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Moss Beach, CA Service range 20 miles I serve clients on the Coastside and in San Francisco and the Peninsula. I have worked at most hospitals and home births



Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 100 births attended

Doula Training

  • MotherWit, March 2010

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Choosing support is so important to your birth experience. I have 9 years experience in serving families and a tremendous passion for all things birth. I care deeply about each family I partner with. It is my desire to help each family connect with their own birth choices, using all the pregnancy and birth knowledge that I have been gathering for nearly a decade.My career began when I was 14 years old and attended my first birth. From that point on, I knew I wanted to support women and attended every friend’s birth I could. In 2007 I began my formal birth education studying childbirth education. Since then I have achieved multiple certifications in childbirth and lactation with great reviews from my beloved clients. With my passion for community and helping women succeed, I have often led new mother support groups, helping women transition beautifully into motherhood and find their own path of success. I have been celebrating love and community for 13 years with my soulmate and husband Scott and we reside in the San Francisco Bay Area with our two beautiful children.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I am skilled and able to support families through:Natural Birth (non-medicated) / Vaginal Birth Assisted by Medication / Planned Cesarean delivery/ Induction / VBAC / Multiples / Lamaze / The Bradley Method/ Hypnobirthing- any kind of method you choose.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I do not attend unassisted home births, but with joy will attend a home birth under the care of our lovely Bay Area Midwives. I have attended home births in the Bay Area and love supporting families who choose to give birth at home.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

My fee is $2100. I believe that having support is one of the best investments you will make in beginning or growing your family. I take only 2 clients a month so that I can give you my full attention and support. A supported birth can make a huge difference in birth outcomes and your emotional wellness. Knowing that you have a birth expert that you trust that you can ask questions, share your feeling and fears and that will walk every step of the journey with you makes a huge difference. You are worth this investment in yourself. My fee covers constant support for you from the moment you hire me until the time of your delivery. My fees and services are available at www.sanfranciscobirth.com

Moss Beach, CA Service range 20 miles I serve clients on the Coastside and in San Francisco and the Peninsula. I have worked at most hospitals and home births

Client Testimonials for Miracle Balsitis

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Anna Dennis


I feel so, so lucky that we had Miracle as our doula for the recent birth of our daughter! From the first moment we met her, it was clear that this is more than a job for her - it is truly her calling. Miracle was super communicative, knowledgeable, and perhaps most importantly, warm and kind.

I have a personal history of anxiety, and as a first time mother I was having a lot of fear about the birth and labor process. I took all the childbirth classes, did my research, and tried my best to prepare. Despite all my preparations, life threw me a curveball and my labor ended up being medically complicated and abnormally long - I had pre-ecclampsia, a failed induction, baby was born in distress...though baby and I are ok now, it was all very scary. There were times during my labor when I was so physically and emotionally exhausted that I felt I couldn’t go on, but Miracle was there with us every step of the way, and never wavered in her support. She was a grounding and calming presence for both myself and my husband. I had to make a lot of hard medical decisions under pressure, and Miracle helped me weigh the pros and cons and truly supported my choices. It made such a difference knowing that I could look to her for strength and reassurance.

I honestly don’t know how I could have handled everything that happened without her. She will absolutely be my first call if we ever have a second baby. Miracle went above and beyond for my family, and we are eternally grateful to her for it.

Mary Delgrosso-Brown


I knew going into my second pregnancy that I wanted a vbac and started to do a lot of research. I found through research that having a doula assist with labor can really help increase your chances of a successful vbac and even though I wasn't sure why, I decided to search for doulas in my area. From the initial call we connected. we then met for a face to face and I could tell Miracle was all about wanting to know my story. She explained to me how a doula can assist with labor as well as offer constant contact between now and the time of labor. Miracle visited me 3 times leading up to labor and talked about everything from pain management options, how to labor with an epidural, what would happen in the event of a another section, and questions I could ask my provider leading up to labor and delivery. When I was in labor Miracle came to my house when I needed her to, followed to the hospital when it was time, and helped me understand everything that was happening. Since I labored over 30 hours it was necessary for everyone to rest and Miracle only did when I did and asked if it was ok. She massaged me, rubbed my head, repositioned the peanut ball every 30 minutes, fed me ice chips, and also knew when to give my husband and me time to labor together. She encouraged me when I needed it most but never pressured me into anything. I feel without the support of a doula my vbac would have been a different outcome. The hospital staff gave me much more "alone" time because they knew I came equipped with support. Miracle also assisted with lactation services after my son was born. I highly recommend Miracle's services-you will not be disappointed.

Matthew Tiezzi


“A What?”

“A Doula!”

“What’s a Doula?” If you are anything like me, this was the start of a conversation. If you are reading this, that question has been answered by now. The next is “You want to spend how much on a Doula?” (This might be best said to yourself, when your wife is in another state)

My wife and I ended up having a Cesarean for medical reasons. The calmness and insight that Miracle brought to my wife and I was incredible. Before we knew that we had to have a C-Section she was a great source of information, after she was a wealth of information on what's going to happen during the procedure. She was there at the hospital with us. Answering questions and keeping us calm. When it came time for my wife to be taken to be prepped for the procedure, Miracle stayed with me and took mind off what was about to happen. I don’t know what I would have done if I was there alone with my wife going in for major surgery. Your mind can go in so many interesting directions. Miracle was there to keep my calm.

Start to finish Miracle was great. A joy to have with us during our special moment. We now have a beautiful baby girl.

Matt T.

(The answer to the second question is WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.)

Michelle Ignatowicz


     My husband and I decided to consider hiring a doula when we were around 6 months pregnant. At this point we weren’t clear about the full extent of the role of a doula, but thought the additional support would be helpful for me (anxiety was was a challenge for me in my pregnancy).I set up an initial meeting with Miracle to find out more about her, the role of a doula and if she would be a good fit for us. Her warmth, positive attitude and non-judgmental approach immediately struck us, but even this wonderful first impression did not prepare us for how invaluable her support would be in our pregnancy and birth. As first time parents, we learned a lot from Miracle at our pre-birth meetings. She recommended books to us and kept us informed about local class offerings as well as many other resources. It was clear that it was was very important to Miracle, to support our birth plan. I never felt anything other than supported in any decision I made regarding the birth. The last trimester of my pregnancy was very challenging as we had a scare about the health of our baby at 28 weeks. At 30 weeks we made the decision to transfer to a high-risk practice. At this point Miracle helped guide us on what questions might be helpful to ask when choosing a new provider to ensure that they were a good fit for our vision of our birth. Through this challenging time, Miracle went out of her way for us. She encouraged us to reach out whenever we needed, called to check in and followed up with us after our appointments. During the birth Miracles physical and emotional aupport was paramount. Miracle surpassed our expectations in every way. Her positive impact on my experience of pregnancy and birth meant the world to me. Miracle truly touched our lives and hearts and we cannot recommend her highly enough. She is amazing at what she does and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful person and doula to be involved with the birth of our little one.

Yvonne Pelling


With an open heart and loving hands Miracle helped me birth in the most beautiful way.  We could not have done it without her.  Her support thorughout the enitre process helped us to connect with each other and truly brought us to a place of love.  I had nothing short of an amazing birth experince and we would both recommend Miracle to family hoping for the same. 

Shayna Sheinfeld


What can I say? Every time I try to write what an amazing doula Miracle is, I can’t find words enough to describe it. For each step in labour she was fully present for me (her stamina is amazing!). She was there for conversation and support at the beginning, she helped me mourn when I realized I was not going to have the kind of labour I had hoped for, and then she helped me move on and embrace the kind of labour I could have. She offered suggestions both physically by doing (ie massage) and verbal (ie let’s try your hands and knees), and it was clear that she had listened and really understood me when I described some of my concerns and fears when we met before labour began, as she was very sensitive to these issues throughout.

Miracle really brought out the best in my husband. When she would do something that really worked for me during a contraction, and my husband saw that it worked, he would take right over and she would move aside to assist in another way. She was never “in the way,” but instead created more room for my husband to be the best he could be as my partner in the delivery room.

We are truly blessed to have found Miracle and to have had the opportunity to use her as our doula. Since this was our 4th child, and we hadn’t had a doula before, we weren’t sure how much of a difference she would make. Miracle made all the difference! I really felt like, through Miracle’s support, I owned this birthing experience. I am so very grateful for her, and encourage anyone who is considering a doula to meet with Miracle!

R. Aubin


Miracle was an incredible doula - before and after our fellow's birth.

She was attentive, caring, kind, patient, and open to everything.

She is a wonderful person and this personality shines in her work as a doula.

I whole heartedly recommend her.

Lila Blanchard


I relied heavily on Miracle Balsitis at the birth of my first baby.  She was a great encourager and coach before the birth, also.  She took the time to get on the same page as me, as far as what I was picturing and wanted at the birth and talk through some details.  She offered to come and check on me early on in labor, and really stayed with me through out a fairly long, drawn out labor.  There were a number of points when the medical team suggested different interventions that I had hoped to avoid.  She was a great support in my decision making, and with speaking with the team of doctors and representing my stance to the whole medical team. 


Her words and touch helped me get through the contractions as a first time mom.  To be honest, she was the last person that I wanted to leave the room, such was her supporting and soothing presence to me.  I had my baby naturally in a hospital with my husband and close family and friends present, and Miracle helped orchestrate many of the logistics of a fairly large group.  It was a joy and a privaledge to have Miracle Balsitis accompany me as a doula.  I highly recommend her as an engaged, intuitive, communicative, and caring doula.  Thank you again, Miracle!

Anissa Pesce


Highly recommended doula!!!We can attest to that!!! We are so incredible grateful for all of your support and coaching during the birth of our first child. It was amazing how calm and patient she was the whole time, providing me what i needed and just knowing what to do ... I dont know what i would have done without her support!!

Anissa Pesce


Highly recommended doula!!!We can attest to that!!! We are so incredible grateful for all of your support and coaching during the birth of our first child. It was amazing how calm and patient she was the whole time, providing me what i needed and just knowing what to do ... I dont know what i would have done without her support!!

Tracy Ashlock


Miracle was my doula for the the birth of my first child in April 2008. I wish she could have been my doula for the births of my other 2 boys, but she moved from California to the east coast. She is fantastic! I decided to take a "Bradley Method" birth class as I desired to have a drug free hopspital birth. Miracle came along side me in that, refreshing herself with the bradley method (she has been trained in that birth method) and getting to know the hospital I planned to deliver at. She was so good at asking questions and providing insight to get to know me and find out what I wanted the birth to be like. During my birth, I feel like Miracle became a true partner in the pain and joy of it all- it was truely like she was giving me her strength when I didn't have it! i can't put it into words like I would like to, but I remember so clearly a time in transition in, which I really couldn't do it anymore, and Miracle started singing a song. She knew exactly what I needed in that moment! To this day, I still sing that song to boys and it reminds me of that complete miracle of birthing them and time seems to stop. I can't reccommend Miracle highly enough. She is a beautiful person inside and out and is an incredibly gifted doula.

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