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Christine Fontaine, CD(DONA), CHt, CLC, HBCE

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Washington, DC Service range 20 miles



Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 238 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Military families support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of DONA International Professional Member of ICAN Volunteer for NOVA Human Trafficking Initiative Counselor at Crisis Pregnancy Center

Fee Details

Please contact me for fees. I believe strongly in every woman having a doula who wants one. I also have a desire to support single moms, VBACs, multiples and teens. I support both you and your partner and do not take the place of your partner. One of my goals is helping educate you so you can make informed decisions and support your decisions as it is your body, your baby and your experience. I have supported multiple moms with successful VBA2Cs. I give a discount for doula clients that choose placenta encapsulation as well.

Washington, DC Service range 20 miles

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Christime is a  fabulous doula!!!  This was my second birth with her and I would use her again everytime.
She knows her stuff (through and through), worked well with my partner / medical staff and put my needs first. I cannot say the same about the doctor on call.   At two points there was some concern over how I was progressing.  She respectfully calmed the staff down and explained to my husband what was going on. She was professional and always available to me throughout the pregnancy and even after. She remained calm and a voice of reason the whole time. She stayed focused on my needs while also remaining fully aware of what was going on with the baby and medical staff.  She also tended to my husband needs and reassured him throughout the expereince.  I was able to have an unmedicated birth without any interventions (not even a Heplock).  My memories of both births that I had with her are extremely positive.  I believe Christine understanding my wishes and supporting me and my husband throughout the expereince played a big role into us having a posiitve outcome.  I would highly recommend her to anyone having a baby and considering a doula.  



I am not sure where to start, so I will just say: I highly recommend Christine. Being pregnant and having a baby is a whirlwind. No matter what, you truly can't be fully prepared. However, through it all Christine is a calming force. She is very knowledgable about pregnancy and birth, but also interested in hearing about your unique experience. She clearly loves supporting women and that is what she does. She supports your wishes and plans and offers no judgement. While I had certain ideas of things I might have wanted to do or have in the midst of labor-those things can change. She was clearly supportive and encouraging-no matter what. It really helps to have someone on your side and having confidence in you while in the hospital. Knowing that she has worked with women in home births, hospital births, emergency or planned c sections was comforting. I know she had seen it all and supported it all. The support she could offer to my spouse was valuable too. It really takes pressure off to know that you and your partner can just be in the moment-and she is looking out for you and alerting you to what may come or assuring you that something will pass. All in all-you need a doula. And Christine is a great choice.

Diana Lombard


Christine was an integral part of my VBAC birth experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula and especially someone attempting a TOLAC.  I am not sure that I would have had a successful VBAC without her expertise, guidance and support. From the moment we met I could tell that she had a vast amount of experience and was willing to go the distance to make sure we achieved the birth we were hoping for. She was very easy to talk to and very eager to learn about my preferences and desires. I felt confident before the birth knowing that she was going to be there to help me make informed decisions and stick to my goal of having a natural, unmedicated birth. There was one moment during the birth that was especially significant; after progressing pretty smoothly my labor had somewhat stalled (probably around 7cm). I was getting tired and beginning to doubt if I could make it through. My midwife considered offering me medication in my IV. Christine, who knew that I really wanted an unmedicated birth, instead suggested that they give me sugar water to up my energy. That sugar water I believe is what made the difference and allowed me to get over that hump. I regained enough energy to push through and keep going, and finally achieved the natural birth I so wanted. If it werent for Christine no one would have suggested we try that, and who knows what would have happened next. I am so happy that I made the decision to hire Christine, and I will always look back on my daughters birth as one of the most incredible experiences of my life!



Christine has a ton of experience and will work with you to stick to your birth plan. She is studying to be a midwife and although she is the only doula I worked with, I feel like she is more knowledgeable than others because she is working towards being a midwife on top of her already existing credentials as a doula and lactation consultant. If you are looking to have a natural birth, I highly recommend her. Although I had wanted a natural birth from the start, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without her. She had tons of tricks and tips for me as I was in labor that helped me stick to my birth plan and give birth without any interventions. And, I’m not sure I would have listened to my husband if he had suggested the same things that she did so I am glad she was there! I gave birth in a hospital but my understanding is that she also supports home births. If you are considering a home birth, I think she would be amazing. 

Michelle P


Where to begin!  I met with Christine for a consult, and I immediately felt her true passion for facilitating the very best birth experience for all women.  I booked Christine very early on (around 14 weeks), but she checked in periodically and was always available to answer questions and provide resources for any questions I had.

Around 36 weeks, Christine comes to your home to provide you a personalized labor & delivery class -- what to expect from her, what I should expect at the hospital, etc -- as well as a detailed discussion around birth preferences.  She has a questionnaire regarding all things labor & delivery, and goes through each of the items in great detail so you're informed about your decision.  This comes in handy later at the hospital when you're experiencing intense contractions and everything is moving so slow and fast at the same time, as Christine consistently advocated for our birth preferences.

On the day of my daughter's birth, I texted Christine after experiencing contractions that were getting stronger and closer together.  She came to my apartment and supported my husband and I for several hours before we decided to go to the hospital.  While I was in triage, Christine setup my room with dim lighting, string lights, and music to create a calm, less clinical environment, which made a huge difference.  At around 8 cm, I was physically exhausted and requested an epidural, and Christine and my midwife were compassionate but firm in supporting me in achieving the unmedicated birth I wanted.

Post-birth, Christine has provided so much support to my daughter & I, including breastfeeding session at home, several referrals for specialists, and she still periodically checks in with us (my daughter is almost 4 months now).

Her heart & soul is so committed to this work, and you will feel it as soon as you meet Christine.  I highly recommend her services!



We were fortunate to have Christine be part of our prenatal journey and birth of our son. When meeting Christine, we immediately knew we’d found our doula. She was very personable, answered our questions in a very reassuring manner based on her wealth of experience while asking us questions that prompted us to consider important aspects for a safe, healthy and desired natural birth of our son. 

Even though the services technically don’t start until close to 37 weeks, Christine immediately sent a number of resources that were extremely valuable to educate us from the start, enabling us to make more informed decisions. She also always responded very promptly and helpfully when we reached out to her pre/post checkups or when a question came up (this continued postnatally as well). Her recommendations were extremely helpful - i.e., to find a hypnobirthing course, chiropractor, pediatric dentist. 

When we went into labor Christine was really there for us. It turned out that our initial start was prodromal, which she knew immediately based on the scenario. She kindly came over and showed up exercises to do in order to help things progress. When we went into active labor later that night, Christine helped guide us before she arrived, breathing with me on the phone and then providing exactly what I needed during each contraction (which was lots of back compressions!). 

Our birth experience went exactly as we had hoped and planned and it was largely due to Christine. We couldn’t be more appreciative. She also captured the most beautiful photos of the experience that we will cherish forever. 

Boofus Boofus


Christine's knowledge and support helped calm my nerves as I approached my first birth. She educated me on hep lock and all kinds of other details that would come up at Washington Hospital. It was empowering to learn about the options that would be available so there would be fewer surprises and I could put forth my choices for what I wanted to happen. Meeting with her in advance also gave my husband a lot of information on things he knew nothing about and enabled us to come to a plan together. Christine definitely stood up for me and avocated for my wishes when I was laboring in the hospital. She coached up my husband, my parents, and the hospital staff on what I wanted. My labor was quite the ordeal - 39 hours from start to finish. Christine stayed 24 straight hours at the hospital with me, forgoing rest and food to be by my side. As the labor went on and on, and I wore out, Christine kept going and worked with me to try different positions and methods to encourage the baby out. She explained different options to me when I got tired and needed a change. The shower helped, the Bolt chews she'd recommended helped, as well as the coconut water. Bring lots of Bolt chews and coconut water! The labor was much more challenging than anything I had ever experienced or imagined. Christine's help was worth every penny. Thank you, Judy

Aditi Rajdev


This was my second time working with Christine as my doula, the first was in 2014 when she was a student doula. Since that time, I noticed a big change in Christine’s confidence and she was very reassuring in both my prenatal meeting as well as throughout my labor. I specifically rehired Christine because I remembered that she was with me from early labor till the birth, and I wanted a doula who could accompany me throughout the entire birth journey again. Christine remembered my first birth experience and made my second birth even more to aligned to my birth preferences than my first birth, even preferences for the newborn. She was very hands on applying counter-pressure and providing shoulder massages during contractions. Upon Christine’s recommendation, I labored in the birthing tub this time which provided extra relaxation. There was a point in my labor where I felt I might want to ask for an epidural but Christine was a perfect labor coach and helped me get through the hump. She saw the problem and quickly provided a solution by switching laboring positions and doing miles circuit exercises. She also reminded me of my birth preferences when my midwife recommended interventions that I was not comfortable with. Her confidence in me to continue a natural labor was also reassuring because I felt that she believed in me. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone seeking a natural labor and I would definitely use her again. With her support, I was able to have two natural labors.

Ashley Henske


My husband and I could not be more grateful and more positive about the wonderful support Christine with Heaven Sent Birthing Services offered us during my pregnancy, labor and delivery. During my pregnancy I could turn to Christine for advice and support. She is a wealth of information and referrals that came in handy many times. She was supportive and helped me cope with my own personal stress of changing providers when I was 32 weeks pregnant.

Her most memorable and meaningful time was helping both myself and my husband through 3 days of labor. My goal was to have a labor that was as free of intervention or medication as possible. My midwife delivered in the hospital so I wanted an advocate as well as assistance at home prior to leaving for the hospital. Christine came to our house in the middle of the night and helped me labor for many hours at home. She then helped at the hospital. She was extremely knowledgeable of hospital policies and the processes that take place when you are in labor. I was successful in having the birth I wanted because of the support Christine offered. She never left my husband and my side. She was crucial in knowing positions to move in during the laboring, helped me stay hydrated, and made sure I was making educated decisions. I really cannot say enough good things about Heaven Sent Birthing Services and their support. It was the best decision I made during pregnancy to have their support during labor and delivery and I would do it again.

Dana Reiss


Christine was a great doula! While I was pregnant, she constantly checked in with me to see how I was doing and continued to do so a few weeks after I had my son. She provided tons of support and resources to help my pregnancy go as smoothly as possible. She also introduced me to Hypnobirthing and recommended a great class that taught me the breathing and relaxing techniques that enabled me to achieve the natural birth that I wanted.

Christine helped me labor at home for about 7 hours before going to the hospital. My son was not in the best position for delivery, so she did some Spinning Babies moves with me to help him move into a better positon. She also helped me stay hydrated and reminded me to eat before going to the hospital. Once I got to the hospital, I had a low-grade fever. She worked quickly to help my fever go down by applying cold compresses and reminding me to drink cold water. She continued to do more Spinning Babies moves with me for hours and ensured that I stayed hydrated and energized at the hospital. She also made sure that my birth plan was followed as closely as possible and reminded me to relax through surges to help with the discomfort. There was a time when I wanted to give up and get an epidural, but Christine helped me to deliver my son without an epidural, which is what I really wanted. After 32+ hours of labor, he was born! 

As soon as he was born, Christine stayed to ensure that he latched for breastfeeding. She also taught me the proper position to breastfeed and signs to look for to ensure that he was latching properly. Two days after he was born, she provided a postpartum visit to check in on us and provided further support with breastfeeding and answered various questions my husband and I had since we are first-time parents.

Thank you, Christine for all of the help and support you provided during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum!

Christine Arczynski Olson


Having Christine as my Doula was HANDS DOWN the best decision I made for my pregnancy, health and happiness. I had a beautiful natural birth because of her! It was around 34 weeks that I started to have fear of the Birth. I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth (or as close to that as possible) for the health benefits of the baby and myself. The fear of the unknown really started to get to me and I realized... I've never done this before. I want to be an active part in this birth and not just "show up" that day and have no idea what to expect. I'm a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach as well, and I had people tell me that I may want to do things a little differently than they would be done and so knowing my options may be the best thing. Having a doula who could help educate me on the different areas I had concerns, someone to be my advocate the day of and someone who is knowledgable.

I decided I was going to get a doula and I posted for one all over. I had 30 people I was going to interview... BUT I had ONE meeting and it was with Christine. I met her, I KNEW she was the right fit for me and that we crossed paths for a reason.

She made me feel comfortable, she was a weatlh of knowledge, She's been a doula for SO MANY BIRTHS, She knows all the Midwives at GW Hospital (where I gave birth), and she was my advocate explaining certain situations and asking the midwives for clarification for me when I wasn't sure what something was. She suggested I attend Hypnobirthing was was an INTEGRAL part of helping me understand how to have a healthy natural pregnancy and this removed all the fear. Knowledge is power. I walked into my Birth knowing that I did the best I could, that if things don't go a certain way I knew my options, and I had her there (along with my husband) every step of the way. I have a beautiful healthy baby girl and a wonderful birth.

I GAINED a lifelong friend and I'm so grateful God brought her into my life! 

Angelina Paniagua


Christine exceeded my partner and my expectations 100%. I hired her when I was already around 30 weeks pregnant. I only wish I found her sooner! Thanks to Christine I had a beautiful water birth on February 27 at GW University Hospital on my terms, and it makes me feel so happy as I reflect back on the birth.

Originally I thought that the main thing that a doula would support me in was the birth itself. But Christine did so much more than that. From the moment I hired her she was ready to help. She shared several resources, and she was extremely fast, thorough, encouraging and caring in her responses to my questions. She helped my partner and me prepare for the birth by walking us through our birth plan and made sure that we knew what to expect when the birthing day arrived. Because of Christine we were confident that we had all the info and support we needed to have a natural birth.

When I went into labor a week after my due date Christine was supportive and completely there for me. She even came to check on me early in my labor when I wasn’t sure if I was actually in labor (I was!). At the hospital she was amazing. I wanted a Hypnobabies birth, which she encouraged, plus I knew she would help ensure my birth plan was met, so I was able to relax and focus on having a baby! She also made sure the tub was filled with water! Without her I wonder if I would’ve gotten that dreamy water birth. I’m so thankful for that experience.

The postpartum visit was also helpful as she answered some questions I had about breastfeeding as well as teaching me how to wrap our baby like a burrito aka swaddle him snuggly.

It’s apparent that Christine is passionate about her work as a doula. She truly cares about people and has immense knowledge about pregnancy, birthing, lactation, and postpartum care. I highly recommend her and would hire her again in a heartbeat!

Pearline Hong


I don't think I could have achieved a natural birth without Christine. She was extremely supportive throughout the entire 40+ hour ordeal, and was helpful to me and my husband both before and after the birth. I labored at home for the most part, so it was helpful to have Christine guide me via text messages and phone chats. She was extremely responsive to text messages and phone calls, no matter what time of day we reached out to her. And when she hadn't heard from us in a while, she made sure to check in to see how labor was going. Christine suggested different positions and activities to try to get my baby in the proper position, and she even came by my home to check on me the first night that I was in labor. At the hospital, Christine stayed positive; when I thought I might break down and ask for an epidural, she assured me that I was doing great and could achieve the natural birth that I wanted. When labor stalled at the hospital, Christine suggested various positions to get labor to progress, and was a helpful sounding board to discuss the various options that my OB presented to me. After the birth, Christine made sure to stay until it looked like baby, my husband, and I were okay--even though it was probably already 4am by the time she left the hospital. Christine also checked in with us in person when we arrived home, and then checked in again via text message a couple times during baby's first month. Thank you, Christine, for all that you've done for our family!

Laura Blanco


We hired Christine after interviewing a few doulas because we felt that she was the best match for our preferences and we were not dissapointed. We learned a lot about the process of labor and birth during the prenatal session in our home, and Christine helped ease our concerns and reassured us about some unknowns.

Our baby decided to join us 15 days early after 40+ hours of labor, and Christine was there the entire time, which was a huge help for my exhausted husband and obviosuly, for myself. Not only was Christine an advocate for us, but she was extremely supportive, caring, and loving during labor. I can still remember her telling me "you are a strong mama", "you can do it" at 4 am when everyone was asleep... In the end I opted for an epidural, and Christine was respectful and supportive of my choice.

Her postpartum visits were really helpful. Navigating life with a newborn is not easy, but Christine's knowledge and advice made it much more bereable. 

Thanks Christine for everything you did for us!

Carly Ballard


Christine is an amazing doula! After interviewing several Doulas, my husband and I found her to be the most experienced, knowledgeable and reassuring. At about 30 weeks, Christine came to our house to walk us through all the decisions we would need to make and to help create a birth plan consistent with our goals. She helped us to know what to expect and when to speak up (with care providers) and to strongly advocate for ourselves. We could always reach her by text, which we definitely took advantage of!

Christine was with me as I labored at home and at the hospital through delivery. She was a confident and encouraging coach and wasn’t afraid to get in the mix and help out. Even more so, she came to visit and provide post-partum support in the weeks following delivery (which turned out to be helpful both physically and emotionally). Ultimately, Christine helped us have the birthing experience we wanted, and that is why I would whole heartedly recommend her to others!

Brittney Kohl


Christine was very attentive to my needs. She provided great resources and kind care. She supported me with extra prenatal time using Spinning Babies and Hypnosis techniques when I discovered my baby was breech at 40weeks. She arrived at my birth promptly and assisted my birth team with my pool and keeping me hydrated. She was a huge help, cleaning up for us after the birth so my husband could attend to me and our children. Christine is very good at what she does and I know she will continue to provide great support to many families as a doula and one day a midwife. Thank you for all you did Christine! 

Laura Lazzari Vosti


Hiring Christine was a blessing! My pregnancy went well and I felt good until the end, but - since I have white coat syndrome and advanced maternal age - I felt a lot of pressures from the medical team. Christine helped me to cope with anxiety triggered by doctor’s appointments during the last weeks of pregnancy. She even offered to come with me to my doctor’s appointment. Her support, help and knowledge meant a lot to my husband and me during labor. We would have not make it without her! She was my cheerleader; she helped me to relax, to ask the right questions to my care providers in order to have the birth experience we desired, even in a hospital setting that was somehow hostile. I would definitely recommend Christine!

Lancee Husebo Kurcab


I am so glad Christine was the doula for my birth. One of the things I appreciated about her most was that for several months leading up to my birth she checked up on me frequently. That is all included in her pricing! Many other doulas had very strict contracts that limited contact before the birth and the amount of time spent during labor. She was also a great source of recommendations for classes and other resources to educate myself about birth. I had a lot of fears going into my pregnancy, and Christine was very compassionate and understanding in helping me get over those. My labor was about 30 hours long, and Christine was there almost the entire time—that was incredible. She helped me achieve an unmedicated birth and I couldn’t be happier with the support she provided. She was also a great support for my husband— encouraging him to nap at various points, and just generally being a calming influence for him. During labor, she coached me through several positions and exercises to rotate my baby into the correct position. She was also fantastic about getting to know me before the birth so that she could know which comfort measures would be best to try and suggest my husband to try. I am so grateful for her support, and hope to use her again in the future.

Qing Wu


Christine is truly heaven sent.  As a husband and a father I can not express how grateful I am for her presence.  She made it possible for myself and my older children to witness the birth of our beautiful boy.  Thank you for making it possible for us in welcoming our newest family member in such a calm, pleasant and enjoyable manner.   You are truly amazing!  Can't imagine without you being in the labor room.  


Maria Cruz


Dear Christine, I have no words to thank you for all the help you gave us and the fabulous job you and your business partner did during my daughter's birth. I don't think my husband and I would have done it without your expertise and guidance. I strongly recommend Christine as a doula. She is on top of everything. She is very detailed oriented and passionate about this business. She is very professional. I must say, if it weren't for her, I am not sure where I would be right now. I clearly remember when doctors and nurses were getting ready for my C-section. On the board clearly said I was allergy to a medication, and one of the nurses totally missed it. Christine reminded her about it. I am not sure what would have happened if she wouldn't said anything. Anyways, hired her!

The Blacks


We hired Christine as our doula per a recommendation from friends who had worked with her several months prior, and we could not have been happier with our decision. She was the first doula we met, and after our first meeting, we decided to not even look into meeting anyone else because we felt so great about her.


We love that she has definite opinions and thoughts on things and wants parents to be incredibly well-informed, but she doesn't force any particular choices on clients. She is very knowledgeable on all things birth related and was also willing to look things up if we wanted more info (or point us to great resources!). Her many certifications (including being a Certified Lactation Counselor) made her such a valuable resource for us.


We didn't have a ton of pre-birth questions or issues arise, so it was pretty cut and dry for us, but we still felt her services were tremendously worth it. We would recommend a doula to anyone anticipating a child - especially for a first baby - because having her to consult during delivery (When should we leave for the hospital? Where exactly are we in labor? etc.) was so helpful for both mom- and dad-to-be. Her communication was excellent before, during and after delivery, and she has been in touch several times since our baby arrived as well. She's fantastic! Highly recommend.

Liz Sabatiuk


Christine is generous, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping people have the best birth experience possible. My husband and I originally chose her to be our doula for the birth of our first child because she had expertise in hypnobirthing. We had taken a course in hypnobirthing and wanted support to use the techniques we'd learned during our baby's birth. Christine's knowledge of hypnobirthing was incredibly useful during my labor, and she brought much more to the table than that. My labor started at bedtime after a 15-hour day and lasted for 40 hours, yet I was able to deliver our baby with no interventions or pain medications. My husband and I agree that Christine deserves much of the credit for that!

She supported both of us for the full 40+ hours, helping us rest, stay calm, and labor at home as much as possible. She's very familiar with GW Hospital, where we delivered, and did what she could to give us the most comfortable experience there possible during an exceptionally busy day in which I labored for 12 hours in triage because there were no rooms available. (I finally got a room 45 minutes before my baby was born, but I understand that this was an exceptional case and have met a number of people who delivered there and had their own room the whole time:)). We also found Christine's prenatal and post-natal visits incredibly useful in helping us prepare for our baby's birth and feel more comfortable with breastfeeding and baby care after our little one was born.

In a nutshell, Christine was amazing and we'd recommend her to anyone!


Christopher Calfee


Christine was an amazing resource for me as a husband.  I had always seen myself as a supporter of my wife during the birth process, but was nervouce about being able to advocate on her behalf if an emergency arose and I was forced to decide on her behalf.  Christine's institutional knowledge of our hospital and its staff really helped me to be able to work with my wife to make informed decisions, and when potential issues did occur, it was wonderful to know that Chrstine was there for us no matter the time of day.  She instantly responded to our texts and phone calls, some of which happened unexpectedly in the middle of the night.  Her being able to provide us with clear and accurate information made my wife's birth so much better than it could have been and provided both of us with a sense of safety and assurance.  

Jennifer Wilson


If I have another child and Christine is still a doula, I will definitely hire her again.  Early on in my pregnancy, she provided us useful information.  Then, she spent several hours with us talking through preferences and preparing us for the birth.  This time was definitely more useful than the class we took.

We texted Christine in the middle of the night when we thought we were in labor, and she quickly responded.  The next morning she spent many hours with us laboring at home and helped get me in several positions, which I am confident helped along the labor process.  My water had not yet broken, but it broke during one of these positions.

When we were at the hospital, and I was reaching my breaking point and asking for an epidural, Christine thought it looked like I was in active labor.  She got the nurse to get the doctor and check, and sure enough I was 10cm dilated.  Christine was the first and only one to notice these signs.  I definitely recommend Christine!

Temi I


Christine was a lifesaver for my husband and I. I interviewed a couple of doulas but from the beginning I was impressed by Christine's warmth, professionalism, and knowledge of hospitals in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. From our first intake session, she provided lots of information and research for us to consider in order for us to have the birth that we wanted. And one point in my pregnancy I ended up having to go to the emergency room. Christine texted me and guided us from midnight till about 4 in the morning on ways that we could advocate for ourselves. That alone helped us feel supported, and with agency. Throughout my birth process Christine stayed in touch and provided us with information that we hadn't even gotten from the Lamaze class that we took. At our in-home session, She gave us practical advice on helping us prepare for my induction. Things like to bring a heating pad for comfort and Pain Management. When my daughter was born she made sure that staff gave us plenty of skin-to-skin time, even though staff tried to rush us out of the labor and delivery room.  Christine then followed up with a in-home visit to make sure I was feeling well and that my baby was breastfeeding. I ended up having a traumatic birth, and Christine was able to recommend a postnatal birth counselor for me to talk to. I never would have known that this was a resource that was available to me were it not for Christine. If you're going to give birth in the Washington DC area, you want Christine in your corner! I highly recommend her. 

Laura Brooks


Christine stepped in to be our doula when our doula ended up with the flu the day of our birth. We were apprehensive about having a "back up" rather than the person we had been preparing with for months, but Christine was amazing. She immediately got to know our birth plan and asked us questions all along the way to help us through. I was already in very active labor by the time we got to the hospital and met her, and she jumped right in.

The most important role Chrstine played for us was as advocate. We were in a hospital known for being very rigid and ended up having an OB who was extremely interventionist, even though our midwife was not. Christine did an amazing job at challenging providers who were not respectful of our wishes, while still being respectful to the providers as well. It was our labor and delivery nurses' first night back after an extended absence, and she was overwhelmed and and not terribly friendly. Christine was incredible as a go-between and I truly felt like it was her life's mission to get us our healthy baby in the least invasive way possible while still in a hospital (as were our wishes).

In short-- hire Christine, especially if (like me) you aren't great at confrontation or advocating for yourself in stressful situations!

Amanda Buckner


Having Christine there for my birth was the best decision I have made! When I went into labor, the midwives at the birthing center insisted that I was not close to giving birth and I had to wait for a few more hours at my house before I could come in. Christine recognized that I was actually further along in the birthing process than the midwives thought (I was already involuntarily pushing) that she made the executive decision to bring me into the birthing center against the advice of the midwives. Once we got to the birthing center, the midwives realized that I was fully dilated and 100% effaced! Thirty minutes later, I gave birth to a beautiful, perfect baby girl. 

Christine was so helpful before, during and after labor. She stayed with me for four hours after my labor to make sure everything was alright. Before birth, the pamphlets and information she gave to me was so much more helpful than anything I could've found on the internet by myself. She also encapsulated my placenta for me to take the weeks after birth which helped regulate my hormones. Christine was even helpful enough to help me out on the right dosage amount that I had no idea on.

If you are thinking about getting a doula, I highly reccommend Christine. She is 100% worth the money! I wouldn't want any other doula. 

Hannah Polun


Having Christine as a doula was a great experience. She helped familiarize me with the hypnobirthing philosophy and techniques and helped me to create amazing rescources to use throughout my pregnancy. She came to my home several times throughout my pregnancy and was always so accommodating and invested in my mental, emotional, and physical well being. I had a hard time relazing and sleeping throughout my pregnancy and Christine’s hypnobirthing scripts were some of the most helpful resources I had!


Christine is a passionate doula who clearly cares about her moms and provides fabulous care and support during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

Kimberly P


At about four months pregnant, my husband and I decided to hire Christine to support us through the birthing process. My goal was to have a natural birth in a hospital without medication or any interventions. Christine and my husband were crucial to making this goal a reality. We met a few times beforehand to go over what to expect and how to best prepare for the “big day.” She answered all of our questions, taught us a lot about the birthing process, and guided us to valuable resources. In additions she was there for us at any point with additional questions or concerns through a phone call, text, or email. It was comforting to have that continuous support throughout the pregnancy.

When the “big day” finally arrived Christine and my husband worked together seamlessly to help me manage the discomfort. Christine also advocated for my needs/ birth preferences with the hospital staff and helped my husband participate in the event in a meaningful way. Within two days of the birth, she came over and processed the experience with us. As a result, this one of the most positive and memorable days of my life. Both my husband and I are very grateful.

Christine is professional, knowledgable, experienced, and very supportive. Down the road, we will definitely use for for our next pregnancy and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Elizabeth Thottam


Christine exceeded all our expectations. I wanted a calm natural birth, with minimal interference. Christine recommended we consider another care provider and hospital (a good decision). She also suggested hypnobirthing, which turned out to be a perfect fit for my temperament. I labored mostly at home and had an unassisted hypnobirth at the hospital. Christine answered all my emails and texts promptly during my pregnancy, often pointing me to many helpful resources, and came as soon as I asked her to when I was in labor. She was a comforting presence during delivery, reminding me gently to breathe and also reminding my midwives of my preferences. Truly, she is the perfect balance of practical and personable. She took many priceless photos of our daughter’s delivery, too. We couldn’t have chosen a better doula and hope to work with Christine again. Highly recommend!

Katelin Desai


Christine was an absolutely wonderful addition to our birth team!  She functioned as a fabulous resource and provided excellent support throughout my pregnancy and birth.  Chistine's guidance helped us to achieve our goal of having a natural and unmedicated birth. It was a beautiful experience and exactly the way we wanted to welcome our son into the world.  We are so grateful to Christine!

Kristen Greene


We loved Christine! My husband and I just had our first baby, a beautiful boy who is now nearly four months old! We took Bradley classes (which I highly recommend!!) which really made my husband and me a good team, but after being diagnosed as high risk and facing more and more potential problems as the pregnancy progressed, we decided we needed someone "on our side" who could help us make best decisions. We booked pretty last minute, since there was a possibility of induction any time after 34 weeks, but Christine was great about working with us on time frame and availability! Christine was amazing at coaching us through all the curveballs we were thrown and providing us information, and was ultimately extremely supportive of whatever decision we chose through the whole process.
I ended up being induced at 37 and a half weeks and Christine actually arrived at the hospital before we'd even been transferred to a room. I had been really concerned that we wouldn't find a Doula who would be willing to come work through induction with us if that's how the birth happened, but Christine was able to be with us almost the whole process, and thankfully the whole process only took 14 hours with a half hour of pushing. Christine kept asking (I had no idea at the time) that the Pitocin be turned down one my body had taken over contractions, which the hospital staff eventually did! She also helped us get our boy latched and off to a good start breastfeeding.

We highly highly recommend having a doula at every birth and Christine was wonderful!

Suzanne Sullivan


Christine was amazing! She truly seems fully vested and can make you so much more confident during a super stressful and exciting moment in your life.

After having an unplanned c-section with my first followed by sepsis, I was determined to try for a VBAC, and as I got further into my pregnancy knew I needed an advocate. After reading testimonials I was convinced, rightfully so, that Christine was the one who could help my chances.

I contacted her 31 weeks into my pregnancy, and felt immediately more confident. Her explanations and the articles she shared made me more comfortable asking "why" questions to my doctors. While I’d only met her in person twice, when my water broke with no signs of other labor for my second child same as it had done with my first, I let Christine know – and didn’t tell the doctor who I knew would start the Pitocin and intervention spiral. I was in frequent contact with her until 12 hours later deciding it was time to go to the hospital to make sure the baby was well. She met us at the hospital, and helped me work through progress. She was very careful not to make or push decisions, but provide the facts in the moment. For example, before starting Pitocin, she raised the idea of the Foley bulb to get me more dilated and give my body more time to start having my own contractions. Also, since I did not progress for some time, the doctors wanted to move things forward and she started getting me into positions (3 sisters) that are supposed to help the baby get into the right position…and with fortune and her skill on my side, I went from 5cm to crowning in the course of an hour, and was successful in having my VBAC! Afterward, even the nurses said she was amazing with her style with the nurses and doctors and whatever moves she did - they felt that she had a big impact in making it happen.

He post-baby follow ups were also so helpful and thoughtful.  I am forever grateful!

Emmaline DeMeritt


I found Christine when I was about 20 weeks pregnant with baby number 3&4. Twins!! Once we met I felt an instant connection. She is so warm and kind and easy to talk to. I knew right away she knew her stuff About all things pregnancy and birth.  I knew that I wanted a doula but my husband was not on board at all.  After we all had an initial meeting to learn about her services and personal touch, he Was sold. Because there are two babies, we knew we would need additinal support. I had planned to deliver at NOVA Natural birth center But had to transfer providers. After some disappointing and frustrating appointments, we finally took Christine's advise and headed to GW Univ Hospital. That was such great advise! I received wonderful care and was supported all the way to 39w6days. Christine was available to me whenever I had a question. Her calm and encouraging spirit gave me confidence to make it through the last few weeks. She accompanied my husband and I to one of our last appointments.  She was able to help us ask certain questions of our provider that I never would have thought of. 

I went into labor spontaneously on a Friday morning at 4:30 am. I texted Christine as soon as my water broke. At 5:22 My daughter was born at home (not planned). As soon as Christine arrived she was there supporting me and instructed my husband to do skin to skin with baby A. I quickly began contracting again and we all headed to the hospital. while my husband was with my daughter , Christine was with me as i labored with my son. she was so critical during that time. I don't know what i would have done without her. 

I highly recommend Christine as a doula! I would also reccomend her placenta encapsulation service. They were so so helpful after birth and beyond. I'm so happy that I hired Christine. Not only did I receive amazing support and care during my pregnancy and birth, but I gained a life long friend too. 

Christie Kayal


When looking for someone to come alongside you during one of the most special times in life, there is not a better find than Christine Fontaine. My husband was hesitant to hire a doula as he didn't understand her role nor the purpose of having one. But my husband is now quick to reference her name to the success of having a natural birth and a joyful experience as first time parents. 

From the first meeting, it's easy to feel comfortable and cared for with Christine. She is extremely knowledgeable yet not pushy or overbearing. Her passion for her job is reflected in her dedication to supporting you through a thorough 3 hour personal education meet and making sure your birthing desires are met. My labor was intense for a long period of time but Christine helped me work through contractions with different positions and techniques, all of which I could have never done alone. She stayed with me the whole time and even took pictures so the life changing day could be remembered. 

I also highly suggest placenta encapsulation! Christine made my pills and delivered them within 2 days of my labor. I know they have great benefits because two days I went without them I wa exhausted and down. 

So grateful for my first experience of labor thanks to this amaz woman!

sarah-jane nunes


Fate intended Christine to be my doula. Our doula was at another birth when I went into labor early and called Christine at 10:00pm to come check on me at my home. Christine jumped right into the middle of a pretty intense situation and handled everything perfectly. Within an hour of arriving I needed to go to the hospital. She convinced my husband and I to take our 3-year son with us, rather than my husband staying home and potentially missing the birth of our daughter. Best decision ever! Our whole family was together for the whole birthing process and now we all have a memory to share.

Christine was beyond helpful during the birth. I had a VBAC so things could have gone any number of ways but everything went as smoothly as it could have. She made me as comfortable as possible and was a calm voice of confidence during the entire labor. I was impressed at her ability to jump into an unexpected situation, take control, and thrive. Although she wasn't the doula we expected, I am forever thankful for her help and support.

Lauren DiDomenico


Christone is truly amazing. She stepped in at the last minute because my doula was at another birth. I believe it was meant to be that she was there with me. Christine is tough and will no doubt stand up for you. I needed that to deal with the doctors and nurses at the particular hospital where I was giving birth. Christine helped me get through the pushing with calmness and comfort....she made sure that my wishes were being met and that I made my own decisions. Most importantly, she was there for me when I had complications following the birth. She stayed at the hospital to support my mother and the baby when I was in emergency surgery. Christine also secured mothers milk for my baby because I couldnt be with the baby while I was in the ICU. And she came to see me in the ICU to make sure I was being taken care of and that I was continuing to pump and hand express. Christine went above and beyond for me and I am forever grateful for that. Her assertiveness ensured that I got what I needed in a very difficult situation. I feel very lucky that Christine was there sho notice for me and my family.

Lorrie Valley Ward


Christine is amazing! My water broke at home and we called her before we headed to the hospital. She got there before us! She was so helpful in reminding me of the hypnobirthing techniques throughout my contractions. After baby was born she stayed with me while my husband went to NICU (we already knew baby needed surgery so NICU was expected). When I had some complications and needed emergency surgery she stayed with the baby so my husband could come see me off. She alternated between me and the NICU so someone was always with the baby for a full day. She was awake for more than 24 hours and I am so grateful for her being there. She helped me out with my breastfeeding issues and offered up way more of her time than is in the contract. She cares about her clients so much! She definitely made the whole ordeal an easier process to keep our minds at ease and I will be hiring her for my next baby whenever that happens! Love you Christine, you're the best!

Lorrie, Josh and Gryffin

Amanda Roberts


Christine was an amazing resource for my husband and I before, during, and after the birth of our daughter at Inova Loudoun Hospital. We interviewed several doulas and decided to go with Christine based on her experience and how comfortable we felt with her. Prior to the birth, Christine spent time working through a birth plan, showing us exercises for optimal fetal positioning, and provided us with resources. She was extremely responsive whenever I emailed her asking questions and knowledgeable on standard birth practices and recommendations.

Even though my husband and I took Bradley method classes, which focus on the husband providing the support role, Christine's presence was critical during the labor to successfully having an unmedicated birth. She was able to remind my husband of things to ask the midwife and was able to step in to provide support and options for me (like using the peanut ball and dimmed lighting in the bathroom) that we would not have otherwise thought of. Her timing for being present during the labor was perfect. I originally thought she was coming too early, but she made it to the hospital just when my contractions were getting intense and a few hours later, our daughter was born. The midwife wanted to give me Pitocin and also wanted to do exams after my water had broken, which I was able to avoid with Christine's coaching. 

After the delivery, Christine helped get my daughter latched within an hour of being born, and I credit this to the great breastfeeding relationship I have with my daughter. She stayed with us until we were transferred to the postpartum recovery room. Christine visited the day after we came home from the hospital and showed us how to use different carriers and helped with breastfeeding questions. She also provided me with notes of the delivery, and I used her for placenta encapsulation. I highly recommend Christine for anyone interested in a knowledgeable and friendly birth advocate. 

Ziba Bennett


Christine was heaven sent! I attempted a VBA2C and chose her for my doula, and it was the best decision I made. She was so supportive the entire time. I needed someone to speak on my behalf for my needs, as I knew from experience that I can be talked into what I don't want by doctors. She made sure she knew exactly what I wanted, and made a birth plan for me. She showed me ways to increase the chances of a natural birth. She was ready and on call when I started labor, and came to my home to help me relax as I was freaking out. At the hospital, she was my steady and stable presence in the room, that knew what to do and what to say. I made it all the way to 9cm and it was because of her encouragement and reminders not to give up. Previously, I had not gone past 5cm in my last two births. But she was there and helped position me, and educated the nurses when it was called for.  My husband was so glad to have her with us on that day, because he did not know what to do and had some fear around the birth process. Also, the products she made me after birth were delivered the next day and were so helpful in my recovery. I had the placenta pills, salve and tincture, and she got them to me in 24 hours or less. She also added extra touches that she did not have to, which was very thoughtful of her. I know she attends many births, but I never felt like I was just another client, I felt like we were friends and she gave me personal attention. She is very much into natural birth, but also natural remedies for other things, and was able to recommend things to do and take for other ailments or situations. I felt supported the entire time, especially when she came to my home a few days after the birth. She asked me how I felt about the birth and how everything happened, and acknowledged my feelings. She also helped me with breastfeeding, and I was able to ditch the nipple shield and the pump due to her guidance. I highly recommend Christine, and so does my husband!

Molly Hill


My husband and I were so thankful to have Christine as our Doula. As first time parents she was so helpful and taught us so much throughout the pregnancy. She was always there when we had a question or concern. Her support for our first child was exactly what we were looking for and needed. 

She came to the hospital and advoacted for me. She made sure I had everything i needed and didn't hesitate to speak up for me. She helped inform us to make the best decisions possible. She came to visit and would send text messages to check up on us after our daughter was born. We are so happy we hired her and thankful she helped us. Thank you!!



Brittany Riggs


Christine was very helpful and informative all throughout my pregnancy. She was always a text or a call away. She went above and beyond my expectations and even went to my last (post due) appointment with me as back up support because they were going to try to induce me before 42 weeks and use their scare tactics on me. I felt empowered having her there as back up support!

I ended up delivering at 41 weeks 4 days. The night before I delivered, I started having actual contractions around 9/9:30pm. I let Christine know and she suggested I try to lay down to rest and she would head out this way if I wanted (as she has a friend who lives up the street). I tried laying down but the contractions were too intense so she suggested I try getting in the bath tub. By this point we decided she should come over as I was having difficulty getting through them alone. She came over - I sat on the yoga ball and she timed my contractions for me as she talked me through them. My water broke around 12:30am and shortly after that she drove me to the hospital as my husband squared things away with his mom for our toddler. We arrived around 1:10am and I delivered my baby girl drug free/epidural free at 1:49am. (So roughly a 4.5-5 hour labor)

I'm very thankful she was there to advocate for me as I was freaking out just a bit from the contractions. She made sure I was getting what I wanted/didn't want and was there every step of the way. Again, she went above and beyond my expectations and I was definitely blessed to have her be a part of my sweet baby girls birth story. I will definitely be using her for our next birth if I have another baby and would 100% recommend her to any pregnant women!

Holly Wilder Stutts


Leading up to my delivery, I always felt like Christine was on my team and was not judging me, no matter how minor my question or concern might be. When I went into labor, she checked in throughout the day and came to our home as soon as we asked. She was an integral part in helping us judge when it was time to go to the hospital and keeping us calm and comfortable until that time came. I ended up having a complicated labor, but Christine was one of my biggest supporters when I had my moments of weakness, and helped make sure I had a successful vaginal birth despite the issues that arose. She was able to talk with my husband throughout the process to make sure he knew how to best support me and to help him make decisions about how to care for me without having to involve me in every detail or with anything that might upset me to hear. She helped me keep my sanity and confidence during the toughest moments, of which there were many. Her knowledge, experience, and gift for making a mother feel comfortable, supported, and confident were beyond my expectations for a doula, and I am so happy I had her during my pregnancy and labor. She went above and beyond what she needed to do for us, without us having to ask, and it felt like she was part of the family during the extremely personal experience of giving birth. For example, when my baby was rushed to the NICU immediately after delivery, she made sure my husband went with the baby and knew exactly what to advocate for while he was there. She stayed with me and held my hand the entire time, talking me through any doubts or worries that arose, and communicating with my husband so that I could get updates from him while getting treatment for myself. She stayed until I was able to meet my baby and helped me establish breastfeeding, even though it took several hours for this to happen after birth. I did not ask her to stay but she wouldn’t think of leaving us until I met our baby. Christine is the best!

Mónica Garza


Christine was the BEST doula I could ever find! She meant much more to me than what I expected. I knew she was very professional, with a great spirit, since day one I could tell she was very smart and doula wise, on top of things and easy to get along with,  but to my surprise, she surpass all the good things I knew from her and helped me and my husband to have the delivery experience we truly wanted.

My baby was born on 11/23/2016. Holidays went by and finally I have the time to recomend Christine, but not even a week has gone by without me thinking how grateful I am with her and willing to take the time to let others know why she should be your #1 doula services option.

1. Great PRENATAL advices, very accurate to your own personal situation.
2. Quick to inform you on all you need and help you get what you want.
3. Great Prenatal visit (complete, important, helpful, supportive, informational, fun).
4. Very helpful to get to turn my baby from breech (buttocks or feet pointed down toward the birth canal) to cephalic (head down) position. Teach me the best techniques, made me believe it was going to happen and suggested the best professionals: chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturist.
5. Accompany me during my long, almost 40 hours’ labor (She didn't sleep the first night, and only took a few hours to recover on the second day because I asked her to do it).
6. Great postpartum visit and placenta encapsulation (very recommended good breast milk supply and emotional stability, in my opinion they also help to have a better facial skin).

Thanks to Christine and to the GW Midwifery Program I was able to deliver my baby vaginally even though I broke water with meconium, I took a long time to dilate, and my baby was in breech postion until my 38 week.

Heaven sent birth services and Christine provides the BEST of them. So grateful with you.
Monica, William, David and baby Julia.

Jessica Escobar


Christine was my doula for the birth of my second baby. Having worked with a different doula for my first pregnancy, I was immediately impressed by how knowledgeable Christine was about all things related to birth. My husband and I were thinking we would have to have a hospital birth, but Christine suggested other options and helped us find a birth center, which was a much better fit for us. She was supportive and helpful throughout my pregnancy and seemed invested in helping me make choices that were both well informed and aligned with the vision I had for the birth. Christine was responsive to my calls and emails and arrived very quickly at the birth center when we called to let her know I was in labor. Labor happened very quickly and unexpectedly so I never had a chance to pack a "birth bag." Christine was willing to offer me her own snacks, sips of water between contractions and words of encouragement while I was in the birthing tub and even helped me dress my newborn in his going home outfit. She was also taking lots of pictures throughout the birth, which are now a special reminder of that day. Christine is very knowledgeable about breastfeeding and babywearing, and helped us get set up with that as well. We also used her placenta encapsulation services, which I believe helped me get through the postpartum period without any issues. Finally, she knit my baby an adorable little hat which I will keep forever - a little gift that meant a lot to me. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a birth doula.

Heather Rice


I'm so thankful I had Christine! She kept me calm the entire time and helped me focus on breathing through each contraction. I have no doubt she made it possible for me to have our daughter (10lbs!) naturally. She wasn't an overwhelming presence - allowing my husband to be my main source of emotional support.  She was very thorough in answering questions during our pre and post partum meetings. It's clear she loves what she does.

Cristin Allio


I reached out to Christine late in my pregnancy and she was super accomodating from the start.  When we met her, we knew she was the perfect fit and talked to us like a long lost friend.  She gave my husband and I an abundance of information and resources for my pregnancy, labor and postpartum.  She spent time teaching myself and my husband different techniques for pain relief, breathing and natural induction since I reached a week past due.  She allowed for me to make my own decisions but made sure I understood informed consent throughout the entire process.  She was an advocate for me, making sure my birth plan was followed through my delivery.  Thanks to Christine, I was able to have an all natural birth with no epidural, no IV, and my husband was even able to catch the baby.  It happened much quicker than anticipated, so it was rather chaotic in the delivery room, but Christine made sure to keep everything tranquil and calm for me with her music and performing pressure relief on my back during contractions.  Another attribute that I didn't think I would like, but ended up being my favorite part, was the pictures and notes that Christine sent me of my labor process.  We are able to look back on those quite frequently and relive one of the best days of our lives and take joy in the emotions of our faces and our daughters face while being born. Amazing!  She also encapsulated my placenta (which I highly recommend) in a super timely manner.  She was extremely helpful during my postpartum visit offering lactation support, teaching me how to use a wrap, and even offering to assist with my cloth diapering when I was having issues.  She was ALWAYS available by phone/text no matter what time I reached out to her with my questions and concerns.  I highly recommend her if you're looking for a doula.

Valerie Scarano


My husband and I are so thankful for Christine. She was with us for nearly every minute of my 50 hour induction/labor/delivery, and we honestly couldn't have done it without her. Since my son was 15 days past his due date when he was born, it wasn't exactly the birth plan I had wished for, but I know that it was Christine who helped make it as close as possible. Not only did she come by the day before to try any last minute labor inducing techniques she knew, but she was also in constant communication, preparing me for all possibilities. She really supported me throughout all the decision making, which helped me feel in control and confident that I was making the best decisions for me and my son. She is thoughtful, intuitive, calming, and non judgmental. She helped me through my back labor, and she helped my husband remain strong while having to watch me go through an experience that was very challeging, exhausting and painful at times.  I can't emphasize enough the positive light that Christine brought to our labor experience. She really went above and beyond our expectations, and we could not be more grateful. 

Sarah Lee


Christine was my accidental doula. When I went into labor we were neck deep in a record snowfall and my original doula was unable to get to the birth center! My original doula called in the cavalry and Christine came in the middle of the night on barely passable roads to assist. Christine is awesome at being what you need. She was scarce when I needed to rest or be alone, but she was always right where she was needed without being asked when I needed help. She was a great resource for my husband and I. Thank you Christine!

Kathryn Lundquist


Christine was an amazing doula for my March 2016. Since it was my first birth, I had no idea what to expect bu Christine was more than ready. I texted her when I knew labor had started but I was playing it cool since I figured I had hours to go. Luckily, Christine had a suspicion I would need her sooner rather than later and came into DC preemptively. Sure enough, I needed her pretty quickly and she calmly came to the house and made me get in the car with my family asap... We made it to the hospital just fine thanks to her!

Additionally, I had firmly said I did not want placenta encapsulation up until I was in the delivery room post-partum. Even with no advance ing from me, Christine took my change of heart in stride with no judgement and got the placenta pills to me right after my return home. 

I would highly recommend Christine as a doula. She was very knowledgeable, remained calm throughout my daughter's birth, and dealt with my change of heart  though it were completely normal and expected. Additionally, she made sure to know my ideal  scenario in advance and also to tell my mother I had noted she was welcome in th delivery room in my written instructions although I had failed to actually tell my mom that information directly. Christine was the best addition to my daughter's birth and I could not have imagi anyone better!

India Chenoweth


I found Christine very late in my pregnancy and she was so amazing. We did a couple cram sessions that she normally provides for people early in pregnancy. She was wonderful. She gave me so much knowledge and advice and encouragemeant. this was my second child but my first attempt at an unmedicated birth. Christine talked me through a lot and never made me feel bad about any of my decisions. She gave great advice and support when I needed it. 

Day of birth she came over promptly and even drove me to the hospital. She was there the whole time and helped so much. I don't know what I would have done without her knowledge and support. It meant a lot. We didn't know each other long but she made me very comfortable. 

I recommend her to every mom expecting I meet because I know anyone would be blessed to have her on their side. 


India Chenoweth


I found Christine very late in my pregnancy and she was so amazing. We did a couple cram sessions that she normally provides for people early in pregnancy. She was wonderful. She gave me so much knowledge and advice and encouragemeant. this was my second child but my first attempt at an unmedicated birth. Christine talked me through a lot and never made me feel bad about any of my decisions. She gave great advice and support when I needed it. 

Day of birth she came over promptly and even drove me to the hospital. She was there the whole time and helped so much. I don't know what I would have done without her knowledge and support. It meant a lot. We didn't know each other long but she made me very comfortable. 

I recommend her to every mom expecting I meet because I know anyone would be blessed to have her on their side. 


Angela Glyer


Christine was our doula and we could not have been happier!  Since this was my first pregnancy, we wanted the extra support and guidance during the birth of our daughter and we're so glad we had her.  She helped with the initial laboring at home after my water broke and then followed us to the hospital later on where she ended up staying with us there for another 30+ hours!  My labor/delivery ended up being more complicated than we expected and our birthplan got a little derailed from those complicatons, but her guidance and information she provided let us helped us to make the best informed decisions.  In the end, I needed to have a C-section (which was definitely not a part of our plan). Since my husband and I hadn't even considered the possibility of needing one, nor did we really know much about the procedure, we were both nervous/anxious going in to it.  Christine made a point to make sure she could accompany us to the OR (apparently our hospital only allows one significant other back there during a C-Sesion), but she was allowed to join us.  Her calm and positive demeanor was exactly what my husband and I needed to get us through the surgery (not to mention the other 30+ hours of labor!).  We are so thankful that we had her with us from the start to the end, as there were many decisions that we felt the doctors were trying to get us to do. But  Christine always made sure we knew what options we may have and to address those options and ask questions to the doctors.  

Ashwini Gojer


Christine helped me with my vbac. She was very informative and supported me and my husband with our choices. There were times when we were unsure and she walked us through those situations. We are very grateful to us. As a person she has a very sweet spirit and we definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Caitlin Sellers


I connected with Christine through For the introductory meeting, we discussed goals for my pregnancy, the birth plan, etc., and from there, we communicated frequently until the big day. On the day of delivery, she sprung into action and was instrumental in advocating on my behalf and ensuring my birth plan was followed exactly.The woman behind the check-in counter asked me to take a seat and wait until she was done with another person. I had already been laboring at home for 10 hrs. Being the people-pleaser that I am, I quietly took a seat in the waiting room while in tears during strong contractions. However, Christine quickly spoke with the woman, told her I was in active labor, and persuaded them to get me in right away. Then, when they tried to put me in a separate area where they would check to "make sure" I was in labor, she again stepped up and told them that wasn't necessary and to get me into a delivery room right away, which they did. Once in the room, she carefully watched and listened to the nurses and midwife to make sure nothing was going against my birth plan. She would gently but decisively speak up and remind me of certain things while medical procedures were being discussed. She was very familiar with what I wanted and helped get it accomplished. These are the things that stick out, but she did so much more that I can't fit into this 2000-word max review.After 4 hours in the delivery room, I delivered a healthy, strong baby girl - all natural, with no drugs or antibiotics of any kind, which is very difficult in the pressures of the hospital setting. Looking back, I'm so happy Christine was there to advocate for me. If she wasn't, who knows what the result would've been. With all the "mandatory" hospital protocols and interventions today, I can't imagine trying to embark on a natural delivery without a doula. Do yourself a favor and hire Christine to help give you and your child the best start in life together.

Rachael Hofford


Christine was so wonderful to have as support in my pregnancy journey! This was my second pregnancy and I was determined this time to have the natural birth I wanted. With my first it was just my husband and I and we didn't have help or support to get through a delievery the way we wanted. When I first met Christine I knew she was exactly the person I wanted to give advice and support for delivery #2. She is so knowledgeable and caring and very dedicated to her work. The day I went into labor we kept in contact throughout the day to keep her posted as early labor progressed. Unfortunately she was unable to attend the active labor and delivery because another client went into labor a month early and she was already at that hospital so she her backup doula come to the house and assist us in progressing through the rest of labor. She kept checking in all through my progress and gave tons of encouragement. I'm so thankful to have found her and grateful for her passion in helping women achieve the birth they desire! 

veronica cruz


Having Christine as our doula was such a blessing. As I was planning to have a VBAC I needed a doula with the experience and knowledge to help me accomplish this. We met early on my third trimester and we clicked right away. She was always full of resources and tips when answering all of our questions and that helped us feel comfortable and ready for the labor and birth. Once I passed the 40 week mark she made sure to stay in touch with me and always checked if I was ok or needed anything. She even came to one of my appointments towards the end of my pregnancy which was great. On the day that I had my daughter, Christine's help was invaluable. She walked outside the birth center with us and even rushed back to tell the midwives to get everything ready after my contractions picked up in the middle of lunch! Things progressed very quickly but she made sure we stayed calmed and reminded us of the relaxation techniques that we had practiced (which I completely forgot of course). Once me and my husband got in the birth tub, she held my hand, gave me all the coconut water I requested and reminded me to breathe and to take it easy with every push. I ended up having the VBAC I dreamed of and she was definitely a big part of that success. Thank you Christine for being the professional, knowledgeable, and caring doula that we needed on that very special day!

Melanie Timmons-Ritter


Christine is such a delight to work with. She's so easy to talk to and I trusted her completely in guiding me in my pursuit of a successful all natural VBAC. Unfortunately, I established with her late in pregnancy so I did not have the pleasure of having her support from the start. But, she was especially helpful in assisting me in turning my breech baby late in pregnancy avoiding another c-section. She was always available to answer any questions/concerns I had. She provided evidence-based information which I found helpful in making informed decisions. Christine even came with my husband and I to a doctor's appointment for the extra support we both needed. She always encouraged me to ask questions and be well-informed. Her birth plan questionnaire was comprehensive and covered things I hadn't even considered. When it came to calling on her when I went into labor, she was of course available and ready to come over as soon as I wanted her there. She provided my husband with just the right amount of gentle encouragement he needed to be supportive and attentive while I labored at home. There was a moment when I felt like I couldn't handle the contractions any longer and thought I might want to go to the hospital for pain medication. Her encouragement helped get me through without diverting from my birth plan. She helped me with my focus, breathing techniques, positioning and pushed fluids and food for energy. Labor began to pick up and I quickly progressed almost instantly it seemed - it was time to head to the hospital. And, fast! It was moving quickly and we were concerned about the long drive to the hospital in rush hour traffic. It was a scary moment but Christine stayed incredibly calm and helped get me out the door, in my car and we headed to the hospital. We arrived just in time. Ten minutes later I delivered my almost 10 pound perfect baby boy! Both my husband and I felt supported and so grateful Christine was part of our birth story.

Kaitlin M Khoury


Christine was a great doula for the birth of my first baby. We met a couple of months before I was due, and she was very knowledgeable, positive and generous with her time. She was extremely willing to help, whether by meeting or talking over the phone. Once the birth arrived, I contacted her as soon as I started experiencing contractions in the middle of the night, and she walked me through timing them. As my labor progressed, we were in touch as much as I needed as I approached needing to head to the birth center. We ended up meeting at the birth center because my labor had progressed pretty quickly, and she was very prompt and prepared with snacks, coconut water. During the birth, she was a calm, positive presence. And even after the birth, Christine stayed as long as I needed, helping me firgure out nursing, and in general being helpful and kind. I would definitely recommend Christine. 

Rebecca Lenzi


Having Christine as a doula in birth preparation and experience was invaluable to both my husband and me. While I didn't quite know what to expect and had only vaguely heard of doulas-I now know how much better everything is with a doula like Christine. I vaguely knew that having a doula decreases your chance of a C Section-which sounded great to me- (and I did avoid a C Section too). While nothing went to plan in my birth, Christine supported me the entire way through the myriad of choices and even non-choices that come with hospital births and being induced. I did feel more empowered than had my husband and I been on our own. Never having any major surgeries or experiences with hospitals-it is overwhelming and can be institutional and quite unfriendly. (Although there are wonderful nurses and doctors.) Having Christine was a constant-she was there to add continuity, answer questions, create and atmosphere that I wanted, and be a sounding board for decisions. While doctors and nurses that you never meet flow in and out of the hospital rooms discussing your condition-Christine was there to interpret what was happening and ensure my comfort. This also was a big relief to my husband who was able to know what to expect and concentrate on just being there for me and also being as supportive as possible. Initially my husband was skeptical about getting a doula and thought it was just a fad I was into-but now he insists it was one of the best decisions we made.

Christine was also available before and after the birth at all hours even for basic questions. She has a very calming demeanor and a wealth of information. She is non-judgmental in any choices you want to make-she wants the birth to be what you want it to be. In the weeks leading up to the birth her encouragement was important, as was getting the smallest questions answered. Even getting home from the hospital was terrifying, but I was able to count on the support and know how from Christine.

Amy Stevenson


Christine was truely Amazing to work with. I knew I wanted a natural birth with my second child and my original doula (who was a friend) backed out halfway through my pregnancy. Christine came highly recommended and happened to be available around our due date. After meeting with her once, I knew she would be the perfect personality for our birthing experience. During labor she was calming to me and my husband. My husband was sort of lost without her guidance and he found her extremely helpful. She was able to soothe my back pain during contractions and I can honestly say that I don't think I would have made it without her. I ended up getting an epidural at 9 Cm due to exhaustion and we discussed it before making the decision. She never made me feel guilty for choosing this path on my journey even though it was not what we had originally planned. The epidural ended up not "taking" and I felt most everything but took the edge off and allowed a short rest before pushing. She stayed with us for quite a while helping all along the way as needed. She made me feel comfort in having someone there after the birth that I could ask questions to and bouce ideas off of. Christine was a major part in our happy labor and was there to witness bringing our daughter into this world. For that, I will always be grateful to her! Thank you Christine!  

Melissa Conrad


After deciding to birth at George Washington University hospital, we were heavily encouraged to get a doula by our midwife. We began the search process pretty late in my pregnancy, but I had a friend who recommending Christine. She was so accommodating and encouraging during the last weeks of my pregnancy, especially when I went way overdue. I was a gestational diabetic and had to be induced at 42 weeks and 1 day, and she was so helpful throughout all of that. I was having appointments about every two days the last two weeks (without any change), but Christine kept encouraging me. I was induced very slowly and Christine helped guide us through that process and came to the hospital as soon as labor really started. The next few hours were wonderfully intense and she was able to help me relax and guide Mark and I. She really encouraged me to listen to my body and followed its lead. A few of the highlights from birth and delivery was her helping me relax my tension during contractions, she took pictures, and she was always a step ahead (laboring positions, progress checks, everything! After our beautiful baby girl was born (through a water birth!) Christine helped coach me with breast feeding and was there for anything and everything. This is where I was most thankful for Christine: I was able to manage my gestational diabites with diet, but since I had it they had to test our baby's blood sugar post birth. It was low. The pediatrician gave me one hour to breastfeed to try and get her blood sugar up before they were going to intervene with formula. Christine stood by our side and while I breastfeed, she rubbed our baby girl's feet the entire hour to get blood really circulating before they would prick her foot again. I truly believe that because of Christine's quick thinking and diligence, our girl's blood sugar popped up and they did not have to intervene with formula. Christine was nothing short of amazing that day.

A Rudd


Christine was absolutely amazing to work with, and we highly recommend her doula services. From the time my husband and I met her, we found comfort in her knowledge, confidence and overall warmth. She provided excellent resources throughout my pregnancy to prepare me for the birth experience and also spent several hours with us in our home before the birth- discussing my preferences and reviewing helpful techniques- as well as after the birth to check up on the baby, nursing (etc!) and to review my birth story together :). (Christine is a great note taker in the delivery room and overall very tech savvy and organized!)

Christine was a strong advocate for us in the delivery room. She helped ensure my birth plan was followed, as well as little touches like extra cuddle time with the baby post-delivery. I delivered at a hospital center, so having this advocacy was essential and gave us peace (that we did not have when I delivered our first baby years ago without the help of a doula). I was open to both a medicated (epidural) and unmedicated birth, and in the end delivered naturally. I attribute this to both my baby's fast arrival ;), but mostly to the mental place Christine helped both me and my husband get to before the birth. I felt so knowledgable- and my husband flet so prepared in how best he could support me- that I was able to stay centered and really enjoy the birth experience with my husband by my side. We labored at home using Christine's suggestions, so as to avoid having to spend too much time at the hospital.  

I cannot recommend Christine highly enough! Did I mention what a sweetheart she is too? ;) She even knitted our new baby a hat and both our daughters matching leg warmers. :) Keep up the inspiring work, Christine Fontaine!


Katie Sweatman


Christine Fontaine was a great doula!  I had a very long labor (including the early stages) and she stayed with me through it all.  When the contractions continued into the night (she had already been with me for 17 hours!), she slept on the floor while I tried to sleep on the couch.  She is a trooper!  She was very knowledgeable and her expertise came shining through when she realized that my baby was facing the wrong way.  She had me work on exercise after exercise to help him flip the right way.  He eventually did before coming out.

She has a kind but confident personality, which helped me to keep going when I thought I couldn't take one more contraction.  My husband said that it really helped him to have her there to help me through labor.  I would not have been able to do an all natural birth had it not been for my husband and for Christine.

Ana Ealley


Christine is awesome!!  I was pregnant with my first child and wanted to try to do it naturally, and my older sister who had already had a child naturally and used a doula found Christine for me, and I am so glad she did!  My husband and I liked Christine from the first time we met.  She is very professional and knowledgeable, but she is also very comfortable to talk with and super sweet.  She was only supposed to come for one prenatal visit before the baby, but came a second time because of a bad experience I had with the doctor and she talked through it with me.  She gave me lots of great exercises to do and offered some ideas on foods to eat as well (even brought me lunch once!).  She was available for whatever I needed, and was very caring.  Once I started labor, she was in constant contact with me until it was time for her to come over (and was checking up on me constantly in the days leading up to my due date).  She came to my house and helped me through labor doing different positions and exercises until it was time to go to the hospital.  She was very encouraging the whole time.  They actually sent me home because my contractions had slowed back down and by the time I was ready to go back I had been in labor for more than 30 hours and I was ready for an epidural.   Christine did everything she could think of with me to help me try to continue to do it naturally, and bless her heart I know she was really trying and she was definitely very  helpful, but at that point I just couldn't hold out any more and did eventually decide to get the epidural.  I say this because even though I didn't end up doing it naturally, I defintely couldn't have gone as long as I did without her, and I am so glad she was there with me every step of the way.  I highly recommend her to anyone considering - you won't be sorry you went with her!  Thanks Christine!!!

Joel Ord


Christine was a wonderful addition to our birth experience.  We are so thankful for her wisdom and calm presence.  She knew just what to do, when to do it, and stayed with us every step of the way.  We were glad that she was there to help us navigate some very difficult decisions.  I would highly reccomend her as a doula and look forward to working with her in the future!

Julia M.


Christine supported me when she was still a student doula and did a fabulous job for me during the early and active labor processes in August 2014. My labor was absurdly fast so the doula (I will call her "Amy") I had hired did not have time to get to my home in time to provide me with direct support. As a result, Christine and Amy worked closely together by phone to coordinate my care and next steps in getting me to the hospital and the folow-on support once at the hospital.

Since I progressed too rapidly for the principle doula to make it to my house in time for active labor support, Christine provided me exclusive 'in house' support then continued through to the hospital until the main doula arrived (when I was already half way through my equally rapid delivery).

In spite of the fact that Christine was a 'student doula' at the time of my labor and delivery, she came to the table with something unique that the vast majority of student doulas did not have - and that was maturity, past informal labor support experience to friends, in addition to her own experience with labor. She knows what it is to carry and deliver a child, having given birth herself ~ 25 years ago. What I did not know prior to commiting to work with her during my labor process but that proved to be one of the most significant aspects of her competence was how remarkably calm she remained under the stressful situation that none of us were about to anticipate (she didn't show any panic, fear or stress when I started bulging and pushing the baby out at home from my bathroom toilet - definitely not a part of my original birth plan)! Christine remained calm, acted like everything that was happening was normal while giving my husband instructions on how to proceed.

I could not have made a better choice than having gone with Christine and if I am ever blessed enough to have another child again, I will go with Christine next time around as my primary doula!

Aditi Rajdev


Christine is amazing! My husband and I used Christine's doula expertise during our first pregnancy and she was highly recommended by my doula, Cara Crowe. At the time Christine was a student doula and was available to assist from the very beginning of early labor. Christine met with me for a one on one a few weeks before my due date and was professional and personable. I felt reassured meeting with her beforehand and she was also responsive via email. I had a very long early labor at over 24 hours and Christine was very supportive throughout. I had emailed her the night before so she knew labor had started and she arrived at my house at 7am and eventually drove us to the hospital at 5pm. During that time, she was a huge support for my husband and myself. She kept a calm demeanor, was very attentive, and greatly reassured my husband that everything progressing normally. She was also informed about providing comfortable positions to labor in as well as activities for us to do to keep me calm and focused. I had back labor and a posterior baby so Christine brought her big yoga ball for me to labor on and routinely applied pressure to my back during each contraction. Christine also stayed in contact with Cara, informing her of the progress which freed me up to focus on laboring. Even though at the time Christine was a student doula, I never once doubted her doula abilities. Having her with us from the beginning of labor made my labor experience exactly what I wanted it to be. I was able to have a natural delivery and could not have done it without Christine.

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