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Jen Wood CD(DONA)

Tonglen Birth

Merritt Island, FL Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 75 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years and 8 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I do not take smokers as postpartum clients for my own health reasons.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Babywearing education
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Professional Member and Supporter of ICAN of Northern Virginia

Fee Details

It is my goal to work with families to help them become educated and empowered regarding the birth process. I am here to help you achieve your birth your way. I believe that every family can benefit from working with a doula. I offer a discount for military families with a spouse who will be deployed during the birth.

Merritt Island, FL Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Jen Wood CD(DONA)

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Nancy & Adam


If you’re even thinking about getting a doula in Brevard, GET JEN! My husband and I had several doulas lined up to interview, but when we met her we knew we had to have her. She has a lot of experience, she is passionate about what she does, and most importantly to me, she genuinely listens to mamas. When I struggled through contractions she was there to say just the right thing to keep me motivated. Throughout labor/delivery and even postpartum she was supportive of what I wanted. When I was really struggling with nursing, she would not let me quit because she knew that’s what I wanted. We are so grateful and blessed to have had Jen as our doula and we would run back to her in a heartbeat!

Meredith Judy


My husband and i are incredibly grateful for the care, compassion, and expertise that Jen brough to our birth experience. We cannot imagine having gone through our birth without her! We knew that we wanted a natural childbirth, using hypnobirthing techniques. Jen was well prepared to help us achieve these goals and very comfortable working with the GW Hospital Midwives. She has a relaxad and calming, yet attentive personality and it was easy to make the decision to work with her.  Knowing all of this, we never could have anticipated how IMMENSELY valuable she would ultimately be.

Due to my age (40), the midwives recommended that I be induced at 41 weeks. I was disappointed, but Jen was again well prepared to support this birth. She kept in close contact with us as we began the induction and came to the hospital as soon as we asked her to come. It was a long birth (longer than anyone expected), but Jen stuck with us the WHOLE TIME. It was also an incredibly busy period at the hospital and the midwives were stretched thin. Jen knew how to guide us through exercises and breathing techniques, she knew how to explain the birth stages, she knew when to call the nurses/midwives, and most importantly she knew how to emotionally support both me and my husband. She was a force of ongoing stability and incredible comfort to both of us!

When I look back on my birth I remember it as a time of personal empowerment, strength, determination, and so much love. And I think of Jen as an integral part of making those long days so positive and uplifting. It was an experience that changed my life forever, not just because my son arrived in the world, but also because I achieved such an intense physical feat. And I credit Jen with making that possible. She was there for us throughout-- physically, emotionally, and with the knowledge to keep us calm and stable, and to perservere with our goals in sight. 



Jamie Zlatanov Cohn


Jen was absolutely incredible from the moment we met her to the weeks after I gave birth. I knew from the start I wanted a doula for the birth of our first child, because I didn't know how myself or my husband would react in such a highly emotional situation. I had no idea what to expect (and reading the book "what to expect" just made things worse). That, and I was absolutely terrified at the thought of giving birth, and that's an understatement. We met Jen when I was 28 weeks. We had a really long conversation about my expectations - I wanted to have a natural child birth, but was totally 100% OK with a scheduled c-section because "it would be less painful". In my mind I had already given up the idea of natural child birth because of my fear of pain. By the end of my initial session with Jen, I not only felt more confidant about having a natural child birth, I had a pathway to go about doing so (she recommended hypnobirthing) and I felt empowered to really go back to my OB and express what I wanted.

With help from Jen, I was able to look at my pregnancy and my birth plan and realize exactly what would be a best fit for me. This meant changing practices at 29 weeks and starting hypnobirthing. At the time, Jen was training to be a hypnobirthing coach, so unfortunatly we couldn't hire her, but she was certified by the time my son was set to arrive and highly recommended the coach we did go with. Her skills in hypnobirthing, her sense of humor, and her awareness to our situation was incredible. That, and she had the wherewithal to grab my phone and snap some pretty amazing photos immediately after our son arrived without being intrusive. :) It's the small things.

I ended up having my nautral, unmedicated, hypnobirth. Jen was there through text and phone calls every step of the way. She made my  husband a total part of the experience and not a bystander. We credit her with our amazing birthday and can't recommend her enough.

F Charli Lacagnina


I had a great unmedicated VBAC with Jen. I knew my husband and I needed help with labor if i wanted a chance at an unmedicated natural birth, and Jen gave us the confidence/support we needed to advocate and succeed at it.  

I was drawn to Jen because she was very down to earth and relatable-- I'm a sporty person, and she reminded me of a supportive coach/physical therapist who pushes you to do your best.  I do not enjoy being touched, especially while in pain, but in the early stages of labor she did some magic pushing and pulling on my hips and back that really helped during the bad contractions. When i started freaking out during labor that I couldn't do it, she calmly told me I could and i would, and next thing i knew i had a baby! The doctor on call was not very supportive of the VBAC, but Jen kept up our confidence and reminded my husband and I that we had choices and could do it. Overall, it was an amazing experience and it really took a lot of pressure off my husband because she knows just what to do while we were busy panicking. 

Rachel Harrod


Jen was invaulable to our birthing experience. We worked with Jen through Family Ways. Our Bradley teacher let us know Jen's name and we immediately clicked with her. We met with Jen twice before the birth to talk about our plans our doctor and what we wanted from our birth. Jen is a great listener, and only strenghthend our confidence in a natural birth. zthe early morning i went into labor Jen helped my husband keep me at home till it was time to get to the hospital and talk him through everything on the phone. when we arrived at the hospital, Jen was there and ready to assist my husband through the rest of labor. She was great through the whole thing and helped us make informed decisions and use labor positions we would not have thought of on our own. I will definitely use Jen again if I have more children. I couldn't imagine going through labor without her.  

Holly A


It was fantastic to have Jen as our doula. She was helpful, kind, and supportive throughout my pregnancy. She was absolutely invaluable during labor! I spent a long time in early labor at home and was exhausted by the time I got to the hospital. Once I got there though and met up with Jen, everything changed. Jen knew exactly what to say and do to keep me going and I was able to have the un-medicated birth I had been hoping for. She worked seamlessly with my husband, midwife, and nurse, and I felt completely supported throughout the entire experience. Absolutely recommended!

Valerie Karow


We had a wonderful HypnoBirthing experience with Jen as our doula and would highly recommend her. She was our rock and our advocate through what turned out to be a 33-hour labor riddled with threats of medical intervention and c-section that ended up, with Jen's encouragement and support, exactly the gentle, natural birthing experience we had envisioned for our child.

Jen helped us with the birth of our second child. It felt like having a close friend in the labor room with us - she was a calming force during stressful conversations with our provider. She provided us with needed doses of reassurance, calm, positivity, and enthsuiasm - all when we needed it most and all without us needing to ask it of her.

Throughout the 10+ hours she was with us, she demonstrated a knack for doing exactly what needed to be done to support us and to maximize my comfort without being asked. She anticipated surges and performed light touch massage. She provided items to make the labor room more relaxing and comfortable (pillows, lighting, etc.). She kept out of the way as my husband coached me through labor with our HypnoBirthing techniques, and jumped in when he was tired or needed a break. She was also great at suggesting positions and practices to help with labor. I also loved that she felt comfortable enough with the medical equipment I was hooked up to to be able to assist me to the bathroom and help me shift positions without the inconvenience and stress of waiting for a nurse. And of course - the fact that she took pictures as our baby entered the world - photos we cherish.

One of the best things I can say about Jen is that my husband loved her, too. When I told him I wanted a doula for our second child, he was reluctant to say the least (he thought it was too "hippie"). Jen's easy and confident manner changed his mind within moments of his first meeting her. She is a powerful ally, and we just can't say enough good things about her!


Jenny Ford


Jen was such an amazing doula. She advised me and reminded me that I had choices, when I felt like I had none. For instance, I was being pressured by a doctor on call who wanted to induce. I'm glad I didn't go into labor that day. Thankfully, I delivered when the baby was ready, 4 days later. I was also then able to have the doctor that I had wanted and prayed for to deliver my baby. As Jen stated, "I support a woman's right to choose her own birth experience and seek to facilitate her wishes." She did just that and more. She stuck with me through 28 hours of labor, of which 6 hours were spent pushing. I was still able to have a vaginal delivery, and Jen worked so patiently through those hours and was an advocate for me when nurses around me were unprofessionally suggesting a c-section. I was so happy Jen was by my side, to calm my fears, to give encouragement and to be in my corner. My husband was also greatly impressed and he said that it was one of the best decisions we ever made to have Jen as our doula. 

We were also greatly impressed with Jen's pre labor consultation so that we were more knowledgeable about the birthing process. She made great recommendations of what to read and she answered so many of our questions.

I can't imagine not having Jen by my side through such an intense labor. We were also thrilled that she took photos right after delivery, which I didn't think I would want, but I'm so grateful and glad that she did. I cherish the very first photos of our baby and the tears in my husband's eyes. Jen was such a blessing and we would highly recommend her. 

Erin gray


I cannot say enough good things about Jen! My husband and I hit it off right away with her during our interview - and it's hard not too. Jen is sweet, funny, and knowledgeable - she felt like a friend from the beginning which is incredibly reassuring when you're hiring someone to participate in one of the most personal experiences of your life. 

She helped guide us through what to expect about labor and delivery during our prenatal consultations and gave us helpful hints on when to go to the hospital and laboring positions. She was responsive to my texts and came over immediately when I began labor (8:30 PM on a Tuesday night).

During labor she was a rock for me, my mother, and my husband. I worried about having both my husband and mom in the room would be too much, and it might have been if not for Jen - she helped to calm all of us down at the right moments, and gave them both instruction on how to ease my pain/massage me. She set a calming environment by bringing lights And playing music, and even brought honey sticks to keep my energy up! Also incredibly important, during the toughest times of my labor Jen helped me to breath in a constructive way and offered just the right amount of support and encouragement I needed to have a completely natural, ~10 hour labor (I should mention this is my first kid!).

I'm not sure if I could have had a natural birth without Jen. I HIGHLY recommend her. 

Danielle Moncuso


I gave birth last month to my first baby with Jen as my doula. It was a great experience for me and my husband, and Jen was a big part of making that happen. My goal was for a med-free birth and given that it was my first, I really had no idea what to expect or whether I'd be able to manage the pain. I knew birth didn't have to be a scary experience that is often depicted in movies and TV, and I wanted someone there who knew what was going on and could help keep my husband and myself calm.

From my intro phone call with her to the two prenatal visits, Jen helped put our minds at ease. She is easy to talk to, relatable, matter of fact, and friendly. She answered our questions with a sense of humor and reassurance that made us feel like instant friends and that we could definitely have the birth experience we were hoping for. I never felt pressure from her to stick to any particular ideals or like she wouldn't be supportive if I ended up wanting pain medication.

Leading up to labor, Jen regularly checked in with me to see how I was doing. When the day came, she was immediately ready by text message. She kept in communication with me all through early labor, giving me tips and reassurance. When active labor picked up, it was a few hours before we decided we needed Jen. She was quick to join us, arrived at the perfect time, and helped me in the exact way I needed (mostly by applying counter-pressure to my lower back).

When we finally decided to go to the hospital, Jen was by my side the whole time. I arrived fully dilated, and my daughter was born about an hour later. I achieved my goal of an intervention free birth. I felt supported throughout and I was not afraid of what was happening. I know I wouldn't have been able to labor at home as long as I did without Jen. She was crucial in those last couple hours. My husband and I were so happy to have had her as part of our support team, and I would not hesitate to recommend her services!!

Anna Merrey-Welcome


Jen was a fantastic doula. My husband and I first looked into a doula because we were concerned with how he would feel during labor/delivery as well as how I would manage. We found Jen through the recommendation of our Healthcare provider.

After interviewing Jen the first thing I felt was comfortable; she had an ease to her and she listened and responded to all my questions and concerns. She followed up with me ready to answer any other questions I may have had. It took me a bit to get back to her, but she didn't pressure me by reaching out too often which felt great.

Our first meeting she went over everything we were hoping for our birth to be. She knew hypnobirthing and was ready to support me utiilizing the method I had learned. We went through a thorough checklist that brought up things we hadn't thought about and we were able to talk about how we felt about each aspect of birth.

My baby decided to surprise us all and come 2.5 weeks early, ahead of our second meeting with Jen. I called her when my water broke at 7:30 at night and told her I would need her sometime that night. She checked in with me before she went to bed and encouraged me to reach out whenever I felt I needed her. She came to my house about 6am after I'd reached a point where I was in full labor. She found pressure points that helped me get through labor and encouraged me when I felt exhausted. At the hospital she helped me and my husband as we moved straight into delivery. After I delivered she stayed with me and helped me get settled with our little one. 

Jen was a saving grace throughout my labor, delivery and post-partum follow ups. Knowing I could reach out to her has been HUGE for me. She is a source of great information and she's been a support I can't imagine not having. I highly recommend her services! I hope Jen is available if I'm pregnant again in the future. She is a special part of my baby's birth story and I'm blessed to have had her.

Sara Vink


I cannot recommend Jen highly enough.  She was a joy to work with, from the first time we met through our prenatal visits, birth, and post-partum visit.  My husband was initially skeptical of hiring a doula and concerned about having another stranger in the room at our daughter's birth.  Jen has great knack for putting you at ease and listening closely to your concerns and goals. She quickly won my husband over in our initial visit.  By the end of our first prenatal visit, spending time with her felt more like hanging out with a friend than preparing for an intimate life event with a relative stranger.  Jen helped us prepare with birth positions, preparing a birth plan, and evaluating different options and scenarios that might arise.  When my labor started in the middle of the night, Jen responded to my messages promptly and kept in touch as things progressed.  She was crucial in helping us acheive the natural birth we wanted at several points in the process: deciding when to go to the hospital, encouraging me to wait on pain meds until my first cervix check, suggesting I labor in shower with her delightful christmas lights, and getting some calories in me just before the final push.  These and many other well-timed assists really helped get me through the hardest event of my life.  I truly can't imagine my birth experience without her and I feel so grateful for her help. Hire her -- I promise you won't regret it!   

Mandi Frederick


Jen is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking professional birthing support.  My husband and I decided late in my pregnancy that we wanted a doula and were worried that we wouldn't have time to find one that was a good fit. We needn't have worried because we found Jen.  Jen is warm, open, supportive, and a strong advocate for her clients.  She helped us understand and navigate the hospital birth that we had been hoping to avoid and she was a great support to both me and my husband before, during, and after labor and delivery. 

noelle gharzai


I am so lucky to have had Jen as my Doula. Not only is she knowledgeable and well prepared, she is also kind, funny and easy to be around. By the end of our first appointment, I felt like I knew Jen for years! I was in a very long extended early labor and  it always felt like "today's the day", it didn't matter if I called her at 3 in the afternoon or texted her at 3 in the morning, i always got a quick response and felt well taken care of. When my entire birth plan needed to get scraped due to a medical issue, Jen was just as essential to me as the nurses and the doctor (if not more so). My active labor was about 32 hours long and she was with us through the majority of it. Because of the placement of the baby, i wasn't allowed to move much but Jen still helped me breath through the contractions, keep my husband and my mother at ease, and gave us all a ton of information when we were feeling antsy about what was coming next. 

While i could have gotten through my labor without Jen, i am so so glad I didn't have to! The way she was able to keep me calm through the scariest parts of my labor and make me laugh when I wanted to cry was something special. I feel so blessed that I was matched with her as a doula and will recommend her over and over again. 

Taylor Jantz-Sell


Jen Wood is an attentive and caring doula. Jen was responsive and reliable from start to finish. She took the time to make sure she understood what my partner and I wanted for a birth experience. Jen helped me feel empowered to be my own advocate at the hospital when things got overwhelming and scary. She has a magic touch, from providing back relief during contractions to gentle and soothing touch and massage that was just right for me. I was glad to have Jen as my doula for my first birth experience as I felt safe and supported and cared for from the little things like bringing me ice chips and sucking candies for a sweet distraction to the big things like working through back breaking contractions or dealing with a resident doctor pushing for something I wasn't ready for.  Jen is also an experienced mama I could trust and feel comfortable asking lots of new mama questions. I highly recommend Jen Wood as a doula.

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