doula until I came across Shawna and after using one I definitely want to use a doula again when the next baby is en route!

Sarah & Ryan Baumgartner


After talking with a few other doulas, we immediately felt comfortable with Shawna. She was a great resource starting immediately with all the pregnancy related questions I had as a first time mom. She provided insight and tips about how to best prepare for child birth, including pain management techniques and other various ways to prepare my body. Shawna continued to be extremely helpful after our daughter was born. A few days postpartum, Shawna came over and we did my belly binding, it has only been a few days since I started the binding and I can already tell a big difference! Shawna also came to the hospital the day after our daughter was born to bring my placenta pills-- although I have no comparison, I wouldn't have a baby in the future without placenta encapsulation. Nine days postpartum, I feel great and my recovery and milk supply have been wonderful! Shawna was an invaluable resource for both my husband and I, but one of the best things she taught us was the infant massage technique. How many nine day old babies sleep for over five hours straight at night? You cannot go wrong hiring Shawna!

Kaylyn Christianson


Working with Shawna was a fantastic experience and I would HIGHLY recommend her services for anyone natural birth or even c-section. She was so supportive right from the get go and was full of great information for me and my husband. I was hoping for VBAC with my second baby and did everything I possibly could to make that happen. Unfortunately it was not in the cards for me but I still chose to have Shawna with us and I am so thankful I did. She knew all the little tips to make me more comfortable, to help me relax and to make the experience just overall better. Dealing with previous c-section trauma I was extremely nervous and unsure. Her experience came in handy over and over again. She was so helpful to get breastfeeding going right after the c-section which was so important to me. I can not say enough how thankful I am we chose to still use her services even though I ended up in a c-section. Not only was she great for the c-section but postpartum she was wonderful as well! Getting my placenta pills made ALL THE DIFFERENCE in my recovery and allowed my body to adjust to not being pregnant gently. My first pregnancy I delt with postpartum depression and my emotions were all over the place. This time I feel level headed, happy and relaxed for the most part. Shawna is someone I wish everyone could have at their birth and postpartum! My husband and I both were so thankful for her!

Georgia Broske


I had read about the benefits of belly binding postpartum. Shawna came to our house with the wrap and showed us how to use it and then had me try it a couple of times just to make sure I was comfortable and could do it on my own. She even left me with a video so I could go back and review how to use the wrap if I needed a refresher. My baby is 3 weeks old today and I'm almost back into my pre pregnancy jeans. Love the belly binding. It's awesome this service is offered in our area. Thank you Shawna!

Kay Shriver


Our 2014 C section with twins required 7 months to heal the wound that burst open after delivery. It was physically and emotionally scarring. After research and contact with Shawna I knew that she understood our situation. She understood that I didn't want to face surgery again but #1 was healthy baby and mom. During our in home visits she helped us compete our birth plan. We learned how many options were up to us as parents. Background, literature and videos to help clarify options were provided. None of which were presented to push us in one direction or another. We went over loads of things to help plan for labor. Shawna stayed in contact and checked in on progress throughout our pregnancy. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner. She never pushed us in any specific direction but simply provided the facts and theories. At 40 weeks 6 days, zero dilation and no contractions to re-evaluate CS Shawna was completely supportive and never made us feel like we had missed our goal. After CS she helped us breastfeed which was a huge goal. Shawna followed up with an in home visit where she got lots of baby snuggles, looked over my c section, helped with my new pump, taught us baby massage and again gave us loads of tips. There is no greater gift than peace of mind. My husband and I have come to conclusion that we would easily pay for Shawna's services again the the future.

Emily LaValle


I would absolutely recommend Shawna to my best friend.   I would not have been able to get through natural child birth with out her.   She was everything I needed her to be!  

Shawna is knowledgable, confident and a great business woman and doula.  She was reliable, connected, caring and sensitive to my individual needs.   I feel that Shawna would be empathetic and helpful to any pregnant woman's unique feelings and delivery related goals.   She is unbiased, factual and I was so impressed with how well organized she is and how well she runs her business.  She is wonderful!  

Carol Johnston


As soon as we interviewed Shawna, we thought she was the perfect fit for our needs. As first-time parents, we prepared with the Bradley Method. We wanted a natural childbirth without interventions. “Unfortunately” for me, I am in my mid forties, so I was labeled high-risk. The OBs told me I needed to be induced as early as 37-weeks or at the most not one day past 40 weeks (and we shopped around!). After developing gestational diabetes, the midwives were rather uncertain about wanting to take us in. So, we realized that we might not have the delivery I was hoping for, BUT we were going to do as much as we could to get as close to it as possible. This is where Shawna played the most important role: We were looking for someone who would hold her own and would advocate for us to prevent being pushed into unnecessary interventions. But Shawna did much more than this. She was with us every step of the way as soon as we brought her on board. She advised us on what to do when I developed sciatica, wanted to and kept up to date with every single OB visit, and answered every single phone call and text we sent her. She educated us and put our minds at ease time and time again. As we got put the “fear of God” in our minds, we agreed to be induced on day one after week 40. Shawna made us aware of the non-chemical methods of induction available so that we ask for them when induced. She came to be with us as soon as we called her before they broke my water. The whole labor and delivery was much easier on our minds simply because having Shawna there was like having a knowledgeable sister by our side. Also, I cannot not mention her effective exercises that helped me dilate, her wonderful massages that helped me cope with the pain when I had no pain medication, and even the caresses she did on my leg when I was pushing that made me feel cared for. If anyone ever asked me, I would say hire Shawna, you will get a total ally!

Kristina Carroll


My husband and I had Shawna as our doula for the birth of our daughter (our first child). We worked with her during my pregnancy with the goal of a natural, unmedicated birth. I ended up going over a week past my due date, and by my last appointment, had developed preeclampsia. I had to be induced, put on blood pressure medication, and ended up with a difficult labor with pitocin, an epidural, and a c-section, which was very traumatic for us. Shawna was there for my husband and I through the whole thing. She helped me with pain management and coping through the first part of labor, and was a great support person for my husband as well. As things kept going wrong and we had to keep making decisions throughout labor, Shawna helped us understand our options and was a great sounding board because she knew us and our goals for birth and our baby. Even after we ended up with a c-section, Shawna was so helpful. She stayed by me in the operating room while my husband held our baby for the first time, and while I was recovering, she made sure we had our first feeding right after the c-section. We are so thankful for Shawna's help through our difficult labor and birth, and don't know how we would have made it through without her support. We'd recommend Shawna to anyone - she will help you achieve the type of birth you want if possible, and if things go wrong, she'll help you through it to achieve the best outcome possible - healthy mom, healthy baby.

Rachel Dietrich


I am so thankful to have had Shawna involved in my pregnancy, labor and delivery.  She was incredibly supportive during every step of the way. I felt that I could ask any question without judgement. During labor, we met at the  hospital because I was progressing faster than I thought I would. She met us at the entrance and right away I was so thankful for her. She was like a strong motherly figure that I needed during those moments. I didn't have to say anything and she seemed to know exactly what I needed and when I needed it, whether it was emotional support before walking into the hospital or doing hip squeezes and giving me sips of water as soon as we got into the room. She really helped me relax, which allowed me to focus on what I needed to do for my body and my baby. I am fairly confident that I would not have had the natural birth that I desired had she not been there. She has also been great support after the birth. It is so clear that Shawna has a passion for helping women have a wonderful birth experience and she does such a marvelous job! Should my husband and I be blessed with another pregnancy, we will be calling Shawna up again!

Julie Stevens


We LOVE Shawna! She was very attentive from the beginning, meeting with us several times throughout pregnancy. She is a great listener, takes time to explain things and worked well with our vision. Though my labor progressed a bit slower than I had hoped, the experience was as close to what we had imagined as possible and that is all thanks to Shawn’s expertise and care. We decided to hire a doula for two reasons: we wanted our birth experience to be as natural as possible and my husband likes to be helpful in all situations. I don’t have a real high tolerance for pain and despite this being our first child, I suspected my husband may have a hard time through labor and delivery if he didn’t feel like he could help me in a meaningful way.

She gave my husband tips, tasks and most importantly the confidence needed to feel good—they made an AMAZING team. When I needed to make decisions about the realities of labor (pain meds, epidurals, episiotomies, etc), I felt like I was in great hands with my little team. So good that we managed a long labor with some pain meds in the early stages but NO epidural—all credit to the pain management and care that Shawn delivered. Gotta love the hip squeeze! Our little girl came out alert and ready to nurse which is not typically the case with epidural babies. Labor is painful, but I wanted to give my baby the best start to life and breastfeeding. 

Shawna was extremely respectful and appropriate with the hospital staff, a couple of the nurses even asked her to explain some of the techniques and expressed interest in trying them. She also followed up with us at home to talk about breastfeeding, baby massage and belly wrapping.

My husband and I are in complete agreement that our birth experience would not have been what we hoped for without Shawna. She’s worth every penny and more! We feel so blessed and will definitely hire Shawna for our next pregnancy.

Ben Kral


Having never even heard the term "doula" before, l wasn't sure what to expect when my wife and I agreed to meet with Shawna before the birth of our first child.  We were very impressed after our first meeting, and continued to be more and more impressed as we continued to meet with her.  When time came for the birth, Shawna was exactly the support we needed.  She was there the entire time, which is quite considerable because my wife endured 40 hours of labor, and went above and beyond our expectations, helping my wife work through the labor in ways that I don't think I ever could have done. We believe her efforts kept us from requiring a C-section, which meant the world to us.  If you are thinking of hiring her, my recommendation (as a husband) is - without hesitation - do it.  You won't  be disappointed.

Livia Berg


I used Shawna for our birth of our 2nd child 3 weeks ago. She was awesome from start to finish. The first great thing about her was she answered her phone the first time I called. She didn't give me the run around which I had experineced when calling others before I found her. She set up a time right away to meet with me. Right away I knew we wanted to go with her. She is very confident and felt like she wanted exactly what I wanted for my birth. (My goal was to stay at home as long as possible and have her let me know when to get to the hospital). After her first visit she stayed in contact with me checking in every so often which was nice. We had a couple other visits which just made me realize we had made the right choice in who we chose. The day I thought I was going to have the baby she was great she didn't make me feel like I wasn't really in labor (which happened with my doula at my first birth and lowered my confidence from the start). I felt like if I had asked her to come at my first sign of a contraction she would have been there for me. Lucky for her I didn't ask her to do that :) When I did want her to come to the house she was there promptly and took control of the situation and helping with pain management of my contractions which at this time were getting quite strong. About three hours after she got to the house I had the baby. I would say my biggest piece of advice would be to listen to Shawna she knows whats shes doing and if she says its time to go to the hospital then you better go. I didn't listen and cut it pretty short and almost had a home birth/birth in a car. My own stuborness caused this, I should have listened to Shawna! I just couldn't believe my birth was going so smoothly I wasn't so lucky the first time. Shawna stayed at the hospital after the birth until all of my questions were answered. She also did my placenta encapsulation and had it back to me the next day! We would recommend her to anyone having a baby!

Rebecca Scott


Shawna was wonderful. I hired her as my doula for a VBAC. She's very knowledgeable on how to progress labor and spinning babies. She is one of the reasons why I had a successful VBAC. I would recommend her to anyone. 

Peter Strauss


We recently had our second child and used Shawna as our doula. Both of our labors have been very quick, yet we still greatly appreciated having a doula for them. My wife and I met Shawna about 6 weeks before our due date and had two subsequent meetings before the actual labor. She went over many different pain-relieving techniques and expectations for a full-term delivery (as our first baby was 4 weeks early). When my wife finally went into strong labor, Shawna arrived (we called her a little late in the game) and she promptly went about helping Noelle feel better, while I helped corrale our son until the babysitter could arrive. 

The best part about our experience with Shawna was that she knew when it was time to go to the hospital. Having had to be induced with our first child, neither of us knew when she was getting close to pushing. We left home and got to the hospital and the baby was born 30 minutes later! Without Shawna advising us to get a move-on, we could've had a car or home baby!

I strongly recommend Shawna as a doula for anyone living in Ames and the surrounding area. We also had Noelle's placenta encapsulated and Shawna had the capsules back to us within 24 hours. She also provided us with some insurance forms to hopefully get some of the fee reimbursed. Even if it isn't though, I would eagerly pay for her services again.

Katie Amador


It had been almost 16 years since I had a baby and i was young and naive. Looking back I realized that was not how child birth was supposed to be. I wanted this time to be different. I was adament about doing it natural and being in charge of my labor and delivery. I knew God knew what he was doing and I should trust my body. Shawna made all of this possible. She helped me move labor along with exercises, etc.   She also encouraged and reminded me of my goals when I began to doubt. Because of her, I felt in control and at ease as we welcomed my son with no drugs!

Shawna was great to work with. She really helped my husband and I come together and do it together! We will be using her again later this year!

Chuck Crane


I was really skeptical about my wife having a doula. I didn't know what they were & Really didn't want anyone but myself and my wife in there while we had our baby. But after meeting Shawna and my wife really wanting her to be there, I said ok. Thank God I did. Shawna stepped right in and gave my wife emotional support, did exercises & walked with her, she even did her hair and makeup. She was there the entire time. When we didn't know what was going on Shawna would explain everything to me & my wife. Both of us even held my wife's legs while she was pushing & Shawna held a mirror so my wife could see our daughter being born. The 3 of us made a Great team. I'm Really Glad Shawna was our Doula. We plan on having her again if we have another baby. 

Christina Hill


My husband and I clicked with Shawna from our very first interview with her. We were not sure whether we wanted to hire a doula, but after meeting her and listening to her describe all the ways she could help us through my labor, delivery, and postpartum period, we knew we should hire her. Shawna prepared me well for my labor during home visits while I was still pregnant. We could call her at any time with any question. And she was completely amazing when I went into labor. I had a very complicated labor and delivery. My baby's heartrate kept dropping and I had to change positions to stabilize him again. Shawna was there the entire 27 hours that I was in labor. And she helped me complete 25 hours of drug free labor while having to remain in some uncomfortable positions. I can't imagine accomplishing that without her. When my labor stalled and became even more complicated, Shawna supported my husband and I as we made the difficult decision to use drugs and later to have a c section. My delivery and postpartum did not go as planned. We never expected the c section or my son's time spent in the NICU afterward. I also struggled to breastfed and Shawna worked so hard to help me succeed at that. Ultimately my milk never came in, but not because Shawna didn't try everything! Basically the birth was too traumatic on my body which was disappointing, but Shawna talked me through these struggles with so much compassion that I have been able to avoid postpartum depression and to bond in a quality way with my new son without breastfeeding. She checked up on me several times in the hospital while my son was in the NICU and then again when we got home. Her support was invaluable to me, my husband, and my son. After working with Shawna, I can't imagine giving birth without a doula. If I have another child, she will be the first person I'll call.

Ashley Jass


Shawna was great to work with! Initially, I was just curious and had questions, which she was more than willing to answer and was very quick at getting back to me. She was informative and very professional. She was easy to work with and very accommodating. I am more than pleased with my pills, which I had the very next day after delivering! Having a newborn and 18 month old I do feel I have good energy :) Compared to my first baby I can definitely tell a huge difference in my milk supply and have a great start to my milk stash! I've also loved showing off my placenta tree to friends and family! Would definitely recommend encapsulating and wouldn't consider any other person for the job! It'll be a for sure with our third :)!!

Jessica Nemechek


Before I found out I was pregnant I had no idea there was such a thing as a doula. I will admit when Shawna's mom first told me about her being a doula and what they do I was very skeptical. After doing my research and going back and forth on whether this was something I wanted or if it would be worth it I decided to contact her to see what this was all about. Shawna was more then happy to answer my questions and Matt's. After meeting with her I knew this was something that I wanted. It was an answer to my prayers ot how the hell I was going to do this without losing my mind. 

Once my contractions started I was confident I could do this and was determined to do it with out pain meds as long as I could. I made it about 20 hours before I caved from exhaustion. With out Shawna helping me thru each contraction and keeping me distracted I know I would have never made it that far. When it came time to push between her and my nurse couching me thru each contraction we met our beautiful baby boy and she was able to capture those first moments for us so we could enjoy that moment. If I had to do it all again I would have Shawna there in a heartbeat. She was a great support system and made the birth of our son so enjoyable. 

Being a first time mom can be nerve-wracking but I felt more confident with Shawna there to help us thru those moments where u have no idea what you are doing. 

Allison Canning


I hired Shawna to be my birth doula for my first pregnancy, as well as to encapsulate my placenta. As a first-time mom, I was somewhat nervous about pregnancy, and especially labor and delivery, as I simply had no idea what to expect. I appreciated that Shawna was always available by phone call or text and checked up on me from time to time. 

At my 32 week prenatal appointment, I learned my baby girl was transverse. I contacted Shawna and she shared some techniques to help me encourage my baby to turn. A few weeks later, I got quite a surprise when my water broke at 34 weeks and 5 days. Fortunately, Shawna's advice had worked and my baby was vertex, so I was able to deliver vaginally. Even though it was earlier than planned, Shawna was able to come be with me at the hospital and assist with my labor. My boyfriend followed the baby to the NICU, so it was really nice to have Shawna stay with me until he returned.

Shawna really came through for me in my post partum period. She had planned to take my placenta immediately after the birth, but my doctor sent it to pathology to rule out infection as a reason for my water breaking early. When the placenta came back healthy, they agreed to release it to me. Shawna made another trip to Des Moines to pick it up. Unfortunately, it had been frozen, so it took several more days to get it encapsulated. Then Shawna made yet another trip, during nasty winter weather, to deliver my capsules to me so I wouldn't be without them any longer, I noticed a big, positive difference in my energy and emotions within about two days of taking the capsules, and I'm so glad Shawna got them to me as soon as possible. 

Shawna has continued to touch base with me as I room in with my baby in the NICU. It's nice to have someone who can relate to talk to and who I know is rooting for us to head home soon. In conclusion, I would recommend Shawna to anyone seeking a doula in the central Iowa area. 

Brianna Powers


As a surrogate pregnant with twins and attempting a VBAC, I knew I needed a doula. Shawna's experience with twins and VBACs made her perfect. She checked on me often during the pregnancy and was always available to me when I called or texted. During labor she had many helpful techniques, which made getting through contractions much easier. My husband had not yet arrived when it was time for the epidural and she helped me through that, as well. Even though the doctor let only one person in the delivery room, Shawna waited and was right there when I was a able to come back to the maternity room. I highly recommend Shawna to any woman who would like the support of a doula.

Rochelle Kempf


I was very impressed with how professional and relatable Shawna was. She offered excellent support through my whole labor and delivery process. Having her there to support me made all the difference in me having an empowering vaginal birth after cesarean. I love the plancenta encapsulation service she offers. My experience is that the pills helped increased my milk supply, gave me energy and helped me feel like my normal peaceful happy self. Shawna added huge value. I felt that for what I paid versus what I got it was a steal of a deal!  Having her support makes me look forward to having another baby in the future. 

Allyson Robb


Shawna was the best choice we could have made for my delivery. This was our first child so I had lots of fears, questions and anxiety about the whole process. I met and interviewed several doulas before I met shawna and didn't really click or trust any of them. My husband was on the fence about having a doula but I insisted on having one. The second I met Shawna it was such a relief. She is professional, comforting, and very knowledgeable. She has a packet put together to make it easier to review all the choices. I had a high risk pregnancy and needed someone able to understand all my medical issues in case something happened. shawna took the time to understand and memorize all my medical background. This also helped take the pressure off my husband to remember everything in a stressful situation. shawna went above and beyond the call of duty by being available 24/7 for all the questions I had, she was so supportive and encouraging. I really appreciated the 2 prenatal appointment. It helped ease my nerves and have a "game plan". I ended up having to be medically induced and was in labor for a total of 46 hours. Shawna was at the hospital with me everyday, doing massage, distracting me with conversation, walks, make up, and much more until they decided to speed things up. She was encouraging for myself and my husband (plus could give him a break). Shawna also thought and remembered all the little details we had discussed that I forgot about. I ended up having medical complications and she was able to keep my husband and I calm and was almost a translator for what the doctor was telling us. I delivered a healthy girl and Shawns stayed around long after to take pictures and help pack up the room. The post partum visits were equally as helpful. I was in so much pain afterwards she helped me with the pump and baby massage (my daughter loves it). I highly recommend Shawna and her services and don't know how we could have done it without her. 

Brandon Robb


     I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when my wife told me she wanted to hire Doula.  I really didn't think we needed to spend the extra money, but she convinced me. After interviewing 4 or 5 Douglas, we met Shawna and to be honest, after hearing her talk for only 10 minutes, I was convinced that if my wife insisted we have to have a Doula, I was sold on Shawna.

     We both couldn't have had a better experience!  Shawna went well above and beyond for us and you can really tell she has a passion for what she does.  Shawna was able to answer all questions we had and walked us through everything!  It really took a lot off our shoulers.

    The way that she coached not only my wife, but me as well during the labor was absolutely perfect and I honestly don't think things could have went more smooth!

     If we have more kids, (and we won't be) lol, but u would definitely hire Shawna every time!

     I absolutely recommend hiring Shawna.  You will be glad you did!

Karla Ingelin


Shawna was a delight to work with.  She offered many useful tips for both inside and outside the delivery room, as well as special tips in handling my newborn.  She taught me how to use infant massage to calm my baby, and gave special tips about overall care.  I will be sharing her name and contact information to anyone who is expecting a baby.  I believe having a doula's help, advice, and presence during pregnancy and delivery would be beneficial to anyone.

Heidi Crane


When I first met Shawna for our initial consultation, I felt like I'd known her for a lifetime. As a first time mother, I was Terrified of the labor and delivery process. She made me feel at ease, relax, stay positive & enjoy my entire pregnancy. She always contacted me to make sure I was doing OK. She made me feel special and important. Her knowledge, professionalism, and compassionate nature completely blew us away. Shawna Genuinely cared about me, my well-being, baby and family. She stayed with us through the entire labor which was Very Long. There's no way I would have made it through without her emotional and physical support. They are bar none. She is also very creative. The lady bug belly casting and photography of us at the hospital and of our little girl Hayden is Absolutely Amazing. Shawna isn't just a Doula, she became a lifelong friend and part of our family. I can not wait to work with her again for our second child. I am so Grateful & it was truly a Blessing to have Shawna as our Doula. She's the Best! Thank you SO Much for such a Wonderful Experience. 


Kerrie Van Demark


We would like to say thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had having you as our doula! It was an awesome opportunity. The belly cast you did while I was pregnant turned out to be so cute and is something we will treasure. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything you did and what your certifications entailed. Your knowledge in everything you do is very comforting. i appreciate all of the times you checked up on me and the advice you gave while in labored at home. It showed that you really cared about me and what was best for our family. Dustin and I feel very fortunate that you were there with us at the hospital for the birth of Brooklynn! The photos and video you took for us during this very special time mean the world to us. Thank you for staying after she was born and all of your support while she was being stabilized. This was a terrifying experience and we are so grateful you were there. It was nice that you also did a postpartum visit and a home visit. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you for being our doula!

Dustin and Kerrie Van Demark

Julie Bacon


Also my favorite part was the amazingly adorable pictures you took of my lil man!! I will cherish them forever and ever???? 

Love, Julie

Julie Bacon


First of all i wanna thank you for giving me this amazing experience! All the information befor hand and your support during my 33 hours of labor you helped me tremendously!! I have shared myexperience with alot of people and i hope they choose to have you it will be very beneficial on there part! I wanna thank you for all you did from helping me manage my pain to makeing me feel good about myself once delivery was over as you did my hair and make up! I was excited for pictures with my new lil blessing Elias Daniel! If i ever decide to have another baby i willdeffenitly use your scervice again!! Thank you again for the awesome experience im so happy that i made te right choice by having you present!! Thanks again??

Love, Julie       

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