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Britt Urban

URBAN DOULA collective

Berkeley, CA Service range 15 miles $100 travel fee for clients birthing outside of the East Bay


Birth Fee

$1800 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Fee

$1800 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 150 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 100 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I am allergic to cats, so please give me a heads up so I can take an allergy pill :)

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
I do not support births at CPMC

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I LOVE Birth Centers and give discounts to my birth center clients.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Homless Prenatal Program and Volunteer Doula at the San Francisco General Hospital.

Languages Spoken

  • Spanish

Fee Details

I give discounts to low income and single moms. I am always willing to work with people on payment plans as well.

Berkeley, CA Service range 15 miles $100 travel fee for clients birthing outside of the East Bay

Client Testimonials for Britt Urban

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Breedeen Murray


Britt was an amazing person to have at our side when we had our first child. I am so happy that we had her as our doula!

Britt is extremely knowledgable about pregnancy and birth and she is incredibly warm and caring. I decided about 15 minutes into our initial interview that we'd be hiring her and both me and my husband are so glad that we did. The pre-natal visits were informative and helped us understand what we were going to experience both at home and in the hospital. Having Britt to talk things through with helped us feel prepared and ready for whatever our baby might throw our way.

In the end, we had a smooth and easy birth (well, about as easy as it could be) and we credit Britt with the lion's share of that outcome. Having her by our side at home and in the hospital, keeping us calm through everything and helping us get ready to meet our baby was a great benefit to both of us. Knowing she was there helped us stay focused and present in the moment. When people ask us about our birth experience, we say that it was great and that we had an amazing team.

I would highly recommend Britt as a doula, and I hope that she will be available if we decide to have a second baby!

Robert Driscoll


After suffering through a falrly traumatic first birth experience, my wife and I sought a doula and interviewed three others in addition to Britt. Britt was a fairly obvious joint first choice for both of us, based on her warm, down to earth personality, her experience, and her ability to listen and understand my wife's concerns and wishes.

We had two prenatal sessions with Britt, in which she discussed all aspects of the coming labor, had numerous pre-labor preparation suggestions that were extremely helpful, and left us entirely comfortable with everything by knowing the answers to our questions and by following up quickly with answers to other questions.

Long story short, labor was long... 40 hours in total and Britt stayed with us throughout and to the end, keeping spirits high, reading the situation to know when to switch positions and scenery, massaging, encouraging, calming, facilitating communication with the doctors and nurses, and being an absolute rock for the both of us. My wife was smiling going into the c-section knowing she'd done all she could to have a VBAC, and wouldn't have got half way without Britt being there. Particularly important was Britt's awesome support during surgery when I left to be with the baby. 

After the birth, she checked in with us multiple times, and I always felt we could contact her for anything.

Her major qualities include a strong knowledge of childbirth, coupled with her common sense and obvious intelligence. Britt gave us with evidence-based support, with zero nonsense, and combines it with an incredible warmth, calming presence and an ability to connect. Together, this allowed us to trust her 100%. She's also funny! We were extremely honored to have Britt with us throughout everything.



Emma Acker


My husband and I couldn't have had a better experience working with Britt. From the start, she was incredibly positive, supportive, knowledgeable, and responsive, meeting with us twice before the birth to discuss in depth our birth preferences and options, prepare us for the experience, and share ways to labor at home together before heading to the hospital. The week I went into labor she was in touch with one or both of us several times daily, offering insights and advice aout each stage of the process and supporting us through the pre-labor process at home. The day I went to the hospital Britt came over to our house around 5, labored with us at home, and then advised us to call the hospital when I had thrown up multiple because of the risk of dehydration. When we were admitted I was already 4 cm dilated so we were moved to labor and delivery. Britt brought aromatherapy oils and set up scents and candles in the room. We continued to labor without medication until about 12:30, at which point I was about 6 cm dilated and decided to get an epidural since I hadn't slept in three nights and was concerned about attempting the home stretch with no rest (I tried nitrous oxide and didn't find it helpful). Britt was supportive throughout and when I expressed some anxiety about my decision right after getting the epidural she calmed me, helped me fall asleep and when I woke at 6 am I was 10 cm dilated! She communicated with us and the hospital staff clearly and effectively throughout the evening, and was a great help to my husband in allowing him to rest during the night. When it came time to push Britt was beyond encouraging and supportive, and throughout this whole process she helped us recognize the beauty and joy in what can be a pretty intense and for some traumatic experience. She made me feel stronger, and proud of my and my baby's roles in the birth, and helped make the post birth bonding with the baby even more powerful. She loves what she does and it shows!

Caroline Charpentier-Kerhervé


I'm a postpartum doula and lactation consultant, and I have been really happy to collaborate with Britt. I refer many families to her and everyone give me only wonderful feedback about her and her support! She has high standards of professionalism and she's dedicated to support each family the best she can. She's knowledgable and always interested in learning more, and looking for the most up-to-date information. She is warm, caring and very easy to work with - I highly recommend her birth and postpartum services!

Melissa Lanman


Working with Britt was an absolute pleasure. We initially hired her as a night doula, but endedup having her work with us during the day as well, where we needed the most help as our baby was pretty sleepy from the beginning and slept through the night. Britt was flexible in her support and happily changed our arrangment, which is key for a new family with all of the unknowns. 

Britt's manner is super sweet and our daughter loved her immediately and welcomed Britt into her new baby world. As new parents - that is so important to us that not only we trust our new baby's care, but our baby trusted her too. She is truly a baby whisperer and you can tell she absolutey loves the little ones. 

In the end I look back and see Britt was also my doula!i She was there for me when I had no capacity to try new things like pumping and showing me how to use a carrier and which one of the three we had, was best for me. On top of that, she was in support of our family during a few scary moments and a hospital visit and I felt as comfortable having her there with me as much as I would a close family member. 

We would absolutely hire her again when needed! 


Maria McGinley


Britt was a game-changer. 

We contacted Britt through a referral and once we met with her, my husband and I immediately knew we needed her at our baby's birth. Her calming nature and her extensive knowledge and passion for her work was clear, and that helped confirm that she was going to be extremely helpful.

During our prelabor sessions, she educated us just enough to complement what we had been told to expect for our first birthing experience (and from our OB and birth preparation class--which we took before we realized she would provide a better and more personalized version of). We didn't want to be over-informed and stressed or scared of the unknown any more than is natural, but she was great at making us feel comfortable with how things might go (Plan A vs. Plan B and medical circumstances that might occur), especially with specific knowledge having been at various deliveries at our hospital. She also walked us through many things we may not have considered in advance and may not have been prepared for had we not thought about and discussed them before the intensity of my labor/delivery---every hospital is a little different and she brings that critical knowledge.

Words simply do not exist to succinctly and accurately portray what a difference she made during the safe (and faster than we expected) delivery of our baby boy. When it came time to execute on our birth plan, Britt was instrumental in keeping us focused, keeping me comfortable (and as relaxed as possible) , and helping me navigate the various options once I knew I need more pain relief than originally thought--so much so that she was the 1 person by my side during the epidural. My husband and I both can't imagine not having had Britt's during our birthing experience. This was the best decision we made for our pregnancy and the birth of our baby. If we decide to have another child, she'll undoubtedly be the second person we call (after telling our families) :)

Maggie Hoffman


I wanted to hire a doula for support--someone who could help me keep calm during a difficult pregnancy and delivery (and be by my side in case of my husband having to travel close to delivery date.) Ultimately, I was so so grateful to have Britt as my doula---she was exactly what I was hoping for, helping me make sense of all the info without pushing any agenda of her own, reassuring me throughout the process, and staying with me during labor when my husband needed to run back to get our bags (we went to the hospital not thinking we'd be admitted.) Britt is warm, kind, fun, and calming, and she loves what she does.

Jessica Muhleman


Having a baby can be an exhilarating, scary, exciting, anxiety inducing, fun, loving and terrifying experience. And when we first met with Britt, we were bringing all of these emotions to the table. We didn't know what it looked like to go labor, to struggle, to make decisions in the process of having a baby and we just weren't sure where to turn for answers. But from the moment we sat down with her so many of our fears were alleviated. Her calm, nuturing, and caring demeanor put us at ease and we walked away from our first meeting with a new sense of confidence.

We looked forward to our prenatal meetings! We learned so much from Britt while she worked to help us connect with one another. It also really helped us to get excited in a very tangible way about having our baby boy.

While there were no serious complications during my labor, it was long and strenuous and forced me to make some really difficult decisions that I wasn't prepared to make. Britt was by my side the entire time. She held my hand, rubbed my back, fed me ice chips, fanned me, reminded me to breath, and kept me focused and calm. More than any of that (which was a TON and I am SO grateful for all of it), she was there for me emotionally. She supported me through my waves of questioning myself, she bolstered my confidence that I could get this done, and she lifted me up when I had to make tough calls. All the while, there was no judgment, no agenda, she was just there with love and support. She helped my husband support me and when he needed a moment to step away (because we were up for over 40 hours) she was right there to step in where he left off. She was our rock.

I can't imagine going through the process without Britt. She was so important to our birth story and will hold such a special part of our hearts. It was such an honor to have her there, and I would recommend her HIGHLY to anyone who is interested in using a doula. We love you Britt!

Jessica Valeri


Britt was our doula for our first child this past June and she was wonderful!  She was warm, accommodating and knowledgeable.  During the labor she was quite hands-on as far as positioning and providing relief where it was needed.  Her attitude is non judgmental and she's got a great sense of humor, which we really appreciated.  Her presence was calming, which is something you definitely need during the labor and delivery!  She was supportive of our birth plan and helped us stick to it in a gentle encouraging manner.  We were fortunate to have a quick (ish) natural delivery, which is exactly what we wanted and although many factors are at play, of course, she was definitely a big part of that process.   

Britt took her time to get to know us, and has visited several times since the birth of our son.  She's a great resource and referred us to an excellent lactation consultant and postpartum doulas as well.  We felt totally comfortable with her and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

S Tung


Britt was our birth doula and we were very happy with her support. Her personality was an instant match, which was important to me. We also had her for several postpartum/night sessions that were so beneficial to us shortly after birth.  She exudes genuine passion in her caregiving skills, and we felt confident with entrusting our precious one In her caring arms.

Mia Tucker Klarich


My first child was born December 2013.  He was my first birth and he was also Britt's first birth.  Even though I had nine months to prepare, the entire process took me completely off guard.  Britt did not have nine months to prepare, but she was the definition of calm and her calm wore off on me.  Honestly, without Britt, I don't know what my birth would have looked like.  It was a very quick labor, so she met us at the hospital, and right away, as if she had done it a million times before, she threw her whole self into assisting me.  She pushed my back in all the right places through my contractions, she held my leg in just the right spot during pushing and the entire 4 hours, she said and did all of the right things.  Britt had the perfect demeanor for the delivery room - she was very low profile, letting the moment be something I shared predomininantly with my husband, but simultaneously she was an absolute crucial part of my delivery by making me feel so strong, so supported and so calm.  I loved every part of my delivery experience and truly believe that is thanks to Britt. 

Ted Cotsen


We had a wonderful birth experience with Britt Urban. She listened to our concerns addressed them and acted as our avocate, a wise voice of reason and a sturdy pillar to lean on as things progress with our 24 hour labor!

Britt is the type of person who instantly makes you feel comfortable which is just what we needed. She knew when to come in and provide support and motivation and when to back off and allow the intimate moments during birth to happen.
I remember her rubbing the feet and back of my wife during tough parts of her labor. She created a more pleasant atmosphere in the room dimming lights and setting up little electric candles. When my wife need to rest, Britt's eyeshades did the trick. She reminded me to rest and eat. She offered us perspective based on past experiences that proved priceless.

We highly recommend her as a Doula.

Shannon Padlog


Britt Urban is an amazing doula. She is intuitive, kind, knowledgable and has the perfect energy to support couples through the birth process. I am an experienced doula who had the pleasure of attending a birth with Britt when she was first starting out as a doula. I have mentored many doulas through the years and have a good sense of who has that intrinsic "doula spirit" and Britt has got it! She is a great communicator, compassionate and nurturing and I recommend couples to her all the time.

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