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Candis Avalos

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Phone: 623-824-6130

Birth Fee: $500 to $800

Fee Details: I offer my birth doula package at $800, which includes prenatal support, labor & delivery support at your home and/or birth place, and postpartum support, as well as education on optimal fetal positioning and exercises you can incorporate to help prepare your body and baby for a better birth. I also offer discounted rates for planned cesarian births, military families, mothers relinquishing for adoption, and those who have financial limitations. Please contact me or visit my website at for more details on my services!

Birth Doula Experience: 3 years and 20 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Stillbirthday - Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2015
  • Stillbirthday, April 2016
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I attend any home births with a certified midwife present.

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Home Birth
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Flourish Mentor and Childbirth Educator at Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Candis Avalos

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Ali Massie

I hadn't been sure that I wanted or needed a Doula at the start of my pregnancy, it felt like a very 'new' idea to me. But after hearing such positive reports from friends and as this was my first pregnancy, I (eventually) decided that I'd love all the help that I could get. I contacted Candis and she was kind and helpful in trying to fit me into her schedule at such late notice. 

We met up a few weeks before my due date to get to know each other, talk about my preferences and go through some helpful exercises that I could do before and during labor. I felt reassured by her knowledge and Doula experience (and having 4 children of her own) which neither me or my husband had. 

Looking back, the best thing for me about having Candis there was her calming strength and care for me. I felt she was 'laboring' with me, she massaged my back during every!!! contraction (which was physically hard work for her) and coached me through them. This also enabled me to be able to look at my husband which was also hugely helpful. Her positive words and affirmations really did get me through it, I never felt like it was going to get out of control! She knew the stages of labor and talked to me about them. Hooray for Candis!

We met up two weeks afterwards and she answered my copious amounts of little questions that you suddenly have as a new mum. What a reassurance! I'd recommend having a Doula to anyone!

Posted 4/21/2017

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Tara Humphreys

I am so thankful to have had Candis as my doula during my pregnancy and birth! If you are looking for a doula with a quiet yet supportive spirit, Candis would be a great fit. I really appreciated her availability and advice during my pregnancy leading up to my birth. When I went into labor - and I had a long early labor - I was frequently touching base with her to ask for her opinions and suggestions about what was happening as well as positions that may help things progress. She was willing to come at any point I wanted her to, but we only asked her to come once I began active labor. That went quickly - but her presence was so comforting and she was able to appropriately coach me. I know that her presence also put my husband at ease. Candis is knowledgable and passionate about this - I definitely recommend her!

Posted 9/29/2016

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Amy Martins

Our first child was born via c-section after a very long labor. Recovery was not great and for our second child we really knew that anything could happen but we hoped to have a v-bac this time around. As the due date got closer I felt more and more that I really wanted to have a successful v-bac and got nervous that I wasn't prepared. Around 34 or 35 weeks I decided to reach out to some doula's to see if I could get some support. I was unsure weather or not if was a good idea even after reading and researching. I met with Candis and immediately felt at ease with her. She presented her material clearly and gave me a postive feeling right from the start. She was open and honest which helped me to decide to hire her. Once we met prior to the birth she gave me more information and showed me exercises to help with the birth. It was from that meeting that I was able to have a successful v-bac. I beleive the books she showed me and all the exercises helped me to get through another very intense and fast birth. Candis was a great support at the hospital with a room full of doctor's and nurses in a seemingly very dramatic birth. All in all she was just what we needed, extremely responsive and helpful.

Posted 8/1/2016

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Min Tang

My husband and I just moved from Hong Kong to Boston a year ago. We do not have any family or relatives here in Boston. Almost all of our friends here don’t have kids. We were not too familiar with the medical practice in the states, so we were very nervous.We feel truly blessed to have Candis as our birth doula. I had a 40 hour labor. Candis was unbelievably supportive, encouraging, and most importantly, kind-hearted throughout my labor. Every contraction she was there, massaging me and working on my back to ease the pain. During my most painful contractions, my husband was feeling heartbroken to see me in so much pain. He broke down, went outside the labor room, and cried. Candis encouraged him and gave him support.

Candis’ experience, strength, and empathy helped us through a very difficult birth. We don't think we could have done it without her! Thank you again for everything, Candis! We love you!

Posted 6/9/2016

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Ana Gabbidon

There aren't words to describe our love for Candis. When I found out I was pregnant my husband and I discussed the type of birth exeprience we wanted. We really wanted a doula because as first time parents we were nervous  and wanted a support parner in the room who wasn't family. From the very beginning we responded to her energy. Candis has a complete bag of tricks to help you through labor. Due to some health complications I delievered three weeks early. Candis had a backup Doula on standby but thankfully she was able to attend our birth. She has a quiet confidence about her that I really responded too. I labored for 21 hours and whenever my contractions stalled or I would get tired she would guide me through different techniques. What I especially loved about her is when my birth plans changed and I needed an epidural she was completely supportive. I never felt judged or guilty for my descision and she only made me feel proud of the hardwork I had done to bring Noah into this world. With her and my husband at my side I never once felt overwhelmed or scared. We had great doctors on hand monitoring our baby but Candis made me feel like she had my back. She made sure I had what I needed. Her support postpartum has been great and she provided me with a great postpartum care kit.   

I am so glad we got a doula but more importantly I am so glad we found Candis! 

Posted 1/12/2016

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Lauren Godbole

I don't think I can provide adequate justification for why Candis is so wonderful here, but I'll try: We loved having Candis as a resource for our first child - she made everything so much easier. She is warm and welcoming, and offers advice and options without lecturing or being pedantic. She helped us make decisions by providing information in a non-judgmental manner, leaving it up to us to decide what we wanted, rather than us feeling that we had to agree with a decision someone else had already made.

One of the things that worked so well for us was being able to ask Candis questions about her personal experience, which she answered freely. If she didn't know an answer to a question, she told us so and then researched the answer and got back to us.

As soon as I started to labor, we contacted Candis and she immediately responded. I don't think my labor would have gone as well if I didn't have someone with Candis's experience guiding me along. We’re very thankful that we found Candis and that she was a part of our daughter’s birth.

Posted 11/14/2015

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I cannot say enough about Candis and her invaluable services. I hired a doula a few years ago when my 2nd son was born. It was a very rewarding experience with the outcome I’d hoped for. Since this was my 3rd pregnancy, I felt mentally prepared to have another unmedicated birth with my husband as my only support. However, as my due date approached, I became nervous about the birth and whether I could achieve my goal once again. I contacted Candis when I was about 32 weeks pregnant. We set up an initial meeting and my husband and I liked her right away. During our first meeting she asked about every detail of our birth plan and helped me identify my stress factors. Her gentle demeanor and knowledge gave me what I needed to relax during my final weeks of pregnancy. At our next meeting she taught me exercises and techniques for baby positioning that I found extremely useful. In the weeks leading up to the birth she frequently checked in with me and was quick to respond whenever I reached out to her with a question or concern.

Candis met us at the hospital, and even though I had a very long labor, she stayed with us the entire time. She was everything I needed, and more. She offered continuous support and encouragement, as well as aromatherapy, acupressure, and helpful suggestions for positioning. Together, her and my husband made an amazing team. I truly believe her presence made it possible for me to achieve the unmedicated birth I desired. 

Posted 11/7/2015

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Erika Olsen

I went looking for a doula at the end of my second pregnancy, having not used one the first time. We were living far from family and concerned how to juggle the delivery along with caring for our three year old. From our first meeting with Candis, we felt instantly at ease and confident she would be a great encouragement and support through the birth.

Little did I know at the time, but she would prove her value long before the baby arrived. Around 37 weeks I began having "prodromal," or start and stop labor. In the weeks that followed Candis was my lifeline, reaching out with a text, an email, or a visit to offer support through that marathon. She showed me exercises and stretches to encourage labor to progress and sent me resources to read. She was accessible to talk and help me evaluate my questions and concerns. She was quick to advise me when I should contact my midwife and showed great professionalism and wisdom. And when the big night finally came and baby girl arrived, it felt like we were all triumphantly crossing the finish line as a team. This was particularly impressive since she had spent the previous night laboring with another mom. But even while sleep-deprived she was the same warm, caring, insightful presence we had already grown to appreciate so greatly.

I can't say enough to express how thankful we are that Candis was our doula. She exceeded our expectations and gave me increased respect for role of a doula. After working with Candis I felt so much more informed and empowered. And we would highly recommend her and feel honored to have shared the birth of our daughter with her. She is truly top notch and was such an asset for our birth experience.

Posted 11/1/2015

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Lana Galbina

Candis is simply the best! She is kind, patient, sweet, and inteligent. All the qualities you'd want in a doula really. Our labor and birth have not turned out the way we've planned. Being a doula myself and educated in many procedures, I was sure this whole labor and birth was going to go swell for me. Well, after 40+ hours, I knew there was not going to be a natural birth as much as I wanted it and fought all this time for. My husband and I were super grateful that Candis stayed close to 30 hrs with us. She didn't have to really. But she stayed. And had to rise to drive across country the next day with her family. I love her heart and her sacrificing that much needed sleep to be next to me.  We so needed her there. Long story short, we finally met our babe near midnight and oh she was perfect. Candis, you are amazing and this doula task is you. It'a totally your calling. Thank you so so much for being there for us every step of the way. We love ya! xx

Posted 8/2/2015

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Bridget Herron

Candis is amazing! She supported my husband and I in achieving our perfect birth experience.As my delivery date approached, my husband and I feared that our extensive research and class were not enough to prepare us for the birth of our first child.  We both hoped to end my uneventful pregnancy with minimal intervention. We first met Candis at 36 weeks.  Immediately, my husband and I both recognizied her positive outlook, peaceful and openminded demeanor, and quiet confidence.  She asked us a few questions and helped us through a visiualization exercise.  From this, she explained her understanding of our expectations and was spot on!
Candis remained available and supportive throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.  Three days prior to my delivery, I got needy but Candis was always there! I was feeling contractions regularly, but they were very slow to progress.  She helped me understand what was going on with my body and how to work with it (not against it).  She helped with with various techniques to get through my 3 days of early labor. It was my choice to have Candis meet us at the hospital and not before (an extra treat for game time!).  Once at the hospital, Candis sprung into action.  Her presense was quiet but emmensely helpful.  She utilized essential oils, massage, pressure points, relaxation, and positioning to ensure my comfort and the progression of labor.  She was a miracle worker for both my husband and I during labor, and we were able to maximize our experince as a couple.  She also managed to keep our hospital room peaceful and quiet.  In the end, I pushed for <30 minutes, met my son skin to skin immediately, and have had breastfeeding success from the first hour.  I believe we have Candis to thank for all of it! Additionally, her postpartum support has been wonderful and the natural Bearing Joy Soothing Spray is pure magic!

Posted 3/2/2015

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