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Shannon Cheeseman, BS, CHC, CD(DONA)

Blessed Birth, LLC

Tucson, AZ Service range 75 miles Will service Sierra Vista and Phoenix with additional mileage charge


Birth Fee

$850 to $900

Birth Fee

$850 to $900

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 250 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, December 2013

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
$100 travel fee for Sierra Vista clients delivering at Canyon Vista Medical Center.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
Certified/Licensed Midwife must be present for homebirths.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby sign language education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DONA International Spirit Fund Chairperson.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

Fee includes initial consultation, two prenatal sessions, full labor coverage from the time you indicate the need for my services, an hour of immediate postpartum support with breastfeeding guidance, and a follow-up postpartum visit.

Tucson, AZ Service range 75 miles Will service Sierra Vista and Phoenix with additional mileage charge

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Client Testimonials for Shannon Cheeseman, BS, CHC, CD(DONA)

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Lindsey W


Shannon was recommended to me by my OB/GYN. I specifically asked my doctor for a doula that worked well with hospital/medical staff. Shannon did a seamless job of guiding my husband and I in a hospital environment, as well as educating and preparing us prior to delivery. She was a calm, reassuring presence for my entire labor and birth. My only regret is not having hired her for my first child’s delivery.

Katie K. Ylinen


I hired Shannon for the birth of my first child, knowing that there is so much I don't know and great value in having a supportive care team around both me and my husband. She brought expertise and ideas about labor and delivery, but also a joyful and kind spirit to the process. My labor did not go as I "planned," so I was most thankful for her encouragement during those long hours but also being an extra hand alongside my concerned and exhausted husband. Most people probably don't realize that doctors/midwives/nurses do not stay with you every second, so it is incredibly helpful and relieving to have an expert there at all times. Everyone should hire a doula; and if you can, it should be Shannon :-)

Vanessa Cascio


Shannon is super professional and made us feel confident that we could have someone able to support us especially if we had any complications or need for intervention. Lucky for us, we had a relatively smooth delivery. Shannon was there to help with the
smallest of details and that made all the difference from cold wash cloths to comforting prompts. We’re definitely grateful to have had her by our side.

Liz Becerra


I could not have asked for a better experience! My husband was deployed late in my pregnancy and my family does not live close by. I was unsure about having my first child alone and wanted someone there who was experienced and could guide me through the process. I am so glad I had Shannon by my side! From my prenatal appointments to my postnatal care. She made me feel supported and gave me the peace of mind that I was looking for. Her presence gave me the confidence I needed to get me through labor. She went above and beyond to make me feel taken care of. From driving me to the hospital, providing different strategies to help during labor, to writing up a very special birth story. She even brought me a meal during our postnatal appointment : ). Thank you Shannon! You were amazing! I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is going through their pregnancy journey.

Kasandra Williams


My husband and I felt like we were in good hands with Shannon as our doula. She has so many connections in the community and she was a great resource throughout my pregnancy. When it comes to labor, she has a wealth of knowledge and tools to use. I was able to have a natural, unmedicated labor because of her help. My husband felt supported in his role as well and Shannon guided him and helped him as he coached me. I would definitely recommend Shannon to any woman that wants additional support through labor and delivery. With her help, I was able to have the birth experience that I wanted. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting additional support during birth.

JoAnn Mintoghe


Shannon was the best! She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about birth. I couldn't have had my natural VBAC without her. Shannon also typed a birth story from her perspective, which I absolutely LOVED! If I'm in the same area, I'd love to have her again with my next baby!

Florence Dei Ochoa


Shannon was my support throughout my first delivery. She helped my husband and I through some intense times during delivery. Shannon knew exactly what to do and say even before I knew what I needed. Her intuition and confidence was reassuring throughout the birth experience. Highly recommend having Shannon on your side!

Lauryn Valladarez


I've worked with Shannon in a different capacity as a doula myself, but wouldn't have thought to have anyone else as the doula at my own birth. We discussed fears and expectations at our prenatal meeting and she gave us a great packet of educational materials for us to review. Shannon checked in with us when we got closer to our due date, and it was comforting knowing she was ready at a moments notice when the time came. We met her at the hospital and she jumped into a routine with me, allowing my desperately tired husband a little shut eye. Throughout the labor, she was extremely comforting and kind, treating me like there was no one else in the room but me and my baby. I felt she supported me in the ways I needed most, talking through contractions in earlier labor and then using tools and hard pressure in the throes of active labor.

She was so intuitive when it came to involving my husband as well; we had taken Bradley classes and while he did a lot of the physical support at first, she kept me distracted with light conversation and a good sense of humor. When labor got more intense, she complimented my husband well, going back and forth between a strong touch and encouraging words. 

When our birth plan veered from what we had hoped, Shannon was a rock for us, informing us of our options and acting as a sounding board for our ideas and hopes. She stuck with us as our birth moved to the operating room, and sat by me as my husband steered his attention to the newborn baby. I felt like Shannon was not only acting as a doula, but as an intimate friend that knew exactly what I needed at the time I needed it. Thank you Shannon!

Joy Tiner


Amazing! We first met Shannon at a Tucson Bump to Baby class (awesome group of ladies, check them out) and knew she was going to be a great fit for us. We definitely dropped the ball when it came to preparing for birth though, and contacted her her at the end of my pregnancy. She was kind enough to work with us and we are so glad she did! She was such a blessing to have by our side during labor and beyond. Even though our plan when hiring her was to do an unmedicated birth, she was extremely supportive and still found many ways to help once I had to have an epidural. Afterwards, she followed up with us via text after birth and even stopped by for a visit with food! She typed up a beautiful birth story for us,  which we are still enjoying reading 5 months later. While we were hesitant about the cost at first, I am so glad we hired Shannon and can't wait to do so again for our next child! If you are even just thinking about getting a doula, take the plunge and choose Shannon! You honestly will not regret it :) 

Emily Siegel


We had a remarkable experience working with Shannon, who helped us welcome our first child in August 2016. We had a good feeling about her during our initial interview, and she proved to be calm, supportive and fun in our planning sessions. She helped us nail down the specifics of the kind of labor and delivery we hoped for, while helping us stay pragmatic about what might actually happen.

When it was "go time", she was accessible (despite attending to another birth the night my contractions began!) and stayed in close contact via phone and text through early labor before coming over to our house when we asked her to. Her soothing presence, experience, and bag of tricks proved invaluable as my labor progressed - especially the TENS machine and her magic hip hold! With her help I was able to labor at home for 15 hours (until I was 8cm dialated, it turned out) and then proceed with a smooth, unmedicated delivery at UMC. That had been our hope, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to do it without Shannon's help. She worked beautifully with my husband, the team of nurses, and my doctor, and stayed with us in the delivery room after Jonah arrived to make sure everything was ok. Her postpartum visit a week later included a homemade stew to put in the crockpot - much appreciated! - and she even came to Jonah's bris, which meant a lot to us.

We feel really, really fortunate to have found Shannon (which we did through a referral from Judy Vastine of Mindful Birthing Tucson - also very highly recommended!), and would recommend her to anyone seeking a talented, experienced doula. Thank you, Shannon!

Sarah Wood


I'm so glad that Shannon was recommended to us when we found out we were pregnant with our second child. When we first met her, we knew right away that she was the doula for us. Her down to earth and calm personality gave us the peace of mind that she would support us and help us as we brought our son into this world. During the birth of our son, Shannon's calm voice and demeanor helped keep me focused on the birthing process. She was able to provide support to my husband and knew the right pressure points to help alleviate the discomfort of child birth. I also LOVED the Tens Unit that she provided! Shannon was always easy to get ahold of and would answer any question I had. If I have another child, I am definitely having Shannon as my doula again!

Caylen Roach


Shannon was such a wonderful blessing during our labor and delivery. Not only is she knowledgeable about the birth process, but she also has a plethora of tricks and tools to help alleviate some of the pains of childbirth. My husband and I were so very thankful for Shannon and we would highly recommend her to anyone interested in seeking the assistance of a doula for their child’s birth.

Lupita Brown


My husband and I knew we wanted to try to have our baby without and epideral after we listened to several podcasts and saw movies about the benefits of doing so! That being said, I was still a little frightened about trying to do this with my first baby! I met Shannon at a Baby Fair and felt like she was very experienced and very friendly which was important to me for a doula to have these qualities!  My husband and I couldn't have been happier having picked Shannon as our doula!  She met with us several times before our daughter was born to first see what we were envisioning for our birth experience, and then  to help make sure we were all prepared! She helped walk us through each part of labor, let us know what to expect as far as medical interventions that may occur at the hospital, and we were able to talk about what we would do in different situations! We then discovered that I had a high risk pregnancy, and Shannon was right there to offer support and make me feel more at ease and in control! When it was time to have our induction, i still felt and believed that we were going to have a beautiful birthing experience and we did, thanks to Shannon! She helped put us both at ease and was right by my side when we needed her! She stayed after the birth until she knew we were ok, and kept in touch afterwards until her two week post-partum check up, giving us the support we needed! She even brought over some food to help with a tired mommy! She wrote the Birth Story of our daughter and gave it to us so we will always remember how it happened exactly! (Some parts can seem like a blur so we really needed that!)  We felt Shannon was very professional, yet we always felt like she was an extension of our family because she was so kind, compassionate and dependable! I would recommend Shannon in a heartbeat! Thank you for being a vital part of Luna's birth!

Amy Lauranzon


I was so happy we were able to find Shannon! Out of everyone I interviewed, my husband and I both connected with her the best. We found her services to be invaluable. She was able to be there for us even though she had other women due at the same time, and never let me feel like I was not as important even though they had hired her first. She was even nice enough to set up a meeting so I could meet her back-up doula just in case. She was amazing in all aspects. She answered all my questions by text along the way, even on the weekends. She got to the hospital right as we pulled in so she was able to be there through the whole entire labor! She never left my side and was able to help with pushing so my husband could concentrate on being there to support me since he wasn't comfortable with being in the hospital. She was kind enough to stop by and check on us afterward and even brought stuff to make us dinner! Her help extended beyond birth as well, she was able to find me a postpartum doula that helped with breastfeeding and tongue tie. I couldn't have imagined going through everything without her! I would highly recommend her to anyone! And I hope she's available when we decide to become pregnant again. :-)

Mariel Ramos


I found Shannon through a Google search after doing some research of my own on the benefits of hiring a doula. It was important to me that I explored every avenue that would increase my chances of having a natural birth with minimal intervention since I would be going for a VBAC.

I had found a couple other doulas of interest in the area, but Shannon was the first to respond to my inquiry. I knew right away after a few email exchanges & a short phone conversation that she was the one. It wasn't easy to convince my husband of the benefits of hiring a doula, but once we met Shannon, he was completely on board & the search was over. Shannon is not only highly professional, accommodating, & genuinely kind, but she is knowledgeable & takes sincere interest in her client's needs & wants. I felt very comfortable sharing my first birthing experience with her & how it ended in a cesarean, & she understood the extra special care I would need as a VBAC patient. Shannon provided non-biased data that helped me reach some difficult decisions throughout the last few months of my pregnancy. She frequently checked in on me around my due date. She made arrangements to be by my side when we went in for a consultation with the doctor & midwife to discuss a possible RSC. I was scared & in tears as I felt my dream birthing experience slip away. Shannon was there to comfort me, encourage me, & helped me sort through my options the next day once the overwhelming sensation of information overload had passed. Shannon is attentive & reliable, & simply a joy to be around.

My TOLAC was a success & I ended up with a VBAC. I don't believe I would've been able to have the kind of birthing experience I had if it wasn't for Shannon. I am forever grateful! It's people like her that make me want to have more babies. But for my sanity's sake, we'll stop at two. From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU SHANNON!


Sharlot Hart


Both my husband and I are so grateful to have had Shannon as our doula.  This was our first child, and as such we had many 'fears of the unknown' and hope/expecations of help.  This is a hard position for someone to fill: aiding two people who don't know what questions to ask.  We had two sessions prior to the birth to help us get aquainted, and show my husband techniques to help with pain management.  Shannon was always amazing: always calm, yet straightforward.  She more than fulfilled her contract. From explaining what the midwife was doing, giving updates to those in the waiting room, to pain management (definitely check out her TENS unit!), and physical support during contractions, she was awesome.

We feel lucky to have had a local friend recommend Shannon, and would certainly hire her again for future babies.



I dont have enough words to describe Shannon and what she meant for us. When i was looking for a Doula to help me with my VBAC i didn't know what to expect... Shannon is beyond any high expectations and I was trully blessed and lucky she was there for us. She has a amazing personality, she is super professional, very knowledgeable, organized and most important she makes you feel secure. Both me and my husband felt that we were in great hands, we didnt know how we would have done without her.  She was there for me 100%, guiding me and truly caring. I wish everyone could have someone like her by their side at birth.

holly winters


If you are considering using a doula for your birth, you absolutely should do it and you should hire Shannon! I didn't have a doula with my first birth and regardless of the ways I prepared; I found it to be incredibly scary, painful, and confusing. I had support from family but I needed someone who could help me through the pain, help move things along faster, explain the terminology to me that the doctors and nurses were saying so I could make informed decisions. When I contacted Shannon, I was very clear about knowing my very low pain tolerance and intending to have an epidural. I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible but knew at some point the pain would be too much. Shannon was completely supportive of aiding me to have the birth I wanted.In addition to being extremely easy to reach with questions before, she FAR surpassed my expectations of a doula on delivery day. She helped me labor at home for several hours minimizing the pain physically, encouraging different positions to move things along, providing a sense of calm and understanding that I found extremely helpful and supportive. After laboring at home for a bit, we went to the hospital. There Shannon was a life saver! At the hospital, she was so attentive;immediately at my side through every contraction rubbing my back, squeezing my hips, suggesting different ways to get me more dilated so they would admit me. After being admitted and the epidural I tried to rest, anytime I stirred Shannon was at my side helping and offering suggestions. I ended up having an emergency c section as my son was in distress.I was scared as I could hear his heart rate dropping and the nurses were trying all different things to get it back up. Through that Shannon was a calming presence rubbing my forehead and talking me through it. I would never have another birth without Shannon by my side. Regardless of the difficult outcome, I loved my experience with her and would reccomend her services to anyone. 

Katrina Morin


Shannon was incredible! My pre labor started very slow and since I was a VBACK I was getting nervous about the possibility of having to have another C section. Shannon was supportive and gave me many ideas on how to jump start things. Once true labor began, things moved very quickly. Shannon came right over and was there along with my husband right by my side. She offered additional support not just for me but also my husband who was having a difficult time seeing me on such pain. With the help of the peanut ball, I was able to successfully give birth VBACK and I couldn't have enjoyed my labor and delivery experience more!! Thank you Shannon for everything!!!

Sierra Doran


Shannon was amazing! She made our dream birth possible. She was so calm and comforting throughout the entire experience. Her techniques and guidance made it possible for me to follow through with my natural birth. She was also so great with answering any pregnancy questions either I, or my husband, had. I plan on having her around for any future births I have! :)

Tiana Barr


My purpose in searching for a doula came after realizing that the doctor I had been seeing for the previous 7 months would not be delivering my baby.  I would end up with the doctor on call from 12 practices that shared rounds at the hospital I would be delivering at. Unlike most women who search out doulas I didn't plan to deliver naturally and Shannon was more then open to that and made us feel comfortable about all our birth plans. She was an amazing support before, durring and after our son's birth. She was always available (phone, text or email) to answer any question we had. When Shannon found out I was in labor she came to the house and helped us labor at home for several hours. She made me feel very comforable during labor/birth and helped my husband be the best coach he could be. Shannon was great at creating relationships in the hospital with the nurses and doctors and with my family and friends. 

We are so happy we found Shannon and are more then happy with the services she provided. We would recomend her to anyone looking for a doula. If we still live in Tucson for our next child Shannon will definitely be our Doula!

Sarah Buss


My husband and I were blessed to have Shannon as our doula for the birth of our first child. She had a bag full of tricks that were super helpful in reducing labor pains. We chose Shannon to be our doula because upon meeting her we could immediately connect with her warm, open energy. She was calm in intense situations and always had useful advice or was there providing comfort. My husband said “he couldn’t have done it without Shannon, she was a great teammate and took good care of my wife and I”. Shannon is a wonderful Doula! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends!

Michelle DiLorenzo


Shannon was an unwavering, positive emorional support for my husband and I during my pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum. I'm so glad we decided to hire her as our doula. I interviewed 4 doulas in the Tucson area, and chose Shannon because of her warm, calm, positive demeanor. She met with my husband and I 2xs, before the birth of our baby girl, to discuss details of our birth plan and to practice comfort techniques for labor. She demonstrated different types of comfort techniques for my husband to use and he practiced them on me with her guidance. During my long labor, Shannon was present and available to give my husband needed breaks and support me during contractions. She used acupressure points to help ease my nausea. When I became overwhelmed or scared (which happened a couple times during my labor), Shannon was unconditionally supportive, calm, and motherly. She was always available to support me in any way I desired and was NEVER over-involved, pushy or opinionated (which was one reason I did not choose some of the other doulas I interviewed as I feared they might edge my husband out of the birthing process).  After birth, Shannon allowed us to have the family bonding time we desired. She met with us one more time, a week after our baby girl's birth, bought us a meal, and gave us a typed up and eloquently written description of the labor and birth. She also brought me some mother's milk tea to help with my breastmilk supply. 

I highly recommend Shannon. We are so glad we had her support!


Michelle, Stephen, and baby June. 

Patricia Poulin


Where do I begin? I am so grateful to have met Shannon during my birthing class, she was a godsend during the birth of my son which ended up being induced two weeks early due to high blood pressure. From our first meeting to our postpartum follow up Shannon was informative, available, and most of all she made me feel at ease at all times. Shannon was very thorough in our first couple of meetings to find out more about me and what type of support I would need. During labor Shannon was attentive, encouraging, and stuck with me. She helped me stick to having the natural birthing experience I was hoping to have and was extremely helpful during her postpartum follow up.

Christopher Bearss


We met Shannon at a birth class.  She was very helpful and informative.  Prior to my wife going into labor, Shannon met with us two times to help with any questions or concerns we may have had.  When the time came for my wife to go into labor, Shannon was there to help in many ways.  My wife labored for 24 hours and Shannon was by our side the whole time.  Much of what the doctor and nurses told us, Shannon told us ahead of time. 

For any husband who hasn't been talked into the use of a Doula, I highly recomend Shannon.  It made everything easier for my family.

After birth, Shannon came to our house again to help in any way she could.  It's obvious she loves being a doula.

Tamara Alise


Shannon met with me several times during my pregnancy and was very attentive and offered excellent advice. Shannon would follow up with me after my doctors appointments and made me feel very supported throughout my pregnancy. After creating my birth plan, Shannon and I reviewed the details to insure we both understood my desires and expectations for labor/ delivery. I can honestly say that my delivery went exactly how I wanted thanks to Shannon. She supported me through every contraction to the last push. I can not have imagined giving birth without Shannon's guidance and help. I would strongly recommend Shannon to any expecting mother. She genuinely cares and it truly reflects in the service she provides. 

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