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Bethany Leclerc CD(DONA), CLC, APPC

A Golden Birth

Hudson, MA Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$1350 to $1800

Birth Fee

$1350 to $1800

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 6

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
A hospital is at times intimidating and has the ability to set a woman in labor in the wrong direction. I strive to ensure families who want to give birth in a hospital have the experience they desire and feel in control of their birth experience.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Former DONA SPAR ( State/Province Area Representative) for Massachusetts, Past volunteer for Birthing Gently

Fee Details

Details surrounding services are available on our website. I would love for you to be in touch so we can discuss further! I support families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. During a family's birth journey I strive to be a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a voice to guide when needed. All families deserve to have a birth experience they are in control of. Along with being a birth doula and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) I am a certified Placenta Encapsulator ( APPAC) and provide private in-home childbirth education classes. I have received special training premature birth, VBAC, herbal remedies, and trauma after birth. I can also help with the delicate transition from one child to two :) Contact me to see if we are a good match for your birth!

Hudson, MA Service range 50 miles

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Lisa Liang Philpotts


Bethany came highly recommended to me by the doula who supported me during my birth of my first child. I was pregnant with my second and my past doula had moved out of state. My husband and I agree that Bethany was an absolutely invaluable support, even with us feeling much more confident this time around as second time parents. I was induced at a large local hospital due to gestational hypertension that developed into pre-eclampsia, and chose to labor without pain medication. It was a more challenging labor than my first, largely due to the fact that my induction took longer than expected to initiate regular contractions and the hospital stuck me on a clear liquid diet for the entirety of that time, then I had a magnesium infusion to boot, so it felt a bit like some kind of endurance event.. but thanks to Bethany's confident and unwavering support, I felt safe, cared for, and capable. She helped me find an awesome position to labor in that I hadn't used during my first labor that felt just right this time around, and if she wasn't there I don't think I would have tried it myself (side lying with the peanut shaped birthing ball). Through her physical support and words of affirmation she kept my mind in a good place, and I'll never forget surprising the nurse in the room when baby was crowning since the nurse and OBs were under the impression I wasn't even fully dilated at the time. I'll always chuckle thinking about that.. but seriously, Bethany is a gem. She even snapped a few lovely photos of when baby was first in my arms and when baby had their first feeding, which I will treasure forever. Thank you, Bethany!

Caroline Barr


My husband and I both agree that hiring Bethany as our doula was the best decision we made for the birth of our first child! She was such a calming and confident presence during a long and difficult labor and provided amazing support to both of us. I truly don't know what we would have done without her! The postpartum visit really helped us process our birth experience and the prenatal visits were very informative. You will not regret using Bethany as your doula!



I had the best experience with Bethany after having a not so great experience with my 1st doula. The difference was that she was professional from start to finish (i.e. did not bring up payments while I was in labor!) She was calm the entire time and I had full trust in her. This was a lifesaver since my husband doesn't do well in the hospital setting. Plus, it happened to be a very busy birthing night and the nurses didn't have a lot of time for 1:1 care. I have been recommending everybody to hire a doula as the recovery is so much better and going natural is, well, natural (just letting your body do what it needs to do!) Best of luck in your birting journeys!! :) 



I can't begin to express how much Bethany (doula) and Colleen (lactation consultant) helped prepare me for my first born and how supportive they were during and after the birth. Bethany took the time to meet before the birth and answer ALL my questions about "what-if" and prepare me for what was to come. LOVE that she and Becca do extensive medical literature research and bring both evidence and experience to their services. During the birth, Bethany was with me every step of the way, was a great advocate for me, and a level head for my husband and I to consult when we had medical decisions to make. Colleen also met before hand and helped prepare me for what breastfeeding was going to entail and was there for us when we got home from the hospital to make sure everything was going well. She follows up immediately on ANYTHING and is so knowledgeable and patient, can't thank her enough. Can't recommend this team enough, they are beyond phenomenal.

Julia Levin


It's hard to put into words just how much my husband and I loved having Bethany there to support us through pregnancy and during labor/delivery! We had our prenatal session with Bethany and she did not mind our dogs barking at her. She was kind to them and spent time getting to know us and guiding our birth plan.  Bethany has such an incredibly warm, friendly and supportive personality. She spent a lot of time at our prenatal and through emails/texts gathering information on how I wanted my labor/delivery to be. She answered all of my questions (and I had many). I went into labor earlier than anticipated and nothing was going exactly as I had learned in childbirth class. The whole time I felt so supported as we headed to the hospital.During labor/delivery her presence really helped set the tone for a very positive experience and having her by my side during the unexpected scary moments was something I will never forget. She also made sure that my husband was doing okay which was so important. I can look back at my wild labor/delivery story feeling happy. I do not think I'd have been able to say the same thing if we didn't have Bethany there with us. We are forever grateful to her! It's amazing how a stranger can become family just overnight. 

Leah Salloway


When I got pregnant in 2019 we interviewed several Doulas. Bethany was the one who my husband and I most clicked with. She was warm and positive. I felt like her energy was empowering and kind. 
labor was very challenging for me, but Bethany was awesome. She stayed with us the whole time, even playing my favourite music (and sending her Spotify into upheaval). She also managed the not so easy job of keeping my mum from stressing me out further. She stayed the long hours with us making sure that my son made it safely from womb to world. 
Maybe the best piece...Bethany helped coach my husband to get a really really good birth partner. When my second son was born we couldn't have any extra people due to COVID. My husband took all he learned from Bethany and totally rocked being a supportive birth partner. I would recommend Bethany to anyone and everyone!

Katie Denis


Bethany is amazing. She is resourceful, compassionate, and supportive. These are all qualities you want to look for when choosing a doula. We met Bethany very early in my pregnancy and knew she was the perfect fit for us. She gave us so many great resources to help guide us through pregnancy. She met with us in person and was very responsive to texts/emails. When I went into labor Bethany was a true game changer. My labor progressed a lot faster than I expected. When I got to the hospital I was unsure whether I would be able to stick to my original plan. Once Bethany arrived she completely changed the atmosphere of the hospital room and gave me the confidence boost I needed to continue as planned. When things progressed differently than expected Bethany supported me and helped me feel in control of the situation. She also really helped my husband take an active role in the birthing process. However, the best thing Bethany did came after the birth of our son. There was an unexpected family tragedy shortly after our sons birth. When I told Bethany about it, she not only gave us some great resources to help cope but also came to physically show us how to get through it with a newborn. It was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for us. Bethany truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to support them. We can’t recommend her enough



We used Bethany for the birth of our first child. Bethany is an amazing partner who will guide you through your birth journey from start to finish. She provided timely advice from everything from back pain to the “can’t miss” registry items. In the end, as I was faced with the decision to have a c-section as my little one was breech, Bethany couldn’t have been more supportive. She listened to my concerns and helped me navigate this emotional period. Overall, she made my birth experience better than I ever would have imagined and I truly could not have done it without her. I also used her for my placenta encapsulation and have found it to be very helpful in my postpartum recovery. Bethany, you were our mentor, friend, educator and rock over the past nine months and I can’t wait to reconnect for Baby #2! Thank you!



As I wrote here in 2017, my husband and I hired Bethany for the birth of our son, and now two years later, were thrilled to be able to use her services again for the birth of our daughter. We had such a positive experience the first time around that we knew immediately we wanted to have Bethany by our side again for my second labor. We were so glad we made this decision and would highly reccommend Bethany to anyone looking for a doula in MA. Her soothing and reassuring presence in the labor room is a breath of fresh air!  We felt lucky to have Bethany's guidance, support & knowledge as we welcomed our two babies into the world. Thank you Bethany!




My husband and I decided to hire Bethany after having a somewhat tramatic birth with my first child. She was extremely responsive when I e-mailed her my random questions. She researched topics that I asked about that she hadn't explored before, and was also able to provide really helpful outside resources. When I found out that I was going to be induced, she made me feel like I was still in control of my birth. Having her there helped me deal with my contractions without needing an epidural (which I really didn't want), and gave me a lot of piece of mind.

Kate Reilly


Having Bethany as a Doula was more than my husband Jason and I could ever have imagined. We had very little family support and this being our first child together, we really wanted to have the best experience possible. (Any throw in some mom anxiety in there too!)

The biggest draw to Bethany is her passion and approachability. The first day we met, I knew she had my best interest at heart and that she would be my advocate through it all. 

Bethany was always there to listen, ask questions to, need some nudging (see mom anxiety above) but most importantly, she wanted you to embrace your pregnancy and delivery journey and make it your own.

She has an amazing rapport with all the doctors and staff at my OB-GYN office and delivery hospital and it’s clear to see why. She calms the anxious dads and soothes the nervous moms just with her presence alone. (Not to mention amazing massages!!)

We will forever be grateful for having Bethany with us! 

Rose Pacific


I can't say enough good things about Bethany! When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to have a natural birth but was kind of terrified of everything. Upon meeting Bethany and explaining my feelings, she put me at ease. During pregnancy she was amazing and provided lots of support and education for my husband and I. She was always very easy to get in touch with, and quick to answer any questions or offer help. When my labor began, she was in constant communication until meeting us at the hospital. Even though she was pregnant herself, you would have never known! She stayed up with us through labor (all night) and after the birth, never stopped moving and helping me into different positions. I had to have pitocin, and I am confident that I would have not been able to have a drug free birth without Bethany's help! She kept me going by suggesting different positions, lots of massage, being in the birth tub, shower, ect. My husband was so happy to have Bethany there as well, because she helped him support me. Hiring Bethany as our doula was one of the best decisions we made, and we are SO happy that we did!!!

Andrea Noble


When I found out I was pregnant with my first it felt extemely overwhelming. I felt I was out of my depth to handle this new experience without some professional guidance. After our first prenatal appointment with Bethany my husband I knew we made the right choice to bring a doula into the fold. Bethany took on the role of our educator by dumbing down the simple medical interventions and how to stay comfortable during a drug-free birth. During labor Bethany (at about 5 months pregnant!) helped us keep our cool when things felt impossible. The ambiance she created, the encouragement and the reminder to change positions made us feel that we were in control of our experience. We couldn't be happier to have had Bethany there for us during what felt like a scary and overwhelming time in our lives. 

Rebecca V Winter


Bethany was my doula for my first birth and she was phenomenal. I birthed my baby at home and used the Hypnobabies program and Bethany was so invested in learning about Hypnobabies and using my scripts and relaxation triggers during the birth. She also was such a loving and calm presence for me and my husband. She was always right there when I needed her but was never intrusive. She did an awesome job giving me low back compressions during labor and making sure I was eating and drinking enough. I also loved her prenatal visits. They helped give me and my husband so much confidence and gave my husband ways to support me during the later stages of my pregnancy when I was dealing with a lot of low back discomfort. Bethany is patient, graceful and so knowledgeable about birth. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Kaitlynne Vasquez


If you are considering a doula, I definately recommend it. If you are in the locality of Bethany, I URGE you choose her. As first time parents and a bit of Type A myself, I did a lot of research on birth, drug free, hospitals, c-ections, etc. I had no idea what a doula was until it was mentioned by an acquaintence. I thought, hmmm that sounds helpful - my husband is a quiet person and I thought we could use an extra voice and calming prescence. My midwife at my OB's practice recommended a few (whom i reached out to), one of them being Bethany. I had a good gut feeling as soon as we exchanged emails and then met for the first time and hired her on the spot. Bethany was available anytime for questions (and I had a lot!) and made the unknown and scaryness of labor/birth welcoming and trusting. She taught me that as women our bodies know what to do and that birth can be positive, transformative, and healing experience. She also taught me that sometimes life doesnt always go according to plan, and thats okay. As I entered labor she was texting me and met us at the hospital once I labored at home for quite a bit (as I requested). She set up the room (dimmed the lights, aromatherapy, etc), made sure my husband remembered how to apply to Robozo method, and when he got tired she jumped in. She was a quiet, strong, confidence, person in that room whos job was so focus solely on ME. I felt taken care of, supported, and empoered to bring my baby into the world. Although I barely knew her, it felt like she was my best friend right beside me and knew me, which made all the difference. Knowing she knew I was capable of bringing life into the world is what got me through labor and that I would survive and it would be okay. I was lucky to have a labor and birth how I imagined it to be (drug free, short, and sweet), and I owe so much of it to Bethany. I will be forever grateful for Bethany coming into our lives and being a part of our journey into parenthood. THANK YOU! <3

Leah McCanna


Bethany was absolutely amazing to work with. She is calm, positive, and knowledgeable, and was an important member of our "team." We felt very prepared and confident, and all of our wishes for labor and delivery were met and advocated for by Bethany.

We are lucky to know and work with her, and will definitely use her if/when we have our next. :) 

Meagan Mayers


My husband and I cannot speak highly enough of Bethany!! Having decided that I wanted a doula early on, to support my decision to have a drug-free child birth and my husband and I through labor, I dove into the doula search at the beginning of my second trimester and began the interviews. Uponmeeting Bethany, both my husband and I knew we’d met our souls match. She was informed and informative without being judgemental or opinionated. She immediately put my husband at ease, feeling that she’d be a support without impeding upon his own first-time-dad experience, and made me feel like I’d found a friend in doula in one. Her laid back demeanor coupled with her seemingly limitless knowledge led us to end our search and secure her time before someone else could.

Bethany was not only our doula, meeting with us a couple of times prior to the birth, but also taught us childbirth education and encapsulated my placenta. She led us through a very thorough review of what to expect during the birth, techniques for pain reduction, ways to prepare my body for birth, and options for delivery itself. This last part was especially helpful for me as I did end up opting for pain medication (an epidural) during delivery. Bethany supported me the whole way through, ensured that I was positive about my decision to take the pain medication, and never once judged me or was let down that I took a different avenue than we had prepared for. Even through the epidural, Bethany held my hand, helped me focus and made sure that my husband was supported every step of the way. We had a long labor and could honestly have no made it without Bethany's Support. She is a friend and teacher all in one!

Kristen Frye


Bethany is one of the most caring and kind woman I've met and my husband and I knew right away that we would be extremely comfortable with her during my labor. It was also nice to know she was very familiar with the midwife practice we attended and the hospital we were planning on for the birth.

We enjoyed the visits with Bethany leading up to the birth of our son and appreciated her understanding of labor techniques, comfort measures, "birth plans" and, really, all things pregnancy & birth. We felt that she was truly a wealth of knowledge and had some great resources & recommendations- from cloth diapers to pregnancy-friendly chiropractors to newborn photography.

During labor, Bethany was unbelievably encouraging and comforting and was an amazing support to both my husband and I- mentally, she was so reassuring, and physically, she managed to massage my back through every contraction for four hours in the hospital, which was such a welcomed relief. On top of that, she did an amazing job setting up the birthing environment I had envisioned- peaceful music, dim lights, and essential oil aromatherapy.

We felt that Bethany was such a calming presence during the whole labor and a voice of reason and reassurance during some issues after the birth. Her breastfeeding support was also much appreciated and the photos she took throughout were an added bonus!

We are so, so, so grateful that Bethany was there for us for the birth of our son and we wouldn't hestitate to recommend her to others or use her services again in the future!

Laurie Sutherland


If I were having another baby, I would definitely get a doula, and I would hope Bethany would be available! She was an excellent resource in the planning, and then amazing support in the event itself. She participated in what is in my medical chart as a "great example of a strong VBAC". I would say I was unconventional in several ways, and Bethany was flexible enough to work with that. I'm glad to have had a VBAC, and Bethany was a key part of that success. Thanks Bethany!

Elizabeth Smith-Petersen


Bethany was highly recommended by my midwife and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She helped me and my husband have a birth experience that I am proud of and resulted in a healthy baby boy (and mom!). Bethany instantly made us feel comfortable and positive about labor and delivery when we first met. When consulting in our home, she provided us with so many helpful resources and supported us as we reflected on our birth plan. The icing on the cake was when Bethany smiled and affectionately pet our dog, who desperately wanted to be a part of our meeting!

Bethany found the perfect balance of stepping in when I needed support during labor, while also guiding my husband so he felt involved and helpful. There is nothing more reassuring than having someone with you who supports you, understands what you need (as well as the process), and is invested in you. When making decisions during labor, Bethany provided support and peace of mind I needed at a time that can feel very overwhelming. It was like she was already doing something helpful before I could articulate what I needed.

We have cherished the photos Bethany took during labor and the time she took after our son was born to further support us when coming home. Bethany was someone we could reflect and celebrate such a life-changing event with. I would recommend Bethany to any of our friends and family and wish her continued success and fulfillment as a doula!

Tiffany D


Bethany is absolutely wonderful. She made my birthing experience smooth and comfortable ..although unpredictable I'm glad we chose her to help us bring our beautiful baby into this world. She has a vast amount of knowledge and resources

Liliya Foksha


My birth experience was an amazing experience and I credit Bethany with it. Really, I'm not sure that it would've been as incredible as it was without this loving, selfless, and passionate soul. Even though things didn't go as I had planned, Bethany empowered me to make decisions for myself. I also loved having her at my house during early labor - she helped me labor and decide when it was finally time to go to the hospital. I could go on and on sharing how helpul she was, and if I were to have another child I would definitely want Bethany by my side.

Tiffany D


Well there is a lot I could say about Bethany( all wonderful).  The most important is that she is a wonderful, genuine, caring person.  She truly is full of knowledge and support.  She has a vast amount of resources to assist in any situation possible.  Well for my story,  I am a second time mom, my first was born via c-section after a failed trial of labor and failed epidural.  I wanted to avoid a repeat c-section at all cost.  It was very important to me to have a doula that supported the decisions I chose to make.  At my first meeting with Bethany I felt very comfortable; like she was an old friend.  I immediatly told my husband I would like Bethany to join us for the delivery( and i could be comfortable being naked in front of her).  We met several times prior to delivery to discuss our wants and desires.  I wanted an all natural delivery as to try to avoid a repeat c-section.  I had a very long agonizing labor, however Bethany was there the entire time.  She did everything in her power to help me get comfortable. Most importantly she listened to me and how I was feeling in the moment.  We were in the tube, shower, massage, walking literally everything.  She never complained or made me feel as if I was not important.  I ultimately had to have a repeat c-section due to a small pelvis and large baby.  There is not enough wonderful things I could say about Bethany.  I would use her again for a repeat birth.  She also provided us with wonderful pictures during our labor process and after delivery.  

Post delivery Bethany has provided us vast information about breastfeeding, support groups and "play date groups"

Ultimately Bethany is wonderful and made the birthing process for my husband and I a pleasurable experience.  

Alex Lenehan


We initially decided we needed a Doula as we don't have family in the area. We felt that having a friendly 'voice of experience' in the room would be an advantage.

After lots of online research in the area we discovered Bethany. Within minutes of sitting down with her it was like we were catching up with an old friend, we knew we had met our perfect match.

Bethany's approach before birth was tailored to our needs at the time. Often she was the friend we could call to share news, sometimes she was the experienced mom that could reassure us that things were normal and when needed, she was the seasoned professional that could advise us.

Then came the big day!

As a stressed expectant father, overwhelmed by medical jargon and a nervous partner, the sense of relief I felt to know that Bethany was on her way (at 1am!) is hard to put into words.

Once she arrived everything was OK, Bethany immediately made the room more relaxed with candles and music before moving into a support role, unobtrusive but essential. She reminded me when my partner should be drinking, suggested positions, gave massages and Rebozo all while fending off assorted distractions. This allowed me to be myself, support my partner, and relax that I wasn’t missing something fundamental. After the birth, Bethany took the most wonderful photos of the first moments with our son, made sure we were comfortable and gave us space to bond as a family.

As part of her post birth support, Bethany has provided practical advice and contacts for breastfeeding as well as a follow up visit to make sure we were OK.

In summary, if you aren’t convinced that you need a Doula yet then I can only say that my experience would have been substantially less enjoyable without one. If you are convinced, then you could not do better than Bethany, a knowledgeable professional, experienced mom, friend and truly important person in my son’s life.

Rachel Nuttall


I can’t say enough great things about Bethany! Bethany was a integral part of the recent birth of my daughter. Her prenatal visits helped my husband and I feel confident, assured and positive leading up to the birth. She worked with us to get to know our goals and helped formulate our birth plan. I really felt that she let us choose our own individual plan and was supportive of our decisions.

The day (or I should say night) of labor she was by our side within 30min. She helped my husband and I implement coping techniques and was very helpful at suggesting new positions and strategies as labor progressed. She was great at reassuring us that everything was progressing normally and reassuring me that I could do it! She worked well with the labor and delivery nurses. She wasn’t afraid to speak up and make suggestions, but at the same time she was very respectful of their knowledge and their job.

She stayed by our side all they way through the night until we finally welcomed our baby girl. As a bonus she was able to get some great photos of our little girl’s entrance into the world and her first moments with my husband and I.

Bethany is approachable, easy to talk to, very caring, and a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend her!

Mallory Horgan


From our first meeting, Bethany felt very warm, down to earth and genuine. Most importantly, she clearly loves, and strives to empower, mothers and babies. She has a calm expertise that made my husband and I both feel very reassured when we met her. We booked her immediately. I ended up in labor for over 40 hours, ending in an unplanned cesarean, after creating a birth plan with intentions of having as few interventions as possible. After 14 hours of unmedicated back labor (during which Bethany's AMAZING counter-pressure massage was literally the ONLY relief for the intense sensations I felt), I had only dilated 3 cm. I was completely heartbroken and exhausted. Bethany supported me, my husband and my midwife as we discussed options, helping me feel calm and empowered in my decision to change my plan. She never once made me feel pressured or judged either way, but instead left me with a sense of strength in making this tough choice for myself. I sobbed, spoke openly about the fear of being judged for choosing medications when i had planned to go without. Bethany reminded me that birth is uncharted for each woman, is unique and deeply personal, and is never for anyone else to judge. I felt like I was back in control - labor was mine to navigate in my unique way. And that, for me, meant being okay with letting go of my initial plan and shifting my path. Bethany walked right beside me the whole way. Sadly, after laboring for 26 more hours with medications to manage my pain, my baby went into distress, and I was intensely fatigued. This blend ended with us needing a C-Section. Feeling totally beat down and once again like a failure, Bethany was there with support. She reminded me that I had been present and active in the birth of my child, that I was NOT a failure for being unable to deliver him vaginally but was powerful and present in my decision to help my baby enter the world in the way he needed to.

Short Version: Bethany is awesome. 

Rebekah Nyakairu


I can't imagine going through my first birthing experience without Bethany! Giving birth to my daughter was a positive experience and the biggest accomplishment of my life. I am so grateful for the incredible role Bethany played in this crucial and precious time in our family's life!

You immediately feel comfortable with Bethany. She is a wealth of knowledge and support. All the worries or anxieties that I had as a new mother-to-be faded away once I met Bethany. I knew I could contact her at any time for advice or resources.

When the doctors wanted to induce me, Bethany helped me going into labor naturally. Bethany coached my husband and I so we were able to work together as a team. Bethany was flexible when I made changes to my birth plan while in labor. An added bonus was the beautiful pictures Bethany captured of my husband and I meeting our baby for the first time. Bethany is truly an amazing doula!

Lora Markova


Bethany was an essential part of my daughter's birth, and I genuinely don't believe things would have gone as smoothly, if she hadn't been by my side. She is caring, kind, attentive, comforting, reassuring and encouraging: all qualities that helped me and my husband throughout the birth process. She was there for us every step of the way, and we plan to have her as our birth companion in the future.

I found Bethany just a few days before my birth through DONA’s list of pre-certified doulas. Bethany was the only one based locally, so I called her and we met almost right away. From the start, I liked her presence and demeanor, and I felt comfortable with her. I had already made a birth plan, so I knew I wanted a Hypnobirth and Bethany was onboard.

When my daughter began her exit, I started texting back and forth with Bethany to let her know what I was going through. She was very reassuring, giving me practical advice at each stage. When I finally went to the hospital, my husband called her and she was by our sides within 30 minutes.

My labor was progressing quite quickly, but the midwife and nurses were only checking in on me intermittently, so having Bethany in the room at all times was invaluable. She was a calm and reassuring presence throughout the process. She gave me encouragement and water, helped me maneuver from position to position and taught my husband how to help alleviate my discomfort through counter pressure, pushing my back herself, when my his arms gave out. She also took pictures throughout, which left us with fantastic memories of an incredible experience.

When my birth reached the final stages, Bethany worked with my midwife to clearly communicate my status and options to me and my husband. Once my daughter was born, Bethany reiterated my birth plan to the pediatrician and helped me nurse her. A couple of weeks after the birth, Bethany came over to my home to check on us and give me nursing tips.

Anna Griffin


Bethany is everything you could ask for in a doula and more. She is a truly wonderful person that has a passion for helping women bring new life into this world and fostered the most positive birth experience imaginable for me and my husband and our daughter.
Being a first time mom it was scary and exciting and full of so many different emotions being pregnant and knowing my baby was on the way. Bethany helped support me through this whole process making me feel confident that I was made to do this. Any doubt I had during my labor, her encouragement got me through; I honestly don't know how I would have had my natural birth experience without her by my side. She was there to support my husband & I after bringing our daughter home in the tough early days transitioning to our new life as a family of three.

I wish that every woman have a doula and could not give a higher recommendation. Our family is forever greatful for the service she provided to us! Thank you Bethany!!

Emily DuRussel


My partner and I worry a lot. When it comes to my own experience I am quite the pessimist. I had no idea what giving birth would be like. So I read article after article. Bethany offered some very helpful articles to read and helped us decide what was most important to us. Sort through all of the information and boil it down to be comprehensive. She was able to go with the flow. She respected my iron clad plan of Excel sheets of aromatherapy and then was able to throw it away when I just gravitated towards the water where I stayed until the pushing stage. The whole time she was in the hospital with us, we felt safe and taken care of. I felt the self doubt (which comes rushing in for me with doctors and hospitals) melt away because I had my team. My husband who was totally taking his cues of what to say and how to hold me from Bethany, and Bethany who was holding me and talking to me and who has seen this before. She was our rock through it all. She came to the hospital even though I wasn't very dilated... and stayed even though it looked like I wasn't going to deliver until the next day. She delivered us gum and helped us remember to eat and brought us continual water so that we could be in that moment of birthing our child together. My husband giving 100% support and attention to me. Being attuned to my needs. And the reason we were so successful was Bethany. There was no worry. No self doubt. Just my husband and I in the moment with a magical needs fairy fluttering around us making sure everything was taken care of. She helped move me into positions when I was pushing and took some special emotion filled pictures for us right after the birth. She was never overbearing at any point. We will absolutely hire her again.

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