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Ashley Anders

Gilbert, AZ Service range 35 miles Any travel greater than 35 miles will incur a small fee


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$35 to $40

Birth Doula Experience

9 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: non smoking in the home

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend hospital births around the Valley. I work together with your certified nurse midwife or obgyn to support your birthing wishes and help you to have a great hospital birth experience. In addition to supporting both partners in labor, I will assist with family care, and or sibling care. I will also help get all of your belongings to your postpartum room, make sure both of you have had your first meal, and baby has had his or her first feed.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births around the Valley. I work together with your midwife to support your birthing wishes and help you to have a great home birth experience. In addition to supporting both partners in labor, I will assist with family care, setup and cleanup, and I will prepare and serve you a snack or light meal after your birth, so that you may rest and enjoy your new baby in the comfort of your home.

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Fee Details

My labor doula package includes a complementary consultation, Immediate on-call status, Unlimited phone/text/email support, 1 prenatal visit, Labor and birth attendance (at your home, and/or at the hospital/birth center) 1 postpartum visit with ongoing breastfeeding support.

Service Area

Gilbert, AZ Service range 35 miles Any travel greater than 35 miles will incur a small fee

Client Testimonials for Ashley Anders

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I reached out to Ashley when I was about 30 weeks pregnant during a global pandemic. I had been unsure if I was going to be able to hire a Doula as they weren't being allowed in hospitals. Luckily for me that rule changed and Ashley was able to attend my birth. I truly wish I would've reached out to her sooner as she was truly fantastic to have as both a listening ear and strong support person. Ashley worked extremely well with both my husband and myself to make us feel supported during some pretty scary decisions (for me a hypochondriac) during an almost 48 hour labor. If I were having more kids I would absolutely hire Ashley a thousand times over! 

Kelly Schneider


A friend of mine referred Ashley to us after we had some reservations of welcoming our second daughter. From the first phone call Ashley was very personable and easy to speak to. She listened to our concerns and provided feedback, knowledge, and a fresh perspective. She was quick to respond to my multiple text messages and phone calls of all the questions I had. She was able to provide emotional support when some uncertainties arose.

During the labor and delivery Ashley was calm and attentive to my needs. I was able to get the exact birth plan I had set out for and without Ashley's help and knowledge I'm not sure if that would have been the case especially during a pandemic. We will forever be thankful for Ashley and being there for our family. 

Isabel Castaneda


We highly recommend Ashley, and were blessed to have her as our Doula at the birth of Henry Antonio Castaneda on 8/26/2020 at 8:07pm, at Chandler Regional Hospital.

Ashley is so knowledgeable, unparalleled to any blog, book or online class I tried to take during 2020 the year of Covid 19.  She coached us on all my birthing options, from chosing an epidural, cord clamping, to referring us to a lactation specialist and someone to encapsulate my placenta. She coached me and my husband during contractions and massage my back during my back labor. She was so attentive and strong an amazing coach who helped us stay calm during my 5 days of induced labor and final delivery of Henry.

Ashley is actually Henry's guardian angel, I had itchiness all over my body and was told by family, nurses, doctors and friends that itchiness is a normal part of pregnancy. Ashley mentioned cholestasis, which I had researched and she gave me the courage to ask my doctor to test my liver for peace of mind. I was diagnosed with Cholestasis, had to be induced early, and had Henry at 37 weeks. I don't know where we would be without her strength and advice to get tested for a rare pregnancy complication that most doctors don't have much experience with. 

Thank you Ashley and we highly recommend Ashley and doulas in general. This day and age of so much online knowledge its amazing to have a specialist or black belt in pregnancy by your side though the whole process, especially as new parents. Amen!

Caroline Cecil


When asked to write a testimonial for Ashley Anders, my first thought was - ABSOLUTELY and... where do I begin? Ashley was a tremendous help to me and my family during our first pregnancy. From the first meeting, we instantly felt comfortable with her and knew she would add so much value to our experience. We were not disappointed!

As any mama can attest to, when you're going through your first pregnancy EVERYTHING is new. And... a little scary. Throughout the pregnancy, Ashley was there to listen, provide links, share advice, be a friend. I never felt judged by Ashley. When I went into labor she showed up at the hospital at the lovely hour of 4 am, very pulled together, with a smile, and ready to help. My husband also had a really positive experience working with Ashely, she went out of her way to make him feel included in every decision.

Today my son is a healthy, happy 6-month-old and we're still in touch with Ashley who we consider as a family friend! She's definitely on the Christmas card list ;). If you're considering hiring Ashley, don't give it another thought - just hire her! 

Ashley K


We were supposed to deliver our twins in California, but Covid 19 changed those plans 2 weeks before our c-section date. We ended up staying in AZ w/ no planned help. I was stressed & anxious. We were bringing babies into the world during a pandemic!

Ashley was referred over to us by mutual friends & I couldn't believe that she was available to help us a few nights a week. She was LITERALLY our saving grace! Not only did she make us feel extremely comfortable during an uncertain time, but she made the transition from having 1 child to 3 children go so smooth!

She was always on time and would jump right in! She did everything w/ the babies at night, so we could get as much sleep possible! Diapering, feeding, & getting them back to sleep while making sure that I was pumping every 2-3 hours to establish my milk supply was nightly! Newborns aren't in much of a "schedule,” but she got them on a routine together, while educating me on what was working for them. She kept a log of every time they woke up, went down, if they had wet/dirty diapers & how much they ate at each feed. This was extremely helpful to see their patterns at night & for future reference. We established a little routine between us too, which made it so nice knowing when I would be up for those 20 minutes to pump and leave milk out on the counter for her. Also, every morning I would wake up to clean bottles, pacifiers, pump parts, & pretty much anything that was in my sink. She is amazing!

I got a full night's sleep every night she was w/ the babies. I felt beyond recharged for the other days of the week w/o her help. By far THE BEST DECISION we made as parents of twins was hiring Ashley.

If you want a baby whisperer who is knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy & LOVES WHAT SHE DOES, you need Ashley. I would recommend her as a doula, a lactation consultant, and a newborn care specialist to any expecting family over & over again.

Whitney Pitt


Ashley was a lifesaver for my family, especially for me. I had twin newborn boys a two-year-old and a husband working overnight weekends. The perfect mix for mama to have no sleep and want to run away! Ashley came to our home 2 to 3 times a week and took the overnight shift so I could get sleep and function in the morning with three kiddos under 2 and a half. Her demeanor is so welcoming, she's very knowledgeable & every time she walked in I knew my kids were in great hands & I could finally sleep soundly. I couldn't recommend her more!

Lacey Western


I’m not sure if I had ever heard of a doula before Ashley and that’s possibly because I didn’t have any kids of my own. Her and I being longtime friends I knew Ashley’s passion for her work was something to admire. When finding out I was expecting no doubt in my mind that I wanted Ashley by my side. Myself being a first time mom, I had many and every question known to man.  Ashley without any hesitation helped me through them. When my water broke Ashley was in constant contact with me and helped me feel reassured with what needed to come next. Things didn’t go as planned for my birth but every single step of the 27 hours Ashley was in sight. She made me feel like everything was alright and that there was a plan. Ashley went over and beyond for us and even came back to the hospital the next day and spent time helping with nursing and recovery. We are so thankful and absolutely will have her at the next birth! We love you Ashley!


April & Bob Schulken


Part 1/2

I am not sure where to start. We were fortunate to get in with Ashley Anders through Tonya Sakowics. The only words that come to mind are,  “I’m beyond grateful to have been given this gift of knowledge, friendship, and support”! 

Even before Ashley started being our Newborn Care Specialist, she was there for us morning and night. She helped us through the delivery. She called, checked up, made sure we had as much knowledge as we could to feel comfortable and confident. This aided in us being able to have a beautiful c-section delivery of our 11 pound 2 ounce, 22 inch long little gentleman named George. No one prepares you with “all the things” that happen to your mind and body during this transition. Ashley was there every step of the way. She even noticed a tongue and lip tie the hospital did not. We were able to take care of this issue and continue to foster my plan of breastfeeding. She created a team of doctors, Lactation consultants, chiropractors, a community to make sure George was well taken care of. Each person she put us in contact with gave the upmost care and attention.

The emotions with hormones and the worry of if your doing things right or wrong are difficult. Ashley encourages me every step of the way, as well as the family. Bringing home a new baby to a teen, pre-teen, tween, and eager new dad was quite the transition into the third trimester. She became more than a nurse, she became family. It was so nice to have her and just sit and talk about all the mom questions, and trust me, there are so many questions that you have and you have no idea who to ask, when to ask, even how sometimes.

Bob & April Schulken


Part 2/2

If I can recommend someone, the best at their craft it, would be Ashley. Her passion, her value, her worth speaks for itself. Being able to recover with her by my side made it that much easier. George adores his Ashley. He knew he had a set of hands who took the greatest care of him. He was so comfortable with her, it was like she was a missing puzzle piece. From mom to mom, you get so much information thrown at you, you have ways and ideas of how you want to handle situations, and let’s not forget the internet with all kinds of information. You can make yourself go crazy with it all. I can’t tell you how great it was to ask those questions and have someone help you confidently find the answer you feel the most comfortable with. I can go on and on. Most important memory for me was, even though our son was born large he lost 11% of his birth weight. The doctor we had seen at that time put me in a real tail spin. I was feeding (with a tongue and lip tie), pumping, and feeding the pumped milk, every two hours. I was purely exhausted. I was in the shower, sobbing. My husband doing everything he possibly could to help. He and I that night sat with Ashley. She saw the pieces of me and immediately started putting me together again. She made phone calls and within that week solutions were out into place, and I was back to feeling like a confident mother I knew I could be. 

Ashley was what we needed and we were fortunate to have this opportunity. There are no greater words than, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This will be a lifetime friendship, bond created! 

Jennifer Lowry


There is no way I could ever put into words how much Ashley has helped me and my family. She came to us when we were at our worst. Our daughter was screaming nightly, inconsolable. Her cries and screams broke me and I couldn't handle it. My husband and I could not help her but Ashley could. She had the magic touch!! Not only did she help our daughter stop crying, she used her vast experience to pinpoint why my daughter was crying. It turned out she has a milk protein allergy. We would never have known without Ashley's guidance. She saved our daughter and saved us. She is kind, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced. We highly recommend her! 



Wow! Can't say enough about what a wonderful experience we had with Ashley as our doula. From the beginning she was the epitome of professionalism and friendliness. As a husband, I was skeptical about whether or not a doula was even necessary for a hospital birth, but I couldn't have been more wrong. If you don't want to read this whole review, let me bottom-line it for you now: Ashley was a foundational part of our pregnancy, birth, and first six months, and she was a valuable-beyond-words asset to us and our twins. She is worth ten times what she charges. If you hire her, you will look back, as I do, and wonder if you could have survived even a week without her! Ashley met with us several times before our twin birth to help us plan and prepare. As our due date approached, Ashley helped my wife and I to know exactly what to expect. Countless situations arose where we had questions and concerns, and having Ashley on call to listen and advise was invaluable. At the hospital, Ashley really shined. She was a supportive coach and mentor to my laboring wife, and also played an active role in helping us to make some very tough decisions. She helped us to better communicate our wishes to the medical staff, and acted as an advocate on our behalf. After the birth, we contracted Ashley to come over to our house to help with the twins. What a great decision! There were days where the only thing that got us through was the knowledge that Ashley was coming in the evening! She was very supportive, but also nudged us to make positive changes to improve our twin game. I recommend doing everything she suggests. Because of her expertise, our twins were sleeping through the night before they were 6 months! To close I will just say, especially to husbands who are wondering if a doula is just an added luxury, that hiring Ashley was 100% the right call. Make an investment in your family's well-being and hire Ashley as your doula. You will not regret it.

Arlene Arreola


Ashley is everything that a postpartum mom could hope for.  

She is one of the kindest - sweetest people I have met. Upon hiring her she promised to make my life easier and she did just that. There are so many great things that I can say about her, but at the end of the day what mattered most to me was that she cared so well for my triplet boys and myself.  I was able to sleep comfortably knowing that my boys were in good hands and being watched over with great tenderness and love, unlike another gal we hired who litterally fell asleep with my one month old in her arms.

In addition, she's also very organized and clean - waking up to a clean, organized kitchen with clean bottles and folded baby clothes was the best! She was also my personal alarm clock and would wake me up, right on time to pump - she'd have the pump and all its most annoying parts ready and waiting for me..when I was done, she'd take care of it from there and let me get back to sleep...

One thing I miss the most is our random, middle of the night and early morning fun talks.  Nights can be the most lonely and most boring time for a nursing mother.  She made laugh, and would just engage in conversation with me no matter the time - The conversation never seemed forced or out of character. There was never an awkward or uncomfortable moment - she was a great friend during those few months and I can thankfully say she still is.

I will forever appreciate her and all that she has done for me and my family.  She is undoubtedly great at what she does and I highly recommend her. She was and is by far the best!

Ally Brownrigg


Where do i begin with Ashley?! She was a life saver for me... Since day one! I have never felt comfortable with someone who wasn’t family watching my kids but i trust her 100 %. She has become more than our Newborn care specialist but she has become an amazing friend. I could never repay her for all the work she put into our family. We love her to death and she is now and forever a part of our family. ??

Cassie Uhl


My husband and I are so grateful to Ashley for helping us with the birth of our twins and postpartum care. I originally wanted to do a home birth but due to having twins decided to birth in the hospital. Between Ashley and my husband, I felt totally supported during my hospital birth. There were so many hard decisions to make during the birth of our twins and it was so helpful to have someone so knowledgeable but not affiliated with the hospital to talk us through our options. I had a long labor and she stayed by our sides the entire time.

After the twins were home we hired Ashely for a couple weeks of postpartum time to help us with caring for the twins. Having someone there to answer all of the questions we had as first-time parents with two preemies was a lifesaver. I was recovering from a c-section and having the extra rest was huge for my recovery too. I truly believe that having the extra help early on is one of the primary reasons I did not get postpartum depression, which can be so common with multiples. Ashley was worth every penny and we know we made the right decision for us and our twins by hiring her.

Elias Arreola


Bringing triiplet babies home from the hospital is as daunting as it sounds and all the cliches are true; the sleepless nights, the intensity, the tears, the joy, the tears of joy, all of it.  Having a 3 year old at home we thought we had at least some of the answers but multiples are a totally different ball of wax.  The one thing that was made crystal clear to us is that we would need help.  Especially at night.  So we started the search for that help and ended up working with 4 different NCS/doulas.  Needless to say they were all very well qualified and did a good job but Ashley was far and away the best. Having her own kids, Ashley had a unique uderstanding of our questions and was sensitive to them.  Her work ethic and attention to detail was also a step above in how she left things when she would leave, how she prepped us for the next feeds, and updates on how the babies did that night so we would have an idea of what to expect for the day.  Our experience with Ashley was exceptional.  When you have someone spend so much time in your home at your most vulnerable moments you get a good sense of who you're working with.  Ashlely was awesome, is a great person and from what I can see is an amazing mom.  She took care of our babies as if they were her own.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help, even if you don't have triplets.

Mary Erin Carr


Looking back on my son's first 6-8 weeks, I am so happy that I had hired Ashely as my newborn specialsit.  She was always very cheerful, punctual, and knowledgagle during her visits. From assisting with getting the baby to correctly latch and nurse, answering those endless baby care questions, to swaddling and soothing the baby back down so I could get some much needed rest, my time spent with Ashley gave me th confidence and extra support to know without a doubt that I could care for my baby.  I found myself looking forward to her vists not only for the extra nightime help, but also to see Ashley's big smile and catch up on our week.  By the time she left, my son was soundly sleeping 6-8 hours a night.

Melissa Parsel


It never crossed my mind to have a Doula until I spoke to Ashley about it and I am so thankful that we chose her. She was knowledgeable and incredibly helpful during some of the most difficult decisions we had to make during the birth of our first child. I went to the hospital with the most amazing birth plan but ended up having to have a C-section due to severe preeclampsia. Ashley helped us go over all the risks and benefits (BRAIN) and was supportive during the entire process. As much as I wanted an all-natural birth I knew I had to do what was safe for me and our daughter. Ashley was in the OR with us to provide emotional support and ensure some of the things I wanted during my natural birth plan were followed during the C-section. She even captured the moments for us on video/camera! She helped me with lactation support after and continues to follow-up with us to ensure all is going well. Thank you Ashley for all of the support you provided us during this time. We couldn't have gotten through it without you! We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Doula. She is the BEST!

Shari Ochoa


Ashley was simply amazing as our post-partum doula. We do not have any family that could help us out in those first weeks after our son was born, but we knew that we would need someone there who knew more about newborns than we did.  Enter Ashley.  She did everthing from teaching us how to bath our baby to going with me the first time I took him out of the house.   She helped me learn how to pump and was instrumental in making sure my baby and I developed a strong breastfeeding relationship.   For the first four weeks, Ashley was with us during the day.  I was able to shower and take a little time for myself, knowing that my son was in caring, gentle, knowlegable hands.  When she transnitioned to nights, I was able to get an almost full night's sleep with just a couple of short pumping sessions.  Again, it was easy to rest knowing that Ashley was taking care of him.   She took a real interest in our son's development and always checked in to see how his well-baby checks went.  And if he had a rough night with her, she would check in to see how he was doing the next day.  It is clear that she loves her work and the babies she works with!!  Ashley made the transition from a couple to a family of three so easy and took away the stress of those first few weeks.  She attends to ever detail too - she always washes her hands (which is a big deal to my husband and I), she is always on time, leaves the house and kitchen neater than she found it. She even helped us find a reputable nanny for a wedding we attended in Napa (we wanted her to go with us, but she couldn't :(

Ashley was everything we needed and more.  She is terrific, caring, knowlegable and any family would be lucky to have her help during the 4th trimester!!

Jennifer Lopez


Ashley has been such an amazing support for myself and my husband through out my pregnancy, during the birth and after! The day my daughter was born my birth plan slowly went out the window and my dream natural childbirth turned into a 24 hour ordeal that ended in a C-Section. Ashley stayed by our side through the whole adventurous experience. It was amazing to have her there not only for myself but for my husband as well. It was a very long day for all of us and I know it would have been much more of a struggle for us both had she not been there. We are so grateful to have gone through this journey with her by our side.

Michelle VanAllsburg


After having twin newborns and really needing help, we found it hard to put our trust in a person we didn't know. But after meeting Ashley Anders for the first time, we knew that she was completely trustworthy and highly trained to take great care of our twins. Ashley did a wonderful job caring for our twins at night for 2.5 months. We were able to sleep without concern knowing that she would look after them. She truly loves her job and loved our children. She always gave helpful tips and tricks. Her input was invaluable. She provided lactation advice to me both when I was nursing and when I had to move to exclusively pumping. She checked up on us even on days she wasn't working and would answer any questions we had. She is punctual, well-organized and thoughtful. Ashley was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her!

-Jason and Michelle

Gretchen Huska


Best decision ever!  Hands down the best decision my husband and I made during our pregnancy was having Ashley be a part of our journey.  I cannot imagine having gone through it without her.  We ended up delivering our twins at 29 weeks, so Ashely was probably not expecting a call from us, but she was there within minutes.  As you can imagine it was a scary time for us, especially being first-time parents, but Ashley was there with her calming energy helping us through every step of the way.  I would highly recommend Ashely as a doula for those families expecting, especially if it is your first pregnancy.  There is no way to plan for everything that can happen during a pregnancy/delivery, but having someone there who has knowledge of all the possibilities is so nice.  Her boundaries were great as well.  I feel it is beneficial to have someone there who is truley an advocate for you.  My husband found her incredibly helpful as well.  He was able to go to the NICU to see the babies and know that I was not alone because Ashley was there for me.  Thank you so much Ashley!  It was such a blessing to work with you.

Jose Vidal


Our experience with Ashley was exactly what we needed in the final trimester of our pregnancy! We decided to hire a doula during the third trimester because we felt that it would be helpful to have a knowledgeable and objective advocate in the delivery room - someone who we could count on to represent our best interest! Immediately after talking with Ashley, we knew she was the perfect fit for us: empathetic to our concerns while also encouraging us and guiding us to make informed choices. She was also very reassuring to me (the husband) that her role was never to replace me in the delivery room but to supplement and support me as much as my wife.

It turned out that our experience in the delivery room spanned 3 days and the spectrum of emotions. Going from a natural labor to necessary C-section to carting our baby to the NICU, Ashley was a Godsend! She always found the right ways to help us move physically and emotionally through each stage of labor and post partum. She made some suggestions to help progress during labor that our medical staff wasn't even aware of. She tended to my wife and started her pumping while I tended to our baby in the NICU. She even captured some amazing moments for us to cherish forever.

Ashley is incredible and we're so thankful for everything she did for us!

Alejandra Amador Vidal


When I first met Ashley for our consult, she asked me to express all of my fears so that we could talk through them - one of them being a c-section. Right away, I was grateful for her willingness to walk through those fears with me. She helped me to acknowledge them as a possibility and talk about what we would do if they did happen. Ashley, from the beginning, has been a pillar of strength and resource. She always made herself available to me and has served as a liason not only between the medical professionals and I, but also with my family. I ended up needing to be put on pitocin when I went in to the hospital and Ashley knew this was a scary moment for me. She updated my family for me so I didn't have to experience additional stress in explaining what was happening. I ended up needing to have a C-section and we were able to have Ashley in the operating room. When Luca was pulled out, he wasn't breathing. Ashley stood by my husband, supporting him through one of the most traumatic moments of our lives. Luca was taken to NICU and they asked my husband to come along. Instead of feeling like he was abandoning me after this traumatic moment, Ashley assured my husband that she would stay with me and would take care of me. I could have never anticipated this moment, but I know for a fact that having Ashley there was a gift to not just me, but my husband during a time that neither of us knew what to do or expect. My birth could have been uneventful, simple, and fast - but it wasn't. There is no way of knowing, especially for a first time mom. All I knew was that I didn't want to take the risk of not having the kind of support only a doula can bring into such a life changing event. Ashley became much more than a doula to us after that journey - she helped me grieve, she gave my husband permission to leave my side in an emergency - knowing I would be taken care of. She stood by us. I cannot recommend her enough.

Jana Jasso


We had a work conference in Arizona when our baby girl was 6 weeks old.  There were adult only functions at the conference and we needed to find someone to help with our baby two nights.  We contacted our doula company in Portland and asked them if to help us find someone in Arizona.  The company quickly got back to us with Ashley's name.  She came highly recommended so we contacted her right away.  She responded and was extremely friendly and professional.

Like most parents, we were nervous to leave our baby with a "stranger".  As soon as Ashley came into the room, she was warm and friendly.  I appreciated that she said hello, introduced herself, and then promply went to wash her hands before taking the baby.  Once she held the baby, I knew our daughter was in good hands. She was relaxed and happy in Ashley's arms.  We chatted for awhile and felt comfortable leaving to attend our first function.

Our baby has minor reflux, and had only vomited once in her life.  Ashley and I had discussed that prior to our trip.  Shortly after we left, I got a text from Ashley saying the baby had projectile vomited.  I hurried back to the room to check the baby's temp or any other symptoms but everything was fine. In fact, she was calm and smiling at Ashley the whole time.  Ashley told me she was totally good staying and working with our baby to do everything she could to help minimize any reflux symptoms.  Thankfully, the rest of the nights went smoothly.

Ashley was so kind and easy to talk to each time I came back to the room to pump or feed the baby.  She was a great resource when I had questions about breast feeding, reflux, growth spurts, etc.  She even sent me an article on one of the topics we discussed.  It was a wonderful experience and would use her again anytime!!!  I can't say enough great things about her!

Rachel Kay


Ashley Anders was above the top when it came to her doula services. She was caring, provides lots of helpful information and tips and was very flexible. I enjoyed having her help me. I had two night nurses and wish I just had Ashley the whole time. I never heard the baby crying in the middle of the night. that there was reasurring she was doing her job and taking care of my baby boy. I would recommend Ashley to anyone! She is the best!

Samantha Risley


Ashley was unbelievably fantastic, we hired her to simply take labor and delivery photos but she went so far above and beyond. As my due date rolled around she would text me constantly checking to see how I was, something she did not have to do, it felt like she was taking a personal investment in me and my pregnancy. When I went into labor she diligently stayed I touch even though it was in the wee hours of the night and she arrived a few hours before I gave birth answering any questions and being another line of support. Even though she was only hired and paid to the pictures it felt like I had a expert professional by my side every step of the way. Even after I gave birth she made herself available for any and all questions.  She made it clear to me that she was not a professional photographer that she simply takes pictures for all her pregnant mommas that hire her as a doula but the pictures she took were so amazing. She captured all of the moments that I would hope to remember and then some, she even got video of the big moment.   Ashley was a wonder to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to hire her as my doula for my next birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Michelle Noma


Ashley helped us out as a part time postpartum doula for our newborn triplets.  She was with us for 3 months. We liked Ashley from the moment we met her!  She is kind, friendly and very knowledgeable.  She was great with our babies and it was very reassuring to know they were in such great hands!  Ashley was very flexible and adjusted her schedule and picked up days when we needed her to.  Ashley was also very neat and organized.  Every morning when she left, she had the nursery neater than when she arrived and had everything laid out for us to start our day.  She also helped me with my pumping and milk supply questions and was even able to help get us some donor milk.  We will definitely miss Ashley!  It was a pleasure having her in our home and I highly recommend her!

Tanya Leigh


Ashley is absolutely AMAZING! While pregnant with my first child, I would frequeny ask Ashley random questions, trying to make sure symptoms and things I was experiencing were normal.  She was so helpful and patient with me!  Due to possible complications, I had a medicated hospital birth.  I received general breastfeeding support in the hospital, but left using nipple shields and not quite comfortable with breastfeeding.  After a few days home, I was ready to quit with breastfeeding.  I was frustrated, and the baby was frustrated, and it was a struggle even with the shields.  Ashley came over to my house and provided one on one support.  She helped me with latching and positioning, and helped me come up with a plan to wean off of the nipple shields.  At my daughters one week appointment, she had dropped a signifcant amount of weight, and they recommended we supplement with a formula to help her gain weight.  I was devastated, and ready to quit breastfeeding.  Again, Ashley came over to provide the support and motivation that I needed to keep with it.  She gave me information about food and supplements that help increase milk supply, and I started on them right away.  After about a month, my daughter began putting on weight and was no longer fussy/frustrated during feedings.  As I prepared to go back to work, she helped with bottle support and how to transition the baby between bottle and breast.  When I went back to work, Ashley helped me through my struggles with pumping and maintaining supply.  Every time I had a question or concern, Ashley provided support, answers, and resources.  My daughter is now 3 1/2 months old, happy and healthy, and receiving only breastmilk.  Ashley continues to check in on us, and answer questions.  Ashley has become more than a support, she is a great friend as well! I would highly recommend Ashley to anyone!

Nicole Montano


Ashley has been absolutely AMAZING! I highly recommend her! She has been there to answer my many, many questions about about nursing, newborns and anything and everything I wondered about feeding. When I first started breastfeeding it was very difficult and I questioned if I should even be continuing attempting to because I was having issues w milk supply and was an emotional wreck. I cried a lot. Those fragile few days, she patiently and knowledgably addressed my questions and gave me tips while giving me encouragement to keep it up. I was am just very grateful that she was there for me during some of my darkest, most sleep deprived and emotional hours. She continues to check in w me to see how baby was gaining and eating and to counter ideas about weights and percentiles and things that, as a mother that is nursing.. can lead one to want to supplement. I'm very glad she was my breastfeeding counselor. I don't think I would have made it nursing without her.

Alicia Magera


Ashley was an amazing Doula to work with.  My boyfriend was apprehensive about hiring a doula thinking that he was going to be replaced in the delivery room.  Ashley clearly explained her role and how she was there to support both of us and give him some guidance on how to best support me when I may not be communicating clearly.  Ashley is extremely knowledgable and supportive.  She listened to our wishes and concerns and addressed all of them.  She and her doula partner Bethany assisted in developing our birth plan and explained the many options (many we didn't even know about) that were available to us.  She provided research based information on how to best care for ourselves up to and during labor and delivery.  She provided amazing support while I was dealing with pregnancy complications and helped put my mind at ease as well as offering some great ways to manage my symptoms.  When it came time to deliver Ashely was easily accessible and prepared to assist.  She provided support through texts and calls during the early stages of a 20 hour labor.  When it was time for her to come to the hospital she arrived cheerful and ready to assist.  She provided the right balance of hands on assistance as well as guiding my boyfriend on how to assist.  When I was ready to give up she was assertive and comforting at the same time.  After our daughter was born she assisted with establishing breastfeeding and making sure we were comfortable, fed, and hydrated. In addition to our daughter joing our family that day I feel that Ashely did too.  My extended family visited and showered her with hugs as well.  I am so thankful that we found her.  Her professionalism and ability to adjust to our laid back sometimes comedic life was very much appreciated.  I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a Doula.

Zennoma Richardson


My experience with Ashley was as a night-time post-partum doula.  I had a shoulder injury after my c-section with twin girls and desperately needed to get rest in order to recover.  Ashley was just what I needed.  She was not only professional and great with my three week old girls, she offered support and encouragement with being a new mom.  She was such a tremendous help that I couldn't have survived without her help.  I didn't hear the babies peep once during the night and this gave me a great sense of comfort.  She gave my husband and I overnight support for eight days and believe me, we wish we could have kept her on longer.  Ashley also helped with laundry and bottle washing.  Sometimes, the little things are just as important and she understands that. I will forever be grateful to her.

Stephenie Christner


Ashley was my saving grace when it came time to breastfeed my daughter. I thought I was in the clear since my little one latched on her own but little did I know how hard it would be from there. I had dry cracked nipples and plugged ducts and I felt so defeated. If Ashley hadn't been there for me I don't think I world have made it this far on my breastfeeding journey. We are now 9 months in and I owe everything to her. I definitely would recommend Ashley to anyone in need of a doula and/or a lactation consultant.

Mora Steele


I have had the most amazing experience with Ashley as my postpartum doula. This is my second baby and I had a lot of anxieties and worries because of my history of postpartum depression and a lack of support. Ashley has been here for me since day one and we have become great friends. She came over on very short notice a couple days after I brought my baby home to help me with breastfeeding and it turned around my whole day and my experience with breastfeeding. After she left I felt so confident and supported. Ashley is always available to text or talk to when I have questions or just want someone to talk to or joke around with. My 3 year old loves Ashley! He calls her "my girl" and has helped him with the transition in to a big brother! She has been nothing but THE BEST! I would recommend her to every and anyone who is having a baby. Ashley is always on time and follows through with what she says she is going to do. It's like having 4 arms, 2 brains, and a HUGE heart :) Thank you Ashley for being more than I could ask for in a doula and a friend.


Mora Steele

Terry Hughbanks


Ashley Anders was amazing! Ashley was my Daughter Taylor Christner Doula, from the very beginning of Taylors pregnancy Ashley was there to help my daughter learn all of the different options for child birth. Ashley helped answer most all question that she had and if she didn't know she would find out and explain to Taylor in detail. When the big day finally came to head to the hospital Ashley was there with the most amazing feeling of comfort for anyone that was there, As things progressed Ashley was Taylors rock! Keeping her focused and breathing correctly. Ashley was always informing the family about what was happening. As Taylor's final push was there and the miracle of life was in Taylors arms my beautiful grandson is here. Thank you Ashley Anders for all your help.

Kelsi Wieler


I am a single mom and knew off the bat I would need someone who I could lean on for emotional and physical support during my pregnancy, labor, and post-partum period. This led me to hiring Ashley, and I am beyond thankful I did. My pregnancy was high-risk, and included bedrest and hospital visits. Ashley knew exactly what to do and the kind of support I needed the entire time. I loved having someone who cared and understood everything I was concerned about in my my birthing journey. I orginally hoped to have a home birth, and my midwife adored Ashley, as well.  She continued this rapport with our nurses and doctors when my daughter failed her kick count, failed her biophysical, and we were hospitalized in high-risk labor. Ashley helped me develop a birthing plan that addressed all of my concerns, as well as aspects I had never thought of. I loved her approach in giving me the information I needed to be educated, and allowing me to decide what I felt to be best for my family.  The birthing plan that we developed was adhered to as best as possible, which I credit to Ashley. She helped me labor as naturally as possible, and encouraged me to listen to my body. I didn't expect to labor the way I did (counterpressure and what not), but she was ready to provide the support I asked for as it happened. She also helped me remember what my main goals were. When my daughter needed to be rescued by ceserean, Ashley went into the surgery room with us and held my hand throughout the entire thing. She comforted me while they worked on getting my baby out, and then while they tried to get my baby stable enough to be held. My daughter was the second baby EVER to receive skin-to-skin contact in the hospital she was born at, surely that wouldn't have happened without Ashley's advocating and rapport with my birthing team. Finally, she supported me post partum when I dealt with PPD. I am SO thankful I had the support of Ashley during all of this. She is irreplacable!

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