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Jill Wilkey

Doula Baby!

Website: Http://www.doulababyonline.com

Phone: (720) 987-9226

Birth Fee: $900

Fee Details: I have a lot of payment options available. Contact me for details!

Birth Doula Experience: 15 years and 326 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • International Doula Institute - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have experience at most hospitals in the Denver Metro area and surrounding cities.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have attended several births at the Mountain Midwifery Birth Center
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I prefer to attend and help with home births if a midwife and/or nurse are present. I can refer both that I have worked with before.

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Military famiies
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Operation Special Delivery

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Castle Rock, CO
Travel Range: 100 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Jill Wilkey

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Kristen Johnson


Jill is a wonderful and compassionate doula! Leading up to labor, Jill took the time to get to know our preferences and wishes, which she fully embraced and implemented. She was accessible day or night to answer any questions, and she checked in regularly as my due date approached. When I went into labor in the middle of the night, Jill responded immediately, and she arrived at our home shortly thereafter. She immediately helped me feel more comfortable through my contractions, and she helped determine the appropriate time to head to the hospital. Jill's support and comfort completely took away all anxiety about childbirth for me. With her support, I had the peaceful, uncomplicated labor that I was hoping for. I highly recommend Jill for anyone looking for a loving, knowledgeable doula!

Posted 1/31/2019

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Claire Hoffmann

I recently shared with a few of my girlfriends that giving birth was the best day of my life. They looked at me confused and said that most people dont treasure giving birth but more the after math but I can genuinely say that its my favorite life memory and Jill was paramount in creating it. After watching what I percieved as a coerced birth I decided that I wanted a midwife and subsequently a doula. My hubby didnt see the point and up until wk 37 I wasnt convinced but my gut said DO IT. Jill would text me every day leading up to my due date and post DD as I ended up being 6 days overdue. The morning of, the daily text came in around 730am as I was trying to determine whether my water had broken or if it was just an uptick in the normal pregnancy leakage. Jill suggested she head over to my house and just 'hang out' and we could devise a plan to get labor started. We sat in the kitchen sipping lattes as things progressed. I hadn'notice but Jill was always within feet of me keeping watch on my movements and demeanor. Within 3 hrs the cramping had become more noticeable so Jill suggested a bath or shower and that kicked things into overdrive. As contractions grew, Jill would apply heat and counter pressure to help ease the pain. By 1130am  I was no longer able to speak during each contraction; my midwife suggested we head into the hospital to which I responded "but what if I am a baby and I am only at 2 centimeters". Jill calmly responded "but what if you're not". The final 20 minutes were a blurry chaos and Jill was right by my side. I thought I had lost all control and peed my pants (most likely the last of my waters breaking) and Jill was there on her hands and knees wiping up after me as she helped me out the door. Intuitively Jill called the midwife on my behalf and let her know that things were close! We arrived at 1255 pm. Jill remained by my side holding my leg as I pushed my daughter into this world by 1:39 pm.  It was Perfect!

Posted 12/6/2018

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BrieAnn Fast

Jill was extremely helpful in the birth of our first baby! I knew i wanted to have a doula who would be an advocate for the type of brith we wanted while delivering. As with all births, ours didn't go accordingly to 'plan,' however, Jill was by our side through the entire 30+ hours of labor and was truly invaluable. She helped me with pain management during the labor and gave me the confidence and tools I needed to finally deliver our baby - nine pushes and he was out! I absolutley recommend Jill if you're looking for a doula. 

Posted 12/3/2018

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Kathleen Irvine

My husband and I weren't sure whether or not we wanted a doula.  Jill came highly recommended so we decided to first take the childbirth classes with her.  After the first session we signed her up as our doula and i'm so glad we did.  First, during the child birth classes, Jill was honest about what to expect and the different outcomes that may or may not transpire.  I wanted to try natural but was open to other possibilities and she let me know what each of those options were!  She helped me create a birth plan- even if I didn't write it down- and the classes helped her know my preferences without pressure to choose specific options. This is our first pregnancy and Jill make us feel as prepared as possible.  

As is typical, Labor didn't go at all as expected.  I did get my natural birth, but the steps taken to it were not at all what I wished.  Luckily, through the classes and phone calls (and later in person) Jill helped my husband and I know what options we may have and what fit with what we discussed during class.  I also highly appreciated Jill being there as my husband and I arrived at the hospital around 4am- under rather dramatic conditions- and we didn't see the Doctor until 10:30am.  Had she not been there, I would have been freaking out.  The day nurses also proved to be slightly useless- especially when my body started spontaneous pushing- and it was Jill who pointed out to them what was happening and made sure the Dr. was called to actually catch my baby!

When I initially hired Jill I expected her to be there to help with labor positions and coach me through contractions.  While she was helpful for that, my labor had limiting factors and I was mostly tied to the bed.  That said, her presence and experience ended up being just as vital and necessary to the progression of my labor.  Whatever outcome you might have, Jill can help you through it!  

Posted 8/25/2018

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Catherine Falbo

Jill is a wonderful doula with a calm caring nature that can help you through any situation you are likely to encounter. She was there for us throughout the entire process, from developing a birth plan, to delivering our son, and even afterward when she visited us at home to check-in. She has a wealth of experience which showed with every interaction we had. When she arrived on the big day, I was so relieved. She helped me through each contraction, got me into positions to move things along, talked me through my options and even cut the umbilical cord! We are so thankful for her help and recommend her with the utmost confidence to any soon-to-be parents.

Posted 8/23/2018

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Sarah Bay

It was an absoulte pleasure to work with Jill for the birth of our second daughter! I felt like Jill knew just what to do in every situation without me having to say anything!

My pregnany was uneventful until week 34 and then it got exciting. Our baby was diagnosed as IUGR at week 34 and we were told that I would be induced on or before 37 weeks. Jill was by my side the entire time. She stayed in constant contact and up to date with all my doctors visits throughout the pregnancy and then more so after the diagnosis of IUGR.

Just to make things more exciting; At 36 weeks and 5 days 1 day before I was going to be induced, I experienced false labor. Jill dropped everything she was doing and drove all the way from Castle Rock to Layfette at 5PM in rush hour traffic. She even offered to pick my 5 year old up from day camp. So awesome!

When in came to the real deal at 37 weeks, my husband and I checked in to the hospital for the induction and Jill met us there. I really wanted to experience a natural birth the second time around but I was being induced and having my water broken manually. I knew how hard and long labor could be from my first daughter/birth. Jill helped me manage the pain, anxiety and fear. Baby Scarlett was born naturally with fentanyl and nitrous oxide within 8 hours.

I honestly could not have done it without Jill. There were several times I almost gave up but Jill kept me going strong. I strongly recommend Jill!

Posted 7/17/2018

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Jennifer House

Jill was incredibly helpful and suppportive throughout the pregnancy and birth. It was SO nice to have someone on hand that I could regularly text with questions. I had lots of prodromal labor for several weeks. Jill patiently helped me wait to see if they continue and was supportive through many false alarms. When the day finally did arrive she helped us think through what some of the options might be that would be presented to us, specifically whether or not I would want my water broken to help encourage the labor along. It was valuable to have talked through that prior to getting in the room with the providers so my husband and I could be on the same page. Jill was so supportive with words of encouragement throughout my contractions. I really felt like a super-star because of her encouragement. We were very appreciative of Jill's presence throughout the labor, and we were able to have a successfully unmedicated delivery!



Posted 6/14/2018

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Anna Johnson

Jill is fantastic!!  My husband and I cannot say enough great things about her!!  We hired Jill after my husband was in a ski accident that left him in crutches.  We were on the fence about needing a doula but thought we could certainly use the help given our new circumstances.  We hired her when I was already 36 weeks along.  After a great phone interview, we hired her right away!  Her personality is fun, kind, and she is incredibly knowledgeable!  

I ended up needing a scheduled induction for high BP and Jill was right by our side from the time we arrived at the hospital through an hour or so after birth.  I back labored the entire time and Jill was an incredible asset!  She knew what positions to try and what techniques could be done to help me manage the pain.  Ultimately, after 18 hours, I opted for an epidural which was the right choice for me once I hit 8cm.  Jill was incredibly supportive once I made the decision as she knew I hit my limit.  

Jill worked amazingly with my Midwife group and all the nurses.  She will support and advocate for you but doesn't overstep with the medical staff.  She can help you explore and understand all your options while helping you make the best decisions for you and the birth experience you want.  My husband and I both feel great about the birth experience we had and we know it wouldn't have been anywhere near as wonderful without Jill!

Posted 3/22/2018

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Azar Kohzadi

What a seemingly impossible task it is to choose just the right person, whom you’ve never met before, to attend one of the most important days of your life in such an intimate role! For this reason, finding the right doula is an incredibly daunting task. However, I was blessed to have found Jill, someone who instantly felt like an old friend, and who over time, became a most incredible mentor and compassionate advocate. Just as is the case for so many, my birth did not go as I hoped or anticipated, and it presented numerous complications. In short, it was absurdly long and tough. Through every step of the way, however, Jill was by my side providing everything from health advice to unprecedented emotional support. She not only was resolute in standing in solidarity with my choices, but she helped have the voices of both my partner and I heard when we had grown quite weary. Also, Jill has a way of putting everyone around her at ease, of speaking honestly and clearly, especially in moments that can become clouded with the drama or uncertainty of a moment. And she’s smart, confident, experienced and warm, all at once. She’s precisely whom you need when you are undergoing a most exhilarating and colossal life event and need it balanced with a steady and confident force.

Posted 1/14/2018

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Tamara Killian

We recently hired Jill as our doula for the birth of our second daughter and we were so very happy that we did! From the time we met Jill we found her to be very involved. She communciated with us on a very regular basis and wanted to know how all my prenatal appointments went. I had some complications towards the end of my pregnancy and she was very supportive and helped me cope with some of my feelings and fears. At the time of our birth she arrived to the hospital and I felt such a sense of relief when she walked in the door. She was amazing throughout my labor, talking me through contractions, helping me with positioning, breathing, and being a centered and calm presence for both myself and my husband. She even gave me a foot massage with essential oils, which was a very special treat! I was able to stay calm and work my way through many contractions because of Jill's awesome assistance. She stayed with us for quite some time after our baby girl was born and when it came time for her to leave we both had tears in our eyes. Having her with us during this special time in our lives was exactly what we needed and I couldn't imagine our labor without Jill. She feels like a special kind of friend - almost like a mother or a very supportive sister to me. We consider her a friend to our family and we're so very grateful that we met her! She's a wonderful doula and a wonderful person. Thank you, Jill!!

Posted 1/4/2018

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Nancy Truong

Words cannot express how thankful we are to have found Jill. Her calm presence was reassuring and she helped guide me thorugh every contraction and stage of labor. My husband was on the fence initially about hiring a doula, but after our experience he would recommend it to everyone. He was able to focus on our 7 year old son while Jill focused on me. Having a doula was like having a girlfriend that knew exactly what you were going through and comforting you along the way. There were moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, like the moment when the nurse anesthetist came in and told me that I should just get the epidural. Jill knew how important having an unmedicated birth was for me, she helped me find the confidence and strength to push through. In the end we reached our goal of having an unmedicated VBAC. The experience was so amazing and beautiful, and it helped me come to terms with my first son's traumatizing birth. I 100% could not have done this without her. Jill you are amazing, thank you for everything!

Posted 11/13/2017

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Nichole Hardy Swann

I hired Jill around my 30 week date. We live in Colorado and all of our family is back in Georgia. I was worried about my children and needed to know my husband would be able to take care of them if I suddenly went into labor. But I also wanted to be supported during this process. Jill provided that peace of mind for us. As baby #3's due date approached, doctors became more concerned about the growth rate. Baby was small. Jill stayed on top of my appointments, asked for information, and supported me with my real fears I sometimes heistated to share with others. I wanted so badly to have a natural birth, something I was unable to do in my previous labors. I told Jill I thought anything less than a natural birth would be a failure. Our doctor scheduled an induction due to concerns for the baby. Jill was there and such a supportive influence. She provided pain relief, walked with me, listened, distracted me, and allowed my husband and I the time and space to speak to each other about issues that arose in our labor. She even managed to win over my mother, which is no small feat. In the end, I opted for an eidural, which was the right decision given I had another 12 hours of labor in the end. A 29 hour labor was not what I anticipated, but Jill was there for me in a way I cannot express how much I appreciate. She listened, supported my decisions, and reminded me of my goals. She became family during this process. I absolutely love her and cherish our good work together. I will never forget she was there when my husband announce we had a GIRL! Jill saying, "I knew it" and crying tears of joy with us all. Thank you Jill. You are an absolute blessing and treasure. This birth was such a special experience and you are such a large part of that reason. I cannot imagine this process without you. 

Posted 9/26/2017

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Jeanne Doyle

Deciding to work with Jill as my doula was the best choice I made regarding my childbirth.

I will start out by explaining my background. I am in my early 30's and I had my first baby in May 2017. I always knew I wanted to have my baby in a hospital with a midwife. The decision to have a doula always made sense to me because although I am a healthcare provider and have seen several childbirths, I knew that experiencing childbirth would be a completely different and even scary experience for me.  I interviewed a couple of other doulas in addition to Jill and I knew right away that she was the best match for me, not only because of her vast experience, but because of her calm, practical, and down-to-earth nature. I immediately appreciated her openness to whatever intervention I may have ended up deciding to pursue.

Jill was so great during the course of my pregnancy as she would send emails to check in on me and see how I was feeling and how my prenatal visits went.  She was always very reachable via text message and email.

Jill was one of the first people I contacted when my water broke two and a half weeks early. She was very attentive and checked in on me periodically via text messages. Even 12 hours afterwards and still no contractions, she came to my house and worked with me to try to make the contractions begin before we went to the hospital.

During my childbirth, Jill was amazingly professional yet caring and reassuring. Without her, I cannot even imagine what the experience would have been like. She was always there by my side and helped guide my sleepy husband through the process. Even with me almost needing a c-section, she did nothing but reassure me and explain things.

I absolutely love the pictures she took of us and our son after he was born. It is the small things that Jill did for us that really created the perfect birth experience. I'm so thankful for Jill!



Posted 7/27/2017

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My experience with Jill as my Doula for my first birthing experience was incredible. Had Jill not been at my side for all those hours, I don't believe 'my birth story' would have been something to look back on with fondness. I think I would simply have told people "Yeah, it sucked." But because we had Jill, I will always feel a huge sense of pride and accomplishment ("Hell yeah I did that!"), and a genuine bond with her that will last the rest of my life. If you are on the fence as to whether you 'need' a doula or not, I believe my labor story would have been something like this WITHOUT Jill: Anxiously realizing I'm actually in labor 12 days early (contrary to what doctor said would happen), wondering if/when we are supposed to head to the hospital. Husband awkwardly trying to console and encourage, me getting b*tchy and irritable b/c he is saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Me repeatedly puking on hospital blankets while husband tries to find hospital barf bowl the size of a petri dish. Husband becoming exhausted ten hours into labor and going to crash on a couch in hospital while I angrily push with nurses I don't know, feeling beyond ticked off he has the nerve to sleep while I'm in flippin' LABOR! Me wondering if I'm insane for wanting to have a baby naturally, while husband looks on in bewilderment while I continue screaming in pain. Me constantly reminding husband I need two rice packs to be reheated for my back and front, then pushing through multiple contractions without him while he tries to find a microwave nearby. Find out baby is sunnyside up and try to get into positions nurses suggest, not knowing what the crap I'm doing. Eventually having baby, exhausted but okay, having a couple blurry photos taken by hubby while he tries to aim camera over doctors and nurses, since we have zero family in town to take photos for us. (continued below)

Posted 4/7/2017

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(continued from above). Compare that to what actually happened WITH Jill: Realizing in amazement that, per Jill's confirmation over the phone, I am going into labor 12 days early. Husband excitedly continues to time contractions until Jill shows up at our home around midnight. Driving to hospital, knowing Jill has done this many times and that we can trust her knowledge and instructions. Me in lots of pain but not feeling overwhelmed because I have both Jill and my husband to give me words of encouragement, fueling my confidence that I can and will handle the entire process without relying on an epidural and/or pain meds. Me telling Jill I need to throw up, her quickly grabbing a large trash can, informing me this is normal and actually helps with labor..! Husband is able to catch a few hours of sleep on a couch, while Jill continues to be amazing with me in a labor tub. Jill and husband taking turns heating my rice packs, so I always have someone at my side. Learn baby is sunnyside up and work with Jill to get baby to flip, feeling beyond exhausted but trusting her...this is what Jill DOES! I know I can do it b/c she is there. Eventually, joyfully, having my baby and basking in the moment with my husband, later receiving a lovely book of photos taken both during and after the actual birth, chronicling a miracle for our little family...and that isn't taking into account the wonderful visits she made before and after the delivery, the many emails she answered, and the joy she shared with us throughout the pregnancy overall. So no, you don't NEED a doula at all. But if you want to remember this life-changing event with joy and accomplishment rather than anxiety and frustration, you will want Jill Wilkey at your side.

Posted 4/7/2017

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Kayla Bohn

Choosing Jill as our birth doula was the best decision my husband and I have ever made. We met Jill when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. We hit it off from the very beginning. She made it very clear that she wanted the very best for us and that our choices and wishes were of the up most importance to her. From then, she strove to construct and guide us in developing a birth plan, teaching us our childbirth class, and always being available anytime we had a question or concern. I developed colestasis at about 31 weeks which changed my due date to deliver at 37 weeks. Jill made sure that her calendar would be cleared and she would be there for us. In fact, when I developed this diagnosis, Jill used all of her resources to educate herself as best she could on the condition, in order to help us and give us more information on what we could expect. I have never seen a person go so far above and beyond. I had to go in for NST's twice a week for about 5 weeks and she would remember pretty much every appointment I had and always wanted to make sure I was ok and that everything was on track. She played such an active role throughout my entire pregnancy.

Jill was with us throughout the entire labor (even the night before when i was admitted). She waited with us at the ER and made sure we were comfortable and not too scared. My labor ended up being very rapid in the beginning and Jill was there to provide emotional and physical support with every single contraction. I really don't know what I would have done without her. She guided my husband on how to help me as well and coached him through the whole labor. I pushed for 3 hours and she was by my side the entire time.

It's very apparent that Jill loves what she does and that this is her passion. She will always have a special place in my heart! Giving birth to my daughter was the best day of my life and Jill was a big reason as to why it was so incredible and memorable! Such a great experience! 

Posted 12/2/2016

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Dani Hunt

I met Jill when the company I worked for aquired the company she worked for. She came over to learn more about the systems we use, and I told her I was 20 or so weeks along. We got to talking and she offered to do our classes for us. A short time later I went to a baby shower event at the hospital where I was to deliver and talked to a doula there. I didn't feel that this doula was a match for me but liked what a doula stood for. So I asked Jill if she would be interested in being our doula. From our very first class I knew Jill would make sure I would get the birth as close to what I wanted as possible. She asked me what I wanted and that was it. Never once did she push her views of anything on me. She answered any crazy question I had.

The day of our last classs my water broke at 3:00 am. She answered the phone right away and answered all my husband's and my questions. She put us at ease right away about the situation. She did have to work her other job that day but was available by text and phone through out the day and came right over after she got off. She stayed the entire night with us and really helped me stay calm through the whole thing. She keep our family updated in the waiting room and helped calm our nerves when things weren't moving along as fast as they should have. We were told twice that we might have to have a c-section which is something I really did not want. Her knowlege of everything going on was helpful and we ended up with a vaginal delievery 24 hours after my water broker. She took pictures for us and make sure I was taken care of with the repair and a bit after and then let us have our time together as a new family of 3.  I really don't think my birth experience would have been the same with out her and for that I am greatful. I truely think I would have ended up with a c-section with out her. 

Posted 12/1/2013

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Joyce Muratsuchi

From the moment we met Jill, I felt that I could trust her. She has a calm and competent disposition and is super easy to feel at ease with. Jill knew how to help us with our birth in a way where she was present at all the right times and encouraged my husband’s coaching in a perfect balance. She was indispensable in helping me manage my pain naturally and therefore letting me have the best childbirth experience imaginable. When I had issues after the birth, I reached out to her and she helped me get through some rough patches. She’s like talking to a friend but who has all the knowledge needed to give sound advice during this important time in my life when major decisions had to be made. I thank Jill from the bottom of my heart for giving me a childbirth which was supported, informed, and one which I am very happy with the outcome. I am at peace with my childbirth experience and owe it all to Jill!

Posted 11/26/2013

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Jill Rulis

My recommendation for Jill comes without even having her present for the birth of my son.  I went in to preterm labor at 32 weeks just a few days after Jill had met my husband and I.  She was on-call for my husband as we were in a whirlwind of possible outcomes with a million questions.  She answered phone calls and texts quickly, allowing us to be informed while our emotions were trying to take over.  Luckily I did not give birth at 32 weeks, but just two short weeks later, I was having contractions and heading to the hospital.  Again, Jill was available to answer questions, and even though she was going to be in a wedding the next day was willing to come to the hospital and stay with us as long as she could...right up to her hair appointment!  It turned out my baby was breech and I needed an emergency c-section, but that didn't stop Jill from joining us in the recovery room to provide support, relief for my husband to take a break, and answer more questions.  Jill continued to be available after the birth of my son via text and phone calls.  From the very first meeting Jill was warm, informative, and open - just what I was looking for in a doula!  As you are looking for a doula, know that Jill is not a one-track minded doula, she will be there for you in whatever way she can and you want her to be, for whatever your birth story ends up being.

Posted 10/29/2013

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Kelly Noble Mirabella

Hiring Jill was one of the single best decisions in my birth plan that I made. Initially I decided to hire a doula to help my husband support me through my first birth. I knew he would be freaked out but would want to help and Jill would be the piece of the puzzle we needed to make the experience easier for him, plus have essentially an advocate on our side through the whole process. Little did I know that Jill would be an asset I could not live without come the big day. The birth of my daughter lasted 38 excruciating hours. My body was reacting as if I was dilated 7 or 8 but I was barley a 2. I was in so much pain that I welcomed the epidural when it was administrated. My daughter moved positions half way through the labor and I went into back labor which the epidural did not help much with. There was so much going on from my daughter moving positions to the pain to the difficulty getting her out that if it was not for Jill I just know we would have ended up in a c-section. Jill helped me through the pain, was constantly by my side with words of encouragement and I just remember when we were getting to the last push and I was totally out of energy, and they were one try away from c-section I looked at Jill and she told me she knew I could do it and I had the strength! With everything left in me and with my husband and Jill by my side we welcomed my little girl into the world! I can not thank Jill enough for her strength, kindness and guidance. I know that when we are ready to have another baby Jill will be the first person we will call. Not only were we impressed by her but even our doctor told us that he was impressed with her and enjoyed working with her. You don’t hear doctors saying that very often so you know she is amazing to work with on all fronts. I suggest everyone hire a doula and not just any doula but the best there is...Jill Wilkey.

Posted 5/20/2013

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Jennifer Daw

We found Jill through Doula Match and couldn't have been happier!  We interviewed several doulas by phone and in person.  We chose Jill because we felt very comfortable with her - she is extremely knowledgeable and easy to get along with, two qualities that were very important to us. 

Jill provided us with birthing classes and was an ongoing support during pregnancy when we had questions.  She is an excellent resource and if she didn't know the answer was always willing to look into it and get back with you. 

My birth experience could not have been better and I credit Jill for that!  I was able to labor at home and have a completely natural birth, only needing to be in the hospital for a few hours.  I had the utmost confidence in Jill throughout the process, which helped me to relax and allow labor to happen on its own.  I have wonderful memories of the labor and birth of my daughter and am so grateful for that. 

Jill was with us every step of the way and even continues to check in now.  She genuinely cares about her work and her clients and it shows.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jill and definitely want her as our doula if we have more children!

Posted 5/1/2013

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Ashley Hoffman

I am so glad I chose Jill to help me deliver my first baby. I decided I wanted a doula because I felt overwhelmed by all the questions swirling around in my head, as well as the huge amount of information available. I didn't know how to sort out what was important for me to know, what was myth, and what was just plain extraneous information. I also didn't feel comfortable calling my doctor with every little question that popped into my head. In researching doulas, however, I found many opinionated women who seemed to want to enforce their own agenda on the women who hired them. I was pretty sure I wanted pain medication, but I was hoping for the extra support and knowledge a doula could offer (without the pressure to carry out my birth in one particular way).

Jill made me feel comfortable contacting her anytime with questions or worries. She was completely nonjudgmental throughout the process, and supported the decisions my husband and I had made. She took the time to get to know us so that she could help us make the birth experience as close as possible to what we were hoping for.

Delivering my daughter was an amazing experience. Jill was there for me every step of the way, even though her family went on vacation right when I went into labor. She explained to me everything that was going on, which allowed me to be aware and unafraid through the process. There was so much love in that delivery room when Lyra arrived, and Jill was a huge part of making that possible. Thank you from all of us, Jill!

Posted 2/6/2013

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Nicole Tonkovich

 About a month ago my daughter gave birth to her first child. Any woman’s first experience with child-bearing and birthing is likely to include periods of anxiety, and, in the age of electronic access, this anxiety is likely to be heightened rather than lessened by the overwhelming amount of misleading information that’s available on the web. Fortunately, my daughter and her husband engaged Jill Wilkey as their doula, and from an early period in the pregnancy, Jill was there, in person and on the phone, to answer any questions that arose and to quell any anxieties. Unlike the too-readily available information on the net, Jill’s answers are grounded in her training and in her experience.

I had the good fortune to meet Jill in person during the delivery of my granddaughter. She was by my daughter’s side from the onset of labor in the wee hours of the morning, through a long day and into the evening. She offered comfort, wisdom, calming words, physical relief, and constant and calm companionship during those long hours. Her first priority was, of course, the comfort of my laboring daughter and her husband, but she also found time to keep those of us who were awaiting the delivery informed of the progress of the labor and to reassure us that all was going well.

I want to emphasize Jill’s gift of listening to her clients and of tailoring her advice to their wishes and needs. She does not push her clients into procedures and regimens that she herself advocates, but gives them full information and lets them make decisions relating to this most intimate and most important event. I recommend her with the greatest enthusiasm to anyone seeking wise, calm, and informed support during a pregnancy and delivery.

Posted 9/24/2012

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Jill has been our doula for the birth of both of our sons. I didn't imagine the labors would go so differently from each other, but thankfully Jill helped us through both with her experience, resources, strength and confidence. I couldn't imagine either birth going better and she was a key part of that process.

Posted 8/18/2012

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Amanda Stevens

 Jill was an amazing support during the birth of my daughter. It was my first pregnancy and therefore there were a lot of unknowns about the birthing process. My water broke two weeks early and when my husband called Jill to tell her of the early arrival she was at the hospital within a couple hours and never left my side. Jill enable me to advocate for myself and my birth experience with providing me with knowledge about what I could ask for from the medical providers. Jill kept me focused and comfortable through my labor and knew what I needed even before I would ask. The birth experience I had could not have been what it was if it was not for Jill and her support. I was able to have the natural child birth experience that I will never forget.  

Posted 6/13/2012

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Tracy Candelaria

Jill assisted at the birth of my second son, a succesful unmedicated VBAC. My first son was born 4 weeks early by C-section under general anesthesia and I was determined to have a better experience this time, if at all possible (the circumstances surrounding my first son's birth were unavoidable, but unlikely to happen again). Jill's support was invaluable. My husband and I were both very comfortable with her and her assistance made everything from minor annoyances (a somewhat pushy doctor) to the hardest parts of labor easier to bear. Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions I made regarding this birth. Thank you Jill for helping me achieve the birth experience I was hoping for!

Posted 8/24/2011

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Trina Cisco

My husband and I had Jill as our doula for both our children and have only great things to say about her. Even the nurses at Littleton Adventist Hosptial liked her.  She is there for you every step of the way, even before labor begins and certainly available for postpartum updates and staying connected after coming home from the hospital.  No matter what time of the day it is, Jill was there to answer any questions concerning birth, postpartum, delivery, hospital procedures for checking in and getting registered.  She keeps you very focused on how to breath, choosing the right technique during labor that best makes you comfortable(especially when doing a natural birth, which I did for both children).  Jill is very professional, patient, and willing to go the "the extra mile" for anything you need throughout your labor and delivery.  Not only is she great with the mother to be but also the father.  She really made my husband comfortable throughout the entire time of having both our children. 

Posted 6/22/2011

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Angela Herr

A friend of mine strongly encouraged me to hire a doula for my birth. I was skeptical at first but then decided to go ahead and hire one. While looking for a doula I came across someone’s testimony of Jill that read “There is a special place in heaven for people like Jill Wilkey.” That always stuck with e and after my own birth experience, I totally agree! She loves what she does, she is passionate about her work, and she is very devoted to her clients. She was there to answer any questions I had. Towards the end of my pregnancy I had a lot of questions and concerns and I always felt very comfortable going to her. She was always there to bring me comfort and encouragement. She is very personable and I actually feel like we formed a friendship throughout the process. She made my birth about what my husband and I wanted and was supportive of our decisions. This was my first birth and it was very important to me that I did it naturally. I do not think I could have done it without her. She knew exactly what I needed during my labor, she was encouraging, gentle, and was really there to assist me in whatever I needed. I definitely will hire Ill again for my net birth.

Posted 6/15/2011

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Lindsey Goodwick

Jill immediately responded to me when I wrote her inquiring about her services. We were right on the line of when she would be available since I was due around the holidays but she assured me that her back-ups were just as stellar. We got to talking right off the bat and I could tell that we just vibed. She was very down-to-earth and made it clear that she would be available to me anytime for any questions or concerns.

One of the best things about Jill is her willingness to educate. She offered us personal childbirth classes, something we were dreading to do since we lived so far away from any place that offered them and didn’t want to be the few among the many in a classroom. The first one, she came to our house in the mountains on a cold, snowy night and we had an intimate opportunity to talk about what to expect.

Although I desired a natural childbirth, it was only my optimal choice. I understood that anything could happen and she helped us understand the other possibilities that lay ahead. When it did come down to D-day, I ended up having a cesarean. But Jill was right by my side and reminded me that we had talked about this and it was all going to be okay. Jill had been there from the moment I arrived at the hospital and when all was said and done, she was hesitant to leave, it was like she part of the family now.

Layla Wren Fritz was born on January 6th, 2011 at 6:16pm. Jill was with me during my procedure holding my hand the whole time. I don’t think I could have had such a positive experience because of my unforeseen circumstances without the support she gave me. The care and love she gave my new family and me will never be forgotten. We were lucky to have her and still lucky to her as a friend.

Posted 1/10/2011

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Robert Daihl

Having Jill as our Doula made the whole birthing process much less stress full and more enjoyable than it would have been, without her. Like most guys, I wanted to help my wife and do whatever I could to “fix” the situation, but one of my biggest fear was not knowing what to do or how to help. Jill provided support not only for my wife but for me as well. Providing ideas and suggestions on different positions to help with the contractions, getting water, ice chips and food allowing me to stay with my wife, and helping me keep the family that was in the waiting room up to date were just some of the things that Jill did to help.

Her professionalism and knowledge of, well lets face it guys, stuff we don’t know that much about really was able to put me at ease, which allowed me to support my wife more.

Afterwards when we were in our postpartum room, after 25 hours of labor with our new little girl I joked that I am going to add her to our Will, out of gratitude for Jill’s support.

Posted 6/14/2010

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Meghqan Throckmorton

Chooising Jill as part of my support team was a great decision.  She was like my personal cheerleader, always on call with encouragement and helpful information.  I am a Type I Diabetic, so it was important to me to have people knowledgeable about my special circumstances helping me.  Jill took the time and made extra efforts to learn about pregnancy and diabetes.  She takes her job very seriously, and she responds to texts, calls, and emails very promptly and answers all questions thoroughly.

Her easygoing nature was a great bonus when I was feeling discouraged, and she has a knack for always seeing the bright side of things.   She is a great conversationalist, which was so helpful during the endless hours of labor.  When I ran into complications during labor, she made sure I knew what was going on and made informed decisions.  She was great at keeping me on track with my goals, even when it was tough, but she also rolled with the changes when I had to adjust my birth plan.  She made me feel like every choice I made was just the right one, and she kept me from feeling scared, confused, or uncertain.  In the end, with Jill's help, every moment of my birth story was exactly as it should be.

A doula is the one person who is there solely for the mom to be, and Jill takes this responsibility very seriously.  If you are looking for someone encouraging and positive, with a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth, Jill is perfect.  She knows how to follow the lead of the mother, knowing when to soothe and when to be more upbeat.  My husband was grateful for her help, and all the medical staff thought she was incredible.  She can ease any worry, and she makes the birth experience the warm happy memory it should be.

Posted 5/11/2010

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Celine R.

With the birth of our first child having a doula was so important for the whole labor and delivery. When we found out we were expecting number two we had just moved to Colorado and our immediate thought was finding a doula. When we first met Jill, her knowledge and love for ‘birth’ was beyond evident; we felt comfortable and safe working with her. It takes a very special person to be truly helpful and supportive during labor and Jill was just that. Jill was able to keep me calm, relaxed, and even more she helped my husband and I work as a team through each contraction. She was so helpful and hands-on (bringing warm compresses to place on my back and a birthing ball to sit on) during the whole experience and I cannot express how much she helped me go through labor. My plan was to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital, when we arrived at the hospital I was 100% dilated and ready to push. Jill was KEY to welcoming our little boy into our arms!!
…Jill, with your help we were able to have the birth we dreamed of. Thank you for sharing your knowledge throughout my pregnancy and being our rock during labor. Thank you!!

Posted 3/13/2010

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Alyssa Phelps

When I met Jill there was such an instant connection that I decided to hire her right away even before meeting with any other doulas.  Not only did her views of labor and delivery match mine, but we got along on a personal level as well which made our experience much more fun and fulfilling.  Although my husband and I read up on quite a bit of pregnancy, labor, and post-partum topics, Jill was perfect for supplementing her knowledge and experience to enhance our experience.  She helped me create my birth plan and encouraged me to stick to it, but also supported me when my labor didn't go as we'd hoped and I had to change my plan.   What I loved most about Jill though is the way she got me so excited about my birth.  Before I hired her, my husband and I were a bit overwhelmed and wondered if we could do it all on our own, but after our meetings and labor classes I had never been so motivated.  Another amazing thing about Jill was how she brought my husband and I together during labor.  Rather than take over his job, she supported him which allowed us for one of the most amazing experiences between my husband and I.  I can't think of anyone more perfect to be a doula. 

Posted 11/22/2009

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Julie Witonsky

I cannot express the level of gratitude I have for our doula, Jill Wilkey. If there are angels on earth, she truly is one of them. Throughout our whole birth experience, Jill was there for our family. I cannot begin to tell you how often I relied on her emotionally and physically throughout this whole process. This was our 4th baby and truly the best experience because I was able to rely on her experience, guidance, and pain management skills that I had not had in the past.  She knew exactly what to say and do through my pregnancy and the birth process. You cannot imagine the difference until you experience it.  I wanted so badly to go natural the entire experience. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond either of our control, I had to receive pain medication in the final phases of pushing. She knew all the pressure points, massage, the right positions, and appropriate measures to take at all times. She was absolutely positively my ROCK.   I contacted Jill on so many occasions, and she always got right back to me.  She made our final childbirth experience positive and beautiful in every way. I recommend Jill Wilky as your labor coach/doula. She will make a huge difference in your labor experience from start to finish. With the right support system, you can do anything you set your mind to. Best wishes to you and your family.  Blessings..   Julie Witonsky


Posted 11/11/2009

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Cerise VanLuven

 When I first heard about Jill and what her role as a Doula  was, I was hesitant- thinking that I would be just fine delivering a baby on my own. I decided to talk with Jill and realized that her role was much more than just being there when it was time for the baby to be born.She was there for me from the time my water broke (at 2am) to the actual delivery of my baby (8:45 pm) and after to help with nursing him. Jill is very knowledgable and is an expert at what she does! I am so thankful to have had her help during my labor and delivery. She was supportive in my decision to labor without and epidural as long as I could and then have one when I decided that I wanted to. I know that had she not been with me, I would have chosen to get an epidural much sooner than I did which would have slowed the whole labor by confining me in bed. She was totally there with me for every contraction and was able to help me cope with the pain through various comfort measures that I wouldn't have thought of! Jill is such a blessing to my husband and I and helped make my birthing experience everything that I wanted it to be. Thank you Jill!!!

Posted 9/9/2009

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Stephanie Schaef

My experience with Jill was wonderful. From beginning to end she was supportive, knowledgeable and engaged. She surpassed my expectations in so many ways. She was very resourceful and great with all my questions. If she didn't know the answer to something, she would research it and find out.

As far as the labor process went,she was very resourceful in helping me deal with my pain, she was empathetic and caring in a way that felt
comfortable and natural for her to be massaging me or helping me as I labored in a tub. During my labor there were a few things that came up, like giving me pitocin despite the fact my labor was progressing fine, that I was glad to have Jill in the room to help us understand why they wanted to do certain things. It can be hard during the process to take it all in and make rational decisions, but she was very respectful and informative. She did not make decisions for us, she just made sure we understood everything (sometimes they speak medical and it goes over your head) so we could decide what was best for us.

My biggest hesitation with having a doula was that I did not want it to replace the role that Steve, my husband, would play in my labor and delivery. He had worked hard at preparing-going to class, reading books..., and I really wanted the birth to be something we did together as a team. Jill was WONDERFUL at letting Steve take the lead. In some ways, she was more a coach for him than me. My husbands biggest concern was that there was so much to know and remember that he would not retain it all and be able to recall it when we needed it in the heat of the moment. It made him feel better to know that Jill was there and he could ask her or look to her if he needed to. 

I am VERY thankful for Jill. She was truly wonderful and I give her so much credit for the positive experience that was my first child delivery. I would most certainly hire her again!

Posted 8/15/2009

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