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Janine Mason

Rooted in Love ~ Doula

Website: http://www.rootedinlovedoula.com

Phone: (920) 224-5391

Birth Fee: $650 to $900

Fee Details: I offer a sliding scale or payment plans as needed. I also consider some barters. We can work together to make it happen!

Birth Doula Experience: 5 years and 69 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • Reiki Practitioner

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • VBAC

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby sign language education
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Cloth diapering education

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Janine Mason

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We are so grateful to have had Janine as our doula. She is so warm and caring that from our first meeting we felt completely comfortable with her. As first time parents, we didn't have a strong vision for what we wanted at our birth and Janine spent time getting to know us, then talked us through all options and helped us figure out what we wanted with gentle guidance and no judgement. I had several complications throughout my pregnancy and Janine was always available to talk through concerns with us and help us feel confident in various options. When our son arrived on his due date, she talked us through each stage throughout the day and when we arrived at the hospital with much less time to go than we had originally thought, she was there immediately to be with us through an hour long hospital birth. Things progressed very quickly and it was quite intense and scary for both of us, but she was there with suggestions, guidance and assurance. I do not know how we would have gotten through without her. Our son needed some immediate attention directly after birth and Janine stayed by my side letting me know what was happening and offering reassurance that helped me get through a difficult hour of not being with him while I was being stitched up. I can't recommend Janine enough, we are forever grateful for her support.

Posted 10/16/2019

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Jolyn Belk

Janine was our doula for our VBAC in July 2019. She is amazing!! From my first meeting to my post partum visit she was exactly what my family needed. She is caring, compassionate and knows what she is doing. She kept me sane through the pushing and helped with counter pressure with my back labor. She was always responsive when I was updating her throughout my pregnancy or I’d i had questions she always answered them fully. She truly gets to know your family and cares. When we found out we were pregnant I knew we had to have a doula. I researched and found Janine through word of mouth. I am so glad that we did. She is one of the main reasons we were successful with the VBAC. Get on her books because you will never find a better doula in this area! Thank you so much Janine for helping to make this birth, of our second child, an amazing experience. Thank you just doesn’t feel like enough for everything you did for us. 

Posted 10/2/2019

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Having Janine as part of our birth experience was truly special! It was as if we had known her forever. We are first time parents and, as most new parents can relate to, didn’t know what to expect beyond some reading and birth classes. Janine was just as helpful to me as she was for my husband. Even my OB was really impressed at how well Janine fit into the scene.

She took the time before the birth to get to know us and provided us with just the right amount of information. As my due date came and went, I let her know that the Dr suggested an induction and Janine called me to make sure I feel ok and to talk through any questions or concerns. I went through with the induction and after only a half dose of Cytotec, the contractions came in hot and I was in labor. The timing was completely unexpected, yet Janine was immediately responsive to a 4:30am text and joined us at the hospital super early for what turned out to be a really long and exhausting day. She was incredibly supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable. If a challenge came up or a decision needed to be made, she was able to provide us with clear options. 

Without Janine, my husband and I agreed, it would have gone completely different and we would have had regrets. Instead, we were completely supported and able to stick to our original hopes for the birth. If we had to do it all over again, we would do it all the same! After the birth, Janine set up a time with us to come to our house. Because everything was such a blur, it was nice to go over what had happened and ask any questions that came up. She even documented a timeline. Knowing that music is important to us, she even noted what song was playing when our baby was born. The personal touches were countless and completely appreciated!

Posted 7/26/2019

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Abbie Johnson

We are incredibly grateful to Janine for her guidance and support through the birth of our first child. I had prepared for a natural birth and Janine's advice and constant positive presence helped me fulfill every part of my birth plan. She was by my side through every contraction as I labored in the tub at the hospital. She gently guided me through transition and communicated my progress with the midwife. I was 9.5 cm dilated when I left the tub to be checked. Janine stayed with me through pushing seamlessly becoming a part of the team of nurses, midwife, and my husband supporting me through that stage. When I felt like giving up after hours of pushing, Janine helped me visualize the finish line and I was able to recharge and summon up my last energy to bring our daughter into the world. Janine also helped bring my husband into the birth process to ensure he was able to be an active partner. We could not have done it without her!

Posted 12/28/2018

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Rianna Thomas

We found Janine with doulamatch and used her as our doula for the birth of our first child this April and could not have been happier with her. I had every intention to have a natural birth and felt like hiring a doula would be the best way to accomplish that. We ended up getting induced at 41 weeks because Lincoln decided she needed to cook a little longer. I had received cervidil and pitocin to help with the induction process. We took a break in between the two to take a long walk through the halls and try to encourage dilation, making it to about 4cm. Janine was very helpful acting as a translator for us with the doctors and making sure my birth plan was followed as long as possible. I ended up needing an epidural to get some sleep after we had been at the hospital for almost 30 hours. Janine even napped in her car while Nick and I were sleeping! I was in labor for 41 hours and could not have lasted as long as I did without medication if Janine had not been there to suggest different positions to try. She even helped me with pushing because I needed to be on my side and the nurse didn't really want me to try that way. After spending so much time with her she almost feels like a part of the family. Nick and I will definitely be contacting her for any more children we decide to have.

Posted 5/10/2018

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Alyce Neal

As soon as I met Janine I knew she was the Doula for me. She has such a calming and gentle energy. I was nervous about having my first baby in a different country but with Janine's help, I had a great experience. Not only did she help me during labor but the care I received before and after the birth was so amazing. My labor progressed very quickly and even though she lived an hour from the hospital I delivered at, she made it there quickly on short notice. She was by my side and supported me through every twist and turn that arose during my labor. I found it remarkable that Janine was 7 months pregnant at the time but stayed awake with me through the night and reassured and encouraged me every step of the way. Whenever I would panic or loose my breath I could hear her calming voice helping me re focus my energy. When my baby was born and needed immediate care Janine told me to speak to him from across the room, as soon as I did he started to cry. It was such a special moment. My husband and I were both unsure what was happening so to have her there to give us advice and help us stay calm was a blessing. Janine has a natural way with mamas and I'm so thankful I found her.

Posted 1/9/2018

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Cara Scanze

Janine was our doula for the birth of our daughter in October. We couldn’t have found a better fit for us! Janine’s calming presence and knowledgeable support not only helped me through labor, but helped my husband and my sister effectively provide support. We originally planned on a natural childbirth at a birth center, but in late pregnancy I developed high blood pressure requiring us to switch to a hospital birth and, ultimately, an induction. Janine guided us through the change—reviewing our new birth plan—and reassuring us that our hopes for a natural childbirth were not all lost. In the end, I went through a long induction. When it came time to start Pitocin, my body responded well, and I was able to turn off the drip and labor naturally. Janine supported me throughout, having me change positions, move around and focus on my deep breathing. With a halt in progress after several hours, I ended up getting an epidural to make it through the pushing (40+ hours of labor and little sleep!). Janine made sure I was confident with the decision before proceeding. Without Janine’s support, I don’t think I would have made it through natural labor as long as I did. Though our birth story didn’t go exactly as planned, we were thrilled with how everything went and had no regrets. I think this is in large part due to having Janine by our side. Thank you, Janine!!!

Posted 12/6/2017

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Emily Lewellen

I first met Janine through a prenatal yoga class she was teaching. I really enjoyed the way she led her classes and the guidance and mindfulness practices with which she prompted us.

When I discovered she was teaching a childbirth education class, my partner and I decided to take it. We both came away from the class feeling well-prepared for our impending birth experience and super excited to ask Janine to be our doula. She was just so knowledgeable about birth and left us feeling confident that she would advocate and support us in every way possible.

When my water broke at 4:30am in the morning and I started having intense contractions pretty early, Janine helped guide us in our decision on when to head to the birth center and she met us there ready to help us work to deliver our son. As my labor progressed throughout the day, she provided verbal and emotional support, helped my partner stay calm and collected, gave me massage and counter pressure to help with my back labor and continued to reassure me that everything was going well and that all my work was yielding progress. Finally, towards the latter stages, Janine took a step back when I couldn't handle being touched any longer and began to take a few photos for us. We didn't hire a birth photographer and it is so nice to be able to look back at these images of our first child being born!

Janine continued to support us after the birth by coming to our house for a visit and we even met up for a post-partum playground visit a few weeks later. We were so glad she was a part of our birth team! ??

Posted 8/19/2017

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Melissa Adzima

I first met Janine when I took a prenatal yoga class from her at 18 weeks pregnant.  She began the class by checking in with everyone. I knew immediately at that point that she would be my doula.  She showed immense care, compassion, and wisdom to each and every person.  That was the type of person, the type of positive energy and experience, I wanted in the delivery room.  After we chose Janine to be our doula, she met with me and my husband a number of times preparing us what to expect- from signs of labor, to pain management, to postpartum care. She provided us with resources and answered any and all questions we had in a very timely manner. She listened to us every step of the way, supporting us in however we needed it.  Besides my husband, there is no one else I would want in the delivery room.  While our baby is 3 months old, if we have a second child, Janine will be there again!

Posted 5/16/2017

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Andrea Z

We used Janine as our doula for the birth of our third child this past January. It was our first time giving birth in Colorado and even though my first two births went smoothly, I was nervous about giving birth in a new place. I also wanted to make sure I was able to have another natural childbirth (unless there was an emergency) without feeling like I was being pressured into any type of interventions. Janine helped to make this possible and ease my anxiety about birthing in a new place! She was very calming throughout the whole labor process and made my unmedicated birth possible by talking me through coping with contractions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Posted 1/23/2017

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Aimee Parnell

We decided to work with a doula because my husband was working overseas until a few weeks before my due date, and I wanted to have support just in case our baby came early. We interviewed several doulas in our area, and Janine was the most down-to-earth and genuine of all of them. It came down to the question: "with whom do I think I'll feel most comfortable in my most vulnerable, open state?" and she was the one! We got together many times leading up to our son's birth, sometimes spontaneously running into each other at events in our little town, and so we also got to know her sweet little family. We'd planned on a natural birth - having been through the high intervention process of IVF to start our pregnancy - I wanted to give my body a chance to do the end part on its own! But on my due date, we discovered that our boy had flipped back to breech, and so we had to decide between an external version and induction (with only a 50% chance of turning him and still possibly leading to an emergency C-section) or choosing to schedule a C-section for the next morning. We were so disappointed and scared, and when we got home, called Janine to tell her the news. She helped us calm down, and gave us the superb advice of taking a break to eat lunch before we made our decision (we were feeling pretty strung out from the stress, and doing something "normal" really helped bring us back to earth). In the end we decided that a planned surgical birth would be the gentlest, most peaceful way for our son to be born. Janine sat with us and kept us cool-headed while I was prepped for surgery by keeping the conversation light and totally non-birth related, and brought us a lovely basket of snacks and homemade banana bread (the girl can bake!!), and a super-cute moose blankie for our little guy after he was born! She is just so sweet and a truly grounding, calm presence; we are glad to know her and so thankful she helped us feel at peace about how our birth turned out. :)

Posted 9/21/2016

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Lisa Borgmann

I am so glad that we had Janine as our doula for the birth of our first child. In our meetings with her before labor, she provided invaluable information that helped us feel more prepared for our little girl's arrival. When I finally went into labor (a week late!) my labor stalled with contractions five minutes apart - I was there for twelve hours. Fortunately Janine came to our house and helped me work through some positions that helped get my labor moving. 

I did not anticipate being in labor for 42 hours, but Janine's support helped both my husband and I stay calm and focused the whole time. Even though we ended up deviating from our original birth plan, I felt that Janine supported us and helped us make decisions that allowed us to still have a birth story we are proud of. 

I would highly recommend Janine - I honestly don't know what we would have done without her! She is amazing!!

Posted 9/11/2016

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Sarah Steward

It is an honor to have the opportunity to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for the level of care, attentiveness, and wisdom offered us through pregnancy and the birth of our precious daughter.  We were blessed to experience the natural birth we hoped for and have the sacred time with our daughter right after her birth. We HIGHLY recommend Janine and her services to anyone going through pregnancy and birth. We will not hesitate a moment should we decide to continue to grow our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Janine, for your brilliant and positive presence, humor, support, and love.

Posted 7/23/2016

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Juliana Veneziani

This is my first baby and as I went into labor, I was trying to be calm, however, at all times I had a fear in the back of my head of my baby not being able to pass through my birth canal. In my rational mind, I was just too small for her head. I had told Janine and my doctors that I wanted a natural birth, with no medication, since my desire to experience birth was always greater than my fear. In the time I went into labor and my contractions were close together, I headed to the hospital and Janine told me she was coming soon after. The contractions became extremely hard to handle, byt Janine was there, right wth me with so much peace, strenght and serenity while she helped me practice meditation through them, massaging me, assisting me with varions soft movements that not releaved my pain but helped my body open up for an easier birth. When I was finally having the baby and my fear really kicked in, jumped right in and afirmed me that I could do it and I had the strength in me. I went with her and let her and the doctors guide me. Once my baby was born and laying on my chest, I realized that this was one of the most miraculous and magical and loving experiences I have ever felt! I cant describe in words how thankful me and my baby are for Janine and her team in helping me, extremely, with this opportunity!

I am now looking forward to my next natural birth, with no medication, with Janine!



he helped me 

Posted 10/10/2015

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Lisa Kriederman

After hearing so much positive experiences with doulas from the community and no negatives, my husband and I decided to look for a doula for the birth of our first baby. After our first meeting, her sweet and patient personality made me know she was perfect for us! I wanted to try to bring my baby in with out drugs, but after being 2 weeks past due, and I had to be induced. This made me even happier we had found Janine to be our doula. Janine helped greatly with dealing and getting through 6 hours of pitocin induced contractions, until it was too much and I had only dialated one centimeter. I eventually got an epidural, but was so gratetul to have Janine there for the rest of my 18 hour labor for the comfort, for the conversation, for the knowledge and the connection. She is a wonderful doula whom we would recommend over and over to everyone! Thank you Janine!

~ Ben, Lisa and Quintessence

Posted 8/6/2015

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Jessica Nicolella

Janine is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable! What a great supportive presence to have at our birth.

Posted 4/14/2015

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Bonita Stone

Before moving to Colorado a year ago and becoming pregnant, neither my husband nor I even knew what a doula or midwife was. After attending prenatal yoga and learning the scene of the birthing world I thought that I could benefit from having a female (non-family member) present at my birth. My husband and I were ambivalent about the idea, cost, and having a stranger present at your most vulnerable moments. I am so glad we decided to hire Janine and that she was available, she taught my prenatal yoga classes so I got to know her personality there, she met with our family twice pre-birth and followed up with us post. Janine was put on this earth to assist women through this amazing process, really and truly. I loved hearing her soft voice reassuring myself and husband throughout and having her gentle touch guide me was probably the best motivation. I know that my husband and I would have been lost in our hospital birth had Janine not been there, the nurses & doctor are in & out, they don't stay with you and when the contractions are hitting all the pre-birthing class information goes straight out the door & panic sets in. Janine helped guide us through positioning, movement, massage and breath which got us through. I highly recommend hiring Janine as your birth doula and we'll definitely use her again in the future (should we have another baby). ;)

We had a natural birth to a healthy 7lb 4oz baby girl :)  

Posted 4/1/2015

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