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Sarah Oldre

Zenith Birth Services

Waterloo, IA Service range 55 miles I primarily work in Waterloo/Cedar Falls/Waverly, but I would be happy to work in Cedar Rapids with a mileage fee.

(319) 233-5077

Birth Fee

$225 to $700

Birth Fee

$225 to $700

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, April 2015

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I'm a Volunteer Babywearing Educator with my local Babywearing Group. My husband and I are licensed Foster Parents. I'm a member of ICAN.

Fee Details

I offer labor doula support for $700. That includes two prenatal appointments, continuous labor support with no extra fees, and one postpartum appointment. I offer placenta encapsulation for $200, or as an add-on to my doula support for $150.

Waterloo, IA Service range 55 miles I primarily work in Waterloo/Cedar Falls/Waverly, but I would be happy to work in Cedar Rapids with a mileage fee.

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Lorene Walvatne


I hired Sarah through Zenith Birth Services for my 6th baby. I had hired her for my 5th baby and loved having her, but wasn't sure if I needed a doula this time. So when my husband asked me if I was hiring a doula again I was surprised. He shared that he really liked having one with my last delivery because they made sure to inform the midwife of my wishes etc so it allowed him to just focus on being by my side. I knew then that I would hire them for this baby too.??

I am even more thankful that I had Sarah this time, than I was last time. My midwife wasn't believing me when I came in (that I was actually in labor) and even after asking for her to check me after laboring for several hours, she never came in until I was ready to push. I was feeling a bit panicky that she wouldn't even show when I was ready to deliver. Sarah kept me calm and assured me that the midwife would come in when it was time. Thankfully she was there in time and Timothy was born 16 minutes after she came into my room. ??

Hayli Netterlund


Sarah was an excellent doula. From the first meeting, I felt heard and it was easy to trust Sarah. Our prenatal meetings really helped prepare me for birth and make me excited rather than nervous. 

During the birth of my daughter, Sarah was supportive in so many ways. One small detail I remember was that I took of my rings during a contraction and Sarah quickly put them somewhere safe and then went back to supporting me. She also helped my husband know how to support me and it was important for him to be a part of the birth. That was so special to us. During my labor I found that if I had counter pressure and someone rubbing my back it really helped my contractions. Sarah rubbed my back for what seemed like hours. She even brought out tennis balls to help and it was magic. Her attention to detail and willingness to do whatever it took to help me were incredible. Not to mention how at every meeting from prenatal to our postnatal visit I felt heard. That was so important. I will definitely be using Zenith Birth Services as long as I live in the area! 

Thank you Sarah! 

Laura Connor


Sarah is a gentle, genuine human. I appreciate her approach to prenatal conversations and labor/birth preparations. She is warm and non-judgemental. Sarah made me happy with my choice to enlist Zenith Birth Services during each interaction, from prenatal visits to texts during labor to the postnatal home visit. I am so happy to have met Sarah in time for my first birth experience in April 2018. I had wants for an unmedicated birth but honestly had no idea how to achieve one. I read a lot and asked friends and family for advice, but nothing compared to this doula! I recommend her and will absolutely be reaching-out to her again for any future pregnancies. 

Chepina Rumsey


We are so grateful that we had Sarah on our birth team! She brought an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience to the birth of our daughter. In prenatal visits, communications to check in, and during the labor and delivery, Sarah empowered us to be confident, active participants in decision making. I remember how reassured we were throughout the birth because of her compassion, encouragement, and calming presence. She helped us to understand the process, offered strategies when faced with medical concerns, and provided nonjudgmental support through all of our decisions. During the labor and delivery she offered strategies and techniques, encouraged us, and supported us as we worked together. I can't imagine going through a birth without a skilled doula like Sarah. She will always have a special part of our birth story. We'll definitely recommend Sarah to our friends!

Brittany Kono Lorenz


I had Sarah for my second VBAC. When I was in labor I called Sarah and told her to meet my husband and I at the hospital. When we pulled in the parking lot she was there already. When we went to the triage room to be checked for dilation, Sarah kept encouraging me and telling me that I'm doing great. With this labor and delivery I went from 3 cm to 10 cm within 30 minutes or so and during those minutes, the nurses were trying to find a vain for my IV. All of a sudden I felt like I needed to push and when nurse checked me, I was a 10 so they didn't even bother poking me anymore with the needle. With that being said, I really didn't have the chance to walk or do different labor positions because I had to sit for the IV that was never used. :) When it was pushing time, Sarah was there the whole time encouraging me and reminding me to breathe. Our baby boy was out within 6 minutes. Sarah stayed with me once I was relaxed and everything was cleaned up ect. I would definitely recommend Sarah! She is truly one amazing lady! She is so calm and relaxed and that's what I need. Plus knowing that she is my advocate when I can't speak. She reminded me that I wanted to try the squat bar during labor. (Which brought baby's head down faster but I didn't want it once his head was coming out. Instead I just sat up in bed and pushed.) I really feel like I can just relax and focus on my labor and delivery when Sarah is there cheering me on! :) 



Jessica Wanner


Sarah was already the doula at the birth of my first child. So when I got pregnant again, I directly knew that I wanted Sarah at the birth again. During labor she was a great resource. She suggested different positions to try and applied pressure to my lower back, which felt really good. She also was great in keeping me motivated during the birth. Both my husband and I really appreciated having her as a part of the birth team. Thanks again!

Brittany Lorenz


My husband and I decided to have a doula since I was nervous of having a VBAC. I heard Sarah was a wonderful person to have as a doula. Our first visit was mostly a get-to-know-each other visit and my history of why I had a c-section with my first born. We also talked about what kind of delivery I desired to have for my VBAC. Our second visit was when Sarah taught me different positions during pregnancy and delivery. Our third visit was closer to my expected due date and we went over what to expect since I wanted a natural delivery. 

On August 2 I called Sarah at 5 am and said contractions are getting closer. Sarah came over to our house and I instantly felt like everything was going to be ok. She talked me through each contraction and reminded me to relax my body and breathe. We went to the hospital and since I was dilated to 8, we quickly got a room. Sarah never left my side other. She wrote some events down so we would have something to remember afterwards. During each contraction she talked to me in a calm and collected voice which calmed my nerves. She reminded me that I'm going to meet my baby soon which made me more excited than anxious. I remember at times, looking up at Sarah and she still had that same calm expression on her face and that helped me realize that I'm going to be fine. When the contractions got intense, she encouraged me to stand up and wrap my arms around my husband's shoulders. Once I did that, my labor sped up and soon after that, I was ready to push. 

 21 minutes later, my 7 lb 14 oz baby boy was born. I remember first praising God that baby and I are ok and secondly thanking Sarah for coaching me through it. 

 Sarah came to our house for a follow-up visit couple weeks later and answered any questions I had and gave me the events that happened during L/D day. Sarah is a kind, smart, and a wonderful listener! She is an amazing doula!

Mary Sennert


My husband and are very blessed to have had Sara by our side during the birth of our son Luke! She was very supportive of what WE wanted during our birth experience from the start. She met with us a few times prior to my due date and helped me to find some positions/ techniques that we could use during labor if I wanted too. We practiced these prior so I was mentally prepared. I called sara very late at night to tell her I was in labor on april 30th, 2015, and just the sound of her voice was calming and reassuring. When we arrived at the hospital I felt comfortable with her to give my husband and I ideas of relaxation techniques. She reminded me of what I had desired in my birth plan- which was very helpful during the intense times of labor. She never left me for any reason at the hosptial, other than using the restroom. She was a very good resource for my husband. He was my main supportive coach and having her with us just seemd to Seal our emotions and the "what if's?" of our birth experience. After luke was born, she met again with us to make sure we were all doing ok physically and emotionally. Sarah is also very well-versed in other resources in this area if you are interested. She let me borrow a book from her lending library afterwards and has checked up on me several times. Sara is caring and kind. A great supporter and doula to have at your birth! 

Jessica Daniela Wanner


Sarah Oldre was the doula at the birth of my son and I really liked having her there. She met with us before, so we could get to know her and to discuss what she offers as well as our birth plan. Her knowledge as well as calm personality was very helpful during labor and delivery. It was also great to have somebody with me while my husband went to get food, etc. In addition she also met with us again about a month later at our home to follow up and answer any baby related question we had. For both me as well as my husband she served as the extra support and encouragement during the birth, especially as this was the birth of our first child. We are very thankful for her service and I can definitely recommend her as a doula!

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