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Jennifer Simons, CD

Belly to Babies


Phone: (425) 894-3475

Birth Fee: $1400 to $2000

Postpartum Rate: $25 to $30

Fee Details: If you are birthing at Swedish Hospital, visit to learn about my support with the Swedish Doula Program. Please see my website for referrals and details or click on Facebook below to view the Belly to Babies page. Postpartum Doula services also provided by Caroline Moran, PCD.

Birth Doula Experience: 11 years and 147 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 3 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2017
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Days/non-smoker. My Tdap and influenza vaccines are current with negative TB test.
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at all of the Seattle area hospitals and enjoy working with midwives and obstetricians.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I also have experience in facilitating hospital transfers.
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Love to! My role usually expands to help with light meal preparation, sibling care, and cleaning before departure.

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Training

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Jennifer Simons, CD

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Brooke McIntyre

I heard a lot about how helpful a doula can be for a mother and I am grateful to have been able to experience that support in all stages of my pregnancy, delivery and recovery with Jennifer.

First, I am an online over-researcher and to have someone that knows first hand the latest knowledge about the birthing experience helped me to let go of the conflicting information I got online and feel comfortable with a birth plan that worked well for our family. 

Second, my time at the hospital was significantly more comfortable because I had Jennifer there as an advocate and also knew a lot of questions to ask that I simply had no idea about. My nurses were great, but we went through 9 during my stay and you cannot expect the same level of care when you have someone new at every stage of your visit. Not knowing what to expect as a new mom was also very overwhelming and all of the questions I thought I was going to ask, I completely forgot when it came to the moment. Jennifer was there to make sure we were getting exactly what we needed from our hospital for a superior experience. 

Third, no one really told me how challenging breastfeeding can be. Even with a great latcher, we had challenges that rocked my patience. With Jennifer's support during her breastfeeding visit, I found the tips and tricks on how to get through those difficult early days and really set our team up for success. I can confidently say that I would not still be breastfeeding now if I didn't have that support visit from someone I trusted. 

Perhaps the most valuable piece of my experience with Jennifer was the support and training she was able to give to my husband. I think most partners desperately want to support and help out, but they simply have no idea how. Not only was he raving about Jennifer, but he knows how to help me when things get hard which has set our family up for the ultimate success.

We LOVE Jennifer! THANK YOU!

Posted 2/26/2019

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Cheri Bantilan

We were so lucky to have Jennifer as our doula! She is absolutely amazing! We could not have asked for a better doula to share our birthing experience with. Jennifer’s knowledge, expertise, and unwavering support were exactly what we needed. I used Hypnobabies as a relaxation technique to aid in the natural birth process. Not only did Jennifer adapt the nomenclature and mindset of Hypnobabies, she also created a wonderful, and relaxing environment during our birth. Although Hypnobabies was my primary birthing method, Jennifer was able to also bring additional skills and tools to help aid me in my natural birth process. Jennifer was also so helpful and supportive to my husband. I had such a wonderful birthing experience, and we could not have had this experience without Jennifer!

Posted 1/12/2018

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Evgenia Gvozdeva

After having a not so great first birth experience I decided on hiring a doula to help me achieve the experience I longed for. So late into my third trimester, I found Jennifer. She was wonderful, compassionate and very helpful. I felt like Jennifer, my husband, my providers, and myself worked together as a perfect team during my labor and delivery. Jennifer was hands on when I needed it and hanging back to let my husband help me when I needed that. With her support I ended up having a healing birth experience I wished for. I am very thankful I found Jennifer and I would recommend her to everyone. She is the best!

Posted 12/30/2017

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Sara Frikken

I first apologize for not being eloquent. Words are not my thing. But I want to share my positive experience with Jennifer Simons, CD. Jennifer was recommended to me by my midwife. My initial impression of Jennifer was a kind, intelligent, professional; and that she cared more about making sure we were compatible than having a new client. Jennifer kept in contact with me throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. She reminded me that she was available as needed (prenatal appointments, phone calls and emails, coffee dates), but she let me set the tone and frequency of our communication. One thing I truly appreciate about Jennifer is her encouragement. By the end of my pregnancy she would send weekly emails (my preferred mode of communication). Each one was light, positive, and encouraging. 

My labor experience with Jennifer was equally positive. Because of our emails and conversations during my pregnancy, she realized that I would benefit from a hands off approach. She would intervene when she saw that I needed more guidance or redirection or encouragement. Sometimes she was rubbing my back or making me smile, other times she was as quiet as a mouse. Otherwise her main job was to show my husband how to help me. I absolutely know they both did a fantastic job. Because of her hard work, I was able to have the labor I wanted. It wasn't about everything happening according to plan, but navigating my labor. She was like a really, really good GPS!!! Whenever we hit a "detour" or "roadblock" she would help put us back on course.

Warmly, Sara F

June 23, 2016

Posted 6/23/2016

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Nuria Baldello-Sole

I reached out to Jennifer for support with the birth of my second child. I did not use a doula for my first one  and it ended up boing a long and difficualt birth. I was feeling i needed someone else to support me besides my husband, someone who could coach me as my labor started; be home with me to help determine when to head to the hospital (so i wouldnt get turned down for going too early), and then help me with the labor at the hospital. Jennifer was great. She listened to what I wanted and my goals for the birth, and provided support. She did not try to push any specific things (i told her i intended to have an epidural and she was 100% suportive) and was there to coach me and encourage me through the whole birth. 

My expirience with the second one was so much better thanks to having Jennifer. I felt a lot more supported and she was there to ask questions at the hospital and keep me informed (questions my husband and i would never thingk to ask) 

I would definitly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for additional support and coaching to be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to child birth!

Posted 6/10/2016

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Corrin Bauer

Jennifer was absolutely wonderful! I wasn't planning on hiring a doula for my VBAC but after our birthing class I realized that though my husband could love and support me in the best way he could during my labor that he didn't have the experience and techniques that a doula would have. I'm so glad that Jennifer was there, I told her after it was all said and done that I couldn't have possibly done it without her! She encouraged me when I didn't think I could possibly keep going and helped me endure longer than I would have been able to otherwise. And she continued to encourage after I ended up getting an epidural. Her knowledge and wisdom was envaluable in the weeks leading up to labor--putting up with all my texts and questions--during labor, and even after. I would highly recommend her! Our personalities and hopes for my birth plan meshed so well together, plus she takes great pictures and video. :) I'm forever grateful that Jennifer was a part of our birth story. 

Posted 6/3/2016

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Cassandra Arora

I was so thankful to have Jennifer's support, knowledge and calm demeanor during the birth of our son.

She came to our house prior to his birth, helping us think through the many decisions that come along with a birth plan, including whether or not to use pain medication, delay cord cutting and circumcision.

Two weeks prior to my due date, I had to be induced due to a complication. Jennifer was so informative, talking through the pros and cons of breaking my water, waiting, etc. She was an excellent advocate for me and my birth plan. She helped me to adhere to it too, encouraging me to wait on an epidural and work through the pain with breathing exercises.

With so many decisions to make in such a new and potentially scary experience, it was amazing to have her support. I highly recommend Jennifer as a doula!

Posted 10/11/2015

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Anne Katri

My husband and I highly recommend Jennifer Simons, CD, as a birth doula. We also highly recommend Caroline Moran, CD, post-partum doula, also part of Belly to Babies.

From the early months of pregnancy which included comfortable visits with Jennifer at our home, to Jennifer attending a OBGYN pre-baby appointment to the big day of labor, Jennifer was a calm, competent and caring support person in our birthing team for our son, Robby. Since this is our first son, Jennifer provided informative materials (i.e. pregnancy comfort tips to info on circumcisions) and more importantly was a positive voice for us at the hospital, Overlake Hospital Bellevue, WA where we chose to give birth.

During my son's birth, Jennifer helped soothe me through very uncomfortable back-labor pains, skillfully using her tens machine and massage and calming/breathing techniques. At the hospital, she worked collaboratively with the birthing nurse and my husband to help move me around as I went through the "pushing" period. Jennifer honored what I chose for my birthing plan - even when this changed day of to incorporate an epidural due to back labor. She made our 1st birth of our son a positive, safe (!) and wonderful experience for our family. I cannot imagine the experience without her as part of the team.
After baby Robby came, Jennifer provided a helpful in-home visit to check-in on us and baby Robby. She also communicated seamlessly with post-partum doula, Caroline Moran (Belly to Babies) to make a smooth transition to our next phase with our son at home. When I had the flu in the early weeks at home, both doula’s provided support/information to get me through the tough time safely.
We highly recommend Jennifer Simons, CD, Belly to Baby for a birth doula. Thank you, Jennifer!

Anne, Nathan and baby Robby Rosnow

Posted 6/16/2015

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Kevin Sampson

I would like to take a moment and speak to this Doula experience from the Man (or Partners) viewpoint. I will say that I first viewed the concept as a luxury, something nice to have, but not a requirement. Looking back on it, I am so thankful we had Jennifer with us through this process. And this is why--Perspective and situational awareness. In the preparation phase she acted as our sounding board for ideas and our birth plan. Also, she was very instrumental in finding the ‘best fit’ hospital choice. When ‘Game Day’ came (and believe me, its never when you expect it, even if it is on the due date!) Jennifer was the best ‘assistant coach’ I could ask for. Not only was she incredibly supportive of my wife as she went through this journey, but she gave me the right inputs at the right time so I could be the best Coach I could be. She came to our home in a timely fashion and immediately supported us in a variety of ways (including the basics, like making sure we were rested and fed!). Once we transitioned to the hospital, she seamlessly worked with the staff there, and it was quite apparent they valued her presence. Look, the birth of your child is a humbling, profound experience. It is also an incredibly dynamic environment, requiring you, as the coach to make the best decisions with your wife when she is at her most vulnerable. I could not be happier that we had Jennifer as part of our team.

Posted 3/14/2015

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Tricia McIntosh

Jennifer was an essential component to our birth experience! Being a first time mom I really had no idea what to expect when it came to labor and birth. Jennifer was there to answer all my questions and help me to have the information I needed to feel confident on the big day! During labor her support was very helpful and encouraging. She helped me feel productive in my labor and gave me different positions and activities to focus on. Her TENS unit was also a very helpful tool in coping with my labor and she was very knowledgeable in its use and I felt 100% safe using it. There were times in my labor that I felt like giving up and that I couldn't do it anymore and Jennifer really helped keep me going even when I thought I couldn't go any further. I truly feel that I would have had a drastically different experience without her and I'm very thankful she was there! Because of her help I was able to have the natural non-invasive birth that I wanted! Even after the birth Jennifer has been there to support me and my baby, she gave me guidance and answered all my questions and is always checking up on me and the baby. There is no doubt that she really cares about me and my family. Thanks Jennifer for everything you've done for us!

Posted 5/29/2014

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Melody Rynerson Palmer

Jennifer was indispensible to our great birth experience! Even before labor I felt more confident knowing she would be there. During labor I felt completely supported and taken care of, both by Jennifer and by my husband. She helped him know how to support me, and reassured both of us that we were doing fine the whole time. Things got very intense very quickly, and I felt tense and scared, but Jennifer's reassurance, encouragements, and suggestions for coping got me through it. 

She kept in touch before and after the birth, providing valuable encouragemement and information, and the continuity of care was really nice. She was also very knowledgable about our hospital's protocols, and helped us to know what options we had and what questions to ask.

I would recommend her to any expectant mother!

Posted 10/24/2013

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Samantha Meisner

Jennifer was awesome to work with!  She was super knowledgeable and provided a warm, experienced presence while I labored at home and once we arrived at the hospital.  With her help I was able to deal with the pain of back labor and managed a medication-free birth.  She made sure my husband ate and rested during the quieter times so that he was ready at go time.  I'm sure I could have labored without her but I'm glad I didn't have to - I believe Jennifer was the reason I met my goal of having an epidural free birth.  

Posted 10/18/2013

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Erin Martin

Jennifer was an invaluable part of my birth experience. From the
moment we met her, I felt more at ease about my upcoming labor and
delivery. She did a great job of listening, teaching, and guiding us
through this new experience. She is very well-spoken and helped us
realize the birth that we wanted. I had planned to birth at the
hospital, but she told me about a local birth center and encouraged me
to check it out. The birth center turned out to be a perfect fit for
the birth that I wanted, and I wouldn't have been there without
Jennifer's suggestion! During my labor, Jennifer was great at
supporting me and my husband without imposing. She showed me how to
relax into the contractions, and suggested ways for my husband to
support me. I can't imagine my labor without Jennifer, and I'd suggest
her to anyone, regardless of their birth choices or background.

Posted 8/11/2012

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Katherine Leggett

Jennifer Simons is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her! Here are the reasons I really liked working with her:

As my contractions started progressing - she gave me specific instructions for the next several hours. This made me very relaxed and I was glad to have specific tasks to concentrate on (which included carefully monitoring the contractions for one hour, resting for one hour, and eating a good meal). She came to my house and together, with my partner, we went through one hour of contractions in my home. Soon, we all agreed that it was time to go to the hospital. I arrived at 6cm - and from there, Jennifer supported me through the next several hours of intensity. She was calm, re-assuring, extremely supportive and had no agenda but to support me having a good birth experience - which I did! After I gave birth and was home for a few days, I experience pain while breastfeeding - and Jennifer came over the day I texted her and stayed for 3 hours - providing extremely helpful support. With her tips and tricks, the pain I was having went away almost immediately. I got through this very rough patch with Jennifer's support and care. She's amazing! I highly recommend her.  

Posted 7/9/2012

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Katie Chenu

Jennifer enabled me to have the home birth I wanted: From the moment we met, I could call or text Jennifer at any hour with questions and concerns. Amazingly, she would always respond within the hour with suggestions, resources, etc. As my due date came and went, Jennifer helped me stay patient by emailing wonderful stories and checking on me frequently. I felt comfortable sharing personal details with Jennifer that I feared would affect the birth or my connection to the baby. She was so easy to talk to and suggested excellent resources. On the birth day, Jennifer came much earlier than was necessary. She arrived before active labor, even though we live far apart, just to make sure I felt confident and was getting into a good rhythm. Jennifer has a keen intuition as to when to help a laboring woman and in what way. She knew when to change things up. She knew exactly when I wanted to be left alone or when I needed support. I didn’t have to say any of that – somehow she just knew. Jennifer had a strong voice when it came to working with the midwives. She worked with them as a team and helped me find my voice when decisions needed to be made. Jennifer also enabled my husband to support me. Often he wasn’t sure how to help or couldn’t quite understand how I felt. Jennifer included him and helped him process what was going on in a helpful and comforting way. After the birth, I was in a state of shock for several hours. Jennifer stayed by my side, helped me relax and helped me focus on our amazing baby boy. Jennifer met with us a few days after the birth and gave us so many helpful tips! We picked her brain on everything from breastfeeding to swaddling to treating diaper rash. I cannot thank Jennifer enough for her help with our birth. I am sure there are many excellent doulas out there. I think Jennifer is one of them and she will always occupy a special place in our hearts for the way in which she helped us get just what wanted despite many challenges.

Posted 10/4/2011

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No birth goes according to plan and neither did mine. After the doctors telling me that my baby would go past its due date, he decided to come ten days early and I went into labor at 2:20 am new years day. Jennifer was out of town and on knowing I was in labor drove back to be with us in the hospital. My husband and I were instantly relieved to have someone more experienced and caring with us. The 22 hours of labor were intense and having the care and support from my husband , Jennifer and the hospital nurses made it possible. Jennifer can be described as dependable and there when you need her. I could not have gone from 2 cm - 10 cm without the support of Jennifer. She was patient, followed my birth plan diligently, encouraged me to try different positions, including labor in water and stood by me every minute of my active labor. While my husband and I were so engrossed in getting our little one into the world, Jennifer took the most precious pictures of him in the first few moments of his life.

Posted 4/12/2011

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JeniMarie Owens

Jennifer attended my C-section birth.  She provided support to us during the procedure, kept my husband company while I was in pre-op, and took some amazing photos!  She also helped with the initial breast feeding attempt and ensuring we had quiet time as a family before being inundated by visitors.  She continues to check in on us 12 weeks later and has been a great resource for information on breast feeding.  She even linked me with another client as a milk donor, knowing that my own supply was low.  Jennifer is a very caring and friendly person and clearly loves being a doula and helping families bring their babies into the world.  

Posted 8/11/2010

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Jessica and Ryan Burris

We highly recommend Jennifer! She helped me to stay home tell I was 7cm dilated and to be as comfortable as possible. She knew what to do and say to calm me and my husband down. She was able to teach my husband what to do to help me. He didn't feel left out at all. I was able to labor for 17 hours without any medications. I ended up having a c-section because my baby was almost 10lbs. I wouldn't have stuck to my birth plan for as long without Jennifer and am very thankful for all her help. After we were home I have had a few issues with breastfeeding and Jennifer has taken the time to help answer and solve my problems! My grandmother was also very impressed with Jennifer. When we told her that we hired a doula she thought that it wasn't a very good decision but now she tells everyone they should hire a doula! Jennifer was the best money that we ever spent!

Posted 4/10/2010

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Gaby Ferreres

My husband and I will be forever grateful with Jennifer; she helped us have a great experience with the birth of our first son. She offered a wealth of information and resources and was available for all our questions weeks before and after our due date. What I liked the most about Jennifer is that she offers a balanced approach (no pressure to have an un-medicated birth as the only positive way, which I felt with other doulas we interviewed.) I was hoping to go without epidural but my labor went from nothing to full blown without escalating progressively and it caught me out of guard, I didn't have time to adjust and could not bear the pain, so ended up having a walking epidural (which was great btw.) Jennifer was supportive all the way through and provided us with support and knowledge. Ours was a hospital delivery and she was excellent with all the staff and my OBGYN who was also very supportive of my desire to go as natural as possible. I highly recommend Jennifer and look forward to staying in touch with her in the future.

Posted 2/10/2010

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Laura Simpkins

With Jennifer's help I was able to have the medication-free, natural birth that I had hoped to have for my second child. She was a tremendous support right from our first meeting by providing useful information on how to prepare for the big day and afterwards, calling out resources within the community, and most of all in addressing the fears that I had, including those relating to my first child's complicated birth experience. I walked into the hospital feeling confident and believing that no matter what happened, I could handle it. I was able to let go during labor and delivery, trusting that I could do it, and when things were getting tough, Jennifer's intuition was spot on; she anticipated what I needed before I knew it - whether it was a different position, a massage, a bath, or a gentle reminder to relax my body as she saw me tense up. Her suggestions to both myself and my husband were very helpful guides. I am grateful to her for all of her help with my son's birth, and I look forward to having her with me again in the future.

Posted 1/5/2010

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Kerrie Schueffner

Jennifer helped prepare me and my husband for the arrival of our baby in multiple ways from helping us plan a natural birth to educating and calming us after we were home with our new little one. Her support and coping techniques during labor helped me achieve my goal of having a natural birth. Since my mother does not live in the area and could not be with us, the presence of another female during labor was very powerful and helped me relax. Jennifer gave me and my husband the confidence and reassurance we needed for the entire process. We are so pleased and thankful that Jennifer was our doula.

Kerrie Schueffner

While becoming a new parent is exciting and wonderful, the added stress of the unknown can make this magical time very difficult. Having Jennifer as our doula was invaluable in preparing us for what I would consider the most amazing moment in my life. Her care for my wife and baby was paramount and I am very thankful that she was with us through it all. From a male perspective, it was very refreshing and calming to have someone with Jennifer's knowledge and experience with us during the birth and beyond.

Eric Schueffner

Posted 10/1/2009

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Marianna Roberts

Having Jennifer assist my natural delivery has been a tremendous and incredible help. Her kind and calm approach and soothing relaxation techniques have really helped me throughout labor. Initially feeling hesitant about whether I would need a doula, and whether I made the right choice, I felt reassured so many times throughout my labor that I made the right decision.

It was important to me to have a natural labor experience that I could look back at for many years to come, and remember it as something amazing and incredible (rather than intolerable and painful), and Jennifer’s comforting and encouraging presence really helped to create such an experience. I highly recommend Jennifer as a birth doula and will be forever grateful for her amazing support during such an intimate and life-changing event as the birth of my child.

Posted 7/14/2009

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Sarah Burgess

Jennifer Simons was my doula for the birth of our daughter.  I had a homebirth and Jennifer was supportive from weeks before to weeks after the delivery.  She helped me get my act together!  She had a lot of information and resources to offer, helped me prepare a birth plan and consider all the 'just in cases'.  From the second she walked in the door while I was in labor, she was 100% there to support me, encouraging me with lots of positive remarks and being so strong.  She was a calm presence and my husband felt completely at ease, and relieved, with her there.  

Posted 5/20/2009

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Kymberlee Taylor

I had a really long labor and Jennifer was there for me all the way. She helped me maintain the water birth I desired. As a first time mom, I was very nervous about the whole process but she gave me and my husband the knowledge and support we needed to make it through labor and a fantastic natural birth. 

Posted 4/30/2009

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Cassie Johnson

I was so much more at ease going into labor knowing that I had someone with experience right next to me. Jennifer was such a great resource to us throughout this experience, from helping us write a birth plan to setting up a nursing station. She was a tremendous amount of support throughout our 40 hours of labor

Posted 4/30/2009

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