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Laura Vladimirova

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Ridgewood, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens


Birth Fee

$1800 to $1900

Birth Fee

$1800 to $1900

Birth Doula Experience

4 years and 139 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have worked in all of the NYC major hospitals including Mount Sinai West, Lennox Hill, Cornell, Metropolitan, Methodist and more. Feel free to inquire about our experiences in each.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have both attended numerous birth center births at the Brooklyn Birthing Center, Mount Sinai West Birthing Center and the Downtown Presbyterian Birth Center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I has attended over 75 homebirths.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Moderator of the NY Metro Doula Group, the largest Doula group on the Northeast; Volunteer with various reproductive health projects such as abortion support for young women. Photography contributor for Well Rounded NY, NYC-based pregnancy health and wellness blog.

Fee Details

My fee includes: a free initial consultation/meet and greet; 24/7 email, text, and phone support from signing of contract through birth and early postpartum; individually tailored prenatal sessions; continuous, compassionate, and nonjudgmental care throughout labor and birth; postpartum support right after your baby is born including immediate breastfeeding best practices; a follow-up check in call/text the day after birth, and a postpartum session with special attention to breastfeeding, newborn care, and your recovery - about 3 days to 2 weeks after the birth (whenever you are ready). Please contact me to find out more about how our partnership works to provide you with more comprehensive support during your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum time.

Ridgewood, NY Serves families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Client Testimonials for Laura Vladimirova

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Emelia Ingersoll Schned


Laura was an absolute delight to work with and helped our family so much in the early days of being home. I gave birth just before Thanksgiving and she made time to see us the day before the holiday (so thankful she did as my milk was in and I was in a ton of pain as we tried to get our feeding sorted out). Laura was available by text, phone and at all hours of the day to help us as we sorted through the maze of emotions, new terminology and all of the difficulties of breastfeeding that no one tells you about. I found Laura to not only be kind and patient, but extremely humble. She was fast to enlist the help of other LCs and IBCLCs when we had a couple of challenges that she couldn't get to the bottom of. Our final visit was more about sleep, adjusting to our new lives and baby wearing -- all of which she provided a ton of information and expertise on, and we even shared a few laughs. Cannot recommend Laura more highly! 

Alizah Schall


I would absolutely recommend Laura as a doula.  She is kind, calm, gentle, professional, nurturing, sweet, knowledgeable and caring.  She was helpful in preparing for my labor and delivery-- meeting with me and my husband on several occassions to answer questions, recommend great resources and review our plans to ensure that we felt as ready as we could.  Laura was incredibly helpful to both of us throughout my labor and delivery, as well.  She was a steady support for us in the room and I am grateful that she was a part of my son's birth. On another note, her birth photography is amazing.  She was totally unobtrusive and yet managed to capture beautiful, intimate moments that I will cherish forever.



Oh my goodness I practically don't know where to begin as there are just so many wonderful things to say about Laura! I am so thankful that we selected Laura as our doula - I truly believe/know that I wouldn't have been able to have the unmedicated vaginal birth I wanted without her help. My husband and I interviewed several doulas all of whom were lovely but there was something about Laura's down-to-earth demeanor and matter of fact charm that let us know she was the one for us. From the initial consult to our prenatal prep session reviewing all the questions/options (she was impressive in keeping my husband's attention for all the details!) Laura put us both at ease and somehow made me feel like "yes, I can do this." On the night leading up to delivery, Laura was responsive to our texts and never made us feel like we were bothering her at 3am, and when it was time for her to come to our apt, I was so thankful and relieved to see her at our door. Laura's calm energy was just what I needed to keep me from panicking (I can now laugh at the moment when I was moving from active labor into transition I said to her "I dont want to do this any more!" and she just smiled and assured me that I could). Laura's massage techniques are beyond amazing, but even more impressive is her ability to intuit just what I needed at just the right moment, even before I myself knew what it was. And when my labor went into full-speed overdrive necessitating a rush-hour crosstown dash to the hospital (we made it just in time) she kept me calm & focused and then continued to advocate for me and my preferred delivery positions in hospital. Beyond the delivery itself though, Laura has continued to be a resource and support for my countless questions as a first-time mom, happily providing tips and guidance. As I told her recently, it really does take a village to raise a child, and I'm so very glad she's part of ours.

Esther Downton


Laura was a wonderful doula for both me and my husband when we had our first child in our home earlier this year. From our first meeting we knew we had found the right person to help us on this important personal journey. Laura is not only incredibly knowledgeable about childbirth, she cares deeply about the subject and the issues that surround childbirth.

From our first session together Laura was able to put both me and my husband at ease and got right into understanding what we needed from her. She gave us comfort by explaining how she would work with us to build strategies for coping with the time leading up to labour, the labour itself, and of course the critical days and weeks after the birth when you are really coming to terms with the changes to your family.

I remember so distinctly the moment Laura arrived during my labour and how immediately soothed I felt. She is an old soul, warm, kind and generous. She really was more than a doula to us - she became our friend and part of our extended family.

Evelyn Coleman


My husband and I interviewed several doulas and carefully chose Laura for her warmth and wealth of evidence based information. It was important to us that both he and I would feel comfortable and supported throughout the pregnancy and birth. Laura took the time to get to know us as a family and understand our needs. I experienced a death in my family just prior to giving birth and Laura helped me to process and begin to heal so that I could prepare for our new baby. She was equally as amazing at assisting us in gathering evidence based information to make choices with our doctor. Laura was responsive and supportive throughout our pregnancy and birth experience. She values continuity of care and made sure to introduce us to a postpartum doula and a lactation consultant for support in the postpartum period.

As a therapist, I have since worked with Laura as a colleague in supporting women and families during pregnancy and postpartum. Laura's passion for her work as a doula is inspiring. She's supremely dedicated and always striving to learn more. She continually introduces evidence based information into her work and into the doula community as a whole.

Laura exudes a balance of warmth and professionalism. We couldn't be happier to have her in our lives and can't recommend her more highly!   

Evelyn Gama, LCSW





Armenuhi Khachatryan


There are no words that can truly describe how incredible Laura is and how eternally grateful my husband and I are to have had her as our birth doula! It is not an exaggeration when I say that neither of us can imagine doing it without her. We did a lot of doula research and emailed a bunch of doulas in NYC before narrowing down the search and meeting Laura. We wanted our doula to be someone we both trusted and felt comfortable around. Laura accomplished this from the first time we met her! She’s super knowledgeable and sincere and very passionate about what she does. She’s also super easy going and relatable. When she came by for our first prenatal visit, it felt like we had known her for a long time. She was really great at keeping in touch and sending us emails filled with super useful information regarding exercise, mommy and daddy meetup groups, books to read, etc.

But, none of this compares to the unwavering support she provided during labor! Laura arrived at the birthing center before we did and remained with us the entire time. She was by our side, making both me and my husband comfortable, keeping us hydrated and on task the entire time. She knew exactly what I wanted/needed at every point during labor, most of the time even without me asking or telling her. And, when my labor started going poorly (I stalled at 7 centimeters) and the only solution seemed to be an induction, it was Laura's resourcefullness that saved us from a hospital transfer.

Laura is also an amazing photographer! Somehow she found the time to take pictures of us throughout labor and delivery. The photos are so intimate and perfectly capture the wonderful moment when our daughter was born. Laura also does placenta encapsulation. She took my placenta home with her and I received my bag of pills at our postpartum visit.

To sum up, Laura is just wonderful, and we love her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a doula!

Olivia Svrchek


My partner and I can't say enough great things about Laura. Our baby is now 3 months old and we talk about our doula experience almost everyday. We did a large amount of research before deciding on a home birth, including to meet with a doula (Laura), who was recommended by the homebirth midwives we worked with. She was honest and informative from our first meeting through our postpartum visit. She made us feel empowered to go with our gut feeling and choose a home birth.

Each meeting leading up to the birth was instructive - she could tell what we knew and didn't know and made sure to prepare us. I loved our postpartum visit. It is a vulnurable time in a mothers life and Laura provided that trusted continuity of care, in the home, that I so needed. She went out of her way to bring me what I needed - breastfeeding support, nourishment for my body and mind, and an ear to voice all my thoughts.

Laura is highly experienced and brought a level of confidence to my labor experience that was exactly what my partner and I craved. We felt taken care of and in good hands for this overwhelming and life altering experience. Laura will bring passion, a perfect balance of calm and assertive, as well as love to your homebirth.

Belinda Smith


It's hard to put into word my feelings of gratitude for knowing Laura. To describe her as an incredible doula doesn't begin to do her justice - she's such a beautiful and amazing person overall with a special talent for supporting families.

The first moment we met Laura we knew how lucky we were to have found her and became infinitely calmer, confident and assured for our impending home birth. I've never met such a caring, sincere person who gives their all to each client. Not only was Laura very informative about the birth process, but she was caring and supportive - physically, mentally, emotionally.

When unforeseen circumstances changed our plan from home birth to a hospital transfer for an emergency c-section Laura was the one person (besides my exhausted husband) who I could NOT have made it without. I was truly amazed at how a doula I met as a home birth doula was so knowledgeable, capable and competent during an unplanned surgical procedure and newborn taken to NICU. She is so truly incredible. Laura probably slept the least of any of us and continued her wonderful support during our hospital stay.

You should also know how well-connected Laura is! Whatever you need - she can get it done for you. Whether it's acupuncture, newborn care/preparation, dietary recommendations, lactation consultants, birth pools, new parent friends, etc. Laura is your go-to. My husband and I feel so very blessed to have her in our lives for this wonderful experience. If you're looking for the complete package; look no further.

Autumn Brookmire


Laura was such an integral part of our birth experience that I cannot imagine having given birth without her wonderful support.From the moment we met her at our initial consultation, we knew she was going to be a great addition to our birth team and a lifelong friend to our family. Laura is extremely knowledgeable about all things birth and baby-related and is always willing to help in any way that she can (pre and post birth!). She has a very calm presence and good energy and has an impecable ability to read people. During the birth she knew exactly what I needed without me uttering a word, whether it was counter pressure, a break from the hard work of pushing and contractions, or even a simple hug - she got me. She was also a great support to my husband, letting him take a nap and making sure we took care of ourselves during the entire process (eating, peeing, resting etc). She is dedicated to her craft and takes it very seriously, but she also makes room for laughs, which I appreciate since I cracked jokes throughout the entire labor and she did too! We treasure the photos she took of the labor and delivery as well - she is such a talented photographer and that was such a priceless gift she gave us - it was the cherry on top of her amazing doula services! We would highly recommend her and plan on having her as our doula for all our future births!

Veronica Price


Laura gave my husband and I an amazing birth "how to" refresher course that put me at ease and prepared me for a birth that was so different from my first. I was in labor for a full 30 hours the first time around and only 3 the second so everything was much faster, much more concentrated, much more decisive, but I felt very prepared, very willing to believe in my bodys power, very present, and a lot less scared and overwhelemed. You forget a lot in 3 years, the pain management tools and the bare basics of how the body and mind function at birth. Laura helped bridge this for me with her personalized refresher course and for this I am very greatful and am recomending her to my friends.


Mom to L and M

Karen Moonbeam Ostrow-Nadel


My husband and I worked with Laura for the birth of our first child, and we could not be happier. Laura came to a prenatal with my OB with me and due to several complications, came with us to the hospital when it was time to go. She was reassuring when we had questions and helped me and my husband meet our goals even when things seemed confusing. 

She worked with my OB well and supported my husband, not just me. She helped me formulate questions to ask my OB and nurses. She was confident, knowledgeable, warm and supportive. 
She also connected me to postpartum resources that helped ease some of the difficulties of this transition. We would absolutely work with her again.

Karen Moonbeam Ostrow-Nadel


My husband and I worked with Laura for the birth of our first child, and we could not be happier. Laura came to a prenatal with my OB with me and due to several complications, came with us to the hospital when it was time to go. She was reassuring when we had questions and helped me and my husband meet our goals even when things seemed confusing. 

She worked with my OB well and supported my husband, not just me. She helped me formulate questions to ask my OB and nurses. She was confident, knowledgeable, warm and supportive. 
She also connected me to postpartum resources that helped ease some of the difficulties of this transition. We would absolutely work with her again.

Sascha Gershfeld


If I had to use one word to describe Laura it would be dedicated. I could not have imagined a more supportive doula for the birth of my daughter. From the moment I met Laura to interview her for the position I knew she would be a perfect match. She is warm, eager to help, and incredibly smart. Leading up to the birth she met with me and checked in on my progress. She continually offered her support and wealth of knowledge to guide me through the experience. My labor lasted 3 1\2 days. Laura did not tire in the slightest. She went above and beyond anything I could have expected from picking up necessary items at the store to massage and counter pressure without which I would not have made it through. When we discovered that my baby was breech she kept a cool head and in turn helped to keep me from panicking. She followed us to the hospital and visited me again later bringing what she knew would help me through recovery from my caesarian. I cannot fathom having gone through that experience without her. Laura has become a dear friend and a treasured part of our family. I could go on and on but suffice to say that I would recommend her services to anyone in need of an incredible doula.

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