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Ashley Roberts (DONA) & Placenta Encapsulation


Phoenix, AZ Service range 80 miles



Birth Fee

$550 to $600

Birth Fee

$550 to $600

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 114 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Please contact me to check availability for your hospital birth as I book quickly!

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I will attend births at any birth center. Birth centers provide an excellent birth setting, as many are adapted to the mindset of natural birth already. A doula is a wonderful addition-and necessity- to the center as I will accompany you and your partner as your personal birth support person, attending even further to your needs in labor.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births as well. There is nothing like birthing in the comfort of your own home if you so choose. I can attend to any needs you may have while laboring while I support you, such as tending to you and your partners needs, including your additional children and family, etc. I also have a birth pool available for my clients to use. I have also had a homebirth myself so I have personal experience.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Chair member of Branches Birth Alliance. Group breastfeeding and birth support leader for Maricopa City. Local partnerships with local doulas to support and encourage the use of doulas within our community.

Fee Details

I have experience in all birth types-hospital, birth center and home,unmedicated/medicated, cesarean, vbac, and multiples. I also offer placenta services. I use a sliding fee schedule & payment plan options. Every woman deserves to have an excellent birth support team. My doula package includes: - Prenatal meetings with birth plan writing - 24/7 commitment on-call - Unlimited text/phone call/email availability - Continuous active labor support -Birthing tub use for laboring at home until we transfer - Up to 2 hours after delivery to help establish breastfeeding - Back-up doula guaranteed - Birth story and all birth photos taken - Postpartum home visit to check on you and baby, help with breastfeeding, & provide photos. - Placenta encapsulation services- capsules, tinctures, chocolates, cord keepsakes & prints.

Phoenix, AZ Service range 80 miles

Client Testimonials for Ashley Roberts (DONA) & Placenta Encapsulation

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Maria Bounds


Having my placenta encapsulated was one of the best decisions I made! Being a first time mom I’ve looking into it all and one of the things I was worried about was energy, post parting depression, and milk production. I started taking my capsules right away, when I stopped I saw a tremendous difference then when I would take them. I had increased energy and my moods seemed to stabilize. Milk production was a huge concern but I strongly believe that this helped. Ashley was wonderful in providing information and very professional. I definately recommend this for any momma , and I totally recommend Ashley she is wonderful! 

Stephanie Mrotek


Working with Ashley was a wonderful experience. I learned a great deal about placenta encapsulation and am now a big fan. I scheduled with Ashley to have my placenta picked up from the hospital at the time of birth for encapsulation. She did everything I asked and was very professional. My pills were delivered soon after and I began taking them as directed. I never experienced postpartum depression and I feel it is because of the pills. The after birth recovery was a breeze and my hormones gradually adjusted. I feel great and would recommend anyone giving birth to encapsulate their placenta. 

Jesseca Smith


Ashley was very professional and helpful during my journey to find someone to encapsulate my placenta. She showed a caring and nurturing disposition during my journey. Even with my request coming last minute and rushed; she took care of me. I would highly recommend her services to any mother looking for someone to complete their birth experience. 

Brooklyne Giger


Ashley made this whole process SO easy! She was so accomadating. My sister had recommended encapsulating my placenta and I was a little on the fence with it but I wouldn't go without it now. I researched many different places before finding Ashley and I'm so glad I did. My baby came sooner than we were expecting so while I was in labor my husband called Ashley and she walked him through the whole process of what needed to be done. She really is the best and made everything so easy for both of us. I'll never choose anyone else!

Danielle Hazeltine


Ashley did my placenta encapsulation and she did a great job. She answered all my questions in a timely manner. She also suggested doing a tincture as well. I was not familiar with it, but I am glad I did it. The pills run out pretty quickly, so it's nice to have the tincture. All of the instructions were labeled on the jars themselves, which I found very helpful since I'd lose them otherwise (especially postpartum!). Ashley also gave me specific instructions on how to keep my placenta until she could pick it up and then came to the hospital to pick up my placenta to make it easy on me. Everything was shipped to me by priority mail in a timely manner as well, which was great. I think the pills have been very helpful. I have also tried the tincture in a smoothie and I felt it had the same effect. I would use Ashley again. 

Macy Harwood


I used Ashley's services to have my placenta encapsulated. This was my third baby, but my first time having my placenta encapsulated. I noticed a huge difference in the aspects of healing and mood, not to mention my milk supply! I struggled big time with establishing a healthy supply with both of my other boys but I have had plenty of milk to not only feed my son (and he's an eater) but to pump and store. This is such a relief for a mama who is going back to work, and having my tincture for back up is just so reassuring. I think it made a huge difference for us having mama less stressed.  Ashley was easy to contact, quick to respond and very efficient and professional when picking up my placenta and returning it promptly! I am so satisfied with my experience and would definitely recommend this service and Ashley to any mama I know! 

Hurley T Haro


I originally invested in Placenta Encapsulation services with Ashley in hopes to avoid post partum depression and boost  milk production for baby number two. This was a service I had previously researched (independently) and hoped to try for my firstborn. But we lived in a rural military town and I could not afford to pay someone to travel nor could I muster up the energy and knowledge to create my own capsules. I was ever-so-grateful to learn Ashley provided these services when we learned I was expecting again! What I didn't know, or couldn't remember from my previous research, exactly how MANY wonderful benefits I might notice if I encapsulated and consumed my placenta. Not only has my mood been incredibly stable, I dare to say I'm overjoyed? Happier than I was even during pregnancy! And my pregnancy was a tad rough and the delivery highly undesirable and slightly traumatic with emergency c section. So I'm thouroughly impressed and thankful to have a stable and happy mood, for my own sake, my oldest daughter, my husband and now my newborn son. I also noticed my supply was robust, unlike my first post c section recovery. I also was struggling with a few clogged ducts before receiving my pills, and after starting them, while continuing to nurse, they were unclogged within 12 hours! I even noticed my post partum bleeding stopped at 6 days! I was so shocked I messaged Ashely immediately! That's a nice surprise benefit! I overall have better energy and don't require my usual 2 cups of strong black coffee anymore either! So many benefits to consuming something my body specially created for me and baby. Ashley provides such a wonderful and priceless service. She visited me in the hospital for immediate pick up of my placenta and delivered jars with specific instructions for use. She exudes the utmost professionalism, respect for personal wishes, and beams with love for helping mommas. Next time, we will definitely be using her Doula services as well! 

Lea Cantone


When I was shopping for someone to encapsulate my placenta, I made a post on face asking for some recommendations. I made a spreadsheet listing the services along with the prices and after comparing 14 different services/people, Mama Bliss was the best bang for my buck. Easily! She's affordable, she has great packages and she responds quickly to your inquiries. I received my pills just a few dayafter I was home, delivered right to my door. I did not experience any baby blues! I'm so happy I chose Mama Bliss services and I encourage you to do the same if you are considering placenta encapsulation! 

Amanda Hanson


The placenta pills have seemed to alleviate my baby blues, which I am and have experienced. I feel relieved by them in that they take the edge off and potentially help stabilize my emotions. I have a good milk supply, as well. I recommend this since it's safe for baby and basically your own Bodies barcode In Compatability.

Rumur Stamps


Ashley is an amazing Doula! I contacted her for placenta encapsulation. This was my first pregnancy and I was worried about having postpartum depression. I was amazed at how effortless she made the process. She met me at the hospital just hours after delivery, and brought them to my house for me when I got home. I felt great taking the pills! They really helped with my energy and feelings. I will definitely be going to Ashley again for my next pregnancy. 

Lindsay De Hoyos


I had a good experience with Ashley. The capsules were very helpful after my birth. 

Sarah Casey


I used Ashely to encapsulate my placenta for my 3rd child. She has a very nice website and was very friendly and answered all my questions. I really liked that she had a bunch of different options for encapsulating the placenta, placenta chocolates, etc. The turnaround time was really fast from when she picked up the placenta at the hospital and then made and shipped my pills. Would definitely recommend her!

Amber Pilliod


Ashley was fast and reliable. I can see a difference in my mood and dreams when I don't take the capsules daily. I'm glad I did the placenta encapsulation and highly recommend Ashley.

Nikki Bombaci


Ashley did placenta encapsulation for me and I cannot say enough good things about it! I didn't encapsulat my placenta with my first son. I have issues breastfeeding and had to supplement. I also did not feel like myself until he was about 10 months old. I just felt down and exhausted. This go around I felt a majoe difference! I am now 3 months post partum and feelings great! I have also been able to exclusively breastfeed. The caps gave my evergry and helped me get through the hormal teansition. I would reccomed Ashley in a heart beat. She was really great! 

Elisa Pavlet


I have been so pleased with the services I have received!  Ashley really saw to my needs and pick up and delivery was just a call away!

 Thank You again ..  

The plecenta pills have really helped my milk product and hormones!



Michelle Allan


Where to start. ..Ashley is just amazing and such an angel! I have been so truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have my placenta encapsulated by her. she was so sweet enough to donate her services to me so that I could have the opportunity to do such an amazing thing that has so many benefits. she was always there when I had questions and was so patient with me and understanding and helpful. if I decide to have another child will totally go back to Ashley to encapsulate my placenta again. the benefits I've felt from it are just beyond amazing. thank you so much Ashley for everything you're the best!!!!

Kirstin Shirk


Ashley was so great to work with for my placenta encapsulation. She made it so easy, came to the hospital and picked it up from my room and sent the finished product in the mail quickly! I have been feeling great and recovering much quicker this pregnancy. Consuming morning and afternoon it has given me that extra boost I need to get through the day with a newborn and 3 year old. Ashley has been so sweet keeping in contact and checking up on me since the birth of my daughter too, it has been a wonderful experience using her services. Thank you so much Ashley! I will absolutely reccomend you!

oscar gonzales


I used Ashley Slovitsky to encapsulate my wife's placenta, and i have to say she was amazing. First of all she drove to meet me in person at the hospital (St. Joes) to pick up placenta as it need to be picked up asap due to it being on ice.  Then rhe keept in contact with me to advise me when she was done making them (less then 48 hours). Finely she maild them to me overnight. My experience woth her was nothing but amazing. She even went out of her way to msg my wofe and I just to see hpw she was doing. I will use her over and over amd anyone we know now also will ise her as we have told everyone how great she is. 

Ashley Hart


I just had my first baby and decided to have my placenta encapsulated, because i had heard great things about the benefits it provides for new moms as well as baby. The results are absolutely amazing, i am 3 weeks postpartum and i feel great! I have energy, my hormones havent made me crazy, and my milk is coming in so much since i started the capsules. My freezer is full! I would definitely recommend it for anyone!

Amanda Poplin


I recently had my second baby on 9/7/16. I had planned to use a friend who did my last placenta services with my first baby but she abruptly had to move just two weeks before my due date. She referred me Ashley for my placenta services and I found her very knowledgable, kind, and reasonably priced too. Not only did she come to me and meet up with me, getting my placenta from the hospital- but she had it ready not even three days after taking it home. The results I've received have been amazing and words can't really describe it all. I had difficulty breast feeding (due to supply) with my first and this time around the milk is flowing and the pumping journey has been stellar. It's helped me keep my sanity and increase my milk production! I highly recommend Ashley and her services. I'll be using her again in the Future. 

Angi McGuire


Two weeks post baby #8 that's right I said 8 lol ?? I did the placenta encapsulation. Yes... It sounds super gross!!! but I can't even tell u how much of a difference there is between my recovery this time vs all of my other recoveries!!! If your having a baby I, 110% suggest doing this and Ashley Slovitsky-Doula is the woman to do it!!!!!!!!! Benefits I have noticed, clear skin, uterus shrinkage WAY FASTER, weight loss 25 lbs in 2 weeks, mood stabilizing, milk supply increased and major increase in energy and faster body recovery. I honestly wish I would have done this with each baby because I have never bounced back this fast and I thought this was going to be the hardest recovery yet because I am a lot older and it's baby #8 but in all honesty I don't feel like I just had a baby at all!!!! My baby had lost almost an entire pound after birth because I was only breast feeding, my milk didn't seem to be coming in as well but once I started taking my placenta pills I can honestly say I can now feel my milk when it drops and before I started the placenta pills it was not. My baby is gaining weight as he is supposed to now and I feel absolutely amazing!! I seriously wish I could go back and have done this with each pregnancy and if you feel weird about doing this don't!!! It's honestly been such a blessing to have recovered as fast as I have because my youngest 3 children are 2 years old 1 years old and a newborn and they are so extremely active and having back to back to back pregnancies has been hard on my body for sure! also I have noticed that I have not lost any hair like I have with any of my other post partum experiences!

Kate Flores


It was really nice to have a Doula like Ashley. We were hoping to have a natural intervention free labor but I had some medical complications so we didn't know if I would be able to have a natural childbirth. We wanted to have an advocate on our side especially if complications arose. I chose Ashley because she seemed to have a good amount of experience for a reasonable price. We were very fortunate to be able to have a natural labor at the hospital. I was so happy she was there because we needed the extra hands. I spent most of the time on the ball so my husband was holding me up on the ball and giving counter pressure while Ashley was getting me fresh cold washcloths for my forehead, rubbing my back and reminding me to breathe. During the pushing stage she was a much needed extra hand to squeeze. I didn't anticipate how much the contractions would hurt after baby was out and I tore so it was nice to still have that hand to squeeze after while waiting for the placenta and the Dr stitching me up. We had such a fast and intense labor we didn't even get a chance to get our camera ready so she was able to take pictures for us with her phone and send them to us. If she wasn't there we wouldn't have any pictures of our baby being born. The best part though was having her advice before and afterward. It was nice to have someone to ask questions to during pregnancy and with breast feeding. I was at ease leading up to labor because I knew she would be there. I would highly recommend having Ashley as part of your birth team :-)

Gita Tao


I also want to say it was a pleasure workimg with Ashley. The process was easy. She came to the hospital to pick up the placenta when she said she would. I got the capsules when she said I would. I would definitely recommend her and do this again if I was to ever have another baby. 

Gita Tao


I just turned 41 and was having my first baby. I had never heard of encapsulating your placenta until my girlfriend told me about it. She had done it and swore how great it made her feel. Being really afraid of having a baby in my 40's and having postpartum issues with depression I felt it was worth the money to at least try. After all. It's not something that you could change your mind later to do. Once the placenta is gone you can never have that chance to see "what if" it would help you. I'm sure it works differently for everyone. But for me I do feel it helped with my mood. I started taking them about a week after my son and I got home. I did notice feeling better once I started taking them. But best of all. It really helped my milk supply. After taking them for awhile I did stop. Wondered if they were really doing anything or if they were worth the money. I have to say. They do make a difference in my attitude and definitely my milk supply. I will be traveling at times for my job so freezing as much milk as I can is very important. My goal is to breastfeed to solid foods. My milk was getting low and so I starting taking these again and my breast are definitely producing more milk. I would highly recommend this. As I said it's only a one time chance. So why not do it. If you don't, you'll never know how good the placenta worked for you and your baby. I also recommend looking at the placenta before giving it away to encapsulate. It's a beautiful thing and so amazing to see what sustained the life for your baby. Just seeing it to me was worth the money. It's a beautiful miracle. Good luck to all the future moms reading this. The journey is simply beautiful.

Breanna Turner


Ashley was great to work with! She answered my questions quickly. My placenta was picked up the day after I delivered and I received my placenta pills quickly as well. I would definitely use Ashley again :) I feel that the placenta pills have helped me tremendously. I experienced no baby blues and my milk has been fine.

Tatiana Campuzano


Working with Ashley as our birth doula was an amazing experience! We hired her at the beginning of the year and have become friends with her as our daughter grew this year, she is like family to us now! At my birth, it was really obvious that Ashley wanted to help. I had a very long labor and was honestly very nervous. She was so caring and concerned. She kept in constant contact with me and then came to my house before we all went to the hospital. Once she was with me, I suddenly felt calmer. Still some pain, but more in control. She stayed with me my entire 16 hour labor, even when we were all exhausted she was so sweet and energetic and encouraging. She never let me feel discouraged when I was dilating so slowly. If you are searching for a doula you need to meet with Ashley!!

Benedith Sanchez


"Ashley, Thank you so very much for your special care and professionalism with encapsulating my placenta. I am feeling great and will definitely be in contact with you for my next birth. I especially love the heart keepsake you made from the cord, I put it in a frame and it is a beautiful reminder of how my daughter and I were connected. Thank you so much!" - Benedith, first time mom

Stephenie Christner


Ashley did my placenta encapsulation and as a first time mim I was really unsure about what to expect when it came to this process. She was really helpful in explaining the process and what my options were. After I had my baby she met my mother to pick up my placenta which made it stress free for me. After I received my capsules in the mail she would periodically check in on me to make sure I was feeling alright. I have referred her to many of my mommy friends and will definitely be doing this again with my next pregnancy!

Lisa McAllister


Ashley was a huge help to me, keeping me calm and focused on my labor. I'm so grateful we had her help during labor. I'm also grateful for her work in making my placenta pills. I believe they have been a huge help in keeping me from getting horrible Post Partum Depression after my pregnancy, and also have helped me keep up my milk supply.

Divine Essence


I first heard of these placenta pills from a friend and thought it would be a great thing for me to do when I had another child. My baby was born June 15 and I have to thank my midwife for asking me if I was interested in capsulizing my placenta. I didn't know the first thing so I was given Ashley's phone number and she gave me the information I needed including the number of capsules to take daily. She picked up my placenta which was carefully packaged from the hospital and in a few days my pills were delivered to my home. I have been feeling better. No mood swings. My bleeding after birth subsided early and my energy is up. I am very thankful.

Audra Pedersen


I encapsulated my placenta with Ashley by a referral from thunderbird girls. She was nice enough to pick up my placenta from my house after delivery. Due to a couple unexpected events I was unable to start my pills until about 2 weeks post partum.  But I did notice a difference immediately.  She was helpful enough to respond to my messages with answers to my questions. I took 4 to 6 pills daily spread our with meals. I truly could tell a difference with my milk supply as soon as I started. Also I immediately was feeling in a better more balanced mood. I also ordered a tinctute. I was excited when I learned she gave me enough to do a couple refills. That was nice. I saved some of my pills to help my supply once my period comes back. For an overall experience I am very pleased. With my next delivery I will 200% be encapsulatin again.  Also have to say Ashley gives a very fair price. I delivered cash pay so a reasonable price was very important to me.  Thank you so much Ashley for encapsulating my placenta and helping me return to a normal person ;)

Edelma Galarza


I had a great experience with Ashley doing my placenta encapsulation for me. I didn't decide until the last minute to have my placenta encapsulated so Ashley was able to come by the hospital and pick it up at the last minute which I thought was great! I received them approximately a week later along with the placenta tincture, a placenta print and a umbilical cord keepsake. Ashley text me the instructions and followed up with me to see how I was doing. Anytime I had questions and texted her, she was very responsive and got back to me quickly. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of placenta encapsulation services!!!!

Leah W


Having never even heard of placenta encapsulation, I was intrigued, and possibly a little grossed out when my midwife suggested I look into it. However, after researching all the benefits of doing it, I decided to give it a try. Ashley made the whole process completely hassle free! The doula I used brought the placenta to her, picked up the capsules from her a few days later, and then dropped them off at my house. Ashley was available for any questions I had, and was really quick to respond. I have never felt so good after a baby!! My milk- supply is great, I have energy, and physically have healed way quicker than with previous births. I highly recommend using Ashley to capsulize your placenta! And by the way, it is totally not gross ??

jamie winsor


Ashley was my doula and did my placenta encapsulation!  She is amazing! She made me feel comfortable and helped me through contractions...she was so supportive during labor and birth! We are glade and blessed to have her as our doula! 

Cierra Jacobs


My husband and I used Ashley as our doula for the birth of our son. It was our 3rd baby and I had never hired a doula before-and I am so glad we met her! She is a wealth of knowledge and a blessing to moms who are hoping for a natural birth. When I was so over being pregnant, she was so sweet and compassionate. Once labor finally started, she came to our house to keep me company and to help guide me through breathing during each contraction. Eventually we went to the hospital and she stayed with me the entire time, encouraging me and spraying hot water on my back to help with the pain. before I knew I, I had to push. This labor was my first medication free-and my longest, 16 hours, but this was my best birth experience yet. Do yourself a favor, you want to have Ashley as your doula!

Mallory K.


We hired Ashley for the birth of our twin girls. I had high hopes to deliver as naturally as possible and to avoid a cesarean if at all possible. I was nervous due to the unpredictable circumstances but Ashley was alway quick to reassure me, and to have faith in my body. The day I went into labor, she came quickly to the hospital and interacted so well with my nurses. She was calm and professional, and helped me to stay focused through each contraction. My dr made me deliver in the OR and I convinced staff to let her in with me because I knew she would keep me on track! I delivered both babies naturally and I am so happy we chose Ashley! She also encapsulated my placentas for me, which has been amazing to have. She explained the whole process to me as well as the standards she adheres to, super professional again! I will absolutely be hiring her again for baby #3. Thank you Ashley!

ashley roberts


I chose Ashley after a recommendation from a friend of mine who attended meetings with ICAN of Phoenix. I was hoping for a vbac after 2 cesarean births. We met with Ashley and she was so kind and knowledgable. I felt confident and comfortable that I made the right choice in hiring her! When I went into labor, she was awesome! She helped me cope through the pain and recommended different positions while I was in labor to help my baby drop and be placed in the optimal position for birth. 16 hours of labor later....I did it!!!! The very first time I gave birth 'naturally' was with the help of Ashley. I seriously cannot thank her enough. If you're thinking about hiring a doula, you need her. You won't regret it.

Cody Roberts


Ashley's energy, support and knowledge are to thank for the successful, medication free birth of our daughter. Ashley truly was my rock throughout my girlfriends labor and birth- as a first time dad I often had no clue how to react or help her with her pain, but Ashley guided me trough the whole process with suggestions of what I could do, and would take over and help if I needed a break. Ashley helped to make sure our nurses were following our birth plan and fought for Brittany when she requested to get in the shower for labor pain and the nurses initially told her no. Ashley was so respectful of our privacy after the baby arrived to allow for the bonding time that we were looking forward to. I would without a doubt recommend Ashley to anyone interested in hiring a doula.

Brittany Lynn Cooper


My boyfriend and I used Ashley as our doula in early October for the birth of our first baby and I couldn't imagine my labor or birth to have gone better! Ashley is so knowledgeable and confident in what she's doing; She was able to help my partner and I with pain management, and had many encouraging words when I was feeling weak and discouraged from the pain/nausea. Ashley was able to guide us through all the medical decisions that lead up to my (medically necessary) induction so that we fully understood why I was being administered certain medications. I would *highly* recommend Ashley to anyone looking for support through their birth and labor. She loved and supported me through the whole process and helped me to achieve the drug free birth my partner and I desired.

Judy Taylor


Ashley was the Doula for my Granddaughter when she gave birth to my Great Granddaughter.  Ashley was competent, professional, and extremely knowledgable regarding the natural birthing process. She is a calming force in a time that can be not only stressful, but scarey as well. She has a very soothing approach to  the birthing process & I would highly reccommend her services to anyone.  This is definately her calling in life, you will not be dissapointed in your birthing experience!

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