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Saint Charles, IL Service range 40 miles Western Suburbs Chicago



Birth Fee

$800 to $1100

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Fee

$800 to $1100

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Years in Operation: 3

Type of practice: Partnership

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Kane, DuPage , Will and Cook county. Oak Park, Western Suburbs serving Fox Valley- Aurora, St. Charles, Batavia, Naperville, West Chicago, Wheaton Warrenville Edward Hospital West Suburban Hospital Delnor hospital; Central DuPage; Rush-Copley willing to travel to most City locations

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
PCC Birth Center in Berwyn

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Fee Details

We offer two prenatal visits, on call from 36 weeks, 100% care throughout labor and birth, 1-3 hours postpartum, unlimited phone/email/text support and one postpartum visit and breast feeding support. Other options include belly binding, reiki, ceremony, henna art, Mommy~moon, additional prenatal and additional postpartum services. Payment plan options available. Serving Western Suburbs of Chicago

Saint Charles, IL Service range 40 miles Western Suburbs Chicago

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Birth Fee: $1000 to $1200

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $35


Updated 2/5/2020

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Birth Fee: $800 to $1200

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $35


Updated 1/28/2020

Certified Doula
Years in practice

Client Testimonials for Holistic Family Doulas

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As first time parents, my husband and I didn't know what to expect with childbirth and both of us were too busy to attend birth classes at the hospital. We researched hiring a doula, but weren't really sure if we would need one. We interviewed several doulas before deciding on Holistic Family Doulas just a few weeks before my due date (36 weeks). I felt an immediate connection with Lara when we first met. Lara was wonderful pre, during, and post labor. She educated us on what to expect with childbirth, taught us ways to help cope with pain and gave tips and suggestions leading up to the delivery. On the day of delivery, everything happened so fast that we didn't have time to put any of what we learned to use. Lara arrived to the hospital right when my water broke and immediately went to work during the labor process and talked me through the pain. I had terrible back labor and Lara massaged my lower back while I was on my side during labor. Since everything was happening so fast, my husband pretty much froze without knowing what to do to help. Lara was able to support me the entire time and talk my husband through what was needed to be done. It probably would have been complete chaos and maybe even traumatic if Lara wasn't there. She stayed with us post labor for several hours and also came by about one week post delivery to check on us and showed us how to do the abdominal binding. I had a quick natural childbirth that went almost exactly as I had planned. It felt really empowering when my birth plan was followed by the hospital staff for the most part. I have several friends who had not so great experiences with childbirth and I really think it's because they didn't have a doula and probably did not know they have a say in what they can elect to have or not have when it comes to having a birth plan. We will be using Holistic Family Doulas again when we are expecting a second child and I would recommend them to anyone looking to hire a doula.

Clare O.


I contacted Holistic Family Doulas after the traumatic birth of my twins to do a post-partum healing ceremony. It was such a magical, moving experience and exactly what I needed at the time. Cote was gentle, powerful, and grounded, and helped me process and move through my experience in a way I hadn’t been able to on my own. Something definitely shifted for me, and I’m forever grateful for that truly healing experience.

Michelle Sidney


Lara is a fantastic doula, I am so thankful we worked with her during the birth of my daughter. She was extremely helpful throughout the third trimester, being available to answer all my questions, giving helpful suggestions and insight as we made decisions throughout the pregnancy. I can't imagine getting through such a long labor without her being present. She was a huge advocate and support physically and emotionally for me throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend her!

Kristen Guzzardo


My husband and I are indebted to Lara and Cote for the love and support they gave us before, during and after the birth of our son. Lara lead us through a very thorough prenatal session where we learned relaxation and pain management techniques for those later, uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy as well as for during labor. And she was our sense of calm during my 28-hour labor. I was able to labor at home for 17 hours. Their line of holistic products (tea, lotion, balm, etc) were nice additions for extra relief both before and after birth. It’s so nice to have trusted guidance from experts during such a sacred time.

Laura Geller


Lara and Cote came to our apartment for a beautiful postpartum ceremony. I felt so nourished by the belly binding, reiki, and time for reflection with my husband--it felt like a perfect way to close out the birth of my daughter! 

David Roth


I can't say enough about Lara as my doula! I could not have had the smooth, successful natural birth without her.

At the beginning of my labor, I was having contractions every two to three minutes but they were not strong yet. Lara came to my home and helped me through the contractions. She slept on my floor to make sure she was there for me when the contractions started to get stronger. She did a serious of exercises with me to help me open my pelvis and make sure the baby was in a good position. She did a hip release off the side of my bed and a bunch of positions with the rebozo that felt great on my back!

She met us in at the hospital and was instrumental is figuring out my needs. There would be water there when I didn't ask but needed it! The room smelled wonderful and she worked well as part of the birth team! My mom and husband and her were seamless in their support of my labor.

She helped coach with the midwife during pushing and was awesome to have to help make sure breastfeeding was established. I am extremely grateful to her and plan to hire her again for my second child. I recommend her highly and am happy to talk to anyone that is thinking about hiring her.

Jessica Mojica


Lara was such a wonderful helper during my labor with my daughter. She was a wonderful advocate for me and provided much needed support and encouragement. I'm so grateful that we had her as part of my delivery support team.

Jenn Miller


Lara was a fabulous support throughout my pregnancy, sending helpful info, calling, and checking in after scheduled doctor visits. She helped me think through things, reassured me, and gave great suggestions. When things didn't go as planned, she helped me with options and acceptance. During labor, she was a super companion interpreting medical information and helping me to understand the situation. She was wonderful at providing comfort measures and pain management. I highly recommend her!

Jenn Torres

Tanya Abdul-Aziz


Lara and I met during my 38th week of pregnancy. Despite being given such short notice, she was availble to assist me right away. We discussed my birth plan which was a natural, unmedicated delivery but I had to be flexible because I'd just learned that my baby was in the breech position. Upon receiving this news, Lara quickly provided me with literature on how to naturally turn babies and even came to my home to help me perform inversions and other baby coaxing exercises. She was always available by phone or email if I needed to contact her for any reason.

My delivery date came and went and my baby's position did not change; I was scheduled for a c-section.  Although my surgery was not until hours later, Lara came to the hospital at 5am to provide support as I received my last ultrasound to confirm the baby's position.  I was very frightened and anxious about having a Caesarean. Lara helped me  calm down by creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room; I was given lavender to enhale and the lights were dimmed. 

Lara was not able to stay for the actual delivery.  She'd recently lost a loved one and had a funeral to attend in the afternoon. In the days prior, she'd  facilitated contact with my secondary doula and the transition was seamless.  Once I delivered she reached out to see how baby and I were doing and came to visit once I returned home.

I am more than pleased with the care provided by Lara. She is warm, friendly and my experience with her was wonderful.

Anam Khan


Lara Lasky is an excellent doula. She is self aware and empathetic. She was understanding of my needs. I never felt overwhelmed by her involvement but knew that I could reach out at any time if I needed help. She provided grrat information and resources and never pressured to do one thing or another. Very easy going and calming presence. Highly recommend her. 

Rebecca Cohen


Lara really helped me research my questions before the birth and formulate a birth plan that I felt comfotable with.

She did a great job protecting the atmosphere in the room during my birth. I knew that she was available if needed but she was not overbearing at all. 

I highly recommend Lara to others looking for a doula.

Yuliana E


i want to Thank Lara Lasky for being my Doula! Lara did amazing job supporting me during my hard labor/baby delivery. She was with me the whole time till the very end and I really appreciate her work.  If it's not for her, I would have had really hard time, but she made it easy to have my baby, by supporting me. I would recommend her to any lady who is expecting. I'm grateful to Lara. She is awesome! 




Mia Cubrilo


It was a great pleasure to work with Lara. From the very first meet up we knew she was a good match. She is very friendly, casual and passionate about birth and I would highly recommend her as doula. 

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