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Melissa Hall, HCHD

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Phone: 405-306-9394

Birth Fee: $700

Fee Details: I received training through DONA, and previously held certification with them. I am a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Doula as well. My fee includes 1-3 prenatal meetings, 24/7 phone support, constant physical and emotional support during labor and birth, postpartum assistance immediately following birth including breastfeeding support, and 1 postpartum visit. I am willing to work out payment arrangements.

Birth Doula Experience: 5 years and 36 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2014
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 2 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I attend home births that are under the supervision of a care provider.

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Expected stillbirth
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Plus size mothers
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Belly binding
  • Military families
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Melissa Hall, HCHD

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Alyssa W

I had a great experience with Melissa. She is friendly, a good communicator, and very knowledgeable about local hospitals, labor techniques, and medical situations that might arise. I think she would be a great help to anyone seeking a doula for support during natural labor, especially first-time mothers or first attempts at natural labor. Melissa's support enabled me to refuse normal hospital procedures that I didn't want, but felt unable to push back against before. She reminded me that as the patient, I have the right to refuse. We don't plan on any more children, but I heartily recommend Melissa to anyone else seeking a doula!

Posted 8/29/2019

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Bailey Rutherford

Melissa was incredibly kind and willing to work with me waiting so long to find a doula. I ended up using Melissa and was so grateful to have her by my side when the rocky part of a induced labor hit. She was immediately next to my bed side keeping me focused and was even taking notes of when and what the nurses did. After delivery she then sent them to me as a mini run down of my birth story. I'm so thankful for her. would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a great doula!

Posted 8/16/2019

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Roslyn Patrick

My husband and I loved our experience with Melissa! This was our first child, and we had many questions about nearly everything, and she was able to answer them all. She also sent me articles related to issues I wanted to know more about. As my pregnancy progressed and I grew more uncomfortable, Melissa showed us some stretches and partner-assisted exercises that all helped enormously. As usually happens, my birth didn't go quite according to plan because of gestational diabetes, so I was induced. We spend about 12 hours at the hospital waiting on things to ramp up and finally decided it was time to have Melissa join us around 4:30 am. She quickly arrived and then spent the next 18 hours with us. As a presence at the birth, she was invaluable. She helped me feel more comfortable when moving into various positions and affirmed my husband in the things he was doing (which made him feel more and more confident and at ease). Though my daughter's birth took 30 hours, it was very relaxed and pleasant, and Melissa was a huge part of that. 

Posted 10/7/2018

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Melissa came into our birth plan at the last minute as a back-up doula, but I'm so glad she did. The first time I met her was during a contraction during active labor. She immediately came over to me with a steady presence and a gentle hand on my back. We got to know each other over my long labor (about 20 hours) - we took many hallway walks, she had techniques to help me relax and find productive postitions, and she responded to my personal requests. She gave me the space I needed but was right there for me when I needed a more hands-on approach. She is grounding and open about her own childbirth experiences and really helped me hold it together mentally when I started to doubt that things were going the direction I wanted. I'm pretty convinced that having her there to talk as I made decisions along the process, helped me stay focused on my biggest priority (a vaginal birth) and ultimately have a successful VBAC. I was so thankful for her calm, experienced presence in the room for both me and my husband. I would definitely recommend her to any first time or experienced mama, whether natural, medicated, VBAC, whatever. She's a wonderful person and doula.

Posted 8/17/2018

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Joshua Villalobos

Melissa possesses all of the tangible and intangible qualities that you will look for and that you hear about in the best doubt.  I think, for me, a less overt strength of hers is her ability and willingness to be intrusive.  This may sound odd at first, but for those of you that are more introverted or private or shy this quality is integral to the pregnancy and birth experience.  Melissa routinely would call or text my wife, Natalie, to see how she was doing and if she had any questions.  Not only that, she would ask probing questions about what Natalie was experiencing, and, of course, have an answer (or a place to find an answer) for any and all concerns we experieced.  So, her intrusiveness is a necessary one and a kind and considerate one, and it's the lasting impression Melissa left with me; it's the one I most appreciated. 



Joshua Villalobos

Father of twin boys born Feb 8, 2017

Posted 3/29/2017

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Natalie Villalobos

Melissa Hall is an incredible doula. I couldn't have gotten through my twin pregnancy without her expertise! It being my first pregnancy, and being high risk at that, I had many questions come up through the trimesters. I was able to text and call Melissa with all of my questions and concerns and recieve a very prompt knowledgeable response. She loaned both my husband and I many books to help us prepare for birth and the first few weeks at home with the twins. When we had to schedule a last minute c-section, after months of planning on a natural birth, Melissa sent me tons of great information on c-sections and was very encouraging as I adjusted my expectations for the twin's birth. The day the babies were born she was at the hospital bright and early to support us. Having her in the c-section was invaluable. She was able to stay with me at the operating table while my husband went to be with the babies. She held my hand and encouraged me just the way I needed. I very highly recommend Melissa!! She is smart, kind, honest and just a sweet friend to have during such an huge emotional experience! 

Posted 3/13/2017

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Cassi Hutchings

I really enjoyed the entire procress of having Melissa as my doula. I really appreciated the prenatal appointments and all of the supplementary information given to me! Melissa also had a list of book suggestions ready when I asked, including some for my husband, which ended up really helping to prepare us as a couple! Something I also appreciated was the fact that she will be there at any point during your labor, and it's your preference. I was anxious about going to the hospital, so we had Melissa meet us in Triage even though I was still in very early labor, and she was more than happy to come whenver we wanted. She made this known beforehand and it really took my anxiety away about when we would call her. I just went with the flow and decided that I was anxious and wanted her to come! 

I didn't realize before my birth how much physical and emotional support is needed, especially during a natural birth. She was constantly working to find the best methods of comfort for me. At one point counter pressure in my hips was not helping and Melissa took it upon herself to just soothingly run her hands along my back and legs. It was comforting and reminded me to relax. I didn't realize that just a light touch could provide so much comfort! Also, when I was feeling restless she had plenty of suggestions at the ready for changing my labor position. 

If circumstances allow, I will absolutely use Melissa for my next birth! Even my husband appreciates how important a doula is! We both appreicate now the physical and emotional comfort that a doula provides, as well as the practical experience of a birth professional who has experience in different birth environments. In our case, her previous hospital experience was much appreciated! 

If I were to pick 3-5 words that best described Melissa I would choose the following: Focused, Caring, Devoted, Calm, and Patient! 

Posted 3/12/2017

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Briyoure Brown

My family hired Melissa Hall, for our second VBAC.. I have nothing but praise for her! She was my biggest supporter/fan. As soon as I called and told her it was baby time she was there! She kept me calm and made sure to give me the best encouragment throughout the difficult parts. Melissa, will always be my fkrst choice when I'm needing a doula, her presence in the labor room made the whole atmosphere.She made me feel at peace the entire time. 

Posted 7/21/2016

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Robyn Stewart Rojas

We hired Melissa for the birth of our second child and I'm so glad we did! I was pretty anxious about being able to have a vbac and Melissa was great throughout the whole process. She has such a sweet spirit and is very encouraging. Melissa values educating her clients so they can make informed decisions. I appreciated her knowledge of the many resources she suggested for me. She was always accessible, even in the middle of the night when my birthing time began, and at the hospital she reminded us to speak up when we had questions. Can’t say enough about how wonderful she was! - Thank you, thank you, thank you, Melissa!

Posted 5/25/2016

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Cindy Liss

It has been 12 years since I have seen Melissa.  We went to church together and were part of a small group Bible study when I lived in OKC.  But, recently I became a new Mom (one month ago today).  Being a new mom, I called her up to get her professional doula opinion on breast feeding.  She took time to explain different techniques and encouraged me immensely.  

If I still lived in OKC, I would definitely hire Melissa as a doula with my next child without a doubt.  But, she offered to support me from afar.  :-)

Posted 5/24/2016

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Alecia Standrich Horner

Melissa was such a welcomed presence in our home during our unassisted home birth of our precious daughter, Evelyn in March of 2016.  She was so calm, peaceful, and encouraging.   She carried herself in a professional, courteous manner.  Melissa came over a few days before as I was almost 3 weeks past my end and having lots of prodomal labor and prayed over me, did some relaxing massage techniques and helped me to think through and release any fears I had over the impending birth. This was my first natural birth, my first home birth, first water birth, and first unassisted birth. She kept reassuring me I could do this and what I was feeling was normal and acceptable. She prayed and sent me scriptures and affirmations to use during my labor. I loved the ice pack an her counter pressure during the contractions.  I have 6 other kids, 4 of which were home at the time  along with hubby and a host student, and it didn't phase her in the least.  She fed me Chick fil a and kept me hydrated and smiling throughout. She shut up when I didn't want a noise and she spoke encouraging thoughts when I wanted to hear them lol. We all know how important it is that when a momma says quiet it gets quiet! Ha. She really did a fabulous job, didn't overstep any boindaries, had great ideas and helped to reassure me and my hubby we could do this, we were doing this, and we did it! I wish I could add pictures.  I would sum it all up by saying she was such a gentle spirit and so welcoming and reassuring.  I love Melissa and am so thankful I had her here to help with such a momentous occasion. 

Posted 5/19/2016

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Summer Milton

On Dec 23, 2015 my second son was born with the help of Melissa as my doula.  I had wanted to experience a natural birth with my first son in 2013, but at the time had too many things on my plate to prepare myself mentally.   This time around I knew I wanted to get this experience and asked Melissa right away when we became pregnant.  I used the Hypnobabies Home Study through the last few months of my pregnancy and Melissa was instumental in helping me feel comfortable with the birthing process and knowing what questions to ask.  I picked Melissa because she is very down to earth, nurturing, and has an ease about her that makes her so comfortable to talk to.  I knew and she reiterated that she was there to support me in any way and made sure to meet and check in on me throughout the process to ensure I had thought about everything beforehand.  She asked me my personal needs and likes/dislikes and assured and encouraged me throughout the labor process.  Having her to say the 'cue' words and scripts was key to me feeling relaxed and in control.  I would recommend her to anyone wanting a doula to support, educate, and encourage them through this special moment in their life.  She is great at what she does!

Posted 1/22/2016

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Krista Montufar

I am a collegue of Melissas and we work together at Birth Matters in OKC. Melissa is an amazing person and an amazing Doula. She has a Doula heart through and through. She is smart, compassionate, gentle, encouraging, confident and dedicated. She is an asset to our work space and would be an asset to your birth team!

Posted 7/19/2015

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Bryce Nicole Garrison

Melissa was one of my doulas and I'm so thankful she was there for my husband and I. She kept encouraging me by telling me how great I was doing and it was so nice to hear at a time like that! She was very supportive and helped ease by back labor by using counter pressure. Melissa also captured some amazing photos during the labor and delivery of my daughter. I would recommend Melissa to other moms looking for a doula! :)

Posted 4/24/2015

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Jennifer Carlson

Melissa was great to work with during my homebirth! She was an essential asset to me, my husband, the midwife, and midwife assistant. A couple of things that stuck out during my birth that Melissa helped with was my water bottle! That might sound strange but it was important to me keep well hydrated since dehydration had been an issue with my first birth. She continued to offer water to me which was helpful during the birth. She applied good hip counter pressure as well which was helpful in making my contractions more efficient. I would highly recommend Melissa for your doula!

Posted 4/20/2015

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Rebekah Campbell

I cannot stress how vital Melissa was to my healthy and successful non-medicated VBAC! I was in pre/early labor for almost a week and despite having strep, Melissa was available to me whenever I needed via text! the morning of delivery my labor progressed so quickly that our plan to labor at home quickly changed and Melissa had to just meet us at the hospital. She was an incredible support for me at the hospital! It was a huge relief to have someone with us who knew more about what was going on and could walk us through what was happening. Melissa was excellent at hearing my needs and meeting them, and I could tell the midwife appreciated having someone there that could help direct me when the need came. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone looking for a calming and supportive presence during your delivery. 

Posted 3/28/2015

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Amanda Lewellen

Melissa definitely got the raw end of the deal with us- we were in the hospital 48 hours before birth and she was there for almost all of it (we told her to go home because we were so slow to progress)and missed her family's christmas eve! This was our first child and although we really wanted advice and help to have the most natural and enjoyable birth process, we didn't want to be guilted or pushed by anyone into something we would never choose ourselves.  Melissa had a very   "whatever birth you want is what I will help you achieve" attitude and very supportive and informative- not at all pushy. I really appreciated that she had a variety of birth experiences with her own children as well- I knew she had been through almost all possible stages/procedures.  She was a very calm and pleasant presence in the room with us.  And very patient! I think my husband would say that she was very helpful for him to bounce ideas off of, or to look to as the sane person in the room.  She provided lots of helpful tips and suggestions throughout the process, and even though we made decisions that I felt had no alternative, I don't regret any of them because we tried about everything we could (before intervention) and talked through with her what we wanted firsT- both before labor started and during labor process.  I ended up with such a wonderful birth experience and I have no doubt Melissa's presence in there helped us enjoy it by taking a lot of "the unknown" stress away.  I felt that she was very excited for us and to help (while missing her familys Christmas eve traditions!) and I think that is important in long or discouraging labors. And although after birth and going home was such a blur, I do remember that she checked up on us several times regarding recovery and breastfeeding and was very available for support then if I needed it.

Posted 3/25/2015

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Hayley Bobay

Melissa was such a wonderful coach during my daugheter Parker's birth.  I will never forget at the end of Parkers birth when I was in the tub and really feeling like I couldn't keep going, Melissa was on my level encouraging me through.  Reminding me that with every contraction I was that much closer.  She would use phrases that really helped me see the ending and not just my current pain. Her presence and caoching during my transition were so impactful and vital to my delivery, and she played such a key role in my wonderul birth experience. She also ensured that I was in the position/place that I wanted to be for delivery, and I so appreciated her remembering my birth plan and what I had said I wanted.  My husband still to this day talks about how thankful he was the Melissa was a part of our birth and what a huge roll she played in ensuring my brith went as close to plan as possible. Melissa is so gifted at encouraging and caoching with a direct gentleness that I will always be SO grateful for!!! We love you Melissa Hall and can't thank you enough for your incrideible support duirng such an imporant event in our lives

Posted 12/27/2014

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Madelynn Konakowitz

Melissa is an AMAZING person and doula!! I am so thankful that we had her during our pregnancy and birth! It was just so reassuring to have someone in the room with expeirence and who was there with my interest and wants in mind!Melissa was so awesome during my labor, even though it didn't turn out exactly as planned- she was flexible. She showed up at the hospital at 3 in the morning and helped me through my labor pains until I was taken back to the operating room for a c-section. She stayed at the hospital with us and helped make sure I got my sweet baby to latch and feed! It was great having her there with us, I just can't say it enough!

During my pregnancy I would email/text/call her with quetions and she always responded with so much helpful information. My son was in the breech postition and she gave us different techniques to try to get him to flip. I even asked her questions after my delivery- and she was always there! Always just so helpful. I was so comfortable around her even my husband was comfortable and thankful for the guidance she provided him during the whole journey. I know I will definetely use Melissa again for our second child!!!

Posted 12/1/2014

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