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Phone: 8328407900

Birth Fee: $850 to $1200

Fee Details: Fee is $850 with various discounts available: $50 discount for paying in full at the first visit $50 discount for those birthing with a midwife or birth center $50 discount for those who complete 1 of 3 childbirth courses (Birth Boot Camp, Bradley, or Birthing from Within) $50 discount for military & ministerial families Why the discounts? There are things couples can do to best set themselves up for accomplishing the birth they want. Hiring a doula is a great step! Taking additional steps can also set you up for success! Take a great childbirth course–I see the best births with couples who have taken 1 of the recommended courses. Birthing with a midwife is incredibly safe & has wonderful statistics of safety, vaginal deliveries, & lower rates of morbidity & mortality for low-risk mothers & babies. Because I see births go smoother with fewer necessary (& unnecessary) interventions with midwives, I offer discounts for midwife births (

Birth Doula Experience: 4 years and 134 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, December 2014
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Special discounts for Birth Center births.
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Special discounts for home births.

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Birth Boot Camp Certified Instructor
  • Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPM (Certified Professional Midwife)
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • HBC - Home Birth Consultant
  • LM (Licensed Midwife)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Trained as Midwife Birth Assistant

College Education

  • AA/AS
  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • Home Birth
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Birth Pool rental
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Monitrice services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Amber is certified through Childbirth International. In addition to being a doula, she is also a licensed midwife (LM, CPM). With an education as a doula & current midwife, she brings a wealth of childbirth experience & knowledge different from that of an average doula. She is also certified in neonatal resuscitation & CPR. She has attended over 190 births. Amber has 4 small children, all of which were natural births with midwives. Each was a very different yet equally sacred experience—one was born in a third world country with a missionary midwife. The tender support given during each birth ignited a desire to serve women through their journey of childbirth. She believes in women’s bodies & their ability to give birth the way it was designed. She also believes in a woman’s right to chose how & where she wants to give birth, be encouraged in that choice & given every opportunity to make it happen the way she desires in the healthiest, safest way possible. Amber is married to Weston, who works as an associate pastor. Before moving back to the USA, the Berrys served as missionaries in Egypt for 5 years. Amber also has birth experience with a missions birth clinic in the Philippines for impoverished women & has visited multiple third-world birth centers. It's the Berrys hope to return to serving in Africa with Amber as a missionary midwife. It is her heart’s desire to journey with couples through their own unique birth experiences, offering encouragement & support to achieve the best, safest, most comfortable & positive experience possible.

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Humble, TX
Travel Range: 50 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Amber Berry

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Alissa Voss

I knew from the moment we met with Amber for our initial consult that her calming presence, sweet nature, and wealth of experience were what I wanted by my side for our first birth. Amber eased many of my concerns throughout my pregnancy, providing information and encouragement about birthing classes, natural birth techniques, and dietary issues. She was very responsive via email and phone. Even though our birth eventually required induction and ended in a c-section due to baby's position and refusal to drop, my husband and I couldn't be happier with our decision to hire Amber. She helped tremendously through the difficult moments of my back labor, and returned after surgery to assist with breastfeeding. She also provided the little touches that meant so much to me, including taking modest photos of my husband and me during early labor and writing up a birth story including all the details that I wasn't taking in! Amber is a phenomenally knowledgeable and encouraging doula, and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Posted 12/5/2016

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Leslie Pogue

This was my second time to hire Amber as my doula! She is absolutely amazing and so very sweet!! She makes you feel very comfortable and just like someone you have been friends with for years! Although this birth went a lot quicker than my first, Amber was at the hospital as soon as possible and was there for great support and to take pictures of my sons birth! With my first birth, it was very long and difficult and Amber was by my side the entire time (over 24 hours) and helped me get the type of birth that I wanted. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula! :)

Posted 11/11/2016

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Ashley Naivar

From the first visit I had with Amber I felt like things just "clicked" between us and she understood my wants and desires for my birth experience. I was planning on interviewing a few more doulas but after meeting Amber my husband and I decided that wasn't necessary. I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy but anytime I ever reached out to her via text/phone/email she was always there to provide me evidence based information and support. 

it ended up being Amber's guidance that gave me the courage to switch providers at 34 weeks pregnant because my current provider was showing signs of only being tolerant of my desire for a VBAC. One of the many things I love about Amber is no matter what choices you decide to make for your pregnancy and delivery she is always 100% supportive. 

Come delivery day, I could not have done it without her by my side. I had a lot of hiccups that that lead me down a path I didn't think I would take. I had many doubts and fears but Amber helped ground me and kept reminding me that I was still going to get my beautiful baby at the end of this long journey. During labor, her wonderful bag of tricks seemed to have all the right things at the right time to allow me pain management and ultimately give me the pain med free VBAC I so desired. 

Amber makes you feel like you have a best friend cheering you on and providing you support through the crazy journey pregnancy, labor and delivery gives. If we are blessed with more kids in our future, I would hope to have her right by my side again. What she offers is priceless and I can't imagine having gone through it without her. 

Posted 8/19/2016

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Taryn Pike

We didn't initially intend to use a doula, but we were sure about having a natural childbirth.  As the due date got closer, we decided we needed extra support for the birth.  Amber was recommended to us by a good friend that had just had her baby boy.  We met with her at her home and new she was going to fit our personalities and needs.  From the very beginning, she provided ample resources and knowledge for our review prior to birth.  When I started having regular contractions, we communicated with Amber over the phone until we all felt she should come over to our home.  Having her here to labor before going to the hospital was invaluable.  She kept me calm and laboring in my own environment and allowed our family the time we needed.  Her nurturing care continued at the hospital.  I do not remember many details, but Amber was so thoughtful and took notes and pictures throughout the process.  She presented us with a beautiful Birth Story compiled from her notes and perspective; it really allowed us to reflect on that day and remember the fine details that can be lost.  She is a beautiful, kind soul and just the energy you need around you.

Posted 7/20/2016

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Amanda Passanante

Amber was the absolute BEST decision we made in our birth process; I don't know how I would have made it through without her!  My labor was 50.75 hours long, and Amber was with me for 24 of them.  She came to our house and helped my husband with strategies for moving my labor along and helping me sleep.  She spent HOURS pouring water on my back in the tub through some difficult contractions.  She gave my husband breaks so he could do his best coaching me through labor, and she made sure that I ate (SO important) food that would fuel my marathon labor.  She then accompanied us to the birthing center, where she was instrumental in my continuing birthing process.  She was willing to help in any way she could, whether it was being hands on, giving me space, or even running out to get food.  Amber is so warm, kind, and comforting.  My husband and I are both introverted people, and never did we feel uncomfortable having her around; on the contrary, she was the most comforting presence.  She never stopped throughout my entire labor and always helped in the most relaxing way.  She is truly gifted at offering just the right kind of help when it is needed.  She gave me shoulder massages, helped with positioning to move the baby and speed dilation, she used essential oils to keep my nausea at bay (they really work!) and she offered comforting and motivational words when I needed them most.  She was as much a comfort to my husband as she was to me, as my long, natural birth was trying for both of us.  After the birth, she did a home visit (even though I had a Christmas Eve baby), and gave us the sweetest written account of our birth; it was such a personal, thoughtful memory, and it is one I will always cherish.  Amber is so passionate about birth, and you will NOT be sorry about having her on your team!

Posted 6/24/2016

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Telitha Courmier

When I decided to hire a Doula I was very nervous. It felt like a blind date cause I knew at the end of this pregnancy my Doula was gonna see My Everything. During the interview process my husband and I met Amber. She had such a calm and caring presence about her I couldn't help but hire her on the spot. She helped us with our birth plan in such detail she made sure we were prepared even for worse case scenarios. I had a very draining 3rd trimester because I would have contractions every afternoon til I fell asleep. I was constantly in contact with her several times during that time thinking labor was coming. Not once did she ever brush me off she was very supportive and informative, ready to help me when I felt the time was right. Finally the day came and she came as soon as I asked her to. When she arrive she was calm and collective, ready to assist with anything I needed her to. Between Amber and my husband I was able to handle my contractions with the most efficiency. Soon my precious baby boy was in my arms ready for his first feed. Amber truly has a special gift for being a doula, she lets her passion speak through the work she does. She has felt like a part of the family for months, I will miss her texts and calls seeing how I was doing and consoling me when I was frustrated about going past due date. If we have another baby some day I will definitely be calling her! Believe me you won't find a better Doula for the job

Posted 6/1/2016

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Ian and Sara Call

After procrastinating my entire pregnancy (!), I met with Amber for the first time April 23rd. My baby's due date was May 7! I am so thankful that Amber was available to be my doula. I only regret that I didn't find her and meet with her earlier to walk through my pregnancy with me. I really should have known better than procrastinate in hiring a doula. This was the second pregnancy that I've used a doula. A doula is worth her weight in gold! Don't give birth without one!

Amber has a very calm and kind presence, which I find important during labor. She takes the time to get to know you and what you want your birth to be like, what your priorities are. Amber has a great deal of knowledge about childbirth. She was responsive when I texted her with questions and concerns, and she sent me links to articles that gave me more information in response to my questions. 

Once you are in labor, she will come to your home when you decide you need her. For me, that was around 2:00 am. I was so happy to see her when she arrived! She and my husband worked as a team to help me stay as comfortable as possible. My labor suddenly (and unexpectedly!) shifted into high gear. Amber's quick thinking helped us get to the hospital in time. If we had waited or called the midwife before we decided to leave home, we might not have made it to the hospital before our daughter was born.


Posted 5/16/2016

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alefiya nasr

Amber is the best dicison my husband and I made regarding birth. Even though we hired her a week before my labor, she was so professional that she  tried her best to know everything I wanted in my birth plan, medical history, and even my prefrence. I felt that she was one of my family; she  was very supportive and stayed with me for the 24 hrs labor. Amber is very experienced,kind, and smart. I highly recommend her for all moms who want  dedicated support with so much knowledge.

You are the best Amber , and thank you for writiing down my birth story to my son so he can read it when he grows up. That was so thoughtful of you. 

Posted 5/13/2016

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Mary Porter

I highly recommend Amber to anyone looking for a doula. This was my second pregnancy and we planned to go med-free again and wanted a doula to be our advocate at the hospital. I ended up being induced at 41w5d. I was started on pitocin but once my contractions started going and I reached 4cm my doctor let us turn it off. The doctor broke my water once I reached 6cm and about 1.5 hours later, baby boy was here! Amber has lots of experience and I thought since I was being induced that I would need an epidural, etc. She helped us through it her "bag of tricks". We loved that she is a christian woman and she supplied my husband with verses to read during the contractions. We had a terrific experience with this second birth and would hire her again! Thanks, Amber!

Posted 5/3/2016

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MP Wheeler

Amber was hands down an angel to work with.  My husband and I both are so happy we decided to hire her for the birth of our first child. We knew we wanted an all natural, unmediated birth for our son, but also were very nervous, not really knowing what to expect and if I would really be able to achieve it and in a hospital setting. Amber was in communication with us throughout the entire pregnancy, writing a birth plan and newborn care plan, and helping us decide on the right childbirth prep class. Amber was with us when we decided we wanted her to come during early labor and stayed with us until after the birth (about 13 hours later). During labor, Amber helped us by showing my husband how to help me get in different positions and help me remain focused on Hypnobirthing relaxation and breathing. Amber continued to help me through the pushing stage at the hospital by showing me how to try different positions and made sure the hospital staff was aware of my birth plan.  I know we were able to achieve everything we wanted because of her help. She had a tip and a trick for everything I needed and helped encourage me when I was about to hit a wall. We will be hiring Amber again when we decide to have our next baby.  

Posted 5/1/2016

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Dagny Moore

We 100% reccommend Amber Berry as a doula!  We hired a doula because we were first time parents that were unsure of things heading into labor and birth.  We hired Amber in our second trimester and immediately felt more confident as our due date approached.  Before birth Amber was very helpful answering random pregnancy and birth prep questions that we had.  We met with her a few times before birth to talk about the birth we were hoping for and to come up with a birth plan.  Amber was extrememly organized and professional throughout the whole process and really helped us out a ton!  We had an early birth due to pre eclampsia, and Amber totally rolled with the punches and was available to us throughout the labor and delivery process.  She provided much need support for my husband and they worked together to help me get through every contraction.  Amber was very proactive throughout the entire labor/delivery process - whether it was taking charge of the next labor position, spooning me peanut butter in between contractions, massaging my back, squeezing my hips, talking to the nurses, coaching my husband through things, coaching me through the pain and the rest times, etc...Amber has a gift and we are forever grateful that she shared it with us!  We were able to vaginally bring a healthy baby into the world without any pain medication with her help.  

Posted 3/21/2016

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stephanie reid

I had the privilege of having Amber as my doula and can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions we made in regards to our birth. There are many uncertainties and unknowns when you are pregnant with your first child and having a husband that travels frequently for work, it was a major relief to have her there every step of the way. Our goal was a natural birth with as little intervention as possible. Amber helped us achieved our goal and we were able to labor most the night in the comfort of our own home and delivered naturally at our local hospital that morning. Amber provided extensive knowledge and experience and kept me strong when I wanted to give in and accept pain medicine. I am so grateful to Amber for helping us achieve our goal of a natural birth, I will remember that special day for the rest of my life. 

Posted 3/6/2016

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Audry McCarthy

Amber was my doula in June 2015 for the birth of my second child, who was a VBAC attempt. I absolutely don't know how I (or my husband!) would have survived my birth without her! Amber was so sweet & personable. She did an excellent job of education prior to my birth, especially in "teaching" my husband on what to expect/know how to react to different situations. She had every piece of equipment you could think of and brought it all to your labor prep meeting & birth! 

I went straight into active labor at 3:30am waking up to a strong contraction & my water breaking (no prodomal labor for me!). I texted Amber & she responded within 1-2 minutes! Amber met us at the hospital around 8am, she was such a wonderful presence to me and my husband. She prayed with us, laughed with us, would sit back to let us have some time together and my husband support me, and helped me to keep changing positions and trying to stay upright. She massaged me, helped do counter pressure, and was so encouraging as I was laboring naturally.

After being stuck at 8cm for 6 hours and my contractions stalling out, we decided to try pit & an epidural to relax. I got to 10, but baby never descended past 0 station. They wanted to section me immediately, but Amber was very firm defending me and trying EVERYTHING before I had to have a csection. They "allowed" me to have my epi turned off...I kept asking, but they wouldn't listen to me until Amber demanded they turn it off so I could try and push with feeling. I pushed for 3 hours and he didn't move past a 0 station, so after a 36 hour labor, he was born via 10lb 6oz!!! He was stuck in my pelvis. I felt good about my outcome because I had labored to 10 naturally, pushed, and tried everything possible to get him out. For my VBA2C, I will be calling Amber as well! It will be the best money you have every spent!!!



Posted 1/24/2016

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Chelsea McGhinnis

Throughout nearly our entire pregnancy, my husband and I were confident that we were good enough partners and could make it through without extra support. Around 35 weeks, we decided we better not be too confident - so we contacted Amber. From the moment we met her, we knew we had a sense of peace about her attending our birth. We had 2 prenatal visits that helped us gauge expectations for the birth and get to know one another. When I went into labor, we were in contact with Amber. She was at our house within an hour of us saying we needed her! She supported my husband and myself throughout the entire process. All told, she was with us for about 16 hours of my labor, both at home and the birth center. She was busy the entire time. Whether it was making me tea to be sure I had enough energy or massaging my back to help me get through contractions, Amber had a sense for what I needed every step of the way. Her support was invaluable and I can't say enough great things about our experience with her. Amber will forever be such an important part of our birth experence.

Posted 1/17/2016

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Kelly Milam

We used Amber as our doula for the birth of our second child. We had just moved to the Houston area and were desperate to find a doula with only a month to go before our due date. Amber was a true blessing and an answer to prayer. She met with us for a consultation and a prenatal visit during the busy holiday season. Her resources and knowledge blew me away.  I really truly believe because of her presence my birth went much more graceful.

She was with us every step of our labor, helped my husband understand how he could help best, prayed over us, read scripture, and helped me feel empowered when exhaustion and doubt started to creep in. She also kept detailed notes of the labor and presented it to us in a beautiful letter to our baby.

Amber is everything we were looking for in a doula and more!

Posted 1/10/2016

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Shannon Coudurier

My husband and I interviewed 3 different doulas and as soon as Amber walked out of our house from speaking with us we both simultaneously said, "I want to go with her!" Aside from being able sympathize with me during pregnancy and labor; having birthed children of her own; Amber is also incredibly knowledgeable and trained. In the last weeks of pregnancy I would text her with issues and get an immediate response with her personal suggestions AND published articles/resources I could use to build my own understanding. My labor was long, like 84 hours long. From her 3am arrival at my house to help me work through early labor pains all the way until my baby's arrival at 5am DAYS later at the hospital, Amber was a constant support for my husband and I. With every complaint she would have 2-3 solutions we could try right away to address the issue. Her bag of 'tools' was seemingly endless. From things to use during contractions to help baby along to pain management tactics, she had something for everything. There was also the support in creating the environment to keep me mentally strong. From getting the room dark and clam with aroma therapy to giving me wet towels infused with aromas to help me do my deep breathing, she seemed to always know what I needed before I had to ask for it. Amber never made my husband feel replaced, just supported. I wouldn't have known she was in the room except in the times I was directly talking to her. She would observe what was needed and quietly work behind the scenes so I could focus on my labor and my husband could focus on me. The minute we asked her something she was on it and then BOOM, back behind the scenes. She took the time to visit us and baby the next day and gifted us with a beautiful 'Birth Story' that recounted the labor and delivery in detail. My husband and I were brought to tears. She truly goes above and beyond and is someone I plan to continue communication with as I embark on this beautiful journey of motherhood.

Posted 12/15/2015

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Diana Ayala

Amber Berry is a very knowledgeable and caring doula. As a first time mom, I was very nervous and had lots of questions. Amber was able to answer all my questions and has a wealth of resources on hand. If you are looking for a doula that is like a friend you never knew you had, she's the one!

Posted 12/12/2015

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Angie Brinkmeyer

I knew Amber was the doula for us as soon as we had our first meeting. She has such a warm and genuine personality and listens to all of your concerns and hopes for your birth. When the day arrivEd to welcome our little one into the world, Amber was a great support. She helped manage the pain of natural childbirth and was reassuring and supportive to my husband and I. She took pictures for us at a time when we would have forgotten to capture sugh sweet moments for our family. She even wrote our beautiful birth story for us and delivered it a few days after our birth. : ) I'm so glad we chose her as our Doula on such an important day in our lives. 

Posted 11/12/2015

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Kristin Segura

Amber was absolutely amazing. When I initially set up a meeting with her I just felt extremely comfortable with her. She was very knowledgeable about birth and offered lots of insight to different options for my birth plan. She was responsive to my emails and text and offered support long before I delivered. When I suspected labor was getting close, she would check in with me daily to see if I was experiencing any changes.  My labor started during the night and I sent Amber a text to let her know my contractions had picked up in strength and I was no longer able to sleep through them. She offered some tips on how to relax and offered to come over as soon as I needed her. About an hour later I requested that she come to my house. She arrived quickly and immediately started offering support, suggestions and coping tips. When I was ready to go to the hospital, Amber drove me there and upon arrival in triage we discovered that I was fully dilated. Baby was still high up and the doctor suggested that I labor a bit longer before they break my water. The "bit long" turned into about 3 hours of extremely uncomfortable contractions, constant changing of positions and once again, Amber was very supportive. She had plenty of suggestions to engage baby and continued to help me cope through those 3 hours. Eventually the doctor broke my water and things moved quickly from there. Baby's head was large and having trouble passing my pelvic bone so Amber was there with encouragement, reminding me that this was going to be a bit of work but we were almost done and baby would be born soon. She constantly kept me focused on the birth plan that I originally wanted and we were successful! She was a rockstar! After delivery, she hung around until I was a bit more settled and then a few days after delivery, she checked in with me at home. I was VERY pleased with my whole experience with Amber. I can't see having another delivery any other way. A Doula is a must! Thanks Amber!!!

Posted 11/12/2015

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Leo Lozano

I still remember the day when my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula. To be honest, I didn't even had an idea of what a doula was and it sounded weird to me but let me tell you, I couldnt be happier with that choice.


Amber from day one was a blessing, she gave us confidence and also she helped us figure out how to articulate what we wanted.

This was our first baby and we come from a different country so we had no idea how to navigate the whole process.

She helped us put together our birthplan and provided great resources for us to educate us better in this 9 month journey.

She was always available when me or my wife had questions and always had the best attitude.

The day of labor, I know her input and support was crucial for us to reach our goal.

My wife wanted a natural, drug free birth and she prepared for that, she did an amaing job but we learned on labor day that the experience was far more that we could handle alone. Amber knew exactly how to ecourage us and she stood there for us thru the whole journey.

Thank you so much Amber for all you did.

Posted 9/22/2015

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Rhiannon Vader-Rikhof

Amber was everything my husband and I wanted and needed. Amber is a very sweet, kind, caring and extremely competent person, which are all things you would want in a doula and is reflected in everything she does. She clearly had a ton of experience and was secure in her knowledge and wisdom, as well as having many useful anecdotes and tales of her own experiences.  When she came over to our house for our second pre-natal visit, she spent at least an hour or two going over various positions with us, experimenting which aromatherapy smells I enjoyed, what felt comfortable and even giving me a massage as an example of what she would do during labor.  During my 29 hour labor, Amber was exactly what we needed. She was there for us, and my husband, when we needed her. Whether that meant massaging my feet or talking me through a contraction to simply calming my husband down and letting him know everything was normal to playing a board game with us as a distraction. She was also able to provide much needed breaks for my husband when he was getting tired. She also knew when my husband and I needed some time alone and would just let us have some space. She was extremely supportive of everything, every step, every hour, every contraction and let me know I could do it. Her experience was very welcome during each step of labor as she knew what each hour required to get to the next step. Every time it got harder, she had another tool in her marvellous bag of tricks to get me through, and was smart enough not to use all the tools at once so there was always something in reserve for the next stage.  Finally, after the birth, she stayed until we left the birth center, took photos for us and helped with breastfeeding. Throughout the entire process she was always sweet, gentle, helpful and knowledgeable. I would always choose Amber to be my doula. I am convinced she was a large contributor to me being able to have a completely natural birth.

Posted 9/9/2015

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sameera shah

After the birthing experience with my first child and the resulting 4th degree tear, I was determined to do whatever was in my power to avoid reliving that with my second delivery. I met Amber, and she gave me hope and armed me with a lot of knowledge on our very first meeting. She explained what my rights are as a patient, how to deal with hospital staff, what are the pros and cons of various procedures and medications, and how to maximize my chances of success at birth with minimal intervention. Her approach in the whole process was that of compassion, and assisting me in realizing my wishes for the birthing process. 

I went thru prodromal labor for several days before my estimated delivery date. Amber was with me thruout the first night. She helped me with various positions to relieve the pain, and also used massage to get me thru the ordeal. Perhaps more importantly, she engaged me in conversation and convinced me from her experience that I could get thru it. 

On the evening I went into actual labor, I was in constant contact with Amber, allowing me to labor at home for the most part which is soo much more comfortable than the hospital (my hospital and staff were great btw, but there is no place like home). At my request she met me at the hospital rather than coming to my home and stayed with me thru the delivery of my son. The whole time she was constantly looking out for me, ensuring the hospital staff respected my wishes, and being my staunch advocate. She used several different techniques to help me cope with the pain, in addition to providing moral support during the delivery and afterwards. Talking to her after my delivery helped me view the whole experience in a positive light, which was very important for me after my last delivery. I would recommend Amber to everybody!




Posted 7/20/2015

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Leslie Pogue

Amber was my birth doula for my first baby that was born February 14, 2015. She was absolutely amazing and helped me so much during my labor. I was in labor for 28 hours and she was by my side the whole time. I'm so thankful to have had someone knowledgeable and trustworthy to help me with decisions while in the hospital. Thank you again Amber for being so awesome and patient with me!!!! You are so sweet and caring! :)

Posted 3/10/2015

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Mireya Carino

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Mireya Carino. I was Amber’s patient. She was very helpful since day one we met. For being a first time mom I had a lot of questions and concerns of my birth. She explained to me everything with detail and made me feel confortable. At the day of labor, she was very supportive by helping me to relax during my contractions. Even though, she was pregnant she stick through my labor in a very professional way. I recommend her as a doula because she made feel like I was her best friend not her patient.

Posted 12/17/2014

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