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Vista, CA Service range 20 miles I serve NORTH COUNTY San Diego -Mamas living north of Rancho Bernardo


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 97 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
Hospitals North of Clairemont Mesa, San Diego

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Any north of Rancho Bernardo

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer as a 1st trimester Ultrasound Nurse for Pregnancy Resource center in Vista.

Fee Details

I give military discounts and other discounts available also.

Vista, CA Service range 20 miles I serve NORTH COUNTY San Diego -Mamas living north of Rancho Bernardo

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Client Testimonials for Debbie Shelton CD(DONA)

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Kerry H.


I cannot say enough amazing things about Debbie! As a first time mom who wanted to go unmedicated, Debbie helped me immensely to feel more confident and ready for my birth. She also equipped my husband in how to aid me.

Debbie has a very passionate, energetic, motherly, warm and calming spirit. She is truly in love with her job. She was available to me at any time of day to answer questions or calm my fears. I believe that she really has a heart to help mamas!

Debbie gave me all the info I needed to have a healthy and safe unmedicated birth, as well as the confidence I needed to believe in my body. I really appreciated how Debbie incorporated our faith. She was able to provide me with scripture and prayer to keep me peaceful.

A week before baby came I thought my water broke. I called her and she guided me through everything. I was very nervous even when she said it seemed to be a false alarm. To help me feel better, she came over to check the baby's heartbeat and see if it was amniotic fluid. All was well, just like she told me!

During labor she came over as soon as I asked her to. She stayed with us all night providing comfort, encouragement, advice on how to speed up labor, and a cervical check. She constantly supported what we wanted.

In the hospital she helped me get through the most intense part of labor by advocating for me to get a tub as soon as possible, holding my hands during contractions, encouraging me, and remaining calm.

One of the most helpful things Debbie did was answer my phone call at 3am when I had lost it due to cluster feeding. I called Debbie bawling and she comforted me, encouraged me and gave me advice. At that time of night I felt I had no one else to turn to, but Debbie was there for me.

I truly believe I couldn't have had the amazing, quick, safe and confident experience I did without Debbie. What I paid for her services was the best money I've ever spent! 

Elizabeth S.


After delivering my first child without the support of a doula, I knew I wanted the expertise and help of an experienced doula the next time around.

I was referred to Debbie by two of my friends who worked with her during their second pregnancies. I loved what they shared about their experiences and knew I wanted to meet Debbie and work with her also. Debbie was so supportive and understanding from our first meeting and throughout my pregnancy. When I felt emotional or struggling during the end of my pregnancy, she offered to meet with me and connect and just be there for me. Debbie understands the emotional and physical struggles expecting mothers experience and adapts to her clients with ease. I always felt heard and understood. I could always be honest with her and knew that Debbie had me and my baby's interest at heart.

She offered a wealth of knowledge to prepare me mentally and emotionally for giving birth. Although my birth plan did not go as planned, Debbie was available to me and supportive every step of the way. I felt less stressed and at peace knowing that I could trust Debbie's unbiased advice and make the best decision for my baby. 

I will forever cherish my son's unique birth story and remember Debbie's support and the priceless gift of witnessing our homebirth and documenting this precious memory for our family. If we ever have another, I will be sure to ask Debbie for her support again. 


Jessica Onanian


I can't thank Debbie enough for her help with the birth of our first little babe. My husband and I took a bradley method class and felt prepared, but knew we wanted someone to help us labor at home in confidence and navigate the ins and outs of  an unmedicated birth in a hospital setting. We met twice before going into labor, which helped us get to know her and review our plan. We have two high-energy dogs and she was very comfortable with them, which was much appreciated. As is always the case in life, things came up and we weren't able to follow our birth plan exactly as planned. Debbie helped us make informed decisions that we felt comfortable and confident with. We never felt like she was pushing any sort of agenda, we always just felt supported. We ended up having our sweet, healthy little girl with as few medical interventions as possible and without an epidural. Debbie is an absolute champ. She was in our room supporting us all night and was able to explain the hospital jargon to us when needed. We felt confident in her ability to navigate the hospital interactions, as she was previously a L&D nurse herself. She was a wonderful coach to both my husband and myself and an advocate for us when we needed her. Thank you so much Debbie!

Chantel stewart


Debbie was our doula for a first child. She was such a great addition to the experience. Prior to labor she met with us and provided a lot of information and really got to know us and our preferences. As for the labor, it was a very long labor- 48 hours. Debbie hung in there with us through a few very long days and provided lots of suggestions to try to speed up the process. 

Overall, having Debbie was such a gift. The labor turned into a more stressful event than we were expecting and she kept us on track, helped managed family that was in town and helped us not get to the hospital to quickly (which we wanted). I am glad we found her and would happily recommend her to anyone that wants quality help during this time! 

Brooke Simon


Debbie was an incredible support throughout our pregnancy and delivery process. It was such a blessing knowing she was available as needed to answer questions, provide encouragement and resources, and share her wisdom and knowledge with us. Having a doula is like an insurance policy, it made us much more comfortable with laboring at home for longer, knowing she was available to come and labor alongside us whenever we were ready. Having the nurse background also adds to her crediblity and having her check dilation and fetal heartrate added additional confidence in our decision of when to go to the hospital. In the delivery room she was a source of motivation, telling me about the progress I was making and suggesting different positions/techniques depending on how I was feeling. She also encouraged my husband and, in the midst of a few truly painful contractions, simply stood there and hugged me. It was a relief! We will definitely use Debbie again when we have another child.

Franklyn Parker


I honestly don't even know where to start with Debbie's service except that she's amazing! From our very first meeting I felt very comfortable with Debbie and knew that she should be the doula my husband and I have by our sides for support on our big day. She is so caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and supportive. Debbie worked with our schedule and distance of our home for two great meetings, and she was just a text or call away for support. She helped me get through an anxiety-induced sick day, talking me through what was going through my head and recommending a bath and lots of rest. I felt 1000 times better within that same day. Due to health reasons for myself, I ended up needing to be induced at 38+6 and, although we didn't get to labor at home with Debbie as we wanted, she walked us through what to ask the doctors that we otherwise wouldn't have thought of in the moment. I felt very prepared for what was to come with my labor because of our own preparation and because of everythind Debbie had informed us about through our meetings. She was there for a large majority of my labor at the hospital, and thanks to her and my amazing husband's support, I was able to get through the entire birth without pain medication. I am sure that we were able to stick to 90% of our birth plan thanks to Debbie's support for us directly and with her assistance in medical questions for the medical staff. She helped me get through the pain by encouraging my husband with his great support, reminding me of my breathing through contractions, getting me into new positions, and so much more. I wouldn't have been able to get through it unmedicated without them.

Knowing we would have Debbie there with us and totally on our side, I felt 100% confident going into the L&D process no matter what happened, and I would hire Debbie 100 times over if I had to relive this process. We could never thank her enough and I couldn't imagine having my sweet baby boy without her!

Julie Peterson


Debbie is truly a special person with a tremendous amount of love. God definitely put her on this planet to help and encourage people through being a monitrice and doula. I can honestly say there is no way I would have made it through my natural labor without her. 

She was there for us every step of the way; in the weeks before with mulitple home visits, during the labor she was at our house within an hour of us calling her, she didn't leave my side throughout our entire time at the birth center, and she came and did a follow up visit with us a week after our baby was born.

She was the calm presence that my husband and I needed to keep us grounded through this incredible experience. It was really great to have her there for not only me, but also my husband, who was so supportive, but let's be honest, he had never been through a child birth before either, so to have an experienced, level headed person at our house giving us both support in a really intense time was so valuble. 

Jim Verrell


I am a first time dad and my wife just gave birth to our beautiful princess Emy. I can not tell you how lucky we were to have Debbie as our Doula. She was their to support both Tiffany and I throughout the entire process. Debbie arrived shortly after my wife began labor and stayed next to our side giving us support, encouragement and most importantly guiding us.

I have to tell you there are huge moments of fear and anxiety and Debbie really helped to calm things down for us. I will always be grateful for the help that Debbie gave my wife and I. She is truly amazing and a pleasure to have around... both my wife and feel bonded to her after this experience. If you are looking for more than a doula, someone that has a ton of experience and will help you in this time of need Debbie is the perfect choice.

Other unique things that Debbie brings to the table...

1. She is able to measure the centimeters of dilation

2. She brings aroma therapy oils

3. Brings a ton of experience that translates into confidence for both you and your wife.

4. Most importantly she brings love and kindness


Debbie on behalf of the Verrell family, we appreciate all that you have done for us :)

Thea Patouhas


Debbie did an amazing job supporting us throughout the entire birth process. Her friendly and supportive personality made it easy to talk to her and she was readily available to address our questions and concerns whenever we needed her. Debbie came to our home prior to the birth of our baby and gave us a wealth of information and resources to help us prepare for labor and delivery. As first time parents, we were nervous and unsure about what to expect during and after the birth, however, Debbie addressed all of our concerns and put our minds at ease by patiently answering all of our questions. She did a great job explaining the physiological process of birth, what to expect in the hospital, and how to handle the various choices involved in the birth process. Debbie definitely increased our confidence and helped us to keep an open mind and remain flexible. We are very thankful that she made the birth of our daughter a wonderful experience, and we'd definitely like to work with her again for the birth of our next child.

Monica Nassar


Debbie is simply incredible. She was instrumental and key to having a successful delivery of my second son. I could not have done it without her gentle touch, words of encouragement and confidence in my ability to achieve a natural delivery. every pregnancy is different and without her guidance and reassurance we would not have achieved the experience we wanted to have. She recommended the right people to help make it all happen - ob/gyn, belly binding, refresher birth class. We hired Debbie at week 30 and we were so happy we did! I learned so much and was more informed than I was with my first even with the help of another doula. we can't thank Debbie enough and recommend her to everyone we know in search of an amazing birth coach and partner! 

Julie Wood Hufton


I can't speak more highly of Debbie. I was unsure about hiring a doula at first, but I am so thankful that I did! My first child was breech so I had to have a c-section, but I really wanted to try and do a VBAC this time around. Debbie came to our house multiple times before our due date to get to know us better and helped build my confidence that I could have as natural of a birth as I wanted. She was great at providing us with helpful material and I loved how I never felt like she was rushing to get through things. She will spend as much time with you as you need. Debbie is also amazingly quick at responding to any questions or concerns you may have. I was at a doctors appointment and wanted to get her opinion on something and in less than a minute she wrote me back! On the day I went into labor she again was readily available and came to our house as soon as I asked her to. Throughout my labor she helped keep me and my husband calm, was super supportive, yet still gave us as much space as we wanted. She was great at suggesting different things I could do to try and move my labor along and I love that she is qualified to listen to the babies heartbeat and check my cervix. Debbie helped us labor at home until it was time to push and I know that we wouldn't have been able to do that without her help. Once we arrived at the hospital her support continued and she stayed with us for over an hour after our son was born even though it was the middle of the night. You can tell that Debbie is passionate about her work and it helped make me that more excited to go through this process. After we got home from the hospital Debbie came over to check in on how we were doing and to provide us with more material and resources. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone that is looking for a doula! I had my ideal birth story and successful VBAC due to her help and support!

Jessica White


 We had a wonderful natural birth experience because of the support of Debbie! She met with my husband and I several times before the birth and made us both feel comfortable and at ease.  She even offered to meet me for coffee while my husband was away for military training. Debbie is very passionate about her job and it showed in the effort she put forth.  She particularly gave me faith in my body's ability to have a wonderful birthing experience. I was able  to talk to her openly about my anxieties and fears and she provided amazing encouragement and support, as well as informational handouts & websites.  Debbie is unique in that she is also a Monitrice – I felt confident knowing that she was a labor and delivery nurse for 20 years and understood the medical side of childbirth. Also, I knew that her monitrice services would allow me to labor  in the comfort of our own home before going to the hospital. Debbie was always available by phone, text, or email and replied quickly! On the day I went into labor, I texted Debbie and kept her posted on my progress.  Starting in early labor, I tracked my contractions with an app she recommended & gave her updates.  Debbie said she would come when when I needed her support - my husband ended up calling her and she arrived within the hour.  Upon her arrival to our home, she helped me relax my breathing, recommended different positions to get comfortable & even gave me a foot massage with essential oils at one point!  As part of her monitrice services, she checked my dilation, effacement & station twice - helpful tool that allowed us to leave for the hospital at the right time.  We headed to the hospital & Debbie followed us; she was so "on" when we got to hospital & was an awesome advocate of our birth plan.  Debbie kept a timeline of the day's events that she later gave to us when we met for our postpartum visit! Thank you!

Whitney Purugganan


We learned more about the benefits of using a doula at a childborthing class we took at the hospital. Since we were having our first child- we were a little nervous about all of the unexpected things that could come up- and we decided having a doula might be a great option for us to help us prepare and to be there for the birth. I googled Doulas in San Diego and i ran across Debbie's name as someone who is a doula but also a former L&D nurse!

Debbie was AMAZING. Not only were her meetings prior to delivery helpful, but being able to email her and call her with questions prior to delivery was so comforting. She was quick to reply and I felt more comfortable asking her than calling my Doctor.

As far as delivery day- we texted Debbie at 11am to let her know the contraction has started. She told us to let her know when we wanted her to come to the house.... and around 2:00am she gladly came over to help! She was so great that when she arrived she noticed my husband and I were going ok with managing the pain and she gave us some private time. Around 5:30am she came back to check how we were progressing and at 9 CM dialated- we headed to the hospital.

At the hospital Debbie continued to impress us! She had essential oils to massage my feet, a fan to keep me cool, a soft brush to rub on my arms to keep me relaxed, and honey sticks for extra energy during the pushing- and best of all she was there to pray with us and to read scripture when things got really hard. She was so amazing to help encourage me during the pushing!!!

Overall, Debbie was able to help me have a natual birth with no pain medications. She helped make the entire experience more enjoyable and to make sure what i wanted happened. She was well worth every penny!!! Thank you, Debbie!!!

joanie m


I give Debbie tons of credit for giving me the confidence to have a natural, unmedicated birth, and for guiding my husband and me through our awesome labor and delivery. A natural birth always appealed to me, but I had a lot of doubts in my ability, and I lacked the confidence to commit to it. With Debbie's encouragement, I committed to the goal of a natural birth and never looked back. My husband and I specifically chose Debbie amongst a sea of other doulas because of her 20 years experience as an L&D nurse, and also because of her extra qualifications as a monitrice. This gave us so much confidence in her, and allowed us to trust the process of laboring at home as long as possible before going to the hospital.

We can hardly believe how perfectly everything went with our labor and delivery. It was only about 6 hours total, including just 1.5 hours at the hospital before our little guy was born. Truly amazing and would not have been possible without Debbie Shelton!

Kaitlyn Wargo


I can't thank Debbie enough for her vital help in welcoming our baby into the world. I didn't know I wanted a natural birth until about half way through our pregnancy and once I realized I wanted a natural birth, I knew I needed support. I know it's a popular phrase "its takes a village to raise a child", but I would also add "it takes a Village to Birth one!"

I started active labor contractions Friday night aroud 5:30pm and Silas didn't arrive until 10:13pm Saturday night, around 30 hours of labor. My husband was texting Debbie through the night, getting advice and keeping her up to date on my contractions and pain. I know my husband had more confidence having someone experienced backing him up. Through the night my husband comforted me by reading psalms, fluids and a heat pack. Around 8:30pm Debbie arrived so excited for the day ahead. She checked me and I was 6cm! We took a lap around the block, drank some electrolytes she gave me and headed to the hospital (per doctors request).

When we arrived the nurse wanted me to go through triage, but Debbie assured them I was far enough along for a labor room. The lead nurse brought me back and checked me at 9cm!!! woohoo, not. The Dr. came in and I was still 6cm. Debbie did not let this discourage me, instead got me up walking, on all 4s with the rabozo, in the warm bath and on the birthing ball.We did everything to keep labor going! I had some difficult decisions to make while in the hospital and Debbie was always right there for my husband and I as a sounding board and encourager! When contractions came and I thought I couldn't handle it she was massaging me, praying for me and reminding me of Silas's arrival. Silas arrived later that night wth only 30 mins of pushing! Once again Debbie helping with birthing positions and a constant encouragment! I'm so thankful for the birthing experience with Debbie and our family could not have been more thankful and pleased for that miraculous day!

Marie Bruning Crivello


Debbie is a wonderful doula and I could not have labored at home for as long as I did without her. She came to our house as soon as I started labor as by contractions came on strong and close together and she calmed me down, assured everything was fine, got me to relax, and helped massage me through each contraction. She was an integral part of helping me relax and not tense up during each contraction. She brought essential oils that helped with my nausea and was always a positive reinforcement confirming everything was ok. Debbie helped me through every one of my contractions for 10 hours until it was time to drive to the hospital. She worked great with the hospital staff, never stepping on anyone's toes, but providing me with constant support and encouragement. She gave me suggestions on positions to try pushing in that were most effective and after 12 plus hours my healthy baby boy was delivered. She was so helpful in our meetings leading up to the delivery I felt confident and knew what to expect. She was wonderful during my labor as she coached me through each contraction and helped calm me down. She also made a post-partum visit to confirm everything with me and the baby were going well. She is wonderful, I referred her to my son's godparents who recently had a baby and they too had a wonderful experience with Debbie and would highly recommend her. I think Debbie is a wonderful doula, I would highly recommend her and excited to use her again for my next baby.

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