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Voyage Birth

North Vancouver, BC Service range 10 miles I service Vancouver, North Shore and Burnaby.


Birth Fee

$1600 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Availability Remarks: I have space for families desiring birth and/or postpartum support due between May and August 2024.

Birth Fee

$1600 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 17 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No smoking or rabbits in home.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I would be honored to support you during your hospital birth, regardless of your preferences or plans for the birth.

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
There are no birth centers in the Vancouver area.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I would love to attend your home birth, as long as a certified midwife will be attending.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Babywearing education
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member, Doula Association of BC. Volunteered with Young Lives, a program that supports and mentors teenage mothers.

Fee Details

*I have recently begun studies in the Midwifery program at UBC and have limited availability in May and June 2024 for birth and postpartum support as a solo doula supported by Suzi and Hannah, the other Voyage Birth doulas, for backup. My fee includes a free consultation, 2 visits to develop our relationship and begin your support prenatally, unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and early postpartum, continuous emotional and physical support during labor, early breastfeeding support, and 1-2 postpartum visits. Customizable childbirth preparation, lactation support and additional visits can be added on. I believe that every birthing person is strong and unique and I delight in helping you to have a well-supported, joyful birth & postpartum experience. I would love to have a cup of tea to get to know you and your partner and see if we are a good fit for one another!

Service Area

North Vancouver, BC Service range 10 miles I service Vancouver, North Shore and Burnaby.

Client Testimonials for Katie Collins

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I decided to look for a doula for my second pregnancy after a traumatic first birth. I hired Katie and her teammate and had an amazing experience. Described as "the alernative to Google", she was always present and responsive to questions during the pregnancy and labour prep. She has a lovely calm and non-judgmental demeaner and we felt like we could be ourselves with her right from the beginning. She was there coaching me through each and every contraction and helped with so many little things at the hospital, even down to a deep dive through my luggage to find my missing fuzzy socks after the birth was over. 

My second birth was one of the best days of my life, and the afterglow of that positive experience lasted for weeks afterwards. Katie's presence was a major factor in this, and I just wish she had been present for my first birth. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. 



Katie has amazing intuition and deep knowledge that she so tenderly puts into practice. She was the rock for our family through labour and birth, and enabled us to have the best experience.

Tim Murray


I cannot recommend Katie highly enough. Not only did she provided invaluable support to me and my wife, but she also showed me how to how to be a better birth partner. Katie gave us critical emotional and physical support that kept us feeling positive and safe.  
When things stalled, Katie showed us moves and positions to help things along. When we were in the thick of it, she gave key reminders to do things like rest, eat, and drink water – all of which I think I would have completely neglected otherwise.

The prenatal visits and text support we received helped us think through aspects of the labour we hadn’t considered and better prepared us for the process. Postpartum, Katie helped us master new feeding techniques and made us comfortable using our baby gear.  
More than anything, Katie was a continuous source of support guiding us through the process – she helped us navigate the hard moments and shared our joy during the happy moments. I'm so glad she was there to help us, and I am eternally grateful.  



Katie was a fantastic support during our prenatal and postpartum experience. I appreciated that she focused on tailoring her support to specifically focus on what I needed or what we anticipated I would need - and she asked all the right questions to help me define my expectations and hopes for birth and postpartum. My postpartum experience was so positive largely because of Katie's presence and advocacy, from big things (writing up our birth story) and small things (insisting to a nurse I needed a better gown!). Her breastfeeding expertise was invaluable in the early days as well.  

Emily Cooper


Katie is an amazing doula, with an incredible amount of knowledge (there wasn't a single question she didn't have an in depth answer to), and a heart of gold. Through a complicated pregancy I relied on her for support and she always calmed me down, even on teary phone calls. We took her prenatal course which was a great balance of information, activities, and was also fun. Katie dropped everything when we found out I was going to have an emergency c-section and wrestled her way into the OR when no doula was allowed. She was there to support my husband when he couldn't be there with me, and also to support me with our new little guy. She continued to support us through postpartum challenges, and went above and beyond what we ever expected a doula could provide. We highly recommend her!

Alexandra Kenyon


Katie's gentleness and positivity during prenatal education gave us an excellent foundation on which to envision our birth goals and to face fears around interventions and cesarian birth. She helped us understand that any form of birth can be a positive experience meanwhile arming us with the information we needed to make informed decisions throughout the birth process. I am grateful for the impact her words and information had on my labour and birth experience which ultimately was more positive than I could have imagined!

Masha Polikhun


Katie and Suzi had such a positive impact on our birth experience. My husband and I are so grateful for meeting this team and for them becoming a part of our lives.

They care about your feelings, well-being, physical and mental state and do everything to remind you that you are the most important person at any moment while also supplying you with a ton of practical knowledge from their experience.

Their support during pregnancy, and especially during labor was indescribable. Katie was present during our birth and the help and care we both received during those 30 hours helped us to make all important decisions and get through this experience.

Choosing Voyage Birth was one of the best pregnancy decisions we made and was 100% worth the investment.

Andrew Chong


From the first time Katie visited our home, through the Jenn’s most intense moments in the delivery room, to the genuine interest they showed during Jasper’s first few days and weeks, we always felt empowered, safe, and cared for by Voyage Birth.

Matt + Michelle


Katie serenely exudes an ethereal peace that blanketed our experience from pregnancy through postpartum. Her supportive wisdom and healing stability guided us through pre-birth fears so we could brim with joy and be at ease on the other side. She's kind and brave, too—when she learned of the ocean's significant role in our lives, she offered to swim with Michelle in early labour in April temperatures of the Pacific. Navigating this adventure with Katie was like having a friend, mother, sister, and doula combined—exactly the soul we needed.



Katie’s warmth and support shined through in every conversation and piece of support she offered us from day one. When I was nervous about my transition from work to mat leave, she was quick to reassure me that while may miss work, I was standing to gain so much in becoming a mom. I’m inly six weeks in and she was right! In preparing for birth she was gentle in helping me unpack and face my fears, and had loads of great podcast and reading recommendations when I was ready which really helped (thank you again!) Katie's calm presence is contagious and she is a wealth of good advice and resources. All in all Katie is a delight and anyone would be lucky to have her as their doula!



We worked with Katie pre- and post-natally (her partner was the doula who ended up attending our birth). Katie is so kind, has such a wonderful presence, and is a wealth of knowledge and support. She provided us with postpartum doula care, staying with me the first night my husband was back and work and I was on my own with our baby. I was a mess of frustration and tears and hormones before she arrived but Katie calmed me right down, told me all the things I needed to hear, helped me get my baby fed and allowed me to get some much needed sleep! Would highly recommend Katie to anyone. 

Amanda D.


Katie is a knowledgeable, empowering and caring doula. Although she wasn't present for my labour and delivery, she provided prompt support when I was in early labour. I was in terrible discomfort and was having a challenging time coping at home, but she quickly came over to our home and made a huge difference! Her guidance, touch, and reassurance helped us feel more confident and calm in managing my labour until her doula partner came to further support us. Katie's presence was still felt throughout the tail end of our labour at the hospital as she continued to share her positivity via messages. We were then thankful to have her make a postpartum visit, which was a nice treat as she acknowledged our concerns regarding our transition back home, listened to our thoughts on the birth our daughter, gave us the opportunity to reflect on this experience, and encouraged us to reach out as needed. She and her doula partner also checked up on us after some time to ensure we were managing well. Those quick check-ins were simple, but comforting especially as new parents. We can't thank her enough for being there for us and making our brith story so special. 



Katie and Suzi provided us with incredible support before, during and after the birth. There were many moments when I was honestly floored by how amazing it was to have their support, from having a sounding board for making decisions and getting the peace and reassurance we needed, to clarifying for myself what my hopes were for the birth, to help processing difficult news, to books I could borrow that would help me prepare mentally and emotionally, to having someone to document and then debrief the experience with, to continued support after our baby boy arrived. Thanks to our conversations with them ahead of time, my husband and I felt so safe, respected, free and cared for during the birth, and it was a more positive experience than I could have even imagined. Many, many thanks to Katie and Suzi!



I am so grateful to have had the support of Katie during my birth! I didn't know if I needed a Doula, but I have to say it was the best decision to have Katie's calm presence & care during my birth.

Baby girl came swiftly at home and Katie helped me feel so anchored and supported during a fast intense delivery. I was able to birth wihtout any medical intervention or pain management and her knowledge and support helped me feel safe, confident and give birth the way I hoped to.

Katie also tended to my needs even before I knew what I needed! Helping me get food, pillows, cleaning up, and learning the basics of caring for my newborn. I also appreciated the visits afterwards for all the practical advice & emotional support for me and my husband. It was invaluable. She is lovely & sings too! I highly recommend Katie :) :) 

Karen Lee Williams


I keep telling friends that the best decision we made during our pregnancy was to hire a doula. We had interviewed a few doulas but when we met Katie and she laid one hand on my knee and said a few encouraging words I knew I wanted her with us when the baby came. Her steady, strong and joyful presence guided my husband and I through a very long labor and delivery. We ended up transferring from a birth center to a hospital and Katie was the only constant from beginning to end. Her experience and encouragement were crucial through every step. She saw us through every unexpected turn and though nothing happened the way we planned, we can truly look back and feel that we made all the right decisions with her support. The only drawback to working with Katie was knowing that she would be leaving the LA area shortly after our birth and we would have to find someone to replace her for the next one!

Emily Dykes


Where to begin! There is no way we could have had the natural birth experience we were hoping for without the above and beyond support of the remarkable Katie Collins.

Katie is a wealth on knowledge, throughout the whole process she helped calm my easily rattled nerves and helped me stay the course and to stay true to what I wanted. She intuitively knew how to attentively support and to hold space for myself and my spouse throughout every stage of birth, and she had a remarkable knack of making me feel like it would be possible to keep going, even when I truly thought I couldn't.

We are forever in her debt, and are immensely grateful we got to share this life changing experience with this life changing person.

Thank you, Katie!

Lisy Dockendorf


Katie was an awesome source of support for us during the L&D, trusting her was one of the best decisions we took during the pregnancy. Daddy and I were both prepared through hypnobirthing, but it didn't quite go the way we thought it would - nearly two weeks past the due date, labor was many many hours and ended with an unplanned c-section, so it was incredibly valuable to have Katie on my side, physically as well as mentally. Her experience guided me through these though hours, and I will forever be thankful to Katie for reminding me of my goals and that I could do it, and when it does happen it would be worth it! Which it is :)

Lauren Balfour


Having Katie attend the birth of our son as our doula was amazing! My husband and I agree that it was by far the best decision we made in terms of planning for birth and the one which did the most to facilitate the birth experience we were hoping for. Meeting with Katie during pregnancy was so helpful to educate and prepare us. She answered all our questions with patience and kindness. During labor and delivery, her presence was deeply comforting to both my husband and me. We loved having an experienced, knowledgable doula alongside us to reassure, guide, and support us. She gave great suggestions to help me cope with the pain. She stayed with me when my husband needed a break. It felt like having a sister with me - she has such a nurturing and loving demeanor. I highly recommend Katie and cannot say enough kind things about her!

Morgan Pareja


Where to begin!? Katie is amazing!! I can't imagine birthing without her. My husband and i decided pretty late in the pregnancy game to work with a doula. We had a few interviews, and we decided that Katie was the perfect match for the two of our personalities and our birth plan/philosophy. Because I was already at 37 weeks, we worked to squeeze in 2 sessions as quickly as possible, and Katie was willing to do that over Facetime over the hectic holidays. My husband and I texted her with questions and updates leading up the the big day, and she always responded so quickly and reassuringly. When the big day came, she was with us over text alll morning as my husband and I went through early labor at home. I can't tell you how nice it was for us to have an experienced birth pro like Katie to check in with. Things picked up a bit, and Katie met us at the Birth Center for a check-in with the midwives, which was so helpful because it turns out it's pretty hard to keep up with a lot of info/details while in mid-labor. The three of us decided to go home to continue laboring. My husband was a champ and did most of the supporting during contractions. Katie kept track of contractions, kept in touch with the midwife (SO helpful!), offered physical coping support and position advice, and even snapped photos during labor at home--all the while, providing such a positive energy for me and my husband. I would venture to say that she even made it fun! We went back to the Birth Center around midnight, and Katie continued to be a champ, helping us organize ourselves (and our stuff) through that transition and continuing to provide the support we had at home. Our little guy came right out in the tub within an hour of arrival, and Katie actually captured the moment on video--AMAZING!!!!! Katie stayed in contact that whole (tumultuous and incredible) first week. It was an honor to have her at one of the most intimate and life-changing moments of our lives!

Raymond Smith


Katie was an excellent doula for my wife and me. After we hired her, she came to our house with two thorough interviews, going over all the steps needed for a successful delivery. Especially helpful was how she went over the various massages that would alleviate a birthing mother's labor pains.
Then the big moment came. My wife was overdue and had to be induced. She called Katie, and Katie was very supportive and told her what to expect. The induction process took a long time in the hospital, and during this time, my wife kept in contact with Katie with text messages. Finally, when the labor pains became more intense, we called Katie in, and she showed up quite promptly.
This is where the value of a competent doula comes into play. She was encouraging to my wife and did all the massages necessary to help her along the process. I can't say my wife had a difficult birth, but it was a long one (from the start of the induction process to when the baby popped out was maybe 30+ hours), and she was exhausted and snappish. If Katie hadn't been there, it would've been a lot harder for me since I didn't really know what to do despite my classes at Kaiser. With Katie there, however, the process became a lot more streamlined and efficient.

Finally, the baby came, and this was something else I hadn't counted on but Katie did real well. While my wife and I were both shell-shocked to be holding our baby, Katie was already taking photos of this beautiful moment, which I hadn't even thought about so now I have all these gorgeous photos of my baby right after the moment of birth. This might not sound like a huge deal--a doula taking photos, wow--but it just shows the thorough nature of Katie's approach to the whole doula process.

So, if you're thinking of hiring a doula, I'd say: DO IT. And if you're going to hire a doula, might as well hire one of the best, and in our opinion, Katie most certainly is one.

Caroline Huang


We were hesitant about hiring a doula because I was open to having an epidural during labor so I wasn't sure if a doula would be helpful. After meeting with a few we decided to hire Katie because she made us feel so comfortable and we felt like we could really use someone like her to be by our side during this process.

On the day that I went into labor Katie answered my call at 4 in the AM and showed up at my place after we had several conversations and decided it would be useful for her to be here. She helped me get through more contractions/vomit/back pain all the way until I felt pressure to push and suggested that we go to the hospital. When I got there I was already 6cm dialated and every at the hostpial congratulated us on how far we've labored on our own!

Unfortunately I ended up pushing for 4 hours with no result and had to have a c-section, but Katie was there the entire time cheering me on and making sure I was comfortable with everything they tried on me. The nurse that was assigned to me from labor and delivery was AWFUL (my husband wanted to ask if we can get a different nurse, but I was totally fine with it because I had Katie with me and it didn't bother me) and I relied on Katie the entire time to stay positive and keep pushing. Every time the staff suggested something new (turn off the epidural, turn up the pitosin..) I had Katie there to talk through it all and even make suggestions on the different positions I can try. Even though I ended up not delivery naturally like I had hoped for, I felt at peace because I know I tried everything and made the best decision I could with the right people being my advocate.

Katie continued to check up on us after and also helped referred me to an lactation consultant to help me with my breastfeeding issues. It's so nice to have a source of information/help when you're new to this whole "parenthood" thing. I highly recommend hiring her as a doula!!

Emily Williams


I met Katie when I was about seven months into my pregnancy. A friend of mine had suggested that I find a doula since I would be delivering without a partner. It was great advice and Katie blessed my life. When I first met Katie she was warm, accepting and professional. She was completely open to taking me on even though everything surrounding my birth was less than ideal. We met a few times before the birth and it was great. Katie gave me so much good information and I felt really prepared for labor. During the days leading up to my due date, Katie kept in touch with me and helped me to stay calm. When I began having contractions and got to the point when I needed assistance, I called Katie (3am!) and she came right over to my house. She was by my side with warmth, comfort, and support from that time until after my baby was born. She held my hand and kept me focused during painful contractions. She also was very helpful as an advocate in the hospital. She has so much knowledge about pregnancy and child birth. After my baby was born, she came and visited me at home which was great because she is also helpful with breastfeeding. Katie made all the difference in my birth experience. I'm so thankful for her!

Morgan Kessler


Katie was an excellent Doula!  She had unwaivering compassion, energy, positivity, and attention despite having almost no break after assisting on two other labors!

She always had great advice and provided a ton of assistance while still encouraging my husband to be a part of the laboring process!  And when our birth ended with a cesarean, she was there to take some very special photos from our baby's first moments and help me with the first latch!

She also provided very helpful meetings to go over my labor plan and coping techniques.  I felt very confident going into the labor.  Even though I ended up getting all the interventions I was hoping to avoid, it was a great birth experience with lots of credit to her help!

Daniella Fullen


Katie is absolutely wonderful! She was such an asset for my goal of laboring at home for as long as possible. Just here mere presence provided a sense of calm which was needed for my hypnobirth. She was very nurturing always making sure that I stayed hydrated and fed. My main goal for this pregnancy was to labor at home until close to giving birth because I wanted to just show up at the hospital and have my baby right away. She helped me achieve that goal. I had my baby in less than three hours from arriving to the hospital, if I remember correctly. At the hospital she was my advocate. Things were going bad because of a terrible nurse that was mistreating me. She was part of my voice when I couldn't find mine due to the trauma that was happening to me. She was firm and not afraid to stand up for me in the most respectable way. With her help they got rid of that nurse and had a lovely nurse take her place. She supported all my decisions after I assured her that it was what I wanted. There was a point where I had to make a choice of having my husband, mother, mother in law or my doula with me in when I was about to give birth. Of course my mom and husband are an automatic yes... but I wanted Katie with me too instead of my MIL, and I love my MIL dearly. I wanted Katie there and even felt that I needed her there. Being the wonderful person she is, somehow, she got the Dr to agree to have everyone in there with me. She reminded the Dr that I wanted to breathe my baby out and not push and the Dr agreed to let me try it my way. She took pictures that I will cherish forever. I didn't even realize she took them until a few weeks ago when I was bummed thinking I forgot to have someone take pictures to capture the moments right after delivery. Katie was in top of it, of course. I am forever grateful. Even post partum she was great helping me find the resources that may be helpful for my healing process. I highly recommend Katie she is a blessing!

Carrie Shapton


I was so grateful to have Katie as my doula for my first birth in August 2016. I was nervous about delivering at Kaiser Sunset because you get whatever doctor happens to be on call instead of my prenatal OB. It was so nice having Katie there with us at our apartment before we went to the hospital and then through the entire delivery as a consistent presence. Katie met with my husband and me twice before our expected date to go over our birth plan and practice some labor comfort techniques. At the hospital, Katie was great at communciating with the nurses and doctors and making sure that I knew what was happening at all times. I had planned to have a drug-free labor, but the ride to the hospital was so terrible I requested an epidural soon after arriving at the hospital. Katie made sure I was serious about the request and supported my decision. During the final pushing phase, Katie was great at working with the nurses to suggest different positions and coaching me through the final hours. When our daughter was born Katie sprung into action taking pictures with my husband's iphone so we didn't miss any of those first special moments. Highly recommend Katie as a fabulous doula!

Beth Eichelberger


Katie was the perfect addition to our birthing team, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect doula to walk with us through such an important life event. She supported me and my husband very well, we are SO thankful for Katie. She met with us pre-labor to get to know our personalities and our goals for labor and delivery. She keeps up to date with the current research and was able to offer us information for our specific concerns and questions. Katie respected our birth plan and helped me to embrace my goals more fully, her encouragement empowered me to stick to my plan even when it was difficult. Katie made herself available and accessible, making herself easy to get ahold of (text, phone, email) and staying absolutely present throughout the entire event. Throughout my (long) labor, Katie stayed by my and my husband's sides, I don't think she missed a single contraction! Her calming presence kept me focused and peaceful; her confidence in me and verbal/physical support kept me energized and productive. Our nurses and doctors all praised Katie on her professionalism and the incredible support she offered to me. Katie is a well rounded doula with excellent training, flexibility to the birth events, and she was the perfect match for our family. I highly recommend her!

Michelle Naugle


Katie was super awesome! She made my labor much easier and hepled both me and my husband cope with the birth experinece. We would love to have Katie at our future births!

Ashley Lockhart


I was not sure at first about having a doula attend the birth of my third child, but now I am so sad I didn't have Katie at the births of my first two!

She was at the hospital before my husband and I even arrived, ready with her bag of equipment to help me through the labor. She did everything possible to help me and never left my side. She walked the halls with me, rubbed my back, timed my contractions, and had such encouraging words for me as well as great advice to get me through.

Katie has so much knowledge about breathing techniques and different natural ways to ease the pain of labor and overall make it a better experience.

She was also a wonderful advocate for me with the nurses and other health care professionals, making sure my needs were met and my wishes were known.

Another thing that I was so grateful for was that Katie took so much pressure off my husband. If he wanted to go get something to eat, or take a little break or a rest, Katie was right at my side.

If you are looking for a doula, Katie is your best choice! Unless I'm in labor at the same time, in which case I call dibs :-)

Kristen Moore


In August 2014, I gave birth to my first child.  As my doula, Katie was an indispensable part of my entire experience.  From the moment I went into labor, she made herself available.  I had contractions for 3 days, and every few hours she would text to see how I was doing and offer encouragement.  When I finally went into active labor, Katie came to our house and brought much needed levity and perspective.  She did not try to take the place of my husband, but was a team player.  She supported both of us, and helped my husband know how best to help me.  Once I was admitted to the hospital, she parked our car, helped get the room set up, and made sure I was comfortable.  Especially through the pushing phase, her support and enthusiasm gave me the energy I needed.  When I felt I couldn't muster the strength - or excitement - I needed, Katie reminded me that I was so close to meeting my daughter.  After the delivery, Katie took pictures of my first moments with my daughter.  My husband and I would not have had these beautiful picture without Katie's foresight and initiative. Throughout the entire experience, it was abundantly clear that there was no place Katie would rather be, than by my side, coaching me through childbirth.  Katie loves being a doula, and is exceptionally good at supporting women through the challenges of labor.  I have absolutly no regrets about my birthing experience, and I know that Katie's support before, during and after birth, enabled me to have such a great experience.

Molly Fogleman


Katie is a fantastic doula! From our first meeting, I knew her warm and encouraging presence was what I wanted around me during the birth of my first child. Katie brings the perfect amount of enthusiastic suggestions without an ounce of judgment or pressure, and she offered both practical advice and an empathetic ear before and during labor. I had a very long labor (48 hours), and Katie was so supportive to both my husband and me -- making sure we remembered to eat and rest, offering gentle suggestions for pain relieving techniques and keeping me comfortable and at ease. She negotiated with medical staff, asserting my wishes and well-being when neither my husband nor I had the stamina or clarity to do so. Katie was 100% for us, in the moment, and totally present.

Having someone like Katie on your team is invaluable. I would absolutely recommend Katie to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, warm, and supportive doula.

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