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Jennifer Goldsmith

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $60

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $60

Postpartum Doula Experience

16 years and 108 families served

Doula Training

  • CAPPA - Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, April 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Photography - Birth

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Documentary filmmaker - Mother's Milk, Mother's Wisdom

Languages Spoken

  • French

Fee Details

Fees are based on an hourly rate and number of hours of service, and whether care provided is daytime or overnight.

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

Client Testimonials for Jennifer Goldsmith

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Greg and Amelia


Jennifer provided consistent infant care for our daughter from the ages of six months to 2 1/2 years. Her vast experience caring for babies and young children was so helpful to us as we navigated life as new parents. She was thoughtful, punctual, discreet, and nurturing in all aspects of childcare. She formed a sweet bond with our daughter and really took an interest in helping her find and express her individuality. We are grateful for the support we had from Jennifer while our daughter was a baby, and the clever games and teaching modules she invented as she grew into a toddler. Her creativity really helped our daughter learn more about the world around her! We would absolutely recommend Jennifer to any family wanting experienced and loving care.

Olivia Walton


Jennifer Goldsmith worked with us as a baby nurse and travel nanny for our first child starting in April 2019 and returned in May 2020 after the birth of our second child.

Jenn brings a lot of love and commitment to her job. Her experience as a doula and her background in Montessori stand out. She kept our oldest daughter active, learning and interested in her environment, as well as on a routine that was both consistent and also flexible when needed. She took her to music classes, the gym, museums and played outside regularly. I particularly loved that the two of them were always singing and listening to music. Jenn helped with everything from meals and nap time, to bath and bed-time. We were delighted that she prepared such nutritious and varied meals.

When Jenn returned to work with our second baby, she helped with everything for the baby’s care – feeding, diapering, bathing, sleeping, etc., and also supported me in the wake of the birth. Jenn worked tirelessly to help the baby sleep and showed huge love and patience when soothing some tricky reflux issues. She was always a step-ahead supporting my breast-feeding, full of tips and ideas to make it all easier. Without her encouragement, I’m sure I would’ve given up sooner. Whether it was keeping all the parts sterile, keeping me fed or being careful with all the freezing/thawing/elaborate breastmilk storage, Jenn was on top of it all. She also helped me find other resources like lactation consultants and craniosacral therapists.

We traveled domestically and internationally frequently with Jenn. Throughout the trips she was easy-going and ready to work anywhere. Jenn helped find child-friendly activities, assisted with packing and baby-proofed rooms to ensure our children’s safety.

We appreciate Jenn’s kind, nurturing, and warm disposition. Jenn is great to work with and we always look forward to having her in our home.

AnneRose M.


Jenn is kind and sweet; she has a calm presence that is contagious; and she is incredibly knowledgeable about newborn sleep and care, as well as, breastfeeding.  As new parents with new parent anxieties, her demeanor and professionalism put us at ease.  This combination of skills makes her so well-suited to being a post-partum doula.  She worked with our family 3-4 times a week during the night for about one month, starting when our baby was about two weeks old.  This was a time of little sleep in addition to challenges with breastfeeding and anxiety with baby's weight.  She was responsive to questions and requests; she offered suggestions based on her experiences; she was attentive to the needs of both the baby and us as parents.  Although it was a short period of time, Jenn made a positive impact early on in our parenthood journey.   We are so grateful for the support she provided during those first weeks.

Jeremy Price


Jenn Goldsmith was my postpartum doula for roughly 2 weeks in September 2015. She exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did she provide gentle, instructive, hands-on care to my very active 2 year old, she prepared nutritious snacks, lunches and dinners for my family, assisted me with my newborn, and was my "go-to-gal" for anything that came up. I felt comfortable getting much needed rest and down time, knowing she was there with me.

Jenn attended pediatrician appointments with me and helped provide feedback to our doctor. She is a culinary wiz and helped me with recipe ideas (even spent time with my 4 year old, teaching her kid-friendly cooking.)

Jenn was a calming presence in our chaotic home and really helped me settle into a routine with my 3 children. She had a great attitude every day, staynig late to make sure dinner was finished and on the table, and provided encouragement and sound advice when asked.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Jenn. If you are looking for someone to come in and hit the ground running, it's her. During this joyous and busy time in a mom or dad's life, sometimes you need an extra set of hands, with Jenn you also get an extra heart caring for your family. :)

Monica Price, Maryland

Heather Klemick


Jenn provided overnight care (bottle feeding, etc.) for our newborn for several weeks when I was unable to do so because of medical issues. She was lovely to work with, and our baby thrived with her.

Isabelle Kaplan


Jenn is an excellent doula. She's good-natured, good-humored, not judgmental, and extremely responsible -- I did not think twice about leaving my newborn child in her gentle and able care. She is quick with thoughtful suggestions or well-informed advice when she thinks it might help. She is also proactive, always looking for ways to be helpful even beyond what we asked her to do. She is calm and laid-back, a soothing presence in those harried first weeks at home with a new baby.

Alexander McColough


Jennifer was excellent with our newborn baby girl Grace.  Jennifer was able to help our family over the first month after we brought Grace home.  She was able to provide us tips on newborn care and did an excellent job handling Grace at night so we could get some much needed rest.  Jennifer did an amazing job and we would recommend her to anyone looking for night care for their newborn.

Colleen Evale


Jenn helped me with my infant at night and allowed me to get some much needed rest.  I felt comfortable with Jenn from the moment I met her, and felt confident that my son was in good hands.  She was always so calm, gentle, and nurturing with my baby.  Jenn is also very knowledgeable about breastfeeding, and offered me much guidance, support, and encouragement.  She also answered my questions and provided helpful resources.  I feel fortunate to have had Jenn help me with my baby.

Hamilton Hines


We were very grateful having Jennifer helping us through the first couple of weeks post-partum.  We found her to be very professional, discreet, soothing and pleasant.  We especially appreciated the delicate nature that she employs in her practice of dealing with babies.  We felt very comfortable having Jennifer in our little house while our baby was a newborn and her presence gave us peace of mind.

Dana Dirker


Jenn became our doula when our son, Jonah, was five weeks old.  Jonah was born with severe reflux and was failure to thrive.  He required hospitalization at three weeks old and his condition left him vulnerable to choking.  He was also a very calm baby, he just need the tenderest of care.  When we met Jenn and she held Jonah for the first time, he gave her one of his first smiles.

When Jenn became our doula, she asked to accompany us to our pediatric gastroenterologist so that she could ask her for questions about caring for babies with severe reflux.  Jenn had suggestions that the doctor hadn't thought of and we were all impressed.  After each feeding, Jenn would hold him for an hour to ensure that his milk had settled, which is something that we all began to do with excellent results.

We were never worried about Jonah when Jenn was caring for him, and she Jenn brought a great deal of calm to our household. Jenn help ground us and listened attentively to our concerns during a time when we were very frightened of losing our son.  She is still a dear friend, and I would recommend her to anyone.

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